Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi telling her second wish, that’s vanvaas of 14 years for Ram. Dasharath gets shocked. Rishi tells Guru Vashisht that mahurat for Raj tilak is passing by, after the mahurat ends, it won’t be good to wear the crown. Kaikeyi tells Dasharath that you have sworn on Ram’s name, these are my two wishes, Ayodhya’s rule for Bharat and vanvaas of 14 years for Ram. Dasharath says its Ram’s Raj tilak today, your beloved Ram, you said why did Ram not born to you, you are asking this today, what happened to you. She says its fine if you don’t want to fulfill the promises by swearing on Ram. He asks whats this test, what punishment are you giving me, for what crimes. She says I m just asking the wishes, why did you promise me then, you don’t care for Raghukul traditions,

is Bharat not your son, go and complete Ram’s Raj tilak and ruin your promises. He asks are you not ashamed saying this, did you think what will Bharat do knowing this, Bharat will never forgive you, even Ayodhya will not forgive you.

Everyone wait in Sabhagrah. Dasharath says you can’t imagine the pain I m feeling by your words. She says I should feel pain by your cheat, you have sent Bharat to Kaikeya to do Ram’s Raj tilak in his absence, poison is in your heart, not mine. Dasharath says you will fall so low, I did not think of this. You want to send Ram on vanvaas, is this duty of a mother, you are out of my heart today, you lost your respect. She asks what did I ask, I asked for my rights and you made me out of heart, you promised me you will make Bharat the king, are you not ashamed to cheat me and not fulfill your promise, is this Raghukul’s tradition… He says quiet… you want Bharat to sit on throne, fine, I will give Ayodhya’s throne to Bharat and fulfill this promise. He cries. She asks and Ram? He says Ram… but my son Ram, what revenge are you taking by sending him on 14 years vanvaas, don’t you fear of Lord. She says I m asking for my wishes, not any charity, you are Ayodhya’s king and decision is yours. He asks her how can she forget that Ram is his life, is she not worried for her husband’s life. He requests her not to do this.

She says Raghuvanshi looks good while fulfilling promise, not requesting. He calls her Kulnaashi/a woman who ruins family. He says I will send Ram to van/jungle, but remember after getting away from him, my death will definitely happen, and after my death, you and Bharat will not see my body. I was afraid of Shravan’s parents’ curse all my life, I did not know the wife I love the most came in my life being the biggest curse. He holds his heart…. And says only you will be the reason of my death Kaikeyi. He holds the curtain and falls down. His crown falls too…. Kaikeyi looks on and cries. She wipes her tears.

Devi Parvati says Swami, how will Shri Ram bear his father’s pain. Mahadev says human’s avatar means adapting human emotions, these are biggest challenges of the human life, if loved one is happy, we get happiness, and when loved one is sorrowful, we get sorrowful, same way when Devi and Devtas take human avatar, its test for them, its test for Ram, his behavior and reactions in such moment will become an example for humans. Guru Vashisht asks Sumanta to go to Dasharath and request him to come soon. Sumanta goes. Ram looks on.

Mantra smiles and says my Bharat will become king. She dances saying Jai Maharaj Bharat. She says it happened what I wanted, Bharat will get throne and Ram will get vanvaas. She laughs and says a Daasi changed this Raghukul’s tradition. Devi Parvati asks whats this Adharm… Mahadev says Kaikeyi and Mantra are Daasis of their fate, fate has made them a mode for a big fulfillment, a new Adhyay will start by this Adharm, it will complete when Dharm forms again.

