Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Sita walking in between the Praja. Ram Ram….plays…….. Ram greets old people and wears garlands by their hands. A man says you are Praja’s palanhaar, we are assured that Ayodhya’s future will be more beautiful getting you as our king. Ram greets all of them. Ram and Sita fold hands greeting them and smile. They walk to the palace. Everyone shower flowers. The pandits play the shanks. Praja cheers for Ram.

Ram says I will try my best to do my duty with all my determination, Dharm and justice. He asks them for blessings, as without their blessings, his Rajya abhishek will be incomplete. Siya ram……plays…………… Ram and Sita see each other and smile.

Kaikeyi takes a little crown and recalls how crowned little Bharat. She visualizes Mantra

saying now there is no use to see this crown. Dasharath tells Guru Vashisht that humans have limit to see things, he had doubt on Kaikeyi and it was useless, how did he think that she will be against Ram’s Raj tilak.

Kaikeyi sees Mantra who provokes her more against Ram. Mantra says Ram will send Bharat on vanvaas, Bharat will accept it in his brother’s love. Mantra disappears. Kaikeyi cries. Dasharath says the main reason for my fear was my promise I gave to Ashwapati, but see Kaikeyi’s love, she loves Ram more than Bharat, so I decided to apologize to Kaikeyi infront of everyone after Ram’s Rajya abhishek. Guru Vashisht says mahurat is passing by, we should leave for Sabhagrah now, so that Ram’s Rajya abhishek rituals can get completed. Dasharath says sure and they leave.

Ram and Sita see each other and smile. Laxman, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti come there. Urmila says they are waiting for the moment when Ram will be crowned. Dasharath says Ra and walks there with Kaushalya and Sumitra. Ram takes his blessings. Everyone greet Dasharath. Dasharath says son, this is the moment for which I m waiting right from the day you were born, I feel my life’s motive is going to be fulfilled. Ram says but, where is Kaikeyi. Dasharath says yes, where is she.

Kaikeyi sits in shock and imagines Mantra making her think about the day Kaushalya humiliates her. Mantra says Kaushalya and Dasharath cheated you, he proved that you, Bharat and his promise do not matter to you, his words are sweet, but his thoughts are dangerous than any wounding arrow, husband is a close friend, but Dasharath is your biggest enemy. Kaikeyi recalls Mantra’s bitter words. She shouts enough, I will not become Daasi, my son Bharat will not become vanvaasi, I will do anything to stop this. Laxman says I will go and call Kaikeyi. Dasharath says wait son, I think she did not get ready as she was busy in arrangements, its her beloved son Ram’s Raj tilak today, you all head to Sabhagrah, I will get Kaikeyi and reach there.

Mantra comes to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi says you said true, none understood my love in Ayodhya, the one whose wife I m, the one whom I sacrificed my life, he has done plotting against me and my son, I was blind and senseless, I could not understand anything, now everything is clear, I will not let anything wrong happen with Bharat, I will stop Ram’s Raj tilak, tell me the solution. Mantra says its very late now, but there is just one way out, that’s Kumbh bhavan. Kakeyi gets shocked and says kumbh bhavan…..

Malyavaan tells Raavan that he can meet Surpanakha as Daanavlok is on the way. Raavan says there is no time now. Malyavaan says you are still annoyed, don’t you want to see how she is living after marriage, meet her once. Raavan says fine, but not for much time. They are on the way in the air chariot.

Surpanakha runs to Vidyuthjeeva and says my brother Lankesh is coming to meet me, I got his message. Daanav says he is coming here. Vidyuthjeeva says its really good news, go and prepare to welcome him. A daanav says Raavan is enemy of Daanavs, it means he is coming to attack us. Vidyuthjeeva says he will not attack, us he thinks we are his relatives, he does not know my marriage with his sister was a plan, he did not understand and coming to fall prey to us, he will lose his powers by my attack and then Asurs will not rule the world, The daanavs will rule.

Keikeyi fumes and goes to some Kaksh. She breaks her necklace and throws all her jewelry angrily. She opens a chest and gets her black clothes. She dresses in the plain black clothes and angers up. She shuts the door.

Dasharath tells Kaikeyi that its Ram’s Raj tilak today, her presence is needed, Ram is waiting, what is this state, wear right clothes and jewelry, come with me, what is the reason for your anger. She fumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh no!!! Evil manthra …hate her..though I know she is an important character.. No vanvas plz…at least not so soon..

