Siya Ke Ram 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids asking Hanuman for some food. Hanuman says hunger…. The boy asks him to give them fruits first and then Hanuman can eat. Hanuman thinks what to give them. He gives them fruits and asks them to share it. The boy says just two bananas for us. The other boy says we should share these two bananas and Hanuman will eat all fruits alone. Hanuman sits and eats plenty of food. Jai ho pavan putra hanuman…. They look at him. Hanuman finishes many fruits. The boys say Hanuman has ended all bananas, and now other fruits will end too. Hanuman finishes lemons. The boy gets angry seeing this.

Hanuman ends all fruits in some time. He gets up and turns to the boys. The boy hides the two bananas. Hanuman says I think you guys are not hungry, you all did not eat two bananas, I can’t

see bananas’ insult, give it to me. He eats the two bananas too. He asks why are you seeing me like this. The boy says we all are still hungry, and you ate all fruits. Hanuman says why did you not say before. The boy says we told you, you don’t listen to anything once you see fruits. Hanuman says let me think of something, come with me.

Sita asks Laxman did he understand what she said. He says yes, don’t worry. She asks him to keep Ram busy, Ram should not know till I end my work. Laxman says you go and come soon, I will manage, will work end on time. She says sure Laxman. He says you don’t need to go anywhere far, you will get everything close to river. She says sure. She smiles and leaves. Laxman gets tensed seeing Ram coming.

Ram asks Laxman where is Sita. Laxman worries to lie….. He smiles and says Sita has gone to make some drawing. Ram says drawing, come we will go to her. Laxman says why don’t we meet ashram people today. Ram likes the idea and says come. Laxman gets relieved.

The boy asks Hanuman why are you getting us here, what will we get here to have food. Hanuman laughs and says you will get red fruits here. The boy asks where. Hanuman says there it is. The boys look around. The boy says we don’t see any fruits, its just leaves here. Hanuman laughs and lifts the long trailing, sprawling plants. All the melons fall. The boys get glad. Hanuman asks them to eat, as they were hungry. The boys are unable to break the water melon. Hanuman breaks melons and gives them. The boy says it was tasty. Hanuman says the day was spent good today, from tomorrow, we will practice, come on time, go home now. A boy stops. Hanuman asks why did you stop. The boy says I want to go with you, the high point where you sit alone and look on, I want to see whats there, its my request, take me there.

Sita reaches the lake and smiles. She takes some mud from the water bed. Bhoomija….plays……………. Sunlight strikes her. She continues her work. She forms some mud.

Kaikeyi says since childhood I tried to not become like my mum and not take any selfish decision. She recalls her mum and dad. FB shows Ashwapati laughing. His wife asks the reason. He says there is no reason. She says it means you were laughing on me. He says no, the thing was something else, but I can’t tell you. She asks why. He says I did not hide anything from you, I can’t tell you, its about the vardaan, if I tell anyone, I can die. She says you worry for your life, what about my self esteem which got hurt, you are selfish. He says you are selfish, you love your self esteem than my life. she says yes, I do, you are hiding things from me. He says what type of wife are you, whats left in our relation then, I end relation with you right away. FB ends. Kaikeyi says I also did not care for my husband’s life and ruined my family, just like my mum.

Hanuman gets that boy with him. The boy smiles seeing the mountain peak. Hanuman asks him to come, hold me tight. He takes the kid and flies. Jai ho….plays……………

The people in ashram welcome Ram heartily. They talk what they heard about Ram’s great deeds. The man says Raghu is lucky to get you, there are many mothers here whose children could not be found now. Ram assures them that there is no need to be afraid of the Rakshaks, and promises them that he will end the torture, and free them of the terror. Laxman looks on. The man says our fear got less by your saying, we will be thankful to you all our lives. The men leave. Ram says Laxman, our real test in vanvaas will start now, we have to do Kshatriya Dharm along with Sanyaasi Dharm, its imp to protect the Rishis and end this Rakshaks terror. Laxman says sure.


The boy asks Hanuman whose sign is this. Hanuman looks at Ram’s sketch. Ram meets Sita. He says I was worried, and that’s why I was finding you. Sita says if I get lost then… Ram says I will do anything to find you, as I can’t live without my Sita. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Thanmathi

    Won’t be commenting much today. WW I can’t find Yazhini’s comment today will notify you when I find it. Iquara what is ur fb name dear it’s OK if u don’t want to share it in a public website mine is Thanmathi Rajendran

  2. Wow what a pleasure….the fruits was equal to ten plates of rajdhani !! ??if I would eat it I should be having fast for 5 months !! Wow !! Lakshman got into trouble….. !! 😉 good filling episode

  3. akanksha sharma

    much awaited part of ramayan has started hanuman gatha… very much exited… to watch….. much appreciated attire of hanuman… i love the look…. wht abt u guyzz… siya var ramchandra ki jai pavan putra hanuman ki jai…. hllo 2 all.. hw r u all my sis and bros

  4. dia

    Thanqq for soo fast update Amena……

    Hy everyone out there……

    I don’t think u remember me cuz no one replies to me 🙁

    but i remember u all nd luv uu…..

    Listened to bhoomija after a long time……

    Guys i don’t coMment but i read all the analysis and ffs……they all are awsm

    TU plz post thiw cmnt

    luv u all

    SKR rocks

  5. Joshna

    Miss the epiosde was good. Hanuman’s scene were cute and funny too. The precap was good. Waiting for tom episode.