Daanav says its strange that enemy Raavan was come here, we have tradition to welcome enemy with our sword, but you have come as guest, so you are welcome. Raavan says you are lucky Kalkesh, if I have come an enemy, none of you would be alive to welcome me, but Raavan knows to respect his sister’s inlaws, that’s why you all are safe. Kalkesh says this foolish words by Raavan does not look good Vidyuthjeeva, does Raavan not know that Daanav and Asurs can’t have any relation, does enemies have any friendliness. Vidyuthjeeva says it seems Raavan lost his mind, he needs rest before winning the world. Raavan asks the result of insulting Raavan, it will be good if he stays in limit. Vidyuthjeeva provokes him to fight. Raavan gets angry. Malyavaan asks Raavan to think about Surpanakha, we did not come here to fight, we shall leave, think of her happiness and Suhaag. Raavan leaves with Malyavaan. Kalkesh says Vidyuthjeeva, Raavan should not leave alive from here, its golden chance today to make Daanav win.

Mantra stops Sumanta and asks whom is he finding. He says everyone is waiting for Dasharath, do you know where he is. She says yes, he is in Kumbh bhavan with Kaikeyi, they are having a talk, you don’t go there. He says but everyone is waiting for Raj tilak, is there any problem. She says I m Daasi, I don’t know, you can go there if you want to find out. He goes to Kumbh bhavan and looks around. He gets shocked seeing Dasharath fallen on the ground. Kaikeyi says till Maharaj sees Ram, he will not say a word, he has to talk to Ram about some imp matter. He says but Rajya Abhishek is happening there, how can Ram come. She says what can be more imp for Ram, Dasharath wants to talk to him, go and send Ram. He says but… She says this is queen Kaikeyi’s command. He leaves.

Kaikeyi tells Ram her two wishes. Ram gets shocked hearing the two wishes. She says Dasharath is spoiling Raghukul’s tradition by not fulfilling the promises by heart.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Tanu............:-)

      Hi di’s
      Hi nidhi di in yesterday’s reply u said sry why no sry between sisters forget
      No prob fr the late reply I can understand ur situation as ur very busy in exam preparation

      Today’s epi bought me goosebumps
      And such a shocking precap never expected

  1. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all? Abt the episode it was scary. What I thought should not take place in the episode took place. I was sad after reading the first part of it. How did u all feel about the episode?

    • Nidhi

      Hi brindha?
      I’m fine 😉
      Episode was exactly as I depicted it to be 🙂 though I didn’t want this adhyay to start so soon but it has to start someday right.. 🙁

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya brindha….even i…..didnt..such scenes to be they had to in order to make it seem realistic…..i really appreciate the way grusha mam and dalip sir perform this .. scenes… i never waited fr this epidode bt it has to come someday….i think we should see this happily as the actors are working very hard fr the scenes…….btw hiii brindha….i hope u know me …..if no then i am akanksha frm jalandhar,punjab…in class 11th…wht abt u

    • Bhoomi

      Hi dear … not well … & very tensed … i hv fever & hav to prepare 4 sst exam i m really tensed how will i prepare??????

    • sanjana di he would be shocked because keikeyi the mother of ram who loves him alot can say this. i know ram accepted it but still it is a shocking moment in a person’s life if his loved and dear ones would say like this

  2. Sanjana

    India is playing well today
    Anybody watching the match
    Pls check out my yesterday’s comments
    Missing Siam scenes

    • Hi …hi guys Indian women own …..soo happy…..
      Mens r playing soo well. ….hope they’ll also won….just fingers crossed ???

    • Nidhi

      Ram is shocked as he felt that Kaikeyi mata is the only one who understands him the most but now the consequences are quite opposite 🙁
      Yes India is winning 😀
      Today I decided to take rest and not touch any of my books my parents too agreed with regarding this?
      I replied to your comment yesterday check it out 🙂
      Even I’m missing everything but lakshmila the most!???

      • Akanksha sharma

        Even i took rest …….2day……actually nt 2day its yesterday as its 1:16 am now…..i know its too late….bt i got time now only… i took sleep the whole day after writing my maths exam

  3. the episode was sad
    can anyone please give the lyrics of bhomija song and mangal bhavan amangal hari song please please please

    • Sanjana

      Check out in Google I don’t have time so can’t send link sorry
      Will try to sent tomorrow or someone of Skr family will send today

    • Akanksha sharma

      Iqura dear…mangal bhawan amangal hari is part of full ramayan written by swami tulsidaas its lyrics is whole ramayan itself…in skr also diff dohas and sawayiaas are tuned at diff ocassion……

    • Akanksha sharma

      And now i am fully awake ….no sign of sleep….jst like ullus ……owls….lol…sleep in days and rise at night..

