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Siya Ke Ram 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram telling Sita that we should leave now, the boy’s family will be worried. The boy says but I m hungry, I want food. Sita says sure, we will leave after having food. Ram says fine. Sita makes the food and gives to the boy, asking him to say if its tasty. She sees Laxman. The boy likes the food. Laxman says I have to make myself busy to get rid of sleep. He asks Sita to say if she wants anything. He sweeps the place to keep himself busy. Sita goes and plucks some leaves. She grinds the leaves and asks him to put this in his eyes. He says its not needed. She says this is my command, put this in eyes and keep eyes closed for some time, sit there. He puts the liquid in his eyes and asks what was in this, my eyes are unable to open, I m seeing everything blur. She asks him to

keep eyes closed, he can see everything fine after some time, be silent. He says fine.

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The Asur hawks come there and see the boy. The hawk says its right time to attack. Sira sees the hawk picking the boy and flying away. She gets shocked and sees Laxman sitting with closed eyes. She does not disturb Laxman and runs to see the boy. She takes the arrows and bow. She aims at the hawk. She shoots the arrow and that hits the hawk. The boy falls down and she gets worried. She drops the bow and runs….. Laxman calls out Sita, and asks Sita where are you, I feel you have taken my bow and arrows. He opens eyes and looks around. He sees the boy falling and Sita running. Ram comes there too. Ram runs ahead of Sita. A sand storm comes and boy falls in it. Laxman comes and shoots the hawks. Ram enters the sandstorm to save the boy. Sita says no….. and cries. Laxman shouts Bhaiya……

They see Ram bringing the boy in his arms and get glad. Ram Ram….plays……………… Sand storm also vanishes. Sita and Laxman see the boy. Sita asks what happened to him. Ram says boy is safe, such problems will come in van, we have to be careful, and keep patience in every situation. Laxman says sure and goes. Ram calls out Laxman. Sita says I will talk to him. She goes after Laxman.

Shatrughan touches Ram’s slippers and walks down as the crowned king of Ayodhya. He sees the ministers, Praja and others. Sumanta says Rajkumar Shatrughan’s Sabha starts, present the first problem. A man complains about Dhobi’s daughter who has spend five days at stranger’s house, she presented bad example and we should punish her. Dhobi says no, she is innocent, she lost her way, that man has helped her and gave her place to live. The man says how can life be imp for a woman than her respect, this girl did crime to spend the night with the stranger, we should remove her from our Rajya.

Shatrughan asks Sumanta what does Rajya Dharm say about this matter. Sumanta says according to Rajya Dharm, we should remove her from our Rajya. Dhobi says no Maharaj, I know my daughter, she is pure. The man says she is not pure, she did sin, she should be punished. Another man says if this girl is forgiven, it will be bad example, other women will be encouraged too, they will say they forgot their limits to save their lives. The people ask for punishing the girl. Shatrughan looks on.

Laxman is angry and working. Sita and the boy come with some idea and smile. They go and sit near Laxman. Laxman sees them. Sita and the boy smell that white flower and start sneezing. Laxman goes. The boy asks where did he go. Laxman gets the leaves and gives them to stop their sneezing. They smell the leaves and their sneezing stops. Sita sends the boy. She asks Laxman are you angry. He says its my duty to protect you and Ram. She says if you don’t sleep, your eyes will have risk, how will you protect us then. He says this is van, anything can happen here, so I have to be awake. She says if you stay awake all night, you will be unwell, everyone will say that Sita did not take care of Devar in van, do you want Ram and Sita’s name to get spoiled. He says what are you saying, if anyone spoils my Ram and Sita’s name, I will cut their tongue. She says you can cut their tongue, but not take care of yourself. He says I promised Sumitra that I will protect you and Ram, if anything happens to Ram and you during my sleep, I can’t forgive myself, about my health, I assure you nothing will happen to me and I can fulfill the promise I gave to Sumitra, don’t create hurdle in my work.

Shatrughan calms the Praja and tells Dhobi that he has not doubt on her daughter’s purity, anyone can seek help and stay at someone’s home during problem, we should thank the man who helped the girl and protected her, but according to traditions, I decide that your daughter has to take two year vanvaas. Dhobi says this is not right, look at her, she is young, how will she stay in van for 2 years. Shatrughan says after fulfilling of vanvaas, Rajya will protect her, she will not face any problem in van, I assure this. He says according to Rajya rules, I have to give this punishment. Dhobi and his daughter cry. Dhobi says this is not justice with my daughter, its injustice with an innocent girl. Shatrughan gets sad. Dhobi thinks Ayodhya has to pay for differentiation between women and men, and cries.

Ram, Sita and Laxman proceed. Urmila does not wake up from sleep. Sisters worry. Sumitra looks on shocked. Guru Vashisht comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Laxman sita and the little boy were very good. Siyaram scenes at the beginning were very nice. Now Urmila will go to sleep for 14 years.

