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Siya Ke Ram 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surpanakha angrily throwing things. Daasis come. Surpanakha says what did I do that Sanyasi is rejecting me, I m doing so much to please him, he is not even seeing me, he is just saying Sita….. She recalls Ram’s words. She says Ram wants Sita, so be it……She changes her appearance to that of Sita’s, and smiles. She says now Ram will definitely be mine. She sees a Madak fruit/dragon fruit and says Sita’s appearance and this Madak fruit found in just Lanka will help me, Asurs used this to hynotize someone, but I will use this to hypnotize Ram.

Chatayu asks Ram what are you saying, Surpanakha has come wearing similar clothes like Sita’s? Ram says I don’t know how to explain her. Chatayu says no use to explain, you should punish her. Ram says no, she is a woman.

Chatayu says she got after you and can harm Sita, I know Asurs, they can do anything to get what they want, they can cross any limit. Ram says fine, you do me a favor, keep an eye on Surpanakha, inform me if you see her in Panchwati again. Chatayu agrees and leaves.

Ram says I have to get back Sita safe soon. Surpanakha comes there in Sita’s disguise, and asks where are you going. He asks was there any problem. She says the one who has your love, nothing can happen to her. She asks where is Laxman, did he not come with you. She says he got to the lake for bath, so that we get some time. He says even then you need to be alert. She asks him not to be scared, whatever has to happen will happen, why to leave living in fear, come, I got special Prasad for you.

Sita and Laxman are on the way. Sita says we have to reach hut soon. Laxman asks why so hurry. Sita says I feel something bad is going to happen. She falls down and gets hurt. He says you got hurt. She says we can’t get late, come. Surpanakha gives Madak fruit to Ram. Ram asks which is this fruit, where did you get this, I did not see this. She says village women got this and said its special, I want to feed you by my hands. Ram says Sita, you said I m not saying you something, the matter is…. She says it will insult of Mahadev to delay in having Mahadev’s Prasad. She smiles and thinks no one can stop me from becoming mine.

Laxman asks Sita to take rest, I will get some herbs, stay here, I will come back soon. Sita says no Laxman, we can’t wait for a moment, keep walking. She walks with injury. Ram asks whats the name of this fruit. She asks him to eat it and thinks she will get his love after he eats this. Sita comes there and calls out Ram. Ram turns and gets shocked seeing her. Sita gets shocked seeing her doppelganger. Laxman comes there and is shocked too. Ram says Sita……. Sita asks who is this woman having my appearance. Ram gets away and tells Surpanakha that this time, you have crossed all limits, you are making me helpless to cross limits of my patience. Surpanakha says what did I do, you said you just love Sita, see I have become Sita for you, you can accept me as your wife, your promise won’t break and I will get my love too. Sita walks to Ram…

Sita asks who is she. Ram says she is Raavan’s sicter Surpanakha, I saved her from sinking in the river that day. Sita says no, that was someone else, she is not that one. Surpanakha says it was me, and comes to her real form. They look on. Ram says enough now, leave from here, don’t come back. Laxman asks did you not hear, leave from here, else I will have no other way. Surpanakha says I will get Ram today. Laxman says you will be responsible for your death, I m ready to kill you and do this crime for my brother and Bhabhi. Sita says wait Laxman, I will talk.

Surpanakha says when I met Sita near lotus lake, I thought you are smart, you knew how to obtain husband’s love, you can get Ram’s love, but I also want his love, give me this right, you asked me to get dedicated, I have got dedicated to him, whatever I do is just for him, I should get him now, you tell him Sita, that he can love me now. Laxman stares at her angrily.

Surpanakha asks why are you silent, explain him. Sita says Ram said right, its tough to make you understand, love is free of selfishness, greed and desires, but you did not understand, you crossed your limits. Surpanakha says its tough to explain you, I don’t have time and patience, I gave you chance to explain Ram, you did not accept it, you are standing as hurdle between me and Ram, I can’t get Ram till you are here, I have just one option to kill you. She gets her long demon nails and is about to attack Sita. Ram, Sita and Laxman get shocked.