    • jay

      Bhumija Janaki Janak Suta Sita
      Bhumija Janaki Janak Suta Sita
      Shitija Bhogi Avani Cha Sunaina Sada Sita
      Shitija Bhogi Avani Cha Sunaina Sada Sita

    • jay

      Mangal Bhavan Amangal Haari
      Drawahu Su Dashrath Ajar Bihari
      Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram – 2
      Ho, Hoi Hai Wahi Jo Ram Rachi Rakha
      Ko Kari Tarak Badhaye Sakha
      Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram
      Ho Dheeraj Dharam Mitra Aru Nari
      Aapad Kaal Parakhiye Chaari
      Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram
      Ho Jehike Jehi Par Satya Sanehu
      So Tehi Milay Na Kachhu Sandehu
      Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram
      Ho Jaaki Rahi Bhawna Jaisi
      Raghu Murati Dekhi Tin Taisi
      Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram
      Ho Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta
      Kahahi Sunahi Bahuvidhi Sab Santa
      Ram Sia Ram Sia Ram Jai Jai Ram

  4. Poor Bharath. Feeling bad for him. Why does Dashrath say that she and Bharat won’t be able to see the body of him . I don’t think that there is any mistake if Bharat here. 🙁
    On the other hand , lakshman and urmila 🙁
    I don’t want this adhyay to start. I was shocked. Ram was teary eyed in the precap !!
    My God 🙁 feeling bad fr ram, Bharat, lakshman and urmila 🙁

  5. amulya

    Awesome epi, dashrath(dalip tahil) and kaikeyi( grusha kapoor) acted mind blowing today. Very scared fr precap and vanvas

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya malvi even i want lakshmila scene…..ya dear i miss them a lot….seriously…. atlest show their faces only… they aren’t… too

      • Of course they are the best ??? they should at least show their fight. But I think they will show that when lakshman agrees there will be a small fight between lakshmila and urmila starts crying. He pacifies her. I have read this in some blog. So I think they will show this … ???????

    • Sanjana

      I think ww di u have changed ur dp
      You are interested in watching dahleez even I liked it because my aim is to become lawyer
      No need to reply as u have made promise just want to say nice dp
      Tellyupdates just post the comment it’s not duplicate

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Hi sanjana my ff is posted and thnx for encouraging me yaar!!!!!?????????

  6. Omg!!!
    fed up of Mantra’s drama!!waiting for bharat’s asme..scene…
    Guys who were all in facebook can give ur names but it is difficult 4 me to serch n guys u can found me in the fb….clue:followed by:1,061 followers and dp is tellyupdate dp.
    but guys sorry yaar. I hve deactivated my account. for few days…

    The story of Ramayana part-3(by me for extra info)::__|continues|
    Guys when naaradh comes to vishnu and he gets to know abt the parents of ram and he goes towards lanka n plays a prank with raavan n raavan is furious to kill the soon would be husband wife (dhasharath n kaushalya). as their child his kaal. so raavan doesn’t want marriage to happen so he kidnapped dhasharath n kept him in the wooden box n he orders his soldiers to put the wooden box into the sea but the fate it was written that the Dhasharath n kaushalya shd marry; so the devendras n his people make kaushalya get into the wooden box n they gets married in the wooden box itself. raavan is happy that he killed dhasharath n no one can be born to kill him. but suddenly naaradh appears n make fun of him n said the truth. Raavan is utterly shocked n he finds n opens the box n see the couple married ritually.
    and hence this is his 1st lose……….
    Thought for the day:- where there is a will there is a way…..

    and a frndly welcome to the new members of SKR.

