Siya Ke Ram 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with volcano eruptions and earthquakes seen. Sita walks there and stands folding hands. She falls inside the shattering earth. Ram wakes up and shouts Sita. He says this can’t happen and rushes. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan come after hearing Ram and asks whats the matter. Ram walks hurriedly and stops seeing Guru Vashisht. Laxman asks whats the matter, why are you saying Sita’s name like this. Ram recalls the dream. Guru Vashisht asks whats the matter, why are you worried. Ram says Sita is going away from me, I had seen a bad dream, I have seen such bad dream before and then she left for jungle, I have seen similar abshagun.

They get shocked. Guru Vashisht says bad dream is a sign of coming happening, its abshagun and that will effect Raghuvansh with bad consequences.

Ram asks is there no solution for this problem, can we stop this bad happening. Guru Vashisht says the occurrence which is fixed by fate can’t be avoided, but person can take some decisions and make some changes in the occurrence. Ram asks him to say. Guru Vashisht says its about your and Sita’s lives, about your re union, I feel you should drop your decision to get Sita back to Rajbhavan and reuniting with her. Ram and his brothers get shocked. Guru Vashisht says this sacrifice will be better for both of you.

Ram says sorry Guru Dev, I did not question any of your command and advice, but what you are saying, how is this possible, how can I do this with Sita again, don’t put me in this Dharm Sankat, I decided to get Sita to Ayodhya with honor. Guru Vashisht says I respect your emotions, I know Sita’s importance in your life, but try to understand the fate. Ram says maybe this danger gets warded off if I get Sita back. Guru Vashisht says it should have been that, but unfortunately, the Grah and Nakshatra are showing something else, its my suggestion, you are free to take decision like always. He blesses Ram and leaves.

Ram thinks even if there are many hurdles, this time I will not let Sita lose, she will get the respect which she did not get. Sita tells Lav and Kush that they are your Mausi. Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti introduce themselves. Kush says it mean we have 4 mothers, its good, we used to trouble Mata, now we got three more mothers to trouble. They laugh. Kush says we will tell our friends that we have 4 mothers now. They run. Mandvi says Lav is calm and composed like Ram, and Kush is lively like you. Urmila asks Sita why did she get serious. Shruthkirti asks whats her worry. Sita cries and says if anything happens to me, you three don’t let my sons feel my absence, promise me.

Kaikeyi tells Ram that we also want Sita to come back, but…. Ram asks what but. Kaushalya says Guru Vashisht have always guided us, his prediction can’t be wrong, you have to rethink your decision, it should not become a reason for any abshagun. Ram says Sita and our sons have been bearing punishment of the crimes they did not do, will this be right, we got chance to repent, shall I let it go for a bad dream, its true I was restless, and if I changed my decision, it will be painful than the bad dream, not just for me, for everyone. Kaushalya says gurudev did not refuse us to get Lav and Kush, we can get them, he asked us not to get Sita, he has felt some bad happening by his Grah knowledge and Divya sight, we have to take this serious. Ram says it will be unjust with Sita and Lav Kush also if I separate them from Sita. Sumitra asks him to think if Sita’s life gets in danger, can he forgive himself. Ram says this is last chance of me and Sita’s union, do you want us not to unite, that our sorrows never end. Sumitra says Mahadev, when will their sorrow end.

Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti think how did Sita become so negative. Urmila she is bearing punishment even when she was not at fault, that’s why she got so bitter. Shruthkirti says it seems Sita has left all her dreams. Urmila says no, we have to get Sita out of this depression and make her excited to live life again. Mandvi says Sita will start living once Ram comes, everything will be fine.

