Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi saying shubh mahurat is passing, how will Rajya Abhishek happen Gurudev. Ram comes there with Sumanta and says there is no need of Rajya Abhishek now. Everyone look on shocked. Guru Vashisht asks Ram what are you saying, why did Dasharath not come with you. Ram addresses all the present Rishis, ministers and others that they came here leaving all their imp work, its moment of pride for him and everyone, but for some reasons, Rajya Abhishek can’t happen, I apologize for this. Laxman asks whats the matter, is there any danger on Ayodhya, tell me if there is any problem. Ram says no Laxman, the thing is my Raj tilak won’t happen. Laxman says its not less than any problem. Kaushalya asks did Maharaj call you to say this. Ram says yes. She says how can Maharaj do this, its


Ram requests all of them to leave. Kaushalya says Ram, you are eldest son, and none has doubt on your capabilities, you did not do anything that your right can get snatched, then why did Maharaj stop Raj tilak, tell me, we all want to know. Ram says reason is, sitting on this throne is not my fate. Kaushalya asks what, then what’s your fate. Ram says 14 years vanvaas. Kaushalya, Sumitra, Guru Vashisht, Sita, Laxman and everyone present get shocked. Ram says by leaving all the Raj Bhavan comforts, I will live an ordinary life. Kaushalya cries and sits in shock. Sumitra and Ram hold her. Kaushalya says it was all fine till now, what happened suddenly. Sumitra asks won’t you become king Ram…. Then whose Raj tilak will happen, who will manage Ayodhya.

Ram says my beloved brother Bharat…. He will become king. They all get shocked. Laxman reacts saying its impossible, just you can become king after our father, none can take your place, not even Bharat. Ram says no Laxman, I agree with all this, I know you love me a lot, so I want you to respect my decision, don’t oppose it. Guru Vashisht says Ayodhya’s entire Praja is eager to see their Ram becoming king, who will explain them that their dearly loved Ram will not sit on throne, Ram who will give this shocking bad news to your Praja…. Ram says I m my Praja’s son Gurudev, the way parents agree to their son, even Ayodhya’s Praja will understand their son, I will talk to them mysef.

Ram goes out of the Raj bhavan and looks at the Praja, who is cheering for him. Sita walks to Ram and holds him. She nods to him. Ram walks ahead….. and signs Praja to stop. He says I know you all have been waiting for years for that moment when I accept the duty of becoming your king, but I came to inform that by some reason, this Rajya abhishek will not get completed, I can’t become your king. Praja gets shocked. Ram Ram……plays…………… Ram folds hands and requests them not to get upset, they all have always trusted him, so they should trust him today too, whatever is happening is for good, its better for Ayodhya, my consent is there for this, to serve Praja, a crown is not necessary, I did my duty when Pita ji did not crown me a king, whatever decisions are taken is not for family and kingdom, its for entire human race, this will be the tradition always, I accept all such decisions heartily. He says that’s why, its my wish to keep this tradition. He seeks their blessings with approvals. The people cheer for Ram. Ram asks them to leave for their homes now. The people cry and greet him.

Surpanakha runs to see Vidyuthjeeva. She gets shocked seeing him dead. She says no, this can’t happen, there is no one in the world who can kill Vidyuthjeeva, then how did this happen, who has snatched my husband from me…. She cries and screams saying who killed my Swami…. Daanav says the one whom you love the most, who should have been your husband’s protector, your brother Lankesh, he ruined your life and made you widow. She asks my brother? He says yes, he won our trust and gave this result. She fumes angrily and says I will never forgive him for cheating me, he has to pay for this. Daanav smiles.

Dasharath is in shock. Kaikeyi asks him to get up, why to mourn now, did you not hear what Ram said, just this little thing Maa…. You have to start preparations for Bharat’s raj tilak.

Kaushalya asks what, Kaikeyi…. Sumitra says yes, that’s why Kaikeyi did not come in Rajya abhishek, she got this day to spit her inner poison. Dasharath says you are such stone hearted Kaikeyi, I told you Ram will leave and you did not think of that, you did not wish to become like your mother, you proved you are equally selfish as your mother, the way your father ended relations with your mother, the same way, I end all my relations with you.

Sumitra says don’t know why, I was feeling Kaikeyi can do this, and this happened… Kaushalya worries. Dasharath says I don’t care if the world calls me a liar or Adharmi, I will stop Ram and not let him go, even if I have to change Raghukul’s tradition. He leaves. Kaikeyi looks on.

Mantra says Ram named diya got blown off forever in Ayodhya. She wickedly laughs. The sisters tell Sita that they are always with her and ask Sita not to feel alone in this tough time. Ram looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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    Guys I am going to write a small ff on dehleez show pls support me and thnx amena mam for fast update

  2. SKR fan

    Ashish Sharma makes difference to his dressman’s life
    Actor Ashish Sharma, who is currently seen playing Ram in popular mythological TV show “Siya Ke Ram”, says he is glad that his presence around his dressman brought a change in his life for good.

    Ashish’s dressman came up to him and narrated his story of how, unknowingly, the actor changed his life and got it back on track. Ashish was elated.

    “My dressman Santosh entered my vanity and all of a sudden he started thanking me. On asking, he said that he was an alcoholic before he started working here. He is married and blessed with three children.

    “His habit of drinking started creating a rift between him and his family as sometimes they would even have to go fetch him at 4 a.m. in the morning,” Ashish said in a statement.

    The actor even shared that it has been two months since his dressman has touched alcohol.

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    My god precap super waiting for tomorrow
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    ???????????sad episode
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    • jay

      S Soumi …..Ashish just rockeddddddddd …..even all the other actors also rockingg with their acting …

  7. Ram ji…hats off to u……u r soo calm…..poor Dasharath. ……kaikeya biggest fool…….sita so sad……can’t control my tears ????

  8. Rockers of today’s episode
    1) Kausalya
    2) surpanakha ☺☺?
    Wow….just stunned by their acting !!
    Sucha lovely precap…..what a sistalove ???? and also loved lakshman and ram’s scenes. Such a lovely brother 🙂
    Can’t wait for tomorrow…feeling worried for ramsiya 🙁

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    i don’t understand how sita was sooo calm & looked normal!!!! can anyone tell me d story pf kaykeyi’s mother?