  6. Awesome episode. …..hanuman scene was awesome. ….sita ,Lakshman and ram scene was also awesome. ….precap is soooooo romantic. ….☺

  7. priya

    Today’s episode was awesome. The way hanuman eats all the fruits and the kids staring at him is so funny

  8. Brindha (brindu)

    Hi everyone…. How r u all????
    Nice episode….
    Precap was awesome….
    Get well soon nidhi di….
    Missing u a lot…..
    Sanju be calm and don’t get so tensed …. We all believe u ….
    Hey everyone I am changing my name brindha to brindha (brindu) as many of u r getting confused with my name and brindha di’s name….
    Ww di… I didn’t see any comment posted by u yesterday….
    Sumi is missing…

  9. Sanjana

    Thanx gokulkrishnan bro for neenga ennava nalla thitnathiku
    Sorry na konju over than tensionaitta
    Thanx for suggestion. Mudula reset panidra and bro for commenting on My analysis I don’t know if I am so mature an all and when I have people like u to encourage and inspire I am able to write
    Jai siya ram
    Thanx sanjana(Sara) for trusting me sis
    Thanx supreetha(soups) for u lovely msg
    And I loved both u are analysis
    Keep going dear. Really they are thought provoking
    And about the episode do u like hanuman the actor
    The precap was nice and this mean Sitas abduction soon
    Laxman is caught between bhaiya and bhabhi ?
    Sita and nature I love the connect and the bg makes it more pleasant
    Nature is the best teacher
    And ram has decided to free the world of rakchas. Good will prevail over evil .the purpose of vanvas
    He didn’t have to follow Kshatriya dharm yet he takes responsibility this is what makes him God
    Jai siya ram
    And thanx Zara Di for ur constant support in my analysis and urs too are really good Di and di can u tell me something about Islam basically I don’t know much pls some story of prophet something
    And I had asked u how is the book ascent of Sita
    And has Skr completely ignored Sita anyusa convo
    Hope it is shown
    They are showing even small things such as kaikeyi father story but somehow I feel is this a reason to break a relation
    Isn’t it being too short tempered shouldn’t they think about children
    I am not saying kaikeyi maa is right she feels insecure
    Where there is to trust there is no relation but they could have given their relation a chance is my opinion

  10. Sarayu(honey)

    Precap is awesome. I love this serial. Superb acting, effects, dialogues,scenes and everything is wonderful☺????


    precap interesting…… ram’s sketch wow!!!!!!!!

    siya ram scene samma….. waiting eagerly for it

  12. Sanjana

    1. Who to the father’s father of lord krishna?
    2. What is the name of the conshell of sahadeva?

    4. Who was the monkey father of hanuman?
    5. Who was the son of archeitect vishwakarma in the ramayana?
    6. What is the name of the bow of krishna?
    7. Who is the son of chitrangada and arjuna?
    8. What was the other name of kunthi?
    9. What is the name of balarama’s club?
    10. Who is the father of yamuna devi?

    (3)      Which forest did Rama leave to immediately after banishment from Ayodhya?

    (a)    Naimisha            (b)    Dandaka

    (c)    Prasra-vana            (d)    Lanka

    (4)      Who in Ramayana was known as “Dashakanta” ?

    (a)    Rama            (b)    Dashartha

    (c)    Ravana            (d)    Vibhishan

    (7)      Who was Valis wife?

    (a)    Anasuya            (b)    Mandodari

    (c)    Urmila            (d)    Tara

    Pls answer this quiz

    I guess Rams face bhoomija Di
    Welcome back akanksha Di
    Dia missed u a lot so do u like my analysis


        name balaram’s club gada

        other nmae of kunti santi

        conshell of shahadev sughosa….

        remaining i dont know….

      • Actually Yamuna’s father is Yama. I’m sure for 10,000%. There is a story behind it.

        We all know Yama is the king of hell he gives punishment to the people who gained papas in their life. His daughter who was kind enough once went to her father Yama and told , ‘you give punishment to one who are bad. I want people who make Misery’s come and land on me and I will erase all their papas !! So still its said that if we take bath or jalasparsham in yamuna we can gain punya


        no actually as far as i had heard n read its said that yamuna’s brother was yamadhramaraja…..

      • No we he is not her brother !! I’m sure . here some people do upanyasams or preech abt god’s life. He only shared this incident . he can’t be wrong.

    • nupur


      (3)prasara vana(not so sure)

      pls provide the answers of d other que n tell me how many i got correct…

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      1. Vasudeva
      2. Sughosha
      3. Ke sari
      4. Nala
      5. Saranga
      8. Sunanda
      9. Surya
      10. Dandaka
      11. Ravana
      12. Tara
      The other name for Kunti as I know is Pritha I don’t know about the options given sorry ?


        ya actually u r correct…. as far as i know other name of kunti was pritha……. since there was no choice i gave santi……

  13. Sanjana

    One day, Mickey Mouse asks Donald Duck to tell him Ramayana.

    Donald duck is impressed and starts reading verses from Ramayana.

    Mickey Mouse continues to listen. After completing the whole Ramayan, Donald Duck lets out a big sigh and asks Mickey Mouse, “Mickey Mouse, tell me… who was the father of Lord Ram?”

    Mickey Mouse cannot. Angry, Donald duck, again asks, ” Mickey Mouse!!! tell me… what was the capital of Ram’s kingdom!”

    Mickey Mouse cannot answer again.

    Infuriated, Donald Duck kicks Mickey Mouse hard, and MickeyMouse goes and collides with a wall. As soon as he collides with the wall,he gets up and starts saying verses of Ramayana from start to end….

    How did this happen???

    Think Think….

