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Siya Ke Ram 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumanta coming alone in Sabhagrah. Guru Vashisht asks Sumanta, why did you come alone, why did Dasharath not come with you. Sumanta says Gurudev, Maharaj wants to talk to Ram and called Ram to him at the earliest. Rishi says its not right that prince goes leaving his place while rituals are incomplete. Ram says there is nothing bad for a son than not obeying a father’s command. He asks Guru Vashisht to permit him to get up from his place. Guru Vashisht nods. Ram looks at Sita. They both get up from the throne. Ram leaves from Sabhagrah, along with Sumanta. Sita thinks whats the matter that Dasharath called Ram like this, is there any problem.

Kaushalya tells Sumitra that Dasharath went to call Kaikeyi, and now he called Ram, is there any problem, shall we go and see.

Sumitra says no, if he called just Ram, it won’t be right for us to go there. Kaushalya says what could be the reason, that he called Ram at Rajya Abhishek at time, when Dasharath was so eager and worried for mahurat passing. Laxman says its some enemy trying to attack us, this is the reason why Dasharath called Ram. Sumitra asks him to wait and let them some. Sita thinks they are worrying. Her sisters look on. Sita tells Kaushalya that I don’t think this worry is without any reason.

Kaushalya says this did not happen before Sita, Maharaj is very careful about mahurats and rituals, he was excited for this Rajya Abhishek, he wanted this to be done soon, its strange that he left and called Ram to him, he would know very well that mahurat is passing, this signs a big thing, my worry is increasing thinking this. Sita says worrying will not make worry away Mata, why should we think that whatever is happening will have bad result, when last time Dasharath met Guru Vashisht and called me and Ram, we were worried same way, but the result was good, then why to worry today, we will wait for their return. Everyone smile.

Ram walks with Sumanta. Mantra stops him on the way and cries, asking Ram to see what happened there. Ram proceeds. Mantra laughs. Sumanta says I will wait for you here Ram. Ram goes inside Kumbh Bhavan. He sees Kaikeyi in black clothes and says Maa. He sees Dasharath fallen on the ground and rushes to him. He makes Dasharath get up and asks him what happened. Dasharath says Ram….. Ram makes him rest and says I m infront of you, what is the matter, tell me, you are in this state….. Dasharath is unable to say anything. Ram asks Kaikeyi what happened to Dasharath, he asked me to come here to talk something imp, but he is in this state, did he get any mental stress, or did he get any bad news, is it about Bharat and Shatrughan in Kaikeya… Kaikeyi says don’t worry, they are fine. Ram asks then what is the reason. Kaikeyi says your father is in dilemma and is in Dharm Sankat to take a big decision, he is afraid that his decision won’t be liked by you, so he is acting to be weak, just you can bring him out of this bad state. Ram asks her to command.

Kaikeyi says Ram……. Your father gave me two Vardaan/wishes to thank me for my efforts, when its time to fulfill it, he is in dilemma and avoiding it, you know Dharm, one side is love for son and other side is promise, he is hanging on the rope of dilemma, but Ram… a son can fulfill a father’s promise, you can save your father from this sin, but I will tell you my promises when you promise me, that whether the matter is good or bad, you will obey it. Ram says its moment of pride for a son when he fulfills his father’s promises, my love for my father is not hidden from anyone, tell me your wishes Maa, your son Ram swears to fulfill it. She says right, you took an oath, now I will tell you what I asked from your father.

Kaikeyi says my first promise is my son Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king. She says my second wish is you stay in van for 14 years and reside there leaving all the luxuries. Ram gets teary eyed and looks at Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi says your father got blind in son’s love, he is staining Raghukul’s traditions by refusing to my promises, you can save him from Adharm by fulfilling my promises. Ram goes to Kaikeyi with a smile….. and holds her. (Superb expressions of Ram)

Ram calmly says just this little thing Maa….. and smiles. Dasharath gets shocked. Kaikeyi gets stunned seeing his calm and composed reaction.

(Raavan pops up after first break in every episode… LOL!! Ram’s scene got interrupted)

Raavan and Malyavaan start leaving from Daanavlok. Vidhyuthjeeva stops him and says it was your life’s foolish decision to come here, you can’t leave alive. Raavan says you are alive as I did not wish to kill you, don’t do any mistake that I change my decision. Vidyuthjeeva signs Daanavs to attack. Raavan fights with Daanavs. Raavan says you would have died like your soldiers, but you are my sister’s husband, I respect that relation. Vidhyuthjeeva says what relation you fool, I married your sister to kill you. Raavan turns to go. Vidyuthjeeva says I will kill you and make your sister my Daasi. Raavan says its good you said this, you ended all relations, now none can save you from dying by my hands. Vidyuthjeeva says I m ready to die, but not before killing you. He extends his tongue and Raavan puts some light from his sword. Viyuthjeeva runs to Raavan for attack and Raavan beheads him by his sword.

Kaikeyi cries and turns away. Ram says Maa… my most beloved brother Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, nothing can be more good than this for me, obeying father’s command is my Dharm, and Maa, fulfilling your wish is my duty and luck. Dasharath says Ram…… and extends hand…. Ram touches Kaikeyi’s feet and asks her to permit him with blessings to leave…… Kaikeyi halfhearted forwards hand and stops. Ram cries seeing this. He goes to Dasharath and touches his feet. Dasharath says my son Ram….. Ram turns to leave and walks away. Dasharath longs for Ram and cries. Kaikeyi looks on. Sad music plays……..

Ram comes back to Sabhagrah with Sumanta…. Everyone look on. Guru Vashisht asks Ram why did Dasharath not come with you. Ram gets teary red eyes…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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    It was One fine day in Ayodhya , it had been nearly 3 months since the wedding and all the brides had settled well , acclamitizing well into the surroundings of Ayodhya . All 4 had taken charge now from their mother in law’s , thereby giving them much needed time off from their responsibilities as queens.
    Same was the case with King Dashrath , all of his sons were managing the kingdom well , Each one had taken different responsibilities . It was now customary for the ministers of ayodhya to report each and every matter to the princes first , and most of the time even the toughest matters got solved there and then , it was rare that dashrath’s involvement was needed . Hence even the King got a much a needed break.
    As all of them sat for their breakfast that day , Dashrath had an announcement to make :
    Dashrath : Kuashalya , sumitra , Kekayi , humare putra veh putra vadhuon ne Rajya avem Mahal ki zimmedarion ka bhaar bahut hi achi tarah se sambhal liya hai , hai naa ?
    Kaushaly a: Kshat pratishat satya kaha aapne maharaja , ab toh hamare paas samay hi samay hota hai , hamari putra vadhuen kuch karne hi nahi detin humein
    ( The brothers gazed at their Wives , and they saw Sita , Urmila , Mandavi and Shrutkirti going red with happiness on this gesture by their in Laws )
    Dashrath : Isliye maine nirnaya liya hai , ki kuch dino ke liye main aap teeno ko Bhramann ke liye kisi atyant sunder jagah leke chaloon . Ab mujhe peeche se ayodhya ki chinta karne ki koi aavshyakta nahi.
    Kakeyi ( Excited) : Satya maharaj , phir to bada anand aaega , kitne varsh ho gaye humein aise ghoomne gaye hue.
    Ram : Yeh to bahut hi uttam vichar hai pitashree , kya sthaan nirdharit jiya hai aapne ?
    Dashrath : Tum sab hi meri sahaayta karo .. main kuch tay nahi kar paa raha hoon..
    Urmila : Pitashree , aap mataon ko…
    ( Lakshman cut her between as she was about to complete her sentence )
    Lakshman : Tum to rehne hi do , pata nahi kaunsi vichitra jagah sochi hogi tumne..
    ( Urmila made a pout face and looked towards Rama , as to indicate it was time for him to interfere)
    Rama ( sternly) : LAKSHMAN…
    Lakshman ( Pout Face ) : Bhayia ab maine aisa kya keh diya …
    Mandavi : Pitashree , mere mann me bhi ek sthaan hai ?
    Bharat : Nahi Manadavi , ab pitashree Lanka thoda naa jaenge.
    Mandavi (Surprised ) : Aapko Kaise pata ki mai Lanka kehne waali thi??
    Bharat ( laughing) : Yeh mera aur Aapki behenon ka rahasya hai …
    Mandavi ( embarrassed at getting the hint ) : Ab aap bhi shuru ho gaye..
    ( Urmila and Shrutkirti started giggling , while Dashrat and the queens had a question mark on their face , having no idea what this was all about )
    The ever shy shrutkirti finally spoke :
    Shrutkirti : Pitashree , kyun naa aap sab mithila ho aayen , wahan ki waadiyan atyant sunder hain. Waise bhi vivaah upraant itne saare kaaryon ki wajah se aap mithila achi tarah se nahi dekh paaye the , aur mataein bhi nahi thi wahan . Aap sab ko bahut aanand aayega wahan , aur phir aap sabki pitashree , bade pitashree aur hamari mataon se bhent bhi ho jaaegi.