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  13. Sumi

    Hello everyone sorry for posting it late because I was preparing for exams enjoy but again I am telling u all that it is not written by me I have copied it from india forums.Enjoy!!!!—- Hi , this is my first OS , about a sequence where all the couples meet each other after arrival of dashrath and BHarat shatrughan to mithila.
    Hope u like it
    It was nearly a day after King Dashrath had arrived in Mithila . Janaka along with Kushwadhwaj were seen busy along with Dashrath this whole time with talks about the
    upcoming wedding.
    Rama and Lakshman were in the gallery along with Sita and Urmila.
    Ram : Sitae , aaj main bahut prasann hun , itne dino ke pashchat hum charon bhai fir milenge.
    Lakshman : Ji bhabhi , Bharat bhayia bilkul Ram Bhayia ke Pratibimbh Hain aur shatrughan mera . Aaj aap dekhna ki bhaiyon mein bhi pratibimbh waali bat kitni satya hoti hai ( he said while making a glaring eye contact with urmila ) .
    Urmila was red faced , seeing this Rama gave a stern look to Lakshman at his sarcasm . Witnessing the moment , sita tried to control the situation .
    Sita : Nahi Lakshman Bhayia , keval bharat aur shatrughan hi nahi , avashya hi aap charon bhai ek doosre ke pratibimbh honge , usi tarah jaise hum behenein hain.
    Urmila : ( now all cheered up on hearing this ) Bilkul satya kaha didi !!! Rama too gave a smile hearing this from his future wife.
    It was early evening now , Bharat and Shatrughana were to arrive the next morning.
    Rama was getting restless on meeting with his siblings . He was constantly gazing on the palace gates from the gallery in anticipation of their arrival. Lakshman noticed this , and with a evil smile , said :
    Lakshman : Bhayia aap chintit naa hoyiye ,ek hi din shesh bacha hai , ve aa jaaenge , Chaliye hum Mandir chalte hain , Sita bhabbhi bhi iss samay pooja ke liye jaati hain , aur aapka mann bhi shaant ho jaaega wahan jaakar.
    Sita : Parantu devar Ji , pooja to main kar chu…!!!
    Lakshman : Bhabhi chaliye jaldi , ( he cut of her sentence in between and gave her a mischevious signal )
    Sita understood her devar was again upto something , so she gave her consent and asked Urmila if she was interested to Go too
    Lakshman : Devi Urmila , Kya Aap bhi Chalengi ???
    Urmila : Avashya , parantu yeh prashn ka tatparya ?
    Lakshamn : Devi , yeh poochne ka bahut hi gehra kaaran hain . Aapko gyaat hai naa ki Mandir mein prashad mein phal aur meetha hi milta hai , parantu aapka manpasand Vyanjan nahi ..
    Urmila ( In surprise ) : To aapko mera manpasand Vyanjan pata hai ?
    Lakshman (mischiviously) : Ji mujhe hi nahi , saari Mithila ko pata hai ki aapko sabse priye Laal Mirch hai.
    Urmila : ( In sheer excitement ) Haan , Laal mirch mera priya vyanjan…
    She stopped in between and realized just what he had said , she felt as if someone had pricked her tightly , and Sita burst out Laughing.
    Rama( Sensing that the battle was about to begin) : Lakshman , yeh sab kahan se seekha hai tumne . Ayodhya mein Bharat ko bhi isi prakar pareshan karte ho Tum aur shatrughan.
    Chalo mandir ki Aur prasthan karen . Sitae , aap Manadavi aur shrutkirti se bhi pooch lijiye , hum sab sath chalenge .
    All 6 then went to the temple . They were about to reach when Lakshmana stopped the entire troupe.
    Lakshman ( pointing fingers towards a big tree ) : Ram bhayia , wahan dekhiye uss vriksh ke niche , koi aapki prateeksha kar raha hai .
    Rama was curious and started walking towards the tree. He couldn’t see the face of the person as he was standing behind a large painting canvas.
    Sita : Bhayia Lakshman , main wahan mehel me hi samajh gayi thi ki kuch to gadbad hai . Ab kya tum apni bhabi ko yeh batane ka kasht karoge ki kya khichdi pak rahi hai.
    Lakshman (Speaking very softly) : Bhabhi aap bas dekhti jaaeye , aaj aap Ram bhaiya ka ek alag hi roop dekhengi .
    All 4 sisters were really shocked to hear this and Urmila could not control herself . She anticipated a prank and was about to shout to Ram to warn him but just then Lakshmana caught hold of her and gently covered her lips with his hand :
    Lakshman : Devi aap bahut bolti hain , kripya karke kuch shan aur shant rahiye , agar aap aisa karti hain to puraskaar ke roop mein aapko mere shastra bhandaar mein se koi bhi ek shastra diya jaaega , hamare agle yudh ke liye .
    The other 3 sisters started laughing on seeing this moment . Soon Lakshmana had realised what he had done and quickly removed his hand from her face . Urmila too was embarrased and walked behind sita blushing , trying hard that her cousins dont see her face .
    As Rama neared the canvas , he noticed that the canvas was faced towards him , depicting the picture of him breaking the shiv dhanush .
    In no time , he was able to realise who the person standing behind the canvas was . He hurreidly moved forward and screamed loudly in shock.
    On hearing his scream , everybody rushed in to witness one of the most heart warming moments they had ever seen .
    Rama had held up Bharata in his arms , with tears in eyes of both the brothers .
    Rama : Why didn’t you tell me that you were to arrive today !!!
    Bharat : But brother , then our union would not have felt the way it is feeling now.
    Lakshman was next to greet his elder bother and he introduced him to everone .
    Urmila realized that mandavi had been gazing at Bharat for too long and was lost. She gave her a light tug and saw her face going red , blushing heavily.
    Bharat was the tallest of the brothers and most well built , but at heart was complete child and inocent , nothing matching his physical appearance at all.
    Within minutes he had gelled up with the entire group very well
    Mandavi had Noticed all this and was really impressed with him . Ackwardly , she tried to initiate a conversation with him :
    Mandavi : Rajkumar Bharat , aapko chitrakari karna pasand hai ?
    Bharat : ji haan , bhachpan se hi mujhe chitra banana atyany priye hai . Jab main ram bhayia aur Lakshman se door tha , tab un dono ke chitra banata tha , isse lagta tha
    ki woh mere paas hi hain.
    Bharatha spoke with a heavy heart recollting his days of separation with his brothers , and mandavi witnessed the love and care bharat showed towards his siblings.
    Then bharat started showing the paintings to everyone i :
    He told them they all his paintings were creation of his thoughts as well as his imagination of events which were reported to him .
    first up was Rama breaking the bow , the painting was such a masterpiece that it felt as if Bharat had witnessed the event live in mithila to get it to resemble so much to the actual event.
    Now it was the turn for next one :
    Bharat ( with an evil smile) : Look Mandavi , this is my favourite one , where Lankapati Raavan is being humilated in mithila for not being able to lift the bow.
    Sita , urmila and shrutkirti looked at mandavi amusingly .
    Mandavi breathed heavilly , deeply embarassed as she recalled herself in disgust for singing praises to raavan.
    Mandavi ( in her thoughts) : Main to soch rahi thi ki rajkumar bharat kitne uch vichaar aur vinamra swabhav ke hain , bilkul jija shri ram ki tarah , parantu yeh to rajkumar Lakshman aur Urmila se bhi do kadam aage hain. Mithila mein inhone guptchar bheje hain saari ghatnaon ki jankari rakhne ke liye . Iss dussahas ka parinaam inhe bhugatna hi hoga .
    Mandavi tugged and took Urmila aside and whispered in hear ear
    Mandavi : Mujhe tumse kuch chayiye
    Urmila : kya ?
    Mandavi ( Angrily) : Wahi shastra to Rajkumar lakshman tumhe puraskaar mein dene waale hain , aaj kisi ka antt nikat aa gaya hai aur woh shubh karya mere haathon hoga.
    Urmila laughed and tried to calm her down .
    Next up was rama and Lakshman killing the demons in forest
    Bharat : This is where Bhayia ram is killing subahu and that other rakshasi … what was her name , i forgot …
    Mandavi and lakshman ( in union ) : Rakshasi Urmila
    Urmila ( extremely embarrased) : Mandavi didi , yeh rakshasi waali baat aapne batatyi hai naa inhe , ab aap dono ne mere virudh ek dal bana liya hai
    The fury on Urmila’s face was to see as she ran behind Mandavi and lakshman in shear shock to hit them , while others had a huge laugh .
