Siya Ke Ram 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita recalling Surpanakha’s incident. Surpanakha asks everyone did they see. Vibhishan gets worried. She asks did they see his insult, now I will inform that Asur chiefs and our thousands of soldiers are also killed, tell me now, who will take revenge for this. Raavan fumes with anger and walks to her. Raavan asks who did this, who was he. She asks him to promise, that he will take the revenge for this insult. Meghnadh says there is no doubt, just tell the name. Raavan says tell Surpanakha, who has made his family’s ruin definite by insulting Raavan’s sister. She says those Dandakaranya’s Sanyasis, who are your enemies, Ram….. They all get shocked.

Sita is worried. Ram gets up and sees her awake and worried at night. He says Sita…. She says whatever happened

I know everything, but if this did not happen, it would have been good, she is a woman, how this incident will affect her life, I can’t imagine this. He says you know our fate is decided by our deeds, deeds don’t see whether person is animal or human, man or female, rich or poor, what happened with Surpanakha is result of her deeds, Laxman did not attack her, but he was just protecting you. She says but we also did a bad deed. He says it will have a result for sure….

Meghnadh says allow me Pita Shri, if those Sanyasis see tomorrow’s sunrise, then its shameful for me. Raavan says no Mehgnadh, I will go there, this attack is not on Surpanakha, its on me and my prestige, its challenge to me, that’s why I will answer Ram and tell him whats an insult. He says Sanyasi, your birth was for some motive, that motive got completed now. He starts leaving. Malyavaan stops him and asks him not to decide in hurry, that Sanyasi is not an ordinary man, he has failed our army. Raavan says you mean we should be scared of those two Sanyasis, you are asking me to worry about the result. Malyavaan says no, I m saying we should make a plan and attack them such that their existence ends, we should present such example that anyone dies thinking of the fear before thinking about harming Raavan and his family. Everyone look on.

Ram tells Sita that what we did is for Dharm, we did not do any injustice till now, why should we worry then, why to have any fear of consequences.

Its morning, Ram, Laxman and Sita get back to their normal routine. Ram finds Sita still worried. Laxman tells Ram that Sita is very upset, I can’t see her like this, we have to do something to make her happy. Ram tells something to Laxman. Ram and Laxman smile and walk to Sita.

She says its still time for food preparation. Laxman says we did not come to have food, we can have some change, why don’t Ram and I make food today. She says you always said you like food made by me, then this today… he says I accept that you cook the best food, but its same food every day, why don’t we try anything else. Ram says Laxman is right, having same food every day is not making us have hunger for food, but we want some change, we will cook food. Sita says you mean you don’t want to have food cooked by me, do you both know making food. Laxman says yes, Ram knows cooking well, he used to make in Guru Vashisht’s ashram, I used to finish it all. She asks do you feel you can make food without my help. Ram and Laxman nod. She says fine, I will see what food you make and how.

Sugreev greets Tara. She asks did he get all teachings from Gandharao Raj. He says yes, I have become much stronger and killed. She says great, your Rajya Abhishek will happen in tomorrow’ Panchnami mahurat. He asks why so soon, I need some more time. She says any delay now won’t be good for Rajya and Praja, everyone has been waiting since long, I have decided your Rajya Abhishek will happen tomorrow. She goes.

Sugreev looks at the throne and gets upset. He says sorrow for Bali’s death did not get away from my heart and here Rajya Abhishek’s preparations are going on, don’t know where did my best friend Hanuman go. Hanuman comes there and says I m here friend. Sugreev turns and gets glad seeing him. He hugs Hanuman and asks where were you. Hanuman says I got to know about Bali, I was cheated, Rahu and Ketu cheated me and took me to Paatal lok, that’s why I could not reach here on right time. Sugreev gets shocked.

Ram asks Laxman for a big utensil. Laxman gets it. Sita says its big utensil, what will you cook in it. Ram says we will make food according to need, and asks Laxman to get water. He adds plenty of water. She asks what are you cooking. Ram says now you are disturbing. She says sorry, I feel whatever you are cooking is strange, but I will not ask anything now. Laxman naughtily smiles and sits with Ram. They both can’t manage anything and see Sita, who looks on silently.

Ram and Laxman eat guavas while cooking the food. Ram puts whole leafy vegetables in the pot. He smiles seeing Sita. The smoke troubles Ram and Laxman. They manage to ignite fire. Ram shows off his cooking skills. Ram says Laxman, just see what tasty food is prepared, it smells so good. Laxman says yes, why do I feel you forgot something. Ram says impossible, I m best in this art, I can’t forget anything. Sita says sometimes, even great cooks forget to add salt in food. Ram asks Laxman did you forget to add salt. Laxman says its smelling good, whats the need of salt, and you did not tell me. Ram says oh yes, this food does not need any salt, but when Sita has got salt by love, I will surely add this. He puts much salt and she looks on worried. Laxman asks Ram whatever we cooked, can we eat this, I m really hungry. Ram says what we cooked, we will know it once we get the pot/utensil off fire.