Ram shouts Sita…… and moves Sita away. Laxman shouts woman ….and throws a knife to cut her nails. Ram comes infront of Sita. Surpanakha’s nose gets cut. She screams and sees her cut nose in her hand. She shouts no. They all get shocked seeing her. Surpanakha cries and runs to inform Raavan. Sita asks Ram and Laxman not to come, and she will see Surpanakha, it won’t be good to meet her in this state.

Sita goes after Surpanakha and asks her to listen. She says I regret that this bad incident happened with you, I m sorry on Laxman’s behalf. Surpanakha asks her to shut up, don’t pretend now, will my nose come back if you apologize, will I get my respect, this was all planned by you all, else why did Ram not kill me after knowing my wish, he played with my emotions, so that you all get chance to do this with me, what was my mistake, is loving someone a crime. Sita says no, it was wrong to love a married man, you tried to get him, you tried to kill him, I m still standing infront of you to apologize, as I can understand your pain, you can kill me and take revenge if you want.

Surpanakha asks what will I get by killing you, you told me to get dedicated in love. Sita says I told you there is no greed and jealousy in love, there are no desires and expectations, if you really loved Ram, you would have wished to see him happy, loving someone for your desires is just lust, not love. Surpanakha says you did not do good by calling me love as lust, the way I did everything to get my love, I will do everything to take revenge. Sita asks is this not opposite feeling, how can you love and hate same person. Surpanakha says you will understand this pain when you get hurt, I will ask you same question some day, and about my revenge, its my nature to take revenge, tell your husband and Devar to be ready, who knows you have to bear biggest burden of this revenge. She leaves. Sita worries.


Surpanakha tells Asur head that those Sanyasis did this with me, kill them. Ram says it seems Asurs has attacked Panchwati. The Asurs attack and run towards Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow! Awesome episode…

  2. Full epi was really like a block buster hit…… Lakshman rocks????? and surpanaka y is she blaming sita unnecessarily….. I loved the way lakshman took stand for sita.. But hoped lakshman had long dialogues??? bcoz actually in this part it should look like lakshman as hero I wish they had been referred MYTHLI SHARAN GUPTH’s panchavati book… Bcoz he had showed lakshman in a super hit way in that…I loved the expression ram gave to lakshman after surpanakas nose cut?

    Guys u people referred lakshman’s expression after he throws sword that seems like her nose was unknowingly cut….. But anyways that’s true his motive was to save his bhabhi not to insult surpanaka….

    And sita apologizing to surpanaka…. That was great…. And I think that’s sita…. Even though she felt Bad when surpanaka ask her to give permission to ram….. Not thinking that she deserves it…she felt her pain….that’s sita mata and her character…overall the epi was DHAMAKEDHAR HIT…. What say guys?????? Siya ram and lakshman rocked it….
    Jay siya ram…..

    1. Agree priya di no words to xpress lakshman’s greatness

  3. See sathi
    Childhood Sweethearts

    Bagri concludes: “So, Krishna knew of the physical Radha only till Krishna was 10. He never returned to Nandvan after that time. Radha did not travel to Dwaraka. In South India, there is no mention of Radha in the ancient texts. However there are several versions to it. One version says that they were married during childhood by Lord Brahma himself..
    Separated Self

    Howard continues: “We are constitutionally Krishna’s servants, and servants should never imitate the Master. Everything is Krishna’s property and naturally meant for Krishna’s enjoyment, so when we imitate Krishna, it’s a crime against reality. Separation in love makes the love more intense, so Krishna’s not being publicly married to Radha enhances their loving affair. Radha is Krishna’s eternally separated self, so their marriage is unnecessary.
    Love And Marriage Are Different

