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Siya Ke Ram 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanuman coming to Sita. He sees Sita unconscious and cries. He says Sita and Ram’s love is pure and great, this is her state hearing about Ram’s death, now his wellbeing news can get her out of this state. He sings Prem pratik………. Ram and Sita’s moments are shown. He makes her realize Ram is alive. Sita gets conscious and sees Hanuman. Hanuman greets her. He says there is no one in three loks who can kill Ram, Prabhu Ram and Laxman are alive and fine. Sita cries happily and asks Ram. He nods. She thanks Mata Bhavani for answering her prayers. Devi Parvati smiles.

Hanuman asks Sita to allow him to leave. He says I want to inform Ram about your well being, he will be waiting to know about you. Sita says go Hanuman, tell Ram that his Sita is fine and always with

him. He says Jai Shri Ram and flies.

Akampana shows Lanka’s model to Lankesh and says we got to know our brave warriors are guarding at every door, Ram is reaching north to enter Lanka. Raavan says we should make a plan to catch Ram. Meghnadh says no need to plan, command me and I will kill Ram. Raavan says not death, I want to give such life to Ram and vanar sena that they wish to die everyday. He smiles seeing the model, and says I will marry Sita at the end of the war, and keep Ram in jail, I will then make Sita my Daasi, there can’t be any painful punishment for Ram than this. Meghnadh says but you would have thought something to deal with entire vanar sena. Raavan laughs and some smoke gets created there. Asur asks Raavan what is in this smoke. Akampana says this smoke can be dangerous for us too, ask the devil to stop this smoke. Raavan smiles. An asur devil appears there and greets Raavan. Raavan says Meghnadh, this mighty, brave and huge DundhRaksh is enough alone to kill that vanar sena, he will fight tomorrow’s war and those Sanyasis will die.

Ram presents his model war plan to everyone. Sugreev asks Ram what’s this plan. Ram says its tortoise war plan, its very old and famous plan, we will use this plan in war tomorrow. Ram says its like protection, it will secure our army, like tortoise keeps himself inside the shell and protects himself from all the four directions, we have to keep army safe, every army member’s life is precious to me, we have to secure everyone and fight with that sinner Raavan, I don’t want the war, which is fought for Dharm and peace to have a bad ending, that’s why our every soldier will stand with his group, its tough to know this plan, that’s why we will fight with this war plan. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram.

Kaikesi asks Mandodari did you come to hurt my heart with bitter words. Mandodari says no, a kul vadhu has come to meet Raj Mata, you have invested your entire life to Asur kul, you married Rishi Vishravas and gained helpful knowledge, so that you can place Asur kul in three loks, your motive was fulfilled, then your extraordinary son Raavan was born, he has proved his might on all three loks, there is your sacrifice and hardwork hidden behind this, but I want to understand, what’s the need, that because of small ego, you want to end this huge and glorious Rajya. Kaikesi says Ram has become more powerful than Lankesh, war is starting now, my son Raavan will kill that Sanyasi Ram. Mandodari says this war was never of power, it was of Dharm and Adharm, Ram is fighting to end Adharm, but Lankesh is going against Dharm for his pride and glory, its known that Dharm always wins over Adharm. She asks Kaikesi to stop this Adharm, stop Lanka and Lankesh’s destruction, I don’t want you to bear sorrow of losing any of your son. She cries and leaves. Kaikesi gets bit worried.

Ram, Laxman, Sugreev, Hanuman and Vibhishan stand ahead and lead the army. Ram addresses to vanar sena and says the war we are fighting today is Dharm yudh, whenever there is Adharm in the world, this yudh will be recalled, win in the war by your patience and strength, this world will talk about your victory and courage, history will say the entire monkey race got together to fight dharm yudh, and they have made Lanka’s brave warriors lose.

Raavan smiles seeing his huge army, while Mandodari gets worried. Kaikesi looks on. Sugreev plays the shank. Asur’s soldiers also play shank and open the north gate. The army comes out to attack on vanar sena. Meghnadh looks on. Ram’s vanar sena uses shields to keep themselves safe and chant Jai Shri Ram, while Asur army chants Jai Lankesh. The war begins. Ram, Laxman and Meghnadh look on.

DundhRaksh says Vanvasi Ram, I have come to kill your sena. He kills many vanar. Ram jumps and steps ahead to kill DundhRaksh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vanshika

    Yesterday’s Precap not shown… Ram didn’t aim at that demon today.

  2. Vanshika

    Y no comments today ☹☹☹ ??????????????

  3. Vanshika

    Very nice episode ? ? ?

  4. Vanshika

    Today I’ve a test……. ???? please pray fr me guys ?

    1. All the Best Vanshika

  5. Padmaja

    Wow a nice epi….. Happy to see siya gains conscious……….

  6. Ritzz

    Awesome epi…. gr8…loved hanuman song….so the war finally started…excited 4 todays epi..

  7. Hanuman’s song was so good . By the way, who was that Demon ? Dundhraksh ??
    First one to get killed was Dhumraksha-isn’t ?

