Siya Ke Ram 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita recalling Lav and Kush’s words. Lav and Kush come to her. Lav says we have hurt your heart, we realized our mistake, forgive us. Hanuman looks on. Sita says I taught you both, that every person has right to state his opinion, you both did not do anything wrong. Lav says but you taught us not to do anything that hurts anyone’s heart, we don’t have right to hurt your heart, forgive us, we will not do this again.

She says both of you have grown up and can take decision for yourself. Kush says fine, we can’t stay here seeing you sad, so we will go away. She asks what did you said, where did you go, show me going out of ashram… Lav and Kush smile. She hugs them. Hanuman smiles. Lav says we can’t abandon Ram, whom you could not leave till now, we accept Ram

as our father from today. She gets glad and hugs them. Hanuman says I have to reach Ram now, there won’t be any delay between father and sons union.

Laxman asks Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti where are they going together. They say to meet Sita, its such chance after much time, but why are they unhappy. Bharat says Ram did not take any decision, you all should wait. Mandvi says we don’t want to hear anyone’s decision to meet our sister. Bharat says but Mandvi… Ram comes and says Bharat, Mandvi is saying right, they all have right to meet their sister, I have hurt them by making their sister away, I don’t want them to get more hurt, you all go to see Sita. Mandvi says if our words have hurt you, I m sorry, but if we don’t go to meet Sita today, we will not be able to forgive ourselves. Ram says its fine Mandvi, we all will go to meet Sita soon. They smile.

Ram talks to Praja and says its matter of sorrow that woman is blamed and her purity is doubted, her purity, love and identity is seen by society’s sight, I have also seen this, but I have known now that society is the one who opposes women, this is the bitter truth of this man centric society, a woman is our mum, wife, daughter, sister, society should not know to respect women, why does a woman has to testify her purity by a society, why is injustice done by society, the rules are for humanity’s good, but to ruin it, so today I end these wrong customs forever, today I will not let Sita get testified by society, I m going to get her back to Rajbhavan.

Hanuman says I understood your heart’s matter. He says since Ram left Sita, I have stayed with Sita always, Ram was everything for Sita, her day started with Ram’s puja, doubting on her purity is like doubting on our souls, if we doubt on her, we have no right to belief ourselves. He cries.

Brahmins also cry. Brahmin tells Ram that they did big mistake by doubting on Sita’s character, there is one repentance, that’s to call Sita back in rajmahal. Badra says yes, get Sita back soon, the Rajya and throne are incomplete without her. Praja asks Ram to get Sita back. Everyone smile.

Ram plants seeds and smiles recalling her childhood. A lady asks what happened. Sita tells that we four sisters used to plant seeds in farmers field, we used to say we will always be together, we grew up together, our marriage also happened together and we came to Ayodhya, we thought our childhood dream fulfilled but….. Mandvi says we will still be together. Sita gets glad seeing her sisters and asks you three here. Urmila says I was waiting to meet you. Mandvi asks why are you delaying to hug us. Sita hugs them and cries. She says I left hope to meet you three again. Shruthkirti says we also felt the same. Sita says I missed you all, you have come from far, come and take some rest, our talks will not end today. They smile.

Lav and Kush ask a boy why is he upset. The boy says you both will leave ashram, and we will stay here. Lav says no, we will take you. Boy says we are rishi balak, what will we do in rajbhavan. Lav says king needs Rishis and Gurus to guide them, you come with us and stay in rajbhavan, prepare to come with us.

Ram keeps Sita’s clothes and jewelry. He says you have worn this bridal dress when you married me, you entered my life and completed it. He recalls their marriage. He sees sindoor and recalls how he filled sindoor in her hairline. He says we are away by this night, tomorrow sun’s first way will witness our union, its just this night’s distance. He closes eyes.

Sita asks her sisters to have food. Mandvi says all these years tapasya changed you, Sita who could not stay without Ram, you did not wish to know anything about Ram, you did not ask about him. Urmila says it seems you forgot Ram, but you are still in his heart and every breath. Shruthkirti says you are seen in his every work and talk. Mandvi says even if anyone can’t see Ram, anyone can see Sita in Ram’s heart, after abandoning you, its just you who is imp for you, you did not wish to know about such example of love and sacrifice, Ram…….