  2. As usual awesome episode……. bhabi devar scences were awasome……… dhobis (washersman) daughter gets 2 years vanvas hence when sita& ram comes back to ayodhya washerman will take blame on sitas purity…..

    1. So horrible pricap……… what happen to urmila ?????

    2. Supreetha (Soups)

      I think it’s the same dhobi who’ll take revenge for his daughter with Ram and Sita. I agree with you Bhoomi 🙂

    3. Sarayu(honey)

      Bhoomi, I think you are right

  3. Veronica crouze

    can anyone explain me d new promo??what did sita mean with “inhe kaun raksha karenge”?and what did it mean with the flower??

    1. Which promo u are asking? The sentence of sita means dat if we people dont protect the child then who will protect him? I think it is so..

      1. Veronica crouze

        d new promo of Hanuman’s entry…today i saw it.

    2. it is said that lakshman asked the god/goddess of sleep to take his sleep away from him for 14 years. the God said it is not possible until someone else sleeps his portion of sleep. so urmila sleeps for 14 years instead of lakshman

    3. It means in van ram will save sita frm difficulties .. then sita asks herself ram will save her but who will save ram frm difficulties in van ???
      Hope u undearstand …..

  4. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    OMG!!!!! This is episode indicates Sita’s exile…. very bad….

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Precap samma… waiting for it…. but will miss urmila…..

      1. Ya will miss urmila a lot……

    2. WW I asked u something in yesterday’s comments please do reply plz


        Thank u n wish u the same….. actually u can call me as ww r wellwo r what ever u like no mention….. and nidhi is not ur di…. she is also in class 10 i mean finished it last month….

        u, stuti, ishita, zara, nidhi, nippy and myself are classmates…. all of same age group……. sorry if missed anyone….

        AND THERE IS NO MESSAGE FROM NIDHI FROM 25TH MARCH…… just waiting for her……..


        Sorry missed Brinda (not Brindha) and Bhoomi….. they are also of our age group…

    3. Oh I forgot Tamil puthaandu vazthukkal to u

  5. Hai everyone very superb episode! Sita also knows the skill of archery! This is the they are making us know in this serial!i think this dhobi only will ask the same dharm for sita as she stayed in lanka for 10 months!in precap urmila is sleeping she accepted her husbands sleep too! Totally it was very interesting today

  6. Today ‘s episode was great. Awesome scene of ram saving the boym and it was a nice idea of maa sita to make lakshman happy. The precap was just expected . the goddess of sleep comes to lakshman takes sleep from him for 14 years and transfers it urmila. Waiting for tom episode.

  7. Veronica crouze

    today’s episode gave indirectly indication of sita’s abandonment… what’s d use of ds kind of rajdharma which forces to punish an innocent person?

  8. Hai sister sanjana nice to see u back commenting yesterday! Hope ur studies progress well! I am also busy with my studies as i am pursuing my. ug 2nd year! All the best for ur 10 th std.

  9. Ram, laxman, shatanand and raavan playing cricket.

  10. Pratham Kunwar aka Shatrughn robbed.

    Actor Pratham Kunwar, Shatrughn of Star Plus’ Siya Ke Ram has been robbed!!

    Yes, Pratham along with his dear friend, Raj Kumar from Roadies fame were out shopping in Oshiwara last night, when suddenly they saw a guy running as fast as he can on the road. Later, when they reached the spot where Pratham’s car was parked, they got a shocker, as the glass of a window was broken, and Pratham’s bag kept in the car was missing.

    As per reliable sources, “The bag had quite a lot of valuables like the I-pad, money and most importantly, his house keys. The actor immediately lodged a complaint at the Oshiwara Police Station.”

    We could not get in touch with Pratham.

    However, when we spoke to Raj Kumar who was present with Pratham when the incident happened, he said, “Yes, we were robbed last night. Actually when we got out of the shop, we noticed a guy running. But never thought the guy had broken the glass of Pratham’ car and taken away his bag. When I saw the car in such a state, I tried running in the same direction to look for him. But he was gone.”

    Further adding to it, Raj said, “Well, we have lodged a complaint last night. We heard from the police that such cases of breaking into cars have been lodged earlier in the area. They are investigating on the matter.”

  11. Well nice episode. Nowadays they are giving much preference to lakshman wow ! 🙂 Ram running was like super. And also loved the way how siya and that chhota balak controlled his anger and apologised him. Wow !! ?
    And from today’s precap, the epitome of sacrifice- Urmila begins. I think they will show the flashback how nindra devi approached urmila. Gonna miss ? URMILA ? too badly !! 🙁 and also waiting for Bajrangabali’s entry !! Donno what happened to shatrughan !! Vanvaas !!? ?

    #Can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. Same here malvi…i ll also miss urmila badly…hope they show some shots of her later in d show too…by d way i think we both r complete mad fans about lakshmila ri8…wat say????

