Siya Ke Ram 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita smiling and sitting under the tree. Raavan says this attempt also failed. Trijata says yes. Raavan says how to win you Sita, I forgot war and women are won by power, it does not suit me to wait for a woman, if I can kidnap her and get her here by my power, I can marry her by power, woman can just be won by power, not any love and waiting. She thinks its not good to use power and force Sita. She says sorry, give me one more chance, I understood how to convince Sita. He says fine, I will give you last chance, if you fail, whether I get Sita or not, you will get death. Meghnadh comes and says Bua ji/Surpanakha got mad, she is killing any soldier who is taking food for her, no soldier is ready to go to her now. Raavan shouts Surpanakha.

Hanuman asks how do you know Sugreev.

Ram says a Daanav Asur attacked us on the way. FB shows Ram shooting a cursed Asur. The Asur thanks Ram for relieving him from the curse and ending him, and says Sugreev will help you in the work you are going to do. FB ends. Ram says that’s why we want to meet Sugreev, can you let us meet him. Hanuman thinks even Sugreev is in problem, how will he help them, and what is their problem, I have to know. He asks who are you, how can Sugreev help you. Ram says we are Kaushal Naresh Dasharath’s sons, he is my younger brother Laxman, and I m Ram. Hanuman gets stunned and greets him. Ram Ram……plays……………

Ram says 13 years ago, I came on vanvaas with my wife and brother to fulfill my promise to my father, we faced many things during our stay in the jungle, we have killed many Asurs, we then met Surpanakha who tried to kill Sita, mistakenly Surpanakha’s nose got cut, and then Raavan wanted to take revenge and planned to kidnap Sita, he has sent his Mama Mareech as a deer, and I could not understand the scheme as per the fate, Adharmi Raavan took my wife to Lanka, so we both are going to free Sita and punish that Adharmi Raavan for his bad deeds, we want Sugreev’s help in this. All the moments are shown in flashes. Hanuman gets teary eyed.

Hanuman says Sugreev will help you, this work can be done easier by his help. Ram says but you did not give your true introduction till now. Hanuman gets away and gets in his real form of Hanuman. Ram and Laxman look on. Ram smiles. Mahadev and Devi Parvati smile.

Hanuman walks to them. He says hey Ram, I m Anjani Putra Hanuman, I m best friend and minister of Sugreev, Sugreev is Bali’s younger brother, Bali did not trust Sugreev and made him leave the kingdom, he has tortured Sugreev, Sugreev is staying at Rishi Parbat now, I changed my avatar so that Sugreev does not fall in any problem, forgive me. Ram says no, there is nothing to apologize, you did right. Hanuman says I did not identity you, I feel I did big crime to doubt you. He cries and sits on his knees, to apologize. He sits folding hands and cries. Ram holds him and hugs. Mahadev smiles. Hanuman says I m your Sevak from today, come I will take you to Sugreev. Hanuman shows his powers and smiles.

Trijata recalls Raavan’s words and looks at Sita. She walks to Sita. She asks her to listen carefully, Lankesh is going to take big decision for you, I stopped him now, but can’t stop him for much time. Sita asks what cheat will he do now. Trijata says not cheat, he wants to get you by power. Sita asks did you come here to scare me. Trijata says no, I don’t know why, its not natural, but I m worried for you. Sita smiles and says Ram protects me, no one can harm me. Trijata says so much happened, what could Ram do, maybe Ram is your cure of all problems, when Adharmi Raavan insults you, Ram won’t be here to save you, this is Lanka, the powerful man gets the woman, and no one is more powerful than Raavan, where is your Ram. Sita says Ram is in me, this presence is enough to stop Raavan.

Sugreev apologizes to Ram for doubting him, and says I thought Bali has sent you to kill me, I understood everything, I think I heard that woman’s call, it was your wife Sita’s call. Ram asks what call. Sugreev says a woman was calling for help, something from the sky too, I will just get it. He goes. Ram gets restless. Hanuman looks on. Sugreev shows the pearl beads and says this ornament fell from the sky/upwards. Ram takes Sita’s anklet and cries.