  7. Mash

    Hi, nice episode. Waiting for tomorrow how ll ram react n sriranjani y i can’t reply to u in fb,pls ans yr

  8. Alia(Jebin)

    Nice episode.Hi guys i’m leaveing this site for 5 or 6 months.Because my H.S.C. exam is very close & i have to study a lot.Then i have to admit a nice institution & after that i will feel relax.Hope u guys will not forget me………

  9. Poor Dasharath. …kaikeya don’t do this…..what can we do…..we can’t change fate….??? Ravan part also nice

  10. Richa

    Thnx for the update amena di..u r really sweet.. For the episode.. How did kakayee become so heartless.. Not caring abt her son and husband as well…

    • Right di…she shows that ram is her step son…..but dasharath he is her husband. …..she so mean… can even she thought like this…..It is fate we c can’t change it

  11. Mahe u r going for umra right. ……..soo happy for u……my sibling and parents is also going in December…leaving me hear??…….soooooooo sad?????

  12. Jayesha

    Thank you amena ji….super fast update….now I can go sleep tight…. Hmm can’t wait for next episode….

  13. Sanjana

    Nidhi Di thanks for wishes and all the best for ur maths exam
    Pukka promise no sorry in the future

  14. Sanjana

    I think ww di u have changed ur dp
    You are interested in watching dahleez even I liked it because my aim is to become lawyer
    No need to reply as u have made promise just want to say nice dp

  15. Sanjana

    I think ww di u have changed ur dp
    You are interested in watching dahleez even I liked it because my aim is to become lawyer
    No need to reply as u have made promise just want to say nice dp
    Tellyupdates just post the comment it’s not duplicate

  16. Sanjana

    Guys won’t be able to comment till 6pm tomorrow as I have exam till 5:30
    Hope india wins
    And hope tomorrow episode is not too emotional

  17. Sanjana

    No Sorry but today due to crucial time just typed out the comment very fast so grammatical errors☺️

  18. Sanjana

    Thanks for ur opinion iqura and nidhi di now I clearly understand that ram too had feelings of love
    It was not difficult to go to vanvas but he just loved his mother and shows the way for us to lead our lives
    Inspirational precap
    Thanks sriranjini di for the info but is it really true have never heard of it

  19. kanika

    i am also very sad after this epi, I don’t know how kaikayi can be so cruel with her beloved son ram and raja dashrath.

  20. dia

    M literally crying……i did not see the epi but still…..

    But i did not like one of dashrath’s words that after his death kaikeyi nd BHARAT will not see his body….why? What did bharat do? Its all kaikeyi’s doing so why bharat?……

  21. Veronica crouze

    Guys why do only prause ramji that he had one wife…even his brothers had one wife at that era….dn why we don’t talk or praise about them?

    • Vrinda

      Dear Veronica, I believe the reason is, Lord Ram promised Sita Devi that he will never marry again. Lord Ram’s purpose on the earth was to establish Maryada or a Moral Code for all humans to follow. His life is an example by which one knows how to live by abiding law.
      Infact, Lord Ram rejected Surpanaka because of his Eka -Patni Vrata (vow of being married to only one woman forever) but asked her to go to Lakshman if she was so desperate to marry him, because Lakshman was no less compared to him in qualities, obviously Lakshman rejected her, as he was only in love with Urmila, and if Lakshman made Urmila, his wife, to stay back so he could perform his duties without any obstacles, why would he want Shurpanaka, another woman to come in to his life. Lakshman and the other brothers never promised in such a way, but seeing their brother set an example they followed. Sri Ram’s character was
      their role model, because he was the eldest. Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan…they all were heroic in their own ways. It is a nice thought that you have, but I think, since Shri Ram promised 100%, even if there were many kings before him who had only one wife, Lord Ram promised Mother maybe that is why?
      And who said there is a rule that we can only praise Siya+Ram, we can praise all of them.
      All glories to Lakshman & Urmila, Bharat &Mandvi, Shatrughan & Shrutakirti! 🙂 🙂

    • Sanjana

      But Ramji vritha was also tested when he performed the ashwamadhe yagam he had to have his wife but since Sita was in the forest he was told to remarry but he made a statue of Sita and place it in th yagam
      And mostly proposals come for eldest son but Ramji had rejected it
      And during the 14 yrs bharat and shatrughn were very say first of all they didn’t live in palace where was there time for marriage that is why their devotion to ram is praise more
      After 14 yrs I believe all were old and also the decided to follow their elder brothers ideal

  22. Hate this episode to the core….. Now I think mission KAIKEYI should be started!! ?????? what r U thinking nidhi, zara, mahe,akanksha sharma, and everyone out theare?? ???????????