  8. I liked the song sung by hanuman- touched the heart.
    And yes, picturization of Battle field was awesome. Top view was wonderful

    As far as I know -Dhumraksha was the first one -General in Chief was killed .
    Hanuman vs Dhumraksha -Hanuman winner
    Vajrasamstra vs Anganda-the son of vali- Anganda winner
    Akampanavs Hanuman-Hanuman winner
    Prahasta vs Nila ( Vibishan reveals the secret) – Nila winner
    Kumbhakarna Vs many -Hanuman then Lakshman ( both could defeat him -were upper hand with him but Kumbhakarna wanted Ram-so Ram fought and won.)
    Many other followed like Yuddhomatta , Mata etc and
    Atikaya ( son of Ravan) vs Lakshman -Lakshman winner
    Narantaka vs Anganda -Anganda winner
    Sugreev vs Kumba – Sugreev winner
    it goes on
    Indrajit vs Lakshman -first time Lakshman became unconscious , Hanuman bring sanjeevini and second time all weapons of Indrajit failed -Lakshman winner
    Ravan ve Ram- Ram winner
    In between there were few more .
    Hope war is shown as per the Yuddha Kanda by Sage Valmiki. All the warrior should be given due respect .

  9. Thanks Sara- that’s why I got confused seeing the Precap-why Ram is shown running behind Dhunraksha? He has so many Great warrior in his team.
    Usually those days main persons-Like Ram of Vanar Sena and Ravan of Asura /Raksha group would not come to fight as long as there are other Chief in General were there to fight .
    Same things is there in Mahabharata .

  10. You are right Rani- as long as there are other Chief in General , Ram and Ravan would not come .
    Exceptional case was Khumbhakarana- as he himself wanted to fight with Ram, he fought with Hanuman and then Lakshman but was defeated but he insisted that Ram should come out to fight with him.

    He was destined to die from Ram. Kumbhakarana didn’t support Ravan for his misdeed and he strongly opposed Ravan from doing Adhrama but he told he would fight with Ram .

    ( HINDU PHILOSOPHY)– Ram was the Avatar purusha -= every head is not meant for him. It means he has the power to give moksha /salvation or Liberation from this earthly life so whoever gets killed by him , he can give him moksha /liberation. Therefore , Ram can’t kill everyone.

    As in Mahabharata – Lord Krishna says all head is not meant for Shudarsan chakra ,
    Ravan and Kumbhakarana were cursed and destined to die in the hand of Ram. As devotees think of Lord out of love like Hanuman & Lakshman , extreme bad persons like Ravan also think of Lord -that’s the negative spectrum but remembrance of Lord is there .
    As all Hindu knows -liberation is bestowed on special devotees like Mira bai, Tulsi das – all liberated soul .
    So liberation is given to few and not all . So Ram could not kill all Raksha /demons . As per yuddha Kanda opf Valmiki – He didn’t.
    Ram came along with his team of his brother lakshman, Hanuman , Sugreev , Anganda , Vibishan etc to fight for Dharma yudha /war. It is not a simple battle , it is Dharma yudha – so request to SKR team -please show what really happened in Yudha .

    1. Ritzz

      Let’s wait and watch…dont wry….!!

  11. Nice write-up Sara

  12. Yesterday -rannithi( Plans for dharma Yudddha) by Ram shown beautifully and yes who can forget Hanuman singing .It is still ringing in my ear.-Good Job SKR-keep it up.
    By the way, I do agree with Sara -all the warriors of Ram’s side should be shown fighting and winning -otherwise it shall look one man shown.
    Ram as an Avatar didn’t want that way so why to change the original format?? Ramayan is not a Hindi flim where hero fights .
    Ram was Avatar who came with some helpers , they too should be given respect .
    And yes,, few more chief in General are like Mahaparshvavs Anganda , Sugreev vs virupaksha & Mahodara .
    As a matter of fact, European has taught us to believe Ramayan and Mahabharat as mythology . They can’t digest that our Indian civilization is the most ancient and 10000 years older . That’s why modern writers make lots of variations in Ramayan and Mahabharat .
    But the fact is in many Indian homes especially in rural Indian -people sing some part of Ramayan everyday .
    So many are familiar with Ramayan.
    I want SKR to become the best – kindly be on the track.
    Thanks SKR for nice battle picture.
    My sons are waiting for more adventure

  13. Ritzz

    Gr8 pics vanshika

  14. Swastika

    Guys I am back… Hey how is my new dp …. Episode was full to jhakaas.. Waiting eagerly for tomorrow… Hey vanshu di how are u.. Or links are fantastic.. Vaidehi do missing u

  15. when ram going to use the Dhanuks that Pursuram Gave to Ram. and Earlier in Siya ke ram it’s told ram would have 3 Guru. Only 2 hare shown so far. who is the third?

  16. Padmaja

    Hi frnds y so less cmnts and where is priya suchi Krishnai twinkle hersha ritika tanu ????? Missing all those ???????

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