Siya Ke Ram 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the boy showing his house over the mountains. A lady is shown ill and other ladies take care of her. They ask the lady not to worry and trust Lord. The lady cries and asks how to not worry, he is my son, to do her upbringing was my aim, I did not make him away from me ever. Anusuya Mata comes there. She sees the lady. She feels the breeze and says air shows some positive vibes, like any good news is coming.

The boy brings Ram, Sita and Laxman to the ashram. He runs calling Maa. The lady gets glad hearing her son Raghu. She runs to meet her son and falls down. She still runs and hugs her son. Mata Anusuya smiles. The lady hugs and kisses her son while crying happily. Mata Anusuya sees Ram, Sita and Laxman. Sita walks ahead. Mata Anusuya says you have come Sita, I was waiting

for you since long. Sita greets her purity and says your Pati Vrath Palan is a great example for all women of the world. Ram says you have brought pure Mandakani river in Chitrakupt for people’s welfare, accept our greetings. The boy says they have saved my life from hawks. His mom says you saved my life, how to express my gratitude.

Rishi Atri comes there and welcomes Ram, Sita and Laxman in his ashram. He says my ashram has become more pure today by your arrival. Ram says we are blessed meeting you Maharishi Atri. Rishi Atri asks them to take some rest.

Kaushalya and Sumitra pray. Kaushalya says since many years, Ram was never with me, first Gurukul, then with Guru Vishwamitra, after he came after marriage, I felt our lives got happiness, but then everything shattered. FB shows those moments. She says but Kaikeyi realized her mistake late, else Ram would be with us, Sita, Laxman would be here, and Maharaj would be with us too. She cries. Sumitra says whatever happened, its not in our control, ego and greed, it weakens person’s sense what person becomes his own enemy, this happened with Kaikeyi, but she realized her mistake and is repenting too. This is testing time for our family, it will be for 14 years, we have to keep our family united, we can respect the all the four couples’ love and sacrifice, we are praying for our Ram today, so that he always stays fine and healthy. Kaushalya says I wish to meet them. Sumitra says me too, but it won’t be right, if we meet them, vanvaas will be tough for them.

Kaushalya says sometimes I don’t get sleep at night, thinking about them, how are they spending lives in van, how is Sita staying there, who would be helping them. Sumitra says Mahadev is there, I m sure he will take care of them in any avatar. Hanuman is shown. Jai hanuman…..plays…………… Hanuman flies and jumps across the trees. The little monkey kids see him and smile. They ask Hanuman to take them to the sky, hurry up now. Hanuman smiles and says fine, come. He takes kids on his back and flies in the air. The kid asks what happened to you, you are going slow. Another kid says true, he has less powers today, and asks him to fly high. Hanuman says fine, hold me tight. He takes them inside clouds. They enjoy. A kid falls down and they get worried. They ask Hanuman to save the kid. Hanuman smiles.

Hanuman holds the kid by his tail and saves him getting the kid on his back again. The kids smile. The kid says we came very far, we should go back. Hanuman smiles.

Shruthkirti asks Shatrughan what is upsetting him. he says I did injustice while doing justice. She says you did this according to Rajya rules. He says that’s one sided and biased towards women. She says you have to take such decisions even when you don’t believe in that. He says its tough to become king, we don’t think how the king is surrounded by problems and expectations, they came to get justice, they will feel I did injustice with them, they won’t think why I took this decision. He gets sad and says the girl is young, I have sent her on vanvaas, knowing it will be tough on her to stay in van alone, Rajya rules always raise questions on women, not men, when the girl returns after vanvaas, she will be stained forever, the society will not forgive her, this has become curse for that girl, whats the need of such Rajya rules.

She says I can sense fear in your words, is this true or my illusion. He says its my fear, my decision will become sorrowful for her dad, I m afraid for Ayodhya, if justice is one sided, then it will be big danger for us. She asks why can’t rules be changed. He says it became definition, we have to explain everyone. She asks what do you mean. He says its tough. She asks is it impossible. He says no, I will start to bring change, don’t know when will it form. She says Sita always asks to find solution, despite many hurdles. He says it should not happen that this rules’ injustice and wrong decision guilt is awaiting a big sacrifice.

