Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi saying shubh mahurat is passing, how will Rajya Abhishek happen Gurudev. Ram comes there with Sumanta and says there is no need of Rajya Abhishek now. Everyone look on shocked. Guru Vashisht asks Ram what are you saying, why did Dasharath not come with you. Ram addresses all the present Rishis, ministers and others that they came here leaving all their imp work, its moment of pride for him and everyone, but for some reasons, Rajya Abhishek can’t happen, I apologize for this. Laxman asks whats the matter, is there any danger on Ayodhya, tell me if there is any problem. Ram says no Laxman, the thing is my Raj tilak won’t happen. Laxman says its not less than any problem. Kaushalya asks did Maharaj call you to say this. Ram says yes. She says how can Maharaj do this, its


Ram requests all of them to leave. Kaushalya says Ram, you are eldest son, and none has doubt on your capabilities, you did not do anything that your right can get snatched, then why did Maharaj stop Raj tilak, tell me, we all want to know. Ram says reason is, sitting on this throne is not my fate. Kaushalya asks what, then what’s your fate. Ram says 14 years vanvaas. Kaushalya, Sumitra, Guru Vashisht, Sita, Laxman and everyone present get shocked. Ram says by leaving all the Raj Bhavan comforts, I will live an ordinary life. Kaushalya cries and sits in shock. Sumitra and Ram hold her. Kaushalya says it was all fine till now, what happened suddenly. Sumitra asks won’t you become king Ram…. Then whose Raj tilak will happen, who will manage Ayodhya.

Ram says my beloved brother Bharat…. He will become king. They all get shocked. Laxman reacts saying its impossible, just you can become king after our father, none can take your place, not even Bharat. Ram says no Laxman, I agree with all this, I know you love me a lot, so I want you to respect my decision, don’t oppose it. Guru Vashisht says Ayodhya’s entire Praja is eager to see their Ram becoming king, who will explain them that their dearly loved Ram will not sit on throne, Ram who will give this shocking bad news to your Praja…. Ram says I m my Praja’s son Gurudev, the way parents agree to their son, even Ayodhya’s Praja will understand their son, I will talk to them mysef.

Ram goes out of the Raj bhavan and looks at the Praja, who is cheering for him. Sita walks to Ram and holds him. She nods to him. Ram walks ahead….. and signs Praja to stop. He says I know you all have been waiting for years for that moment when I accept the duty of becoming your king, but I came to inform that by some reason, this Rajya abhishek will not get completed, I can’t become your king. Praja gets shocked. Ram Ram……plays…………… Ram folds hands and requests them not to get upset, they all have always trusted him, so they should trust him today too, whatever is happening is for good, its better for Ayodhya, my consent is there for this, to serve Praja, a crown is not necessary, I did my duty when Pita ji did not crown me a king, whatever decisions are taken is not for family and kingdom, its for entire human race, this will be the tradition always, I accept all such decisions heartily. He says that’s why, its my wish to keep this tradition. He seeks their blessings with approvals. The people cheer for Ram. Ram asks them to leave for their homes now. The people cry and greet him.

Surpanakha runs to see Vidyuthjeeva. She gets shocked seeing him dead. She says no, this can’t happen, there is no one in the world who can kill Vidyuthjeeva, then how did this happen, who has snatched my husband from me…. She cries and screams saying who killed my Swami…. Daanav says the one whom you love the most, who should have been your husband’s protector, your brother Lankesh, he ruined your life and made you widow. She asks my brother? He says yes, he won our trust and gave this result. She fumes angrily and says I will never forgive him for cheating me, he has to pay for this. Daanav smiles.

Dasharath is in shock. Kaikeyi asks him to get up, why to mourn now, did you not hear what Ram said, just this little thing Maa…. You have to start preparations for Bharat’s raj tilak.

Kaushalya asks what, Kaikeyi…. Sumitra says yes, that’s why Kaikeyi did not come in Rajya abhishek, she got this day to spit her inner poison. Dasharath says you are such stone hearted Kaikeyi, I told you Ram will leave and you did not think of that, you did not wish to become like your mother, you proved you are equally selfish as your mother, the way your father ended relations with your mother, the same way, I end all my relations with you.

Sumitra says don’t know why, I was feeling Kaikeyi can do this, and this happened… Kaushalya worries. Dasharath says I don’t care if the world calls me a liar or Adharmi, I will stop Ram and not let him go, even if I have to change Raghukul’s tradition. He leaves. Kaikeyi looks on.

Mantra says Ram named diya got blown off forever in Ayodhya. She wickedly laughs. The sisters tell Sita that they are always with her and ask Sita not to feel alone in this tough time. Ram looks on.

