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Siya Ke Ram 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the battle commencing between vanar sena and asur sena. Angad asks vanars to open the door, and some asurs get inside. Sugreev smiles and shouts attack. Vanars attack on those asurs. Meghnadh looks on. vanars stop as wind blows and they hear someone laughing. Ram, Laxman, and everyone look around. There is much smoke which blocks their sight. DhumRaksh appears there and laughs. Vibhishan, Ram, Laxman, Hanuman and others get shocked. Vibhishan says DhumRaksh. Asurs attack on vanar. DhumRaksh beats the monkeys and kills many soldiers. Ram, Sugreev and Laxman get worried.

Sugreev tells Ram that this devil is killing our vanar soldiers, we have to do something soon. Ram aims and shoots at DhumRaksh. DhumRaksh changes his place by turning to smoke and laughs. Meghnadh looks

on. DhumRaksh says Vanvasi Ram, I did not come to kill you, I came to kill your sena. He kills more vanar soldiers. Vibhishan says this is DhumRaksh, he is very powerful and mighty, he stays in smoke and we can’t know his position, our soldiers are not able to see him by smoke and he is killing them, we have to stop him Ram. Ram stops everyone and jumps ahead.

Trijata goes to Sita and tells about DhumRaksh, don’t know how Ram will deal and fight with that sinner Mayavi. DhumRaksh kills more soldiers. Ram shoots at him and he disappears. Meghnadh smiles. Ram shoots again. Sita smiles. Trijata says you are smiling, when there is big danger on Ram and his vanar sena. Sita says because I believe Ram’s might and smartness, he can sense even wind, don’t worry, DhumRaksh can’t do any harm to Ram and his army.

Ram hears DhumRaksh’s steps and prays holding a bow. He turns and shoots at his leg, injuring him. Ram’s team smiles. DhumRaksh disappears. Ram hears his steps again and shoots at his hand. Meghnadh fumes seeing this. DhumRaksh runs towards Ram. Ram shoots at him, and makes him fall. DhumRaksh gets up again and goes to strike. He throws his weapon towards Ram. Ram shoots the arrow, which pierces the weapon and strikes DhumRaksh’s head. Maryada purshottam Ram….plays…………. vanar sena jumps happily. Meghnadh gets angry. Sugreev and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Laxman, Vibhishan smile seeing Ram.

Meghnadh goes to Rajya sabha and meets Raavan. He informs Raavan and says our powerful Dhumraksh is killed by Ram in battle ground. Raavan gets shocked. He says warrior either kills or gets killed in battle ground, there is nothing to get sad or regret. Meghnadh says they have got more confident by this win, command me to kill them. Raavan says not now, war is best way to test our power, this is time to test Lanka’s hardwork, might and power, leave this, go and pray to Devi Paatali to win, I know very well how to win this war over those Sanyasis.

Raavan goes to Kaal Bhairav lok and sees some asurs praying. He greets the idol and looks at everyone. They stop. Raavan cuts his finger and drops blood there. Akampana comes there and greets him, asking you are here to do puja of Kaal bhairav. Raavan says yes, I came to invite you, you and your world people were always not considered, now you all will be called a part of asur Samrajya, its time you show you deserve to be part of asur clan, you will be leading the war tomorrow. Akampana gets glad and agrees.

Laxman says I don’t know why Raavan did not send Meghnadh today, I would have killed him. Ram says its Raavan’s plan to send his warriors and get our soldiers killed, when our power gets less, he will attack on us. Vibhishan says yes, he used same plan to fail Devraj Indra. Angad says it means we should not lose our strength and soldiers. Ram says yes, we have to end Raavan’s warriors by our plan and we will weaken his strength, and finally we will win. He asks Angad to lead army tomorrow in the war. Angad agrees.

Sita lights a diya. Trijata asks did you light this for Ram’s victory. Sita says this Akhand Jyot is a symbol of Ram’s victory. She sits keeping the diya and prays.

Ram and his army see asur army led by Durmukh and a minister. Vibhishan tells Ram about Durmukh and Raavan’s minister, whom Raavan sends in war. Ram looks on as war begins, and Sita sits praying.

