Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Sita walking in Sabhagrah. Everyone smile. Siya Ram…..plays……… Guru Vashisht asks them to take their seat for the Raj tilak. Ram and Sita sit on the Raj throne. Maryada purshottam ram….plays…………. Kaushalya and Sumitra do the tilak. Guru Vashisht does the rituals and says all the rituals got completed which were related to Raj tilak, so get the Raj mukut in Sabha now. A man gets the crown.

Guru Vashisht looks at the entrance and says Dasharath’s presence is necessary here at the time of Ram’s Raj mukut ceremony, but where is Dasharath. Dasharath goes to Kaikeyi’s Kaksh and sees all the things broken. He calls out Kaikeyi. He calls Daasi and asks where is Kaikeyi. Daasi says she is in Kumbh bhavan… Dasharath says kumbh bhavan and gets shocked.

Everyone wait for Dasharath and Kaikeyi. Dasharath goes to kumbh bhavan and sees Kaikeyi. He asks what happened, why are you here in this state, its your son Ram’s Raj tilak happening and its happy moment, everyone is waiting for you, how will Ram wear mukut in your absence. He sees her and asks what is this state, wear your proper clothes and jewelry, come with me. What is the reason for your strange behavior Kaikeyi? Everyone wait in Sabhagrah.

Dasharath asks Kaikeyi to see outside, Ayodhya is dancing happily, hear that sound, Ram’s Jai, this function is incomplete without you, leave this kumbh bhavan and come with me in Sabhagrah. Kaikeyi says its Ram’s Raj tilak today, you would not remember anything, but I would like to make you remember something, when Devraj Indra asked your help in fighting Asurs, I supported you…. FB shows Dasharath fighting with the Asurs and Kaikeyi supporting him well. He smiles seeing her. They meet in the battle ground. She holds wounded Dasharath. He gives the credit of the battle win to her, she saved his life and fulfilled his promise to Devtas, she has shown that she loves his life more than hers. He says I m very happy today, I give you two vardaan, ask anything Kaikeyi…. She says no Maharaj, I get everything from you without asking, your love is fulfilling for me, I don’t need anything. I respect your feelings, if I feel any difference in our love in future, I will ask these two vardaans. He says sure, I promise. They smile. FB ends.

Dasharath says I remember it very well, its ritual of Raghukul to fulfill promise, ask me what you want. Kaikeyi says I don’t want to ask anything which you can’t fulfill. He says its most imp day for a father when his son sits on throne, I m very happy today, ask anything, Maharaj Dasharath will not move back. Kaikeyi recalls Mantra’s words. She says I will not ask the promise till you swear on Ram. Ram is still waiting in Sabhagrah. Dasharath swears by Ram’s name and says I m bound to fulfill whatever you ask me. Kaikeyi looks on.

Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that Ayodhya is Dharm and Karm Nagari, Narayan stays there, but anger, jealousy, desires and bad feelings are entering there, how. Mahadev says Dasharath has desire to crown his son Ram, Kaikeyi is unsatisfied and anger, Mantra has jealousy. Till humans don’t realize their mistakes, how is humanity’s Uddhar possible then. They smile.

Surpanakha welcomes Raavan and does his tilak-aarti. She happily smiles. He asks how is she. She says for a sister, its happy moment when her brother comes to meet her, you made me blessed by coming here. Raavan says I m going for Vishwavijaya, Daanavlok was midway so I came here. She asks did you come here to fight. He says I would have fought if you did not marry Vidyuthjeeva, I have come here as relative, I will advice Daanavs to stay under my shadow for their good. She says I don’t understand your politics, I m happy that my brother came to meet me. She welcomes Raavan and Malyavaan. They walk inside the Daanavlok palace.

Dasharath asks Kaikeyi to tell him. She reminds that he has sworn on Ram’s name, and asks two vardaans. She says my first wish is my son Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, Bharat gets Ayodhya’s throne. Dasharath gets shocked. It thunders in Ayodhya. Ram is shown. Dasharath laughs and says you are joking right, Ram’s Rajya abhishek is happening and you are taking Bharat’s name. She says I m saying true, I want the throne for Bharat, my Bharat will become Ayodhya king, not your Ram. He gets angry and shouts Kaikeyi…. And reminds her of her Maryada. She says now hear my second wish…. 14 years vanvaas for Ram. Dasharath shockingly asks what and looks at her….

Dasharath asks Kaikeyi what happened to her, its Ram’s Rajya tilak today and you are asking Ram’s vanvaas. Kaikeyi asks what did I ask. Dasharath says I will give Ayodhya throne to Bharat, but I can’t send Ram on vanvaas, what revenge are you taking by asking for Ram’s vanvaas. Ram is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Abi

    Hello friends.
    Yesterday’s episode was good
    Nice acting by kakeyi’s
    It just gave an image of how ramayana happened
    I was not able to comment
    Only 2 exams
    Will be back soon

    Tellyupdates do post my comment pls

  2. Sanjana

    Gud morning my lovely sisters and skr fan and ranaji
    All the very best for ur exams
    My prayers and wishes always with u
    Be calm and you’ll do well and we have a big motivation that is skr
    All u r dps are just superb don’t have time to say individually as I have exams in the afternoon
    Nidhi di all the best for ur English exam even I have English today( but yours is board exam)
    Nippy di all the best for Tamil exam I know it’s not so easy as I have experienced it but I am sure you’ll do well as u would have worked hard
    Thanks for the info sriranjini di
    You doubts are improving my knowledge in Ramayan thank u so much
    Narendar bro I will surely read your ff
    I am just waiting for Friday evening from when I can comment freely
    Be blessed my lovely skr family?
    And may u always be happy and may God shower his choicest blessings on u?
    Have no time so sorry if I forgot to mention something?
    Grateful for God for giving u all in my life?