Trijata says you have illusion of Ram’s existence. Sita asks do you want to see him. Trijata says yes , I want to see him. Sita asks do you really want to see him. Trijata says yes, I want to see this love by which you are sure of his presence. Sita asks her to close eyes and with devotion, think of Ram. Trijata closes eyes and sees Lord Vishnu. Stunned Trijata opens her eyes and cries. Sita smiles. Ram Ram….plays……………

Ram cries seeing Sita’s anklet and recalls her. He closes eyes and sees Sita wearing anklet. She asks do you remember this, you chose this pearls from the lake and made this for me, its very valuable to me. Ram opens eyes, and shouts no, Raavan you did very bad to kidnap my wife, you did Adharm, many generations will hate your name. Sugreev, Hanuman and Laxman look at Ram’s anger and pain.

Sugreev says I understand your pain, as our pain is same, even someone has snatched my wife, my brother has captured my wife. Ram says don’t worry Sugreev, our problems are same, so solution will also be same, that man has no right to live who puts an evil eye on someone’s wife, there can’t be bigger Adharm than this, this is about a woman’s respect, don’t get sad, Bali will get killed before Raavan. Laxman gets shocked. Hanuman, Janvanth and Sugree look on.

Akampana gives the poison and tells Meghnadh that this poison acts slowly, and makes the person sleep forever. Meghnadh says Bua ji, your time is over. Surpanakha is jailed. Jamvanth tells Ram that only that man can kill Bali, who strikes all the seven trees in a row in one shot.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. vaidehi

    hi all………………..excellent epi especially the second part when ram shouts and warns ravan………………awesome job by asish sharma………………hats off to him………………….love the epi ………………………… a memorable one

    • vaidehi

      pls visit yesterday’s page………..there i hv sent some links…………..pls see and cmnt

    • vaidehi

      awesome sita………the way she showed trijata her ram……………………….trijata will now eventually become good demoness after seeing lord vishnu………….hope so……………..therefore the ones who were worried pls calm down…………

  2. |Registered Member

    hey iqura sorry dear only today saw ur comment….. to become a member scroll up this page u will have register column there u will get all details….

    i will share the link also:

  3. suseela

    Today episode was mind-blowing. Hanuman and ram seances was nice one. Hi friends I am back.

  4. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Tanu..go to activity in top menu..u l get it…if u type priya15 in search box u can see my whole profile… There l be message box…click it …u can send me a private message

  5. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Astha akka dont know u l see this r not..i didnt see all the pics.. L see once i finish my studies…if i cant see i l see tmr

  6. joy

    Don’t know why some people blame SKR team as they shown wrong thing….they skip some story…………in previos page some frnd blame SKR bcoz they show trijata is a bad women..ram-asur war skipped………..but in today episode what will they say???? today SKR shows all thing…….actually the SKR team want to show all thing detail how this thing had happened………… we could tell one thing that plz plz (((((wait and watch))))))))

  7. SKR fan

    Awesome episode. Ram hanuman Milan was great. But it could have been greater. I thought they would show a promo first but they should another promo showing sita giving warning to raavan.
    For selecting the location of ram hanuman Milan they even travelled to ooty but due to rain they chose the forest in Ramoji Rao film city.
    Trijata came to know about ram’s reality. Ashish just fits into shri ram’s role but he doesn’t fit into lord Vishnu’s role.
    Shri ram angry…everyone go and hide and especially Raavan. Now Bali will be killed. Shri ram will pass the arrow from the seven trees in one go.
    This akampana came again. What will happen to surpnakha? Anybody knows? I never heard anything about surpnakha after sita Haran.

