Siya Ke Ram 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking with whom injustice happened. Dhobi’s wife comes and says injustice happened with me, you can get justice for me. Ram asks her to say clearly. She says your return got happiness in Ayodhya, but my husband’s heart got angry, he has made me leave house without any reason. Ram asks where is her husband. Dhobi is brought there. Ram asks Dhobi Badra why did he leave his innocent wife. Badra says innocent, no, she is characterless and can’t be called a wife, so I made her leave from my life. Ram says no blame is proved, you can’t use such words and hold her culprit.

Badra says sorry, but what can I tell her, if she stays out of home all night. Ram asks her to say is this true. She says no, he is lying, I informed him and went to Maayka, my mum is unwell,

I did not reach maayka, I realized on the way that I did big mistake by not obeying my husband, so I came back, but even then my husband is doubting me, he is insulting me and making me leave the house. Ram asks the man about the lady’s mother. The man says yes, we found out, her mum is really unwell. Ram tells Badra that his doubt is baseless, and commands Badra to accept his wife, this is justice. Badra says no, this is not justice, its injustice, I m ordinary Dhobi, not Raja Ram, who can accept his wife heartily after she stayed at Raavan’s place.

Ram and everyone get shocked. Badra says Ram has made Sita sit on Raghuvansh throne, this maybe ordinary thing for Ram, but for me, if my wife returns home after going away all night, I can’t accept her, Ram can be Patni bhakt, but I can’t obey your command, I have left her forever. Soldiers catch Badra. Ram asks soldiers to leave Badra. He asks all of them to leave. Ram recalls Badra’s words and gets much hurt.

Sita is sleeping on the swing in her Kaksh. Ram goes to her. He sees her and smiles. He bends to pick the blanket cloth from floor and cover her well. He recalls Badra’s words and gets tearful eyes. He cries and steps back. he leaves from the Kaksh. Sita wakes up and says Raghunandan…. She says why did he take so much time, he did not return from Rajya sabha till now. She looks for him outside. She goes to Rajya Sabha and looks for Ram. She calls soldiers and asks did Ram come to Rajya Sabha. Soldier says yes, and he left much time before. She says where did he do. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan come there. Laxman asks her whom is she finding, she looks worried. She asks did he see Ram. Laxman says no. She says he came in Sabha, soldiers said he left much time before, he did not come to Kaksh. Laxman says he would be in Raj bhavan, whats there to worry. Bharat says maybe he went out in Rajya. Sita says he would have informed me. Laxman says don’t worry, we will find him and get him here.

Ram stands near the sea shore and recalls Sita’s words to support him and deciding van daman with him, Sita’s purity and Agnipariksha. Sita comes to him and asks what happened, you look worried. He asks did you hear what are people saying, what Badra said about us, how dare he call you impure, what does he know about you, your decision made me Ram and you gave Agnipariksha to protect Maryada, he did not call Sita impure, but called Siya Ram love impure, it can’t happen, he is saying lie, he does not know anything, the world can have anything impure, but my Sita can’t be impure, never. She gets away from him. Ram forwards hand to hold her. She disappears. He shouts Sita. He says my Sita is pure like Ganga’s character, I will prove this to the world.

Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra are with Sita. Kaushalya asks Sita did Ram say anything before leaving. Sita says no, he did not come from Sabha. Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan come. Kaushalya asks Laxman did he find out anything. Laxman says I searched for him everywhere, I could not find him. Ram walks in. Sita says Raghunandan….. Ram is lost in thoughts and goes, while Kaushalya, Laxman, Bharat call him out and ask is there any worry about Rajya. Kaikeyi asks what happened. Ram asks Laxman to inform Guru Vashisht about coming to Rajbhavan at the earliest. Sita worries.

Guru Vashisht says why is nature changing color so often, why do I feel something bad is going to happen in Ayodhya, why is my heart restless and doubting such bad thing. Laxman comes to his ashram and greets him. He says I was coming to your ashram to meet you. Guru Vashisht asks what happened. Laxman says Ram is much worried, it seems something is going to occur, he did not tell us anything, he asked me to request you to come to Rajbhavan, come with me. Ram thinks of Badra’s words. Sita comes there and asks what justice did you had to do today, that made you so worried. She forwards her hand and asks him to come and have food. He does not hold her hand, and says come…. He leaves. She cries. Ram sits to have food. Sita says I have made such food for you, which you liked in vanvaas, we had this food for 14 years. Ram is still thinking. She says you know, I have taught everyone to make this food, if I go anywhere, you will get your fav food. Ram looks at her. He is about to begin. Laxman comes and informs him that Guru Vashisht has come to Rajbhavan. Ram leaves…..Sita says something wrong happened because of which Ram is worried.

