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The Episode starts with Sita crying. Sita asks Mahadev whats this injustice, you should have helped Ram in ending Adharm and injustice, did I come to Lanka to see this day, and Mata Gauri, you blessed me to be always Suhagan, was the blessing for this day, if Ram dies today, whats the promises then that we took infront of fire, marriage’s tradition will get ruined, there won’t be any belief on the fire by which we took rounds and vowed, Ram is not just my husband, he is representative of Maryada and Dharm, this war is not just to free me, if Ram dies today, it will be death of Dharm, my and Ram’s bodies are two, but we are one by soul, if Lord does Ram away from me, then my life will have no meaning. She cries and falls. Trijata cries and gets worried seeing Sita. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look


Mandodari says Sita was kidnapped and she was bearing all Adharm, with the belief that her husband will come one day and free her of this Adharm, her sorrows will end and she will get justice, but today…. Sulochana, Sita’s belief got ruined, there can’t be bigger sorrow for her than this, that her life’s biggest part ended.

Kaikesi tells Raavan that he has won in the war, those two Sanyasis died, Sita’s pride will be shattered and fall in your feet, she will beg you to marry her, no need to marry her now, make her a Daasi. Raavan smiles and says no Mata, I will first marry Sita, I will make her my wife, then I will treat and torture her as Daasi. He laughs.

Devi Parvati asks Mahadev why is he silent, so much happened, Prabhu Shri Ram’s life is in danger, you have to do something, you are death’s Devta Mahakaal, a human’s life and death is in your hands, Ram’s life protection is important for the world, I have blessed Devi Sita to be suhaagan always, but how shall I let my promise break in your presence, do something. Mahadev holds a drum and plays sound. A white hawk flies to him and turns into human form.

Pakshi Raj Garud Dev greets Mahadev. Mahadev tells him that Ram’s life is in danger, he is affected by naag poison, no one can get that poison out than you, go and save his life. Pakshi Raj says sure and flies off. Devi Parvati looks at Mahadev.

Everyone cry and ask Ram to open his eyes. They all see the wind blowing. Pakshi Raj comes there and sees Ram and Laxman. The hawk sucks the poison from Ram’s toe. Ram’s body turns normal, and blueness sheds. Hanuman says Prabhu. Pakshi Raj then sucks poison from Laxman’s body and makes him fine. Ram and Laxman get conscious. Ram says Sita……. Laxman says Ram Bhaiya….. Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram……

Pakshi Raj Garud dev comes to human form and asks Ram to allow him to leave. Ram thanks him for saving his and Laxman’s lives and also protecting Dharm, the world will be always thankful to you. Pakshi Raj says to purify the world, its my luck to support you and vanar sena. He flies. Everyone smile. Ram says Sita and worries.

Sita is unconscious and lying in Ashok vatika. Trijata looks at her. Laxman asks Ram to command him, he will kill Meghnadh. Ram says we have to fight with planning and have a battle with cool mind. Laxman says right, but Meghnadh cheated and used naag poison on you, he attacked all of us by cheat, he will surely be punished for this, I swear that Adharmi Meghnadh will die by my hands.

Trijata asks Sita to open eyes and get up. She says just Ram’s wellbeing news can make Sita fine, I have to go to Ram’s tent, I can go to any danger level to make Sita fine.

Meghnadh asks Raavan if he commands, I will kill entire vanar sena too. An asur says yes, there won’t be any better chance to show our power. All say same. An asur creature comes flying and gets into human form. Raavan asks Shuk what news did he get, did those two Sanyasis’ last rites happen or monkeys are still trying, your silence seems to some bad news. Shuk says both sanyasis are still alive. Raavan and Meghnadh get shocked. Meghnadh says its impossible that anyone survives after naagpal poison. Shuk says Garuddev has come to save those sanyasis. Raavan wonders why Garud dev has helped those sanyasis and saved them.

Trijata goes to tent area. Nar stops her and asks her reason of her arrival. She says I came to meet Ram. Nir says I think she is enemy, Raavan has sent her, we should kill her. She says no, its imp that I meet Ram. Ram comes with everyone and asks what happened Nar. Nar says she is Asur lady, she wanted to meet you. Ram asks Mata, who are you, why did you want to meet me. Trijata cries seeing him and says you called me Mata, even Sita calls me Mata and gives me respect, I wanted to meet you and today I have seen you, I feel blessed, you are same as Sita told me. Ram and Laxman listen to her.