    After hitting the wall, Mickey becomes Wall-Mickey (Valmiki)…

    ……. Bolo Jai Shree Ram

    I hope I have not hurt anybody just found it on the net and thought of sharing

  14. priya

    Awesome episode the scene in which hanuman goes on eating and the boys seeing it is funny.even lakshman gets into trouble.The precap was good. Waiting for next episode


    lakshman really superb…… he never looks at siya’s face and talk….. he respects her so much…… really loved….. and now his old look………

  16. Sanjana

    Ram title song
    Mangalum arulum thingalin mugame
    engalin manadhil sugangalai tharume
    punidhanin swarisame saba vinochanam
    bhagavan dharisanam paava vinasanam
    Kesavan naamathai kurida kurida
    nenjathil inbam thaenaga ooridam
    enniya tharunam puniyam moolam
    kan mun thondri tharum anandham
    yaar arivar indha arutperu bhandham
    moovulagam potrum aadhiyin nandham

    Swayamwar songs

    Aadhavan oliyai pol vandhu nindrane
    ambuli nigarthavan kulumai thandhane
    poongodi seedhaiyin vendudhal indri
    punniyan arulal kooduma nandre
    aavaiyin vizhigalil padhindhula rubam
    pal uyir kaathidum paraman swarubam
    nenjam niraindhavan vendriduvaane
    nal arul purindhidum dheena dhayane

    dhanusin kelviku vidai thara vandhan
    jagathinil vazhum jeevanuku ellam
    jeevaradhanam shree ramanin naamam
    janaki vizhigalalil padhindhulla uruvame
    veeram konde suyamvaram vellume
    vaigundam vazhum deiveega vimbam
    vaiyagam kaathida nal arul puriyum

    Sorry non tamilian sustained wanted to share this

  17. Sanjana

    Kamsa was told by a mystical voice that Devaki’s 8th son shall kill Kamsa himself.

    So he puts Vasudeva (Devaki’s husband) and Devaki in a cell, and whenever they have a child, he goes and mercilessly kills him/her.

    If he was so desperate to stop his death, then why didn’t he put Devki and Vasudev in different cells? That would stop any child from coming.

    Actually this joke was circulated in what’s app but do we have a answer for this

  18. Jessy

    Actually I am a Christian and Jesus gave up his life for the sins of people and gave chance for repentance
    In which way was ur Lord ram great
    I really want to know


      Thank u…. i had heard lot about Jesus’s greatness…… glad that there are people who still respect other religions………..

    • Sanjana

      Dear jessy I am from convent school so have a fair knowledge about Christianity
      Jesus gave up his life for the sins and showed the right path and did of uddhar but Ramji
      It’s totally different he lead by example he protected and showed the way for people
      He was a leader ,he showed the pros and cons of a imperfect society
      He too went through lot of difficulties like he had to banish Sita due to raj dharm( intolerance of people) but the world is still intolerant I should say
      Ram was born in India so we have a better connect
      I hope u got it or to be more precise will tell tomorrow


    Note to all new comers:

    see we have group in fb and twitter but pls dont request us to join u all also in that group…..

    i m sorry but only after we gain trust on u we will be able to add……

    bcoz some will purposely try to follow us and u know…..

    sorry to hurt u all but pls do try understand…..

    we might individually accept u as frnd but cant accept in group so soon….. pls understand


    Sanju regarding the fake….

    the msg got removed…. i m thankful to tu….

    actually i dont know ur id…. i just ur name…… id i dont see anyone’s id in fan club site also until they ask me my id……

    i dont think it might from my side….. bcoz only my close frnds n my mom n sis knew about me in tu…… i dont think they would have played this prank…..

    i think they must have used their id and logged in gravatar n would have set the same dp…..

    so if u wish for time being change ur dp which can be found no where else in the world except in ur computer…..

    create ur own……

    and i dont have any doubt on u….. and pls dont worry about all such comments…… i know about each everyone in skr family…..

    i m not boosting about myself but with ur comments i can just tell about ur character……

    so not only ur name but whoever he uses nothing will happen on my trust…..

    concentrate on ur studies…. leave this to me…. i will check it out with it…..

    • Sanjana

      Di I am really happy that the msg is removed
      I knew the mistake would not be from ur side
      And also about email id I fan site just had a doubt if it gets displayed
      Thanks for clarifying
      Yes Di I think they used my dp because really no one except my parents know about me visiting this page
      Will change the dp soon
      Thanks for ur advice
      Thanx Di for ur trust
      And I will surely focus on my studies as I have a Di to rely on
      And I think I won’t comment tomorrow as u said I have to study
      Jai Siya ram
      Thanx again Di for taking responsibility and handling maturely
      U are my inspirational elder di?

  21. Hello everyone nice episode! Loved the scene of hangman eating and bhumuja..a mesmerising song..and ok hope all had ur delicuous dinner right? Please comment ur dinner! I ate upma and yours???


      haha…. why not??? but dont know whether tu will post it…….

      i had dosa with my fav coconut chutni…. and sorry for the comment on 14th april……..

      n yes hanuman’s eating scene made remember the meeting bheem n hanuman in mb…

      And may i know in which class u r in???? sry f personal……..

      Okay bye all…… gudnyt have sweet dreams……

  22. nupur

    Funny epi…especially Hanuman’s scene…didn’t get time to watch though….Lakshman scene was also hilarious,he is always scared of d fact tht he can’t lie to his beloved Ram bhaiya n eventually Ram comes to know about d truth…

    How r u my dear bro n sis???..hope u all r fine….
    couldn’t comment yesterday as network problem….

    SRINIDHI,yes i have read Amish’s Shiva triology…have u read his new book scion of not able to read it…but his Shiva triology was one of my favourite…just loved it to the core…do tell me who all r ur favourite writers….

    NITA dear,how r u???missed u a lot…ya gave my engineering entrance don’t know wat will b its preparing for my medical entrance xams…wat r u doing now?