  8. SKR fan

    Super fun of sita in Lanka. Lanka family masti after pack up. Sita, vibhishan, meghnad, sulochana, mandodari, surpnakha and kekasi in one frame.
    Lankans are just fun addict. Sulochana and meghnad fun onset.
    Rocking demons of Lanka. Lanka family fun in gym.
    Raavan and maharani Sumitra in gold awards.
    Madirakshi’s cutie teddy.
    Madirakshi roaming freely in the Darjeeling forests.
    Boysgang. Fun Ashish and Karan in jungle. Pout.
    Girls gang of Lanka. Sita enjoying with kekasi, mandodari and sulochana.
    Sulochana, mandodari and kekasi awesome edit.
    Raavan with the horse jaffer.
    Raavan, surpnakha, meghnad and sulochana in the gym.
    Danish aka hanuman and zubair Ali aka sugreev wishing ramzaan Mubarak.

  9. SKR fan

    One thing that I want to tell you all. Your replies over my links which I posts encourages me to post more and more. I keep on searching siya ke ram twitter and instagram account and the starcasts’s accounts also for offscreen pics.

  10. riya

    Guyz do u know aftr 2nd july skr Will b shown 5 days in a week…soooo sad.u just see ds will i spend 2 days without it!!!!???

  11. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Guys…what hpn I can’t see my wall… Not only mine but not any of us…. I m not even getting notification bell… But can see my profile n all… Is there any maintainence for that…

  12. joy

    here what madirashi said….
    ..Madirakshi Mundle((((((Hey its not true iam not married……..They were talking about ram and sita’s married life.))))))….Like·2·Report·Saturday at 8:18pm…….Gorgeous Madirakshi Mundle((((Actually main yeh news dekhi nahi thi.Main suni thi.Sorry Madirakshi you very much)))))…………..
    …sorry the previos link is not working……..

    • vaidehi

      o god………….this people are always ready to spread rumours………….where is ram-sita’s marriage and where is madirakshi mundle’s marriage…………someday this people will say dat ashish sharma isn’t married………..UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Pagal media… Sach Mei… Madirakshi ki shadi aur uski ek family keh diya…. Sita aur ram ki mrg ko… I think they can’t even spend one day without spreading rumours…

  13. vaidehi

    some links

    karthik jayaram with his horse
    do they look like demons ???
    ram-ravan ek saath
    roar of the demon
    this is the real ramayan
    its the demon mamashree
    ravan ka singhasan
    promo in times square new york

    pls see them and cmnt

  14. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Guys today’s epi jus rocked.. C wat a rhyme I’ve made on today’s epi

    Surpankha gayi jail Mein
    Ravan Ki Lanka jal jayegi is khel me
    Vibhishan ban jayega Lanka k raja
    Ram ji bajaenge ravan k baja
    Ram ayodhya k raja sita unki rani
    Agey kya Hua hai badi sad kahani

    I wish Ki ravan also was in jail. I’m so glad 2 c surpankha lyk that ????

    Interesting and rocking episode.
    Love it.. I’ve heard skr l b 5 days a week?? Is tat true

  15. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hello friends this is a poll considering best Jodi characters in different categories from the mythical shows, the two epics Ramayana n Mahabharata, but the twist is that this time it is in Jodis… Please place ur votes in the respective fields.. You can vote for any other who I’ve probably forgotten in options. Also tell according to u who is worst in the given categories if u feel someone is..
    1. Best friends Jodi…
    A. Draupadi and Krishna
    B. Hanuman and sugreev
    C. Krishna and sudama
    D. Ram and hanuman
    E. Arjun and Krishna
    F. Karna and Duryodhan

    2. Best villains Jodi… There r many more…
    A. Ravan n surpankha
    B. Shakuni and Duryodhan
    C. Ravan n meghnad
    D. Duryodhan n dushassan
    E. Kaikeyi mantra

    3. Best brother sister Jodi
    A. Gandhari n shakuni
    B. Duryodhan and dushala
    C. Ram n shanta (any of the four bro pairing with shanta)
    D. Krishna n Subhadra
    E. Kansa n devki
    F. Drishtadyumna n draupadi

