Siya Ke Ram 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandodari telling Raavan that not just you, all the culprits who agreed with you for Sita haran, why did you kidnap Sita and kept her as hostage in garden, is this not a crime, should there not be punishment for this. Kaikesi asks her not to forget the queen’s prestige, its becoming your nature to get against Raavan’s every deed, I think Sulochana got courage to do this work from you. She says Lankesh….. Raavan says no Mata, Mandodari is saying right, culprit………… I m a culprit, as I captured a helpless woman, that’s why you are blaming me Mandodari, its right, Sita won’t be helpless from tomorrow, I m announcing, I will forcibly marry Sita. They all get shocked. He asks Meghnadh to hurry up and do arrangements for marriage. Mandodari cries.

Ram comes to

Rishi Parbat. Hanuman sees Sugreev wounded. Sugreev tells Ram that you did not do this right, if you did not have to beat Bali, why did you call him to insult me, why did you challenge Bali. Ram says I know your trust has got hurt, there is a reason that I did not shoot arrow. Sugreev says what could be the reason, you are Raghuvanshi and had to fulfill promise. Ram says you and Bali looked identical, if I shot arrow, you could have got shot, that’s why I could not shoot Bali. Sugreev says no one can fail Bali, if you lose again, Bali will kill me. Ram says this time I will shoot arrow. Sugreev asks how will you differentiate between me and Bali. Laxman comes and asks Sugreev not to worry, we found a solution for this. He shows a red white garland. Ram says this time, you will challenge Bali yourself, Sugreev Dharm’s victory is possible when there is courage to stand against Adharm, don’t worry, this time Dharm will definitely win.

A man announces that Raavan is coming to the garden. Trijata gets away from Sita hearing Raavan is coming there. Raavan walks to Sita. Raavan says I came to inform you, its my marriage tomorrow, with you….. Sita gets shocked. Raavan says you will become Raavan’s wife tomorrow, be ready to fill sindoor of my name in your maang tomorrow, I thought you are special and gave you time to think, I gave you respect so that you marry me by your wish, but you have rejected my proposal and insulted me many times, but not anymore, you made me helpless to marry you forcefully. He turns to leave. She says Raavan, you are Gyani, don’t you know a married man can fill sindoor just once, Ram has filled sindoor in my maang, you have much ego to be powerful, but I will show you the power of Patni Dharm. Raavan shouts Sita, this decision will be made tomorrow, Raavan will fail or you will become my wife, Raavan did not lose to anyone till date. He leaves.

Trijata asks Sita what will happen now, how will you get protected by this Adharmi. Sita says don’t worry, one who has Dharm along, no Adharm can happen with such person. A lady tells Trijata that Mandodari is calling her. Trijata leaves.

Trijata meets Mandodari. Mandodari says you maybe knowing that Raavan is going to forcibly marrying Sita, I can’t let him do this Adharm, we have to stop this. Trijata says command me. Mandodari says there is just one way to make Sita leave from Lanka. Trijata says yes, this is right way to stop Raavan from doing Adharm, but this work is not easy, Sulochana also tried, but she was caught. Mandodari says Sulochana did mistake to trust Meghnadh, I won’t do this, so I called you, I m sure no one can do this work except you. Trijata says don’t worry, its my responsibility to make Sita run away from Lanka. Mandodari says fine, hear my plan carefully, at night I will wait for you with the boat man, you meet me near the river, along with Sita. Trijata says sure.

Roma does aid to Bali’s wounds. Bali says Roma, I m happy getting you, you would have forgotten Sugreev, that coward Sugreev won’t be alive for long time. Roma and Tara get shocked. Roma says but you promised me that Sugreev will be not harmed. Bali says yes, but he will keep coming between us, you can’t accept me heartily, once he dies, you will stay with me peacefully, tell me. She cries. He holds her and wipes her tears, saying tears don’t look nice in your eyes, you are my wife, not that coward Sugreev’s wife, get smile on your face now. He laughs. Tara looks on and thinks Bali’s Adharm has reached to the top level, its bad for a wife to think this, but now I wish that you get punished, that you die.