Hanuman says no, this can’t happen, no danger can come on Sita. Ram says I m in big Dharm Sankat, if I get Sita to Ayodhya, she can fall in big danger, and its not possible that I can’t go to get her, don’t know what to do. Hanuman says command me if I can do anything. Ram says you are my Sankat mochan, promise me, when I go to take Sita, if any danger comes, you will change the direction of the danger, you won’t let Sita get harmed. Hanuman says don’t shame me by folding hands, I feel your command is my life’s motive, every drop of my blood is to serve you, don’t worry, no hurdle will come in your and Sita’s union, even if earth shatters, I will shut it, but not let anything happen to Sita. Ram hugs him and smiles. Ram says I will surely go to take Sita.

Sita asks her sisters where are they taking her. They get her to the garden and make her see the beautiful view of garden and lake. Sita smiles and asks whats all this. Urmila says we won’t listen to you, you will sit on this swing and we will make you sway. Devi Sita sang….plays…………….. Sita sits on the swing and says I feel like Mithila days came back after many years, like our life stopped in Mithila, like nothing happened in our lives. They smile.

Ram is leaving from Ayodhya. Ram Ram….plays…………. Ram and everyone go out and see the Praja. Badra says we all are ready to come to Valmiki ashram with you. Ram says no, you all don’t need to come, we will get Sita and come. Brahmindev says Praja should repent for whatever happened with Sita, don’t snatch this chance from us. Ram agrees. They chant Ram and Sita’s names. Ram proceeds. Guru Vashisht worries and says Ram, I welcome your decision, but unfortunately, I can see the bad result, you can never accept and bear the result, I heartily bless you that you break this fate twist and give honor and new life to Sita.

Urmila says the time has come when Sita will be of Ram again. Ram and everyone come to meet Sita. Ram asks Sita to come back with him, everything is incomplete without her. Sita shuts the door on his face and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shrinithi

    |Registered Member

    AWESOMW EPI………….but i missed i will catch it in hotstar..OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eagerly waiting for tomorrows epi……….

  2. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    OMG what’re u doing Sita jii… Plzzzz unite Siam someone.. They’re gonna make me emotional I was crying lyk hell while I saw the precap..

  3. Vanshika

    |Registered Member


  4. joy

    Very painful episode……….. But tomorrow omggggggg…… How can I see tomorrow episode?? This will be epic……………
    Only last few days of SKR………………….. Can’t believe that it’s really ending……
    Madirakshi with luv_kush
    Last day shoot….. Don’t cry all SKR fan…
    Who missing SKR very badly???????
    But at last I give one and last good news of SKR…….
    Before SKR ending we all celebrate 300(tripalcentury) episodes of SKR 30 October……………….

  5. SKR fan

    Luv-Kush saying that now they will now do mischiefs with their maasis also was good.
    The four sisters scene in the forest was very good. Really Mithila days were the best. I also miss them. For at least once the show makers should show Mithila.
    Wow when Hanuman said that even if the earth will open then he will close it was awesome but we all know what is going to happen. How much time after Mata Sita went inside the earth did Shri Ram took Jal Samadhi?
    Precap was very sad.
    One request can anyone give me the link where I can watch Siya ke Ram. (other than hotstar) Please.

  6. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Akka emotional karne Ki had hoti hai yaar 😢😭 😢😭 😢😭 😢😭 😢😭..
    Okay.. Sorry if I missed any members name.. But truth is that none on the family members can b described in one word or sentence, even Ramayana will get short if we go deep lol 😁.
    Varshu akka, Malvi di n Megs di- Nice sweet n loving sissies, jus a year older than me n r vry nyc friends, intelligent n lovely sisters.
    Joy da, Skr fan – die hard skr fans, love sharing pics n news, kip us informed..
    Krishnai akka n Sanju di-Very sweet sisters n the oldest family members I know, very sweet diis and lovely analysts..
    Padma akka, Tanu dii, Nabanita-Lovely girls, joyful friends, the best elder sisters one can ever have.. Love u from my heart my dii’s.
    Priya akka-Fan of mostly shows even I watch, yhm, skr, Edkv n naamkaran, very nice n lovely girl love you from my heart best elder sister…
    Aman bro-Nyc analyst n explorer when it comes to myths,n diehard bhardavi fan that’s sure 😉😉..
    Preeti, Suchetana, tiyasa twinkle, iqura, anushya-OMG never noticed I’ve six sisters of my age 😳.. Bt all r very cute , lovely sweet Minded girls n I really enjoyed being with u dears.
    Ritz di tharu di Meena di Kishu di-fresh minded n sweet girls..
    Sudeshna, Jayani, Pujith, Ishitha-Very cute younger sisters n brothers to have really enjoyed being with you (and there was someone to call me dii lolz 😃 😊😁😁)
    I know I’ve missed many members lyk Anil bro, lord7naruto, Srinidhi di, Mithrabrinda di , Nidhi di, Sara, Rani di, Veena di, Sanju, Ishu akka etc, bt all r very lovely I love u all very much n will always remember you dears..