      1. Yes of course di we are lakshmilans !! 😉

      2. Sanjana(Sara)

        I love lakshmila more than any other couple. I am a crazy fan of lakshmila di.

  12. Supreetha (Soups)

    I think they’ll soon introduce the Nidra Devi scene…not sure though. Thanks Amena for the quick update

  13. Good epi….now this dhobi ll ask for sita’s excile when she returns frm lanka…i think….but watevr the dhobi thought at d end was so true, we shouldn’t discriminate b/w men n women….
    Oh no!!!now urmila wont wake up for
    14 years….so soon i thought dey ll show it later…will miss yukku dearly???but as they say that show must go on….

  14. Veronica crouze

    d dhobis daughter got 2 years of vanvas bt why did ram gave sita whole life of vanvas??

    1. she was a queen di not a praja and the people had to accept her till then ram could not accept her. she had unknowingly beacome a stain on royal reputation
      happiness will not last forever in siams life

    2. she was a queen di not a praja and the people had to accept her till then ram could not accept her. she had unknowingly beacome a stain on royal reputation
      happiness will not last forever in siams life
      di pls leave this topic for now we’ll discuss when it comes

    3. i think it is because dhobi’s daughter stayed somewhere just for one day. but sita has stayed for a year or so…i think that is the reason. whatever it may be, this is injustice.

  15. omg urmils slept for 14 years

  16. Nice episode as usual 🙂

  17. Bhabhi devar scene is good…nice episode…

  18. craze about skr

    very nice epi

    1. Hi nippy di…. Seeing ur comment after a long time…. Hope u have written all ur exams well di….

  19. Suprr episode… guyzz.. sita &lakshman scences were too good … sad for urmila …will miss her

  20. Advance happy Tamil New year frndzz…

    1. Happy Tamil New Year ? 🙂

      1. Tamil putthandu nalvazhthukkal ?

      2. Tamil puthaandu vazthukkal Srinidhi dear

    2. Happy tamil new year ……
      Di i hv sent u friend request on fb …. pls do accept it …… my fb name is sanaya dixit …..


      Happy tamil new year to all tamilians……

  21. Now urmila will go to slp for 14yrs she but precap was nice but miss urmila so much she will wake up after 14yrs only lakshman will come and wakeup her so sad i feeling very bad for urmila

  22. Episode samma !!!!☺☺☺
    Happy baisakhi ❤ every 1
    And happy tamil new year ❤

    1. Happy tamil new year …… i hv sent u friend request on fb pls do accept it …
      My fb id is sanaya dixit….

  23. nice episode hii yo evy one

  24. Silpa k sivadasan

    Happy vishu to all my skr family

    May this vishu bring u gud luck & prosperity

    1. Happy visu to u Di

    2. Happy Vishu to everyone 🙂

  25. Sarayu(honey)

    Episode is pretty good.

  26. I had heard about urmila’s going to coma for 14years(same as sleeping for 14years)
    And yes its showing in “siya k ram”
    All d characters ram, sita, laxman, urmila, bharat, mandvi, satrughan and shukurthi are grt grt examples of sacrifice, selfless love and respect for elders. All d brothers n their respective wives, had no instrst in d pleasure or wealth or comforts of rajmahal.. dey had only love n respect for Ram n sita.. whenever I read ramayan, listn stories or watch serial, my heart get filled with respect for all d brothrs n dere wives..
    Just awesome characters.

  27. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    If shatrugn hadn’t gave van vas to dhobi daughter siyam would live happily ever after. Nice epi loved siyam n laksh scenes

    1. No Di even then the people’s mindset was like that only
      The whole ayodha will question Sita
      This is just an indication

      1. Happy Tamil puthaandu to u Sanju dear

      2. Inniya tamizh puthandu. Vazhuthukal to all Tamil peoples of skr fans and also to others

  28. Tamil puthaandu vazhthukkal and happy visu to all .Awesome precap waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    1. Thanks ka. Tamil putthandu vazhthukkal

      1. No thanks between sisters right Malvi

  29. is it true that urmila is going to sleep for 14 years ??????


      yes nikki….. urmila will sleep for next 14 years…… and glad to see u back….. hw r u???

  30. bhoomi sis u r from which state???

    1. I m frm maharashtra …. i m frm nasik city … but had shift to mumbai just few days ago ……





      hey brinda thanks and wish u the same….. glad to see u back….. he r u???? pls do reply….

  32. Hi everyone…. How r u all???
    Episode was as usual an awesome one…..
    Precap was horrible….. I think after this urmila will sleep for 14 years…..
    Inniya tamizh puthandu nalvazhthukal to all tamilians…..
    And happy vishu to all keralites….
    In this year may u all be able to solve all the problems that comes in ur path…..

    1. Hi dear…… i m fine ….. hw r u ????
      Hw was your exams …..
      Glad to see u back…. after a long time …..

    2. Nice dp dear

      1. I’m happy that you are back:)

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