Sita cries and says its my good luck to be Ram’s wife, but its also my bad luck, the one whom I loved a lot, I have hurt him a lot, Raavan kidnapped me, but Ram faced pain and sorrow, why do we get helpless infront of fate. Shruthkirti says separation and sorrow will end. Mandvi says Ram is going to come tomorrow and take you back to Ayodhya. Urmila says this time Ram did not hear to anyone, he broke the old traditions, Praja is with him in his decision, Ram is restless to apologize to you and get you back. Mandvi asks why are you not happy. Sita says trying to go back in past is waste, everything is broken and now nothing will join, there won’t be anything like before, and expecting it will open doors of sorrow. They cry.

Sita goes somewhere far. Ram sees bad dream and tells everyone that Sita is going away from me, I have seen bad dream. Guru Vashisht advises him to drop this thought of reunion, only that can be good for both of them. Ram and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow amazing episode.loved the sisters milan .why does guru vashisht does not want ram andsita to be together.what wrong did they do to guru vashishtha.why is he keep on telling ram to not to bring sita to ayodhya.omg in the precap sista is shown going somehwere far .wish that”somewhere”was not mother earth

    1. Guru vashisht know what can happen he know that if they try to reunion with sita then somthing big happen because sita Go back to her mom earth he know all this thats why he trying to stop him

    2. Sita Promised her mother to go back into Earth after she give Lav & Kush
      That’s why she won’t go and that’s why Bhramin and Guru Vashisht said not to get Sita back and there renioun happen

    3. This is EPIC!!!!

    4. Also She is said it to her Father
      I mean This Isn’t Epic*

  2. I felt bad for Sita today, not just today but ever since ram asked laxman to leave her in the jungle! why did one of her sisters not go with her when laxman went with ram during his fourteen years of exile??????

  3. why is so vashist jealous about ram and sita . there is nothing to rejoin rita

  4. Hi guys !!!!! How r u all ????

    Epi was too emotional and so was the precap………. Loved the scene in which ram remembered sita wearing that gorgeous dress……. No worries bcoz we know that ram and siya will meet at least once………

    We all always wait for an ashma pic or ashma selfie but we hardly get a pic nd no selfies ever…… So here I am with a part of an interview of Ashish bro……. I couldn’t watch it as I am a bit busy…….. But I saw the tagline……. It says that Ashish Sharma calls madirakshi mundle pretty…….

    Here is the link dearies

    One sad news is that vaidehi has again become weak……and so she is unable to cmnt here…..she is unable to study also….. Hope she gets well soon…………..may lakshminarayan bless her all time…….

    @swastika cutie baby ?, vaidehi is not in insta or twitter either…….

    From vaidehi’s elder sister………

    1. Padmaja

      Hi dii thanks for the links…
      Omg!!! What happened to suchi??? Am very sad to know about it… Get well soon dearie… May lakshmi narayan bless u all time… convey my msg to her dii…

    2. oh i hope suchi becomes well soon.worried for her but i have confidence that she will be back with a blast.convey my message to suchi didi

    3. Loved the link <3 thank you di!
      Hope vaidehi gets well soon

    4. Sudeshna

      Its ok di

    5. Priya15

      hi…omg…pls tc of our sissy…vaidehi dear…u r a strong girl…get well soon and come back..

  5. Is madirakshi mundle again coming in her vivaah dress ????? Must watch pic….

    1. Priya15

      no…its an old pic dear….

  6. 1 year of first promo……. Must watch video….

  7. vashist is not jealous with their reuninon but he saw the future and he want to stop sita .it would be last time ram would meet sita and vashist doesn’t want ram to bear this unbearable pain

  8. Padmaja

    Wow really an superb epi… wow sisters meeting was soooo nice. … and at last praja accepted sita but it is useless now… bad dream of ram made me sad… it is such a bad thing that is going to happen. …

    1. Jayani

      Y is it that every time Ram gets a bad dream about Sita n not good ones like in his dream he saw Sita screaming Raghunandhan n yesterday he saw Sita going under d earth? Monday is 2 long 2 wait… Will feel so excited n tensed about Monday’s episode. N Vadehi di get well soon. All r wishes r with u. N I luve d promo bcoz I am seeing it for d FIRST TIME!