    Mandavi : Shrutkirti , jaldi se Sheetal Jal lekar aao , Urmila ka dimag bahut garam hai aaj.
    Shrutkirti ( unable to understand any sarcasm ) – Abhi laayi didi !!!
    And she took off immediately to the river , before anyone could stop her and tell her that it was a joke.
    In all the commotion , everyone forget that the youngest brother was missing from the scene
    Ram : Arey !!, yeh shatrughan kahan hai , tabse dikhai hi nahi diya ?? Lakshman , ab kya kuch aur shesh reh gaya hai . Kya sharaarat chal rahi hai tumhare dimaag mein . Kahan chupa hua hai woh?
    Lakshman ( innocently and pouting) : nahi bhayia ,sach me , mujhe nahi pata ki kahan hai woh .
    Bharat : Haan Bhayia , Lakshman satya keh raha hai . Shatrughan nadi ke tat par gaya hai , jabse hume soochna mili ki ek sarp ne lakshman par akraman kiya tha , tabse woh atyant chintit tha . Apne saare astra shastra lekar woh nadi ke pas ussi sarp ko khojne aur dand dene ki upeksha se gaya hai .
    Sita ( careessing lakshman gently ) : Dekha Swami , Aap bechare Lakshman bhayia par yuhin naraaz ho rahe the !!!
    Ram : Sitae , mai kya kabhi apne bhayion se naraaz ho sakta hun kya . Parnantu abhi tumhe apne dono chote devaron ke karnamon ki puri jaankari nahi hai hai , Jab ayodhya aa joagi tab pata chalega .
    All 3 sisters had a hearty laugh while lakshmana shook lowered his head feeling shy and embarrased.
    Sita : Haan haan , dheere dheere gyat hone laga hai mujhe , chaliye hum bhi nadi tat par chalkar chote raghunandan se bhent kar le.
    And all of them started their walk slowly towards the river .
    Meanwhile , at the river side , Shrutkirti noticed an extrmely handsome young man , looking askwardly similar to Lakshman . She saw him constantly roaming around the river
    bank with his sword in an aggressive mood , looking deeply into the river , as if searching for someone.
    She walked towards him , a little scared .
    Shrutkirti : shama kijie , par kya aap kisi ko dhoond rahe hai ?
    Shatrughan noticed her for the first time , she was shivering as she asked the question.
    Shatrughan : Aap itni bhaibheet kyun prateet ho rahi hain ?
    Shrutkirti ( trying to put up a bold face ) : Mithila ki rajkumari kisi se nahi darti hain .
    Shatrughan : Mithila ki rajmumari aur ghane vann mein , akele ?
    Shrutkirti : Ji main jal lene aayi hun , ek vishesh kaaran se .
    Shatrughan : Aur woh kya ?
    Shrutkirti: Laal aur Hari mirch mein yudh Jo ho raha hai , usse rokne ke liye.
    Shatrughan : ji , kya kaha aape ??
    He asked her in despair
    Shrutkirti : Maaf kijie ga , ayodhya se 2 rajkumar aayein hain , Aur chote rajkumar veh meri didi urmila ke beech ladai ho rahi hai. Ayodhya ke rajkumar Ram aur meri sita didi unhe shaant karne mein lage hain .
    Shatrughana laughed as he imagined the scene of the fight , just as it used to take place in ayodhya , the only difference was instead of urmila it was bharat and his twin , with the calm ram and him trying to calm them down.
    S hatrughan : Acha devi , yudh se gyaat hua , maine suna hai ki kuch din poorva yahan bhi yudh hua tha ayodhya ke rajkumar aur ek vishal serp ka. Kya aap mujhe kuch bata
    sakti uss vishay mein.
    shrutkirti ( in excitement) : Haan Haan , kitna vishal sarp tha who … parantu rajkumar lakshman ke samne kuch shann bhi nahi tik saka.
    She went on narrating the tale as shatrughna felt overwhelmingly proud of his brother . And then she stopped abrubptly , sensing something fishy
    Shrutkirti ( in her thoughts ) : Kuch gadbad hai , yeh yudh ke baare mein kuch adhik hi poochtaach kar rahe hain
    shrutkirti ( in investigative mood ): Vaise aapne bataya nahi ki aap kaun hain ??
    Shatrughan : Maaf kijiye , main apna parichay dena bhool hi gaya , ayodhya se jo do rajkumar aaye hain , main unka Shatru…
    shrutkirti screamed loud before he could complete his sentence .
    shrutkiriti ( in fear ) : Kya ??? , Aap ayodhya ke rajkumaron ke shatru hain , mujhe to pehle hi shakk ho gaya tha
    She began her sprint towards the temple , crying out loudly ” Jija shri Ram , raj kumar Lakshman , mithila mein aapke shatru ghuss gaye hain ”
    Shatrughan : arey Devi rukiye toh , yeh kya samajh liya aapne . ( Just as he started chasing her )
    From a distance , The other 3 couple witnessed shrutkirti running towards them in fear and crying loudly , and shatrughan following her in aghast.
    Lakshmana lunged forward in a run , and instead of calming down shrutkirti , he zoomed past her and embraced his twin close to his chest , as if to never let him go .
    The sisters were all shoked to see this and finally they realized who he really was . Shrutkirti was still sobbing . Shatrughana was introduced to everyone , with Sita
    being the last.
    Sita came forward to greet him , and lovingly pulled up shatrughana ears
    Sita : Chote devar Ji , bahut shararti hain aap , bilkul lakshman bhayia ki tarah , dekhiye aapne meri behen ko rula diya naa !!
    Shatrughan : Parantu bhabhi , maine kuch nahi kiya
    Shrutkirti : nahi nahi Didi , mujhe inhi ne kaha tha ki yeh ayodhya ke rajkumaron ke shatru hain ?
    Lakshman , in stern voice , grasped his chance as now finally there was someone younger to him present there with whom he could act in an older bro’s way , and tried using the exact words which rama used with him .
    Lakshman : Shatrughan , aisa dussahas , kya yahi seekha hai tumne ki pyaari rajkumarion ko bhaybheet kar do ?
    Shatrughan ( worried and trying to clear his name) : Nahi bhayia , choti rajkumari ne toh mujhe baat poori karne ka avsar hi nahi diya , main toh keh raha tha ki main , ayodhya ke rajkumaron ka shatrughan hoon , unka sabse chota veh priya bhai . parantu meri aadhi baat sunker hi rajkumari wahan se bhaag gayin.
    Waise mein bhi abhi abhi Laal aur Hari mirch ke yudh ke baare mein hi sunkar aa raha hoon ( looking at him glaringly)
    All of them burst into laughter together .
    Suddenly bharat realised that he had left his canvas behind the tree .
    Bharat : Ram bhayia , main apni chitra peti vriksh ke neeche hi bhool gaya hoon , use lene chalte hain.
    They strolled again towards there . Mandavi still hadnt forgotten that epic look from bharat when he trolled her in front of her sister, and her despair didnt went un-noticed by the twins.
    They cornered here back while the rest moved forward
    Shatrughan : Devi Mandavi , kyap aap theek hain ?
    Mandavi hesitantly told them how Bharat had made her look like a fool
    Lakshman : Aise hi hain bharat bhayia , upar se shaant ram bhayia ki tarah , par andar se ekdam natakhat , bilkul hamari tarah. Aap chinta naa karen , ab hum teeno ki baari hai pratishodh lene ki . Jaise hum kehte hain vaisa kijiye.
    After a few minutes :
    Mandavi : Toh Rajkumar Bharat , chitra kala ke elava kya pasand hai aapko
    Bharat turned around and saw everyone had stopped ,they were gazing at him , waiting to hear his answer . He felt as if was freezing in embarassement.
    Bharat : Kuch khaas nahi , parantu kekai desh mein kaafi samay yudh abhyas me chala jaata jata tha , aur phir yudh kala seekne mein aanand aane laga.
    Mandavi : phir to nishchit hi aapne bhi lankapati ravan ki tarah kaafi yudh ladhe aur jeete honge , ( she said in an sarcastic tone )
    Bharata started realising something strange was happening , he tried to contain the situation :
    Bharat : Nahi Nahi , abhi maine zyada yudhon mein bhaag nahi liya hai , haan par jinme bhaag liya hai , veh yudh avashya jeete hain.
    Lakshman : Parantu Bhayia , apne rajkumari Mandavi ko bataya nahi ki kuch din poorva hi aap ek bada yudh haar kar aaye Hai ???
    Bharat : Kis yudh ki baat kar rahe ho Lakshman ??? ( asked suprisingly)
    Lakshman and Shatrughan ( in union) : Wahi yudh , jisme mata kekai se aap buri tarah parajit hue the …
    Bharat ( in anger ) : Parantu us yudh mein to vijayi raha tha , tum sab the to vahan , phir kaise bhool sakte ho tum .
    Everone had a hearty laugh and Bharat noticed he had again been played again by his younger siblings with some little help from Mandavi , he ran towards towards them to give them a good beating. But the twins had already made a desperate run towards the palace , while others followed their way back home slowly later.
    THE END…