    Dahsrath : Yeh to bahut hi Uttam vichar hai putri , humari sabse choti putra vadhu kitni hoshiyaar hai , kyun Shatrughan , sahi kaha na maine ..( teasing shatrughan )
    ( Shatrughan looked at Shrutkirti with his big widened eyes , like he had just explored a new side to his wife , he had always thought his Sita Bhabhi was exemplary with her ideas , but how the hell did she come up with this
    Bharat nudged him hard with his Arm and Spoke softly in his ears )
    Bharat : Ab ghoor ghoor ke dekhna band bhi karo usse..
    Shatrughan ( embarrassed ): Nahi bhayia , aisa kuch nahi hai..
    Lakshman to Urmila : Dekha aapne , ise kehte hain soch , kuch sikhiye apni choti behen se , Lagta hai Bachpan mein bhi shastra gyaan ki jagah aapka zyada samay jhagadne mein hi vyateet hua hai . Isse sidh hota hai ki sirf aayu badi hone se kuch nahi hota .
    Urmila ( in her thoughts , angrily looking at him ) : Aaj ratri aap Zara kaksha mei toh aayie , phir batati hoon ki kitna shastra gyaan hai mujhe..
    Sumitra : Lakshman , Ab sataana band bhi karo usse , zyada tang karoge toh ham urmila ko bhi saath le jaaege apne saath .
    (Without Wasting a second , Urmila , just at the thought of being away even for a few days from her husband , spoke brazingly )
    Urmila : Nahi Nahi Mata , mujhe inki baton ka bilkul bura nahi laga , main ayodhya mein hi theek hoon , kripya aap sab jaane ki tayaari kijiye…
    ( Lakshman was embarrassed and shook his head down , unable to face his borthers , thinking ” why does she always have to react like this ” .
    As everyone present started to laugh loudly , Urmila stopped to say further , realizing she had blurted out too much again , while Sumitra gave a small serene smile realizing what a gem of a daughter in law she was blessed with , who was equally fierce like his son , but more than that a loving and caring wife , his son was in safe hands.
    In all of this commotion , no one noticed that Sita hadn’t spoken a spoken word there , she was merely standing there lost in her thoughts .
    Few hours Later , in Ram-Siya’s Room , Sita ,Ram , Bharat , Mandavi, shatrughan and shrutkirti were playing the game of Chausar.
    Ram had sent Dwarpals several times to Lakshman’s chambers to call him , but he and Urmila hadn’t arrived yet . So tired of wating , they finally began the game.
    After a few rounds of the game…
    Mandavi : Yeh lo , Sita Didi aap phir se haar gayin.
    Bharat : Pata Nahi aaj bhabi ko kya ho gaya hai , pehle toh kabhi bhi Ram bhayia jeete nahi bhabhi se
    ( Sita was still lost in thoughts and didn’t quite pay attention to the game)
    Ram : Sita , kya baat hai , aap itni khamosh kyun hai aaj , agar koi baat aapko pareshan kar rahi hai toh aap humse keh sakti hain.
    Sita ( Worriedly ) : Huh … Swami , Woh..
    As she was about to Finish , dashrath knocked the door and entered the Room:
    Ram: Pitashree aap , mujhe bulva liya hota , aapne aane ka kasht kyun kiya..
    Dashrath : Kasht Kaisa Putra , tum sabhi ko jab iss tarah prasann dekhta hoon to saare kasht apne aap hi mit jaate hain.
    Shatrughan : Koi samasya toh nahi Pitajee ?
    Dashrath: Nahi putra , Koi gambhir samasya nahi Hai. Ram , ek aavashyak Kaaran hetu tumhe Kal Pratah Magadh Ke liye Prasthan Karna Hoga . Magadh Naresh Ki Putri Ka Swayamvar Aayojit ho raha Hai , usi kaaran tumhe wahan Jana hoga . Baaki Jaankari iss sindesh mein hai , tum ekant mein padh lena .( as he handed over the letter to Rama ).
    Dashrath left and Ram began to read the contents of the message..
    Meanwhile , shatughan didn’t waste this opportunity to tease Ram
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , aapki toh nikal padi , ek aur swaymvar ..
    Bharat (patting on shatrughan’s head ): Waah .. , ab tumhare pujya Bhratashee Lakshman yahan nahi hain toh uski kasar bhi tum poori kardo ab .
    Ram ( with his eyes on Sita ) : Chote , tum yeh kyun bhool jaate ho ki maine aajeevan ek Patni ka pran liya Hai . Aur Raghuvanshion ke liye unke vachan ki poorti karna sarvo priya hai .
    Shrutkirti ( Sad face) : To phir Pitashree aapko Magadh kyun bhej rahen hain ??
    Ram ( Gazing at her innocent face ): Shrutkirti , Main aapki Jiji se bahut prem karta Hoon , tum vyarth Hi chinta kar rahi ro , ruko , main abhi tumhe yeh patra padhkar sunaata hoon , varna yeh shatrughan aaj mera doosra vivaah karva kar hi manega.
    Rama begins Reading :
    ” Maaharaj Dashrath , aapko Magadh naresh ka Pranaam . Asha karta hoon aapka saara parivar kushal mangal hoga . Aapko yeh jaankar prasanata hogi ki meri putri ka swayamvar ayojit hone jaa raha hai , parantu jabse swayamvar ki ghoshna hui hai , yahan par kuch ajeeb gatividhiyaan ghatit hui hain . Meri putri ka apharan karne ka prayaas kiya gaya hai, parantu ishwar ki kripa se veh asafal raha , par ho sakta hai ki apharan ki dobara koshish ki jaaye . Mujhe bhaya hai ki iske peeche kinhi asuri shaktiyon ka haath na ho , aapse nivedan hai ki Aap Ram Ya Lakshman mein se kisi ek ko Yahaan Bhej Dijiye taaki swayamvar kushalta poorvak ayojit ho sake , mujhe poorn vishwas hai ki Ram ya Lakshman ke aane se khatra tal jaaega .
    Aapke uttar ki prateeksha mein…”.
    Ram: Hmm … Sun liya aap sab ne . Bharat , mujhe abhi prasthan karna hoga , Pitashree ke vachan ka paalan karna mera dharm hai .
    ( Sita’s face went further White on hearing this , but she didn’t let out what was troubling her )
    Few moments later , Ram proceeded towards Magadh , and Dashrath and queens rode towards Mithila. Sita went back to her room quietly , her face ashen .
    Bharat : Mandavi , Shrutkirti , Shatrughan , Mujhe lagta hai ki aaj Bhabi ka swasthya theek nahi hai , aura ab Ram bhayia bhi chale gayen hain , humein kuch samay unke saath vyateet karna chahiye , unhe acha lagega.
    Mandavi : satya keh rahe hai swami aap , chaliye.
    ( As the 4 entered her Room , they Saw Sita weeping quietly . The others were shocked to see her state and bombarded her with questions.)
    Bharat : Bhabhi , kya hua , main dekh raha hun ki aap subah se hi kuch pareshan lag rahi hain , kya baat hai , aap nisankoch batayie.
    Sita finally broke down and began speaking
    Sita: Devar Ji , Baat yeh hai ki Magadh Naresh ki Putri meri bahut priya sakhi hai , kal hi mujhe uska patra praapt hua , jisme likha tha ki voh yeh swayamvar mein bhaag nahi lena chati , kyunki veh kisi aur se prem karti hai , magadh naresh ko yeh pata hai parantu phir bhi veh uspar vivaah ka dabaav daal rahe hain . Aur usne kai baar mehel se bhaagne ka vifal prayaas bhi kiya .Unhone Maharaaj dashrath ko poorn satya nahi likha apne patra mein . Maine apni sakhi se vadah kiya hai ki mai uski magadh se bhaagne mein ayodhya se sahayta bhijwaoongi , aur iss vishay mein main swami se theek tarah se baat bhi nahi kar paayi . Aur ab toh tumhare bhayia swayam gaye hain wahan yeh sunishchit karne ki swayamvar theek se ayojit ho..Ab aap hi batayie ki kya karoon main
    Mandavi : Didi , yeh toh bahut hi vikat paristithi hai ..
    All thought of some plan , but couldn’t come up with anything.
    Shatrughan : Bhabhi , Karya bahut kathin hai , aisi paristithi mein humein kisi aise vyakti ki aavshyakta hai jiske dimaag mein bahut hi bhayankar yuktian aati hain .
    All of them at once looked at each other’s faces , getting the answer , and said in chorus ” Lakshman Bhayia ” .
    They then hurriedly proceeded towards Lakshman and Urmila’s Room , as they proceeded nearer to the Room , loud Voices of fighting could be heard . The Door was closed , but not locked.
