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Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi telling her second wish, that’s vanvaas of 14 years for Ram. Dasharath gets shocked. Rishi tells Guru Vashisht that mahurat for Raj tilak is passing by, after the mahurat ends, it won’t be good to wear the crown. Kaikeyi tells Dasharath that you have sworn on Ram’s name, these are my two wishes, Ayodhya’s rule for Bharat and vanvaas of 14 years for Ram. Dasharath says its Ram’s Raj tilak today, your beloved Ram, you said why did Ram not born to you, you are asking this today, what happened to you. She says its fine if you don’t want to fulfill the promises by swearing on Ram. He asks whats this test, what punishment are you giving me, for what crimes. She says I m just asking the wishes, why did you promise me then, you don’t care for Raghukul traditions,

is Bharat not your son, go and complete Ram’s Raj tilak and ruin your promises. He asks are you not ashamed saying this, did you think what will Bharat do knowing this, Bharat will never forgive you, even Ayodhya will not forgive you.

Everyone wait in Sabhagrah. Dasharath says you can’t imagine the pain I m feeling by your words. She says I should feel pain by your cheat, you have sent Bharat to Kaikeya to do Ram’s Raj tilak in his absence, poison is in your heart, not mine. Dasharath says you will fall so low, I did not think of this. You want to send Ram on vanvaas, is this duty of a mother, you are out of my heart today, you lost your respect. She asks what did I ask, I asked for my rights and you made me out of heart, you promised me you will make Bharat the king, are you not ashamed to cheat me and not fulfill your promise, is this Raghukul’s tradition… He says quiet… you want Bharat to sit on throne, fine, I will give Ayodhya’s throne to Bharat and fulfill this promise. He cries. She asks and Ram? He says Ram… but my son Ram, what revenge are you taking by sending him on 14 years vanvaas, don’t you fear of Lord. She says I m asking for my wishes, not any charity, you are Ayodhya’s king and decision is yours. He asks her how can she forget that Ram is his life, is she not worried for her husband’s life. He requests her not to do this.

She says Raghuvanshi looks good while fulfilling promise, not requesting. He calls her Kulnaashi/a woman who ruins family. He says I will send Ram to van/jungle, but remember after getting away from him, my death will definitely happen, and after my death, you and Bharat will not see my body. I was afraid of Shravan’s parents’ curse all my life, I did not know the wife I love the most came in my life being the biggest curse. He holds his heart…. And says only you will be the reason of my death Kaikeyi. He holds the curtain and falls down. His crown falls too…. Kaikeyi looks on and cries. She wipes her tears.

Devi Parvati says Swami, how will Shri Ram bear his father’s pain. Mahadev says human’s avatar means adapting human emotions, these are biggest challenges of the human life, if loved one is happy, we get happiness, and when loved one is sorrowful, we get sorrowful, same way when Devi and Devtas take human avatar, its test for them, its test for Ram, his behavior and reactions in such moment will become an example for humans. Guru Vashisht asks Sumanta to go to Dasharath and request him to come soon. Sumanta goes. Ram looks on.

Mantra smiles and says my Bharat will become king. She dances saying Jai Maharaj Bharat. She says it happened what I wanted, Bharat will get throne and Ram will get vanvaas. She laughs and says a Daasi changed this Raghukul’s tradition. Devi Parvati asks whats this Adharm… Mahadev says Kaikeyi and Mantra are Daasis of their fate, fate has made them a mode for a big fulfillment, a new Adhyay will start by this Adharm, it will complete when Dharm forms again.

Daanav says its strange that enemy Raavan was come here, we have tradition to welcome enemy with our sword, but you have come as guest, so you are welcome. Raavan says you are lucky Kalkesh, if I have come an enemy, none of you would be alive to welcome me, but Raavan knows to respect his sister’s inlaws, that’s why you all are safe. Kalkesh says this foolish words by Raavan does not look good Vidyuthjeeva, does Raavan not know that Daanav and Asurs can’t have any relation, does enemies have any friendliness. Vidyuthjeeva says it seems Raavan lost his mind, he needs rest before winning the world. Raavan asks the result of insulting Raavan, it will be good if he stays in limit. Vidyuthjeeva provokes him to fight. Raavan gets angry. Malyavaan asks Raavan to think about Surpanakha, we did not come here to fight, we shall leave, think of her happiness and Suhaag. Raavan leaves with Malyavaan. Kalkesh says Vidyuthjeeva, Raavan should not leave alive from here, its golden chance today to make Daanav win.

Mantra stops Sumanta and asks whom is he finding. He says everyone is waiting for Dasharath, do you know where he is. She says yes, he is in Kumbh bhavan with Kaikeyi, they are having a talk, you don’t go there. He says but everyone is waiting for Raj tilak, is there any problem. She says I m Daasi, I don’t know, you can go there if you want to find out. He goes to Kumbh bhavan and looks around. He gets shocked seeing Dasharath fallen on the ground. Kaikeyi says till Maharaj sees Ram, he will not say a word, he has to talk to Ram about some imp matter. He says but Rajya Abhishek is happening there, how can Ram come. She says what can be more imp for Ram, Dasharath wants to talk to him, go and send Ram. He says but… She says this is queen Kaikeyi’s command. He leaves.

Kaikeyi tells Ram her two wishes. Ram gets shocked hearing the two wishes. She says Dasharath is spoiling Raghukul’s tradition by not fulfilling the promises by heart.

Update Credit to: Amena

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