Hanuman says I have seen her in ashok vatika, she takes care of Mata Sita, and her behavior towards Sita is very good. Ram asks her how is Sita. She says Sita’s life is in you, since she heard your death news, she lost her senses, I tried hard but could not break her unconsciousness, she will get up when she sees you with her eyes. Ram cries and says Sita….. He asks Hanuman to do this work, go and make Sita believe that I m alive, I m sure no one else can do this work. Hanuman nods and flies.

Ram folds hands and thanks Trijata for giving him info about Sita, and doing big favor on her. She says no Prabhu, you did favor on me by meeting me, you blessed me, all my life’s sins got washed off. She cries and steps back. She leaves.

Hanuman informs Sita that Ram is alive. She gets glad. Kaikesi tells Mandodari that Raavan will kill Ram, if Ram is alive, it does not mean Ram is more powerful than my son. A huge Asur and his army goes to attack Ram. Ram aims at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode….. Bt not pakshi raaj I read garud dev will do this.. Anyways… Loving it ? super duper hit

    1. Hmm… So pakshi raak only garud dev….. Now finally understand ???.. What’s going on.. They’re going right…. Even they’ve showed shuk now…. I’m very happy ?

      1. Vanshika

        Haii …Check the mail

  2. Trijata is sooo nice ? mandodri also… Don’t worry… Everything is fine…

  3. Nice episode. Mahadev and Devi parvati scene was really nice. Meghnad will be now killed by laxman. Precap was unclear.

    1. Bhaiyya what was unclear in the Precap???
      Hanuman said to Mata sita that ram is alive. Sita smiles happily. Mandodri happy that ram alive bt kaikesi says that ravan will kill ram. A terrible foolish demon approaches towards ram with his army. Ram aims at him…

  4. Nice Precap ??

  5. Trijata meeting ram was sooooo nice…. Everything was nice…

  6. Everything is superb in this episode…. I’m loving it….. Wow ? superb…. Very awesome… Waiting fr tmrw…

  7. Hanuman will assure her…. It’ll be interesting to see that….. Wooooooow

  8. Oye foolish kaikesi dusht….. Ram is powerful than ur foolish son okay…. And you’ll see this soon…

  9. Telly updates I’ve registered but m not getting confirmation mail….. N not showing as registered members also… Send d mail soon ?

    Msg from Team: Please use contact us form for your query.

    1. Oh ohk thnx fr answering my qn

    2. It s activated dear with just vanshika check it and say about dp too

  10. Ritzz

    Yes vanshika pakshiraj is garuda dev they showed it clearly and right…. yes megnath can only be killed by lakshman since meghnad can be killed by that person who defeated sleep…. and mind blowing epi…luved it

  11. Guys if lord Vishnu appears on front of u and asks you to criticize him and says that he’ll be very happy if you criticize him what’ll you do???????????????????????❓ I’m really confused by this question…….

    1. Padmaja

      Hey dear i don’t have ans for dis qn… but it reminds me of a incident of ramayan.. when ram coronation happened and everything went fine but after some days narada says to the king of kashi to go to rams court and greet everyone except vishwamithra… as per the command he goes to the court of ram and greeted him and everyone except vishwamithra…. vishwamithra became angry and ordered ram to kill him in couple of days…. ram also accept it… and the king goes back to narada and explains him wat happened and he says dat his life was in danger… den narada told to surrender to anjanai the mother of hanuman…. den he surrender to her… without knowing who is the person who is coming to kill him, she accept him to get surrender….den when ram searched for the king he was never found… so he orders hanuman to get him… hanuman while searching for the king he heared his mother’s voice… after getting surrender only he will tell to anjanai dat he was going to get killed ram…. on hearing dis she gets shocked n for dat dhram she have to save him frm ram and hanuman….after hearing mother’s voice ram asks hanuman to go to his mother… when he goes,his mother tell him dat he have to save the king… without knowing wat to do hanuman becomes restless and his mother tell him dat it,is a duty of a son to protect his mothers words… hanuman accept it… and when the soldiers of ram finds the king,hanuman protect him by harming the soldiers….. ram feels shock and angry on hanuman…. ram itself goes to hanuman to tell to let him free… after a long conversation there a war is going to happen btw ram n hanuman…..without taking any weapons he will sit in the bank of sarayu river and he chants jai shri ram…… ram knowing dis he will aim arrow on hanuman in order to obey his gurus word…. but the arrow will not affect hanuman ans it will bow down to hanuman…. ram wondering wat is happening, he shoots bramahastra on him and it will also bow down to him….. on seeing dis vashishta stops this war and ask narada to apologize foe his mistake…by dis hanuman gives the following message to the world dat ” ram naam is strong dan his arrows”
      Sry it was too long ….. forgive me..