    Lakshman’s voice was louder while Urmila’s was somewhat fainter , probably Lakshman was standing near the door.
    Bharat : To yeh kaaran hai in dono ka aaj gaayab rehna , phir se jhagda ho raha hai.
    Mandavi ( putting her ear against the door ) : Kar kya rahe hain akhir yeh dono
    They all then started hearing what was going on:
    Lakshman : dekho urmila , usse wahin rakh do , yeh kya bachpana hai..
    Urmila : Haan haan , main toh bachi hi hoon , mujhme to koi shastra gyaan nahi hai naa , sirf jhagadna aata hai ..
    Lakshman : Woh toh mai mazaak kar raha tha ..
    Urmila : Yeh kaisa mazaak hua bhala , aapki wajah se aaj mujhe kitna lajjit hona pada matashree aur pitashree ke saamne.
    Lakshman : Toh tumse kis ne kaha tha yeh kehne ke liye ki tum ayodhya mein hi rukna chahti ho , chali jaati naa .
    Urmila : Kya … , toh aapko mujhse door rehkar sukh ki praapti hoti hai …
    Lakshman : Urmila ,mera kehne ka matlab who nahi tha , dekho chot lag jaaegi , meri maa kshama kar do ab..
    Mandavi coudnt take it anymore , she barged opened the door so as to calm her sister down . She saw lakshman standing right in front of her with his back facing her . The next moment , Urmila threw a glass on Lakshman , he budged down ,and the glass banged right on mandavi’s face.
    Mandavi ( cried loudly ) : AAA…hhh , Meri naak. Rakshasi , yeh kya kiya tumne .
    Urmila ( Screamed horrified ): Didi , aap kahan se aa gayin beech mein.
    As mandavi’s nos e became red and swollen , everyone had a hard time controlling their laughter. Even sita , for a moment forgot the serious chain of events , and had something to smile on.
    Mandavi : Phooti kismet meri , Kabhi koi jal ka patra gira deta hai mujhpar toh koi dher saare rang..
    ( Bharat embarrisingly turned his face away on hearing this )
    Lakshman : Yeh dekho Urmila , bechari bhabi ka mukh kaisi gubbare ki tarah ho gaya hai ..
    Mandavi ( pout face ): Devar Ji , Ek toh mujhe itni chot lag gayi , upar se aap mera parihaas kar rahe hain , aap bhool gaye who jal ka patra aapke liye tha , aur jaa laga mujhe
    Lakshman : Chinta naa karein Bhabi , Bharat bhayia aapki khoob seva karenge.. Aanand uthayi iska, baar baar thodi na mauka milega pati se seva karvane kaa..
    Bharat ( angrily) : Lakshman , ab tum seema langh rahe ho.
    Lakshaman : bhayia , aap vyarth hi naraaz ho rahe hain , wiase Ram bhayia kahan hain , dikhayi nahi de rahe.
    Shatrughan : Bhayia ab aap apne kaksh ke baahar niklenge toh aapko pata chalega naa kuch , saara samya to aap bechari urmila bhabhi ko satate rehte hain.
    Urmila ( Crossing her hands tigtly ) : Hmm , sahi kaha bilkul devar ji aapne.
    Lakshman ( striking his face in a no ) :Huh… bechari aur Yeh …
    Urmila ( angrily staring at him ) : dekhiye , abhi iss kaksh mein aur bhi bahut se patra hain jo aapke upar fenke jaa sakte hain.. aarambh Karen kya phir se??
    ( lakshman Gulped down his saliva from his throat looking at his fierce wife , finally it was time to stop . Shrutkirti began dressing Mandavi’s Nose as Sita narrated the entire tale again to Lakshman and Urmila.)
    Sita: Devar Ji , Ab aap hi kuch kariye , mehel se bhaagne mein meri sakhi ko sahayta ki avshyakta hai.
    Lakshman : Parantu bhabhi , bhayiye bhi toh honge wahan , toh phir unke hote hue main kis prakaar …
    ( After several Convincing Sessions by Sita )
    Sita ( folding her hands ) : Main jaanti hoon , aap mane ya na mane , hum sab me se prem vivaah toh aapka hi hua hai , aap samjh sakte uski peeda ,Mera aapne punah nivdan hai , ki aap kuch kariye , main sadev aapki kritagya rahoongi..
    Lakshman : Bhabi , aisa kehkar aap phir se mujhe paraaya kar rahin hain .
    Theek hai , lagta hai ab mujhe swayam hi aapki sakhi ka apharan karna hoga . Yeh Lakshman aapko vachan deta hai ki aapki icha zaroor poori hogi . Bhay to sirf iss baat ka hai ki agar bhayia ko pata chala ki maine rajkumari ka apharan kiya hai , toh unki nazron mein main gir jaaunga, isliye Apna vesh badalkar jaana hoga. Main aaapki sakhi ko ayodhya tak le aaunga , uske baad bhayia ko samjhana avem mujhe unke krodh se bachana aapka kaarya.
    Urmila ( Excited , Patting Lakshman’s Shoulders ) : Shaabash mere shoorveer patidev , yeh hui naa baat , kitna aanand aata hoga naa aise bhaag kar vivaah karne mein , kaash hamara vivaah bhi aise hua hota to…
    Sita ( shocked ) : Yeh kaisi baatein kar rahi ho urmila.
    Lakshman : Yeh dekhiye Bhabi , yahan sab itne chintit hain ki aage kya hoga , aur in maharani ke dimaag mein Kya kya chal raha hai. Vaise hamaara vivaah bhi aise ho saktaa tha , parantu yeh bhi aap hi ke kaaran aise nahi hua.
    Urmila : Haaw , Maine kya kiya ??
    Lakshman : Agar aap mahaaraj janak ko humare vivaah ke liye itni utsukta ke sath apni sveekriti naa detin , toh avashya hi main aapko utha kar le jata .
    ( Urmila moved her head down , blushing heavily as others giggled , there was now some light moments in a tense environment after some time )
    Bharat : Ek baar punah soch lo Lakshman , Koi saral karya nahi hai yeh , agar bhayia ne tumpar prahaar kar diya to , unhe thodi pata hoga ki tum aaye ho
    Shrutkirti ( scared ) : Kya , Bhaiyon me yudh … ??
    Lakshman : Yudh kaise hoga , main bhayia par shastra thodi naa uthaoonga.
    Mandavi : Parantu agar Jijashree ne astra uthye liy toh??
    Sita ( horrified ) : Bhayia Lakshman , phir aap mujhse wadah kijiye , agar aisi paristithi utpan hui toh aap wahin par apne bhayia ko sab satya bata denge .
    Lakshman : Nahi Bhabi , aisa nahi kar sakta main ,yeh jaanne par ki rajkumari ka apharan maine kiya hai , bhayia atyant rusht ho jaaenge mujhse , yeh sehen nahi hoga mujhe . Aap meri fikra mat kijiye , yudh to tab yoga agar bhayia mujhe pakad paaye ( he said with a wicked smile ).
    Shrutkirti : Arthath .
    Lakshman : Aayiye sab log mere sath
    He took them to the Royal Stables and stood next to a Massive Black stallion.
    Lakshman : Isse Miliye , yeh mera ashva hai , Sarayu.
    Shatrughan : Haan Shrutkirti , aur yeh ayodhya ka sabse tez ashva hai , sirf Lakshman Bhayia ki hi agya sunta hai , unhi ki tarah shaitaan aur dheeth jo hai .
    ( Urmila and Mandavi start laughing )
    Lakshman : Chote , bas bhi karo ab . Chalo , Prasthan Karen .
    Shatrughan : Main bhi chaloon kya ?
    Lakshman ( Laughing ) : Ji Haan , tumhari kuch sahayta chahiye hogi , Sher ke mooh se shikaar nikaalkar lana hai . Bhabi , aap tab tak apni sakhi ke premi ko sandesh bhejkar bulva lijiye ayodhya , tab tak hum bhi laut aaenge.
    ( Shatrughan and Lakshman left on their respective horses , as Sita and others waved them off .
    Urmila and Mandavi could hear Sita praying in a husky voice ” bholenaath sab kuch kushal mangal ho ” )
    Lakshman and Shatrughan went towards Magadh , Midway during the journey ,
    Lakshman : Shatrughan , Tum yahin ruk jaao. Meri prateeksha karna , kuch samay pashchat main lautunga rajkumari ko saath lekar
    Shatrughan : Theek Hai Bhayia , apna khayal rakhiyega .
    Lakshman Reached the destination and somehow sneaked into the swayamvar hall , his face covered in a black cloth with only his eyes visible he saw Rama sitting along with the rest of the Kings. He looked upwards towards the gallery , and saw the bride , she was sweating profusely , looking here and there continuously , and certainly didn’t display any sort of emotion as a bride was supposed to .