Surpanakha asks Raavan what is he waiting for, it seems he does not have any sorrow for her insult. He says I will punish them such that you will be happy and satisfied, where is she….…. Some lady walks in crying and with veil on her face. Malyavaan and Raavan smile. Its some man, who has worn woman’s clothes.

Vibhishan tells Surpanakha that you tried to win Ram by wrong methods even after knowing he is married and does not love you, there is still time, stop Raavan. She asks him to leave from here. He says I m afraid, the cost of your lie can be entire Lanka. She shouts not a word more. Raavan leaves from Lanka. Ram, Sita and Laxman are shown happy.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sanjana

    Semma epi
    Sita Navami 2016 – May 15 (Sunday)
    Goddess Lakshmi took birth as Sita in Treta yug in the kingdom of Mithila and the this birth anniversary is celebrated as Sita Navami. This festival is also known as Sita Jayanti . In some parts of India it is also called Janaki Navami. Maa Sita was also known as Janaki because she was the daughter of Janaka, the king of Mithila.

    Sita Navami is celebrated on the Navami tithi (9th day) of the Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Vaishakha month because Maa Sita was born on Navami and  married to Lord Rama who was coincidentally  born on the same tithi (day) during the Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra month. Vaishnavites celebrate this festival during Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month or Magh month. According to the Hindu calendar this festival falls
    I was lucky to visit mahalaxmi temple today am in Mumbai for vacation So won’t comment

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      No I don’t think so as there is no mention of Surpankha in Ramayana after dat.

  2. vanshika arora

    I think ram’ll agree 2 fetch d golden dear as sita is upset nowadays.. So he’ll try 2 cheer her up with it.

  3. Hi guys ……my result was not too good as I expected I only just get 88%???
    Maths 84
    English 92
    Computer 79
    Hindi 89
    Science 97
    SST 83
    too bad na……bye all good night sweet dreams

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      97 in science it’s awesome.. Lvd d,wy ram cukd food oh god he put So mch salt.. N d way siya said that even d best cooks forget to put salt awesome di.. Don’t get sad ? it’s awesome result di

    • Nupur

      Congrats Zara dear for ur results…don’t get disheartened dear it is also very good marks and take it in a positive way…think that it is a booster for u to score good marks in future…so don’t worry and l know u ll shine brighter than ever in ur future performances…hence keep smiling and stay blessed??

  4. vanshika arora

    2morrow episode vibhison told surpanakha that cz of her lie lanka’ll also suffer..bti yhink it became gpod fr lanka cz vibhison ws better king dn ravan…when hanuman set fire at lanka wasn’t any people of lanka ws hurt or burnt?didn’t ram scold or say anything to hanuman why he set fire cz sita ws also there & people might get hurt???

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      No I don’t think dat ram scolded Hanuman coz he knew that Hanuman can’t do anything wrong.. He trusted Hanuman.. N Vibhishan didn’t knew the results.. N Lanka hd tho suffer. How? Ravan’s army was killed n So their family had to suffer.. Hanuman burnt Lanka resulting in huge losses.. So Lanka suffered coz of Surpankha

  5. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hi al my friends I msd u a lt n hd a gr8 fun with my small sisters.. N elder sister and brother too.. Epi rckd n u knw I sw skr bth d days I ws der.. N my nanoo said that they l also hv 2c skr frm nw on as it rcks Mr den Sagar Ramayana as it didn’t shw all d scenes.. N d epi md Me laugh alot.. Ram put too much salt.. N lol ws d food ? cooked by him.. Wsh u a belated sita navami..

    Zara di ur rslt ws soo gd y r u upst?

    Y soo ls cments

  6. vanshika arora

    In chitrakut ram said he doesn’t know cooking. Bt ystrday laxman said ram used 2 cook foof in guru’s ashram.which 1 is true?

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Oh Ho. Ram doesn’t know cooking. He’s doing to cheer siya.. Wen she’ll Dem cuking foolishly she’ll laugh na

    • Meghana

      That was a joke di so that only when lakshman’s says that ram looks at him as he don’t know anything.this was just a act to make sita laugh.did u remember the time when ram’s hand get hurt wen he tries to cut vegetables or something.this proves ram don’t know how to cook???

