Siya Ke Ram 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Vashisht telling about seven wedding rounds, where husband and wife make a promise in every round, which is basis of happy married life. He says now we are going to start the rounds, and asks all the grooms and brides to stand up for the mangal phere. Saat pheron ki gadi shubh aagai….plays……….. pandit says groom will walk ahead in first round. The grooms and brides start taking the rounds. He tells about the promise by groom and bride. Ram says taking round with you, I take duty of feeding the family and taking duty of all necessities. Sita says in heart I will become your support in all happiness and sorrow, and give her assurance to have a happy life, she will take care of all household work. Ram takes second round and says in heart that he is very happy and

strong, he wants to promise that he will always be with her. Sita promises to take care of all the family, she will do her Patni vrath duty by heart.

Ram thanks Sita by heart for taking third round with her, and says I will take promise, that you are wife, my most beloved, I promise love to you and my children. Sita promises of selfless love to her husband, she promises to be sweet and happy with him. Rounds continue. Ram promises Sita that he will see welfare of family and make the family environment happy and peaceful. Sita thinks wife’s happiness and sorrow is with her husband, she will share all his happiness and sorrow, and she will be obedient, she will keep family happy and united.

Pandit says bride will walk infront of groom from the 5th round. He chants mantras. Ram says I will become your true life partner, I promise by mind, heart and thought. Sita promises to live a life with him, and increase family respect, trust, love and prestige. Ram takes sixth round and says Sita made my heart filled with happiness by taking sixth round, I promise to love you selflessly. Sita promises that wife’s happiness is in husband’s happiness, I will always be with you in Dev aradhna and good works. They take the final round. Ram says in heart that our Maitri, love and trust got stringed now, by my body, heart, money and life, I accept you as my wife. Sita says husband is her Lord, I will assist you in yagya, gunn, and all Dharmic deeds, I promise to fulfill all my promises taken till now. I promise to add more trust and prestige in Raghu kul. Siya Ram….. plays………. All the grooms and brides sit for other rituals. Everyone smile.

Ram and Sita do the rituals, along other jodis. Mangalam………….plays………….. They all pray. Guru Vashisht says now sindoor daan ritual will be started, this is promise and sign of union of two souls, sindoor is filled in maang, and tells the significance about it. He says sindoor protects women from all bad things and brings good fate. Ram fills sindoor in Sita’s maang. Ram Siya………..plays………. All other jodis do the sindoor daan ritual. Ram and Sita greet Agnidev. All the couples smile. Everyone get happy.

Everyone come out. Sunaina tells Janak about breaking fast of all the newly weds. Pandit says there was no hurdle, we hope you are satisfied with wedding. Dasharath thanks him. pandit says we know Janak might be heavy hearted for bride’s bidaai. Dasharath asks Janak the reason of his worry, we are Samdhis now, you can tell me I there is any problem. Janak says I feel I lost senses, I could not imagine my life without my four daughters, how will I do their bidaai, daughters define a parents life, I m not getting courage to do their bidaai. Dasharath says I understand it very well, when Ram goes away from me, I feel my life got shaken, and you are getting away from your four daughters, I promise you, till you wish to do their bidaai by your heart, I will not ask you to send them, we will wait, you be happy. Janak cries and greets Dasharath thankfully. Kushadwaj and Shathanand also greet Dasharath. Janak hugs Dasharath. Guru Vashisht and Yudhjeet look on.

Yudhjeet tells Dasharath that he has to take Bharat with him to Kaikeya rajya, my father wants to meet Bharat, if you permit me, I want to take Bharat. Guru Vashisht says it won’t be possible to take Bharat before bidaai. Dasharath promised Janak and we can’t hurry for bidaai, it will be against our Maryada.

Sunaina tells Janak that you told me about daughter’s bidaai. Sita asks Janak to decide, she will accept it.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. In love with this serial. I love all the characters in SKR and it is going too well. Waiting for Monday. I am new to this group.