    It was a somewhat familiar Look , He Toiled hard on his Thoughts , and remembered , ” This is exactly how his dear Sita Bhabhi Looked , pale and worried , as everytime she saw the Royal princes come forward to take a shot at the Shiv Dhanush. Just as the Rajkumari circled her eyes around for any hope to arrive , it was the same look that Sita gave Ram as if calling out ” Raghunandan Ram , pls get up and lift this dhanush , and free me from this emotional tirade. ”
    Before anyone could observe his presence in the Hall , Lakshman Enchanted a power , which was taught to the ayodhya princes by Guru Vishwamitra.
    Lakshman ( To himself ) : Meri iss drisht-ta ke liye mujhe kshama kijiye ga bhayia.
    He fired the arrow vertically , rendering everyone present in the palace in a state of deep sleep.
    He Knew he had to act fast , As the Power’s effect on Rama would not last for more than a few seconds.
    Then he Carried the rajkumari back towards Ayodhya on his horse , meanwhile Rama too gained consciousness moments later and saw the large hooded man escaping the palace on his Horse.
    Ram ( To himself ) : I have to uphold the dignity of pitashree’s vachan , I will not let this happen at any cost.
    A frantic chase began with rama riding and closely following Lakshman , only some twenty yards behind him , in his anger he had even failed to recognize Lakshman’s Horse.
    Ram ( shouts in anger ) : Stop , Stop you Devil .
    While riding , He shot an arrow which struck Lakshman’s left shoulder , giving him a mometary jerk.
    Lakshmana cried in pain but managed to pull it out with his bare hands , blood started flowing from his wound and made a red trail as lakshman rode forward.
    Lakshman ( Ignoring his pain , Kicked his horse ) : Sarayu , faster , faster…!!!
    Rama Was stunned that the rider still managed to hold on . Sarayu Sensed his master’s urge to escape and started to put some serious pace now , even with 2 persons on his back , he managed to wide open the gap between Ram and Lakshman , and with in no time he was out of the sight of Rama , keeping his own reputation intact for Ayodhya’s finest and Fastest stallion.
    Enroute , the rajkumari also came to her senses.
    Lakshman : Rajkumari , aap ghabriye nahi , main lakshman hoon , Aapki sakhi Devi Sita ka devar , unhi ne mujhe aapko mehel se lane ka aadesh diya tha .( and ne narrated the entire tale)
    Rajkumari : Aapka bahut aabhar bharata lakshaman
    Then , she witnessed blood oozing out of lakshman’s body , and sensed that it was must have happened in an attempt to stop him back at the palace . She immediately tore off a piece of cloth from her gown and covered it with it .
    Rajkumari : Kshama kijiye bhratashree , aapko meri wajah se itni peedha sehen karni pad rahi hai .
    Lakshman ( Putting up a brave face ) : ha Ha , agar koi ghaav hi naa laage to hum yodha kaise kehlaenge.
    Reaching near the Ayodhya borders , he saw shatrughan waiting for him :
    Lakshman : Rajkumari , yeh mera anuj hai Shatrughan , yeh aapko surakshit Ayodhya mehel pahuncha dega . Wahan humaare hone waale jijashree aapki prateeksha kar rahe hain . Main aasha karta hoon Aapka aage ka jeevan sukh poorvak beete.
    Shatrughan , inhe mehel le jaao , main tumhare peeche peeche aa raha hoon . Ram bhayia ko kaafi peeche chod diya hai , ab chinta ki baat nahi. Tum ab prasthan karo , Saraayu itni lambi yatra ke baad kaafi thak gaya hai , main jharne ki ore jaa raha raha hoon , wahan use jal pilaake aur kuch der vishraam karke aa jaaunga.
    Lakshman ( to himself ) : Acha hua ghaav kapde se dhaka tha , chote ne dekha nahi , warna saari katha bhabhi aur Urmila ko suna deta, aur Urmila se daant khaani padti dobara .
    Lakshman sat near the top of the plateau near the waterfall , while Saarayu went downwards to have a drink from the river.
    If Lakshmana had thought that he had outsmarted his older brother , he was in for surprise.
    Rama , though left behind , had managed to trace lakshman’s path , following the red trail of blood stains along the path , to Ram’s more surprise , it was leading towards ayodhya , he grew even more angry as he was now certain that this crime was done by a resident of his own kingdom.
    He saw lakshman standing under a tree , and shouted at the top of his voice to challenge him.
    Lakshman : yeh bhayia yahaan kaise pahunch gaye , maare gaye ab to.
    Ram ( angrily ): He Yodha , tumhe gyaat hai ki tumhe kitna ghor apraadh kiya hai . Ek stree ka apharan karna akshamya hai.
    Lakshman starts to giggle seeing his brother speaking angrily , its rare that he gets seriously angry , that too on him.
    Ram ( gets even more angry ) : Main kya yahaan parihaas kar raha hoon . Bataao , kahan chipaya hai rajkumari , athwa yudh ke liye tayaar ho jaao.
    Lakshman ( moduling his voice ) : Veh apne sahi sthaan par hain ab , unka vivaah unki iccha ke virudh karvaya jaa raha tha , maine sirf sahayta ki hai unki
    Rama : Asatya , main nahi manta tumhari baat
    Lakshman : Main kabhi asatya nahi bolta , yeh humne apne bhayia se seekha hai.
    Rama , sensing that the man behind the hood was not paying any heed , charged on him with his sword .
    Meanwhile at ayodhya , Shatrughan reached and everyone was relieved to see the rajkumari arrive safely . All preparations were in place for the couple’s further journey from there .
    Rajkumari : Sita , mujhe pata nahi ki main tumhara aur tumhare devar ka kin shabdon me shukriyada karoon , aaj joh unhene mere liye kiya hai , main sadev..
    Urmila ( cutting her in between ) : Ab mere patidev hain hi aise , ( she said proudly )
    Just then
    Shrutkirti : Arey Didi , aapka vastra phat gaya lagtaa hai , aur dekhiye iss par kuch lal lal bhi lag gaya hai , aap rukiye , hum aapke lliye doosre vastron ka intezam karte hain.
    Rajkumari ( looking at her dress ) : Yeh lal lal aur kuch nahi , apitu aapke jijashree ka rakht hai , mujhe laate samay veh ghayal hogaye the , humara koi peecha kar raha tha shaayad. Yeh khoon iss baat ka prateek hai ki kitni kathinaayion ke baavajood unhohne sita ko diya hua vachan poora kiya.
    Vaise maine unki chot par kapda baandh diya tha , veh ab theek honge.
    ( saying So , the left from ayodhya )
    Shatrughan ( scared ) : Yeh Lakshman bhayia bhi naa , kabhi kuch theek se batatein nahin hain , kaafi samay ho gaya hai , ab tak toh aa jana chahiye tha , main abhi jaakar unhe lekar aata hoon. Mujhse apni peedha chipayi , unki khair nahi aaj.
    ( The sisters saw the grave concern in shatrughan for his twin , rarely he displayed his emotional side in front of the others , today he was angry at his brother , they had been together in all times of happiness and in pranks , but he could not tolerate his brother hiding his pain from him.)
    Bharat : Shatrughan , hum sab chaleinge
    Urmila ( worried ) : Haan Haan , hum bhi jaaenge.
    They Quicky rushed to the river , as was told to shatrughan by Lakshman himself , and saw Lakshman’s Horse drinking water there peacefully.
    Shatrughan : Bharat bhayia , dhyan se dekhiye , yahin kahin honge , ghaayal hain toh kahin vishraam karne naa baith gaye hon.
    They frantically searched here and there for Lakshman , but couldnt find him. They sarted climbing up the plateau , and heard some voices becoming more and more loud as they were nearing the top.
    To everyone’s horror , the voices heard were none other than those emerging from clash of the swords of the warriors.
    Rama and lakshman were enganged in a battle , or perhaps it wasn’t a battle , as Lakshmana didn’t attack on Ram , how could he charge on his older brother , he only defended himself.
    Stroke by Stroke , Ram was turning aggressive, but Lakshman was also equally trained and battle hardened , he gave no chance to Ram to injure him further . It was a neck to neck battle , neither backing down .
    While battling :
    Ram : Yodha , tum vakai mein bahut achi talwarbaazi karte ho , agar tumne aisi drishta naa ki hoti , to hum avashya mitra hote .
    Lakshman ( in his thouhts) : Aaj isi bahane Ram bhayia apni Shakti ka asli pradarshan kar rahe hain , bachpan mein jaanbhoojkar haarte the .
    As the battle carried on , Lakshman’s wound opened up again , leading to more blood loss , and he started getting dizzy , but still was somehow managing to hold on. Ram too was extremely surprised to have a found such a match as an opponent .
