Siya Ke Ram 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

SITA goes to Janak and tells him that she won’t cum to Mithila. Janak asks y??. Sita says that ram can’t live in ayodhya alone without her. Janak laugh hearing her words. Janak says ok. The sisters hug him and everyone bade him. Janak leaves teary eyed.. Lakshman is happy that urmi isn’t going…
Hanuman is eating plateful of fruits. Ram says Hanuman….Hanuman looks at him. Ram says that he should leave and go to meet his mother Anjana.. Hanuman gets sad ?.. Ram says that his mother will b missing him. Ram tells him that if he’s his sevak he should listen to him. Hanuman finally leaves..
The dhobi throws his wife out of the house. She cries ?.. the man asks dhobi to accept his wife. Dhobi says never. Ppl asks why. Dhobi says I’m Bhadra, nt ur raja ram to accept back siya who lived in Lanka fr 10 months. Ppl get super shocked. Dhobi says if I was ram I would have left sita in Lanka only.. The people look on shocked.
Siya’s sisters talk about her child ? n laugh. They tease her. Ram comes there. The sisters laugh n make excuses. Ram smiles. The sisters run away.Ram smiles n says siite. He makes siya sit in the swing. Siya ram plays….. Siya smiles . She asks what kinda child u want? Ram says I want a child ? who protects and loves his mother more than I can. Sita says what can happen to me when you’re with me always.. Ram says no one can know destiny’s play. Siya looks at him. Ram says I want a child who can even fight with me just to save my siite. The alarm bell rings, indicating that someone needs justice. Ram n siya get worried ☹ n sense some danger.

Precap-the egoistic dhobi says he wont accept his wife. Y. I’m not a wife bhakt as ram. Ram looks on shocked ☹?.

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  1. NABANITA626

    Thanks vanshu for yesterday’s episode update.but one thing there striked in my mind.after marriage does a girl only think about his husband and sasural?
    Sita,who loved her father a lot,and a dearie princess of mithila did not think about his maaykas rule?and there is also a thing which is noticible,sita was not able to go his maayka after her marriage and 14 years passed out,didn’t she realy abot her mother and also the prajas of mithila who were waiting to see her for a long time?
    This is realy not fair atleast to me.what about you guys?

    1. NABANITA626

      It’s” she really think about”
      Sorry for the typos?

  2. Vanshika

    Yes nabanita dii … You’re absolutely right.. U made me emotional ?

  3. Ashna

    I think that since sita was in Lanka without ram for 10 months ans they just arrived back to ayodhya….. So she didn’t want to get separated from her dear ram

    1. Vanshika

      That’s also true.. Bt had she gone to Mithila she could have stayed with ram forever

  4. Anushya

    thanks vanshu for the update… in our life we usually see people love to be in maayka… but sitas love for ram and fear of being seperated has become multiplied by 1000 since lanka adhyay. so she doesnt want to take any risk that may seperate them… but as vanshu said if she had gone to mithila she could have stayed with ram forever…

  5. Ashna

    Yes I agree with you guys…. She thought how to get separated for sometime but she got separated from ram forever

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