Second day of war continue. Akampana and his people come running there to attack.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. Vanshika

    Scene 1
    Sita wakes the sisters up.. Wake up.. It’s morning.. Have your forgotten??? It’s ma’s janamdin…omg.. You’re sooo lazy.. We’ve so much of work to do.. The sisters wake up alarmed… Yes yes didi.. We’re waking up early today.. We’ve to do sooo much.. They go and change their dresses. Urmila brings a basket full of flowers ? and collides with Mandvi. They argue … Sita asks them not to argue. Pick up the flowers and come right away. We’ve to decorate the room… Shrutkirti my sister you go and persuade ma. She’ll go out of her room somehow.. Sutkirti says how’ll the garden ? be.. Perfect!! I’ll take badi na there. Sita says Urmila n Mandvi you both won’t fight . Decorate the room. Meanwhile I’ll…… I’ll cook kheer….. The sisters gaze hungrily ????…. Sita goes instructing both of them.. Bhoomija…… Plays…..
    Scene 2
    Location: Ashram
    The competition is started and guru describes the rules of the competition. The participants will have to shoot an arrow ? on each target ? cleaving each other… Everyone go to their places. Bharat shivers as he holds the bow. Ram calms him down. Shaant Ho jao Bharat… Calm down… Focus on your target.. Guru asks ram to take his place. Ram takes his place and shoots an arrow. Ram.. Ram plays….. The arrow ? hits the target.. Lakshman shoots two arrows and they cleave each other. Ram shoots five arrows together cleaving each other… Everyone are shocked.. Ram ram plays…….. The brothers follow…. The princes also shoot arrows. The competition continues.
    Scene 3
    Location: Mithila
    In the kitchen
    Sita is cooking kheer. She puts rice in milk and boils it. A lady chops some dry fruits… Sita adds them to kheer with sweet syrup.. The lady tastes it and says wonderful. Naughty girls, I mean urmandvi (Urmila and Mandvi enter the kitchen shouting) they try to eat the Kheer while sita comes in their way,.. Not now urmi, Mandvi… Wait dears… First ma will eat this.. Let me first see what magical decoration you’ve done in mother’s room… She goes to Sunaina’s room. And finds it decorated nicely ??? Urmila and Mandvi start boasting themselves..
    U-didi look at this bouquet ???? I’ve kept it here
    M-jiji ignore her look at this curtain and bed sheet… It’s my kala…. Look at the finest embroidery..
    U-didi there’s nothing in this foolish threading and stitching look here, at this . (sita sees some pearls necklaces ) I’ve made these specially ???? for ma
    M-di there’s nothing in this pearls putting on thread
    U-shut up…
    They start arguing again. Siya laughs while sutkirti removes their attention… Ma is coming…. Sita arranges the bowl of kheer on table. Bhoomija plays…… The sisters put their gifts on table. Sita lights the diyas.. Sunaina comes and gets shocked..
    The sisters wish her…. Happy birthday ma ? ??????????…. Sunaina smiles and hugs them… Sita feeds her the kheer. Sunaina appreciates it…..
    Scene 4
    Location ayodhya ashram
    Rishi says that second round of competition starts now. I’ll ask questions to all of you. You’ll answer them. If an enemy will ask you for forgiveness what’ll you do??? Will you kill him or forgive him??? Lakshman says whatever happens enemy is enemy I’ll kill him … Ram says no lakshman it’s wrong to kill enemy ❌ if he’s asking fr forgiveness we shouldn’t kill him and give him chance.
    Lakshman -enemy may use the chance……
    Ram-if enemy surrenders with full heart we can forgive him lakshman… Rishi appreciates ram.. Ram ram plays,……..
    Precap-Janak wishes Sunaina happy birthday ?.. He tells sita n the sisters that they’ll be educated under guidance of Gautam rishi.. Siya is unhappy. Ram says that it’s very important to control anger and one who manages to do so shall surely succeed.

    1. Padmaja

      Wow its aawesome dear and i just love it?❤…. And love u too❤❤

    2. vanshika can u pls give the link of the first two episodes .

