Siya ke ram 17th April 2016 written update


I am sure amena Di will update but maybe after 10:00
So if u are waiting for it
Here is the update
The episode starts with ram asking laxman where is Sita she should be here
He gets really worried and asks in a stern voice where is Sita then he tells laxman something and goes in search of her
Ram gets relieved seeing Sita in the river bank
Sita feels Rams presence and turns and smiles
They walk to each other and she asks him aap yaha he tells laxman told me but I was worried and
She smiles and asks if should get lost in the forest ,he gets shocked and holds her and saying that he will find her come what may as ram can’t live without his Sita she tells something aap ke Siya and hugs him and she holds his hand and tells him to come after sunset
He smiles and agrees and she hugs him again and ram murmurs Siya
I missed bajrangbali

Bali scenes I mean I couldn’t understand properly
Actually they would go somewhere atop the mountain and the little boy would see ram carved in the Rock and asks hanuman who is it
Hanuman replies he has trust that he will see him one day
Hanuman recalls someone hugging him (young ram I guess) and he looks at the carving and asks who are you he goes near and prays to it and Lord surya dev appears they have some convo and
Hanuman again this time smiling tells something to the carving of ram
And ram comes after sunset and a beautiful set of rocks with diyas is shown and Sita is standing. he calls her out and she turns
She goes near him (Siya ram ram plays) and she when she moves her cloth fireflies fly ram smiles and praises her
She asks him to close his eyes and he asks why but she convinces him to close and takes him where laxman is standing
Flower garlands have something hidden and Sita gives a string to ram to open it and he gets emotional seeing statues of the ayodha family
Laxman hugs ram and gets his blessing
Ram pays respects and Sita gets teary eyed
Sita tells something you will be in my eyes (netromein) for yugas( janmas) and I will occupy ur heart. I think she says this and then hugs him
Then rishi Atari is explain about the atrocities of the rakshas and tells u will face a lot of difficulties
It is not a good idea to have janak nandhini by ur side . She can stay in this ashram she will be protected
Ram tells that he will comvince Sita
Precap: ram comes to Sita she asks him to tell and he explains her to stay in the ashram. She gets shocked

Forgive for wrong interpretations and not explaining convos
I know only basic Hindi ( Thoda Thoda)
Pls bear with me and comment below and I did it fast as I have no time
So forgive me for typing errors too
Hats off amena Di

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Superb sanju………

    1. Perfect epispde…… siam scences were awasomes……. sita was so creative……..

    2. This Tellyupdates is taking away my study
      I think I am permanently quitting Skr page
      Veronica Di will post analysis when I get time
      Gokulkrishnan bro thanks for updating and no sorry
      I don’t mind
      Anusha thanks too
      And mr rohit Jain when u don’t know Hindi this is the best u can
      This is really a tough decision for me but I have to take for duty is foremost and this promise will be maitained pucca
      It is really getting emotional for me type after this
      Since 3 months I have been pretty regular in this page and in posting analysis
      But I am sorry I have to study improve my awful handwriting
      This can become addiction in the future
      I can’t take a wrong step in a crucial year
      If maybe next year April 14 and Skr is not finishing
      Then I will be back
      Thanks for ur love and support
      Can’t bear to leave the Skr family but I have to get my priorities right
      It’s really tough typing this msg
      I will never forget u
      Thanks again for ur love and support
      Goodbye forever I guess
      I didn’t mention each of u but I remember u all
      I have given a lot of advice many days in the past
      I don’t want to bore u yet again
      All the best for ur future endevours
      Stay blessed and keep smiling
      Load of love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Love overloaded

      1. And if amena Di mentions anything about my update thank her on my behalf

      2. Sanju dont say sorry…. priorities comes first….. we all r with u ……
        Good bye…………… miss u

        All the best ………. hv a grate life ahead…….

      3. Di leave it this month. At least come on may month !! I can understand !! When u r tooooooooooooooooooooooo free pls do comment !! Atb !! But I won’t say good bye as this is neither last nor least !!

