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Siya Ke Ram 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram waiting for Sita’s return. Surpanakha comes there. She asks you here. She says I did big mistake to do this, such behavior does not suit any woman, I came to apologize, I want to say you are my love, life partner, my everything, I have dedicated my heart, body and soul to you. He turns away and says but you have no place in my life, why did you come here, I got to know the truth, you are Raavan’s sister Surpanakha.

She says you would be thinking why I have hidden this, Raavan is your enemy, enemy’s sister is in love with you, I was afraid you will not accept me knowing this truth, but the truth is Raavan is my enemy too, he ruined my life. I have hope of my life’s completeness from you, so I want to come to you, I know you are married, but I have no problem

in becoming your second wife, marry me, I will always support you, even in killing Raavan. He says Devi, you are mistaken in knowing me, Sita is my wife, she will always be my wife, my life has no place for any other woman, except Sita.

She gets angry and cries. She asks him to say, where shall I go, I have left everything and came here, thinking you will accept me, but you are insulting my emotions, tell me where shall I go. He asks her to return to Lanka, your brother will find a suitable groom for you. She asks is my insult not enough, that you are cursing me, if anyone takes your place in my life, its better that I do. He says Devi… She is about to hit her neck and asks him to save her, only when he is ready to marry her. He walks to her and she gets away. He takes the knife away and throws it. He says my decision is final, your attempts to change it are waste, Sita will always be my wife, no one can take her place, I request you to leave from here, this will be right for you. She gets angry.

Vishravas says your wife Mandodari has called me here, its your bad fate that you are not able to understand her love. Raavan says nothing can be obtained by love, this Lanka did not form by love, I have loved Mahadev and seen what I got, I got nothing. That’s why Lankesh decides his own path, this is my Rajya and I will decide everything, whatever happens without my permission will be against me. He says you may have got your answers, come I will drop you till the door. Vishravas says no need, I know the exit door. He greets Mahadev and leaves.

Sita is at the hut. Ram asks her to have the fruits. She says I will make food for you first. He says no, you always cook food for me, its my duty to serve you fruits first, as its your fast. She says its my good luck. He asks her to come. They sit. Surpanakha looks on and thinks this is the same lady who met me at lake. Ram asks Sita about her fast and puja. Sita says it was nice, I told the women about Mahadev, Parvati and Sati’s story. She finds Ram worried and asks what happened, what are you thinking. Ram thinks Sita will be worried knowing Surpanakha’s matter. He says nothing, I was missing you. She says you got sad by thinking about me, I will not go in puja tomorrow. He says you have sworn to complete fasts, you surely go. He gives her fruits. She eats it. Surpanakha thinks to wait for right time, Sita has to get away from Ram now.

She goes to her place and says I have to kill Sita soon, so that Ram can become mine, and I can become Ram’s. Her inner soul says if you kill Sita, you will lose Ram forever. Surpanakha says but Sita is the only hurdle. Her inner self says just Sita can make you connect with Ram, find out why Ram loves her, what are her good things that Ram likes her, then Ram will like you too. Surpanakha says yes, you are right, if I kill Sita, how will I know her good qualities. Sita tells Ram that she will come back soon and asks him to have breakfast, she has prepared it. He says sure. She leaves.

Sita does the Shiv puja. Surpanakha comes there and looks at Sita. Laxman is also there. Sita gives Prasad to Laxman and others. The lady says your husband loves you a lot, what is the secret of this love. Sita says no secret, its Ram’s quality to see just good things of a person, not bad things. Surpanakha thinks to show her good qualities to Ram. Sita tells about love, there should be no greed, selfishness and jealousy, Ram and I trust each other, that’s why our trust is unbreakable. Surpanakha thinks I have to assure Ram of my love, I have to make him believe that my love is higher than Sita’s. The lady says we will succeed in getting husband’s love following your words. Sita tells about dedication towards husband. Surpanakha thanks Sita in heart and thinks I know what to do to get Ram. Sita looks at her.

Surpanakha turns. Sita calls her to give Prasad. Surpanakha runs away. Sita says take Prasad and go. Laxman asks what happened. Sita says Laxman, that woman… its strange thing, she came in puja and left without taking Mahadev’s Prasad.