Ram stands alone somewhere and cries. Laxman says you really need rest. He also cries. Ram says Sita is waiting for me there, shall I rest here, resting for a moment is also not possible for me, being away from Sita, there is darkness in my life as Sita got away from me, when we get away from someone, we realize the value more, by getting away from Sita, I m realizing every moment that my life has no basis without her, she has sacrificed everything and came with me, for my sake, and I could not protect her. He cries. Laxman says no…. Ram looks at the sky and says when I see my moon, I get more restless for Sita, don’t know where is she and in what state.

Sita also looks at the moon. She says like you are seeing me here, same way you would be seeing Ram there too, right? She smiles and moon will he convey her message, tell him not to worry for me, I m protected here, I m waiting for him every moment. Ram says I had to protect her, but today I feel all my efforts are waste, till I find Sita, there is no end of my sorrow and pain. Laxman says I can’t see you in this state, I m the reason for your sorrow, if I did not leave her that day, she would be with us today, I m culprit, I did big crime by breaking your promise, I should get punish, you punish me severely. Ram says its not your mistake Laxman, Raavan is the culprit, he will get punishment for sure.


Raavan asks pandit for marriage mahurat. The pandit tells repentance mahurat. He asks Raavan to repent tomorrow, if you marry Sita, you and Lanka will get ruined. Mandodari asks Sita what would you do if your husband did Adharm. Sita says I would have left him by ending all ties.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Guys please those who have devdutt sita book please clear my doubt is this story I mean this wedding and mandap story mentioned in it???

  2. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Waiting for tmrw epi awesome precap. How many of you miss ayodhya family??? What happened guys yesterday page cmnt didn’t even reach 40 where are you all my sweeties???

    • vaidehi

      actually di some of ours school hv opened so there r less no. of cmnts. di we all miss ayodhya family a lot.

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      I really miss ayodhya family…
      Especially sumitra
      I miss sita’s sisters too
      Their love and care
      Their cute fights

      I want to c urmila again
      Waiting 4 lakshmila reunion ……

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      i dont know y they r showing ram with open hair
      Same abt sulochana
      Bali and sugreev were look alikes thats y ramji confused
      Ramji was pure human avatar vishnu
      He didnt knew abt his reality

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Ya tanu i really miss ayodhya fmly a Lott….. And sry for ma late cmnt because a bit busy with ma skul work…

  3. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Pls answer dears.. Lovely friends
    Sum silly questions have come in my foolish mind
    Q. Ram is jatadhari then y Dey show like his hair open.. My gran ? told me that he had tied his hair for 14 years..
    Q. Where hs surpankha gone?? N hw sulochana managed to get her out.. She killed two guards in front of the jail but she didn’t kill any other guard in her way.
    Q. How’s ramji confused ?… In Ramanand sagar they showed that vali n sugreev looked different from each other.. Here they’re same.. Why
    Q. Ram was incarnation of all knowing supreme lord Vishnu den y didn’t he know how to kill ravan, Vibhishan told him…
    Q. Were Bali n sugreev twins?? I think they weren’t but m confused.. Seeing them same..
    Pls answer sweeties geniuses pls answer me. ??

    • vaidehi

      vanshu its wrng.. my whole family tells dat bali & sugreev looked same and ramji was confused. so ramji had advised sugreev to make a chng in his look.. skr is walking in the crrct path. and yes they r twins.

      actually vishnu aftr being born as ramj,i couldn’t remember his reality… he was then an ordinary human being.

      hope it may hlp u.

    • Thanmathi


      |Registered Member

      Vanshu ur grandma said right dear ram kept his hair tied 4 14 years and after 14 years guru vasisht washed his hair using sarayu river’s water and he himself loosened it both ram and lakshman don’t know why skr is showing like this

      I don’t know ans 4 second question as I didn’t see epi

      Dear in valmiki Ramayana it’s clearly mentioned that vali and sugreev were very alike maybe ramanand Ramayana they showed wrong and in those days double act was not done maybe that’s the reason
      I don’t know whether they are twins r not

    • Nita D

      Nita D

      |Registered Member

      All your questions r quite logical Vanshu. I m sorry that i cannot answer any.
      But i guess maybe there r so many versions of Ramayana n so this difference is there. N the CVS take some liberty n make modifications so as to keep viewers engrossed.