    4. Best brothers Jodi
    A. Ram lakshman
    B. Arjun n bheem
    C. Bharat shatrughan
    D. Krishna balram
    E. Ram Bharat
    F. Duryodhan n dusshassan
    G. Nakul and sahdev
    H. Dhitrashtra and pandu
    I. You can pair any of the four bros n five pandavas together…

    5. Best sister Jodi..
    A. Sita Urmila
    B. Mandvi and shrutkirti
    C.u can pair any of the four sisters together dears.
    D. Shikhandini and draupadi

    6. Best pati patni Jodi.. There r many options so u can choose two, one from each of the epics..
    A. Ram sita
    B. Urmila Lakshman
    C. Mandvi Bharat
    D. sutkirti shatrughan
    E. Rukmini Krishna (u can pair Krishna with any of his wives)
    F. Arjun Draupadi(u can pair any of the brothers with Draupadi)
    G. Arjun Subhadra
    H. Devki vasudev
    I. Gandhari Dhitrashtra
    J. Pandu Kunti
    K. Yashoda Nanda
    L. Dashrath kaushalaya (or Kaikeyi n Sumitra)

    7. Best pati patni 2.. They were so many to fit in one..
    A. Karna vrushali(or Supriya)
    B. Kansa asti(or prapti)
    C. Roma sugreev
    D. Tara Bali
    E. Duryodhan Bhanumati
    F. Ravan mandodri
    G. Sulochana meghnad
    H. Utara abhimanyu

    8. Best parents… I know parents r always always best… But still….u vote if you feel anyone, I’m not giving any options but u can choose anyone from Dashrath kaushalaya to Gandhari Dhitrashtra, Yasuda Nanda to devki vasudev, Kunti pandu to their kids…. Choice is yours…

    9. Best rulers… I’ve also given worst options so vote for them also LOL ? ?..
    A.dashrath kaushalaya
    B. Ram sita
    C. Yudhishtira Draupadi
    D.Dhitrashtra Gandhari
    E. Pandu Kunti
    F. Rukmini Krishna
    G. Kansa n Asti-prapti
    H. Ravan mandodri

    10. Best sisters.. These r sister in laws.. Or what do v call two wives…. Haha ? unexpected category…
    A. Kaushalya Kaikeyi, Kaushalya Sumitra, Sumitra Kaikeyi.. Choose any..
    B. Kunti Gandhari
    C. Draupadi subhadra…
    D. I’ve never heard of relations of Krishna’s wives much… They were good only… So u can vote any…

    Pls tell if I should continue… And I’m sorry(I remember that it’s not allowed) for any mistakes I made dearies..?
    Pls vote ??

    • vaidehi

      9.ram sita & rukmini-krishna
      6.urmila-lakshman & srjun-draupadi
      5.sita urmila
      4.ram lakshman
      3.ram shanta

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Hi vanshu ur poll is just awesome dear… But i cannot able to choose anything because everyone is best in their own way i cannot able to choose one but i try my best to give ans for this….. Sry dear if i had hurt u

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Ans for ur poll
      1. Karna and Dhuryodhan
      2. Ravan and Meganath
      3. Lakshman and Shanta
      4. Sry all Bros in Ramayana and Mahabarath are same to me
      5. Sry all four sis… Pls again sry for this..
      6. Ram and sita in Ramayana and Arjun and Draupadi in Mahabarath.
      7. Uttara and Abhimanyu
      8. Dhasarath and Sumitra
      9. Ram and Siya
      10. Kaushalya and Sumitra

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      1.draupadi and Krishna…(see ram and hanuman is not frns… Then frns Mei worst koi nahi hai all the frns r best!)

      2.shaguni and duryodhana

      3.ghandari and shaguni

      4.ram and lakshman

      5.sita and urmila

      6.ramsita and arjun draupadi always…

      7.utra abhimanyu

      8 . don’t wanna choose dear… Pls….