  7. What to do from where will ram & Lakshman get google to do the cooking properly. Nice episode. Nice 2 c vibhishan & Mandodari again 🙂

  8. sathi

    Ami aisob akdomi dekte parci na.jotosob dong….ai tmadr vogoban ra baje vabe chola fera Kore tai tmrao live in relationship k value daw…biya na korei krishna r radha najaies somporko korse tai tmaro koro

    • vanshika arora

      Sathi dn’t try 2 fool members by speaking in Bengali… I also speak in Bengali… Stop ds or i’ll translate them in English that what stupid things u hv written..!!!

    • Meghana

      Neeku telivi ledhu nee lanti super talented picchi vallatho matladataniki maaku telivi lendhu…devudu neeku intha mind icchina we were safe.pure picchi,super picchi nuvvu
      I SPOKE IN TELUGU MADAM U CANT UNDERSTAND????? MyDearMADAM ???how is this????these ll b ur expressions right!!!!

    • Hi sathi dear,what’s wrong with u,why r u trying 2fool our members,it’s not right dear n a request sathi,plz don’t say anything wrong about our God n it’s vry bad sathi to hurt other faith,sry dear if i hurt u

    • Nupur

      Sathi dear l understand bengali very well though l don’t speak…l have noticed that in the past few days u have created a ruckus on the page and everyone has blasted on u for this…dear if u have any queries ask ur questions in a polite manner and m sure u ll get ur answers…

      Coming to ur question about Radha Krishna live in relationship..tell me when did they do it??? Maybe l might have missed that while reading the holy texts…but as far as l know they weren’t and please don’t insult our Gods in this manner…u have a right to ur opinion but before putting those gain proper knowledge about our scriptures and m very sure in every holy book their message is loud and clear that we should always be tolerant to other religions…
      Radha and Krishna had the purest form of love…don’t tag it as vulgar because if that was it then they wouldn’t have been worshipped…and l think my sisters have already clarified ur doubts on this question earlier too so l don’t need to elaborate it more…

      Now being in a live in relationship is a personal decision, we can’t change people’s views about it…but yes l don’t support it as it is my ideology and morals…but in no way u can say that Radha Krishna were involved in a live in relationship…please don’t hurt others religious sentiments and views and don’t make this page a Kurushetra battlefield where u ll create Mahabharata….

      I was very disheartened seeing the negativity fire that ur comments created and this page was once filled with beautiful quotes and comments…l want that page back…Sathi dear u have full right to place ur opinions as l believe in democracy, so place it but don’t place it in the way that people get hurt…and if u want u can too share ur religious views with us and m sure all the members of this page ll listen and try their best to clarify ur doubts?

      Have a great day dear…

    • Nupur

      Sathi dear, why r u scolding my sisters by calling them faltu and that too in Bengali which many won’t understand??? Please don’t hurt them by this and l believe u r not a bad person, so why don’t u join our family and m sure after joining it and interacting with my dearies u ll definitely know how sweet and beautiful they are from their hearts…please don’t insult them and keep grudges because ultimately u ll only suffer in the long run…so don’t become so negative minded dear because our life is too small for fighting over petty things…so be cheerful and spread positivity dear?



    • Oh god don’t u have any sense…..first u spoke nonsense in English when we all taunted u now u started to say it n Bengali…… Listen I don’t understand Bengali… If u have guts speak in that lang which we all understand and u know wt when u said sry I felt something is fishy….. But ya I know that u won’t stop there and I was ryt u started again…. And miss.sati I can speak bad in Tamil but I m not like u to speak badly in one lang which the opponent doesn’t know….but I know in that cmnt u have spoken really bad about our religion…I don’t care what u spoke but I l say one thing u l suffer for what u r speaking about our godss.u l really suffer a lot ……just wait and watch bcoz god l forgive who does things unknowingly but now wt u r saying na that mistake u r doing wantedly…I know my words will hurt u but u know that’s true ….

      Kyunki galti ko maf kar sakte hai par guna ko sirf saza hi milti hai!!!!so I won’t cmnt to u for ur unwanted cmnts against our epi which u have cmntd in Bengali…

      And how dare u say that my sisters and frns r faltu…. Madam mind ur words!!!!… Otherwise I l say u something which I shouldn’t want to …..I said u before itself I won’t be quiet if some one said nonsense things about my family members… So just shut up…. And u know we all will take stand for each other…. So dubaara tumhara faltu cmnt karne se pehle aazar bhar soch lo….and u know I can cmnt now for ur stupid cmnts now itself…. I can use ur trick also by cmntng in my language Tamil…. But I don’t want to stoop low like u……

      I m sure I have hurted u …..i m sry for that but ya u deserve this….so mind ur tongue ur really taking advantage of our patience dear….

      And dear last but not least one request pls cmnt polite hear….. U can ask ur qns but in a polite manner….

      Telly updates y r u posting those cmnts here…..