      Jai Siya Ram

  9. Mata diya was punished without any fault and it’s said na that 100 criminals can be forgiven but a innocent life should never be punished…her decision of going with mother earth was correct though painful bcoz this society always questions the character of girl, a man’s character is never questioned and this can be even seen today….Mata sita by taking d decision of not going back to ayodha stood for her self respect and purity

    1. are right..but she does not want to go back because
      1) you are right she knows some one will again insult her
      2)she feels sad as she said today that she is the main cause of ram’s sorrow. dint understand that logic though ram and sita are one body lakshmi and narayan .its all happening (the sepearation)on earth but they are eternally bound to one another!! 🙂

  10. Poor sita . How nice it could be if all the misunderstandings get cleared and luvkush and siyaram stay together . But this can’t happen ?

    1. She will go back inside earth sadly but she promised her Mother that When she gives Ram, Lav & Kush she will go back to her

      1. yes i know that , but how nice it would have been if she lived happily wid ram

  11. This is EPIC!!!!?
    But Sita is going to go back to her Mother as she Promised her
    And also she even told her father
    After she gives Lac & Kush to Ram
    She will go back to he mother
    So that’s why Bhramin and Guru Vashisht Said No not to bring Sita back and not let there renioun happen cause then Ram won’t be able to stand the Pain of seeing Sita going back into Earth right infront of his eyes and they don’t want him to bear the pain also Lav & Kush too
    Ram seariously doesn’t undestand this

  12. Why can’t Sita and Ram reunite ?

  13. Very very sad, so much pain. I don’t know how much sad the last episode is going to be, when Sita will leave every one behind.

  14. Nice Episode . But painful too.
    But it is shown that Sita has already decided not to back to Ayodha here . But in original version as SITA was asked for second time agniparishka during the Ashwamegdha yagna -SHE DECIDED to go back to MOTHER EARTH. She was asked to PROVE HER PURITY before being accepted by Ayodha praja and as a queen so she decided to silent the mouth of all and gave her life to reunite RAM with his sons.
    HERE, SKR is showing it from Ram’s perspective -I don’t know why??

  15. VERY EMOTIONAL episode , feel bad as SIta will be going to Mother Earth.
    I wish End of Ramayan was different .
    Agreed – Sita’s decision to go back to Mother Earth was based on the circumstance . When LUV& KUSH’s identity was revealed to Ram & all ayodha – Sita was called upon and asked for second time agniparishka by Raja Ram so that society should not raise any further questions
    But Sita understood that this question of chastity would surface up again and again and her son’s future would be endangered so she decided to make everybody quite and requested MOTHER EARTH to take her back if she was pure and ONLY AND ONLY RAM resides in her HEART .
    But here it is shown as if Sita had already taken the decision to go to Mother EARTH
    Sita was the personification of patience , love and compassion . She accepted the situation as it was – it requires immense patience that SHE HAD and always SHE had fought against adverse circumstance like waiting for Ram in Ashok Vatika in Lanka for one year – SHE NEVER ever gave up . She loved RAm unconditionally no matter what Ram did to her . She accepted her husband’s decision of abandonment . But she never gave up , she raised her kids as a Single parent . It is her greatness .
    Here , it is shown Ram gave lecture to Ayodha praja after 12-13 years , if HE could do it , why didn’t HE do it before ? I wish he did it in reality . But alas , HE didn’t .
    Ram suffered and Sita suffered – their love story is indeed painful but inspiring that no matter what happens in life , love gives the strength to endure and be positive minded .

  16. Hi guys ? remember me…? Oh u mustn’t b.. I’m ritika, Vanshika elder cousin sister and I’m in class 9th..episode was emotional ?.. Bt main reason I’m here is same as last time
    . Last time I came to inform u of Vanshika accident, this time I’m here to tell you she’s very unwell that’s y didn’t comment from five days
    . She’ll b back in one or two days bouncing as ever ? as she’s better now so I thought to infirm u. Love you all n hearty welcome to all new comers ?