      9.ram sita

      10.draupadi and subhadra


  16. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Nandini di n all d newcomers a grand warm welcome..
    U asked wat is bhilni.
    Bhilni Is a term used 2refer a bhil woman, most probably shabri.. I hope u understand.. It don’t mean widow ?? I hope I cleared ur confusions,,

  17. joy

    One sad news to all SKR fan………….from 2nd july SKR telecast 5 days in weak………sat-sunday will not be running…………………..its not official news……..but Dance will be running from 2nd july at the same time((8.00 pm))))…..plz cmmnt guys….

  18. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Joy,skr fan and vaidehi ur links r just more than awesome????…. Pls continue this my support is always with u…. Just keep rocking…

  19. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dears I’ve written a new ff n decided to post it here as a comment not article okay dears ? pls read n comment

    Indra was a very powerful God. He was the king of the Heaven and the ruler of the other Gods. However all this got into his head. He became arrogant and became disrespectful to others.
    Indra had a four tusked, beautiful white elephant called Airavatha. Whenever Indra felt like going out of the kingdom, he would occasionally travel on Airavatha.

    One such time when Indra was traveling on Airavatha, he met Sage Durvasa coming from the other side.

    Sage Durvasa was a powerful sage. As he was immersed in meditation most of the times, he had enormous yogic powers within him However he had one drawback. Sage Durvasa got angry exceptionally fast and also cursed people often.

    Sage Durvasa while traveling the world had found a fragrant garland. The flowers of the garland never faded and remained fresh always. He was carrying the garland with him when he met Indra coming on Airavatha.
    Sage Durvasa felt that Indra being the King of Gods should be given the garland.

    On seeing Sage Durvasa, Indra curtly greeted the Sage without saluting him. IN those days, it was customary to salute the wise and learned sages, giving them due respect.
    Sage Durvasa however did not get angry at this. He handed over the garland to Indra. ‘Take the garland Indra. It befits you well.’
    Indra carelessly took the garland and placed it on Airavatha’s head. The aroma from the garland was so strong that Airavatha took the garland from his head and flung it down.
    Looking at the careless manner in which Indra had treated the garland, Sage Durvasa got enraged, ‘Have you forgotten how to greet people and how to behave when you receive a gift. You insolent…’

    Indra had the fright of his life. He suddenly remembered the long list of people whom Sage Durvasa had cursed and reduced them to nothing. He swallowed…Lord of the Gods or not, Sage Durvasa was not someone to be taken lightly.
    He hastily got down from Airavatha and rushed forward fell on the sage’s feet to prevent the sage from saying anything further. Before the sage could complete his words, Indra cried, ‘Forgive me Sage. I behaved badly. I should have respected you and…’
    Sage Durvasa if anything got more angry and snorted, ‘Hah, now that you know I am going to curse you, you say you are sorry…Am I supposed to believe that you have realized your folly?…’

    Sage Durvasa wagged his fingers angrily, with his blood red eyes. His forehead twitched and he raised his hands ominously, ‘You have to be taught a lesson. You have grown arrogant and disrespectful. I curse you that you and your Devas will all lose your power and your vigour. You will have no energy and be tired always…’
    Indra shook his head, panic stricken and yelled, ‘NO!…Please no….Have mercy on me…Please my Lord…Have mercy…’
    However the sage’s word were powerful. Indra could feel his power being drained. He imagined that the other Devas were also facing the same thing.
    Indra knew that he had made a huge error and all his friends were paying for his mistake. He had to set things right. Indra still hugged the sage’s feet and begged forgiveness from the sage, ‘Please Sage Durvasa. Forgive my mistake. Do not give all of us such a harsh punishment…Please’
    But all his pleas fell on deaf ears. Sage Durvasa looked at Indra with blood red eyes, ‘I will not forgive your mistake… u should b punished then only u’ll realise it.. Sage Durvasa with a stiff upper lip pushed Indra away and walked away, without looking back.

    Precap-the asuras attack devloka. Bali is crowned king of devaloka..
    Pls reply me back ?