    1. Hi richa ……I’m going to take biology because my aim is to do biotechnology in medicine

  2. Gd morning to all my sisters and brothers .
    All the best for all your exams. Best wishes from your sister.

    1. Thanks brindha?
      May I know in which class are you studying? And where are you from?
      Only if it’s not personal.

      1. Dear Nidhi Can I know which class do u study . I study in Class 9

      2. Oh hi sumi I am studying in class 10 🙂

    2. Thank u n same 2 u brindha n good afternoon

  3. Guys its an ERROR the thing is kaikaye didnt enter khumbh bavan its KOOP BHAVAN(anger palace as mentioned in actual ramayana plz note)

    1. Thanks priya di for the valuable information 🙂

  4. Eagerly waiting for the nxt episode?

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    Refer this for more details

  6. This thing was bound to happen. Ram’s purpose in human form was to kill raavan which would have not been posible if he would be the king.. he would hve got busy with ruling….. Atleast dats what i heard

  7. Hi everyone present here wellwisher pls do post one epi alone in beintehaa ff then i will be happy for 20 days pls pls pls

    1. Ranaji hi 🙂
      Even I’m waiting for WW to post her beintehaa ff but I don’t think she will be able to do so till March 28th as she has exams.
      So we have to understand her problem and wait. 🙂

  8. Hello everyone??
    I hope you didn’t forget me ?….if you did let me introduce myself to you all as well as all the new comers….I’m Nidhi in class 10 studying in Hyderabad 🙂
    I welcome all the new didis as well as younger sisters whole heartedly?❤️❤️
    I’m very happy that more and more people are joining here…?? our family had now turned into a worldwide family?? and I’m really really happy for it ???
    And everyone I know I shouldn’t tell sorry but I’m extremely SORRY for not replying you all…who asked about my exams, how I am…I couldn’t reply because of my exams only really sorry all of you I hope you will forgive me regarding this ???
    And thanks to all the people for the Wishes regarding exams?? truly I have to say it because of your wishes only my exam went really well☺️ Thank you so much ❤️
    And yes I have to say it all of you have awesome dp’s ??? it’s like the main reason I keep staring at those pictures and forget replying?….sachhi mein all of them are superb!!?
    And thanks to those who shared links and tweets related to siya ke ram?? thanks a ton!
    And whoever is now giving their exams…ALL THE VERY BEST❤️❤️ My wishes are always with you all??
    Not to forget thanks to all of them who shared Information about ramayana??? thank you sooo much! I got to know about things which I never knew before!?
    And those who asked me about which course I’m planning to take after 10th…I’m taking science as my aim is to become a doctor? and whoever wished me for my future and exams as well thank you soo much??
    I don’t know if I really could do meet all of you I would definitely meet all of you and thank each of you personally for everything!❤️ Love you all??
    I hope you won’t forget me….and as I told I am sorry if anyone is asking me about something I won’t be able to reply till MARCH 19th afternoon…?? sorry for that…
    I hope you all won’t forget me…?
    And the mission of killing manthara was just for fun [im sorry from behalf of everyone here if we offended anyone’s feelings about that] I know we shouldn’t have done that but that’s to actually relax ourselves for exam tensions as many people here are having their exams…really sorry if we hurted you in any manner??
    Finally…the vanvaas track has started in the serial..can’t do anything so have to keep watching and wait till ram kills ravan and becomes the king?….but again there will be a bad news for all of us but it’s ok…its fate..we can’t change it anyways 🙁
    And Once again I’m really sorry for not replying to all of you who asked me questions??
    I hope you understand…exams kadha…that is why..??


    1. Haii Nidhi…………Missed U So oooooMuch……….. How was ur Exam going.Hope it went wel.,as always DP is awesome.

      1. Hi jay?
        Missed you so much as well?
        My exams are going well because of all the wishes of everyone here?
        Tomorrow having English
        And on March 19th having maths exam 🙂
        So I’m sorry if I’m not able to reply you all??
        Thanks for the dp??
        Even your DP is awesome!❤️
        It’s dashrath, kaikeyi and sita right??

      2. S Nidhi……..All the best for ur Remaining Exams

      3. Thanks jay?
        All the best to you too! (If you have exams) 🙂

    2. Hi nidhi …how r u. ……All the best for your exams. …..

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        Missing you a lot….
        I’m fine
        How are you??
        Thanks for your wishes!
        And how are you enjoying after exams? 😉 it’ll be so much fun right?