    1. Padmaja

      Hi we remember u… Omg!!! Wat happened to vanshu??? Pls get well soon dearie.. Am very sad after hearing dis ???.. but I know u will bounce back more stronger.. may lakshmi narayan bless u all time… pls convey my msg to her ritika dearie.

      1. Vanshika

        Hi akka.. M feelin bit better don’t b sad ?.. Will cum back more bouncing.. Love u very much n I’m seriously feelin better after Ritika di showed ur comment couldn’t stop replying.. Okay so u must b sad, I’ve this to make u happy ?
        Guys all must see it’s nyc bt sad new.. Last day shoot of skr..

    2. omg vanshu plz becomes alright soon.first suchi and now vanshu.omg missing her badly plz come back soon vanshu.i miss u and your ffs soooo much

      1. Vanshika

        M here Preeti sweetie pie don’t worry had Viral fever and cold fever was 103° now its less it’s 100° I’ll get well soon n u’ll get my ffs tmrw cos I had typed sum epi will post tmrw.. Love u loads n don’t worry I’ll take care n get well soon ? ? ?

    3. get well soon vanshu dearie . missing u and come back soon wid a bang . tere bina yeh page suna suna lag raha hai

    4. Yea ritika di surely I do…

  17. Last shoot of siya ke ram……… Will miss this cuddling………

    Must watch nd cmnt too..

    1. they finished shooting the episodes.that means skr is getting over soon .not fair

    2. Padmaja

      Thanks for the links. And I think skr is going to end soon..

    3. Jayani

      Is it only for Janak or for whole skr team

    4. Sudeshna

      Its only for raja janak not for entire cast

      1. ohh are u sure sudeshna , if it is only for raja janak , i will be soo happy

      2. Jayani

        That’s awesum, but if Janak leaves now then it means that skr shooting will also get over soon, r8? I badly want 2 c d nightmare of Ram. Can’t wait till Monday… I wish they telecast it 7 day in a week… N get we’l soon vanshu di… V r all waiting for u.

        Jai Siya Ram

  18. Padmaja

    Wow this is cute ????. See dis link guys.
    Pls see and cmnt.

    1. awesome link akka

  19. Hi guys commenting after a very long time.
    I hope you all not forget me!
    Belated Suva bijaya dashami?

    1. hey naba didi, how can we foregt u so easily? nice to see u comment here!!

      1. NABANITA626

        Thanks preethi Sis.I find you in chandra nandini page.I am also a fan of chandra nandini…..

    2. Padmaja

      Hi diii happy to see ur cmnt.. missed u a lot.. and how can we forget u ah??? U r lovely sissy na… love u dii ♡♡♡

      1. NABANITA626

        I Was also missing you and my all sister’s of this page…..padma dear?
        Good you too?❤???

    3. Vanshika

      Our sweet nabanita di hw cn v frgt u.. I’m also luvin Chandra Nandini.. Though Ekta Kapoor has gone mad ?.. So wen skr ends v meet in CN page..?

      1. NABANITA626

        Hi vanshu…..
        Yea we will ofcourse meet in cn page…????I am very happy about that………
        But why are you telling ekta kapoor gone mad?history?

        In all historical shows history are twisted so much,so we should not have any expectations along that…na?
        And it is also true that this time were about woo there have surely no historical evidence……

      2. NABANITA626

        Sorry its 300. And what is your view about that?

      3. i love u too vanshu and u know that☺

  20. Padmaja
    see this links guys. She is soo cut na??

  21. Padmaja
    see this also guys and don’t forget to cmnt..

    1. Priya15

      yukti is the cutest yr…amazing links padma

  22. Vanshika

    Jahan ram hai wahin Janki epi 1
    Radha Krishna eternal love 11 Mahaepi…
    Radha Krishna eternal love epi 12 Vrindavan lyf..

    Guys I find no one is reading my Radha Krishna ff, should I stop it…?
    N Mahabharata ff will updated tmrw sry fr delay…
    Love u all ?

  23. Only last few days of SKR shooting………. Can’t believe that it’s really ending……………… You all know that Sita ware vivah dress in last few days shooting….. Hope SKR team doing something new for all fans……… Also a happy ending…………………
    Are you exiting for tomorrow episode?????