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Dear sathi di
      It’s my humble request that j stop insulting our gods.
      Ohh god sati di agn u strtd na uf y dnt u gt it haan dat u shouldn’t speak about god lyk dis hw dr u insult lord Krishna??? Wts ur prblm dear pls understand that we are talking to u politely till u stay in ur limits. U r spk ill abt gods frst c hw u r okay ? n den insult others. How Dr u call our sis faltu? Prhps u urself r useless n faltu. Di can’t u place ur opinion n cmnts in a polite manner?????? Xctly nupur di she’s strtd d call fr Mahabharata n dat ll happen in this page n we’ll not accept defeat till v don’t establish dharam here again. Sri Radha Krishna lvd each odr bt wr nt in a lv in relationship. N Radha was a part of soul of Krishna n so she n Krishna ji wr same so Dey r each other parts n wat if dey love each Oder do u wnt Dem to fight against each other? If u r rude to our friends n god dn v can b angry wd u . Plc ur views bt politely. Sry to saybt u r Mr bttr den a karela(bitter gourd). Plc ur cmnt n ask qn bt if u ask politely den its okay. U r jst lyk Duryodhan as he refused to settle any matter peacefully you also dnt agree to settle it peacefully.. N u want war so hv it. I l b as rude to u as I cn bt m nt snce that won’t b ethical.. Plz di dnt hurt us n v prms v l slv al ur queries bt frst lrn 2 b plte di.
      Thnking u

  9. stuti

    Sathi di its my request plz don’t comment here coz ur comments have angered and annoyed many of us here nupur di s right u have created a rackas here . Plz don’t comment sry if I hurt u.

    • Sanjana

      Ignore her I say if u really consider me as ur sister guys stop reacting
      Full the page with beautiful things

    • Ok sanju…. And sati dear I don’t know ur younger to me or elder to me ….even I don’t want to know that but I just want to say u onething….pls don’t do such things for which u should regret later……. Pls dear one request pls don’t say something about our gods bcoz thats really not a good thing… will make u to suffer a lot…so stop bashing our gods plsss….take it as ur di’s request (if I m elder than u )or ur choti’s request (if I m younger than u) plssss…..

    • Pls be in your limits sathi madam ! Though we all are giving u respect you are taking added advantage of it ! ??????

  10. Sanjana

    Siya Ke Ram – India TV
    New Delhi: The action-filled days in Star Plus serial ‘Siya Ke Ram’ are just round the corner. The serial, an adaptation of the epic Ramayana, will soon see a face-off between demon Ravana and goddess Sita. All set for the upcoming big days at shoot, the entire cast and crew performed a puja.
    In the upcoming episodes, you will see Surpanakha reaching the court of her elder brother Lanka ruler Ravana. Seeing Surpanakha, hide her nose, Ravana will enquire about the person who did this to her.

    Seeing the insult wreaked upon his sister, Dashanana will lose his cool and start on journey to seek revenge. However, Ravana will not only avenge his darling sister’s insult but also his own. Ravana had come back to Lanka after being offended at the Swaymvar of Sita.
    The ardent followers of the show can now rejoice as the real action is about to begin.
    Actor Karthik Jayaram, who plays Ravana in this serial is petty excited for the upcoming episodes, something he told our reporters.
    Starring Ashish Sharma as Ram and Madirakshi Mundle as Sita, ‘Siya Ke Ram’ airs on Star Plus everyday at 8:00 P.M.

  11. Sanjana

    Ram was patient even when people questioned Sitas purity but even then his point was proven ultimately
    Just stop reacting I request u

  12. Hi guys after two days posting kural… Jay di sent me this I m just pasting here….


    Haiiiiii Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again with 7th Kural…..Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports

    Here we go with 7th couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    தனக்குவமை இல்லாதான் தாள்சேர்ந்தார்க் கல்லால் மனக்கவலை மாற்றல் அரிது

    Transliteration in English :

    Thanakkuvamai Illaadhaan Thaalserndhaark Kallaal Manakkavalai Maatral Aridhu

    மு.வ உரை: 

    தனக்கு ஒப்புமை இல்லாத தலைவனுடைய திருவடிகளைப் பொருந்தி நினைக்கின்றவர் அல்லாமல், மற்றவர்க்கு மனக்கவலையை மாற்ற முடியாது

    In Normal Words:
    ஒப்பாரும் மிக்காருமில்லாதவனுடைய அடியொற்றி நடப்பவர்களைத் தவிர, மற்றவர்களின் மனக்கவலை தீர வழியேதுமில்லை

    Couplet in English:

    Unless His foot, ‘to Whom none can compare,’ men gain, ‘Tis hard for mind to find relief from anxious pain

    Anxiety of mind cannot be removed, except from those who are united to the feet of Him who is incomparable

    Hope you understand the explanation …. Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

    CREDIT TO : jay di

    • Nupur

      Oh no missed some kurals in between ll go back and check it out…thank u both Jay di and Priya for giving these beautiful kurals…m quite excited as m definitely learning something new?