Badra says if Ram has to save his Maryada, he has to leave his wife. Ram dressed as a commoner hears Badra. Kaikeyi tells Ram that society does not believe woman’s purity till its proved. Guru Vashisht tells Ram about the king’s duty to obey Dharm and customs, and ignore his personal rights and duties.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    How cruel the Dhobhi is???? How can he speak like that?? Ram ko Kitna hurt Hua hai.. The way he shouted Sita shows how much the word hurted him.. Hare yr Dhobhi ko kahani Pata hai ya nahi?? Did anybody noticed he is speaking like Sita kud jaakar Lanka Mei rahi THI?? His dialogue “jis Patni apni Pati ki baat na mankar”?? It means like wife doesn’t accept husband’s words but Sita ke saath aisa Hua nahi na.. And the precap was so hurting yr.. Chalo next week hojayega Sita Ka vanvas…

    That’s happening today also guys.. After knowing the fault of dhobi in ramayana.. The people r doing the same only.. They never sees the fault of boy even though he is at fault.. Always they see the girl in fault vision.. Sach Mei koi ladki ke saath kuch bura ho.. Toh uss ladki suicide karne tak usse chodthe nahi.. Taunt karte rahthe hai.. Aur voh ladki society se darkar apni parivaar ke baare Mei na soche Mar jaati hai… The society never changed after seeing the destruction too.. That’s so painful.. Even though the girl is having strength to handle the situation and she is brave.. The society is enough to prove her coward.. That day it just happened with SITA and DRAUPADI.. But today it’s happening with each and every girl… CRUEL SOCIETY….

    Hii all how r u all??? Do anybody know how is TWINKLE’s health condition now??

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Hi dear ya ur words r crct. It would have hurted ram dan anything else…
      and ya dear it is so hard for me to study the portions.. but we have time dis week… and no worries commerce kandippa easy ah varanumu pray panren n enakum commerce romba bayama irruku… and all the best for your exams dear..

    • Samyukta

      No need to worry take interest in the subject u will bit difficult but we have to do so all the best padmaja.for ur exams ne than exam ye nalla panuve yenaki teriyom.Anna yun kiteke yenala subjects yeriki

  2. SKR fan

    Now no more happy moments. How fearless that Bhadra is! He straight away said it.
    What you think did Ram would also have sent the daughter of Bhadra for vanvaas as Shatrughn did?
    Now Shri Ram will decide to leave the throne.
    Don’t they sleep at night. Why the three brothers were awake.
    Ram again angry.
    Is it true that Chandranandni will be telecasted at 8:30? Then which show will replace Siya ke Ram? If that will be at 8:30 then I won’t be able to watch it as at that time I watch TMKOC on sab tv.
    I have seen it many times that horses of the chariot in SKR never run in straight direction. One will go straight and other sideways.
    In the precap why Ram was in praja dress? And why everyone were doubting on Sita’s purity? Didn’t they know that Sita had already given the Agneepariksha?

    And they didn’t show the narration to Ayodhya family. I thought everyone will be shocked hearing the Ram and Raavan yudh and everyone will appreciate Hanuman’s bravery that how he saved Ram and Lakshman’s life from Ahiraavan and Urmila will thank Hanuman as he saved Lakshman’s life by bringing the Sanjeevni booti.