  14. sumi19

    This is totally Imagination based story . Sorry if I have someone feelings. Dont forget to share ur views on the OS . It is very long but u All will enjoy reading it.

  15. Veronica crouze

    guys anyone plz tell me did ram ask laxman to leave sita in d forest or in spme sage’s ashram?which one he ordered laxman?why didn’t he send sita to her father’s house?even kaykeyi’s mother was sent to her father’s house by her husband… dn why ram didn’t do so?

    • Sanjana

      Sita refused to go to her fathers house Di
      For it was the world that doubted Sita for the sake of raj dharm ram told lakshman to leave in sage ashram
      Whereas in kaikeyi mother the husband had broken all the relation with his wife
      But in Sitas case she was pregnant with ram child

  16. Sumi

    Telly update why r u not posting story. Sorry everyone if the tellyupdates post the 3 part doubly because when I saw they did not post the story so I am posting it again. Read it n dont forget to leave your views on the OS. Enjoy–PART 3 ( FACING THE TWIN MADNESS )
    The 4 grand weddings had taken place a few days ago , and finally King Janak and Kushadhwaj bid an emotional farewell to their daughters. On the way back to ayodhya ,
    they stopped briefly at a temple to perform some rituals .
    Dashrath : My beloved sons , I along with yudhajit , sumantra and the army will return to ayodhya directly from here for our welcome along with your mothers . You all
    will need to perform puja at the shores of river ganga enroute to ayodhya , then you shall return home. I am pretty sure you wont be needing the army for your journey , I
    know that my 4 sons are more than capable to defend themselves with valour.
    Bharat : Pitashree , you please proceed and we shall return after carrying out your orders.
    Dashrath along with the troupe leaves. After completing puja at the temple ,
    Vashishta : Putra Ram , Abhi ek aur vidhi shesh hai , jo keval tumhe aur sita ko karni hogi kyunki yeh vidhi rajya ke sabse bade putra veh uski patni dwara ki jaati hai
    Ram : Ji guruji .
    Shatrughan : Ram bhayia , agar aapki aagya ho to Lakshman bhayia aur main pehle prasthan karle ganga tat ki ore .
    Ram : Parantu itni jaldi kya hai jaane ki , kuch samay baad sab saath chalenge naa.
    Shatrughan : Bhayia aap ko toh sab gyat hi hai bachpan mein kitna aanand aata tha nadi ke gehre paani mein jab ham sab khela karte the , jaane dijiye naa , pata nahi ab
    phir kab mauka lagega.
    Lakshman : Haan Haan , Bharat bhayia ko bhi saath le chalte hain . Urmila , shrutkirti aur Mandavi bhabhi aapke aur sita bhabi ke sath aa jaengi.
    Urmila : Kyun , phir to shrutkirti aur main bhi chalungi , Humein bhi tat par geeli miti se chitra banana atyant priya hai.
    Lakshman : Parantu urmila , aap samajhne ka prayas kariye , abhi aapka chalna hamare sath theek nahi hai .
    shrutkirti : nahi Lakshman bhayia , hum bhi jaenge
    shatrughan : Zid mat karo shrutkirti .
    Ram : Tum dono ka ab vivaah ho chuka hai , apni patni ki har icha ko pura karna tumhara kartavya hai , isliye Urmila aur shrutkirti bhi saath jaaengi , nahi toh tumhe anumati nahi milegi .
    Lakshman and shatrughan made long and disgusting faces before finally agreeing , and Urmila and Shrutkirti were very delighted that they had managed to subdue their
    husbands into taking them along
    Shrutkirti and Urmila ( Excitedly ) : Dhanyavaad Ram bhayia !!
    Bharat : Parantu bhayia , main kataya nahi jaaonga inke saath , main aapke saath baad mein prasthan karoonga .
    Lakshman ( with a wicked smile , holds his hand and drags him ) : Arey bharat bhayia , aayie naa , bahut anand aaega , bilkul bachpan ki tarh.
    Ram : Lakshman !!! Bharat nahi jaana chahta toh rehne do , jaisi uski Icha. Tum charon dhyan se jaana , jungle bahut ghana hai , khatra ho sakta hai .
    Lakshman ( Laughing and pointing towards Urmila
    ) : Bhayia , sabse bade khatre ko to aap hamare saath bhej rahe hain?
    Hearing this , Urmila pinched him tighltly on his arm and Lakshmana screamed aloud
    Lakshman : Arey aap to naraaz ho gayin , chaliye ab . Chalo shatrughan , kya kehte ho , pratispardha ho jaaye , dekhte hain pehle kaun pahunchta hai ??
    Shatrughan : Haan haan bhyia , avashya ..
    Shatrughan and Lakshman then holded hands of their wives , literally dragging them towards their rath and rode off at great speed causing some panic for Urmila and
    shrutkirti , they were not used to travel like this . Rama , bharat , mandavi and sita could hear the scream of urmila and shrutkirti dying away slowly as their raths
    faded away slowly towards the horizon .
    At the temple :
    Sita To Bharat : Raghunandan , Aap nahi gaye unke saath , koi vishesh Kaaran ?
    Bharat : Bhabi , un dono ko nadi mein tairne aur khelna kaa bachpan se bahut shauk hai , isliye itne utsahit the veh . Aur bhabi , in dono ka koi bharosa nahi , kya
    khichdi pakti rehti hai inke dimaag mein , Aur mujhe le jaane ki zid kar rahe the , toh avashya hi koi bhayanak yukti banayi hogi iss Lakshman aur shatrughan nay.
    Mandavi : Main samjhi nahi , aapka kehne ka kya tatparya hai ?
    Bharat ( hesitantly ) : Mandavi , jab hum gurukul mein the , to yeh dono mujhe ganga ke kinare ek oonche parvat par le gaye , aur phir balpoorvak mera hath pakadkar wahan se chalang laga di , kitna dar gaya tha main uss din . Aur pata nahi kitne aise daravne anubhav kiye hain maine ab tak inke saath .
    Sita ( Laughing) : Lagta hai dono ka bachpana ab tak nahi gaya ..
    Mandavi : Ab urmila aur shrutkirti ka kya hoga ?