      4. Brindha (brindu)

        Sanju ur analysis is superb…… At least u have tried to writing update…
        So don’t get discouraged abt whatever others say….
        We r there for u always….
        U r doing a good job…
        We all know abt u…. U r so gd… I am Lucky to get a sister like u…
        Thq for the update sanju…..

      5. Thanks for all the inspirational posts di…I learned new things from you…we will all miss you…i hope u come back when u r free…God bless you di

      6. Miss u sanju N ur analysis, comments.
        Take care dear
        ALL THE BEST

    3. Pls understand yesterday I had no time I know my update is bad pls forgive me if u can
      For I am leaving this family permanently

      1. Brindha (brindu)

        Bye sanju even I am leaving permanently … All the best for ur future….

  2. nice job sanjana sister..u r doing good job when amena sister is unavailable…

  3. Tq for the update sanju I didn’t watch today’s epi I was waiting for wu tqs a lot u have updated

    1. Hi,priya u r a new member na………welcome dear.


      1. Tq dear can I pls know r u younger or elder than me? I completed my 10th and waiting for results

      2. I also completed my 10th exam n now waiting for result.

    2. Oh,I also completed my 10th exam n now waiting for result.

      1. OK rachu frnds????

      2. Why not priya,ofcours……

  4. Thanks Sanjana for update. Today episod was nice,like everyday.But I liked Sita n Ram sence most.

  5. Hey ww what happened yaar ????
    Is everything right?????

    1. Hey ww pls visit fan club site….. & reply me ……

    2. Bhoomi she said bcoz of some personal reasons and bhoomi in one comment ww said that bhoomija also had finished 10th std are you that bhoomija

    3. Yes priya .. i m bhoomija……

      1. Okay dear so u also completed 10th right? I got one more frnd here I m so happy

      2. Right…….

  6. It’s good that you are trying to give episode’s written update but truly speaking, Ms. Amina’s updates are fabulous and you missed vesy basic details and feelings.
    I guess you just want to write something but don’t want to do hard work in writing that’s why there are no convos because you are lacking knowledge.
    First read carefully previous written episodes and observe them.

    Please don’t give a shit in the name of analysis because trust me no one read your updates becasue Amina’s work is
    truly magic.
    You are lacking inspiration in writing.

    1. If u don’t wanna read then don’t read font demotivate her….??

      1. Brindha (brindu)

        Malvi calm down…. Don’t react to such type of comments….We all know abt sanju….she is gd in writing analysis right…. Only problem was she didn’t understand hindi….with how much ever she knew she managed with that…. We all understand that….

    2. Brindha (brindu)

      Excuse me rohit jain…. Pls don’t talk ill abt others… At least she managed to write with wt she knew…..

    3. Hello Mr.jain pls if u don’t want to encourage her then pls don’t discourage her it’s a request

  7. Thanks Sanjana! I shall be watching today’s repeat telecast at 10:30 but I m not very good at updating so….

  8. Nice dear. I was looking for it. U explained very well..grt job

  9. Veronica crouze

    Did atri mean that sita should stay there fr 14 years?

  10. Veronica crouze

    Sanjana u told yesterday that u will post what ram said to sita before she went back to earth….why didn’t u post it yet???

  11. sarayu(honey)

    good job sanjana

  12. GIYS I tried my level best but couldn’t manage anything better. Please forgive me. Ik it’s PATHETIC but it’s my first try to write an update so…
    Hope it atleast fulfils the purpose