    Madhu Rao writes: Lord Krishna did not marry Radha to prove that Love and Marriage are two different things…love is a selfless emotion while marriage is an agreement or arrangement…
    Krishna And Radha Are Not Separate

    Prashant Jaiswal writes: Radha is not a separate individual from Krishna. You need two individuals to marry. Lord Krishna has various types of energies – his external energy is inferior energy and it’s Maya (Ma meaning not, ya meaning which, together meaning “something which is not real”. His internal potency (antaranga shakti) is Radha. Radha is Krishna’s energy, which pleases him and possesses unparallel love and devotion (to him).
    Unconditional Love

    Vaishnav Charan Das answers why Krishna did not marry Radha: “To teach us mortals what is unconditional and eternal love…”
    The Highest Form Of Love

    Lia Dee shares: Krishna did not marry Radha “because it is the highest form of love, according to Vedic scriptures…”
    Radha Refused Marriage?

    Sanchary Ghosh writes: “According to one version, Radha refused to marry Krishna because she felt that she would not fit in a palace. She thought no one would respect a cowgirl. People would expect Krishna to marry a princess. Though he tried to reassure her (otherwise), she was firm in her decision…”
    Soul Mates

    Prajakta Bhide shares: “I had read somewhere that Radha asked Krishna why he wouldn’t marry her. And he simply said: “How can one marry his or her own soul?”.

    Spiritual Love Is Ecstatic

    Elsewhere, Vraja Kishor writes: “To understand Radha correctly, you need to somewhat understand the mysteries of “rasa” and “prema” – the ecstatic experience of spiritual love. Krishna and Radharani playfully married once, as children sometimes do. They did not really marry, however, because their love is more primal, profound, and unbounded than what wedded love facilitates. Wedded love is a very elevated type of divine union, yet in marriage, the intimacy and spontaneity is not limitless.”
    Profound Love

    Kishor continues: “Some limitation is imposed by the sense of ‘duty’ that husband and wife naturally acquire towards one another. This sense of duty is beautiful, but the highest type of love is even more beautiful. It is so profound that it requires no sense of duty – and flows absolutely spontaneously – breaking all things that stand in its path. Thus, the pure transcendental love that Radha and Krishna enjoy on the highest level of bliss (paramānanda), expresses itself in the form of being paramours, not husband and wife…

    Marriage Unnecessary

    In another discussion, Awal Garg writes: Krishna and Radha were attached to each other mentally. That’s why we say Radhe-Krishna and not Rukmini-Krishna. Rukmini had done a lot of work to acquire Krishna. She had gone against her brother Rukmi because Rukmani, like Radha, was in love with Krishna. Rukmini sent a letter to Krishna that he should come and take her away. The letter was composed of 7 glistening shlokas. They touched Krishna’s heart and he had to accept Rukmini’s plea and make her his first wife. The marriage of Radha and Krishna, on the other hand, doesn’t really matter because they were bound by eternal love.
    A Curse Kept The Lovers Apart

    Jabahar says: “Lord Krishna and Radha are eternal lovers who dwell in Goloka. As per BrahmaVaivarta Purana, before the manifestation of their time on earth, Radharani had a heated argument with Shridama, the personal attendant of Krishna. Radharani got angry and cursed Shridama to take birth as a demon. Shridama, in turn, cursed Radharani to be born as a human who, after her pastimes with Krishna in Gokula, would get separated for 100 years from her beloved lover.