      1. Vanshika

        Balyakaal ff 1
        Balyakaal ff 2 (I dint find the link so I’m posting full part)
        Sita looks on as Sunaina is cooking food. Ma, what are you cooking for us??
        Sunaina- putri, it’s your favourite kheer. You love it na?
        Siya- yes ma.. If u’ll make food, it’ll always be tasty ?.. How do you make this??
        Sunaina- by boiling washed rice in milk ?.
        Siya- how does it get sweet??
        Sunaina( pointing towards a bowl ) this.. It makes things sweet. It’s extracted from sugarcane juice..
        Siya-any secret ingredients, ma??
        Sunaina- yes one secret ingredient is such that it’ll enhance the flavours of even the most bitter dish..
        Sita-tell ma..
        Sunaina- love ?…….
        Siya- how do we put love ma????
        Sunaina – by cooking food with love,naturally the food becomes tasty and flavourful ? sita.
        Siya hears a voice of argument and says ma, I’ll check and come okay..
        She goes and sees Mandvi and shrutkirti fighting foolishly over a cloth. oh.. So its these two specially big babies..
        M-you rakshashi, it’s my dupatta.
        U- no, you’d promised me that I’ll get to wear it..
        M- so what?? I’ve embroidered it..
        U- shut up you lier.. You’re the demoness here. Just by stitching one line of thread no one becomes a Mahan kalakaar.. The other…
        M- that’s it.. It’s not a masterpiece dupatta.. You don’t need it. I’ll wear it in the function.
        U- no I’ll…
        Sutkirti and sita enter just then..
        Siya- ufffoo.. You’re fighting like kids..
        Mandavi- we’re not 60 years old grandmas..
        Sita- what’s the matter??
        Urmila- she’s not letting me wear this dupatta..
        Shrutkirti- mandavi didi, you wear another dupatta..
        Mandvi – why shall I?? It’s mine..
        Sutkirti – okay na.. Then you wear it… But dont fight.. Fighting is a bad habit. We shouldn’t fight. We should live peacefully. It calms us from the interior mind.
        Sita- see both of you.. Learn something from her.. She’s so calm and you’re like disasters.
        Mandvi – jiji, she’s a disaster.. ( pointing towards Urmila)
        Sita- then what are you?? Mega disaster?? None of us will wear this dupatta.. Lets gift it to ma only ?. Best solution??? …shitija..bhogi…avani cha… Bhumija…. Plays…
        Urmila – okay didi,, at least this demoness won’t wear it,.
        Shrutkirti- yes, she wont.. Mandavi di, you na embroider it more nicely so that ma gets happy. Now lets go..?


        It’s evening.. The brothers are sitting in their hut after having their food and talking..
        Lakshman-it’s archery ? test tomorrow..
        Bharat-haha ? you’re worried…
        Laksman- I’m not worried.. Worry be with enemies.. Coz only bhaiyya can win ?..
        Shatrughan- this is truly said.. None can defeat ram bhaiyya in arrows..
        Ram smiles..
        Lakshman – so do we need to practice further???
        Bharat- l don’t think so.. I’m already feeling sleepy ? ?..
        Lakshman – lazy people…
        Bharat- did you say anything.. Anyways, what’s the need to practice when its definite that ram bhaiyya will win ?..
        Ram- then what’ll others say.. That ram bhaiyya won and his brothers are lazy,..
        Lakshman – I also think we’ve already practiced enough..
        Ram- lakshman, practice is never enough.. And overconfidence… It always ruins everything… You’re having overconfidence on my winning and your sufficient practice.. Who knows what’ll change.. Maybe none of us wins and we’ve very poor performance..
        Ram… Ram.. Plays… Confidence and self esteem both are nice.. But excessive of everything is wrong, right…
        Shatrughan- you’re right bhaiyya..
        Ram- don’t worry about results, just give your best.. Sometimes we lose after winning, sometimes we win after losing.. That’s how everything changes… For now, we should take rest…. The fruits of our hard work will be cleared tomorrow.. Ripe or raw.. Maryada puroshattam….. Plays…..
        Everyone nod and they sleep…
        The mithila sisters also sleep..
        Precap- the mithila sisters decorate a room. Ram shoots an arrow and it hits the target ?.. Everyone clap.