  12. Madirakshi #BMW #icecream
    So pretty.

    1. Ritzz

      Wow ayodhya family will be back….i luv ayodhya family….wow damn excited

  13. Siya Ke Ram’s Raavan turns singer
    Known as Raavan in Star Plus’ popular show ‘Siya Ke Ram’, Karthik Jayaram is a popular Kannada actor and quite known on Hindi TV as well.

    Karthik is also popular for his role of Jay Krishna ‘JK’ in Colors Kannada show ‘Ashwini Nakshatra’.

    1. Ritzz

      Yeah I read this news…did not knew this talent of karthik jayaram….gr8… it’s a surprise actually..??

  14. Khali to train Ashish Sharma, Danish Akhtar

    By TellychakkarTeam

    13 Jul 2016 01:04 PM

    To give an authentic feel to the Ram-Ravan war sequence in the popular mythological show “Siya Ke Ram”, actors Ashish Sharma and Danish Akhtar will be travelling to professional wrestler Khali’s institute in Jalandhar to get trained.

    “Khali has previously trained me in my initial wrestling days. When the iconic war sequence track was coming nearer, I thought I could request him to train all of us so that we do full justice to our roles and give convincing performances,” wrestler-turned-actor Danish, who is seen as Hanuman in the show, said in a statement.

    “I was so glad when Khali asked Ashish and me to come to his institute in Jalandhar where he trains wrestlers,” he added.

    1. Ritzz

      Ohh.. .wow gr8 news…. then the war will be superb.. .waiting for war…??

    1. Ritzz

      Awsum pics…

    2. Padmaja

      Faboulous dear..

  15. Thanmathi


    1. Vanshika

      Yes dii I don’t want any logout login problems ☺☺

  16. When siya ke ram turned into Jurassic park!!!! Article
    The devotional icon sita….
    Sheahnaag Ki Leela jaise Vishnu…
    After 20 days whose birthday is coming?? ? ? ?

  17. Thanmathi


    1. Vanshika

      Sahi pakde hai….. You’re right…. I’ve understood what you’ve said ?

  18. Nice episode……. All scene are fine… The precap is also awesome……. Hope SKR team give us best……. Bcoz they have enough time to shoot or rest…. (( 2 days off enough for it))…… Last few episode SKR got its old track… Not very fast or not very slow or not very dragging….. So let’s enjoy ✔✔✔✅

  19. Nice episode….mahadev scene and trijata meeting RAM scene were nice..

  20. Padmaja

    Wow a super epi happy to see ram and lakshman gets conscious…. and vanshu dear awesome dp…..

  21. Padmaja

    And i have one doubt… lakshman itself is a incarnation of sheshang, then how he will be affected naag poison and how he let ram to get affected???? Pls ans my qn… if it is wrong then forgive me guys☺

    1. Ritzz

      Even I have this doubt….but I don’t how…!!

    2. Thanmathi

      Hi Padma and Ritzz There are 2 reason for this r 1st one is in thretha Yuga people thought that it is very tough to live as per the Veda I mean the rules of Veda on how should we live is very hard to follow they thought. At the same time ravan crossed all his limits and started insulting the devotees of Vishnu and women so the lord decided that he should take on avatar to kill ravan and in that avatar he’ll live a life following the Vedas and face all the trouble without using his godly powers so that the people will come to know that whatever happens in their life they should not go away from the dharm path u know Na lakshman\ Adisesh will always follow his lords path so he also didn’t use his godly powers and accepted the poisonous arrow without protest

    3. Thanmathi

      And the 2nd reason is a long story but I’ll post it shortly here

      Adisesha was the son of rishi kashyap and his wife kadru she gave birth to 1000 nagas kashyap had 11 other wives one of them was vinata mother of aruna and paksbi Raj garuda kadru and vinata wanted to give birth to a child who’ll be stronger than the other’s they challenged each other just 4 fun kashyap headed this and said we should treat children equally so the challenge got 2 an end. But kadru wanted to win over vinata so she said u should say the tail color of theUchchaihshravas

      1. Thanmathi

        Oops sorry I posted it by mistake OK coming to the story it was a divine white horse vinata said it’s tail is white kadru sends her children and asks them to stay in the horse’s tail and make it appear black. Thus vinata loses the bet and she and her children had to became slave of kadru and her son’s shesha being the eldest son didn’t like it so he broke ties with his mother and brothers. His brothers were expecting a chance to revenge him and when they knew he won’t use his godly powers in the battle with ravan they surrendered to meghnadh as an arrow and revenged their brother and his lord

    4. Ritzz

      thnxx thanmathi 4 this explanation…. really gr8…did not knew this story….. and padmaja thnks 4 asking this question….:) 🙂 🙂

  22. can anyone clear my doubt…. ram was fighting with monkey army why can’t he use his own army that is ayodhya army and what about his two brothers why they are not helping ram….

