Siya Ke Ram 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janak telling Sunaina about possibility of the baby having a family. He wonders how did the baby come inside the soil, did anyone leave her there. She says I got a child after 12 years. He says but we have to know about her, announce about this girl in Mithila, we have to know her family, its necessary. They proceed in the carts. Indradev khush hue Raja Janak se……………..plays……………… The Praja is shown very happy. The children dance in rain. Raja Janak comes back to palace. He takes the baby to the temple. He shows the bow which Lord Shiv used. He says this came here, as Mahadev has given this gift to his ancestors, he does not know why he gave this, but it would be imp reason, big problem solved by baby’s coming, he wishes her to touch this bow and get

Lord Shiv’s blessings.

He sits and places baby near the bow. The baby holds the bow thread by her finger and lifts the bow. They all get shocked. She then drops the bow and thundering starts. The palace gets shaken up. Janak sees the baby smiling. Sunaina makes the baby lie in cradle. Rishi comes there and Janak welcomes him. He greets Rishi’s daughters. Rishi sees the baby girl and smiles. Rishi says Mithila and your family got happiness by her coming, accept her as Lord’s blessings, in the form of your daughter. She has come in your life. Janak says I announced to know about her family, we should wait for the info. A man comes and says there is no family of this baby. Rishi asks don’t you believe she did not come here as your daughter, the bow which no one could lift was lifted by her, she is Lord’s blessing, this is a sign to make you understand, you got here where you were digging soil, she was alive there till you went there, she came and rain started, Mithila’s problem has solved. Janak sees the baby girl and lifts her in arms. He says who are we to accept her as daughter, she has done our life prosperous by accepting us as parents. Sunaina says she has made me a mother. Rishi asks Janak to give a name to his daughter. Janak says there are several names for her, Mithila’s princess Maithili, Janak’s daughter Janaki, born from soil Bhoomija, I will name her Sita. Everyone smile. Everyone shower flowers and baby smiles.

After 8 years in Ayodhya, Kaikeyi asks Dasharath to make Ram have the fruits. Dasharath says let me go ashram first, I have to see them, many years passed, they would be grown up. Kaushalya and Sumitra smile. Dasharath leaves in the horse cart. Ram’s brothers Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan are shown climbing a mountain. They stand on the top of the waterfall. They ask about Ram, and jump down in the waters. Ram comes there to save his brother who was drowning inside the river.

Scene shifts to Mithila, Janak tells Sunaina that he got the happiness by becoming Sita’s father, he did not know when eight years passed, rain has come and solved the drought problem, we got another child Urmila. His younger brother and wife comes and says we got two daughters too, after Sita came. Sunaina wishes all four sisters stay united with love. Janak says people want to be known by their sons, I want Janak to be known by my daughter Janaki. They proceed to see the play, which the four girls have made.

They see the play, where a girl is asking help from Goddess to save her from evil. Janak laughs seeing Urmila revealing her face from the costume. The evil aims at the girl. Janak’s brother says he is excited to see Sita’s powerful avatar. They all get surprised seeing Sita dressed as a Goddess and coming to protect the girl and kill evil. Janak and Sunaina smile seeing her.

Dasharath gets the same dream and tells Gurudev that that curse is not leaving him, he is worried for Ram. Janak tells Sita that he felt she is really a Devi, seeing her perform in play. Sita replies yes, I m a Devi. He gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Baby sita was so cute

  3. Such a beautiful Show,loving it…siya ke ram rocks………….Cute Sita….

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    Really Nice Show & sita is very cute

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