    SKR :-). _/\_

  2. nupur

    hope i’m first.loved today’s epi a lot.all the promises taken by ram and sita during the pheras were so beautiful:)

  3. when i watched ram sita marriage and promises taken by ram(ashish) automatically my memories recall rangrasiya serial in that serial when rudra(ashish) married paru and took very terrible promises with paru
    vow what a great actor ashish how his expressions are differ from these two serial
    ashish was such a great actor

  4. SKR fan

    Marriage was fabulous and divine. But Bharat-Mandvi and Shatrughn-Shrutkirti were missing. The yougest couple faces were even not visible.
    By the way the songs are outstanding.

  5. SKR fan

    Can anyone tell me when Siya ke ram will start on star utsav. I want to see those episodes of Vishwamitra ashram and from there till ram sita first meeting.




  6. Anjali

    Y were other couples ignored so much it has never happened in any Ramayana serials previously .the other three couples also equally played importance in Ramayana .
    Otherwise the episode was good especially describing every ritual and its importance .
    Please Yaar don’t sideline other couples, and don’t show so much of yudhjeet all couples go to Ayodhya together ,Bharat doesn’t go to Kaikeyi Rajya .



      i request ALL SKR fans to not to hurry the SKR team………. i think because of that only they didnt show the remaining pairs………. dont compare this with Mahabharata……….. MB has lots characters so they didnt show in detail but Ramayana isnt like that………… IF WE ARE GOING TO HURRY IT LIKE THIS THEN THE SERIAL WILL END WITHIN A YEAR……………. Seriously i miss MB because it wasnt detail, it got over early and missed it to the core………… SO PLS DONT HURRY THE SHOW……………..

    • Dhara

      Right ,i m agree with you they focus only on siya and raam and showing that sunaina and janak feel only for sita ,urmila was also their daughter,even they did nit show urmila and shutkirti knya daan

      • Anjali

        Ya Janak n Sunaina have never shown any emotions towards other three daughters ,I guess from now we have to accept it that it’s going to be like this only .
        So let’s just leave it ,and take positives from the show ,and get influenced ,kidney I request other fans who r young don’t think this fiction is only correct version ,it’s not,read books n gain knowledge .as ur seeing the serial it will be easier to learn when u read the books.

  7. rrr

    superb episode……..ashish s best among all….wat a fantastic diff between rudra n ram while marriage pheras….terrible pheras in rangrasiya…smooth n calm with smile performance in skr….sema actor pa..he s best ever performer….i love ashish so much…..fantastic episode…y today ignore all other 3 couples…feel bad for them…even others also pretty…miss them pretty rituals

  8. bhardwaj dimple

    nce episode it was amazing can any one tell that hotstar outside india i tried a lot bit in vein. i live in canada vancouver from last 10 months plz help me out.

  9. Pankuri

    And after every round before making the promise ram and sita said different names of each other in heart to like priye, site, pranpriye , janaknandini , vasudhakumari and grihswamini . These are the names with which ram addressed sita . Sita addressed ram with names like varshrestha, swami, grihswami , dashrathnandan , kaushalyanandan.

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Ya…….. it was so cute n lovely……. since i m a tamilain i wasnt sure about…. thanx buddy for sharing this….

  10. SKR fan

    Actors common in Siya ke ram and Mahabharat-
    1.Karan Suchak- Lakshman and Dhrishtdyumn
    2. Suresh Berry- Parshuram and Drupad
    3. Pravisht Mishra – Teenage Bharat and Uttar

    If anyone else is left then please mention.

  11. Devga

    What helps Ashish Sharma emote better?

    Actor Ashish Sharma, currently seen as Ram in the popular mythological show “Siya Ke Ram”, turns to background score to ace the scene without overdoing the emotional quotient. The actor insists on a background score, which will be used with the episode when it goes on air, to be played while he is shooting for the particular shot. “This (having background score) helps me emote better as well as understand the scene better. This is something I personally introduced so that we can get the perfect take at all times,” Ashish said in a statement. The Star Plus show is now moving ahead towards a grand Ram-Sita’s wedding sequence. And the actor has been shooting day in and day out for the track, but he is not at all fretting over the pile of work. “It is one of the biggest unions in the history of cultural India. We’re leaving no stone unturned for the track and the audience will be in awe of the Ramayana like never before,” he said.

  12. Can any1 pls tell me,why the timings of the repeat telecast of siya ke ram has changed from the usual 8:30 one,….I know,the repeat also gives at 2:30,but has the morning timings changed permanently???… Amena,pls rpl.

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