    • Thanmathi


      |Registered Member

      There 2 diff opinions in ram knowing his reality one says that he never knew that he was Vishnu skr is following the 2nd I think so it’s a big story so vl say tmrw dear in. cmnts section and ya I read the indradev story it is so nice next part in skr 2 I don’t know what to say just awesome dear

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        Thnx alot dears fr answering questions I jus love ❤ u ? thnx tanu di fr loving my ff n tq suchi, tanu di, Nita di, all fr commenting,,

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Vanshu dear first of all u r not asking silly qns
      And ur grandma is ryt dear ran will jatadhari in full of vanvas and ss sugreev and Bali r twins and ram couldn’t diff btwn dem …and ram didn’t know that he is a incarnation of lord Vishnu so he is a nrml human so vibhishan helped him to kill ravan..

  4. SKR fan

    Nice episode. So much of talks. I want some action. When Bali will be killed!
    Anyone knows what happened to surpnakha? How she died?

  5. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    A nice epi… waiting to witness the power of pativrata…. happy to see mandodari and trijata helping sita

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    gud epi…waiting fr 2morrows epi..ram looks really sad…im sorry I can’t comment fr past 3 days…I missed u a lot guyz

    • Thanmathi


      |Registered Member

      Shrinithi dear there is a small rule in this family sorry and thanks are not allowed and no need to say sorry it’s OK can u please introduce yourself coz I didn’t read cmnts 4 the past few days
      By the way I’m thañmathi from TN in my 11th hope you enjoy a lot here

  7. Malvi

    Hi all finally back after so many long days

    . it was a very very tight schedule for me – classes, honeworks, tests, projects blah…blah and in these confusions I’ve not been watching skr for 15-20 days.

    I’m able 2 understand nothing…

    Can I know how Shurpankha died??

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Welcome back malvi…. Happy to see u again … And surpanakha didn’t die she was just arrested and freed by sulochana…. And can i know one thing where r u frm and which class r y studying ? And happy to see u again

      • Malvi

        Thanks padmaja di. Gud 2 hear. I’m from chennai and I’m currently in 9th. No thanks but anyway thanks fr telling the correct info 😀

        Vanshika how r u darls? I’m rocking and thanks for missing me. Lol 😉 everything is OK but I wasn’t able 2 talk to u all bcoz of my home works.

  8. Silpa k sivadasan

    @NITA D
    Di how r u
    I was really missing u guyz
    How was ur exams di
    Hope it went well

    • Nita D

      Nita D

      |Registered Member

      Hey dear….. Even i m missing u….my Bharatnatyam exam was superb n CPT is tomorrow i.e. 19….
      After that maybe I’ll officially come back on this page.
      U tell…how r studies n all going on…

  9. Paapu

    Good question vanshu..i am also searching for answers as why ram is shown with open hair in skr..any one hs any answers? Is it just to changes the looks after sita haran, he is shown this way??

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yes bro the epi was fab… Loved it.. N ya I think that CVs hv changed ram’s look jus after sita Haran to show some difference…

  10. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dears I’m unable to post any ff as article so I’m posting al as comments ,… I hope u wont mind..

    Part 3 of samudra manthan ff

    Recap-the asuras attack devaloka. Indra loses n Bali crowns himself the king ? of devalok.

    Brahma realized that there was no use getting angry at Indra any further and decided to let it go at that. And besides he had other things to worry about.

    Brahma was worried about the defeat of the Devas at the hands of the Asuras. The Devas were supposed to look after the natural elements of the world. Who knows what could happen when the Asuras were in charge? He needed to help the Devas and fast, otherwise the future of the entire universe was at stake.
    But Brahma was a creator God. He did not know how he could set right his problem. But he knew who could set this right. He looked at the Devas. ‘We need to go to Vaikunta, my sons. I am sure Lord Vishnu will solve this problem.’

    Saying Brahma got ready to leave for Vaikunta – Lord Vishnu’s place. At the mention of Vishnu’s name, Indra’s eyes sparkled. He knew well about the Dark God. He always had a solution to any problem and would help them no matter what.
    Much more happier now all the Devas went to Vaikunta and met Vishnu.

    Vishnu saw the tired Gods accompanied by Lord Brahma and narrowed his eyes, ‘Well Indra, What have you done now?’