Hanuman gives fruits to kids and asks them to share. Hanuman sits eating all the fruits.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jay

    Tnks for the quick update amena mam…. Hanuman was too good…
    Satrughen feelings going to be trueeee…..

  2. Awesome episode. .,hanuman scene is awesome. ..sumitra and kausalya scence was too emotional. …..hanuman entry was brilliant. ……guy please read my articles please. ….comments also…..

  3. SKR fan

    Today’s episode was really grand. Nothing could be more grand than hanumans’ entry on ramnavmi.
    Hanuman flying scene could have been better.
    Why are the showing Sita’s exile?

    • Veronica crouze

      Bcz as it’s frm sita’s perspective they have 2 give a proper explanation on sita’s exile…so they r giving importance on ds topic frm d from d outset.

  4. anjali

    I think today I’m the first one to comment . And today’s episode was really nice . I hope they show more Lakshmila scenes, if not now at least after vanvas episodes .

  5. Sanjana

    Yesterday my 5 comments didn’t get posted
    Will post on Sunday
    Without that u won’t understand that extracurricular comment

  6. Brindha

    Hi everyone… How r u all???
    I am back …. I missed all my skr family members sumi,sanjana,bhoomi di…,brinda di….,amulya di…,anjali,shilpa di….,malvi di…,iqara,sneha,rachu di…,Richard di…,nippy di…,yazhini di…, and oh…..the list goes on …. And all the members of skr family…
    Episode was very nice….
    But last part of the episode was quite emotional…. when Shatrugan and shruthkirthi will be worrying
    Happy ram navmi everyone……
    Missed u all….
    Get well soon nidhi di…..
    Miss u di….
    Bye everyone ….
    Gd night…

  7. Joshna

    Good epiosde. Awesome Hanuman ji. Go on. Thx amena di. Hi everyone how r u . nice scene where the boy hugs his mother. Best feeling is when someone hugs his or her mother. Feels protected excited to see tom episode

  8. Sita

    Hi guys i think u all forgot me . Sry guy i m busy with my enthrance xams so only .n i ll regularly cmt after xams

  9. Brindha

    Night is pleasant
    Night is calm
    Night scenery is beautiful
    So admire this beauty and calmness and sleep well
    So gd night everyone
    Sweet dreams
    So sleep peacefully without any disturbances like tension…..

  10. Good episode. Sumithra’s words were correct. I thought the Hanuman ji’s entry will he better but anyway waiting for his leelas and prem gaathas. But I should say in this vanvaas costume Ram and lakshman are looking great day by day. Wow !! 😉 Waiting fr tomorrow !!
    Wow finally I learned to send the links !! Yipeeeeeeeee…….

    Here Lakshman aka karan suchak giving interview to his fans .. Just have a look 😉

  11. Hai everyone hangman entry was nice!he is considered as a form of lord shiva!shatrugan tried to predict the future that the same thing will happen in their own family nice episode

  12. Vrinda

    🙂 See everyone? Hanuman made an entry in SKR without meeting Ram.. I guess we are all relieved… And now Mother Anasuya will talk to Sita about Patni Dharma. Here is a teeny tiny fact about mother Anasuya : Anasuya means devoid of envy.. suya means envy, and mother Anasuya was 100% pure in her heart and was a great example of chastity. It shows that a woman does not need to be physically strong, but her inner power is what brings upon success to her and her family. I am pretty sure SKR will show her most inspiring story.
    And also “I wish you all A BELATED VERY HAPPY RAMA NAVAMI!”

    Ramaya Rama Bhadraya. Ramachandraya Vedhase. Raghu Nathaya Nathaya. Sitayah Pataye Namaha.