      2. I’m fine dear…….nothing. ..only resting watching TV. …..mast with my siblings. ……and u r ‘ s exam get over

      3. Typo mistake * mastiy with my siblings *

      4. Oh you have siblings? 😀
        they are so much fun right? 😉
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        my exams will get over by march 19th waiting for that day to come 😛

      5. Yes I have 1 siblings. ….I’m elder one……u don’t have siblings

      6. Even I have one younger brother Zara 🙂 too young actually in class 3 ?
        And what about your sibling sister or brother? In which class?
        And no sorry between sisters forgot???

      7. Mine is also brother. …..He is in class 7th. ….He just ed finished her exam on 10th march

      8. oh great my brother is soooooo irritating 😛
        he keeps irritating me whenever im studying
        he also hits me with badminton rackets and other stuff if i don’t agree with him 😛
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      9. Same here. ……He is soo irritating. ……we always used do fight. ….but we play cricket together……..

      10. Oh 😛
        atleast your brother is a bit older but my brother is too young in class 3 😛
        so what else zara? 🙂

    3. Nidhi dear missing u a lot ?????……… We will never forget u dear ….. You r in every ones heart ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?

      This is 4 u ???????????????????????????????? ????????
      U will get more if said sry one more time ….
      In your comment 6 times u said sry……..
      4-5 times dont forget me
      3-5 times thank u
      “RULES” r same 4 every1 here ………,
      Stop saying sry, thanks & dont forget me
      Understand ??????

      I know no sry…. But sry if i hurt u dear …….
      I said this as your sister …..

      Hope I hv right on u as a sister & frend ??? I m right / not ???

      Really s***y is u felt bad ……. Sry…….

      One more thing….
      Dont take any tension & write your exams very welll…
      Sry 4 sry……

      Lots of luv frm SKR family ?????

      ❤ ❤ ❤

      Tellyupdates plssss post this plsssssss…

      1. Bhoomi cheating yaar? you only asked me not to tell sorry and you’re only telling sorry? this is not fair! Whatever you told me even applies to you right??
        And ok next time pakka waala promise I won’t tell sorry? PROMISE on myself!
        Thanks for your wishes regarding exams???
        All the best to you also❤️
        Loads of love!??
        And why will you hurt me bhoomi? You are really sweet!?? so no sorries between us 😉
        Of course you have all rights on me as a sister?
        Missing you too???

      2. agree with you bhoomi di 🙂 hehehehe

      3. Promrse frm my side also ……. no sry frm next time…. 😉 😛 😛

      4. Ok twinkle next time I won’t tell sorry 😛
        Promise 🙂

      5. Ok bhoomi??

    4. missed you nidhi di .and thanks and all the best you too 🙂

      1. Missed you too twinkle?
        Thanks for your wishes? I’m sure I’ll do well all because wishes of everyone here ?

    5. Sanjana(Sara)

      Hi nidhi di. How are you?? Missing you very very very much. All the best for your English and Maths exam. How could you think we forgot you? Can anyone forget their sister? Don’t say this again di please. And no sorry.

      1. So sweet of you sanju!??
        Ok I promise next time se no sorry 😉

  9. Nice Episode..Waiting for Kaikeyi Conversation with dashrath …….Hate Vanvaas but Waiting for it eagerly……..

  10. Nice Dp Bhoomi,Brindha, Richa, Zara,Akansha Sharma,. Sanjana, sumi,mahe,ranaji,reshma,craze about SKR,Haripriya…Sorry Guyz If missed any one name .All your Dp is awesome guyz…………..

    1. Jay craze about skr’s name is nippy? so call her nippy..she is in class 10 as well 😀

      1. Ok jay?
        Even this dp is awesome!??
        MM looks so pretty!??

    2. Thanks jay……ur one is also supber

    3. Jay dear same pich ……….. we both hv same dp …… :D:D;););););)

    4. Thank u jay even ur is also beautiful . Which class did u study bro??? I in class 9

      1. Haii Sumi Iam Jaysuriya I think Iam Senior here guess so ………..Completed degree ,Currently Working in Mumbai

      2. I’m in 10th standard bro……just finished my exams

      3. I’m also in class 10 bro 🙂
        About to finish my exams this 19th 🙂

      4. Sorry Sumi Zara & Nidhi …. Sorry for misunderstanding Iam di Not bro…….Hope U understand Guyzzz

      5. it’s ok jay di….’
        no sorry between sisters di <3
        forgot? 😉 rule here 😛

      6. Oops sorry. …..I know no sorry allowed. …..but ae very hi

    5. Akanksha sharma

      Thanxxx a lot jay paji…and paji ur dp… really awesome…… sita looking gorgeous……

  11. Hi nidhi didi I will also miss you. Anyway all the best for your exams.

    1. Hi brindha?
      So sweet of you dear!?
      And thanks for your wishes ^_^
      May I know in which class are you studying? And where are you from? Only if it’s not personal… 🙁 I’m sorry if I hurt you in any manner… 🙁