    Marriage is arrangement but love is different dear
    And by the way u wished Zara Di I can understand u are not an atheist
    See I request u to ask question in better way

    But guys I didn’t expect this from u
    Hasn’t her doubt increased our faith and her questions did make us think of reply and she has apologised too I mean
    She just asked questions maybe rudely but why do u get hurt and I just thought u would stop but u guys learn patience from ram. Didn’t he keep quiet when Sita chastity was questioned but ultimately it is proven and today everyone says she is purer than purity
    And why do u call her fake and all how do u know
    See our family is strong and I appreciate ur replies but just clear her doubt and tell her to ask questions in a better way in a polite way we shouldn’t be rude na
    And see we should answer bitter questions too for that also strengthens our faith
    It’s no point in saying sorry if I have hurt u if u feel u are hirting her why do u do it we are after all Hindus right

    1. Sathi sathi
      Can we discuss satis sacrifice for shiva
      I had asked yesterday but u guys busy only in reading sathi comment

      1. And it also gave new info for instance The proverb that sand in a seashore can be counted but not Arjuna wife was new to me
        Thks Janani Di for info though we have disagreed to many things in the past

    2. Superrrrr sanju di nice info tnq
      Sathi dear pls read this and pls do not insult gods and us this is my humble request to u

  4. Hi iam new to this site. After reading the comments of yesterday and previous day’s comment i came here to say one thing we tried to make her realize like sita but she is finding a reason to argue, its better to avoid such to be happy and we completely lost two days talking about that member. I used to visit skr page and read all the comments but passed two days i find we lost something.please stop it and lets talk about siya’s sacrifise for her husband.SORRY IF I HAD HURT SOME ONE’S FEELING

    1. krishnai aka wellwisher

      no dear u didnt hurt us……….. 1ST and foremost WELCOME TO OUR SWEET FAMILY AND FAN CLUB……

      and yes such comments which us can be avoided……… i was absent for 2 days and page had been messed up…. so sad…..

      but ya u r correct.. we should value Sita’s sacrifice for her husband…….

      1. What would u have done if u were there krishnai

      2. Sati now Parvati
        Dear WW is kinda patient so people who got angry yesterday could be cooled down

      3. Take care of u health krishnai

      4. krishnai aka ww

        Parvati di dont mistake me… i meant that i wasnt there for 2 days and i came as usual i excepted the page would be normal but it was messed up n lots of rude n harsh words were used and i felt ad and sorry about it thats all i meant….. sorry if u had thought i was trying to dominant bcoz ur comment indicates it….. I M NOT SUCH TYPE PERSON DI…. SORRY ONCE AGAIN DI…..

    2. Welcome akshya to our family u didn’t hurt any of us…. Yes dear u r ryt we lost something….. We can make it come again to our family soon….

      1. Thanks priya akka and sanjana i wish we dont give space for such racisits

    3. Totally agree wth u akshya di v really lost something in these days tnq fr supporting us dear and welcome to our sweet family

    4. Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome Dear! I’m Soups 🙂 hope you have a nice time here and learn a lot 🙂

  5. Epi was awesome …… surpanakha deserves it …… wanted to kill mata sita …… really nyc epi

  6. Ohhh? First time madirakshi did devillish acting.
    Thank god sita and laxman returned on time. How ram could not recognize surpnakha?
    I am feeling very bad for laxman. He tried to save sita and he will get scolded by her only.
    Now action time. Tomorrow’s episode demons will be killed.

    1. Did u see episode ram coudnt believe it was his Sita and his face was evident in that

    2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Exactly the expression on ram’s face.. I couldn’t believe that ram doesn’t know that he was Surpankha.. Omg

    3. Yep eagerly waiting to see rams fight

  7. vanshika arora

    Sita’s acting is superb in every form.i think surpanakha wil ask d question to sita when she again met her in d forest after sita’s banishment..

  8. krishnai aka wellwisher

    Hi all….. i m sick thtas why not commenting n my si has come so spending time with her….

    i dont know but I COMPLETELY AGREE TO SATI…… myself and my sis had the same thoughts……. on avatar Lord Vishnu is loyal to one wife in another so many….

    agree it doesnt sound good to be like radh krishna bcoz they arent legally married as far as i know but that doesnt MEAN I DONT RESPECT GOD… my role model is lord krishna……. but not FOR ASA LOVER OR A HUSBAND BUT AS A GOOD RULE MAKER……

    I never want a husband like RAM NOR LIKE KRISHNA but mine would be mine so i never dream of my life partner to be like him r like him blah bllah……..

    i agree but that what sati told about draupadi n pandavas it was silly….. but it had to happen….



    but sathi i feel u r CORRECT only thing is ur TOINE WAS A BIT RUDE….. sorry dear…..

    stop fighting…

    as a frnd…….

    i just told my opinion……..