    • Sanjana

      Thks for teeny weeny facts Di and
      I am in awe of ur knowledge about mythology bcoz u were born in USA
      What an upbringing Di
      Deeply rooted in Indian values
      Hats off Di

    • There is also another interesting story about maths anusuya! Once,narada made a chaos to three devis parvati,lakshmi,saraswathi about anusuya that she is the best woman and eg for chastity! This made the three devis and also three murthies to check her chastity! So,the moorthies brahma,vishnu and siva disguised as saints and went to her ashram when atri munivar was not there! And they made a hypothetic condition to her that,she must provide food to them without wearing any clothes in her body! Ma anusuya was shocked and then able to recognize them! So she made the three moorthies into child and fed them br*ast milk! On sering this the three devis approached her and worshipped her for her chastity! So she made the three child together and so that child was called as dhatatreya swami! Jai sri ram!

  13. My reply to sanjana for her question yeah ur guess is right! I am the alumni of petit seminaire and i also studied in doss sir tuition for maths ! Now u are going to him right? For Cluny students he will take on early morning right? All the best!

    • Sanjana

      He has refused to take for 10th bro from my batch due to health reasons
      Only for 11th and 12th both boys and girls
      So sad?

  14. Nice conversation between shatrukirti….
    And remembering the old days was too good. Sweet moments. Remembering them is like testing honey.
    Loved today’s epi

  15. SKR fan

    This question came in my mind as today is ramnavmi birthday of shriram.
    Has anyone heard siya ke ram song titled dekeya vadh. It is about lord ram’s birth. But neither they have shown ram’s birth nor they have played this song. So why did they make this song?
    And one more question. Do anyone no when is Sita’s birthday?

  16. SKR fan

    Had to try on 300 tails before look for Hanuman in Siya Ke Ram was finalised, says actor Danish Akhtar
    Danish Akhtar who will soon be playing the role of Hanuman in popular show Siya Ke Ram, says that the makers of the show took a total of 35 look tests before he was selected for the role.

    The wrestler-turned-actor who had to undergo three months of extensive acting and fitness for his role in the popular mythological show, said that he even had to try on at least 300 types of tails to suit him best.

    IANS reports that the actor was in for a surprise as he had no idea about the kind of time, effort and energy that goes into making a show like this.

    “As a common man, I had no idea that so much of time and energy goes into making a show. I am glad that I am able to experience it in person,” IANS quotes him saying.

    As for the tale of the tails, he added, “Some of them either were too small or too big for me while there were some others that didn’t match my colour tone and some didn’t have the right shape.”

  17. Nita

    Hey guys I was just reading an article by Soups so I just got a thought…. I would like do share it with u guys….

    First in Satya tug it was war between Devas n Danavas..I.e. two different lok… in Treta tug between Ram n Ravan….viz. two different continents….. then in Dwarpa Yug between cousins Kauravas n Pandavas….I.e in same family…… Day by day this distance is Shrinking…. We already see fights among siblings for property, business, etc…..I think we should learn from these epics that war only leads to destruction… who ever wins, destruction takes place on both the sides… predicted the KalYug is gonna be worst….so let’s do our part so that we develop our own self n soul cause everyone to give answers up there……

  18. twinkle

    Ram, Sita and Laxman have reached the Atri ashram. Mata Anusuya gives some clothes to Sita. Sita and Ram will be blessed by Mata Anusuya, who is a pious lady. Ram gets Mata Anusuya’s son, whom they got in the jungle. Mata Anusuya stays with her husband Rishi Atri in the ashram, which is home for many devotees. Mata Anusuya gets glad seeing her son back and hugs him. Ram and everyone are crossing the hurdles coming in the jungle.

  19. nupur

    Awesome epi…Hanuman’s entry was so grand and beautifully depicted…
    They r actually hinting at d big sacrifice that sita ll have to do….i think i won’t b able to watch that part bcoz that’s too emotional for me n also i don’t like that aspect of Ramayana…it’s just only my view….

  20. Joshna

    Happy Ram navami everyone. Jai siya u know actually Rama ‘s birthday scientifically is on 10 January.but anyways good night everyone.