    Indra sighed and fell on his knees, ‘Lord, stop teasing me. You know everything that happens anywhere…Please do not shame me any more…’ He said dejectedly looking downcast.
    Vishnu turned his eyes on Brahma. ‘Well, should I forgive him?’ He asked pointing at Indra.
    Brahma looked at Indra and nodded his head. ‘My Lord I think he has learnt his lesson.’
    ‘Ok’ Vishnu said letting out a sigh. He had known the entire episode with Sage Durvasa.

    Vishnu went to Indra and said with twinkling eyes. ‘I cannot help you. Only the Asuras can help you now…’

    Indra jerked his head up. The other Gods looked at each other and at Vishnu wondering whether they had heard right. Even Brahma looked a little confused. ?
    ‘My Lord…’ Agni began hesitantly sure that he had heard right.
    Vishnu smiled his twinkling eyes again, ‘Do you know the secrets that are hidden within our great Ocean…’

    All the Gods shook their heads. In those times there was a single ocean running through the entire world. It was a very deep ocean, which had never been explored. It had many secrets hidden.
    When none of the Gods answered, Vishnu answered the question himself, ‘Well a lot of things…’ Vishnu smiled blissfully, ‘…including something to help you…Amrita’
    Vayu’s eyes widened, ‘My Lord, did you say Amrita…?’ All the Gods exchanged awe-struck glances. Amrita was the ultimate drink. Anyone who drank Amrita would never die, or age and would become extraordinarily powerful…
    Agni looked at Varuna, slowly a hope creeping into his tired eyes. However Indra frowned, ‘However my Lord, how can we get the Amrita out of the ocean…And my Lord, why do we need the help of the Asuras…? Why….? They r demons.. Frightening terrible..
    Vishnu held up his hands, Indra was indeed a good leader, who thought through everything…’Patience my good Indra. The Amrita has to be churned out of the ocean. For that you need a churner. Mount Mandara will be your churner.’

    Vayu’s eyes grew round – Lifting Mount Mandara on the best of days was impossible. Lifting it in their present condition was going to be impossible. Even if they were wrestling then also impossible..
    Precap-Indra dev, vayu n Agni go to meet Bali. The demons laugh at Indra. Have u come her again to flee

  11. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Part 4

    Part 4.
    Recap-the devas reach vaikuntha. Vishnu teases Indra. He finally gives the solution to the prblm. Amrita
    Varun dev asks Vishnu how’s it possible.. Indra however understood. They needed the help of the Asuras to break the mountain and take it to the Ocean. However he had another question.
    ‘My Lord,’ Indra said, ‘The rope for churning the ocean?’

    Vishnu smiled, ‘Ask Vasuki the snake God to be the rope. Promise his share in the nectar, I think he will agree.’
    Indra bowed. There was one question which was burning him. He however had no doubt that the Dark God had thought about it.
    Agni however asked the question for him, ‘My lord, if the Asuras help us, we would have to share the nectar with them, how can we stop them? They’ll..
    Vishnu smiled and gave a mischievous smile. ‘I will take care of that.’ The finality with which he said it brooked no further arguments. The Gods had no doubt that Lord Vishnu would give them the Amrita.

    Lord Vishnu looked at the tired faces of all the Gods and said, ‘Henceforth you will not feel as tired as you are now. Though I cannot turn back the curse of the great sage Durvasa, I can make it go slow. You will lose your energy slowly. Make sure, you finish the job before you lose all your energy.’
    The Gods bowed their heads and thanked Vishnu, their joy knowing no bounds. Already their visit to Lord Vishnu had revived them. Indra and the other Gods began to feel stronger…

    ‘Take care of the other things.’ Vishnu said. As the Gods were about to leave, Vishnu called them, ‘ Make sure you hold Vasuki’s tail and not his head, while churning the ocean.’ None of the Gods could make sense of the cryptic comment, but they knew that they had been dismissed. They left Vaikunta happier, knowing what had to be done..
    Indra with Vayu and Agni first went to see the Asura King Bali.

    On seeing Indra unarmed, the Asura king’s ministers wanted to kill Indra. However Bali decided too hear them out.
    Indra laid out the entire plans. ‘We want to get the Amrita out of the ocean.’ He began without any preamble. Indra watched Bali’s eyes grow round. His minster blankly stared at Indra, as if he had gone mad. ‘Amrita, you mean the Amrita. The one that…’
    Bali looked at Indra and realized that he was speaking the truth. He silenced his minsters. ‘How do you propose to do that?’ He asked softly, wondering whether the Devas were trustworthy.
    Indra told him about about Mount Mandara and Vasuki. ‘This cannot be done by you or by us alone…’
    One of Bali’s minster interrupted harshly, ‘We do not need your help, you coward…we can do this… U r a fool.
    Precap-Indra meets vasuki. The gods and demons lift mount mandara n it falls on them..