    SANJANA don’t take tension about tht fake comment…we trust u completely tht u wuldn’t hav said it…bcos we all know what a good and beautiful person u r frm ur heart…so no worries n about tht cbse/icse..u still hav one whole year,think properly n decide considering all d pros n cons…all d best for ur bright future…

    ZARA do share some stories of Islam..m eager to read them

    BHOOMI dear…i have sent requet to u in fb…my id’s short form is CRD…

    WW cn u tell me d group name of SKR Family in fb…i too wanna join it….n can u teach me how to attach links in comments…

    DIA n RACHU DI welcome back…missed u both a lot…dia do write some songs again for d page n all d best for ur 12th n rachu di do give 1 comment at least daily..miss u

    Sorry for writing such a long message…pls bear with me…have a test tomorrow so gotta study…



      hi di….. i m f9…… hw r u???? its okay di….. haha true di…. lakshman cant hide things easily……… especially when he had a chat with urmila….. OMG i still love that episode……

      in fb the group name is happy family but u need any of the members in it to add u……. so u can send request to ishita, hari (she in out of station now), iqura, sanjana (sara) r to me……. mine is rithushree ( note that s not my real name)

      and about the links u need to just copy the URL of the website r pic r whatever u want to share and then ctrl v on the comment box….. thats all…….

      hope u r clear with it di…….. if not pls let me know…..

      • nupur

        Thnx 4 ur help dear…by d way wats d dp in ur fb account…mine is a girl with a camera n my name’s short form is CRD…m saying dis so tht u won’t get confused wen i send u a fend request….plz reply…



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    visiting skr page self will be difficult……. so sorry all…….. i know u wont forget me…….

    okay bye all i had been in online for very long time……


      hey dont worry guys i will try to be in active in skr page…….

      sanju yes gokul bro told its on april 21……..

      and sorry to my twitter frnds i wont be coming from monday to twitter……. will try to chat with u all today as much as possible…… bcoz cleaning work will start from trmw as chittari thiruviila is nearing…….. day after trmew meenakashi amman’s thirukalayanum……

  24. Sanjana

    I have read shiva trilogy dear srinidhi
    I loved it but the scion of ikshvaku was not convincing
    Any other book recommendations not only related to mythology anything u read recently pls share as I am kinda book addict
    The maximum pages in a book I have read is 1200
    Any good book to break that record
    U all have holidays now so pls share any good books
    But I don’t read romantic novels anything else is fine even if it’s really sad

    I wanted to ask u all since long
    What are ur hobbies I shared a few things in the 14th April update but few comments didn’t get posted
    As I said reading books and magazines like readers digest and infinite thoughts
    Does anybody read these
    What are ur other hobbies now that u have holidays like
    I love to help my cousin who bakes delicious bakery stuff
    And what is the greatest opportunity u have got in life till now that made u come out of ur comfort zone
    Mine is debate in front of 2000 students. I had nightmares about it but it went well
    And that day I mentioned about my extracurricular activities
    Any classes u have attended u would like to share and
    Any peculiarities in ur lifestyle
    It would be better if u share ur interest for we can interact well
    For eg cricket
    And the most adventurous situation till date
    Mine I have to think give some time
    What are the other shows u watch in tv
    I don’t watch any except skr

    U can answer selected questions if u wish
    Just would like to know about my sister
    It’s ok I won’t mind if u don’t want to share as this is a public site

    And I post answers for quiz tomorrow
    Good night

    • nupur

      Hi Sanjana…if u wanna read some books…do look into Wuthering Heights,Jane Eyre…or some classics of great English writers u know of…if u want to read comedy,check some books of Roald Dahl…his books r comic n also teach u to be clever n street-smart….or u cn read some autobiographies…hey did u happen to read Game Of Thrones…actually my friend read n told me to read but i don’t have time now….
      Do share what books u have read???
      Keep reading?

      • Sanjana

        I have read withering heights and Roald Dahl books but will try game of thrones
        And about my suggestion I am going out I will give in the evening