    1. krishnai aka wellwisher

      @Rahul Mishra….. true that lakshman keeps getting scolding from Sita but she is a like mother to him and here they are trying to show how Sita always tried to control lakshman’s anger…… as A MOTHER WOULD DO… so SKR TEAM IS SHOWING ITS BEST………….

      if u feel like its not as per ur thought u have full rights to comment about it n we would try our best to clear ur doubts on them…


      1. Hope u ll get well soon Krishnai di

    2. krishnai aka wellwisher

      sorry for so much of typing mistakes…… i told u na high fever….. SORRY……

      @SATI i agree to ur opinion about pandavas an draupadi……. they in the name of dharma n sacrifice they had to live a hell life…….. it was silly……

      1. WW I don’t think it was silly I mean honesty was in their soul and truthfulness in each cell and never is silly. Maybe the consequences could have gone wrong if they had decided that just Arjun had married draupdi. But the world would never have benefited I felt same but mb changed my opinion and it wasn’t living hell u can see they were not
        filled with sorrow from the day of marriage. Life is never filled with sorrow Di neither was it like that for even Sita
        And this is my opinion

        Get well soon Di
        And enjoy with ur sister

      2. @ww realize that now people will react to u I don’t understand why u dragged it to today’s update and the page is going to get no better Di
        I mean Di it is not the same family Di I mean they are all in hangouts here people will surely react to u Di so pls leave it
        But one thing a few things will be realised at later stages of life I feel. What we feel ram was never an ideal husband we will realize only when we get married is my opinion

      3. krishnai aka ww

        Sorry Sanju i couldnt reply you yesterday properly…..

        I read only now SATHI’S COMMENT ABOUT DRAUPADI IN MAY 11TH PAGE….. I MISSED IT… sorry dear…

        now here is my reply to SATHI:

        Hi sathi di…….. 1st ur name is superb… name of goddess Sakthi aka Mata Parvathi in her 1st HUMAN AVATAR……

      4. krishnai aka ww

        Sry sanju i cant reply to u r sathi now…..sry butwilll tell u myy opinion later sry i m busy…..

    3. is she your sister??? m sorry but I lost my patience

      1. krishnai aka ww

        Hey no… buy why not…. all r my sis n bro…. actually i meant that i m with my own sis….. n not well…. okay bye…. tired…

    4. Di pls read replies they are satisfying for Vishnu loyal to many in Krishna avatar

    5. Get well soon krishnai…..

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Get well soon ww di missed u alot

  9. BARC TRP (Week 18) 2016Star PlusMere Angne Mein 1.1Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1.5Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3.0Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3.1Siya Ke Ram 1.4Silsila Pyaar Ka 0.9Diya Aur Baati Hum 1.7Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.1Tamanna 1.0Dahleez 0.6ColorsIshq Ka Rang Safed 0.7Thapki Pyaar Ki 1.4Sasural Simar Ka 1.7Balika Vadhu 1.3Udaan 1.7Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2.1Swaragini 1.9Kasam 2.5Krishnadasi 1.4Naagin (sat, sun) 5.0Comedy Nights Live 1.7Comedy Nights Bachao 1.5ZEE TVTashan-e-Ishq 1.5Kumkum Bhagya 3.2.

    its very dissapointed bcz…….we know that #SKR is most finest show among these fake drama saas bahu serial……but look these rating……
    ..People also see those time pass serial…..What can we say????? frnd…

    1. Joy dear it’s ok people like to watch silly things better than useful epics but it’s ok u are on the right path move on
      Leave worries?

