Siya ke Ram 17 April 2016 Summary


Ram asks Laxman where is Sita. Ram goes to looks for Sita and finds her by the river. Sita and Ram soon embrace each other after Ram says that he will search every nook and cranny for Sita. Hanumaan takes his friend to the top of a mountain and his friend asks him who’s painting is that and hanumaan tells him he doesn’t know but he keeps dreaming about him. Ram, Sita and Laxman are in a cave where they celebrate Ram’s birthday and Sita made small statues of people out of clay and tells him that these are our guests. Ram gets teared up and this is the biggest gift anyone could give him. Hanumaan dreams about Ram and asks his guru, Surya dev, to appear. Surya explains that his destiny and life purpose is coming. Ram and Laxman are at the guru’s ashram where the guru suggests them to go but leave Sita behind in the ashram because it is very dangerous

Precap: Ram tells Sita what the guru said and asks hers what she thinks and she is very shocked

Credit to: Viyashna

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