      • Di dont say tqs to me this is the full effort of jay di i m only pasting it here as she is busy….so she only deserves all ur appreciation .. And I m happy u loved it di

  13. thejashri

    Hey guys pls ignore her cmnts and let the page be filled with beautiful things and not be like Mahabharat war….. Pls don’t fight….
    Nothing will change her…. Let the page be lively with beautiful things….let her say anything pls don’t react to her cmnts….. I don’t want our family to be broken up……

  14. Guys I wish to say u all something…. Regarding sati’s cmnts….I hope u all r considering me as ur sister n frnd…..

    My nanu always says to me we want to say something to the people who want to learn whole heartedly…. I mean if a person ask QN we should ans them if they really want to learn the ans…. If the person ask the QN in a polite way or in a rude way if he really wanted to know that ans he l accept it instead of arguing more in the same topic…..

    And regarding sati we all know na dears so that I think whatever QN she asks to us we should ignore that bcoz she is not asking those qns to know the ans instead to argue in that topic so pls don’t care abt her qns…

    But ya if she take a name of our family member we should support them that’s wt I did.. I know that was really a bad manner which I spoke to her….but can’t control… Bcoz she said ill about our family na…

    I dont how many of u l accept this opinion of mine…. May be somebody can oppose me regarding this …u have rights dears……

    Will u people accept my opinion of not replying to her qns regarding our epic if she cmnt in stupid manner……will u guys??????

    I just want to say this to u all bcoz she is making us all angry only… So that gusy l u people accept my POV????

    Pls say me guys??

  15. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Okay theju, sanju, di I wnt react sry fr losing temper,, thnx priya di fr d kural.. N thnx to jay di also.
    Plz vote for ur fav couple n I’ll write n ff on it
    Mandavan(mandodri ravan)
    Meghanadana(sulochana meghnad)

    • Nupur

      Vanshika dear how r u??? Wow u r gonna write an ff haan…ok my favourite is l think u know, obviously the one and my sweetu LAKSMILA…l don’t know why but l can’t stop smiling seeing them or reading about them…he he he…m definitely a pagal fan of them after watching skr…

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Okay di I m Fyn I’ll post d ff nxt Sunday.. Evry1 cn g. Ur opinions I’ll write on evry chrctr
      N di I’ll post d next epi of my ff next in siya k ram tomorrow sorry fr d delay..

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Okay ? lakshmila will gt d mst votes I thought that’s y previously ddnt add it bt den I added it for fans lyk u ?

  16. Nupur

    Sanjana dear l didn’t know about Sathi before today when l visited the site and saw her comments then l went back to previous pages to understand the whole situation…after knowing it l just tried to make her understand in the best possible way…l do believe she isn’t a bad person maybe her perspective is wrong…

    But whatever it is l agree we should ignore her comments for the time being, maybe she ll understand…

    And my dear sisters no need to break ur heads with her comments…think that different people in the world have different opinions and they do have the right to voice their opinions too…l do agree she was rude but let it be…don’t get so much affected my dearies…if u all have strong faith in ur beliefs and morals then no one ll be able to break it my dear…so don’t get angry or sad…and keep smiling and spread the message of positivity?
    I know l sound too preachy but situation demands…so don’t react just as Sanjana said…?

    • Sanjana

      Di I read ur long comment and it is ok to react like u did in a calm manner
      It should not be like tit for tat
      And I don’t think it was preachy?
      Jai siya ram

      • Nupur

        M fine dear actually not fine my horrible books are torturing me???
        Btw how r u dear??? I hope u would be doing full masti haan….enjoy dear and l do agree with ur view point but sometimes when a person after repeated advices doesn’t seem to pay any attention, it’s better to walk away and ignore, as at the end of the day we would be able to keep our peace of mind…and l definitely don’t want my chotu sister to take so much tension and get angry at random people…keep that anger and energy with u to trouble ur cousins during these holidays by playing lots of pranks on them??? and do share those experiences too with us…especially me because l miss those good old days a lot?
        Love u and lots of hugs?

      • I m fyn di but not that much physically bcoz my naughty cousins are not letting me to take rest always saying come with us and play I m free now bcz they r all sleeping so me n my two big bros n sis r chit chatting…. And ya di I won’t take tension bcoz I l obey u….even I dont want to ans her qns….. But I can’t use my brain to play prank on them bcoz they l make me and my Bros and big sis asas prey there I mean of our plans l be backfired??????