  12. Hello and good afternoon everyone . How r u all . How r your exams going??? And best of luck for ur further exams.

    1. Thanks sumi??
      Wish you the same as well
      Even my exams end on March 19th! Same pinch!?

  13. hello can I join in this group

    1. S Offcourse Rakhi …. Welcome to the SKR Family dear

    2. Hi rakhi or rakhi di if u r elder than me. …..Welcome. ……In which class u r. . . . . sorry if it is personal

    3. Hi rakhi?
      Welcome to siya ke ram fanclub!
      Why are you asking our permission dear? Every fan of siya ke ram is most welcome here?
      May we all know where are you from? And in which class are you studying?
      To introduce my self I’m nidhi studying in class 10 and from Hyderabad 🙂

    4. Sure Rakhi….

  14. Hello everyone when r ur exams ending . My on 19 march .

    1. Tnks Sumi

    2. Thank you so much sumi dear?
      You asked me in which class I study right? I’m studying in class 10 dear.. 🙂

  15. Hi Brinda , I’m Anjali and I’m also in your class . Welcome to SKR family .

  16. Welcome Pallavi di .

  17. I am in chennai and I am studying in 9th standard nidhi di. No you did not hurt my feelings.Do you remember the rule? No sorry or thanks between sisters.

    1. Oh great brindha!? most of them here are from TN only 😉
      I’m happy that I have another younger sister here??
      Ok I promise next time se I won’t tell sorry 🙂

  18. My exam is ending on 16 th march sumi.

  19. Hi anjali. When are your exams ending?

  20. Sorry everyone posted wrong pic sorry everyone here it is correct link for yesterday episode collage-
    that pic was that our teenage ram is having birthday today.
    sorry for posting pic.

    1. It’s ok sumi?
      No sorry between sisters!
      Don’t forget this rule here?

  21. craze about skr

    hello guys……..just got to say that tomorrow iam going to give my first exam…….tamil 1st paper………i hope all of ur blessings will be with me forever…………

    nd all of ur dps r just finominal…………

    missing u all terribly………….nd guys u know something……..i was in a dream to meet u all……………in real life also i want to meet u all………but by fate what to do………!!!!!!!!we all r in different states nd cities na………….but i hope all of our friendship will be forever …………

    all the best to all of u for ur exams didis nd also for my sweet little bro ans sis…………….



    1. Hi nippy!??
      Don’t worry you will do well 😉
      And why sorry between us? Forgot???
      And yes all the best for your tamil exam tomorrow don’t worry our wishes and prayers are always with will do well 🙂 don’t get tensed! 🙂
      Even I wish we could meet in real life…though we are all unique in our own ways we are all united because of siya ke ram and I’m happy about it❤️
      Thanks for your wishes too! ? tomorrow having English and on 19th maths( last paper ) 😀
      Thanks for dp as well??
      Even your do from yesterday’s episode is awesome☺️ That wonderful moment!?
      And yes our friendship will always stay forever even if the serial ends 😉
      Sorry for such a big comment oops!?? typed a bit too much know ??


      1. Hi Nippy….. Tamil you can easily score dear…..all the best for ur exam.

    2. Hi nippy all the best. ..Our wishes is always with you. ……do well……….tamil…..It is tough sub right…..because I don’t know any south Indian language. …

    3. Nippy Di so u are samacheer kalvi board even I am the same board but I am in 9 th
      So I thank u have ur board exams till April 13 and anyways all the best for ur exams
      Our friendship will last forever and you always keep smiling
      You dp is nice

  22. Hi everyone…I’m Shloka …hope u have not forgotten me…….just fingers crossed……
    Hello to all new members……
    Btw…..I’m returning here on my birthday………so great na….

    1. Shloka! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear!??? have a great day ahead though half of the day is done ? sorry for the late wishes…? didn’t know so..
      How do you think I can forget you? 😉
      I already commented on your ff page also! To come back here soon 🙂
      Next time if you ask us if we forgot you I’ll give you one nicely!!? *sorry if you felt bad just took lineance as your my younger sister*?

    2. Hi shloka HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. …DEAR….MAY UR ALL DREAM AND WISH become True…….how can I forget u. ……..????????????