    Ram and Lakshman reached the edge of the plateau while battling
    Sita ( Shouts in horror ) : Lakshman Bhayia , peeche dekhiye
    Urmila ( also shouts in fear ) : Dashratnandan .
    The voices are heard by Ram and Lakshman and ram looks towards Sita’s Direction . But its too late as Lakshman is slips down the cliff , landing into the river , making a huge Splash .
    As the 4 sisters start crying over the scene , Ram Realises what he just did , shot his own brother with an arrow , and towed him down the cliff , he cries his name in horror while Looking down :
    All again reach down .
    Ram , Bharat and shatrughan go into the river and bring Lakshman ashore and removed the hood from his face .
    Urmila starts crying even more on seeing her husband’s dismal state . Lakshman Lied unconscious on Rama’s Lap , there were injur marks on his shoulder as well as a swelling on his forehead , which probably occurred due to his falling down and his head banging the bsin of river. Tears were flowing from Ram’s eyes too , as he looking at his brother’s face , calling out to him to wake up.
    Without wasting further Time , Everyone reached back the palace and The Royal Medic was called urgently .
    Lakshman was placed on his bed carefully
    As the medic treated Lakshman , he asked everone else to leave him alone and wait outside.
    Outside in the Hall :
    It was a very tense environment , Ram was moving around the corridor very fast .
    The sisters sat together , holding each other’s hand , trying to compose themselves.
    Bharat and Shatrughan stood still , didn’t say word.
    Some time later , The Royal Medic came outside :
    Medic : Lakshman is OK now , I have dressed his wounds . The Royal Prince is indeed very brave and extremely well built , otherwise this huge blood loss could have been serious.
    But sadly , I fear that he may show sighns of some memory loss , he may not remember the events of past 6-8 months ,
    Urmila : What , that means he would not remember me , his own wife. Sita Didi , did u hear what he is saying , this cant be true.
    Medic : Pls don’t get disturbed dear , Its only temperory , he should be back to normal in a few days as his head wound heals up.
    The medic left and everyone went inside Lakshman’s chamber , he was sleeping peacefully like a small child . Ram Sat besides him , caressing his hair softly , while bharat sat on the other side , holding his hands gently.
    As Ram kept looking at his brother in pain , he grew more and more frustrated and guilty of his own actions , he closed his fist so tightly that his nails dug right into the flash of his hands , causing deep red marks.
    He stood , up , and faced upto Sita :
    Ram : Sitae , Kya Lakshman uss Rajkumari se prem Karta tha ?
    Sita : Swami , yeh aap kaisi baatein kar rahein hain , Lakshman bhayia ke jeevan mein urmila ke elaava aur koi nahi.
    Ram ( In slightly louder tone ) : Agar aisa nahi hai toh phir who kar kya raha thaa wahan, aakhir aisi kya majboori thi , aur itna toh main avashya jaanta hoon ki apni marzi se nahi gaya tha lakshman , apitu kisi ke kehne par .
    Pitashree aur Mataein yahaan nahi the aur naa hi main , to bataao , sitae aap , ya phir bharat tum , kiske kehne par lakshman ne aisa kadam uthaya.
    Urmila , Shrutkirti and Mandavi were surprised that Rama had reached the right conclusion so early , it could be only his Sita bhabi or his dear Bharat bhayia for whom he could have taken this harsh step.
    So was Sita surprised , for the first time she had seen Ram Raise his voice while talking to her , but it was not his husband speaking that time , the man who spoke was a highly overprotective brother , and she could sense that completely , and even respected Ram for it. Sita then narrated the entire chain of events to Ram
    Ram : Urmila , mujhe kshama kar do behen , mere kaaran lakshman ki ye dasha hui , tum mujhe jo bhi dand dogi , veh mujhe sweekar hoga.
    Urmila : Bhayia yeh aap kaisi baatei kar rahein hai , paristhitiyaan hi kuch aisi thin , kisi ki galti nahi hai , aur vaise bhi mere pati hone se pehle veh aapke anuj hain , aapka unpar mujhse zyada hak hai.
    Ram could only look into her eyes , seeing how composed she was , respect for urmila had increased several notches in everyone heart there.
    Sita : Mujhe bhi Kshama kijiye swami , yeh sab mere kaaran hua hai.
    Ram : Nahi Sita , jo ho gaya , use bhool jayiye , mujhe bhi aapse iss prakaar baat nahi karni chahiye thi.
    Sita : Nahi Swami , aapka adhikaar hai , main jaanti hoon ki jo aapne mujhse kaha , who ek atyant chintit Bada bhai bol raha tha .
    Ram : Pata nahi Sitae , jab maa aur pitashree wapas aaenge , tum unka kaise saamna karoonga main.
    Bharat : bhayia aap itna mat sochiye , swasthya kharaab ho jaaega warna.
    Ram( pointing his finger towards lakshman ): Chinta kaise naa karoon bharat , iss moorkh ko dekho , bigair soche samjhe kuch bhi karne ko tayaar ho jaata hai , ek chote se shishu ke samaan budhi hai iski. Wahan yudh ke dauraan bhi , yeh nahi ki sab bata de , parantu ladh raha tha mujhse bade aanand se.
    Maandavi : Aap sab yeh sochiye , jab lakshman bhayia hosh me aaenge , tum hum charo behenon ke bare mein kya kahenge.
    Shatrughan : Woh maine soch liya hai bhabhi .
    Bharat ( Teasingly ) : Tum zara soch samajhkar bolna , tumhara dimaag ki Lakshman ki tarah hi kaam karta hai.
    As Lakshman began to come back to his senses ,slowly and steadily opening his environment the brothers sat beside his bed , while the four sisters stood behind
    Lakshman ( Blabbering in semi unconscious state ) : Ah.. shatrughan , dusht , kahan bhaag rahe ho , meri kheer wapas karo .
    Mandavi ( giggling ) : Look , even in this condition , the only thing he is concerned about is his food , god has surely made only one model of his type.
    Shatrughan coudnt control his emotions and he hugged his brother tightly
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , aapko hosh aa gaya , ab aap theek hain na
    Ram : Kahin peedha to nahi ho rahi
    Now Lakshman was in full state of consciousness , as he made himself half sat on the bed .
    Lakshman ( confused ) : Kya hua tha bhayia , aap sab aise kyun dekh rahen hai mujhe . Aur shatrughan , itni kaske kyun pakash rakha hai mujhe , kya hua
    Shatrughan gripped even more tightly in his love for his brother and lakshman cried loudly in pain . Urmila held sita’s hand tightly seeing this and turned her face away from him
    Bharat ( pulling shatrughan away ) : Chote , ab kya apna saara prem ek baar mein luta doge uspar , chalo hato , dekho dard ho raha hai usko
    Lakshman ( proudly , with chin up) : Bhayia , mard to dard nahi hota
    Ram( fake anger and smiling ) : Tum chup raho , bohot bolne lage ho
    Lakshman ( now looking at his wound , scratches his head hard) : Yeh ghaav kaise lag gaya mujhe , kuch theek se yaad nahi aa raha ..
    Now shatrughan starts concotinating his story ..
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , woh main aur aap yudh abhyas kar rahe the naa , toh aap har gaye mujhse , aur abhyaas ke vakt chot lag gayi thi aapko , jis ke kaaran aap behosh hog aye the.
    Lakshman : Yeh kya keh rahe ho chote , main , aur tumse parajit ho gaya , aaj tak to kabhi aisa nahi hua , haine bharat bhayia , Zaroor tumne apni kutil budhi ka prayog karke koi chhal kiya hoga.
    On listening this , shrutkirti starts giggling and Shatrughan looks back at her in embarrasement that he has never won over hi twin in any practice battle. Hearing her Laugh , lakshman’s attention draws to them :
    Lakshman ( asking surprisingly ) : Bharat Bhayia , yeh sab kaun hai .
    Urmila’s heart trenched for moment as her husband gave her an unknown , cold look.
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , yeh sab pitashree ke mitra ki putriyaan hain aur ayodhya apne parivaar sahit aayin hain , kisi vishesh kaaran hetu .
    Lakshman ( facing the sisters ) : Aap sab se milkar badi prasannta hui .
    Ram ( pointing towards sita ): inse milo , yeh hai Maithili , Charon mein sabse badi.
    Ram ( pointing towards Urmila ): Yeh unki choti behen Mila .
    Urmila ( shivering down the spine , talking to herself) : Jijashree ko kaise pata chala ki inke anuj mujhe kya bulate hain, sach hi kaha tha sumitra nandan ne , Ram bhayia se kuch bhi chipana asambhav hai.
    Bharat ( pointing towards mandavi ) : yeh hai Rakshas… ( stops abruptly ) mera matlab hai , yeh hai maansi
    Mandavi gives a terrifying look towards her husband while others try to hide their laughter.