  7. SKR fan

    Raj Kumar Luv sitting on Ayodhya’s throne.
    Mata- Putra Prem.
    Journey’s gonna end soon.
    Darjeeling memories. In one pic you can see AshMa sitting together.
    After shoot fun.
    Don’t squeeze him so much Madirakshi.
    Remember Ram blushing.

  8. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    The star plus Mahabharata of 2013-2014 was a great hit for all mythology lovers and we all hv loved n admired it.. The awesome graphics, hardworking actors, beautiful scenery and super hit execution has given the unique show a unique place in the hearts of all viewers. The superb acting by the lead Pooja Sharma as Draupadi, Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun, Saurabh Raj Jain as lord Krishna and all the other cast made us feel we’re watching the real characters in the real tym, n it gave us a feel that we r watching the epic in Dwapar Yug as it happened. The show sadly ended in less than an year about 236 episodes and we’ve missed our fav actors and actresses who rocked the show since then. The start of the show was superb, n as tym passed n passed the actors gradually improved themselves and gt the show many viewers n lovers. In negative role, Arpit Ranka essayed the role of Duryodhan very well (So much that I wished to enter the screen to kill him).. So Mahabharata fans, Do u want it back on Star plus..? Plzzzz express ur views through ur comments 😊


      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        Thanks a ton sita dii.. I wanted ur support.. Very glad to c ur cmnt. Zee TV is never going to launch Radha Krishna ek aloukik Prem kahani so I wrote a ff on Radha Krishna.. Check it soon.. Love you 😍

    • Tharu

      |Registered Member

      I am with you vanshu..mahabarath is one of my favourite serial..but unfortunately I couldn’t watch it regularly because of my studies that let me know what I can do …

  9. pari miss

    i think sita should not go back to ayodhya and accept ram becoz ram proved her as an impure queen, so why should she live with someone who sent his pregnant wife to lifetime vaanvas and didn’t even visit his wife and kids even once? i think sita should have married ravan instead of ram becoz ram isn’t worthy of sita. ravan would have never abandoned his wife just becoz someone called her impure. instead of sending to vanvaas he would have made her do agnipariksha infront of praja, right? if she was gonna be called impure one day then why did she do agnipariksha in front of those who know that she’s pure, instead she shold’ve done it infront of that dobo badra! but this isn’t sita’s mistake but ram’s becoz if he told sita that he would leave as a king for praja then she would’ve somehow proved her purity right? this is just ridiculous, she proves her purity infront of those who she is pure but not to those who know that she’s pure! :(>:(:-O

    sorry if i hurt you guys but this are just my opinions, plz tell me whether you disagree or agree!😃

  10. pari miss

    the last sentence in the big paragraph is – she proves her purity infront of those who know she’s pure but not to those who know that she’s not pure?

    sorry i made a lot of typo mistakes

  11. Anushya

    |Registered Member

    shockinh precap… i never heard of any such thing happening… feel so bad for Ram and Sita. Loved luv kush and sisters scenes… Sita is fortunate to have such sisters…. cant wait for tomm episode… why the update was late today?