    3. happy birthday sholka di

    4. Haiiii…Shloka….Happy B’day Dear wish you have Have great year ahead…..hw u can think that we will forget U…….Miss U Come back soon

    5. Happy birthday shloka just came from school sorry for late wishes
      Enjoy the day and may ur life be blessed

  23. Take a look at @DevangiMandal’s Tweet:
    Take a look at @FCMadirakshi’s Tweet:

    I hope you all like it?……

    1. yes zara it’s awesome! <3
      especially lakshmila 😀
      they look soooooooo awesome together even siam look so cute 🙂
      ^_^ thank u so much zara for sharing it with us :*

    2. yes zara it’s awesome! <3
      especially lakshmila 😀
      they look soooooooo awesome together even siam look so cute 🙂
      ^_^ thank u so much zara for sharing it with us :* thank you so much i know no thanks but still… 😛

    3. Thank u sis for sharing . I am a die hard fan of lakshmila. Thank u dear di

    sorry everyone for posting wrong pic .previous pic was that of younger ram birthday today pic.
    checkout correct one. Sorry everyone !!!!

    1. sumi no sorry between sisters forgot? :*
      and your previous comment also got posted so no worries dear… 🙂
      and thanks for the pic! 😀

  25. Hi everyone how are you all I m new here I m seeing this updates newly

    1. Hi sameeksha or sameeksha di……..Welcome to siya-ke-ram fan club. ……In which class u r. . . . sorry if it is personal

    2. Oh hi sameeksha
      welcome to siya ke ram fan club! 😀
      may we all know where r u from? and in which clas are u studying? only if its not personal…im sorry if its personal 🙁 didnt mean to hurt you..
      I am nidhi in class 10 from hyderabad 🙂

      tu plz post this plz

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Hllo sameeksha or sameeksha di if u r elder one …….i welcome u here …in our skr family… happy 2 have u here …..dear may i know where r u frm…and in which class….btw i am frm.jalandhar( punjab)…in class 11th…soon going to 12th…wht abt u di

    4. Haii Sameeksha Welcome to the SKR family Dear

  26. Akanksha sharma

    So so so sry sry for not replying and welcoming new ones individually… whoever wished me best of luck …..thanxxxx a lot ………and ya all of u have nice dps…..luv them…and luv u all…..welcome to all the new comers…..tomorrow i have exam….of maths….so tension….bt always feel relaxed and gain confidence… after reading ur comments and ur wishes ….really yar these wishes ……always boost me up …..thanxx a lot and miss u all…byeeee….luv uuu my dear bhenas and veers….

    1. Chiki di….All the best for maths. ….come back soon. …??

    2. Chiki di??
      Was missing you a lot di!
      Sorry?? forgot the rule??
      Thansk for everything di??
      And all the best for your maths exam? I know you will do really well di.
      Love you too di??Will miss you di! Come back soon!?

  27. Hi everyone. gd evening. Sumi remember no sorry between sisters right.hi nippy di all the best for your Tamil exam and other subjects. Again I am telling no sorry between sisters nippy di. Hi Zara di and nidhi di. Happy birthday shloka . i am new here. Hi sameeksha. Welcome to this club. I am also new here. Can you tell which standard are you studying and where do you come from if its not personal.

    1. Hi brindha. …….

    2. Hi brindha?
      How are you?
      In which class are you studying dear?

  28. I just came from school today biology exam I wrote well thanks to ur wishes and prayers
    Thanks for link Zara Di and sumi
    Welcome sameeksha it’s never to late to start reading the updates
    May I know in which class u r

    1. Good dear. ..happy for u

  29. Brinda welcome to skr family
    I am in class 9 and I am from Pondicherry
    Nidhi Di all the best for ur exams will miss u a lot and will never ever forget u
    I don’t have time as I have exam tomorrow so couldn’t post elaborate comments and wishes so sorry
    All the best for ur exams all my lovely sisters
    Stay blessed all ur life and keep smiling
    Will miss u all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    2. Hey sanjana??
      Will miss you too dear??
      All the best for your exam tomorrow!? you will do well I know 😉

  30. I will also miss you nippy di. Best wishes from ur sister.

  31. Hey nidhi and everyone who r writing their exams!!! Did ur exams go well and all the best for.ur upcoming exams!!! ?????

    1. Hi sruthi di??
      Was missing you a lot di? but now I’m happy that you’re back!
      And yes di my exams are going well ? thanks for your wishes di??
      All the best to you too di?❤️ (If you’re having exams) 😀

  32. Sruthi Di after such a long time missed u a lot
    my exams went well thanks for asking and wishes

  33. yeah well thankyou everyone I m in class 9 from Dubai

  34. don’t feel sorry its ok

  35. all the best for your math exam Akanksha

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