    • But di we wan doremon ‘ s time machine or we have to invent time machine.?. ….soo any one now… to….or……kidnap doremon ??lol…….It fate we can change it

      • Akanksha sharma

        Oooo zara……hw to kidnap doremon???i think we cant kidnap him bt the one who had made doremon….we can kidnap that person…..nt a big deal…..bachon ki palton ikathi ho jayegi to bade badon ke haath khare ho jaayenge…

    • dia

      Yes, king janak had only one wufe that is sunaina……thats why sita askd ram whether he’ll do BAHUVIVAH (multiple marriages)!?…..she wanted a hubby just like her dad

  23. dia

    I agree……so lets assemble the plan
    ques) how to kill KAIKEYI? Gun, knife, poison or anything else?

    SKR is awesome

    • Gaargi

      Hey what’s this how can u do like that n ALL GUYS do u know one thing recently a person has filed case on lord ram for sending sita to canvass n lakshmanan for supporting ram
      how stupid he is no did anyone agree with me

  24. dia

    Song for lakshmila during vanvaas

    Ye raatein ab nahi dhadakti
    Din bhi saans nahi lete
    Ab toh aa jaao mere soneya
    Baatein reh gayi adhoori
    Mere labon pe zaroori
    Aake sun jaao mere soneya
    Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa
    Tere bin.. ab to aaja piyaa
    Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..
    Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi
    Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein
    nahi hai
    Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi
    Baarishon mein pehle jaisi baatein
    nahi hai
    Sookhe sookhe alfaaz, khali khali
    haathon ki laqeerein bulaave
    Tere bin.. nahi lage jiya
    Tere bin.. ab to aaja piya
    Tere bin.. nahi laage jiya..
    Chaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hai
    Tere baad pheeke pheeke lagte
    hain saare
    Chaand bhi wahin hai, wahin hai
    Tere baad pheeke pheeke lagte
    hain saare
    Aaja leke tu savere kar ja door
    Teri doori tadpaave soneya
    Tere bin.. naahi laage jiyaa
    Tere bin.. ab to aaja piyaa
    Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..
    Tere Bin.. Tere Bin!

  25. dia

    For Bharavi

    Tu Heer meri, tu jism mera
    Main Ranjha hoon – libaas tera (x2)
    Ho yun qareeb tu
    Chhu loon main teri rooh
    Bin tere main hoon be-nishaan
    Samander main, kinara tu
    Jo bikhru main, sahara tu
    Samander main (samander main)
    Kinara tu (kinara tu)
    Jo bikhru main (jo bikhru main)
    Sahara tu (sahara tu)
    Pehle thi bewajah
    Phir aake tu mila
    Khwabon ko zinda kar diya
    Apne wajood ka hissa bana diya
    Qatre ko dariya kar diya
    Shirin hai tu, tu meri zubaan
    Farhad hoon main, alfaaz tera
    Aa yun qareeb tu
    Chhu loon main teri rooh
    Bin tere main hoon be-nishaan
    Samander main, kinara tu
    Jo bikhru main, sahara tu
    Samander main (samander main)
    Kinara tu (kinara tu)
    Jo bikhru main (jo bikhru main)
    Sahara tu (sahara tu)
    Sehra ki dhool thi
    Tune qubool ki
    Main aasmani ho gayi
    Jaagu na umr bhar
    Jo mere humsafar
    Baahon mein teri so gayi
    Tu Laila hai nigaah meri
    Main Majnu hoon talaash teri
    Ho yun qareeb tu
    Chhu loon main teri rooh
    Bin tere main hoon be-nishaan
    Samander main, kinara tu
    Jo bikhru main, sahara tu
    Samander main (samander main)
    Kinara tu (kinara tu)
    Jo bikhru main (jo bikhru main)
    Sahara tu (sahara tu)