      1. yes….your speach is right…….this is the main problem of our people…(@ @)

    2. Leave it joy dear we can’t say anything about that when people prefer saas bahu drama instead of epic show

      1. yes….priya….

    3. Leave all joy di in this Generation no one like or respect epics like us dear but even then this is the best always skr is the best

  10. Are u okay ww di? If not hope u get well soon.

  11. Hi akshaya welcome to skr family

    1. Thanks stuti

  12. Jay Sita ram
    I worship God but with all doubts cleared not as blind follower not that I respect him in one role but as Maryada Purushottam for devotion is not simply like worshipping shivling without realising and admiring the God in it to strive to be like in all circumstances of life I feel

  13. Feminism in no way means woman empowerment and men dempowerment it is gender equality
    And today episode explained love beautifully and shoorpanakha speaks as though ram is doll and love is not smartness and only time will tell if she desrved that punishment

    1. Agreed

  14. Coolio episode… But I had to miss the episode as Iva’s busy putting maths. Haha.. Lakshman was hero of this episode today.. Fabulous 🙂 Love his acting and of course love him 😉 waiting for tomorrow’s episode ! 🙂

  15. Shivani di now only saw ur reply in yesterday’s page ….y tqs di…no need of tqs and all….we l take stand for our family member ….u r our sis na di….if anybody speak ill about our sis we can’t be quite….. Pls di don’t say tqs…. We all did a duty of being a small sis of u…..

  16. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hi ? friends who was a block buster hit but I hate Surpankha scolding siya that she’ll punish her etc.
    Guys chose Bhavi or shushra m writing a ff so want ur opinion.. N loved scene where ram save siya

  17. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hope sati di doesn’t ruin d page today..
    I hv a qn, some versions say that Urmila pray ? tho lord during Lakshman exile b she painted siya ram scenes ago which one is true.. She also slept for 14 years..

  18. Bala Krithika

    how selfish soorpanakha i hate her

  19. Hi guys….. Tdy I m gng to pondicherry for my peripa operation so I l not be available…. But I try my best to post kurals… And I can’t cmnt till tmr nyt.. And cmng to kurals I don’t know I can post it or not.. If I will post tdy…. It l be two kurals as I can’t post tmr…… But if time permits only…. Sry for the inconvenience guys… Really but I can’t do anything as I should go with my peripa that’s imp for me….. Sry guys… But surely

    Miss u all a lot…. Will try to update kurals… But I l paste it here I can’t type credit to…. But the credit goes to JAY Di only…

    1. Take care of your peripa di 🙂

    2. Ohh miss u di take care of ur peripa

    3. Take care priya akka

  20. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Guys I’m going to my nani house ? so I’ll NT b able to cmnt till mnday.. I hp my cousins let me watch siya k ram there. Dey wont let me touch d phone ? so o won’t comment.. Meet u on Monday.. Bye ?. Hope gt tho watch today epi coz its gonna b fantastico..

    1. Oh u too miss u vanshu njoy wth ur granny


    Haiiiiii Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again with 5th Kural…..Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports

    Here we go with 5th couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    இருள்சேர் இருவினையும் சேரா இறைவன் பொருள்சேர் புகழ்புரிந்தார் மாட்டு

    Transliteration in English :

    Irulser Iruvinaiyum Seraa Iraivan Porulser Pukazhpurindhaar Maattu

    மு.வ உரை: 

    கடவுளின் உண்மைப் புகழை விரும்பி அன்பு செலுத்துகின்றவரிடம் அறியாமையால் விளையும் இருவகை வினையும் சேர்வதில்லை

    In Normal Words:
    இறைவன் என்பதற்குரிய பொருளைப் புரிந்து கொண்டு புகழ் பெற விரும்புகிறவர்கள், நன்மை தீமைகளை ஒரே அளவில் எதிர் கொள்வார்கள்