      • nupur

        Priya dear take care of ur health and get well soon…don’t overstress…and haan check out on net maybe u ll get 100 ways to trouble ur naughty cousins;););)

  17. thejashri

    I accept ur opinion but whatever she says pls ignore it…. Today the page is blackening instead of becoming colourful…. I don’t u all to fight…pls stop reacting to her cmnts if u all consider me as ur sis……

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Okay ? di ?
      Bt if dear sathi di u dnt believe in god den u hv no rights to hrt any1 beliefs.. Bt I l stay ccalm as lng as u r in ur limits ?

  18. sanjana

    guys yes stand for dharm react if u want to answer something about gods buyt she is not going to change so no use in telling her stop hurting our beliefs

    and just visited hangouts everyone in skrr family here are there in hangouts now i understand why comments are less but yes thats a better place to interact
    i will always be ur silent reader
    and vanshika crazy for skr are u also there as names differ in hangouts

  19. sanjana

    guys i guess this is the last episode i will see on tv so pls pls i request u to higlight small things which amena di misses or any cute scene especially between siam i hope u got it
    but after sitaharan if u stop its kinda ok atleast for one week will u guys do this

    • Sanju why won’t we do it for our cute sis… Of course we l dont worry dear…. Think ur schools r gng to start isn’t it?????ok all the best sissy……do well and ya we l fulfill ur wish….

  20. sanjana

    i had already quit tu just kept reading comments and i wanted to reason out to sita and came back a few days back but i think this is forever not think am sure
    god bless u
    jai siya ram
    jai radha krishna

  21. Bhanu sri

    hello all….my name is bhanu.Dont think me as a boy Im a girl my full name is bhanu sri. Of course yesterdays episode was superb as usual…

      • sanjana

        4 hrs more for siya to taste ram and laxman food
        my take on episode
        i didnt get who is the woman and i
        have a doubt karma is consequence of deeds but why did siya ram suffer so much for hich was not even their deed and
        there is difference between draupdi revenge and ravan revenge
        clear cut difference in fact what do u think
        and ravn his prestige is more imp than his siters nose cut
        draupdi dishonour is true dishonour but in the case of shoorpanakha it is mainly karma as sruthi di says people who create drama deservs their own karma

        and dear vanxhika arora first how is veronica di and
        coming to doubts and yes u are right vibhishan is way better king and we are yet to see his character sketch in skr
        and hanuman see anyway ram wanted to save siya even if it meant destroying lanka and vanquish evil and hanuman did that to check his enemys strength to plan for war and why would ram get angry on that and losses were to bad people there is no question that good praja might be there or if u say yes then also see ram and siya sufferd for praja in the case of banishing sita and here if there is 1 or 2 good people who are not fully good but yet could be spared then they suffer due to wrong leadership just like how world suffered due to hitler

        and few people say ravana is not that bad as tv serials potray agrees as he was lucky to die by ramjis hands and get moksha though only after he realized his mistake and shares his knowledge with ram but our laxman as always gets angry there also as mentioned in sita book

        and u guys have few traits of laxman anger in right intention for the sake of sisters and the god u worship

        and u asked ram killed tadka he regrets killing but if it was her dharm to destroy people as she was rakchas it was rams dharm to protect people isnt it
        and he did what was expected out of him in each case and chance was given to ravan many times but
        ram never gave vali a chance as he crossed all limits

        and maryada purushottam ram will know cooking wont he’
        vishnu the beholder of universe

      • vanshika arora

        Even d same ques came in my mind sanjana dat wht ws siya ram’s karma dat da had 2 suffer sooi much???veronica di is still busy with xm..they had shown ram nacami in skr…won’t da show sita navami???!!!

  22. sanjana

    Mickey Mouse listen Ramayana
    One day, Mickey Mouse asks Donald Duck to tell him Ramayana.

    Donald duck is impressed and starts reading verses from Ramayana.

    Mickey Mouse continues to listen. After completing the whole Ramayan, Donald Duck lets out a big sigh and asks Mickey Mouse, “Mickey Mouse, tell me…who was the father of Lord Ram?”

    Mickey Mouse cannot.

    Angry, Donald duck, again asks, ” Mickey Mouse!!! tell me…what was the capital of Ram’s kingdom!”

    Mickey Mouse cannot answer again.

    Infuriated, Donald Duck kicks Mickey Mouse hard, and Mickey Mouse goes and collides with a wall. As soon as he collides with the wall, he gets up and starts saying verses of Ramayana from start to end….

    How did this happen???


