Siya Ke Ram 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meghnadh’s final rites starting. Sulochana looks on and goes. She dresses as a bride. Raavan does the rituals and gets fire torch to light the funeral. Sulochana comes there and stops Raavan. Everyone look at her and get shocked. Mandodari asks Sulochana whats this, your husband’s final rites are happening, and you did Solah Shringhaar. Sulochana cries and says woman leaves everything after her husband’s death, I have no aim to live in the world, so I decided that I will burn in this funeral pyre along with my husband. Everyone get shocked.

Mandodari asks what are you saying, you will end your life, whatever happened today and whatever will happen in future is fate, no one can change it, we women have this fate, we can just feel sorrow and then repent, but ending

your life will not end this sorrow and Adharm. Sulochana says no, there can’t be right way to end my life, I have to sacrifice myself for my soul peace. Mandodari says no and stops her. Sulochana cries and walks to Meghnadh.

Sita comes there and stops Sulochana. Sita says giving up your life for your husband’s death will not be true love, it will be true love when you rectify Meghnadh’s bad deeds, you will become a mirror for his good deeds, you will take care of those whom Meghnadh loved, you will fulfill his incomplete work, don’t do this. She requests Sulochana. Sulochana says Sita is saying right, and goes to Meghnadh. She says for Meghnadh’s love, I have to be alive for his family and dear ones. She cries. Kaikesi holds her and hugs. Raavan lights fire to Meghnadh’s dead body.

Ram tells vanar sena that they have killed all the brave Asur soldiers by their might and bravery, this Dharm yudh reached its last phase now, Adharmi and egoistic Raavan has no one left to fight with us, just Raavan is left now. Hanuman says he will be killed soon, but after Lankesh’s death, what about Lanka’s praja, will they stay without their king, who will take care of them, who will protect them. Ram says we have to choose such good person for Lanka and do his Rajya Abhishek, such man who will obey Dharm in tough times and place Dharm in right place, who places custom in custom place, who will support truth, who can rightfully take care of Praja. Sugreev asks where will we get such sefless and Praja palan man in Lanka. Ram says such Dharmatma is infront of all of us. He looks at Vibhishan. Vibhishan asks I? Ram says yes, you will be Lanka’s king after Raavan’s death, its time to declare you as Lanka’s Swami. He calls Laxman.

Ram takes water in his hands and declares Vibhishan as Lanka’s king. He says Vibhishan will be called Lankadheesh from today. He gives a flower to Vibhishan. Vibhishan folds hands and says by your guidance, person’s heart gets free of desire, cheat and lie, whatever desire I had, it got away by meeting you, devotion towards you is important for me, what else do I want, but if you command me to manage Lanka as the king, I will swear to place Dharm and customs in Lanka, and also take care of Praja. They all chant for Lankadheesh Vibhishan and Ram.

Vibhishan walks in Lanka palace. Mandodari comes in his way. He apologizes to her and says I did big mistake to leave Lanka and go to Ram, I did not do brother’s duty, Ram killed Meghnadh too, I m culprit, I want to apologize to Raavan, where is he. She says Lankesh is in Rajya Sabha. He goes. Vibhishan meets Raavan. Raavan shouts Lanka’s traitor Vibhishan. Raavan walks to him, and gets his magical sword. Vibhishan falls in his feet and apologizes for his mistake. Raavan says your mistake can’t be forgiven, you just deserve punishment, you cheater. Vibhishan smiles evil way.

Vibhishan laughs and Raavan shouts Vibhishan. The real Asur/Raavan’s brother Ahiravan comes to his real form. Raavan says you here, Ahiravan. Ahiravan says yes brother, you just command me to kill those Sanyasis, how will I kill them, by swords, no, I will not give them easy death, I will behead them and present to Devi Pataalika. He laughs. Raavan smiles.

A dense black ball falls in Ram’s camp. The smoke/poisonous gas spreads. Ram says its Mayavi attack, protect everyone. Everyone faint by the smoke effect. Sugreev, Hanuman and Angad help others. Ram tells Laxman that this smoke is poisonous, protect everyone. Jamvanth also faints. Nar and Nir fall down by the blow. Even Sugreev gets hit by the white rounding smoke and falls down. Hanuman says this smoke is making me faint too, its some Mayavi’s plan to make everyone faint, so that he can harm Ram and Laxman, I won’t let this happen, I have to do something to save Ram and Laxman. Laxman holds his head and coughs. Ram turns and sees Laxman falling. Ram too falls down and extends hand to Laxman. They also get unconscious.

Vibhishan asks who did this. Ahiravan says who else can do this, I have done this, I will now sacrifice both these humans and please Devi Pataalika. He prays and asks Devi Pataalika to appear. Devi Pataalika appears. Ram and Laxman are unconscious. He asks her to accept this sacrifice. Sita says no, this can’t happen.

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  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode. I heard that sulochana committed sati. And ahiraavan did not kidnapped shri ram and lakshman in this way. I have heard that while everyone was sleeping then he took vibhishan’s form and sent hanuman ji somewhere and then took them to pataal.