    Ram : Aap chintit naa hoyiye , Veh un dono ke saath aisa mazaak nahi karenge .
    Bharat : Parantu bhayia , aapne unka utra hua mukh nahi dekha tha jab aapne zabardasti dono rajkumariyon ko saath le jane ko kaha , kuch na kuch to avashya karenge veh .
    Sita : Swami , sheeghra pooja aarambh kijiye , taki hum prasthan karen yahan se , mujhe chinta hone lagi hai ab.
    Some time later , Rama , bharat , mandavi and sita reached the shores of Ganges , and what scene do they witness there ???
    Urmila and Shrutkirti were weeping Profusely and both the brothers were down on their feet trying to make them stop crying.
    Shatrughan : shrutkirti , kripya ab to rona band kar do , dekho baaki sab aane waale honge..
    Lakshman to Urmila : Arey meri Maa , chup ho jayo ab.
    Then the four witnessed their elder siblings coming along their way . Seeing them , Urmila and shrutkirti wept even more loudly as they ran towards their sisters , while
    the twins attempted to flee the scene.
    shatrughan : Bhaagiye bhayia …
    But not before Bharat outran them and caught hold of both by their necks.
    Bharat : Jiska mujhe dar tha , aakhir wahi hua , kar diya koi kaand ? dekho kaise ro rahi hain dono.
    Ram : Bharat , le kar aana zara in dono ko idhar.
    Sita ( looking worried ) : Urmila , Shrutkirti , kripya rona band karo , ham sab hai naa yahan , kya hua
    Shrutkirti ( still crying ) : Didi , humein mithila wapas jaana hai …
    Mandavi : Parantu hua kya ?
    Urmila ( somewhat composed by now ) : Iska uttar aapke devar denge , puchiye inhi se …
    Rama : Lakshman , agar sheeghra tumne nahi bataya toh…
    Lakshman ( acting innocently ) : Bhayia parantu humne toh kuch kiya hi nahi ..
    Bharat : Itne bhole to tum ho nahi
    Shatrughan : nahi nahi , satya keh rahe hain lakshman bhayia , baat bas itni si hai ki shrutkrti aur urmila bhabi hum dono ko chidha rahi thi ki hum ram bhayia se dar gaye aur unhe saath mein laane ko vivash ho gaye , to bas bhayia aur maine bhi socha ki …
    Bharat : Haan Haan , batao aage , ab bataane mein kyun sharm aa rahi hai , karya to tum kar hi chuke ho ..
    Urmila : Aage ka kissa main batati hoon bhayia . Raaste mein humein ber ke vriksh dikhe toh unhe todne ke liye hum wahan ruk gaye , main aur shrutkirti ber tod rahe the , aur itne mein aapke dono bhai gaayab . humne unhe dhoondne ka prayas kiya , parantu veh nahi mile aur dar bhi lagne laga phir .
    Shrutkirti : Aur phir ekaek huemin daraavni dhwani sunayi dene lagi , jaise asuron ki hoti hai , aur phir hum kya dekhte hain , ki do asur talwar ke sath humari aur bhaage chale aa rahe hain . Humari toh jaan hi nikal gayi . Yeh dono aapke bhai , mukh par kahin se rang lagaakar humein daraane ke liye aisa kar rahe the .
    Hearing this , bharat tightly pulled shatrughana’s ear
    Bharat ( angrily ) : Yeh sab kya hai , aur rang kahan se aaye tumhare paas
    Shatrughan : Bhayia rang to aap hi ke hain , apki chitra petika se nikale hain . Humara dosh nahi hai , yeh rang hain hi aise ki ache bhale yuvraj ko daanav jaisa bana de.
    Lakshman : Theek hai , toh faisla ho gaya , is sab ka kaaran yeh rang hain , aur kyunki ye rang Bharat bhayia ke hain , toh is sab ke doshi bhi vahi hain .
    Mandavi and Sita started to giggle on this innocent joke.
    On listening , bharat became even more enraged
    Bharat : Yeh kaisa tark hua bhala , maine kaha tha yeh sab karne ke liye… . Aur shatrughan , tumhari is prakaar ki saari gatividhyon ka ache se smaran hai mujhe , ek baar bas ayodhya pahunchne do , tumhari saari katha main sumitra mata ko bataunga
    ( Lakshmana started to laugh ) : Shatrughan , ab kaun bachaega tumhe maa se .. Ha Ha
    (Ram now pulls lakshman’s ear ) : bachne toh aap nahi waale hain .
    Ram : Sitae , Shatrughan ki toh 4-5 sharaaratein hain , isliye bharat ko kam se kam yaad hain , parantu is Lakshman ne toh naa jaane kitne aise keertimaan sthapit kiye hain , ki koi vyakti yaad hi nahi rakh sakta , Ek puri pustak likh di hai maine in sab ka vivaran karte karte. Main toh haar gaya sitae , Taadka aur subahu ka vadh karna aasaan hai , parantu in dono ko sudhaarna nahi .
    Bharat ( Laughing) : Satya kaha bhayia aapne.
    Shatrughan : dekhiye Bharat bhayia , Agar aapne mata sumitra se kuch kaha , toh yaad rakhiyega ki mata kaekaiyi ko batane ke liye humare paas bhbahut kuch , jaise ki kaise maandavi bhabhi se do baar daant kha chuke hain aap ..
    Mandavi’s Face turned Red with embarrasement .
    Rama folds his hands in front of the twins:
    Rama : Sun liya maine , kuch nahi kahenge kisi se , ab pooja khatm kar lein agar aap dono ki agya ho .
    Sita : Urmila , shrutkirti , lagta ab toh jeevan mein tumhein is sab ki aadat dal leni chayiye.
    Urmila : Aap chintit na hoyein didi , Ab toh jaisa vyavahar aapke devar humarey sath karenge , waisa hi bhojan unhe milega.
    Lakshman : Acha meri maa , aage se koi mazaak nahi , bas bhojan atyant swadisht hona chahiye .
    Urmila : Dekha didi , inki kamzori lag gayi naa humaare haath…
    And all had a hearty laugh as they started to perform the pooja. After finishing , just as they were about to board their rath’s for return journey , in came an arrow and
    pierced throgh Lakshman’s shoulder. He Shouted in some pain as everyone looked to find before them the defeated kings of swayambhar along with their huge forces who had
    come to extract revenge.
    All the sisters looked quite worried. Before anyone could react , another arrow just zipped past ram , slightly scathing along his forearm leading to blood oozing out from his arm as well , but his injury was still less as lakshman had been hit directly.