    1. Jayani

      I just waiting for tomorrow… My sis n I were actually calculating d number of hours last night! There is still 5:30 hours for skr. I know I am so dum n wasting ur tym. N sry for d boring comment. I just can’t wait for today episode.

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. Jayani

        Now it’s actually 25 hours n 5 minutes… I just wish it was just 5 minutes

  24. Each and every member of this family is unique in their own way. And all the members of this family r very closely connected in their hearts as sisters and friends .we have known each other for quite a while so Please describe each of them mostly is one word or one sentence . Please reply sisters because we know skr is ending by the starting of November . Love u all a Lott guys . Please forgive me if I wasted ur Tim by this too long comment

    1. NABANITA626

      Varshini sis you have done me realy imotional……
      I am trying but please Marcy me if i am wrong anywhere.that is a one shorter intro of almost every members.
      Vanshika-vast knowledge about amayana,share us very nice links,bubly and helpful girl from up
      Vaidehi-like me bengali,also very cute and bubly ,fresh hearted girl from wb
      Aman bro-vast reasearch about mythology,share us links to clear out confusion,fan of Bhardavi
      Padmaja-Also have much knowledge about Ramayana,and very cool and calm girl from tn
      Swastika-sweet and cute bengali girl from janshedpur.
      Varshini-sweet and cool girl..often change her dp???from th
      Priya-extremely tallented girl,fan of skr,EDKV,issqbuzz and swaragini,yhm from tn.can do every thing for this serials and also very sweet.
      Thanmathi-vast knowledge and resarch about mythologysweet and calm girl from tn

      Anushya,preethi,srineethi-sweet nice and fresh hearted girls from tn.
      Skr bro,joy-very reserve persons (as we don’t know a single word about you,?☺)

      Sara,sanjana,rani,veena-very free minded and vast knowledge about Ramayana ,comment very often but nice…
      Pujith-youngest family member very cute from ap.
      Tharu di,kishu-sweet and nice ,fresh minded girls.
      And last of all missing jaydi,hariprya,zara,iqura,twinkle,malvi ,meghna,Anil bro from many days.where are you all guys?

      1. NABANITA626

        And missing stuti27 also….

      2. NABANITA626

        @joy bro and skr fan-we are also greetful to you as you are sharing us links from the first time.

      3. NABANITA626

        And welcome all the new comers of this family.I have not much knowledge about you so I don’t……

      4. thanks nabanita di .

      5. vanshu- has a vast knowledge abt ramayana and other mythological serials
        suchi- a very sweet person .
        aman- fan of bhardavi thats for sure☺ .
        padmaja- amazing person and is very sweet with all her sisters.
        swastika-kind person
        varshini-loves changing her dps … sorry varshu
        nabanita-a caring and kind person .
        anushya ,shrinidhi,jayani-have a big heart and an amazing character
        ishitha-youngest member of y=our family and loves to ask many questions.
        tharu -loves everyone and is really sweet

        thank u sisters for all the love u have give me- i am indebted to all of u sooo much and will definitely miss u

      6. Kishu

        Nabanita di you are very hardworking always ready to help everyone and make them happy.

      7. Thanks a lot for replying me di . U made me emotional wid this comment .u have understood a lot abt all the members . Love u a lot

    2. varshu u r the best sister a girl could ever have. i love u alot and will miss u a lot when skr gets over

      1. and priya di is an amazing and sweet didi.

      2. and thanks to all my bros for supporting me in my ffs and for the links

      3. Vanshika

        Preeti sweetie pie yaar u r gonna make me cry today, haan..? Thanks dear bt speaking the truth though I love mythological serials my only interest was in epic Mahabharata n NT Ramayana , n so was my knowledge bt wen I watched skr I read full valmiki Ramayana, b4 I’d only read till Kishkindha Kanda.. U r very sweetie pie sister I also will miss u btw we cn meet in Chandra nandini pg aftr skr ends , ryt…?? Love you ?