  21. Its Such a Great Episode………… Hanuman’s Entry was just Awesome……….&Hy Everyone, How r u all???Actually I Am Back here after a few days……Bcoz I am busy in some works & festivals……….

  22. Sanjana(Sara)

    Superb episode.
    Hanuman entry was great.
    Missing urmila very much.

    Sumi di where r u..?
    Missing u and ur OS very much.

    Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams.

  23. Also pls.start a group in fb for skr fans and anyone can be a group admin. For that group and we shall also join dat group when u give notification to us in dis page

    • gokul bro in facebook we have already opened the group it is called HAPPY FAMILY
      if u want to join the group send me a friend request my user name is PRINCESS IQURA KHAN. you will find most of our siya ke ram family memebers in my friend list

    • Sanjana

      My god what is this who is using my id
      I am shocked as my id are known only to my family and friends
      Ww Di I had shared my email with u but it does not get displayed anywhere right only u know
      I am really worried actually my school gets over only at 3:30 I just came home and was shocked to see this comment
      Who is trying to fake my identity
      Pls stop it what will u gain from it
      And I have a doubt can this be a person who has set a same dp and uses my name
      It just striked me
      I swear maybe even I can even promise on Sita pucca promise Ww that was not my comment
      Do u guys believe me
      Jai Shri ram
      And exactly at 4:00 means can it be someone from my school as they too would have reached home just now but who
      I don’t have enemies and all don’t know my id too
      But I have a doubt on a girl Swetha as I fought with her a week ago but she does not that I comment here so how??????
      Jai Siya ram
      Jai Siya ram
      Jai Siya ram
      Jai Siya ram
      Jai Siya ram
      Jai Siya ram

      • jay

        We Believe U Dear ……..U dont require to give us clarification …..Just find out the culprit to avoid further problems…………..

      • Sanjana

        Ww Di do u trust me
        I can never ever think of my sister like that
        I don’t know who wants to create different between us
        And what do u suggest should I delete my account and create a new one
        I don’t have any important emails as such
        And should I change my dp
        Pls say as I know u know better about computers
        Even nidhi Di had once mentioned that somebody was faking in Instagram and by fb by using her real name
        I am really worried
        Bad day ?
        And whoever it is don’t pull other skr member into it if u wAnt to scold me
        Set ur own identity and I warning u not to drag ,y sisters into it
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        Don’t defile its purity
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        To break this family who share a great bond
        I would scold more but o have tution now God saved u
        U can’t spoil anyone’s happiness just get out of here and I pray Shri ram may enlighten u
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        But the problem is no one except my parents and my best friend knows I comment here
        But my friend does not even know the link or maybe she is not innocent but I can’t simple doubt on her
        Sita ram pls show me the way

      • Sanjana

        Yes Di will find out and I hope this person leaves my life too
        And thanx a ton jay Di for ur trust
        Really blessed to have u all Di
        Loads of love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • Sanjana

        Thanks a lot iqura for ur trust
        God bless u
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      • Sanjana

        Sorry twinkle I know u are my sisters
        So foolish that I didn’t trust u as much as u trust me
        Loads of love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Sanju chill…. i know about u…. i dont care for such comments….. i have trust on u….. actually busy today will talk at night……. this fake person cannot do anything …….

      • Sanjana

        Thank you so much wellwisher Di
        U are the best sister
        Thank ur so much I have been checking this page now and then to see ur comment only
        Will wait for u tonight
        God bless u and keep smiling?

    • Sanjana(Sara)

      We all trust u sanjana di. Please don’t worry.This fake person can do nothing. We know that u can never think ill of us. U r our sweet sister. Please don’t worry.