    Seeing this , For a moment Lakshman forgot All his pain , for him , his slightly injured Ram bhayia was the most concerning thing now .
    Sita : Raghunandan , Lakshman bhayia , aap theek hain naa.
    Ram : Sita main theek hun , tum Lakshman par dhyaan do , use adhik chot aayi hai
    Lakshman’s face turned white with fury and he openly challanged the princes.
    Lakshman : Dusht Raja , tumhara aisa dussahas , mere pujya Ram bhayia par Hamla kiya tumne … Us din swambhar sabha mein tum sab bach gaye , agar Ram bhayia ne mujhe nahi roka hota , to unke apmaan ka pratishod wahin le leta mein.
    Shatrughan : Lakshman bhayia , kya in sab ne pehle bhi apman kiya ram bhayia ka ??
    Lakshman : Haan shatrughan , aur isliye aaj yeh jivit nahi bachenge
    Shatrughan jumped out of his rath and in a moment of rage , cut off the prince’s head with his sword. The other rajas took a step back in amazement.
    Seeing this dreadful sight, all the sisters cried out loud in shock.
    Lakshman :Ram Bhayia , aap aur bharat bhayia rajkumarion sahit ayodhya ki aur prasthan kijiye , main aur shatrughan sheeghra pahunchte hain in sab ka sanghar karke.
    Ram : Lakshman , itna krodh theek nahi , shaant ho jaao , ham charo inka saamna karenge.
    Shatrughan : Nahi bhayia , aapse nivedan hai , aap jayie , hum hain naa yahan
    Ram : parantu..
    Lakshman : Bhayia maine kaha naa aap jaayie
    Bharat : Rehne dijiye ram bhayia , aap jaante hain naa ki iss samay yeh dono aapki baat nahi sunenge , aayi chalte hain. And the 6 rode off , as the sounds of fighting died down gradually as their rath’s moved away from the battlefield.
    It now seemed as if Lakshman and Shatrughan were the older siblings , in protective mode , telling their younger siblings to go away to safety while they fought the danger.
    Sometime later , the 6 reached near ayodhya borders and waited there for the twins to return. All the princesses were worried
    Mandavi : Didi , mujhe un dono ki bahut chinta ho rahi , dekha tha naa aapne kitne krodh mein they
    Sita : Satya keh rahi ho mandavi , maine toh pehli baar dekha hai aaj ki devar ji ne tumhare jijashree ki agy naa maani ho.
    Shrutkrti ( crying again ) : Didi , aapne dekha tha kis prakar inhone us raja ka sheesh Kat diya tha , mujhe to unhi se bhay lagne laga hai ab.
    Bharat : Sita bhabi , Shrutkirti , aus raja ne bhayia par akraman kiya tha , jab bhi ram bhayia ya mujhe koi kshati pahunchane ka prayaas karta hai , to uss samay aapke dono devaron ka krodh charam seema par hota hai , uss samay main aur bhayia to kya , swayam pitashree bhi unhe sambhal nahi sakte.
    Urmila ( worried ) : Agar unhe yudh mein kuch ho gaya toh??
    Ram ( trying to lighten the mood ) : Jitna main apne bhayiaon ko jaanta hoon , Mujhe toh ab un kshatriya rajaon ki zyada fikr hai , bechaare sabhi apni mrityu ko taras
    jaaenge .
    After some time :
    Bharat : Ram bhayia , kya lagta hai , 10000 .
    Ram : Nahi Nahi , kam se kam 15000 .
    The sisters looked quite suprised as to what the princes of ayodhya were upto , playing a funny number game
    Mandavi ( amused) : Yeh aap dono kaisi vichitra baatein kar rahe hain.
    Bharat ( laughing ) : mandavi , Ram bhayia aur main toh yeh anumaan laga rahe the ki ab tak lakshman aur shatrughan ne kitne shatruon ka ant kar diya hoga .
    Sita : Aap dono iss samay bhi aisa parihaas kar rahe hain ..
    Ram : Parihaas nahi Sitae , satya vachan hain , dekhiye , aa gaye aapke dono devar.
    They all saw Lakshman and shatrughan arriving on their horses , blood dripping from their swords , which was probably of all the princes they had slained , however none
    injury was caused to both of them .
    Urmila ran towards her husband and hugged him brazenly , eventually dressing the earlier inflicted would on his shoulder. However Shrutkirti didnt do the same , she hid behind mandavi and could not express her feelings.
    Shatrughan : Arey shrutkirti , kya aap humein dekhkar prasann nahin hain , kuch seekhiye urmila bhabi se.
    Lakshman ( Laughing ) : mere naadan chote bhai , tumhe dikh nahi raha ki voh tumse hi dari hui hai , tumne gardan jo kaatdi us rajkumar ki shrutkirti ki aankhon ke saamne..
    Shatrughan ( now literally flirting , kneels down and gives his sword to his wife ) : Aap humse mat dariye , yeh rahi meri talwar , aur iss shatrughan ka chit aapke charnon mein hai .
    Shrutkirti ‘s face turned Red and she blushed heavilly
    Urmila ( nudging lakshman with her forearm ) : Kabhi aise prem ke do vachan mere liye bhi kahen hain aapne ?
    Lakshman ( teasingly ) : Rajkumari , apne armaano ko kaabu mein rakhiye , tumhare liye agar aisa kuch karta , meri to gardan hi udha deti tum …
    All had huge laugh at this , and now with the mood being lightened , they proceeded towards ayodhya and reached the next morning for a grand welcome , All the queens
    were really happy to meet thier daughter in laws’ . It was now time for the famous ring finding ceremony
    Rama and Bharat , along with their wives sat on one side , while the twins on the other.
    The ceremony started with the couples dripping their hand in the earthern pot filled with milk with a ring in it , the one who so ever will find it first , would be the
    winner , and thereby will have more control over his partner.
    It was a beautiful and serene moment where rama and bharat were seated , an utter pleasure to watch the divine and blushng couples play it out . Mandavi and Sita had
    managed to defeat their husbands in the task.