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  1. jay

    Today episode just rockinggggggggggggggg …………. Ram & Sita Awesome….Loved the acting for making us to believe that it is happing infront of us……..but sad for the situation ………….Miss Lakshmila……and other couples toooo…

  2. sumi19

    Hello everyone!!! good afternoon how r u all .I am thinking to write an emotional OS on everyone reaction on ram vanvaas . This will be also a entirely an imagination based story. I will try to put many lakshmila scenes . On the basis of your comments I will continue with my OS . Hope to put first part by today or tomorrow afternoon. I hope u will all like it. Zara di my english exam has gone very mast I mean very good.

  3. Akanksha sharma

    Guyzzzz sry cant reply individually….bkz..i have my last exam..tomorrow.. and i want to finish my exams…..with gud stroke….happy stoke actually…and it is only possible if i give my exam….well..prepared….i hope u all understand…miss u all …luv u all…
    All dps r jst awesome… and thanx 2 all who provided links and valuable information…. and those u wish luck fr exams…nice os sumi dear…i will come tomorrow…. and post many many comment…to make up fr all these days…luv u all byeeee…guys plzzz pray i really need them

  4. Akanksha sharma

    And ya welcome to all the new comers…plzzz introduce urself….tomorrow… plzzz its an request….

    • xyz

      You r going to write ff on ramayna r u idiot .. Its not a daily soap. dont insult ramayna .. You hv mind ti think or not stupid

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Pls don’t scold anyone here pls be patient. It is their wish I will support you pls continue supriya!!!

      • Hi xyz. ……Thanks for ur opinion …but may be supriya represent ramayan in any other way…….why u r thinking that supriya is going to insult ramayan

    • Hi supriya. …first of all welcome dear …….and please write ur ff I’ll support ur ff……by the way I’m in 10th standard. …u??

    • Bhoomi

      All the best supriya for your ff .. We all r waiting pls update it as soon as possible.. Welcome to our SKR family..

  5. Haripriya

    Hi my lovely sisters . Sorry for not coming to this fan club as I was busy preparing for my exams . From Monday my exam starts so please everyone wish me . I hope ur wishes make a miracle . I will come back on 31 st March and miss u all so much and luv u all my dear sisters

    I welcome all the new comers

  6. Bhoomi

    Yazhini di nice dp .. Pls tell us your nick name di .. Cuz yazhini is very uncommen name ,, if nt personal .. & its very hard to type .. I hv short term memoty loss i always forget spellings so pls tell your nick name di ……….

  7. Brindha

    Today’s episode was an awesome and a sad episode. It was a really emotional one. I didn’t like it when raavan came in between. Hats off to ashish sharma he is really doing a fabulous job. Everyone’s acting was superb. Episode was really very touching. I don’t have any words to say abt it. After seeing precap I was sad.

  8. Brindha

    Hi r u all? Sry I couldn’t comment yesterday. Sry if I hurt anyone’s feelings. All the best for all ur exams do well. We all will read the ff ranaji bro. All the best bro. Hi rachu di….. Its true di…. We can share everything with our siblings.rachu di… Will miss u I feel bad for laxmila. They are going to get separated. Thanks for sharing the stories sumi. They were gd. But I think they are imaginary stories. Welcome to skr fan club history lover,priya di..,sagar panjwani,sania di..,taashu,yazhini di… I whole heartedly welcome u all. Hi ishita di…. Its OK di…. After exams are over come here and comment freely di…. Congrats iqura……. I am happy for u…. Its OK akanksha di…… Do well in exams di….. Our wishes r always with u di…… Welcome to skr fan club supriya. I will support you supriya for ur ff. Hi abhi all the best do well in exams …….. Will miss u…… Haripriya di… sorry bw sisters. I will miss u di… Come back soon. Hi dhara di….. Even I miss ww,nidhi di and all the others who are not able to comment due to their exams… Miss u all who r not commenting……. Come back soon. I request all of u to do well in exams and then come back relaxed. All the best for everyone’s exams…. Miss u all a lot……..pls come back soon……… Everyone first don’t get tensed, cool down and then start ur exams. For sometime close ur eyes and think of something that makes u happy and then open ur eyes u will cool down. I do this and all my tension will fly away . it worked for me hope it works for u all…. Try it u will feel calm……. All ur dp’s are awesome……… Love it……
    All the best for ur exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do well in ur exams!!!!!! I will pray for all of ur gd results in exams!!!!!!!
    I think my comment is ssssooooooo looonnnnggggggg.

    Telly updates plssssss plssss post this comment . I know its so long but still its related to the topic only. Plssss post it.

  9. Priya

    Super sentimental but pls write the os or ff in eng pls so i can understand
    Write some on lakshmila

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