    After hitting the wall, Mickey becomes Wall-Mickey (Valmiki)..

    i had already posted this but u guys too serious
    welcomr bhanu sri and dont judge us by todays comments we have lot more goodness in us
    welcome dear to skr family
    have a good day guys
    and loved ur quotes in hangouts

  23. sanjana

    hey sathi thks for increasing our comments and pulling our family from hangouts to tu
    hats off

    • nupur

      No sanjana dear…my bad luck as m not in hangouts…first thing toh i don’t know about it properly and secondly it won’t work in my-good-for-nothing windows phone and l won’t be able to use computer because my mother will yell at me for not paying attention to studies…today after much pleading my ma let me chat here…but i do promise to be there after 24 july pakka as my exam will get over at that time…u might be knowing about neet 2 right…

      and 1 more thing if u are free some time then do give me some gyan about hangouts in my email id…u can get it from ww…

      All the best for ur studies too and l know u ll rock ur exams like a true rockstar:):):)

      • sanjana

        ok get ur priorities right
        yay neet all the best so if u are from cbse it would be more easy na
        and will try to give gyan
        u too will be through neet in flying colours all the very best di

  24. stuti

    Plz ignore sathi di. She’s stupid. Tnx fr the kural priya di. Hi bhanu di wlcum to skr family. Myself stuti. Wlcum back brindha di….

    • Srinidhi

      Hi stuti, I don’t mean to hurt you, but I don’t think we should insult someone back if they are insulting us….

  25. sanjana

    and guys good going in replyimg to sathi have to appreciate ur goodness
    and vanshika yes as per no souce will ram meet shoorpankha after war or maybe practically wwhen he meets her when vibhshan is crowned king or whatever they dont exchange words or keep eye contact atleast ram doesnt

  26. sanjana

    and priya u visited pondy really
    wish i could have met u but destiny made me go to mumbai

  27. sanjana

    too quick comments are posted
    hats off tu
    and as per precap vibhishan loves his sister but he thinks from the rams pov too
    and thats righteousness and only a vishnu bhakt can understand vishnu doings
    lanka will suffer due to shoorpanakha but i dont think ravan will react after knowing its lie also
    but one person karma cannot become evrybodys na
    whatever i didnt see episode happy in precap means does sita taste food is it eally meant for eating
    and i expect makers to show show one heartalk between siya ram before sitaharan

  28. sanjana

    congo a century oho
    meghana even i know telegu though tamil is my mother tongue
    really had tough time in mumbai with thod thoda hindi
    lol but my sister knows

  29. Rachitaa

    Hii i got 95% in 10th isce ….how much did Ww di get??
    Episode was good and i am going to isckon to celebrate sita navmi ..

  30. sanjana

    @krishnai aka ww i never meant to hurt u it was my opinion and now way i spoke against u i shared my opinion
    and i am sorry if i have hurt u but i didnt think she desrved support and she had spoke bad about hinduism and i was sure u would not agree on that and no way did i want u to be sorry and i was in mumbai saw ur reply now
    if u feel i spoke rudely i wholeheartedly apologize

    thks zara di for supprting me in hangouts and congrats for result

    and siya di how are and god bless u

    and i was not changing colours i just wanted u guys to stop reacting and wanted to know the new person and ishu di i understand ur loyalty to ww di
    and though it was bit hurting ur comments u are my sister and delhi girl too as u say and evn now if u are angry i am sorry my intention was not to hurt u

    i just came from mumbai was tired just checked hangout and thanks my sisters for reminding me and helping me in being disciplined thanks a lot

    and quit the group not bcoz i was angry and
    it was just that i knew ww di and completely agree and she herself acknowledged a few comments were wrong

    ishita di god bless u

    and evrbody else may god abundantly bless u

    brindha and if u feel same as ishu di sorry about it

    and i dont want u to dicuss about me in hangouts pls let it be final it is a request and
    tu friends too
    goodbye forever

    and thks ishu di and deepali di for reminding me as i was breaking a promise
    really grateful
    but it was kinda hurting and ishu di if that was ur intention the yes u have succeeded
    but i am sorry ww di
    it was just expressing my opinion mabye u didnt like the way but in no way i feel i was rude

    goodbye forever tu also

    • thejashri

      Sorry dear I too felt same like ishu di…. Sry if I hurt u…. I couldn’t go against ww di….but I can’t say reason why I can’t go against her….. Sanju pls come back ….don’t forget any of us….. Will miss u dear….. All the best for ur future….. I can’t say anything more otherwise I will become emotional….. Loads of love……

  31. sanjana

    but somehow ur rudeness has given me strength to quit fully its like god showed me the way out and lightened the path
    thanks for that
    but in now do i feel that u are not my sisters my opinion would never change u are a another family i got and
    i am not going to be emotionally deisturbed by ur rudeness though its hurting
    jai siya ram
    all the best for results ishu di