      • Vanshika crazy for skr

        2nd part of this ff.. Pls comment

        Recap-durvasa gives Indra a garland. It falls down. Durvasa curses Indra n devas that they will all lose their power. You will have no energy and be tired always…

        Indra tried talking to the sage again, but he felt his energy ebb away. Try as he might, he could not match the speed of the great Rishi. Though Indra tried following the Sage, he fell unconscious. After some time, Indra woke up to find the sage gone. He was all alone. Indra returned home sadly.
        He called in the council of the other Gods only to find all the other Devas also tired and listless.
        Haltingly, Indra explained to the Devas, his encounter with Sage Durvasa. The other Devas were also feeling the effects of the curse. When they came to hear Indra’s explanations, the other Devas were panic stricken, wondering what to do.

        All the Gods were sitting in the chamber in a subdued and a defeated manner, when a guard suddenly burst inside the room, ‘Devendra, Devendra… you are needed!’ He ran inside breathless and was surprised to find all the Gods sitting listless.
        The Gods were too tired to ask what was wrong.

        The guard asked Agni what had happened. Agni explained haltingly about what happened. The guard’s eyes looked wildly as he looked panic stricken. ‘We are doomed…’ He whispered softly.
        Indra looked sharply at the guard, ‘Explain yourself my man. What happened?’
        The Guard still looked terrified when he whispered, ‘It is the Asuras, sir… they are attacking us….’
        The Guard looked at the floor, wondering whether any one would even survive the attack, forget defending themselves.

        Indra and his council of Gods looked like they had been petrified. This was bad, very bad. The Devas and the Asuras were forever at war and more often than not, the Devas won because of their superior technology. However now with the Devas feeling so tired, they doubted whether they could even survive the fight let alone win it.
        Indra knew it was suicide to even try to defend themselves. However he was left with no choice. In those days, when anyone was challenged to a fight, they had to fight back. It was a matter of honour.
        Needless to say, the Devas were routed and most of them fled Devaloka. The Asuras laughed at the Devas calling them cowards and the chief of the Asuras – Bali crowned himself as the King of Devaloka.
        The Devas thrown out of their home went to the Creator – Brahma’s place – Satyaloka. Tired and unhappy with their defeat at the hands of the Asuras, the Devas were glad to finally reach Brahma’s place. They saluted Brahma and told him everything and asked for a way out.
        Brahma was flabbergasted. How could Indra behave so arrogantly towards a noble sage? Brahma yelled at Indra, ‘How could you, Indra? I had asked you to be patient and wise like a leader. You do not behave like someone you is the King of Devas…’ He said his eyes staring looking at Indra.
        Indra was downcast, unhappily, wishing that he had never met Sage Durvasa. He could see now that he had behaved very arrogantly and all the Devas were paying the price for his carelessness.
        He fell on the feet of Brahma, ‘Father… father, forgive me…I have behaved badly.’ He pointed at the other Devas, ‘They are also suffering because of my actions. Please father I will do anything to set this right…I will beg Sage Durvasa to take back his curse…’ He said a tears coming to his ?..
        Brahma put his hands on Indra’s head, realizing that Indra had learnt his lesson. ‘Sage Durvasa is not an easy man to talk to. If you attempt to go and talk to him about the curse, he would get angry further…’ Indra gulped. He could do without one more curse… Brahma shook his head and sighed, No that would not be the way… there would have to be another way.
        Precap-all the devas reach vaikuntha. Vishnu ji smiles seeing Indra. What have u done now? He asks

  20. riya

    I just dn’t undrstnd why d media is always aftr d personal life of actor,actress. They r married or not that’s their own personal life.why sud we bother fr it?when we go 2 a doctor, engineer or a teacher do we ask dm whether he/she is married or not…!!!dn why does always people want 2 know actor or actress’s relationship status??? We should regard dm fr their work,not fr their relationship status.& d media just press anything. They dn’t even find out properly whether it’s true or not…i dn’t know why they r making madirakshi’s marriage news into a breaking news!!!

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