      4. Mujhe ab rulaogi kya . Thnx a lot dearie . Lot u a lot . I too will miss u a lot . U r right I change dps a lot ??

    3. Padmaja

      Varshu dearie, u have done a good job. Now I will ans ur qn.
      Varshu- reallya sweet and loving girl. And she loves to change dps.
      Vanshu- A kindhearted, lovely girl and very intelligent.
      Priya- A multi talented girl. She is a diehard fan of Dhoni like me. And she loves many serials. A sweet sissy.
      Suchetana- She is a lovely sissy. Lves to share links. A intelligent and gud girl.
      Nananita 626- A very kind and sweet heart dii. And a caring friend also.
      Thanmathi- An amazing girl. Loves to do research on mytho a lot. An intelligent girl.
      Preethi- A soft and caring girl. Sweet with all sisters.
      Anushya- A fantastic girl from dubai. Have a vast knowledge about mythos and a lovely girl to talk with.
      Sudeshna- She is really a cute and amazing girl. Choti sissy in our family. Loves Skr a lot.
      Aman Joy And Skr fan bro – really we r I debted to u . U share the links and clear our doubts. And aman bro is a fan of bhardavi. This fmly is incomplete without u guyss.
      Sreenithi- A sweet and nice girl from tn. Lovely girl to talk with.

      1. Padmaja

        Malvi- she is a humble and kindhearted girl from chennai. Superb girl to talk with.
        Krishnai- she js just very intelligent and lovely girl. She just gives lot of info to us.
        Meghana- she is just a awesome girl and kind hearted.
        Jay dii- A superb elder sissy and really have a vast knowledge in everything. A caring sister.
        Sanjana- Really such a intelligent girl she is. Her points always prove her superb knowledge. Lovely girl.

      2. aww thanks akka . thank u so much

      3. thnx a lot akka , u r right ,i change dps a lot . love u a lot

    4. Vanshika

      Akka emotional karne Ki had hoti hai yaar ?? ?? ?? ?? ??..
      Okay.. Sorry if I missed any members name.. But truth is that none on the family members can b described in one word or sentence, even Ramayana will get short if we go deep lol ?.
      Varshu akka, Malvi di n Megs di- Nice sweet n loving sissies, jus a year older than me n r vry nyc friends, intelligent n lovely sisters.
      Joy da, Skr fan – die hard skr fans, love sharing pics n news, kip us informed..
      Krishnai akka n Sanju di-Very sweet sisters n the oldest family members I know, very sweet diis and lovely analysts..
      Padma akka, Tanu dii, Nabanita-Lovely girls, joyful friends, the best elder sisters one can ever have.. Love u from my heart my dii’s.
      Priya akka-Fan of mostly shows even I watch, yhm, skr, Edkv n naamkaran, very nice n lovely girl love you from my heart best elder sister…
      Aman bro-Nyc analyst n explorer when it comes to myths,n diehard bhardavi fan that’s sure ??..
      Preeti, Suchetana, tiyasa twinkle, iqura, anushya-OMG never noticed I’ve six sisters of my age ?.. Bt all r very cute , lovely sweet Minded girls n I really enjoyed being with u dears.
      Ritz di tharu di Meena di Kishu di-fresh minded n sweet girls..
      Sudeshna, Jayani, Pujith, Ishitha-Very cute younger sisters n brothers to have really enjoyed being with you (and there was someone to call me dii lolz ? ???)
      I know I’ve missed many members lyk Anil bro, lord7naruto, Srinidhi di, Mithrabrinda di , Nidhi di, Sara, Rani di, Veena di, Sanju, Ishu akka etc, bt all r very lovely I love u all very much n will always remember you dears..
      And coming to myself I’m a very mischievous girl n love Mahabharata and Radha Krishna fan, n of course fan of Siyakeram…

      1. thanks vanshu your comment made my day☺

      2. thnx a lot for replying vanshu dearie . u r right if we start telling deep abt our family members ramayana will become small because in a short time we understand each other so well . love u a lot

      3. its nice that u commented on yesterdays page too , now all who have not seen will see ur comment

    5. varshu i will definitely miss u a lot thanks for the good memories. love u a lot♥

  25. Hi guys cmting after a long time hope u guys didn’t forget me suchi and vanshu take care of urselfs get well soon.

    1. Vanshika

      Hey who r u v dnt remember you… Lolz Stuti dii y r u jokin hw cn v frgt u v remeber u n I ll tk cr of myself dnt wry I luv u ??