  32. sanjana

    i dont want to drag it fyrther
    thanks for everthing
    and ww am in now against u
    as ishu di thinks and maybe zara di too

  33. sanjana

    but one think i want to say finally is family is foremost in now way should u ignore ur family at home to chat here
    pls heed to this advice
    and ishu di i request u my sister u are not going to gain anything by hurting others i didnt want to drag it to tu but i coudnt just cont in hangouts as maybe i truly considered u my sisters
    sorry about that
    and thats all
    god bless u

    • sanjana

      and the advice was not bcoz i was hurt just am telling as u often say mothers dont leave we must listen to them so i said not bcoz i was angry

  34. sanjana

    ishita di in no way i am hurt an apology changed everything i am really really
    sorry for reacting dont feel bad i am not at all hurt bco of u
    really sorry for reacting an apology has such power
    loads of love sister
    just i was hurt but now full back to normal dont feel bad pls that woul be more hurting
    luv u ishita di and deepali di

    and zara di am not angry just thought u didnt trust me and pls dont feel bad i can never get angry on my sisters and i came to hangouts to tell u all not get angry only

    zara di am not angry
    loads of love sis and congratilations and treat pls

      • Actually sanju in this side the second cmnt of urs u said that I feel ur not my sisters and u r from another family?????? so that i felt like ur angry at me ……r u ???

      • Sanjana

        Not at all Priya Di I am not angry
        And I said u would be family it’s like do u feel I can think wrong about my sisters

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Sanju! What happened sweetie? Please don’t leave the group!! At least for this sister of yours….

  35. Nupur

    Sanjana dear what happened??? Can anyone please tell me the whole incident??? Zara dear can u please clarify…l m not able to understand…what is the matter and cause of fight between Sanjana, WW and Ishita???? Is there disagreement solved??? M worried but whatever be the matter don’t get angry and fight with each other, as we are a family and as they say ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, so please clear ur misunderstandings soon…U might think m poking my nose in ur personal matters,if u feel so then no need to answer me but at least tell me if everything is alright or not…Sanjana’s comments got me worried

    • Di I don’t know is sanjana angry with me r not I asked her but she didn’t ans me don’t know wt hpnd to her but I m upset … And di don’t take stress actually that was a funny kidding btw ishu Zara and sanju in hangouts… That’s it not much…. But don’t y she said like that…. Sanju if u read this pls reply dear….

    • Sanjana

      Di thks for concern no disagreement we are sisters now it just involves Ishu Di and me nobody else and it was sisterly fight Di it fine now
      We will stay united only Di

  36. Sanjana

    Guys see WW aka krishnai Di connected us and I respect her a lot and I can surely understand ur feelings and the bond each one shares With WW is unique it can’t be described but my point is no way was I rude to her in tu nor I just told her it doesn’t seem silly that is just my opinion and had addressed her Di only in that comment also doesn’t that show my respect and inquired her well being too and her apology as I said I was in Mumbai I didn’t want her to apologise but I knew she can never think wrong of Hinduism by telling completely agree without knowing full picture people would think wrong of her u saw shiva I asked her are u sathis sister I knew WW Di and her opinions so I just told her and she realised she told she didn’t see previous comment and for u see Parvati asked what will u do if u were there krishnai and I supported WW Di there and people were angry on WW Di for supporting sathi and started reacting and so I said it was uneccasary to bring the issue for her good only as she said she hadn’t read reactions and replies to sathi. They were really angry. This was my intention pls understand my PoV @ishita Di @siya Di @zara Di @brindha

    Priya i never mentioned that u are not my sisters I said u are my sister come what me so why are u upset???
    And stuti dear it’s nothing just leave it all bcoz of sathi

    And I won’t let that affect our relation and neither will we let that affect our unity

    A lesson for life learnt from sathi

    And other sentences used were expressing my opinion and about husband I told what I felt she is also my Di na

    • Ohkay sanju I thought that in that cmnt u referred me to so that I was upset …that’s it but now I m alright….. I m happy now dear…

  37. Sanju

    Ram and Laxman cook food to cheer up Sita. Seeing the strange recipe, Sita gets a smile on her face. The food is cooked bad. Sita eats the food and tells them that the food was very tasty. Ram and Laxman get puzzled and taste the food they made. They all have a laugh and Ram-Laxman’s efforts get successful to relieve Sita of her annoyance, worries and sorrow. Raavan would be arriving to break their peace and happiness.

  38. Sanjana

    @janani Di the quote by Ishu Di is in bible but was quoted by Gandhi
    And Dhruv bro just saw ur comment how are u

  39. Sanjana

    thks for standing for each other always and as per today’s precap what was it actually???

  40. stuti

    Srinidhi di just saw ur comment …. no u didn’t hurt me at all ….. ur right but I lost my patience.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.