    Kaushalya ( happy and joyfully ) : Aur hamari putra vadhuyen jit gayin.
    Kakeyi : Haan didi , hamare putra kahin to haare.
    If it was beautiful and serene on this side , it was an utter chaos and mess at the other .
    Sumitra ( shocked ) : arey didi , wahan dekhiye kya ho raha hai .
    Both Lakshman – urmila and shatrughan -shrutkirti were holding onto their respective rings , trying to snatch with force , just like in a tug of war game.
    Lakshman and shatrughan : dekhiye , hum dono jeeta hain , isse pehle humne pakda.
    Urmila and shrutkirti : nahi , humne pehle pakda.
    Who could have said that they were newly married , fighting like little children…
    Bharat : shatrughan , Lakshman , yeh kya kar rahe ho , kya tumhe lajja nahi aati aisi harkatein karte hue mataon ke saamne.
    Sumitra ( puts her hand over her forehead) : Hey bhagwaan , kya karun main in dono kaa . .
    Shatrughan : Bharat Bhayia , aap to chup hi rahiye , aap dono ne to pehle hi harva diya hai , ab ayodhya ki prathishtha hamarein haathon mein hai , jeetke to hum hi rahenge.
    Sita : Urmila , shrutkirti , yeh kya kar rahi ho tum dono , bhool gayi maa ne kya kaha tha , ki hamara vyavahar hi hamare vyaktitva ka parichay hoga.
    Lakshman : Dekha urmila , sun lo seeta bhabi ki baat …
    Finally , in a dire attempt to win , Lakshmana enacted as if he was feeling pain from his shoulder wound while pulling the ring towards him and shatrughan made scary
    face towards shrutkirti as if the next moment he would chop her head off ..
    Hence , Urmila , out of worry that his husband was feeling pain , and shrutkirti out of fear , let the rings go .
    The plan of the twins worked and they both stood up in union with joy
    Shatrughan ( hugging lakshman ) : Mubarak ho bhayia , hum jeet gaye
    Urmila : But you both have cheated , its not fair
    And both princes started dancing with joy in front of their wives.
    Sumitra : wah , mere putron , is jeet ka puraskar bhi milega tum dono ko ..
    Lakshman ( excitedly ) : Kya mata , sheeghra dijiye naa
    Sumitra : Your prize is that you both are not getting any lunch today . Ram and Sita have told me everything what you did on your way and how how tricked my inncocent daughter in law’s on the way . Now you both , out of the palace now , dont return till evening .
    Lakshman and shatrughan walked away as they made disgusting faces towards their wives… while Urmila and shrutkirti broke into giggles.
    Finally , that day everyone sat for lunch after a tiresome day , except of course our 2 sumitra nandan , who had been punished of not getting any food .
    Ram and bharat and the 4 princesses began to eat but could not put a single morsel of food in their mouth , they felt bad that lakshman and shatrughan were made to go hungry today
    Kaushalya : Kya hua putra , bhojan kyun nahi kar rahe ho .
    Ram : Maa , lakshman aur shatrughan ko bhi bulva lijiye naa , agar aap sumitra maa se kahengi to veh inkaar nahi kar paaengi.
    Sumitra : nahi putra , ek din bhookha rehne do , ab toh vivah bhi ho gaya unka , par ab tak baalpan nahi gaya.
    Just then all of them started hearing strange laughs and giggles of Lakshman and shtarughan , Everyone got up in search , which led them right in front of the royal kitchen.
    It was the most hilarious sight to see , they saw it was none other than the wicked Manthara feeding both the princes with her own Hands very lovingly , probably with even more love than that shee would have shown towards Bharat . Bharat and Ram very amused to see this , it was the first time for them to see such sight.
    But what had they done now to deserve such a treat from her .
    lakshman: Bas Bas Manthara naani , pet bhar gaya , ab aur nahi khaya jata
    Shatrughan : Aur kheer to atyant swadisht thi
    Manthara : toh aur lo naa , abhi toh kuch bhi nahi khaya tumne.
    Sumitra turned red with anger and ran towards manthara ,
    Sumitra : Manthara , yeh kar diya tumne , in dono ko sazaa mili thi ki inhe bhojan nahi milega , aur tumne…
    Manthara : Parantu Maharaani…
    Kakeyi and Rama finally managed to calm her down and she left the hall saying ” Tum dono bhayiaon ko to main baad mein dekh loongi ” .
    The princesses were trying hard enough to control their laughter as they stood behind.
    Bharat : Toh shatrughan , aanand aa gaya bhojan ka.
    Lakshman ( Embarrased ) : haan bhayia , bhojan toh swadisht tha hi , parantu yahi bhojan aur swadisht tab ban jata hai jab iska sevan karne par rok laga di ho , chup chup ke khane ka alag hi maza hai…
    Ram : Parantu yeh to batao , yeh chamatkaar hua kaise , Manthara naani apne haathon se tumhe khila rahi thin..
    Shatrughan : Bhayia woh.. woh … bhabhiyon ke saamne batana…
    Sita : Kyun nahi devar ji , ab ham bhi iss parivaaar ka hissa hain , aisi rochak baat to humein bhi sun ne ki utsukta hai
    Lakshman : Bhayia , woh hamne manthara naani se kaha ki humare paas ek aisi khabar thi jisse sunkar veh swayam humein swadisht vyanjan dengi.
    Bharat : Aur aisi kya soochna de di tumne unhe .
    Shatrughan : Woh .. hamne unse kaha ki pitarshree kal bharat bhayia ka rajya abhishek karne waale hain…
    Bharat ( highly embarrased in front of ram and pulls shatrughana’s ears again) : Hey prabhu , yeh to had hi ho gayi … Dekh rahe hain ram bhayia aap.
    Ram : Ha hA , vaise mujhe koi aapatti nahi hai agar yeh satya bhi hota…
    Bharat : Bhayia ab aap bhi shuru ho gaye..
    Ram : Chalo sab prasthan karen yahaan se , Manthara naani ko satya bhi to batana hai , ab tak toh unhone saare mahal me iss baat ka dhindora peet diya hoga…

