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Siya Ke Ram 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Laxman fighting with Asurs Subahu and Mareecha. The fight continues for long. Ram Ram…..plays………… Asurs become bats and fly off. Laxman aims at them. Ram says stop Laxman, let them go. Scene shifts to Ayodhya. Dasharath is informed that his sons has won the fight and are coming back. He gets glad seeing Ram and Laxman back. Veer sahasi………..plays………….. Guru Vashisht and Dasharath bless them.

Dasharath says I m proud of you both. Laxman says no, just Ram deserves this, Ram succeeded and got victorious, our enemies were Asurs, but Ram made them leave. The minister Vijay also praises Ram and says Ram thought for soldier’s safety first. Dasharath says more attacks are happening in our Rajya, its time to do something and show that we know

to answer all the challenges. He goes to Guru and says he wants to keep Ashwamedha yagya. Guru blesses them, and says this yagya will be beneficial for Raghuvansh’s future.

Dasharath asks Sumantra to tell Raj Purohit for getting a mahurat for yagya, let the arrangements done. He asks Vijay to take the army along with the Ashwa. Dasharath asks Ram to choose that Ashwa. Ram agrees. Guru finds Ram worried.

Ram stays silent. Laxman asks what happened, why are you upset. Ram says I m thinking about the need of this yagya. Laxman says its good, our Ashwa will go around the world and come. Ram says yes, then Ashwa will be sacrificed. Laxman gets thinking. Sumantra tells Dasharath that Kaikeyi has helped a lot in the preparations. Kaikeyu comes to Dasharath and cleans his hands. He says Sumantra told me about your preparations, he is worried thinking he will miss any Dharm in yagya, she says my aim is to make you fulfill all your Dharm and duties, I also want this yagya to be such which did not happen till now. He says I wish Bharat and Shatrughan were here. She says I have apologized to you for this. He says apologizing does not lessen sorrow, things don’t change, you have punished Bharat and Shatrughan in your anger. He leaves.

Mantra tells Kaikeyi that if he cared for Bharat, why did he let Bharat go, did he call him once. Kaikeyi says I m doing all this for Bharat’s future, this yagya is such that the heir will get a Rajya, Bharat will make this Rajya more better. Mantra says this is the tradition. Kaikeyi says more traditions have to break now, I know Bharat was not capable to become heir, but I m sure when he returns, Dasharath will reconsider to make him his heir. Mantra says fine, but will you be ready, what will you do, you love Ram so much, will you be able to hurt Ram?

Kaikeyi says Ram will be hurt because of his father, who has stained Raghukul by breaking his promise given to his father, he has cheated me, why, I have given all my life to him, and loved him as a devotee, he could have told me that he did mistake and can’t keep it, I would have not been so sad, but he claimed my father is a liar to hide his lie, he made me feel I could not give him a child. She cries and says my fight is for my self esteem, its only with Dasharath, my aim is never to hurt Ram.

Ram caresses a horse/Ashwa. Guru comes there. Ram greets him. Guru blesses him and says you chose the best horse, the horse knows the big responsibility of him, he has to travel for Digvijay yatra, for one year around the world, this Ashwamedha is not easy for any Ashwa. Guru says I m seeing you, what are you thinking. Ram says this Ashwa, which will do this yatra for our Vansh, will this be fair to sacrifice this, is this tradition right? Guru says when a Ashwa returns from the yatra, it shows King’s ego is also sacrifices. Ram says but even ego is not right by sacrificing an animal, is this not a human’s ego. Guru says traditions have importance, if you challenge it, people will oppose, humans use tradition to show his existence. Ram says but there will be some solution to not kill any animal like this. Guru says before this, you have to understand about the importance of sacrifice. Ram looks at the horse.

Dasharath says this yatra should be remembered for ages. Ram wishes someone has this sense and goodness to value the Ashwa as a living being, not any animal. Sita takes water for the horse and stops him.

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  1. Good episode… Lord Ram is always in kind nature…

  2. Very nice but in ramayana i was read about putra kamesti yagna but not aswamedha where u r collected pl.

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