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Siya Ke Ram 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram, Dasharath, Guru and everyone doing the Ashwamedha Yagya. The horse is brought there. Kaushalya does the tilak to the horse and does aarti. Ram talks to the horse and says wherever you go, spread happiness and peace, your message should be just love and patience, this is the success of your yatra, go friend. The horse runs and Ayodhya’s soldiers follow him. Ram goes to Jabali. Jabali says the time to understand has gone, and also to find the solution, you should have stopped Ashwamedha yagya when it was announced, you should have told Dasharath to challenge other kingdoms and fight, whats the meaning to make a horse run for one year, they say the horse gets heaven after being sacrificed, if there is heaven and its easy to get it, then why does human pray for it, why

don’t human sacrifice himself to get heaven instead the horse, it won’t change anything Ram.

Ram asks why did you not oppose it. Jabali says I did not oppose it, as no one follows my opinion, just my opinion makes me understand I m right and Lord does not exist, else Lord would have stopped this ritual and showed right way to guide humans. Ram says if you blame Lord for everything, this is insult for all human kind. He greets him and goes. After few months, the horse is shown still running.

Kaushalya senses Ram has come in her Kaksh and says Ram… he comes to her and she asks what is he seeing. He says I m thinking you give bhog to Nayaran idol, thinking he eats it, but does he eat it, why is this done according to you.. she says everyone can’t see sun, some just see his reflection in water, but sun is sun, everyone get the light, such is Lord’s light, those who can’t see Lord, they get satisfied seeing Lord in idol, idol is symbol of Lord. Ram says humans are so strange, we find Lord in an idol, but not in a living being. She asks what is his worry. He says that horse, who is running for one year for our prestige, and now he is coming back after yatra, he does not know that he will be sacrificed. She says this is the tradition.

He asks can’t we change this tradition, is killing the horse necessary. She asks how. He says we can make an idol of that horse. She says things don’t change in Raghuvansh. He says traditions are made to balance the society and humanity, if any rule is making us cruel, will it be right to accept it, if I find it wrong, can’t I do anything to make it right. She says I don’t know, will your father accept your proposal or not, what will be result, but I m with you. She asks him to come with him. Ram smiles.

She asks him to take jewelry and make the Ashwa idol. He says idol can be made by soil too. She says we are Raghuvanshi, the Ashwa who will return from yatra, his contribution should be equated with gold. He says sure. Ram gives the jewelry to Laxman and asks him to take it to fireplace, and he will just come. The horse is shown running. Shathanand tells Janak that Ayodhya’s horse is doing the yatra and its possible that he will come in Mithila too. Janak says we have to be ready to welcome the horse and Dasharath’s army. Shathanand asks will we support violence, animal killing and injustice, Ashwamedha is not right in our morals, is this right to welcome them. Janak says yes, its not right, so we did not keep that tradition, but it does not mean we oppose others, we support other’s thinking, everyone has right to live life their way, Ayodhya has helped us for 12 years of the famine. Shathanand apologizes and says I will do their welcome. Janak says I have heard a lot about Ram, this yagya is kept for him, I want to see will this Raghuvanshi rule his Praja or Praja’s heart.

The horse is shown running in Magadh. Dasharath says our horse is the best, no one stopped him, it means they accepted Ayodhya’s decision, this horse is heading for Mithila, which is the last Rajya, and then he will come back to Ayodhya. Ram thinks someone will be there who sees the horse as a living being. Sita is shown walking in the fields. Ram thinks someone will have that goodness and sense…. Sita holds the horse feeds and water and runs towards the horse. The minister asks who is she to come between, she is inviting trouble. He asks her to move off the way. The horse stops before Sita. The minister and the army stop seeing this. Sita caresses the horse. Bhoomija………….. plays………………

Ram makes the horse’s gold idol and tells Dasharath that this idol will be sacrificed. Kaikeyi says when one tradition can break, then other traditions can also break, now my son Bharat will become the heir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys I saw a new promo in that this show is going to start in Tamil after Mahabharata gets over let’s ready guys to watch this stunning serial

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    Stay tuned till current Mahabharata epic is over
    soon u WIL have another blasting epic waiting for Tamil viewers ….

    1. wow.thats a really good news………

  4. here people show like ram and sita both opposing ashwamedha yaga but after the birth of luv kush ram himself conducts ashwamedha yaga what is going to happen??????????

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