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  12. Vanshika

    The epi starts with Krishna returning to the palace. Balram asks dasi to give clothes to subhadra so that she can get ready for the marriage. Dasi finds out that subhadra is missing and informs this to balram. “rajkumari subhadra isn’t in her room.. I’ve checked al the rooms in the palace. She isn’t anywhere..” Balram gets furious ??..
    On the other hand the soldiers inform Yudhishtira that prativindhya isn’t anywhere in the whole kingdom.. Draupadi cries disheartened ??..
    Balram shouts at Krishna accusing him for making subhadra run ?…
    B- Krishna I’m sure that you’re responsible for making subhadra run away with some…..
    K- dau I don’t know ?
    B- I didn’t except that from you… Duryodhan acts of crying and says to balram. This Krishna …. He always,…. Always…. Always does deceitful plannings and see this time how he ruined everything…????
    Balram gets more furious ? ? ? and is about to say something when a messenger comes and whispers something in his ear ?…. Balram looks at Krishna who acts innocent ?.. Balram shouts Arjun……. Duryodhan cries ? and says to balram… See… See what’s happening.. Shakuni shouts insult…. Big insult… Now we won’t wait even a single moment here.. Come my child .. Come duryodhan.. Duryodhan says no mama Sri… First I want that thief Arjun to be killed.. Balram says sure.. Rukmini gets tensed.. Krishna acts of crying ? n says dau… U r such a cruel brother you’re killing your sister’s husband ? ?… Duryodhan says he at least deserves to be punished.. Balram agrees..
    A soldier comes to draupadi happily.. I’ve got some good news for you. Draupadi says prativindhya.. Where is my son??? The soldier says sorry empress.. Actually we have got no news of raj Kumar..
    Draupadi -then what’s the good news..
    Soldier – prince Arjun has reached the kingdom..
    Draupadi gets glad with hope that Arjun will help finding prativindhya and goes out with a plate to welcome Arjun. She does his aarti .. Then her eyes fall on Subhadra, who Is dressed like a dasi .. She gets suspicious and asks Arjun-who’s this lady wit you?? Never seen before?? Arjun looks around-which lady????
    Draupadi holds subhadra hand-this lady….
    Arjun -oooooo this lady!!!!! This… She’s.. A dasi.. A milk maid..
    Draupadi -that’s clear from her outfit.. I’m asking what she’s doing here.
    Yudhishtira-you’ve to clear all your doubts on the door ??? First lets go inside then.. Everyone comply.
    Draupadi again asks Arjun about the milkmaid. He says- she’s a milkmaid working in dwarka..
    Draupadi -dwarka,………
    Arjun -yes yes.. Dwarka.. Madhav sent her with me.. As a gift ?.. He said this is the best milkmaid. She’ll help you alot.
    Draupadi -okay okay,. Leave her.. Listen to me carefully..
    Yudhishtira-prativindhya is missing…
    Arjun -who prativindhya ?????
    Draupadi- my son…
    Arjun -whatttt????
    Yudhishtira-yes.. And our huge armies have failed to find him. You’re our last hope…
    Arjun says yes.. I’ll do my best. He goes with yudhishtira and bheem. Draupadi looks at subhadra, a dasi can’t have been sooooo beautiful ☹☹ she asks her to go behind the palace with another dasi. Subhadra goes,…..
    Krishna asks Duryodhan and his party to go in their room and rest. Everyone else leave. Dauuu you come with me. I’ve something very imp to discuss.. Balram says don’t try to make me happy at Arjun and not harm him. Duryodhan smirks ? and leaves..
    Krishna -dau I’m not going to take arjun’s side but I’m going to show you the truth.
    Balram – I’m not going to listen…
    Krishna -you don’t have to listen to me.. You’ve to listen to someone else..
    Balram -who???
    Krishna -come with me!!
    Krishna takes him to duryodhan’s room.
    Duryodhan – mamashri I think the two brothers may be seperated this way..
    Shakuni -not so soon.. That Krishna.. He’ll he’ll he’ll surely..
    Duryodhan-no.. First.. Dau will punish Arjun.. It’ll be sooo fun. After all he’s not done good.. It’ll now snatch from us a chance to win over the pandavas..
    But balram has gone till then…….. Krishna smiles.. That’s the beginning.. Dau will understand Arjun is perfect for his sister.. ???
    Precap – Draupadi writes a letter.. She asks subhadra about her family. Krishna receives a letter and reaches Indraprastha.

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