  23. Thanmathi

    Here vanshu another article URL it’s posted in mb page

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot dii…

  24. I heard RAM RAVAAN Lasted for 81 days and And nagg pass arrow is thrown by Ravan not Maghnath and is not poisonous, it’s a lot’s of snake come and squish to death. That’s why Garur Dev come into action because Garur Dev is snake eater.

    1. Ritzz

      No megnath had thrown naagpash….. I heard wrong… I can read on Wikipedia about megnath…

      1. Ritzz

        *** u heard wrong

  25. Lakshmila

    hi guys !!!!!!!!!!! bck to cmnt. epi was tremendously awesome. vanshu, tanu di and padmaja di i hv sent u a private message. pls pls pls check them. how’s my dp ?????

  26. Ayodhya family will come in August it means ravan ram was will be end within July!
    I want to see the luv kush part detaily because I have not much knowledge about it. But God knows skr will show the part detaily or now waiting for vanshika ‘s next in sia ke ram.(season-2)
    And tanu little angry with you.???
    Jokes apart.where is yours urmilas dream? Eagerly waiting for this yaar.

    1. Nabanita Di I’m very sorry I vl update it tmrw pakka promise today my parents wedding anniversary so going to temple I’ll update it tmrw for sure

  27. Lakshmila

    hi guys !!!!!!!!!!! bck to cmnt. epi was tremendously awesome. vanshu, tanu di and padmaja di i hv sent u a private message. pls pls pls check them. how’s my dp ????? sita mata ar kedona pls

    1. Ritzz

      Dp awesome…. it was such a lovely moment…??

  28. @Nabanita?? SKR team will show luv kush part detailing….. Don’t worry….. Let’s wait and watch……..

  29. Garuda coming and curing Ram & lakshman -very nicely shown.
    And also Trijata paying respect to Ram.

    But why Ram is not shown in clean shaven – I mean Precap showns Ram in moustache ( strip of hair around the Cheek) -why SKR is going so fast about the war scene that Ashish Sharma is not even getting time to shave ???? Whereas we are being tortured with daily Ravan’s family drama.

  30. I loved the way -Garuda was shown and sucking the poison . Wonderful.
    By the way, someone asked why Ram has not taken the help Ayodha army? He could not as per the condition of vanvas/14 years of exile. He wa a vanvasi -he even could not enter any city and could not eat the food made by householder etc He fulfilled all the clauses and that was why he was Mariyada Purushottam
    In SKR -it was clarified when Kuber wanted to call the whole village and feed them . But Ram denied and stated it would be against the rule of bachan palan.So Kuber served him fruits .

    About the question of Nagpaas van -as per I know the war lasted for 13 days . So how come Ram could have been in poison for 81 days ? It was Hanuman who prayed and Garuda came . It happened there and quickly by the time Indrajit & all enjoyed thinking that both the brothers died -Ram & Lakshman came to sense and became fit.
    Indrajit/meghnad had boons & many weapons so only person who defeated 14 years of sleep and as well as one who could interrupt his yagna of getting invincible Rath/chariot could kill him . So Lakshman was the only person who could do that . Knowing this from Vibishan -Ram would send Lakshman for that -that’s how the Ramayan says .
    Please read proper and good books of Ramayan-especially original version -good books written learned scholar . There are many interpolations and exaggerations . Please no comics and all.