      1. Jayani

        Ur dp is awesum vanshu di… Just luving it… Can’t take my eyes? of it

    2. Padmaja

      Hi dearie how can we forget u yr. And haply to see ur cmnt.

    3. arre stuti how can we forget u ? feeling very happy to see ur comment

  26. @priya dear,

    U said dat the pic in which madi was wearing vivaah dress was an old pic…… But noooooo sweetie………. Madi is again coming in her glamorous and gorgeous vivaah dress…… I will send u the link……..

  27. @priya sweetie,

    Here is the sweet beautiful but sad link

    It is taken on the last day of shooting of skr……i think its for bijay Anand ji….

    1. Jayani

      I hope its only for him but v will of course miss very much… This also means that skr shooting will get over soon

  28. Sudeshna

    Ya really varshu di love u all?????????????

    1. love u too swastika dearie

  29. Kishu

    Very sad that ram got a dream about sitas back to earth.
    Is it going to end soon??
    When is its ending date??

    1. Jayani

      Kishu di, my friend was telling that me that it will get over on november 11… I don’t want skr 2 get over soon?… Waiting for tomorrow

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. Kishu

        So early.????????
        Going to miss it so much.
        Dying to watch todays episode.

      2. Jayani

        Ikr di!!! I don’t want november 2 cum at all… M eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  30. Guys who got confused I’m stuti27…. I should hv told u guys before only sry??

  31. Anushya

    hello sisters sorry for really late comment…. from today i will be regular…. as usual beautiful episode…. love madirakshi acting… hats off to her…. loved all the links… guys one news chandra nanadini is starting in vijay tv…. on october 31st….. vanshu i liked all ur ffs and pls dont stop ur radha krishna one… its very good… precap is scary

    1. Vanshika

      ANUSHYA dearie love u ? okay I’m happy u lyk Radha Krishna ff n don’t worry ? Precap ll always be scary bt our mischievous sweet n lovely lord Krishna will solve the problem in such way demon will get frightened.. Happy that u ll get regular from now onwards..Madirakshi dii rocks her acting delights.. Love you ?

    2. Jayani

      M actually going 2 watch it in Vijay tv bcoz my mother didn’t allow me 2 watch it in Hindi. I waiting for today’s episode but v hav 2 wait for 6 hours.

      Jai Siya Ram

    3. Padmaja

      Hi anushya sweetie. Happy to see ur cmnt desr. Missed u a lot. And update the sitatayana ff dear. Waiting for it.

      1. Anushya

        oh i sure will ka…. long time no see

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    1. Anushya

      i voted 10 times…. hope it contributes

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    Heyy friends I’m new here..
    I had commented here before..many of u don’t remember me….

    But the most sad part is Siya k ram is ending??????
    I luv this show madirakshi ashish (siam).
    Laxmila and every character is being so well played.I wanted a good ending but as
    it is an epic sita will have to go inside the earth…

    Shivani vanshika Anushya stuti jayani varshani kishu sudhensha Siya k ram padmaja preeti nabinta priya n many more..
    Can I join here??

    1. Jayani

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      You can very much part of our family.

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      hi di we never forgot u…. i remember u were regular till suddenly u disappeared… why?

    6. hi richu di , i am varshini and i am fourteen years old and i am from tn . welcome to our skr page

    7. of course richu didi can u plz introduce yourself.sorry if it is personal

    8. hey richu no need to ask

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    1. Anushya

      yes every good things has to end one day…. we can all keep in touch through ffs okay?

  36. precap of tuesday.
    sita tells urmilla that something is going to happen which we have been waiting since janak nandini will become a part of raghunandan again.ram begs sita to come back to ayodhya .everyone is missing u.sita closes the door.ram and sita cry.

  37. guys skr shooting got over

  38. ashma is again going to act together in some serial.

    1. Meena

      Reallyyyyyy but ashish said he is going to take a break for six months……..

    2. NABANITA626

      From where you have got the news sis?

      1. from g plus didi in some fan club

  39. it was in a form of a article in a newspaper
    it was mentioned that ashma was loved by all the ppl in india and abroad so now they are making a serial where ashma will be the hero and heroine and that shwo will be released soon

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