  17. Hello everyone i always love to watch Ramayana always. Todays episode was nice! Ram and sita are really born to make people follow the path of dharma. Prabu sri narayanan and jagan matha lakshmi visited many places during their vanvaas as rama and sita.

  18. dia

    U r an awsm writer…..i was laughing when i read them…..ur hindi is superb…..even mine too but i can’t type too lon

  19. dia

    hone de aaj halla
    dekhe gali mohalla
    chaahat ke maathe chandan ka Teeka
    hain raam-seeta is mein
    sharm-o-haya ki rasmein
    jinmein mohabbaton ka tareeka
    let there be noise today
    let the street and the neighborhood see today,
    the mark of sandalwood on the forehead of
    there are Ram and Seeta in it,
    there are rituals with honor and regard in them,
    in which there is a way of love..
    [Teeka is the traditional Indian mark on the
    forehead that is applied while during something
    auspicious or good.]
    seekhegi chhori aur seekhega chhabeela
    raam-siya ki dekho niraali hey..
    prem leela.. prem leela..
    the girl will learn, and the boy will, too,
    with Ram and Seeta in it, see this unique,
    Dance of Love, Drama of love..
    lankapati baaware
    taaka-jhaanki kyun kare
    apne kuTil bhaav tu jaanaki se rakh pare
    nadaan karam kar tu
    kuch laaj sharam kar tu
    raavan tu kar yahaan se ravaani
    O crazy King of Lanka,
    why do you do peeping business,
    keep your devious ideas far from Seeta..
    O idiot, do some good thing,
    be ashamed of your deeds a bit,
    O Ravan, go from here.
    gusse mein kaahe ko hota laal peela
    ram-siya ki ye hai niraali hey..
    prem leela.. prem leela..
    why do you get so angry,
    this is the unique story of Ram and Seeta’s
    jaise raadha shyaam se..
    seeta mileen ram se..
    sab ko apna pyar yoon mil jaaye aaraam
    the way Radha met Krishna
    and Seeta met Raam,
    I wish everyone meets there love easily..
    sun chhoTu aur pappu
    raju, gopal, gappu
    tumko bhi mile sapno ki raani
    meena ho, rajjo ho, ya ho wo sheela
    hey… dekho re.. dekho re..
    prem leela.. prem leela..
    Listen Chhotu, Pappu,
    Raju, Gopal, Gappu,
    You too should get the girl of your dreams,
    be it Meena, Rajjo, or Sheela.
    See, Oh see,
    this drama of love, danc

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