    SKR 17th April 2016 update

    Hanuman flies high in the sky with the kids on his back and then he sees and this is this carving on a stone which is that of ram’s and then he looks at it with really devoted eyes and goes forward. and the kid asks hanuman whose picture that is. He says he doesn’t know but he thinks that one day he’ll surely meet him! and that day the meaning of his life will change.
    Sita is shown making something out of clay beside the river bank and ram comes there. She feels his presence and she turnes around to see ram and they smile at each other and walk towards each other and SKR music plays in the background! Ram tell Sita that he was tensed about her whereabouts and thought that she was inside Kandha. Sita ask him whether he won’t ask where she actually was when she was actually not in Kandha. ram replies said no he won’t ask as he knows that what ever she will do will always be for their good. Sita smiles and asks him what if one day she gets lost in the forest. ram gets very tensed and holds her and says then in that case I will look and look for you in every corner of the forest tillI find you. Sita gets happy and she hugs Ram. Ram said that Sita and ram are incomplete without each other and Sita asks whether he’s going to come and look for her after sunset. Ram says that it’s impossible that his Siya calls him and he doesn’t come SKR TRACK plays. Siya hugs Ram

    Hanuman is resting on a rock and dreams that somebody is coming toward him (ram) so he wakes up and asks the carving of RAM what connection they have and why has he constantly coming in his dreams. He prays to surya Dev for Darshan and asks for an answer. Surya Dev says that when the time comes you will definitely know who that man is and what importance he has in your life. Hanuman does Pranam in front of him surya Daev gives Ashirvaad.
    It’s sunset and Sita is seen lighting some lamps. Ram comes from behind and calls her. she smiles and she goes to him. She has something held on her Anchal. She opens it and some fireflies fly out. Ram is mesmerised by the scene. Sita then tell ram to close his eyes. he asks why she doesn’t say anything to him and just tells him to close his eyes. She holds him and take him towards the rocks. Laxman is standing there amd Sita tells Ram to open his eyes and Ram see something(box type) which is covered with flowers. Sita give him a rope and tells him to pull it ram pulls is it and the flower covering opens up and ram sees just small place where small clay statues of his whole family is there. Ram looks very happy and mesmerised. Sita and Lakshman smile and look on. Sita says that today is the ninth day of Navami and wishes ram a very happy birthday. Laxman also wishes him and the brothers Share a hug. They all pray. Sita tells ram that his whole family is wishing him on his birthday. Ram says that he doesn’t know how to thank her. See tells Ram that she wants him to be in front of his eyes all the time and in turn she would be in his heart in all the time. Title track plays.

    The old man of the ashram is Shown talking to Laxman and Ram. He talks about the growing growing danger because of the rakshasas in the south. They were killing all the horses and some kids were also not being found. Ram reminisces moments spent at the ashram. Ram and Lakshman decided that they have to do something about it. the ashram guy tells them that for Sita’s safety they should leave her over here in the ashram. ram tells him that he will talk to Sita and will let him know.

    Ram tell Sita that he and Laxman will have to go to the south to defeat the Rakshasas and that he thinks that she should stay back in the Ashram. Sita looks shocked…

    1. Nice update di

  13. Don’t mistake me sanjana! I shall give the update of athri munivar talking to ram he said that the demons have attacked our ashram many times and many children went missing! Ram recalls the words of the ashram people! He also said that after dis place,the southern part of dandaka forest is full under demons control! So he asks ram that taking sita with u will not be nice! So tell sita,to stay safe in dis ashram and he would take careof her! Ram nods and said that he will talk with sita!

    Precap: ram tells sita that he wants to talk something! Sita agrees! Ram says as demons are having their control on southern side me and laxman would go there and fight with them! Until then,she needs to stay in dis sshram! Sita gets shocked!

  14. Sorry for interpretation of sanjana! She also gave the nice update! Sorry again sister!

  15. I didn’t watch the first part of the episode i.e.hanuman part and came to know the story only by seeing sanjana and anisha sis.updates! Both have done a nice job!i went out to hanuman temple and came only at 8 15 pm

  16. Hey! Sanjana its good that you tried atleast. I am silent reader of Telly updates and this is my first comment. I always use to read the comments of everyone. You really did a nice job although you missed at some points but try and gradually you will develop yourself.

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