  12. Jayani

    |Registered Member

    So sad that Hanumaan won’t be able 2 keep up with his vachan, bcoz he say that even if d earth shatters, he will shut it but then unfortunately, he won’t be able 2 do so… Couldn’t watch skr today… Hav 2 watch it tomorrow.

    Jai Siya Ram

  13. joy

    Plz watch SKR regularly at 8.00 pm…..
    Bcoz end is so near…………………….. It’s my request to all ……………….

  14. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Skr shooting finished😥
    Guyzzz thanks fr the warm welcome!!
    I’d have to say everyone’s profile pics are osm……….
    @jayani dear woow ur in just 7th I felt u r like some 17ns.but mature haan…
    @kishu thanks to consider me a part of this sweet family…
    @padmaja,preeti…sisters I all surely give an intro..

    This is richu aka richanshi..21 years old from hyd..native Mumbai
    I have watched skr and I luv it till the core!!!!

    @vanshika sweetie glad that u remember my comments!!!

    @haahaaa dearie anushya I had commented here formally to spread awareness sometimes..but I was not disappeared sweetie!!😜😜i still remember ur replies to me!!
    @stutiiiii right u have commented on ishqbaaz….😜😜😜😜😜😜
    Thanks fr the intro…

    I have read the luv kush charitra but its quite different from what’s going on..moreover precap is really emotional n hrt breaking!! I had read that after sita ingnore ram (doesn’t accept to cum to ayodhya)he reminds her of her patni dharm…..she is confused,asks dharti Mata’s permission n then agrees to go to ayodhya…there they finish the ashvameda-yagna with sita…..soon after the ashvameda yagna the dharti expands and dharti mata comes out and asks sita to come with her….when she is questioned why so she tells them what happened….
    Dharti mata takes her..they regret….

    Don’t know if this is correct or not or if current how much % let’s see!!!

    Guyzzz I replied u now..sry ….I don’t have time last evening!!

  15. vidhya

    jayani, I am still hoping that Hanuman would close the earth as well and save sita. He will never fail to keep up his promises. Let us see..SKR may show up differently which we cant guess or imagine..

    • Jayani

      |Registered Member

      That’s true di, bcoz they r showing Luv sitting on d throne so probably Sita might also cum 2 ayodhya for his rajya abhikshek n then go 2 her mother, maybe, not sure… But I hpe that she goes 2 ayodhya atleast once… What do u people think???

  16. nargis

    I want Ram & Sita to unite and live happily ever after. Sita has gone through so much, she
    deserves peace and happiness.

  17. Tharu

    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone!!! Commenting after a long time..hope you remember me..luv and kush meeting sita’s sisters part was so sweet..really loved it..todays episode will be emotional…eagerly waiting for it..really sad that skr is ending..will miss you guys..😓

  18. Sara

    I wish SKR changes the Ramayan. Anyway they have changed it many occasions so why not change the Real Ramayan ? and give it a NEW HAPPY ENDING – the ENDING everyone would like to see- RAM & SITA both as King and Oueen and whole family reunited , living happily .

  19. swastika

    Episode was superb every part of the episode was heart touching…Ashma ….precap was heart piercing …
    Love u Skr more than my life…

  20. vaidehi

    happy birthday swastika my lovely sis…. may lakshminarayan shower all their blessings on u today…. many many happy returns of the day…… wish u all the vry best ……………. enjoy ur life with ur heart’s content…………

    from suchi di

    • joy

      Hey @Lakshmila………….
      Plz post link in the firstly in the page…………….. Bcoz many one could not open the tellupdate page last pase of day…….. Plz post link when the writing update posted…… Like SKR fan and me……. Your link are awesome….. So do it………………

    • Jayani

      |Registered Member

      I just luv it 2 d core!!! N ur dp 2… It’s just simply awesumly awesum… No words 2 describe it… Waiting for today’s episode.

      Jai Siya Ram

  21. Stuti

    Swastika dearie a very happy birthday … May u get all the happiness in the world … Suchi dear awesome waiting eagerly fr today’s epi

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