  25. About islam
    Islam is a verbal noun originating from the triliteral root s-l-m which forms a large class of words mostly relating to concepts of wholeness, submission, safeness and peace. In a religious context it means “voluntary submission to God”. Islām is the verbal noun of Form IV of the root, and means “submission” or “surrender”. Muslim, the word for an adherent of Islam, is theactive participle of the same verb form, and means “one who submits” or “one who surrenders”. Believers demonstrate submission to God by serving God, following his commands, and rejecting polytheism. The word sometimes has distinct connotations in its various occurrences in the Qur’an. In some verses, there is stress on the quality of Islam as an internal conviction: “Whomsoever God desires to guide, He opens his heart to Islam.”
     Islam, by its own inner logic, embraces every possible facet of existence, for God has named Himself al-Muḥīṭ, the All-Embracing.
    Other verses connect Islām and dīn (usually translated as “religion”): “Today, I have perfected your religion (dīn) for you; I have completed My blessing upon you; I have approved Islam for your religion.” Still others describe Islam as an action of returning to God—more than just a verbal affirmation of faith.In the Hadith of Gabriel, islām is presented as one part of a triad that includes imān(faith), and ihsān (excellence), where islām is defined theologically as Tawhid, historically by asserting that Muhammad is messenger of God, and doctrinally by mandating five basic and fundamental pillars of practice.
    1 Allaha (God )
    Islam’s most fundamental concept is a rigorous monotheism, called tawḥīd(Arabic: توحيد‎). God is described in chapter 112 of the Qur’an as: “Say: He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like
    unto Him.”(112:1-4) Muslims and Jewsrepudiate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity and divinity of Jesus, comparing it to polytheism. In Islam, God is beyond all comprehension and Muslims are not expected to visualize God. God is described and referred to by certain names or attributes, the most common being Al-Rahmān, meaning “The Compassionate” and Al-Rahīm,
    meaning “The Merciful” 
    Muslims believe that the creation of everything in the universe was brought into being by God’s sheer command, “‘Be’ and so it is,” and that the purpose of existence is to worship God. He is viewed as a personal god who responds whenever a person in need or distress calls him. There are no intermediaries, such as clergy, to contact God who states, “I am nearer to him than (his) jugular vein.”Allāh is the term with no plural or gender used by Muslims and Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews to reference God, while ʾilāh (Arabic: إله‎) is the term used for a deity or a god in general. Other non-Arab Muslims might use different names as much as Allah, for instance “Tanrı” in Turkish, “Khodā” in Persian orḴẖudā in Urdu.
    2 angles
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    Pictorial depictions of angels are generally avoided in Islamic Art, as the idea of giving form to anything immaterial is not accepted.Muslims believe that angels can not be seen with the naked eye, and prophets such as Muhammad received revelation from them only in a spiritual sense. Since Muslims do not believe in image-representations of celestial beings, they therefore do not share the perceptions of angelic pictorial depictions, such as those found in Western Art.
    3 revelation
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    The Qur’an (literally, “Reading” or “Recitation”) is viewed by Muslims as the final revelation and literal word of God and is widely regarded as the finest literary work in the Arabic language.
    Muslims believe that the verses of the Qur’an were revealed to Muhammad by God through the archangel Gabriel (Jibrīl) on many occasions between 610 CE until his death on June 8, 632.[52] While Muhammad was alive, all of these revelations were written down by his companions (sahabah), although the prime method of transmission was orally through memorization.
    The Qur’an is divided into 114 suras, or chapters, which combined, contain 6,236 āyāt, or verses. The chronologically earlier suras, revealed at Mecca, are primarily concerned with ethical and spiritual topics. The later Medinan suras mostly discuss social and moral issues relevant to the Muslim community.
    The Qur’an is more concerned with moral guidance than legal instruction, and is considered the “sourcebook of Islamic principles and values”.Muslim jurists consult the hadith (“reports”), or the written record of Prophet Muhammad’s life, to both supplement the Qur’an and assist with its interpretation. The science of Qur’anic commentary and exegesis is known as tafsir.
    The set of rules governing proper pronunciation is called tajwid.

    Muslims usually view “the Qur’an” as the original scripture as revealed in Arabic and that any translations are necessarily deficient, which are regarded only as commentaries on the Qur’an.

    rest of thing I’ll tell tommorow…….hope u all like it …..bye good night

  26. I’m continuing ….from where I left

    4 -prophets
    Muslims identify the prophets of Islam (Arabic: أنۢبياء‎ anbiyāʾ ) as those humans chosen by God to be his messengers. According to the Qurʼan, the prophets were instructed by God to bring the “will of God” to the peoples of the nations. Muslims believe that prophets are human and not divine, though some are able to perform miracles to prove their claim. Islamic theology says that all of God’s messengers preached the message of Islam—submission to the will of God. The Qurʼan mentions the names of numerous figures considered prophets in Islam, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, among others.
    Muslims believe that God finally sent Muhammad as the last law bearing prophet (Seal of the Prophets) to convey the divine message to the whole world (to sum up and to finalize the word of God). In Islam, the “normative” example of Muhammad’s life is called the Sunnah (literally “trodden path”). Muslims are encouraged to emulate Muhammad’s actions in their daily lives and the Sunnah is seen as crucial to guiding interpretation of the Qur’an.
    This example is preserved in traditions known as hadith, which recount his words, his actions, and his personal characteristics. Hadith Qudsi is a sub-category of hadith, regarded as verbatim words of God quoted by Muhammad but is not part of the Quran.

    A hadith involves two elements- a chain of narrators, called sanad, and the actual wording, called matn. Hadiths can be classified, by studying the narration, as “authentic” or “correct”, called Sahih (Arabic: صَحِيْح‎), “good”, calledḤasan (Arabic: حَسَن‎) or “weak”, called Ḍaʻīf (Arabic: ضَعِيْف‎) among others.Muhammad al-Bukhari collected over 300,000 hadith, but only included 2,602 distinct hadith that passed the tests that codified them as authentic into his book Sahih al-Bukhari, which is considered by many to be the most authenticsource after the Quran.

    5 Resurrection and judgement
    Belief in the “Day of Resurrection”, Yawm al-Qiyāmah (Arabic: يوم القيامة‎) is also crucial for Muslims. They believe the time of Qiyāmah is preordained by God but unknown to man. The trials and tribulations preceding and during the Qiyāmahare described in the Qur’an and the hadith, and also in the commentaries ofscholars. The Qur’an emphasizes bodily resurrection, a break from the pre-Islamic Arabian understanding of death.
    On Yawm al-Qiyāmah, Muslims believe all mankind will be judged on their good and bad deeds and consigned to Jannah (paradise) or Jahannam (hell). The Qurʼan in Surat al-Zalzalah describes this as, “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it (99:7) and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it (99:8).” The Qurʼan lists several sins that can condemn a person to hell, such as disbelief in God (Arabic: كفر‎ kufr), and dishonesty; however, the Qurʼan makes it clear God will forgive the sins of those who repent if he so wills. Good deeds, such as charity, prayer and compassion towards animals,  will be rewarded with entry to heaven. Muslims view heaven as a place of joy and bliss, with Qurʼanic references describing its features and the physical pleasures to come. Mystical traditions in Islam place these heavenly delights in the context of an ecstatic awareness of God.
    Yawm al-Qiyāmah is also identified in the Qur’an as Yawm ad-Dīn (Arabic: يوم الدين‎), “Day of Religion”;[68] as-sāʿah (Arabic: الساعة‎), “the Last Hour”;and al-Qāriʿah(Arabic: القارعة‎), “The Clatterer”.