  24. Sanjana

    But the comments are getting posted really fast the person has planned and striked well so that u can doubt me
    The moderation is just for 2 minutes
    Who is it and there is no school also tomorrow how will I find out

  25. Sanjana

    I don’t understand this person what does her comment mean
    What is her motive
    I mean her comment does not indicate that it wants to create difference and
    How does she know Ww when has not even commented today
    Does this mean the person has been visiting the page for long

    Own up and u will be spared or remember
    God is watching over u

  26. Sanjana

    If u just commented in haste u own up and I am assure of forgiving u
    Ww Di do u think this has any connection with u as once u had mentioned ur friends know about this page
    Could they have just set a dp and used my name
    I am sorry for asking this if it has hurt u
    I wanted to find out that’s why
    Really sorry Di if I am mistaken by asking this question but if it is my side then I take responsibility for if this person directly or indirectly related to me has commented wrong about u
    Really Di u are intelligent and not dumb as the stupid describes u and she is the biggest idiot of this universe
    Di I admire u and u keep this family connected and answer our questions with ur knowledge and appreciate my analysis , this is my view on u
    U are really helpful kind and sweet and as an elder Di u help me lot

    And this person in fact a coward cannot get inspired by u and so
    He types such comment

    I am provoking u fake personality yet u won’t own up
    Are u so thick skinned
    Ok anyways why should I waste my time on u
    In fact now I am becoming foolish by typing so many comments for u not for u actually it is for my Di
    But I am sure Ww Di will trust me ☺️

      • Sanjana

        Thanx Di and I really loved all ur analysis will post comment on each one tonight
        And I love ur dp Di

    • What happened sanjana? Y r u so tensed? Nothing to worry abt the using of ur account by someone! I give a simple suggestion! Pls.reset the password in such a way that there must be collection of many variables and strings! For e.g nis.and alphabets and with ur keyword.and also ur that! Me too have faced dis situation! Ma!

    • Oh now i understand the above comment to ww ie.the dumb was not posted by u right? Thats why u are tensed! Dont worry ma! In every website,there will be this kinds of fools and dumbs! Daritaram pudichavangala! Enga irundu da varinga! Idanda madri seiya vekkama illa! Very bad!

  27. Brindha

    Sanju…….calm down dear…. I have full trust on u….. I know that u would not have done like that… I trust 100% on u….
    We all know abt u … U would not do like that…… Yes u r right sanju ww di….keeps this family connected and answers all our questions…. She is really very helpful and kind…. Even I feel very lucky to get ww di….
    Sanju don’t get so tensed …..
    God is always with u …. He will surely help u to solve all ur problems…..
    Believe in God….. He will never leave u and will surely help u in some or the other way…. So just chill …. Getting worried or tensed does not solve ur problem in fact it destroys ur happiness and peacefulness ….
    So cool down dear….
    Jai sita ram
    Jai shree Krishna

  28. Sanjana

    I am so sorry for not trusting u
    Forgive ur naughty sis
    And I promise I won’t get tensed and will cool down
    Pucca promise

  29. Sanjana

    Actually i was browsing Amazon
    How is the book
    Sitas sister by Kavitha Kane
    And ascent of Sita
    Zara Di u had posted a review so have u read the book how is it
    And I so a few more books titled Sita
    Any idea is it good if so pls recommend
    I have read scion of ikshvaku And devdutt Sita and Amar Chitra katha Ramayan
    And Rajagopalchari Ramayan
    Any other books u would recommend
    Aren’t there books on other characters of ramayan?????
    Actually tomorrow spare some 10 mins to answer my questions which I prepared for u
    Will post it tonight and I posted 3 analysis
    Sita purer that purity
    And an overview and justification titled
    Jai siya ram and
    Secular India
    Hope it gets posted
    Bye am busy right now

    • Srinidhi

      I’ve read Scion of Ikshvaku as well…although there are some fictional elements added in it, it’s still awesome
      it’s by the same author of the Shiva trilogy…i think you would like it

  30. Srinidhi

    Late Ram Navami wishes to everyone!!!
    Nice dp ww di, I’m so happy that Hanuman entered SKR 🙂
    Glad to see that Zara di is fine…welcome back di (although this is a little late) ?

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