  12. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Mahabharata ff

    Part 14
    Recap-the pandavas along with Krishna’s suggestions and Draupadi’s help set up the empire of Indraprastha and hold a puja. Duryodhan orders that none should leave hastinapur to go to indraprastha now..

    Draupadi lights the diyas of her room. Yudhishtira looks on n says u r looking good today. She thnx him.. The ? flame flutters.. Draupadi is tensed. Something bad is gonna happen today. It’s the sign ‼
    In front of the palace in a colony.. A milkman is milking the cow ?. A man comes and tells him That his wife had called him. She’s in some trouble.. U should go. Milkman asks who’re you?? He says I’m a resident of the colony in front. I saw ur wife running here after selling the milk. I stopped her n asked her why she’s running. She asked me to call you so.. The milkman thanks him and goes. The person turns out to be a thief who steals the cows and laughs. The milkman’s wife denies of sending any person. The milkman rushes back home n is shocked to see the cows Missing.. He sees that man taking the cows away and shouts… Help help.. Help help.. Arjun is passing by n stops hearing the noise.. Milkman shouts help help he’s taking my cows away thief thief… Save my cows from this cheat someone… Arjun looks there n then looks towards his hands. He says my gandiv.. He rushes towards the palace and enters his room. He is shocked to see the gandiv missing. He tries to recall where he had kept the gandiv. He recalls keeping the gandiv in Draupadi’s room when he went there to meet Yudhishtira. He runs ? towards Draupadi’s room. He opens the door ? n finds the gandiv on the table. He picks it up n goes away running ?. Yudhishtira is resting on Draupadi’s lap. They’re shocked to see Arjun come like lightning ⚡ n go.. Yudhishtira says Arjun. He gets up n rushes outside to know what’s happening there… Arjun shoots many arrows. Yudhishtira n bheem look on as the thief runs away. Arjun returns the cows to the milk man who is extremely happy ?. Arjun apologizes to Yudhishtira for entering d room without his permission. I’ll face the punishment for doing so. Draupadi looks on teary eyed ?. Bheem asks him to first come inside. They go inside. Arjun says that he’ll go for 12 years tapasya as planned. Fb shows Yudhishtira telling the other brothers that anyone who’ll Interfere with another brother n draupadi in their year than he’ll have to go for 12 years tapasya . Fb ends. All r shocked.. Yudhishtira says but that was.. Arjun says that I know u want to say that I dint come in the room by any such objective and then that was just my helplessness to help that poor milkman, right? But it was my mistake to leave the gandiv bow in ur room and I do deserve punishment for it. Draupadi says that twelve years punishment is too long for leaving a bow in someone’s room. Arjun says but it’s a crime to enter in anyone’s room like that.. Bheem tells him that it wasn’t his mistake. Arjun says it was and I’m going tmrw itself. Draupadi asks Yudhishtira to stop him. Yudi says that if it is his wish to go then how can we stop him? Draupadi sys u can, u r d samrat n u can stop him. Only you can stop him.
    Yudhishtira sys that we can’t stop him as he isn’t doing anything wrong. I know it wasn’t his mistake but he did enter our room n that’s the truth. Draupadi cries ?.

    Precap-Arjun leaves for tapasya. The brothers share a hug. Arjun walks away ?. Draupadi looks on.

  13. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Part 16

    Recap-a thief steals cows. Arjun enters in Draupadi’s room to take his gandiv. He says I’ll bear the punishment for this loss. Draupadi is shocked.

