Siya Ke Ram 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanuman seeing Ram and Laxman unconscious. He gets worried. He coughs and holds his head. He falls down. Vibhishan comes there and gets shocked seeing everyone fallen on the ground. Vibhishan checks Ram and Laxman. He gets worried and sees Hanuman and others. He says who did this…. And looks around. Ahiravan comes there. Vibhishan says Ahiravan you… Ahiravan says who else can do this except me, I will sacrifice these two vanvasis and please Devi Pataalika. Vibhishan says I won’t let this happen and hits him with Hanuman’s Gada. Ahiravan stops him. Ahiravan calls him Lanka’s traitor and asks will you use weapons on me for these vanvasis. Vibhishan says yes. Ahiravan sends some smoke from his forehead towards Vibhishan. Vibhishan faints. Ahiravan says now I will sacrifice

these two sanyasis infront of Devi Pataalika. He disappears.

Its morning, Hanuman wakes up and sees Ram gone. He says Prabhu ….and looks for Laxman too. He calls out Ram and Laxman. Sugreev and others wake up by Hanuman’s voice. Sugreev asks Hanuman what happened. Hanuman says Ram and Laxman are not here. They all look for Ram and Laxman. Vibhishan wakes up and asks Hanuman about Ram and Laxman. Sugreev says they are not here, do you know where are they. Vibhishan says Mayavi Ahiravan who fainted us, he has taken Ram and Laxman, he is Raavan’s cousin and he is king of the underground/Pataal lok, he would have taken Ram and Laxman to Pataal lok, their lives are in danger. Hanuman says nothing can happen to them, I will just go and get them. He says Jai Shri Ram and hits the ground. He breaks the ground and flies inside the Pataal lok.

Sita says no, this can’t happen, how can Ahiravan take Ram and Laxman to Pataal lok. Trijata says but this is true, Hanuman has gone to Pataal lok to find about Ram and Laxman. Hanuman looks for Pataal lok door. He sees the door and says so this is Pataal look’s door. He hits that with his Gada/weapon and says why is this door not breaking. He sees the gap in between the stones and says I m using power instead my sense. He shrinks and gets inside Pataal lok. He gets back to his normal size.

He sees the yagya going on, and says there are so many Ahiravan. Ahiravan does the yagya. Hanuman sees Ram and Laxman. Sita says I have to do something to get Ram and Laxman’s energy/senses back, now I have just one solution to fail this Mayavi, that’s Yogmaya.

Ahiravan asks Devi Pataalika to appear. Devi Pataalika appears in the statue. He asks her to accept these human’s sacrifice and get glad. She sees Ram and Laxman, and goes to hit them. Hanuman comes in between and stops her sword with his Gada. Ahiravan says how did this monkey come here. Hanuman fights with Devi Pataalika.

Sugreev says why did Hanuman not come till now. Vibhishan tells everyone that its not easy to fail Ahiravan, he is a big Mayavi and tantric, that’s why Hanuman is taking much time. Devi Pataalika puts some light from her crown, and Hanuman fights back. She gets hurt and says you are not an ordinary monkey, who are you. He says I m Ram’s devotee Hanuman. She asks what do you want, why are you stopping me from taking this sacrifice. Hanuman says I always heard that Devi and Devtas are pleased by seeing their devotees fine, you want to kill the one whom you should protect, you will be glad for a moment but Ahiravan will get benefit by this. She says you are great in power and sense, your words stopped me from doing this Adharm, from today, Pataalika will not accept anyone’s sacrifice. She blesses him to be Kirtimaan/reputed and Yashasvi/glorious, and says you will be known as Pataali Hanuman too. He smiles.

Ahiravan surrounds Hanuman and laughs. Ahiravan says you have protected Ram and Laxman from Devi Pataalika, but you can’t save them from me. Hanuman says Adharmi Ahiravan, I will kill you all. Ahiravan says first find out, who is the real Ahiravan among us. Hanuman hits on them and they just appear by reflection. Hanuman looks for the real Ahiravan. He thinks till I find the real Ahiravan, its useless to hit on them. Sita sits praying and does Yogmaya.

Ahiravan says this is my Maya, you can’t break this, you can just sit on the tree and eat fruits. Sita chants om mahalaxmi namostute. Hanuman smiles and thinks just real Ahiravan can breathe, not anyone else. He catches Ahiravan and says finally, I caught you. Ahiravan says you did mistake. Hanuman says no, this time I did not do mistake, just real existing Ahiravan can take a breath and no one else. He hits Ahiravan.

Ahiravan falls down. Hanuman says you have troubled Ram and Laxman by your Adharm, I will not leave you today. Ahiravan says don’t do this mistake to come close, I m Pataal lok’s Swami and I can kill you. Hanuman beats him, and they fight continues. Ahiravan says vanar, I will die, but Ram and Laxman won’t be saved. He runs to kill Ram and Laxman. Hanuman stops him. Ahiravan gets stabbed by a trishul. Ahiravan says Ram and Laxman will not be saved, after I die, who will revive them. He falls down. Hanuman gets shocked and asks Ram and Laxman to get up, open eyes. Sita sits praying. Hanuman gets worried.

Raavan comes in the war. Ram prays and leaves an arrow. Sita realizes Ram and Raavan’s Dharm yudh has begun. Ram asks vanar sena to attack.

Update Credit to: Amena

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