    Shatrughan ( pointing towards Shrutkirti ) : aur yeh unki sabse choti behen – Kshati Kirti
    Lakshman : Kyaaa.. yeh kaisa naam hai
    Shatrughan : kyunki yeh apne ashru se sabko kshati pahunchati hain.
    Ram ( sternly , as shrutkirti gives Ram a cry baby look ) : Shatrughan …
    Shatrughan : Kshama bhayia , main toh yun hi mazaak kar raha tha , inka naam kirti hai
    Aap 2 dino se behosh the , ussi vakt inkaa aagman hua .Inke aur hamare mata – pita abhi kuch dino tak guru vashisht ke ashram mein rehne gayen hain, kisi vishesh kaaran se.
    Lakshman : Chote , yeh tumne kya vishesh kaaran vishesh kaaran ki rat laga kar baithe ho ?
    Shatrughan ( speaking very softly near lakshman’s ears ) : Bhayia , mujhe gyaat hua hai ki ham Charon bhayion ke vivaah ki baat chal rahi hai inn charo se , Ram Bhayia aur maithili , Bharat bhyia aur Mansi , main aur kirti avem aap aur … samjh hi gaye honge aap. Isliye veh sab baat karne gaye hain guruji ke ashram , tab tak yeh sab yahin rahenge , ayodhya ke mehel mein.
    Though shatrughan spoke softly , everyone present did hear and were shocked to hell
    Bharat ( to himself): Yeh moorkh kya boli jaa raha hai.
    It was Lakshman’s turn to look uncomfortable and embarrassed , as he gazed over Urmila , thinking her as her future wife.
    Ram : Yeh sab rehne do lakshman , hum sab abhi chalten hain , tum vishram karo , kuch vakt baad main swayam aa jaunga , aaj tumhare hi kaksh mein sona hai mujhe .
    Shatrughan ( teasingly ) : Aur kisi bhi cheez ki zaroorat ho , to mujhe mat yaad karyige , ab toh hone waali bhabi hain naa yahan par.
    Lakshman became even more uncomfortable , gulped down a whole jug water , embarrassed to the core. He put up the blanket and covered his entire body and went to sleep , unable to face the princesses.
    Everyone went outside the Room , with bharat literally pulling shatrughan outside in anger.
    Bharat : Toh yeh tha tumhara plan, yeh kya bakwaas karke aaye ho andar.
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , naaraz kyun hote hain , zaraa dimaag lagiye , kyunki maine urmila bhabi ko unki hone waali patni ke roop me prastut kiya hai , to kam se kam hum unhe kisis na kisi bahaane unke kaksh me bhej sakte hain naa baar baar , Varna lakshman bhayia to kisi parayi stree ko bhatakne bhi nahi denge apne nazdeek.
    Urmila : Vaise devar Ji baat to bilkul uchit kar rahe hain.
    Mandavi ( teasing) : Urmila , kaabu rakho apne upar.
    Urmila ( Fake anger ) : Didiii…
    Ram : I am going to sleep with lakshman tonight , all you sisters can sleep together in one room , while bharat and shatrughan will stay together for night in a separate room. I don’t want lakshman to see you all together in same room , it will increase his suspicion.
    Bharat : You are right bhayia , this lakshman and shatrughan have a tendency to sneak out in the night towards the kitchen to grab the sweet puddings.
    Shatrughan ( cry face ) : Brother , now please stop pulling my leg.
    Bharat and shatrughan leave . sisters are still standing in corridor with Ram
    Rama calls them out .
    Ram : Sita ,urmila , Lakshman health is now our urmost priority . And Urmila , you will need to keep an eye on him keenly , remember , in his brain he is the Lakshman of past 6-8 months , and he was way beyond naughty than you have seen him now , certainly your wedding with him has changed him a lot for the good.
    So keep an eye on him , he is a tough one to Handle
    Umrila ( smiling ) : Don’t worry Bhayia , at least in these 3 months of marriage , I have come to know how his wicked minds works , I will take care
    Mandavi and Shrutkirti were also listening to this and culdnt help themselves having a hearty laugh.
    Ram ( he said in a teasing tone ) : As for you two , keep an eye on your husbands too … In dono ka bhi koi bharosa nahi ki lakshman ki iss sthithi ka kis prakar upyog kar len yeh
    Mandavi and shrutkirti looked at each other , with their faces completely blank .
    Next Day , after having their breakfast , Ram instructed to Urmila to take food for Lakshman in his Room.
    Shatrughan out of curiousty followed her as . As they entered the room
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , dekhiye hamari hone waali bhabi aapke ke liye bhojan laayin hain.
    Lakshman ( To himself , angrily ) : Yeh Ladkaa…
    Urmila : Rajkumaar , Aapka liye Bhojan
    Lakshman ( feeling shy ) : Aapne itni takleef kyun ki , kisi sevak ko bhej diya hota..
    Lakshman looked at the plate disgustedly , it only had a yucky green coloured soup and boiled veggies.
    Lakshman : Yuck , yeh kya hai . Dekhiye main yeh sab nahi khaata hoon . Mujhe sirf atyant theeki vastuen hi pasand hain .
    Shatrughan ( speaking teasingly , looking at urmila ) : Haan Haan , theekha bhojan aur teekhe log bhi.
    Urmila started blushing .
    Lakshman : Yeh kya badbada rahe ho chote , aur iss bhojan ko le jaao meri nazron se door.
    Urmila ( convincing him ) : Sumitra nandan , dekhiye , itne prem se banaya gaya hai bhojan , aur anna ka apmaan nahi karte.
    Lakshman ( mocks urmila ) : Par devi , vahi to main keh raha rahun , isme anna hai hi kahan jiska main apmaan karoon.
    Shatrughan starts to laugh , ” satya kah rahe hain vaise bhayia”
    Urmila : Rajkumar shatrughan , Aap kiski taraf hain , meri yaa apne bhaiya ke.
    Lakshman : Meri tariff hai , bhai jo hai mera
    Urmila : nahi , meri taraf hai , mera dev… ( stops in between )
    Lakshman :chup kyon ho gayin , boliye
    And fight started again
    Urmila : Dekhiye , Rajkumar Ram kehne par hi main yeh sab lekar aayi hoon, agar aap ne meri baat nahi maani to mai unse shikayat kar doongi aapki.
    Lakshman( now worried) : yeh aap bhayia ka naam lekar mujhe bhaybheet karne ka prayaas kar rahi hain.
    Urmila : Haan , kar rahin hoon , toh , kya kar lenge aap
    Shatrughan ( to himself) : Bhaag le shatrughan , warna iss ladayi me bali ka bakra tu hi banega.
    And shatrughan stormed out of the room to reac Bharat’s chamber , where everyone else was sitting.
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , jaldi chaliye , shuru ho gayi hai
    Ram : Kya shuru ho gayi
    Shatrughan : Bhayia bhabi me ladhai
    Sita : Hey Bhagwaan , yeh dono , phir se .
    Mandavi ( laughing ) : yadaash chali gayi par aadatein wahi hain.
    As they neared lakshman’s room , again loud voices were heard
    Lakshman : You can’t blackmail me like this , I will not eat it.
    Just then Mandavi opened the door , and again , the bowl of soup hit bang on her head again.
    Lakshman in rage had thrown the bowl towards the door , and manadvi entire face had turned to green color of the soup
    Mandavi ( shouts angrily ) : Aaa..hh . Punah , Punah , dekhiye naa didi.
    Everyone starts to laugh loudly , including lakshman and Urmila
    Mandavi : yeh sab mere saath hi kyon hota hai. Pehle uss rakshasi ne meri naak tod di aura b yeh
    Lakshman ( trying to control his laughter ) : Kshama kijiye rajkumari , parantu isme aapki behen ka dosh hai.
    Ram : Uska koi dosh nahi hai , ab chup chap apna bhojan khatm karo . Mere kehne par hi bechari tumhare liye bhojan laayi thi.
    Lakshman ( starts acting , holds his shoulder wound ) : Aaa…hh , bhayia , peedha ho rahi hai
    Ram ( worriedly ) : acha acha , mat khao yeh sab , koi zabardasti nahi karega … Vishram karlo .ham sab jaate hain.
    As everyone started to leave , urmila looked back , and lakshman winked at her giving an evil smile , as if saying to her ” badi aayi thi mujhe aisa ganda bhojan khilaane “.
    As lakshman slept again , the others were assembled in the hall discussing the situation.
    Urmila : yeh sumitra nandan toh atyant chalaak hain , dekha kaise bachon ki tarah drama kar rahe the .
    Mandavi : Jijashree Ram , mujhe to samajh nahi aata aapke teeno bhayion ka vyavhaar , Ek taraf maata kekayi hain , jinko mmaine aksar krodhit hote hue dekha hai , aur dekhiye mere patidev kitne shaant swabhav ke hain.
    Shrutkirti : Haan didi , aur Mata surmitra kitni komal aur shaant svabhaav ki hain , aur unke dono putra kitne shaitaan.