    6 divine will
    The concept of divine will is referred to as al-qadā wa’l-qadar (Arabic: قدر‎), which literally derives from a root that means to to measure. Everything, good and bad, is believed to have been decreed.



    The Pillars of Islam (arkan al-Islam; also arkan ad-din, “pillars of religion”) are five basic acts in Islam, considered obligatory for all believers. The Quran presents them as a framework for worship and a sign of commitment to the faith. They are (1) the creed (shahadah), (2) daily prayers (salat), (3) almsgiving (zakah), (4) fasting during Ramadan and (5) the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj) at least once in a lifetime if you are financially and physically able to. Both Shia and Sunnisects agree on the essential details for the performance of these acts.
    1 Testimony
    The Shahadah, which is the basic creed of Islam that must be recited underoath with the specific statement: “‘ašhadu ‘al-lā ilāha illā-llāhu wa ‘ašhadu ‘anna muħammadan rasūlu-llāh”, or “I testify that there is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.” This testament is a foundation for all other beliefs and practices in Islam. Muslims must repeat the shahadah in prayer, and non-Muslims wishing to convert to Islam are required to recite the creed.

    2 Prayer
    Ritual prayers, called Ṣalāh or Ṣalāt (Arabic: صلاة), must be performed five times a day. Salat is intended to focus the mind on God, and is seen as a personal communication with him that expresses gratitude and worship. Salat is compulsory but flexibility in the specifics is allowed depending on circumstances. The prayers are recited in the Arabic language, and consist of verses from the Qur’an. The prayers are done with the chest in direction of the kaaba though in the early days of Islam, they were done in direction of Jerusalem.
    A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims, who often refer to it by
    its Arabic name, masjid. The word mosque in English refers to all types of buildings dedicated to Islamic worship, although there is a distinction in Arabic between the smaller, privately owned mosque and the larger, “collective” mosque (masjid jāmi’). Although the primary purpose of the mosque is to serve as a place of prayer, it is also important to the Muslim community as a place to meet and study. In Medina, Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, or the Prophet’s Mosque, was also a place of refuge for the poor.Modern mosques have evolved greatly from the early designs of the 7th century, and contain a variety of architectural elements such as minarets.
    3 Alms-giving
    “Zakāt” (Arabic: زكاة‎ zakāh “alms”) is giving a fixed portion of accumulated wealth by those who can afford it to help the poor or needy and for those employed to collect Zakat; also, for bringing hearts together, freeing captives, for those in debt (or bonded labour) and for the (stranded) traveller. It is considered a religious obligation (as opposed to voluntary charity) that the well-off owe to the needy because their wealth is seen as a “trust from God’s bounty”. Conservative estimates of annual zakat is estimated to be 15 times global humanitarian aid contributions.The amount of zakat to be paid oncapital assets (e.g. money) is 2.5% (1/40) per year,for people who are not poor. The Qur’an and the hadith also urge a Muslim to give even more as an act of voluntary alms-giving called Sadaqah.
    4 fasting
    Fasting, (Arabic: صوم‎ ṣawm), from food and drink (among other things) must be performed from dawn to dusk during the month of Ramadhan. The fast is to encourage a feeling of nearness to God, and during it Muslims should express their gratitude for and dependence on him, atone for their past sins, and think of the needy. Sawm is not obligatory for several groups for whom it would constitute an undue burden. For others, flexibility is allowed depending on circumstances, but missed fasts usually must be made up quickly.
    5 Pilgrimage
    The pilgrimage, called the ḥajj (Arabic: حج‎), has to be done during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah in the city of Mecca. Every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it must make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his or her lifetime. Rituals of the Hajj include: spending a day and a night in the tents in the desert plain of Mina, then a day in the desert plain of Arafat praying and worshiping God, following the foot steps of Abraham. Then spending a night out in the open, sleeping on the desert sand in the desert plain of Muzdalifah,
    then moving to Jamarat, symbolically stoning the Devil recounting Abraham’s actions. Then going to Mecca and walking seven times around theKaaba which Muslims believe was built as a place of worship by Abraham. Then walking seven times between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah recounting the steps of Abraham’s wife, while she was looking for water for her son Ismael in the desert before Mecca developed into a settlement.


    • nupur

      Wonderful thoughts dear…thnx for sharing n giving us some knowledge about Islam….good job n keep it up???

      • Sanjana

        Zara Di thanks a lot for sharing now I can understand ur religion
        Insha Allah
        Actually 3 words I searched the dictionary but if I have any doubt I will ask
        I am sorry if it took a long time
        Thanks again

      • Oye ……I’ll always here for u….if u have any problem…u can ask me…..It my pleasure that I told u all about my religion

  28. This is my small post in dis page!

    Some of the names and their meaning!

    Dasaratha: dasa means ten,ratha means chariot,it means that he is a man who can ride 10 chariots at the same time!
    Ayodhya: ayod means cant be deafeated! So ayodhya means a place which no one can defeat it!
    Ram: a man or God who always makes others happy and peace.
    Sita: sita literally means furrow! Since she got from the furrow of the underground soil,she was named so!
    Ravanan: a person who always makes others cry or sad! His name was suited to his character!
    Shurpanaka: A woman with negative minset but i think dis not right ione!
    Indrajith: the brave man who defeated devaraj indra and his real name was meghanath!
    Anjaneya: anjali or anjana was the mother of hanuman! So he was called as son of anjana or anjaneya!
    Thank u all!