    Couplet in English:

    The men, who on the ‘King’s’ true praised delight to dwell, Affects not them the fruit of deeds done ill or well

    To those who meditate the feet of Him who is void of desire or aversion, evil shall never come

    Hope you understand the explanation …. Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz


    Haiiiiii Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again with 6th Kural…..Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports

    Here we go with 6th couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    பொறிவாயில் ஐந்தவித்தான் பொய்தீர் ஒழுக்க நெறிநின்றார் நீடுவாழ் வார்

    Transliteration in English :

    Porivaayil Aindhaviththaan Poidheer Ozhukka Nerinindraar Neetuvaazh Vaar

    மு.வ உரை: 

    ஐம்பொறி வாயிலாக பிறக்கும் வேட்கைகளை அவித்த இறைவனுடைய பொய்யற்ற ஒழுக்க நெறியில் நின்றவர், நிலை பெற்ற நல்வாழ்க்கை வாழ்வர்

    In Normal Words:
    மெய், வாய், கண், மூக்கு, செவி எனும் ஐம்பொறிகளையும் கட்டுப்படுத்திய தூயவனின் உண்மையான ஒழுக்கமுடைய நெறியைப் பின்பற்றி நிற்பவர்களின் புகழ்வாழ்வு நிலையானதாக அமையும்

    Couplet in English:

    Long live they blest, who ‘ve stood in path from falsehood freed; His, ‘Who quenched lusts that from the sense-gates five proceed’

    Those shall long proposer who abide in the faultless way of Him who has destroyed the five desires of the senses

    Hope you understand the explanation …. Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

  23. I posted two kurals tdy pls read it guys and sry if u can’t read two…. But wt to do guys situation demanded…. Miss u all…credit goes to Jay di

  24. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Guys plz tell who is ur fav
    Mandavan (mandodri and ravan)

    Coz I will write a ff

  25. vanshika arora

    D demons r sooo cunning.. Even ram ws going 2 fall prey of surpanakha if sita hadn’t reached on time…

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Exactly…. Demons r vry cunning.. Bt their end is disastrous..

    2. Agreed

  26. awesome episode…. Just now watched it on hotstar….
    I know that RAM rejects surpanaka and sent her to laxman then only laxman cuts her nose….
    Little different in skr…

    1. I too heard the same

  27. Awesome epi but I felt bad when sita is saying sorry to that asur i liked lakshmans ‘s shot epi was superb

  28. My hangouts app is not opening so won’t be available there sry it’s not updating

    1. hey thanmathi in your ( Happy ramayan part 3) artical which you write 6th may… this artical shown in #SKR????

      1. No joy it is just my own write up and as I said in my previous post there will be no vanvaas in the ff may I know y u asked so.sorry for late reply

    2. Its ok di

  29. U all are like a shit ???
    U know everyone has freedom to express thoughts
    But u guys r disgusting yr
    I support sathi
    She can say whatever she wants its her life
    She is logical
    U guys are blo*dy mythological chipkus

    1. krishnai aka ww

      excuse me mind ur language……… u might agree to sathi but she was a bit to kind to some… she never abused us until we did… but who r u to speak ill about my family member?

      1. krishnai aka ww

        Guys best dont reply….. another one to spoil the mood… in a minute i lost patience….. sorry… sorry niharika for my reply…..

        Comment as u wish…

      2. Sry di I was not able to control all these

    2. Hello madam control ur tongue u hv no right to insult us…as u stupid guys r commenting as ur wish v ll also comment as our wish.
      Oh my god show some pitty on these guys and give them brain. Sorry if I hurt u

  30. thejashri aka brindha

    Comment as u wish niharika. Insulting our family member u won’t benefit anything from this…. Hey guys another one to spoil the mood….. Guys don’t reply…. Some people like u want to break our family last time our family reacted to ur cmnts but this time no one can break our family n spoil our mood…..

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