    Shatrughan : Haaw , ab humne kya kiya
    Ram ( teasing ) : Ji Nahi , aapne kuch nahi kiya , karte to keval aapke Ram aur bharat bhayia hi hain naa.
    Shatrughan ( Pout Face ) : Bhayiaa…
    Ram : Mujhe nahi lagtaa ki lakshman ki neend khulegi ab , aap sab bhi vishram kar lijiye.
    Bharat , Mandavi , ram and shatrughan went to Ram’s room , while Shrutkirti shatrughan and urmila stayedin the hall to keep an eye on Lakshman
    Urmila had tried to put a brave face in front of everybody , but deeply inside , she was broken , her husband didn’t recognise her nad each moment of separation pricked her heart .
    Shrutkirti : didi aap dhairya rakhiye , sab theek ho jaaega
    Shatrughan ( wicked smile ) : Lagtaa hai ab ungli dedhi karni hi padhegi.
    Shrutkirti : Arthath
    Shatrughan : Arthath .. Saam Daam Dand bhed
    And he spoke something in urmila’s years , to which urmila looked in hoor at shatrughan’s face .
    Urmila : what are u saying , devar Ji , I cant do this
    Shatrughan : there is no harm in giving a try , if one thing bhayia is scared of , it is this
    Shrutkirti : mujhe bhi toh bataayie
    Shatrughan ( teasing ) : yeh bachon ki baat nahi hai
    Later that night , Urmila entered Lakshman’s room . She was wearing a very beautiful gown with light jewellery and makeup , strong scented perfume was sprayed on all her body , she looked as dazzling as she looked on her wedding night .
    Lakshman looked at her with wide eyes , never had he seen such a beauty , and the aroma of the perfume made the environment ever more pleasing . He was in heaven .
    Suddenly , he came out of his dream world:
    Lakshman ( thinking) : what is this lady upto now , cant she leave me alone in peace..
    Urmila : Rajkumar , your brother has sent me to help you with dressing your wound
    Lakshman ( irritated) : I bet he has , just tell me once , why do you continuously peep into my room on some or the other pretext.
    Urmila : Oh.. you look so cute when u become angry , your nose becomes apple red .
    Lakshman ( now scared ) : Why are you behaving so strangely all of a sudden , aren’t you gonna fight with me on my taunt…
    Urmila : why would I fight , its not nice to fight with your future husb…( stopping in between )
    Lakshman : Look , I am now getting scared , are you oK , what has happened to you.
    Urmila : Nothing , I am fine , here let me dress your wound.
    She sat on his bed beside him , and started applying the medicinal herb paste on lakshman’s wound
    Slowly moving her delicate hands round and round in circles , Lakshman could feel her touch and warmth. He was now literaly shivering with shyness , and as he made some sissy noises when the medicine burnt through his flesh , Urmila gently blew her soft breath over his wound , driving him even more insane .
    Lakshman ( freeing imself from his clutches) : Devi dekhiye , bahut ho gya , ab aapko jaana chayie , aaapka dhanyavaad jo aapne itna kasht uhaya.
    Urmila ( in seductive voice ) : Kyun , Aapko humara yahan rukna pasand nahi aaya kya .
    Meanwhile shatrughan and shrutkirti were having a hard time controlling their laughter as they silently stood spectators to the scene from the door of the room.
    Shatrughan : Aaj to bhabi ne kamaal hi kar diya , itna bhaybhit kabhi nahi dekha maine bhayia ko.
    Shrutkirti ( looking disgustedly at her husband ) : yeh kaisi kaisi yojnaein aati aapke mann mein ???
    The heat of this unfound affection was too much too handle for lakshmana and he attempted to flee the room , as urmila sat in the bed laughing vociferously.
    Shrutkirti and shatrughan made a run towards Ram’s room seeing lakshman approaching .
    Shatrughan : Ram bhayia , savdhaan Lakshman bhayia aa rahe hain
    Lakshman reaches … and is shocked to see his brothers along with the 3 princes.
    Lakshman : Devi Maithili , Mansi , Kirti , aap sab yahan kya kar rahi hain
    Sita : who ham sab bas yun hi idhar udhar ki baatein kar rahe the .
    Lakshman ( looks to Ram and Bharat , teasingly ) : Acha , idhar udhar ki baatein , tabhi mere kaksh mein aap dono aate hi nahin , sadev gayaab rehte hain .
    Ram ( sternly ): Lakshman …
    Lakshman : ab kya iss baat par bhi daantoge bhayia.
    Bharat : Tum yahan , sab theek to hai naa ?
    He took his 2 elder brothers into a corner while shatrughan and shrutkirti narrated the tale of what had just happened to Sita and Mandavi , to which they started giggling uncontrollabaly.
    Lakshman : Bhaiya , yeh rajkumari Mila ke iraade mujhe kuch theek nahi lag rahe.
    Ram ( laughs) : Ab kya ho gaya
    Lakshman ( explaining like a innocent child ) : Bhayia , main kya Rishi Vishwamitra Hoon , joh who mujhe swarg ki apsara menka ki bhaati rijhane ka prayaas karti hai .
    Aur aap bhi naa jaane kyun use baar baar bhej dete hain mere kaksh mein.
    Ram : Parantu maine to nahi bheja
    Lakshman : Uski yeh himmat , iska matlab jhoot bolkar ghus gayi mere kaksh mein . Aur bhayia wahan mere saath kya kya hua , kaise bataoon aapko
    Ram( understanding the culprit behind the plan ) : Acha tum zyaada mat socho , main usse baat karoonga , theek hai.
    Lakshman left from there , while Ram and Bharat went back to the room .
    Bharat : Shatrughan , zaraa idhar aana
    Shatrughan : Ji bhayia
    ( Bharat Pulls shatrughan’s ears ever so tightly )
    Shatrughan : Aaa…hh , bhayia yeh kya kar rahe ho
    Bharat : Yeh sab kaand tumhara hi kiya dhara hai naa , kya patti padhaakar aaye ho urmila ko. Lakshman ki haalat dekhi thi , kaisa sehma sehma ghoom raha tha .
    Shatrughan : Bhayia ab kuch to karna padega naa bhabhi ke liye , aap to kuch karte ho nahi .
    Bharat : Aane to pitashree ko wapas , ek tumne , aur ek woh lakshman ne , thaan rakhi hai ki humein roz pareshaan karne ki.
    Shatrughan ( pout face ) : sab mujhe hi daante rehte hain
    Sita ( caresses shatru’s face ) : Bharat bhayia , ab aur mat daantiye bechare ko
    Ram : Lakshman ki to yadhasht gayi hai Sitae , par yeh shatrughan toh baawla ho gaya hai . Chot lakshman ko aayi hai aur asar ispe zyada hua hai .
    Bharat : Agar aisi bhayankar yojna dobara banayi , to bas dekh lena tum.
    After about 2 days , Lashman’s physical injuries were almost healed up and he had started to in and out of the palace frequently , and he had slowly started regaining memory , but still not the events of marriage .
    Mandavi , shrutkirti and Urmila came to meet Ram Sita in the Hall
    Shrutkirti : Didi , aapne apne teeno devaron ko dekha hai , sham hone ko aayi , par sabhi subah se gaayab hain
    Sita : nahi toh , tumhe bataakar nahi gaye kya bharat aur shatrughan
    Ram : maine toh pehle hi saavdhan kiya tha , ki apne apne pati par nazar rakhna , mauj masti kar rahe honge ayodhya ke bazaar mein .
    All the 3 sisters looked horrified and made preparations to go the ayodhyan bazaar itself.
    They finally found the 3 brothers , who were having a gala time at a big sweet shop. They hid behind a tree to observe their conversation .
    Shatrughan : Waah bhayia , mazaa aa gaya , kitne samay baad nikle hain hum teeno bhai mehel ke baahar.
    Lakshman ( while gorging on ladoos) : Haan chote , aaj to in ladooun ka anand aa gaya. Wahan mehel me to to main hi jaanta hoon kaisa sadha gala bhojan khakar apne din kaaten hain.
    Bharat : Isi baat par hamaare lakshman ke liye teekha bhojan prastut kiya jaaye.
    A quite a lot of people had gathered around to see the princes around them.
    Street child 1 : Rajkumar , hamaare saath kheliye naa
    Street child 2 : haan haan , aur humein sarayu ki savaari bhi karni hai
    Lakshman : Bas bhayia , bahut kha liya , aap log jaari rakhiye , hum zara bachon ke sath kuch samay vyateet kar lein . Main mahal wapas aa jaaonga baad mein
    Saying so , he left with the children and his horse to roam further in the streets of ayodhya . Most of the crowd gathered also moved along , except some young village damsels who were more interested to gaze at th the prince’s beauty. Soon Bharat and Shatrughan were surrounded by the village belles , who were feeding them sweets with their own hands with love.