  3. Preethi12345

    |Registered Member

    todays episode made me dare that dhobi say bad things abt sita.she is pure.i hate bhadra so much.loved the siam scenes but they were kind of sad

  4. SKR fan

    Father and son. Ram and teenage Luv.
    Five days Ganesh ji at Siya ke Ram sets. Pic by Snigdha Akolkar.
    Madirakshi and snigdha akolkar. Hungry. Poori bhaji. Couldn’t control. Toot pado.
    Hanuman on auto rickshaw and guru vashisht.
    Lakshman, hanuman and guru vashisht.
    Hanuman, sulochana and neel.
    Still together. Neel, angad, sulochana, vibhishan and hanuman.
    Father in law and son in law selfie. Bijayanand aka rajarshi janak with Karan suchak aka Lakshman.
    Pic of Rajarshi Janak with Hanuman ji.
    One thing I and you all have to accept that
    Lankans offscreen bonding was much more stronger than the Ayodhya family. Sailesh Gulabani aka Vibhishan shared this fun video of the boys gang of Siya ke Ram. Lakshman, Nal, Neel, Angad, Raavan and Vibhishan.
    Snigdha akolkar and madirakshi in simple attire.
    Lakshman, Vibhishan, Hanuman, Nal and Sugreev on Lanka throne.

  5. SKR fan

    First offscreen pic of Shweta basu Prasad aka Nandini from Chandranandini.
    Chandranandni promotions at Lucknow. Shweta aka nandni riding a rickshaw.
    Rajat tokas aka Chandragupta at press meet in Amritsar regarding promotions.

  6. Skr fan

    If that stupid dhobi had a prob then for! But y bring sita’s name into this???!!?? I hate him even more than ravan !!! I think this is the worst thing that happens to sita …even worse than her being kidnapped . Really hate that dhobi !! And poor ram😭😭

  7. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Dobhiiiii I hate him and really wanna kill him… how dare he will say such words ah???? Really a sadddd epi… hereafter no happy moments… feelingsad for both siya n ram…

  8. Shriya...

    |Registered Member

    Feeling so sad for ram and siya. .bhadra is so cruel. . Y is he spoiling his wife’s life and not only other’s wife’s life but making the lives of the Kings family members also miserable.. stupid bhadra 😤

  9. Cynthia

    |Registered Member

    Hello guys, I am Cynthu, I had intruduced myself earlier,
    And why this Bhadra misbehaving with his wife, if he had problems with Sita he should have told Ram and I am sure Ram would hace came up with a solution, he is punishing his poor wife:(

  10. Ashna

    |Registered Member

    Rams dialogue in the river bank was so awesome…… The way in which he stumbled down in the rajya sabha after hearing the dhobhis words…. Omg what an realistic acting….. What is going to happen tomorrow….. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow s episode…..

  11. joy

    The episode was furious………….. No word for describe……… Just speechless……………………………..what a acting both AshMa………………………

    • Meena

      |Registered Member

      Precap was scary… Everyone is indirectly against sita…. Of course being a maryada purushottam raja he too will have no other option than leaving mata sita…. Oh mannnnn

  12. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Now ram will dump diya only bocoz dhobhis cruel words which has hit rams heart very badly!!!poor sita will be alone when maharisi valmiki will take him to his ashram well knowing that sita is the purest soul……there luv kush are born……….

    The real story goes on from then…the one who has read Ramayana or heard it may know this!!But I don’t want to reveal the suspace as ull enjoy seeing it…😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢poor sita

  13. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Noooooo…. Ram siya made me cry today… Dhobi you’re rally cruel.. Madi di n Ashish sir superb acting seemed lyk they’ve got teary eye gas.. Lol 😁.. Bt siya’s abandon nw… Noooo ☹☹☹☹😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Bye bye dearies fr a full month I’ve exams will meet on October… Or if get time comment in between bt no fanfics… Luv u n will miss all of you 😘 😘☹☹

  15. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Hi priya dear happy bday dear and y didn’t tell us????
    Its ok dear and again a very happy bday… may lakshminarayan bless u with all the happiness….

  16. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    Happy birthday my dear sis priya🎂🎁🎀🎊🎉..many many happy returns of the day.and I am sure that you will get all the happiness of life in your upcoming life.God bless you.and yea not forget to enjoy the day🎺🎷🍫🍨🍦🍰🍖🍗🍟🍔🍷💃.