    Gud night ! Lots of love to all!

  29. And another post: when Ram was fighting the war in lanka with ravana and his demons,he once got a confusion or doubt whether he can defeat ravana easily! So sage agastiya,who was seen in aranya kandam,thought ram a slogam named “Aditya hrudayam” in which it is for sun God as ram belong to suryavamsa! By chanting dis slogam daily lord ram defeated ravana easily! So it is believed that if we too chant dis slogam our fear of enemies will not be there and we will have more self confidence ib our success!

    Thank u!

    • nupur

      Thnks for d info…
      one question for u…r u girl or boy?…sorry didn’t mean to hurt you…just got confused….sorry again if you feel bad….

      • Oh ha ha no problem! My name itself indicate that i am a boy! K! I will also my tell the meaning of my name gokul means gokulam where lord krishna was brought up and krishna indicates lord krishna’s name do it means krishna livung in gokulam! But one qn
        Are u got confused with my name?

  30. Whatever I posted above about islam. ….it’s just an basic knowledge. ….it’s u want then I about prophets. islam established. …..about 2 different sect in Islam. …..stories of Prophet. ……


      Madirakshi Mundle as Sita

      Ashish Sharma as Ram

      Yukthi Kapoor as Urmila

      Karan Suchak as Lakshmana

      Prithvi Hatte as Mandavi

      Sujay Reu as Bharata

      Tanvi Madhyan as Shrutakirti

      Pratham Kunwar as Shatrughna

      Dalip Tahil as Dasharatha

      Snigdha Akolkar as Kaushalya

      Grusha Kapoor as Kaikeyi

      Sampada Vaze as Sumitra

      Zalak Desai as Shanta (Ram’s sister)

      Sanyogeeta Bhave as Manthara

      Bijay Anand as Janak

      Bhargavi Chirmule as Sunaina

      Hemant Choudhary as Kushadhwaja

      Anjali Rana as Chandrabhaga


      Sandeep Mohan as Vashistha

      Manish Wadhwa as Vishwamitra

      Jitendra Trehan as Yagyavalkya

      Sudesh Berry as Parashurama

      Richa Soni as Gargi

      Romanch Mehta as Shatananda

      Vinod Kapoor as Sumant


      Rohit Bakshi as Lord Shiva

      Rimpi Das as Goddess Parvati

      Raj Logani as God Indra

      Danish Akhtar Saifi as Hanuman

      Ananya Agarwal as young Sita

      Yash Mistry as young Rama

      Vedant Sawant as teenage Rama


      Piyali Munsi as Mandodari

      Karthik Jayaram as Raavana

      Sailesh Gulabani as Vibhishan

      Sara Khan as Surpanakha

      Pratima Kazmi as Kaikesi

      Kashmira Shah as Tadaka

      Pankaj Berry as Mayasura

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  34. Sanjana

    1. Eternal Hanuman
    Eternal Hanuman
    We have heard that the soul never dies and keeps reincarnating in one form or another…but in Hindu mythology, it is believed that some beings continue to live in the same form across the ages, Lord Hanuman being one of them. In any case, has anyone ever heard of Hanuman’s death?

    2. Is Hanuman still around?
    Is Hanuman still around?
    Legend has it that Hanuman is immortal because he was blessed that he would be available to the devotees of Rama for as long as Rama’s names and stories were on people’s lips.

    3. Footprints of hanuman?
    Footprints of hanuman?
    Such footprints of Hanuman apparently still exist in all those places where the monkey-god walked.

    4. Across the ages
    Across the ages
    The events described in the Ramayana happened in the Treta Yuga. The Mahabharata happened in the Dwapar Yuga and led to the advent of Kali Yuga. Yet, Hanuman was present across all those ages. How?

    5. In Kali Yuga
    In Kali Yuga
    A few learned and wise people have reported seeing him. Sage Madhavarcharya was said to have graced with Lord Hanuman’s visit in 13th Century AD. In early 1600s, Lord Hanuman apparently visit Tulsidas and inspired him to write the Hindi Ramayana. Ramadas Swami, Raghavendra Swami, Swami Ramdas and Sri Sathya Sai Baba have all been apparently granted darshan of Lord Hanuman as well.

    6. His place of residence?
    His place of residence?
    Want to know where he continues to live? His place of residence is said to be the Gandmadana mountain, near Rameshwaram, in India’s Tamil Nadu district.

    7. Comes alive when secret mantra is chanted?
    Comes alive when secret mantra is chanted?
    God Hanuman has the boon of immortality. He is said to be still alive. It is believed that he lives in jungles of Himalayas.

    8. Jai Bajrang Bali
    Jai Bajrang Bali
    He allegedly comes to human society to help devotees but remains invisible for them.

    9. The secret mantra
    The secret mantra
    However, there is a secret mantra which if chanted is said to make Hanuman appear before a devotee. The Mantra is: Kaaltantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu, Nirmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu

    10. Mantra in Hindi
    Mantra in Hindi
    (कालतंतु कारेचरन्ति एनर मरिष्णु , निर्मुक्तेर कालेत्वम अमरिष्णु)

    11. Two Conditions
    Two Conditions
    This Mantra is said to work only when the following two conditions are met: (1) The devotee should be aware of his/her soul’s relationship with Lord Hanuman.

    12. Second Condition
    Second Condition
    2) It is said that within 980 meters from the place where this Mantra is chanted, there should not be any human being who does not meet condition number one. That means, either there should be no other human being in the range of 980 meters or if there are human beings in this range, they should all meet condition number one, i.e. they should all be aware of their soul’s relationship with Lord Hanuman.