    Shatrughan : Brother , I am in heaven
    Bharat : True Dat . Lakshman is so lucky , Urmila keeps running after him , takes so much care of him , and look at me , never once has mandavi feeded me with her own hands , except of course in mithila during our first lunch , but that was too out of compulsion.
    Shatrughan : You are not alone brother , when I ask Kirti for the same , she runs away after becoming embarrassed.
    While Urmila as blushing after hearning these nice words from her brother in laws , mandavi and Shrutkirti were burning with Fire Inside.
    Mandavi : Inka aisa dussahas , aane do mahal waapas.
    Saying So , the 3 returned to the palace and Lakshman also came and went to his room .
    Mandavi and Shrutkirti were waiting for their husbands who came very late .
    Mandavi : Aa gaye aap dono , baith jaayie , main bhojan parosti hoon
    Shrutkirti : Par didi , kya inhe bhook lagi hogi , itne saare ladoo jo kha liye hain .
    Manadavi : Aur who bhi sunder mahilaon ke haaton
    Bharat and shatrughan looked at each other’s faces with their jaws dropped.
    Bharat ( trying hard to explain ): Dekho Mandavi , aisa nahi hai , who to bas hum lakshman to lekar gaaye the , taaki khuli hawaa mein uska swastha jaldi acha ho jaaye.
    Mandavi : zyada bhole banne ki zaroorat nahi hai , humne sab dekha hai kya chal raha tha wahan
    Shrutkirti : Bhayia Ram ne sach hi kaha tha…
    Mandavi : chalo shrutkirti , ab inse hum tabhi baat karenge jab inki saari katha hum maataon ko bata denge unke wapas aane par.. ( and they left from there )
    Bharat : arey aisa mat kijiye , suniye to
    Shatrughan ( angrily ) : To yeh aag Ram bhayia ki lagayi hui hai … Bhayia yeh aapne acha nahi kiya
    Bharat : Ab yeh socho ki aaj ratri kahan vyateet karni hai , humare liye hamaare kamron mein to taala lag chukka hai …
    Shatrughan ( wickedly ): Lakshman bhayia ka kaksh hai naa..
    Meanwhile , Urmila was with Ram and lakshman , as the days were passing by , her patience was leaving her slowly.
    Ram ( putting his head on her head) : Don’t worry dear , it’s a matter of few days now , he is getting better day by day , your wait will finally be over anytime now .
    Urmila : But bhayia ,you know , after that shatrughan’s plan , he has asked the gaurds not to let me inside his room.
    Sita : And you really want to see him just now , isn’t it .
    Urmila : Yes
    Ram : Don’t worry , we three will go together , there should be no problem then
    Ram ordered the gaurds to go away and they entered the room , the three brothers were talking and they started listening what was going on , without letting their presence felt.
    Bharat : Toh Charon rajkumarion ke bare mein kya vichar hain tumhare
    Lakshman : Ram bhayia aur rajkumari Maithili ki Jodi bahut achi lagti hai mujhe . Veh bilkul hamari maa ki tarah hai , sabka kitna khayal rakhti hain , aur Ram bhayia bhi unhe bahut pasand karte hain , yeh spasht dikhta hai bhayia .
    Shatrughan ( excitedly ) : Aur Kirti
    Lakshman : haan haan , bataata hoon, itne utsuk kyoon ho tum . waise mein dekh raha hoon aajkal uske peeche peeche ghoomte rehte ho.
    Shatrughan ( pout face ): Bhayia , chidhayie mat , veh mujhe bahut pasand hain .
    Lakshman : who toh dikh hi raha hai , wiase Kirti bahut hi sunder aur naazuk hai . Tum jaise shaitaan se vivaah ho gaya to tum roz hi rulaaoge use . Isliye chote , bechari ko hamesha tumse savdhaan rehna padega
    Bharat : Aur Mansi
    Lakshman : Bhayia unse to aap savdhaan rehna , mujhe to lagta hai ki agar aap ka unse vivaah ho gaya to aapke kaksh mein roz parlay aaegi.
    Bharat ( pats his head gently ) : Aur tumahra viva…( Lakshaman interupts him in between )
    Lakshman : Nahi Bhayia , humara vivaah nahi ho sakta.
    Bharat ( horrified ) : yeh kya keh rahe ho , kya kabhi viaah nahi karoge..
    Lakshman : Nahi bhayia , aaj se pehle maine yeh kisi se nahi kaha , parantu mera jeevan sirf mere teeno bhayion ke liye , aur sarvpratham toh Ram bhayia. Main unse bahut prem karta hoon aur aajeevan unki seva karna chahta hoon.
    Mera vivaah toh keval ek hi paristithi mein ho sakta hai , yadi mere jeevan mein koi aisi stree aa jaye jiske liye mere hridaya mein utna hi prem ho jitna Ram bhayia ke liye hai , aur shayad iss duniya mein aisa koi hai nahi.
    ( Tears started rolling down from Ram , sita and urmila’s face . Lakshman had never shared this thought with Ram , and for urmila , it was th greatest compliment she had ever received , being compared equally to Rama in Lakshman’s eyes )
    Bharat : Aur agar tumhare jeevan mein aisi stree aa gay toh ?
    Lakshman ( speaks with his chin up ): Then before our marriage takes place , she will have to promise me , that she will never force me to prioritize my duties as husband over my duty as a brother , and God forbids , if a day comes when I have to between her and brither Ram , she will move away withut questioning me.
    Ram and Sita looked at Urmila with their heads held up high , these vociferous words of lakshman had just confirmed what a strong promise she must have given to Lakshman before marriage.
    Urmila ran outside the room unable to face Ram and Sita .
    Ram and Sita ( murmering to themselves ) : Tum dhanya ho urmila
    Shatrughan : Aap dhanya hai lakshman bhayia , mujhe garv hai ki main aapka bhai hoon.
    They then went for sleep . Later that night , urmila came to lakshman’s room and saw the 3 brothers sleeping peacefully . She came close to lakshman and kissed him passionately on his cheeks.
    Urmila ( speaking softly ): I am greatful to God to have you as my husband , whether u remember Me or not , I will always love you.
    Next Morning :
    The 3 got up , and bharat and shatrughan noticed the red lipstick mark on lakshman’s cheek
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , yeh aapke chehre par laali lagi hui hai
    Lakshman (looks in mirror ) : lagta hai ratri ko kisi keedhe ne kaat liya hai ( trying to hide his face , he was certain what the mark was )
    Bharat : Haan , kisi ne kata toh hai , magar bade prem se
    And he and shatrughan started laughing
    Lakshman’s face grew Red with Shame , he was 100 percent sure of the culprit , and stormed right into the kitchen , where all 4 sisters were present.
    Everyone in the kitchen looked at lakshman’s face and started giggling
    Lakshman ( Pointing towards the mark on his face , to urmila ) : What is this ?
    Urmila : what ?
    Lakshman : You know what I am talking about
    Urmila : How would I know , its your face after all . Btw , didn’t you like it ?
    Lakshman : Look lady , don’t try to be too frank with me . You have the audacity to do that while I was asleep. Does this suit a rajkumari .
    Urmila : I have the audacity to do that even when you are awake.
    Saying so , she kissed him on his other cheek right in front of her sisters and Ran away from there.
    For a moment Lakshman stood stunned , trying to comprehend what just happened and looked around in shock , the other 3 sisters were having a hard time to control their laugh. His head started spinning and he fell unconscious on the floor.
    Sita ( shouts ) : Lakshman Bhayia…
    After a few hours , lakshman woke up in his bed , finding again everyone surrounding him in worry .
    He felt Ram’s tear on his cheeks , he had been sitting behind him for long.
    Lakshman : Urmila , bhayia ro kyun rahe hain
    These words waved off spree of excitement , he had called her by her name , and regained his memory.
    Shatrughan : Bhayia , aap wapas aa gaye .
    Lakshman : Main kahan gaya tha chote …main to sirf wahan jharne par…
    And he remember the last chain of events , and looked towards Rama
    Lakshman : Bhayia , woh main…
    Ram ( hugged his brother tightly ): Bas , chup lakshman , aage kuch kehne ki aavshyakta nahi.
    The event marked a realization for a few people
    She witnessed the pain of separation for a few days , which was unbearable for her , Sita for the first time had witnessed Rama being annoyed with her as lakshman was hurt , probably she still hadn’t acquired the same place in Ram’s heart yet as was occupied by his brother , and For Rama , he now understood that in Sita , he had found someone for whom his little brother would do anything , probably even disobey his command for her sake.

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  4. And dont forgot to share your views about the OS. And if not in serial. Anyhow we r getting enough lakshman- urmila ,shatrughan -shruthkirti,ram -sita, bharat- madavi from this OS in india forums site.

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