  26. dia

    For shrusha

    Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
    Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq (x2)
    Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq..
    Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
    Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
    Raha na main phir apne jaisa
    Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa
    Mera naam ishq
    Tera naam ishq (x3)
    Mera naam, Tera naam
    Mera naam ISHQ!
    Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
    Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq (x2)
    Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq
    Apna naam badal dun
    Ya tera naam chhupa lun
    Ya chhod ke saari aag
    Main vairaag utha lun
    Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
    Mera kaam ishq
    Mera kaam ishq
    Mera naam ishq
    Tera naam ishq
    Mera naam, Tera naam
    Mera naam ISHQ!
    Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
    Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq (x2)
    Ye kaali raat jakad lun
    Ye thanda chand pakad lun (x2)
    Din-raat ke bairi bhed ka
    Rukh mod ke main rakh dun
    Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
    Raha na main phir apne jaisa
    Raha na main phir apne jaisa
    Mera naam ishq
    Tera naam ishq (x3)
    Mera naam, Tera naam
    Mera naam ISHQ!
    Ye laal ishq
    Ye malaal ishq
    Ye aib ishq
    Ye bair ishq (x2)

  27. Richa

    Yes Shruti..I m wid u in this we have two mission leaders now..Shruti and Zara.. Haha.. Lol..

  28. Sagar Panjwani

    Hey myself Sagar Panjwani can I join this group .I daily read the comments of this group and I’m very excited to join the group..

    • Why not welcome……u r in which class. ..sorry if it is personal. …….I’m in 10th standard just finished my exams

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      Welcome sagar dear…..ya u can join….no need to ask…always welcome….dear may i know in which class u r and where u live in…only if its nt personal….otherwise no problem….. btw i am frm jalandhar,punjab…giving annuals of class 11th..

  29. goldie

    so new adhyay is begining soon .oh pls show some laxmila moments b4 vanvas.
    new serial dehleez has started n star plus harshad arora beintehaa faame is lead hes rocking the show .must watch

  30. Ritika

    I couldn’t watch skr at 10-30 pm due to the new show. 🙁 🙁 pls some1 tell me the repeat telecast timings at night if cnt watch at 8pm. Pls.

      • Ritika

        Ok so this means i cn never watch skr again. Huh :/ why cnt they show d repeat at 11?! People who go in d mrng and come bk aftr 8 wl stop watching it now as they dnt hv a choice!

  31. so ok sad episode please someone send the link of tomorrow episode I can’t watch episode till 12 days.
    soo now I am in saudi.
    zara actually my brother house is in saudi I have meet him in 2013 and after that I haven’t and my mum have to do umra and my school has closed that’s why I have also come and I will also do.
    zara it’s nice place and don’t worry you will also visit here someday.

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    • Akanksha sharma

      Thanx dear ur one is also nice…….ok dear….do well in geo exam…..i know u will score abv 90%…..gud luck luv u

  33. jay

    So so so Sad Episode …..Hate Kaikeyi….Can understand the situation of Dashrath……..Hope to see 1-2 Lakshmila Scenes before Vanvaas…….