    13. Lanka effect
    Lanka effect
    This secret Mantra was said to be given by Lord Hanuman himself to some tribals who were living in jungles of Piduru Mountain. Piduru (full name “Piduruthalagala”) is tallest mountain of Sri Lanka.

    14. Lord Rama and Hanuman
    Lord Rama and Hanuman
    It is said that after Lord Rama ended his human life, Lord Hanuman came back from Ayodhya and started living in jungles.

    15. Hanuman in Jungles
    Hanuman in Jungles
    He had also apparently visited jungles of Lanka where Ravana’s brother Vibhishana was ruling. He spent many days in jungles of Lanka in memory of Lord Ram. At that time some jungle dwellers served Him.

    16. Hanuman on the Way
    Hanuman on the Way
    When he was said to be returning back from there, he gave this Mantra to those jungle dwellers and said, “I am pleased with your service and dedication towards me.

    17. Chant Mantra
    Chant Mantra
    “Whenever you want to see me, just chant this Mantra. I will come with the speed of light to meet you.”

    18. Hanuman is Immortal
    Hanuman is Immortal
    The chief of those tribals apparently said, “Lord, we will keep this Mantra secret but what if someone else gets this Mantra and starts misusing it?”

    19. Hanuman Replied
    Hanuman Replied
    Lord Hanuman replied, “Do not worry. This Mantra shall not work if the person who chants it is not aware of his/her soul’s relationship with me.”

    20. The Reality
    The Reality
    The tribal chief apparently asked, “Lord, You have given us the “Atman Gnan” therefore we know our soul’s relationship with you. We know about our past births and we know where will our souls go after our death.

    21. Atman Gnan
    Atman Gnan
    But what about our children? They will not have the “Atman Gnan”. They will not know their soul’s relationship with you. Therefore this Mantra shall not work for them!.”

    22. Promise
    Lord Hanuman apparently said, “I promise you that I will come to stay with your community every 41 years and give the Atman Gnan to your future generations too. Till the end of time your community will be able to chant this Mantra and see me anytime.”

    23. Tribal Community and Hanuman
    Tribal Community and Hanuman
    This tribal community allegedly still lives in a jungle village of Sri Lanka. They have managed to stay disconnected from modern world till now. Nobody knew about their connection with Lord Hanuman until last year when some explorers noticed their “unusual activities”.

    24. The Myth
    The Myth
    Later they came to know that those “unusual activities” were part of their ceremony called “Charan Pooja” which happens every 41 years when Lord Hanuman comes to visit them.

    25. Hari Darshan
    Hari Darshan
    They were apparently doing those “unusual activities” because Lord Hanuman was with them last year (in 2014). Only they were able to see him. For others he was invisible. Lord Hanuman apparently departed from them on 27th May 2014 after giving Atman Gnan to new members of their community. Now He will come again after 41 years i.e. in 2055. However they can chant the above Mantra and call Lord Hanuman whenever they want to have his darshan.

    26. The Bajrang Bali
    The Bajrang Bali
    Apparently, the head of their community is said to also maintain a logbook in which they note down minute to minute detail of what all Lord Hanuman did while He stayed with them. They record every word spoken by Lord Hanuman and every deed done by him. Details of Lord Hanuman’s recent 2014 journey are also said to be recorded in this logbook.

    27. The Ram Setu
    The Ram Setu
    This logbook is now apparently in possession of a spiritual organization called Setu Asia. Setu Masters are trying to decipher this logbook in their Ashram in foothills of Piduru mountain. However their work has been very slow. In last 6 months or so they have deciphered only three chapters till now.

    28. Hanuman Ji
    Hanuman Ji
    Thousands of devotees across the globe apparently wait for new chapters desperately because every new chapter takes them closer towards fulfilling condition number 1 of this Mantra. Once the condition is fulfilled, a devotee is said to be able to call Lord Hanuman anytime merely by chanting this Mantra.

    29. Chapter 1
    Chapter 1
    The Immortal Lord Hanuman arrives: describes how Lord Hanuman was seen on top of Piduru mountain last year. Lord tells story of past birth of a child who was born from two mothers.

    30. Chapter 2
    Chapter 2
    Hunting Honey with Lord Hanuman: Next day Lord Hanuman goes on a honey hunting trip with the jungle dwellers. What happens there is very thrilling.

    31. Chapter 3
    Chapter 3
    Lord Hanuman in web of Time: This is most enlightening chapter. This shloka’s meaning is enshrined in this chapter. For example, when we human beings think of time, we think of a clock. But when Gods think of time, they think of “strings of Time”. In this mantra the word “kaal tantu kaarecharanti” means “the one who moves in web of strings of time.”

    32. What do you think?
    What do you think?
    Do you think Hanuman is still alive? Do share your views in comments section

    • There is no evidence of hanuman death…….so I’m confused. ….no ans……

      I HAVE AN IDEA…….

      LET CHANT THAT MANTHAR. …SEE HANUMAN JI is coming or not…..let’s try it…….just joking. …..

      but if u see in history. ..who got the boon of immortality. …they all are dead. … some causes

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  36. Its said that Devi sita who got pleased with hanuman’s devotion and sincereity to ram had gave him a boon that he will live as chiranjeevi death .so hanuman is present everywhere,especially where the chanting of rama namam takes place! They found such foot prints of hanuman in Sri lanka

    • Even I had heard about that bhai hanuman is present everywhere were ramnam is chanted and for that reason only around all the hanuman temples ram name is written . I think that’s the reason by the way I m new here bhai

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    My best wishes are with u….. Always be confident…… do good deeds so that ur life is peaceful……. Never loss hope at any stage….. Just fight for ur rights……. There is someone who is helping and watching u…..

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