    With best wishes🌺🌹🌼🌻🌸-
    Your Nabanita di👭

  17. joy

    Wait for next few episode……. The SKR will be more…………………. One request to all Plz see the SKR in TV also read update…..if you just read update than you miss many expression of our AshMa……….,

  18. Veena

    Really dhobi was too bad , cruel .But why did Ram send his innocent wife for exile ??
    Whatever be it Rajdharma or Guru Vashit’s word etc but Ram did wrong as a husband . Therefore after sending Sita to Sage Valmiki’s ashram , he himself led a Vanvashi life, because he knew he has punished an innocent and pure woman .He didn’t do justice to her
    Ram knew Sita was the victim , she suffered in Lanka . She lived a vanvashi life and moreover she gave agnipariksha . Victim should be supported not punished .
    SEE the result because Sita was punished for her no reason therefore till today woman is questioned about her Chastity -never a man

  19. vaidehi

    Hi guys today is my biology exam and really feeling vry much nervous bcoz of the chapter nervous system…. LoL…. I wish I could kill the badra before he questioned sita’s purity…… Will badly miss u dear Vanshika sweetie pie….

  20. vaidehi

    A big to biggest happy wala birthday to my sweetest priya di ….. I know dat lakahminarayan will bless u forever……….. Enjoy to the fullest dearie di….. Love uuuuu…… Muaaahhhhh

  21. Anushya

    |Registered Member

    will miss u vanshika… do try to comment in between…. happy birthday priya di…. have a great year ahead…. best of luck vaidehi for ur bio exam…. just loved ashish sirs acting today… marvellous

  22. Stuti27

    |Registered Member

    Does the dhobi have any respect fr women? Seriously insulting his wife and on top of that insulting ram and sit a … he doesn’t have any feelings or what ….. wish to kill him …. a very happy bday to priya di …. may u get all the happiness in the world …. will miss u vanshu … and guys I’ll comment only on September 28th ….. all the best to all those who have exams I’m sure u guys will rock it …. my exams r starting from tmrw and I’m really scared …

  23. krisna

    i love ram very much but i cant understand why he has to listen to bhadra.. it was shown in the past he does certain things against custom.. so why not in this incident knowing the purity of mother sita.. am a confused to say the least

  24. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    Hy guys filled with sorrow after yesterday’s episode .. I just want to kill that cruel and shameless dhobi how can he say like this to Ram he had crossed the height of stupidity… No not able to see Ram like this sooooo sad he is ignoring his breathe due that cruel dhobi he is even more bad than raavan … Siya ‘s canvass no no no koi toh ROK lo iss vanvas ko can’t be able to bear Ram siya second wiyog .. Oh .. Very much sad .. No more Ramsiya beautiful moments … Ashma acting was soooo much realistic hatts off to them …

  25. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Guys any of dem r in hangouts ah??? If pls reply me..
    And varshini u r the one in the name of varshini in G+.. ???
    And skr fan thanks for the links..
    And stuti dear happy to see ur cmnt and all the best for ur xams too..

  26. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    Precap was also terrible that’s why writing some poems on ramsiya beautiful moments
    Siya ki godbharayi special
    Imli khaate hi siya ko aayi upkaayi
    Sunkar matayon ne prasanna geet gayi Ram hai thodre se uljhan mein
    Sitae thik hai ya hai koi kashta mein
    Dekh shiti ram bulane gaye rajwadya ko Matayon me rokke bola bulao raj puruhit ko . Aake Sita be Ram keep kaan mein khush khabri sunaayi
    Sun pita hone ka saamachar file na samaye raghurayi.. An hai utsav ka mahaul Sita ki godbharayi
    Kyonki aagman hoga siaram ke nayan ke taron ki
    Khush prasanna hai poori prithvi kyonki sab hai Prem leela Laxminarayan ki
    Jai siya ram….

  27. Uthra

    Any decision that is taken should always be on the basis of who will be benefited in the long run and who will get affected in the process, balancing the two and giving the verdict finally. By following the stupid, outdated rules none is going to be benefited. Ram knows that, but still is confused. I would not blame Bhadra or Kaikeyi or Vashist. They were only reflecting and magnifying Ram’s confusion on whether he did the right thing by bringing Sita back although he had no doubts whatsoever. He was torn between his mind and the heart from the beginning. Unfortunately for him and the world his mind won.
    Yet another example from our mythology that it is stupid to run the world based on rules alone. Emotions, compassion have to be taken into consideration.