  34. Akanksha sharma

    Hyeeee guys i think all of u remember me well na…..first of all thanxx thanxxx thanxxx alot …..i wrote my maths exams very well….thanx fr ur wishes….i missed u all lot…..luv u all…

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya its really sad moment… a love changes to hate …so soon only due to words said by manthra

  35. Richa

    Obviously we remember u akansha… I knew it u will do well in ur exams..nice to know that ur exam went well…

  36. Brindha

    Gd evening. How r u all? Today was my last exam science. Thank you for all ur wishes. I was able to do it well. All the best for all your exams.sry couldn’t comment in the morning. Hi nidhi di…. U r right we had to see it some day. Yes I know you akanksha di….. Welcome to skr fan club sagar panjwani and dhruv.thanks for sharing the
    song lyrics dia di….. Get well soon bhoomija di…and write ur exams well di….
    I also like bhoomija song. Alia di please come back before skr ends. All the best.
    Thanks for sharing the links Zara di……

  37. AMIT

    ek no.ka gatiyn natakk….Ramayan ka aapman……sare character gatiyn or mahagatiyn….plz end this …………..its d sin of our holy and mythalogical complex

    Comment edited.

    • Sanjana

      Welcome sameeksha to the skr family even I am in class 9
      Are ur exams over or going to start how is it in Dubai

  38. Sanjana

    Zara Di thanks for the links
    Maithili Di I Am from Pondicherry and it is south India and as for dahleez?
    I am interested in watching but didn’t seethe first 2 episode may be will see today?
    Narendar bro will check out ur ff?
    Akanksha Di glad ur maths exam went well my geography exam too went well luv u too sis?
    Brinda how was ur science exam and enjoy ur hols?
    Nippy Di how was your Tamil exam?
    bhoomija Di hope u get well soon my prayers are with u don’t get scared whenever u feel ?better revise for the exam
    I am pretty sure you’ll do well
    Nidhi Di how are ur preparations for maths exam going?

  39. Sanjana

    Sameeksha your dp of Sita in promo is awesome?
    Nidhi Di Sita looks cute in losse hair?
    Bhoomi Di I love Sita dress in this pic and her freedom too?
    Brinda Sita looks divine in the haldi pic?
    Akanksha Di Sita and urmila look like real sisters together they are so pretty?
    Sumi laxmila?
    Zara Di the vanvas dp waiting for it?
    Richa Di Siam are just superb?
    Jay Di Sita looks gorgeous in the pic?
    Mahe Di Siam just love them a lot amazing dp?
    Sruti Di urmila selfie is nice she is pretty?
    Maithili Di Sita swayamwar picture she looks so beautiful ?
    Ranaji I just love ur dp a lot because it gives fond memories of mb arjun and abhimanyu ?together are just amazing super wonderful
    Missing them a lot

  40. Sanjana

    Di mandvi is cute?
    Vrinda di Krishna and Radha nice dp?
    Nidhi Di I think u changed ur dp now Sita explains about love right sitting near the river
    Super dp?
    Sriranjini Di may I know who is in ur dp have no idea

  41. Sanjana

    Love u my skr family ❤️❤️❤️
    Just one more exam but anyways tomorrow is a holiday and French is easy
    Waiting for 8:00

  42. Sanjana

    Welcome dhruv to skr family
    Akanksha Di annual exams I won’t get results hope to score above 90
    Thanks jay for the lyrics

  43. Nidhi

    Hello everyone??
    Sorry for not replying you all individually it’s due to three problems- database error, tu deleting almost all my Individual replies and the last is my idiotic maths exam?? I’m really sorry all if I hurt anyone’s feelings here by not replying?..I hope you understand..
    And telly updates please post my comments you deleted all of them..? it’s no way abusive also they’re all topic related only…but they got deleted also??