    Draupadi is wandering around in the room. Arjun packs his belongings to leave. He looks at the clothes and takes off his crown ?. Yudhishtira asks Draupadi to sleep. She takes her crown ? n looks at the stones. She thinks that this is the result of her being partial towards him. Apart from a husband being seperated from his wife, a brother is seperated from his brothers. Finally she lies on the bed and closes her eyes ??. Dawn time.. The sun is about to rise ?. Arjun leaves. Yudhishtira ask Him 2 stop ✋. Arjun looks back and says jyaisth… Yudhishtira asks him wont be meet his brothers b4 leaving . Arjun smiles ?. The other brothers come n hug him. Draupadi looks on teary eyed ? while Arjun asks her to smile ?. Yudhishtira says pranam vasudev. How r u here ?. Draupadi looks behind and find no one there. She looks at Yudhishtira. The brothers laugh ?. Draupadi looks at them n smiles. Yudhishtira wipes her tears. Arjun asks whether anything is left now. Yudhishtira says yes. Arjun asks what? The people come there n cheer for Arjun.
    Arjun smiles. The people ask him to take care and return soon. Arjun gets them and goes. The pandavas and Draupadi return to the palace. Arjun goes towards a mountain range.
    –•–•–•–•After 1 ½ years–•–•–•–•
    Bheem asks Draupadi what’s her plan fr the next year (she was going to spend with Arjun) Draupadi says that she’ll do what Arjun is..
    Bheem asks what r u saying? Do u mean..
    Bheem asks her nt to joke about it. How can you do..
    Draupadi tells him that she’ll manage. Yudhishtira asks her how they’ll manage the empire without a queen ?. Draupadi says she has full faith that he as a good samrat can handle the empire efficiently. It’s only one year. She calls the dasi and tells her that she’ll not stay in the palace for one year. The pandavas look on shocked ?. She tells dasi to continue the routine they hv been continuing for these years. If u need to ask anything you can come in my hut/kuttiya. I’ll make my food there only n live there. If I’ll need food ingredients I’ll take grains from u. She says that she’ll make food n… Draupadi says that she’ll make food herself. Dasi goes. Draudadi goes outside the palace n looks. That’ll be a right spot for the house. N that’s a lovely garden ?… She returns..
    —-It’s morning ?? —-
    Draupadi (in a sadhvi clothes) is gathering the belongings for the hut. The pandavas ask if she needs any help. She refuses. I’ll do. You don’t worry about me. I’ll manage it. It’s nothing difficult in it. She builds the hut and lights the woods. A dasi brings the grain sacks. She asks if Draupadi needs anything else. She refuses. Dasi asks how can she east food without spices. She says I can. Dasi tries to say something but Draupadi tells her not to worry. There’s nothing wrong in what you r thinking as u r worried about me but don’t worry. I can do it. Love is a power that can make even the impossible possible. Dasi goes. Draupadi cooks the food and thinks of Arjun. She eats the food. Arjun is also shown eating. ??

    Precap– Draupadi is cleaning the table and falls down. Vaid checks her n smiles ?. A baby is shown ?. Arjun meets Krishna. Fb shows him traveling through the sacred places.

    Pls comment dears

  14. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dears a question tricking and troubling me… Who was ravan.. Nono I know who ravan was bt I still don’t know Hu he was.. My question is that u select who he was… 1. Brahmin 2. Demon… Hw can he b both… Bt he was.., pls clear my doubt geniuses
    U’ll clear na??

    • Vrinda

      Dear Vanshika,
      Ravan’s Mother was a demon princess, and his father Sage Vishrava was a Brahmana (grandson of Lord Brahma, son of Sage Pulatsya) . According to Varna ( true caste System) He is NOT a Brahmana. You see, before Kaikesi mislead him he could have been identified as a brahmana, but after his nature changed and he became jealous of his step-brother Kubera his attitude turned demoniac and he gained different things through violence and became lusty and greedy (all traits of demons). And when I said true caste system, I mean by choice not by birth (this Varna system was supported by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita). If you act like a brahmana but are not born as one you are still a Brahmana. By Karma (actions) one is a brahmana. So my opinion is that Ravan is a demon, because he hardly cares for his fellow brahmanas, but loves the demons. (P.S This was my opinion only, I’m not really a I do not know) Hope this helps.

    • Janani


      |Registered Member

      He is a brahmin by birth because his father is a sage ,in the varna system only the father is considered to the caste and not the he is a bhramin,and he is one of the able scholar of the days who was very much well veresed in many subjects ,I that time the person well versed in kniweldge is considered as brahmin.