    • Sanjana

      @uthra I agree but not completely. The maryada Purushottam exposed what is the hypocrisy in the rules and he vindicated her by taking blame for exile. His mind didn’t win infact the golden effigy of Sita proves it. He removed even perceptions that Sita is impure. And as for the Praja he makes even one of the Praja even if only dhobi get the knowledge of what true justice is. From Shanta to Sita what Ayodhya did ram delivers justice
      Why i say heart plays a role he didn’t want blame for her and he had not banished his wife. And mind u know and ram Rajya speaks of it. So he is the maryada Purushottam worthy of worship.
      Luv Kush will complete the Leela by tapping the conscience of Ayodhya
      A good point in mind and heart put forth by u and they got to be balanced but what made
      RAM God is he balances both.

  28. Kishu

    Hi everyone I am Kishu and I also want to join your group but since I am in 12th I will not be able to put comments daily and this the reason I am not getting registered. By the way I am a very big fan of siya ke ram. Hope I am able to join your group.

    • swastika

      Sita godbharayi song lyrics
      Aaj ayodhya keep Jan Jan mein utsav ka sanchar ,yehi ananda ka dhero paar Godbharayi siya ki ho rahi dekh hi sab hi nihari ,Hai yeh raghukul ka sister … Rajmahal jag mag Kare aise jaise utar aaye ho taare Dhol nagadre bake nirantar aaj Raja Ram keep dware ..Maatayen pulkit harshit ho teh lokaaye naa paar hai yeh Ananda ka dhero paar …
      Dhol baaje log naache ho raha utsav badra bajne lagi hai garaj ki yeh dhaam ayodhya ki dhaara .. Ritu aawna sukh aangna sab geet mangal gaa rahe Maatayen de wichar karti Or Siya muska rahi
      Ashish dere devgan raghukul ki wadhu we jaanki .. Lay taal banaye jhume sabhi jai jai siya or ram ki
      Janak suta maharani sita
      Shri ram ki jaikaar ,Hai yeh raghukul ka wistar.. Aaj ayodhya….
      Read it friends u will enjoy ..

      • Swastika

        |Registered Member

        Some * typo mistakes it should be ke not keep in some lines and next it is wistar not sister it is * dhol nagadre baje nirantarand the last is ashish dete not deer …
        Read and enjoy..

    • Swastika

      |Registered Member

      Hy kishu di welcome to our sweetest Skr family u will have a nice time here thank u for joining I am swastika I study in class 7

  29. swastika

    @Priya di a very very happy wala birthday .. Always keep smiling and enjoy the day fullest
    Ur sister swastika…
    Skr bro thanx for the links

  30. vaidehi

    Naba di Ami Ki tomader ke kokhono bhulte Pari….. Tao abar tumi r swastika hochho bangali jader sathe ami Bangla e kotha bolte Pari…. Tu didi r dada’s der kokhono bholar Moto no e…. Love u to the fullest

    • Swastika

      |Registered Member

      Oh di kemni achcho Tumi halo toh actually amaro unit test cholchche kalke amar geograph fedup hour gel am exam diye diye … Pujor kena Kara hoyegachche .. Aar toh besi din naayi pujo aaste .. Hai name … Samar poem air lyrics ta podrle ???? Kemni laglo go bolbe hain.. Achcha di tomar title ta ki .. Emni jaante chai jodi personal toj chcheredao amar title tih banerjee I think tumu bodhay Samar title ta jaano na …bye di love u…

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      Pujoy kolkata asish thakur dekhte?tor sathe hathat jodi konodin pujor somoy dakha hoe jay khub bhalo hobe.jodio ami toke chinte parbo but tui amay chinte parbi kina jani na…..

  31. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    Awwwww di kemni achcho amaro unit test cholchche ki kori bolo toh kalke amar geographi exam ufffff fedop hoyegechchi Tumi halo toh

  32. Swastika

    |Registered Member

    Oh di kemni achcho Tumi halo toh actually amaro unit test cholchche kalke amar geograph fedup hour gel am exam diye diye … Pujor kena Kara hoyegachche .. Aar toh besi din naayi pujo aaste .. Hai name … Samar poem air lyrics ta podrle ???? Kemni laglo go bolbe hain.. Achcha di tomar title ta ki .. Emni jaante chai jodi personal toj chcheredao amar title tih banerjee I think tumu bodhay Samar title ta jaano na …bye di love u…

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      But it is completely your thinking.if most of people’s think like you then any one don’t read them and not comment there.
      It is like express your feelings or imaginations which other people can appreciate or tell his or her mistake.
      That’s all☺

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