    Anyways sanjana thank for your efforts and sorry I forgot that you asked us not to change our dp? really forgot short time memory loss what to do..?
    And brindha no sorry between sisters dear? I instead have to thank you for your efforts 🙂
    I hope everyone’s exam here went well 😀
    All the best everyone here as well as people who are missing here because of their exams….you will all do well? everyone’s wishes over here are with you 🙂
    And missing everyone who is not here? come back soon
    Alia di will miss you so much di? come back soon…we all will be waiting for you…and how can we ever forget our dear sister di??
    Thanks for the lyrics zara and dia di? …I started singing it as I was reading it ?
    Thanks Zara and everyone who shared links?
    And everyone who wished me for my exams thank you soo much❤️ It means a lot to me and all the best to you all too ??
    And whoever asked me how my preparations are going they are going on well thankch?? I know wrong spelling but I like that thankch??
    And thanks everyone for the compliment about dp?? even your dp’s are all awesome?? trust me I just wish one day Madirakshi di and ashish sir see this page ?? so that they know that we’re die hard fans of them❤️ Even karan and yukti? as well and Al the actors too?
    And coming to them who gave valuable Information about ramayana like kirthi di?? thank you so much I got to know more new things about ramayana… 🙂
    AMIT everyone is free to comment here whatever they want to. But please it’s something related to God so please don’t comment abusive comments here 🙁 I’m sorry if I hurt you but please..
    Missing everyone whose not here..??
    And sorry for relying everyone in the same comment I told you about my problems in the start..?
    And bhomija, sanjana, twinkle sorry for breaking my promise?? really sorry for telling thanks and sorry a lot of times? pakkaaaa waala promise next time se I won’t tell…I guess?
    And mahe how’s your trip going on? Enjoying there? 🙂
    And everyone really sorry for the super loooooooooong comment ? but please do read it its for you all only..?
    Love you all soooo much❤️
    I’ll miss you all for 2 days as I’ll be practicing maths…because it’s also one of the main subjects to me after social…you all know very well about the struggle I had regarding social right???
    So I hope you all understand…so I’m really sorry if I’m unable to comment or reply you all often it’s because of my maths exam… 🙁 So sorry before handedly it self…..will miss you al soooo much??
    Love you all loads??
    Ok bye and sorry for the looooooooong comment?
    Please do read it
    And I hope telly updates will post it this time at least.. 🙁


    • Nidhi

      And sorry if I missed someone really sorry ?
      have to practice maths now bye??
      I hope telly updates posts this one
      Will check it back on 9pm again till then bye all of you??
      And sorry if I’m not replying you all..?

      • Brindha

        Its OK nidhi di we all understand that u have maths exam and need to practise for it. No u did not hurt our feelings. I will miss u a lot nidhi di. I want you to do well in ur exams di…. All the best for ur exams di… Do well in ur exams and come back relaxed.
        Di…you said that u will not say sorry but u said sorry 4-5 times. U r not fulfilling ur promise di…. Just joking di……

    • jay

      Yaa Nidhi….Its Really a Longggggggggggg Comment dear ….Hats off U got the patience to write such long comment and i guess u mentioned nearly all the members name,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

  44. Sanjana

    Actor Ashish Sharma, who is currently seen playing Ram in popular mythological TV show “Siya Ke Ram”, says he is glad that his presence around his dressman brought a change in his life for good.
    Ashish’s dressman came up to him and narrated his story of how, unknowingly, the actor changed his life and got it back on track. Ashish was elated.
    “My dressman Santosh entered my vanity and all of a sudden he started thanking me. On asking, he said that he was an alcoholic before he started working here. He is married and blessed with three children.
    “His habit of drinking started creating a rift between him and his family as some times they would even have to go fetch him at 4 a.m. in the morning,” Ashish said in a statement.
    The actor even shared that it has been two months since his dressman has touched alcohol.

  45. Nidhi

    Sorry missed out few points in my previous comment:
    I even welcome all the new comers whole heartedly not only from my side but from everyone else too who are missing here due to their exams..
    Sameeksha, sagar panjwani and dhruv…welcome all of you??
    Andy sorry in my previous comment I tyoed jay and it got corrected and changed into Zara..sorry jay di??
    Sameeksha I’m happy to get another younger sister here? most of them here like sanjana, mahe, brindha…are from ninth..sorry didn’t type everyone’s name crucial time so I hope others understand ??
    And byeee??


    • Nidhi

      Even thanks to vrindha di for the valuable information she shared with us ??
      Thanks di?
      Thanks for the links Zara!
      Now I guess comments are getting way tooooo long bye???????

    • jay

      It ‘s ok Nidhi But I too noticed u hv short term memory loss i guess ……
      U say di and again say soory againg skr rule ……..

      Be careful Next time…………….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.