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Yes! I agree with SKR fan. Ahiravan’s plan was overheard by Vibhishan who went to spy on Lanka in the form of a bird! He plans with Hanuman as to how Ram and Lakshman could be protected. Hanuman builds some protection sort of thing with his tail and keeps the entire army with Ram and Lakshman in the centre. Vibhishan informs Hanuman that Ahiravan was a master of disguises and could enter the protected area in any form and asks Hanuman not to let anyone in. And Vibhishan goes for a inspection around their camp, while Ahiravan tries entering the “FORT” twice, once as King Dasharath and once as Prince Bharat but fails to enter, though duly and warmly welcomed by Hanuman. He finally enters taking the form of Vibhishan fooling the unsuspecting Hanuman. The real Vibhishan comes and he and Hanuman enter the fort only to find Ram and Lakshman missing and a huge deep pit dug at the centre. He follows the tunnel till the end and reaches Patal Lok where he meets his son, Makardhwaj who is the guardian of the place. He defeats makardhwaj and ties him up and looks for Ram and Lakshman. There he finds them and decides to request the goddess of Patal Lok for help. The goddess impressed with Hanuman agrees to help him and asks him to turn invisible when Ram and Lakshman are brought to her for sacrifice and asks him to tell both of them to pretend as if they didn’t know how to bow to the goddess as they were Royal princes. Hanuman does accordingly and Ram informs Ahiravan that he didn’t know how to bow. Ahiravan in a fit of anger demonstrates when Hanuman turns visible and cops Ahiravan’s head off and defeat in the other demons there. Makardhwaj is freed by ram and is crowned the Lord of Patal Lok….this is the story as of what I know…there might be many variations 🙂

    • Nita D

      Nita D

      |Registered Member

      Agree SKR fan bro. Sulochna had done SATI. This much big change in storyline!!

      N agree with u too soups. Even i have read this story only. Not in this much detail though.

  2. SKR fan

    Madirakshi lost her grandfather.

    Siya Ke Ram actress Madirakshi bereaved

    Siya Ke Ram’s leading lady Madirakshi Mundle, better known as Sita, recently lost her grandfather. The actress, who was busy shooting in Hyderabad for the show, air-dashed to Nagpur on learning about her grandfather’s sudden demise.
    Madirakshi was very attached to her grandfather. She reminisced how her grandfather had been her biggest fan and never missed even a single episode of her show. Incidentally, the actress’s grandfather had also visited the sets of the show in Hyderabad to watch the filming of the epic war sequences between Lord Ram and Ravana. Talking about her grandfather’s sad demise, an emotional Madirakshi said, “It was shocking. I could barely regain my composure. I was very close to my grandfather. He never missed a chance to tell me how beautifully I’m doing my job as an actress. He always wished to travel to Hyderabad just to watch me act. Luckily, he did visit the sets a few weeks ago. Despite his deep felt absence, I am happy that he is up there watching over me.”

  3. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    guys , priya di told she will not be able to comment on todays episode . she got hit by a bike this morning and has high fever and has some scratches too . she told she will visit this page tmrw evening . she asked me to convey my apology to u guys .

  4. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow a nice epi but i did not heared ahiravan captured ram and lakshman in dis way and in dis time.. when they were sleeping he captures ram and lakshman to pataal and when they wake they will be in pataal and hanuman comes to save both.. and ram and lakshman will kill ahi and mahiravana.. and happy for sulochana…

  5. Anushya


    |Registered Member

    so emotional episode…. poor sulochana…. in a few days even mandodari will be in the same state…. so sorry for both of them… and sorry to hear the news of madirakshi di losing her grandfather…. yes skr fan i too have heard the story that way…. wonder why it is different here

  6. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    actually sulochana did sati and when she was doing so she consoled her children by saying they will be safe in the hands of Vibhishana, thus predicting the death of Ravana.

  7. Bijay Bhusan Meher

    What the hell. You can’t edit a katha or ramayan as your wish. It’s not the way to change the tale of ramayan as wished. I am feeling ashamed and will never see this programme after this repeated faking a such a great and holy tale. Though the show is made from sita view point,but such unnecessary action sequence are bu**sh*t. Utter nonsense.

  8. Preethi

    no problem belle di, i am from tn and i study in 8th grade .i am really sorry but i cant give out any more personal information .pls forgive me

  9. Preethi

    i really hope priya recovers soon.eventhough she doesnt know me since i am a new member i am still waiting for her arrival

  10. Stuti27


    |Registered Member

    Sulochana did commit sati and yes I agree with u all ahiravan didn’t kidnap ram lakshman in this manner …… sorry 2 say but tday ‘s epi was a bit disappointing …..

  11. joy

    Awesome episode……. SKR shown many varieties of story…. But main story is same…… Enjoy this type of new twist…… Waiting for tomorrow…… 😀😀💚

  12. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Sulochana committed sati….. Skr really disappointed today ☹ didn’t expect it
    Anyways sulochana was lookin gorgeous, what say??

  13. Sudeshna


    |Registered Member

    Episode was marvellous any ways the story of ahiravan is same na so lets enjoy it.. Sita stoping sulochana was,very good…. Loved the episode..👌👌👌👌

  14. Sudeshna


    |Registered Member

    Preethi and tharu di welcome to iur sweetezt skr family u will have a nice time with us i am swastika from jamshedpur and i study in 7

  15. Stuti27


    |Registered Member

    Welcome preeti and tharu di I’m stuti I’m also from TN and in 9th grade …. hope ull have a nyc time here …..

  16. Preethi

    thanks for the warm welcome stuti and swastika .i am really excited to be a part of your family.

  17. Preethi

    thank you thanmati di !!!it is a pleasure to be here and belle di your dp is awesome .i love it .

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