  3. Veronica crouze

    Guys is there anyone from Bangladesh??? Plz tell me d repeat telecasting time…..i can’t manage to see at night…

  4. Sanjana

    Sanjana( Sara) is from Bangladesh
    U can see starplus Bangladesh schedule if u search in Google or u can see in hotstar Di
    Thanks brinda and your dp is nice the first scene of grown up Sita right?
    Thanks Zara Di may I know what is your aim if it is not personal

  5. maithili

    hi!!! everyone good morning…ram sita scenes were as usual nice now very soon vanvas track will start and we will miss king dashrath and all mothers of ram…

  6. Brindha

    I am waiting for tomorrow evening from when I can comment freely. Waiting for all your exams to finish so that we can comment freely. Zara di u said ur exams are finished right. Can u tell ur sis What r u doing in ur holidays?

    • Enjoying my freedom from devil board. …….only watching TV. ……playing cricket with with my sibling. ………congrats to u ….what’s your plan….

      • Brindha

        Hi Zara di. Gd enjoy ur holidays because when school starts then we can’t enjoy like this right. Tomorrow only I will know what is the plan. Maybe I would talk with old friends cause I miss them a lot. And yes ofcourse I will keep commenting here.

    • Nidhi

      My exams will get over by March 19th ? not only you even I’m waiti for that moment to arrive soon??

  7. Brindha

    Thanks sanjana di.yes it is the first scence of grown up sita where she stops the ashwamedh yagna horse.hi maithili di.

  8. jay

    Episode was full of kaikeyi’s Acting ……….wow rocking acting yaar……… Will miss other couples and their mothers ……….. miss Lakshmila scenes……. Hate Vanvaas But eager to watch Vanvaas…………..

  9. guy’s my exam are finished and I am going Saudi but I will comment and always tell about were I am visiting and I can’t watch episode till 15days only read comment so please can you all will give link of every episode pictures plazas its request.
    yaaa today after 6:pm I will not comment but tomorrow I will my cousin have combed I valve to go with them.

  10. Richa

    Hate the vanvas I have to admit..kaikayee’s acting is breath taking… Well done skr team..

  11. Bhoomi

    Hello dear family …. ???????????

    Guys cant comment cuz today was my science exam
    I know no one will mind in my family………

    I will not say sry cuz i promosed ti nidhi ……..

    Kanika di, janu, pallavi welcome 2 SKR FAMILY …. ??????????

    I really love this family alot …. I always wished to have a huge family cuz we r only 4 persons in home mom , dad & my sis ammu ????? i love her most …

    Coming to episode nw
    Vanvas ?????
    But its ok we cant change fate
    But why they r nt showing lakshmila ???????????
    Love siyam ???

    Guys anyone have the link 4 yesterdys episode plsss post it …..

    (Tellyupdates pls post this pls)

  12. Brindha

    Hi bhoomi di. Its OK di….we know that everyone over here has exam.after finishing exam we all can talk freely. All the best for your exams bhoomi di….come back after exams and talk with us freely. I will miss u bhoomi di…

    • Bhoomi

      Thanks u so much dear …… So sweet of u …… Miss u too … I will come back after exams in full mood …. I will give much more time to my SKR family after exams …. Lots of love Brindha dear ????

  13. Brindha

    Oh I have to wait for bhoomi di…. Till 28 march.I can’t wait for everyone to return back. So I request u all to do well in exams and return soon. I will be waiting for all of u.

  14. Richa

    So Zara and Nidhi..both of u will opt for biology.. Good…I know u all will be gr8 doctors…

    • Nidhi

      Thank you so much di?
      But I think zara wants to become a bio technologist! I love her aim too?
      I hope everyone here becomes what they want to become 😀

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    • Nidhi

      Yes true brindha? I’m very happy about it that our family is going worldwide! 😉
      Though we are separated by countries we are all united because Of Siya ke ram???? such an awesome serial this is!!

    • Sanjana

      Narendra bro I read your ffs and commented as bro only really pls say why this clarification

  17. Brindha

    Nice dp maithili di…… Isn’t it in the swayambar sita will wear that dress ?Are ur exams over di….. We will not forget u abhi. All the best for exams abhi. After exams everyone come back relaxed. Hi ranaji bro. Hi richa di……. I am eagerly waiting for all of ur exams to finish.

  18. Bhoomi

    Dear Brindha u dont have to wait 4 me till 28 …. I will be back on 22 only …. Cuz after 22 my imp sub exams will be over … There will be nly 1 exam on 28 … I hv lot of time to prepare 4 it (5days) ….., so only miss me till 22….

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    I know very well that your name is narendar and u are a boy
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  20. Sanjana

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    And many sisters who will be entering 10th?
    All the best for ur exams?
    All your dps are amazing don’t have time to mention individually?????
    Bhoomi Di and abhi will miss u
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    Missing Ww Di
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    This skr family is increasing day by day newcomers pls pls introduce urself?
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    Jai Sita ram
    Tellyupdates I request you pls pls pls post this comment

    • Nidhi

      So sweet of you dear! 😀
      And yes all the best for all your exams…it’s ok even I understand the trouble of geography? as I hate social too!
      Don’t worry you will do well?
      Me too missing WW a lot 🙁
      And yes I’m happy that we are turning into a huge family!❤️

  21. Sanjana

    Mahe Di enjoy ur trip
    Happy vacation
    Love u all my sisters❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    and Mash I hve accepted ur frnd req.
    One small clue to find my acc. (i.e.,) I am followed by 1,061 members n dp is same where u seen in Tellyupdates.

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