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Siya Ke Ram 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the old woman singing and dancing along with the villagers for Ram’s birthday. Everyone dance happily. Ram and Laxman come in the village. The common people get glad seeing them. They all greet them and ask you here Yuvraaj. Ram and Laxman get down the cart. Ram says I got to know you all are celebrating my birthday. They all wish him happy birthday. The man runs from the place and falls down. He tries reaching Ram.

The old woman hides the kheer and turns. Ram says Maai and stops her. He asks for blessings. She says no, its your blessings for us, after that day of Praja Darshan, our all problems are solved since many years, I know you are behind this. She cries. Ram asks her is there any problem. The little boy says we all told her you won’t come, and she was

sure you will come and made kheer, now you are here and she is hesitant to give you kheer. Ram asks her to feed kheer to him. She happily cries and feeds him.

The Dhobi Badra also wishes Ram. He apologizes and says I can’t gift you anything, you have everything, but you have made this day unforgettable by coming here. They all dance around Ram. Ram and Laxman smile.

The injured man comes there and falls in Ram’s feet. He greets him and asks him to protect, Asurs are killing pilgrims and kept few as hostage, protect us. Ram gets thinking.

Ram informs Dasharath. Dasharath says this is small problem, let me send an army, they will deal with it. Laxman says no, let us go, they are our people. Dasharath asks whats the need for you both to go. Guru Vashisht comes and says its necessary Dasharath, bless them and send them to serve Rajya, else people will think Ram and Laxman are not the best, that’s why you did not send them. Dasharath greets him and says it will be right if you are saying, I will let them go, but they won’t go alone, the soldiers will go with them. He asks Ram and Laxman to go. Ram and Laxman take his blessings and also of Guru ji’s. They leave.

Ram and Laxman ride the horses and reach that place. An asur sees them and informs Subahu that they are coming, they are not looking ordinary soldiers, they look Rajkumars. Subahu says its great, we will capture them and take over their Rajya. The rishi says Lord will protect us. Subahu laughs off and asks where is your Lord, show me. Ram and Laxman come there with the soldiers.

Asurs throw big stones on them. The horses do not go ahead and neigh. Ram and Laxman proceed without their soldiers. Asurs laugh on them. Ram sees Subahu and Mareecha. Subahu says you did big mistake by coming here. Ram requests them to free the pilgrims and Rishis. Asurs laugh on him. Laxman says you will be ruined after insulting Rajkumar Ram. They joke on Ram and laugh. Ram says I m saying for the final time, surrender else…. Subahu says make this guy realize his mistake. Asurs attack on Ram and Laxman. Ram and Laxman get down the horse and fight with them. Ram and Laxman kill the Asurs fighting bravely. Subahu and Mareecha look on. They go to fight with Ram.

Ram and Laxman fight with Asurs and beat them down. Dasharath says many attacks are happening in the Rajya and plans Ashwamedha Yagya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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