  31. First of all, happy to see both the brothers are out of the danger. Thanks to Garuda .
    By the way, I agree with Sara – In SKR they have shown many times how Ram is prohibited in entering the city . first -Kuber episode , then Ram sent Lakshman for Sugreev ‘s Rajabhishek. Ram was prohibited to take anything from Ayodha – he was in exile -this was the last year of 14 years of vanvaas. So He alongwith his wife & brother came out in one cloth.
    After Sita’s kidnap -Ram even told Lakshman that he would not go to Ayodha after 14 years if Sita was not with him , but Lakshman told they would find bhabhi and what Ravan thought that Ram without Sita would break down -didn’t happen . Lakshman supported Ram.
    Ravan- a egoistic person -never understood the bond of love.
    Again coming back to why Ram could not ask for Ayodha ‘s army -He could not claim as per the rules of Vanvas .Actually that way why Dasharath was angry with Kayeki -he asked what did Ram do to get such a punishment ? It was shown clearly in SKR. That was why no one in the world keeps their daughter name as Kayeki.
    In factSKR has shown many things in detail. I like those detail except Ravan & his family drama-there were lot of variations.
    Request to SKR -Please show Ram ‘s story in detail and war too rather than Ravan & his Family. And also why Ram’s face has strip of hair in Precap ? Is everything alright with Ashish Sharma? He is the important character of Siye ke Ram-please take care of him.

    1. Ritzz

      If u see lanka scenes have been minimised as compared to earlier epi…how much it requires it shows…. and as per devdutt pattanaik book role of women has greatly emphasised like mandodari and her compassionate nature towards sita… hence may be due to that the lanka scenes are more…. it’s good they r showing the righteousness of mandodari….. but they should also more about ram…

  32. Sudeshna

    Ya episode was speechless….. Happy to see ramlaxman are well… Trijata did a,great job and yes why rams face has stips of hair.. It should not…vaidehi di ur dp is superb and vanshu di ur dp is very much Lovely….. ???

    1. Sudeshna

      Sethidisha are u new here

  33. I have not read Devdutta Pattanaik. He is a modern writer and lots of imagination and variation are included . what I can conclude- his book changes the whole meaning & values of Ramayan . Sage Valmiki got divine revelation and wrote The Ramayan -he wrote what occurred not from his imagination .And later , many scholar and Saints have explained it .
    But Devdutt Pattnailk’s Sita is altogether different .
    Somewhere , Sita is shown with bow & arrow and somewhere she hides behind her husband when Supurnakha attacked — that’s why -even in Written Updates of SKR many viewer have questioned Sita’s character . Sita was not at all a woman of Archery rather a woman of great patience , love , purity and strength . And strength does not come from arrow but it is all her inner qualities .
    Yes Mandoodari was a compassionate woman and she saved Sita from getting beheaded by Ravan. They could show that what happened . Rather Ravan’s mother is shown . Supurnakha’s unreal stories were shown . Supurnakha wanted to put garland on Ram’s neck ? That story was completely changed . surpurnakha wanted a man either Ram or Lakshman -it didn’t matter .

    And yes, Ram’s side story is cut short in many places. Showing Ram’s side teaches lots of values. That can be used as value based education .My kids wait to see Ram, Lakshman , Hanuman and all- they love to say Jai Sriram .
    Request to SKR-Please go slow on Ram’s side .

  34. Waiting for today’s episode. I love the way Vanar says -Jai Sriram. Even I want to see Ram’s side.
    And no more of Ravan’s mother . She was responsible for making Ravan a adharmi.
    What a contrast – Kaikeyi was selfish woman and she too did so many bad things and all suffered in Ayodha . All the four sons suffered and daughter -in laws suffered. But Bharat was a great son despite of such horrible and selfish woman as a mother .
    Whereas Kaikesi-ravan’s mother was bad and Ravan turned Adharmi. But Vibishan was on the path of Dharma. Two brothers but different views .
    But Mandoodari was unlucky -she was good but her sons were not. She should have abandoned Ravan- why to be the wife of such a evil person?? She lost her sons too.
    It depends on our past samakara -Laws of Karma – even getting bad mother one can follow the path of Dharma and become good examples are Bharat and Vibishan.
    I agree with Veena-Ramayan teaches us values -values that can teach us how to live in harmony, be kind , be polite , brotherhood, love etc So variations must be avoided .

    1. Ritzz

      Yeah…u r right…kaikesi was also responsible for ravan and lanka ruining….and it is shown very clearly in skr..means how she dreamt of ravan becoming trilokpati…and also brainwashing ravan’ s mind many times..which lead to his death…. and kaikeyi if she would not have been harsh then ram would never have been sent to vanvas nor sita would have been abducted nor ravan and other adharmi would have been killed… in the deeper meaning u can see kaikeyi indirectly contributes in the establishment of dharma….

  35. what an wonderful episode , loved trijata meeting ram . the actress who plays trijata potrayed her role very well

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