  15. joy

    not come today….bcoz of some imp work….but tommorrow will be the 200 episode of SKR………so we all SKR fan togather enjoy this day in this link…………if you have twitter account plz keep tweet #200episodeofskr…………

  16. Vanshika crazy for skr

    The most beautiful pair ever
    Join in the celebrations

    Madirakshi shared this pic.. She’s lookin awesome
    chand se haseen hai chandni,
    chandni se haseen hai Raat,
    raat se haseen hai chand,
    aur chand se haseen hai aap..!
    By madirakshi mam

  17. joy

    This weak siya ka ram TRP is 1.8..
    ……not bad….hoping that it will do better futuer weak…………

  18. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    Learned a lot of things tdy coz of ur ques vanshu and guys i m missing u a lot ….Vaidehi dear r u angry wth me ???

  19. Meghana


    |Registered Member

    VANSHU SRY SRY DEAR ur ff parts r really superb bt i read only some part so pls excuse me dear and sure i ll read whole tonight as i hv to leave now

  20. Sara

    Waiting for end of Bali and Ram , Lakshman & all moving ahead. Hanuman going to lanka.
    By the way, Vanshika- Bali & Sugreev were identical twins . It is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan . Any doubt -please read it yourself or any Version of Ramayan -adapted as per Valmiki.
    During the second confront – Sugreev shall wear a flower garland .And Ram would recognize him. THE SIye ke Ram is showing the correct .
    Secondly, yes Ram was Jatasdhari /tied hair for 14 years but why changed the hair style of Ram in SKR -I have no clue.
    Thirdly – Ram was indeed 7th Avatar Purush but when he took his birth on Earth he didn’t have that knowledge about himself . So Vibishan helped . It is also a way to teach people that if are on path of Dharma , you would get help . Secondly , it was also a test for Devotee like Vibishan. He accepted all allegations of Ravan like Ghar ki Shastru but didn’t bother at all . Rather he went to side of the Lord . And remained in the path of Dharma. For us -it is a message for the humankind .
    And at last, yesterday SKR show depicted the bond between Ram & Lakshman. Awesome. it is called true love whereas Bali & Sugreev even being brother –fighting . Bali is adharmi like Ravan. Sometimes power makes people blind.

  21. Veena

    On one side we get to see the loving bond between Ram & Lakshman . Despite the allegations by bhabhi Sita- Lakshman didn’t take anything to heart and helping his brother to find Sita . And also Ram understood in spite of the separation from Sita , under what circumstances Lakshman had to go out of the Ashram before the Kidnap of Sita.
    Whereas Bali never could understand why Sugreev left from cave . Why Sugreev believed that his brother was dead during the fight inside the cave. Bali didn’t try to listen to the reasoning of wife Tara or Hanuman .Rather Bali forgot everything and took away Sugreev’s wife and thrown him out of the palace. It was all because of his ego.
    And on the other side , Vibishan is trying and shall try more to make his br Ravan to understand whatever he is doing is wrong . And at last when Ravan won’t undertsand and decide to fight with Ram, Vibishan will walk out and take the side of Dharma and go to Ram .
    Vibishan loved his brother but not agreed with his brother’s deed . He knew his brother being egoistic and over ambitious , could not differentiate between right and wrong deed .

  22. Rani

    Ram (Ashish Sharma )looks awesome in Jata/tied hair, then why remove his Jata ? Ram was supposed to have kept tied hair for 14 years . What happened then ? Hair dresser is missing ?
    Please explain Siye ke Ram team -the reason behind Ram’s Loose hair.
    And From where is this story Sulochana and all croping up ??

  23. shwetha murthy

    Yesterday some one asked about the story of Sulochana marraige.

    The story is here,
    Sulochana was daughter of shesh nag(king of serpents) .She had beautiful eyes and mesmerizing face.Once Meghnad came to capture naglok and defeated sheshnag.Sheshnag was not willing to loose naglok and offered Meghnad an option to marry his divine daughter sulochana and return back his naglok to him and inturn he also can be son in law of sheshnag.
    Meghnad was deeply in love with Sulochana when he saw her and married her later. Sulochana had to marry Meghnad to save naglok and she actually liked Meghnad.

    Sulochana being a nag kanya had to marry a asur because she had got a bane from Indradev after she refused to marry Indra.

    • krishnai aka ww

      Hi dear…. today i m fred but my unfortunately my system is in some default….. so commenting via my mom’s phone….. ok hw r u all/???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.