Surpanakha goes to Ram and calls out Ram as Raghunandan. He says Sita came back so soon. He turns to see and says sorry Devi, who are you. Surpanakha dresses in Sanyasi clothes as Sita and he gets shocked. He says Surpanakha. She says you like this avatar of Sita, so I got this avatar for you, so that you don’t reject me now, I have given up everything like Sita’s, I m not related to my family, I will stay wherever you keep me. He says you are misunderstanding my tolerance, don’t make me helpless by this bad behavior, I m silent as you are a woman. She says I will accept your punishment, I will live as you want. He asks her not to say a word and leave. She thinks Ram did not do this right and leaves angrily.

Laxman scolds Surpanakha and attacks. Her nose gets cut. Sita says this punishment was not right, you have hurt a woman’s esteem, this will result in something dangerous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls don’t undertimte di ….. There will be a reason behind every leela of Vishnu which we can’t get to know. And there is no mistake of doing puja for shivaling. If u don’t like this then pls don’t say anything about this . yes I know everyone are different in their thoughts, but thoughts should not affect anyone’s choice or idea . so sorry for irritating or hurting u ! 🙁

  2. And for draupdi I hope u are clear and shivlinga u need to ask question so let’s move on
    And Arjun did have many wives but polyandry was in practice at that time and about subhadra when in vanvas he was not obliged to any promise so Krishna helped Arjun. The pandavas most of the marriages were for political reasons whereas draupdi marriage was not and true love existed. See reading epics is not enough u need to choose the right . And Krishna the woman’s life were destroyed for they were in captive but he showed the world that everybody has the right to live

    Sita and ram
    Ram asked Sita to do Agnipariksha bcoz of 2 reasons one is maya Sita and the other is he knew the narrow mindset of people. And it surely was not his doubt on Sitas character and that is evident if u read any version. And about her banishment people blamed agnipariksha to be false and it was bcoz the people were insecure about the fact that woman would become more empowered. And it was the washerman who started but of course all people felt same. It was a kings duty to explain his Praja but they understood only after Sita went inside the earth. He knew explanations wouldn’t change them they questioned janaki and lost their happiness and that made the Praja learn and ram sent Sita to valmiki ashram and he was there with her in the form of luv and kush. If he hadn’t sent Sita people would say their King was blind in love and he will lose respect and if he loses respect them Praja won’t listen to him. Ram rajya was perfect is to be noted and he showed what a queen means and how a leader has to sacrifice not the workers. He was personally unhappy but life went on and that is also a lesson for life. And they didn’t have to be together they understood each other. Sita and ram were same so instead of Pati dharm why raj dharm was given importance for it was like for the well being of society than a individual and of course Sita did a ultimate sacrifice and I don’t deny that fact but of course ram wasn’t happy
    To be continued…,. With more reasons
    And ps of course siya sacrificed but she never harboured any negative feeling for ram

    And pls I know many disagree as even I am a feminist but from Rams view I can think of only such reasons

  3. Why are they uncessarily dragging Supranakha episode? Get over with it.

  4. We don’t do idol worship we see God in the idol and worship and there are reasons why shiva is worshipped as linga. See just as we have air everywhere but we need fan to experience it we see God in idols and worship maybe u don’t believe but in our lives the prayes are bearing fruits

    And just now saw ur comment yesterday update see freedom of opinion is there but ur opinion can’t hurt our feelings and u can’t use words such as stupid we create stories and worship lords oh really
    And there are many archaeological findings to prove Ramayan happened and also the stories created as u say give us a lot of values knowledge and fill our lives with purity and see ram banished Sita but their love and union was really beautiful and even today our marriages pandits say mantras regarding Sita ram. So don’t think u can spread atheism. Love is filled with sacrifice and Sita is no different. And ps u say Hinduism is stupid but dont u think same for God I am telling for ur God maybe ur opinion would not change but trust me not believing in God is like leading ur life path less
    God bless u
    And Hinduism if these ur thoughts I can change it for that’s ur fate
    See the light of lives religion and if u really wanted justification for questions u would have questioned in a better manner but it seems u are dead against then it seems u respect only ur opinion u don’t want to give a thought neither do I
    Religion is a faith with many rooms especially rooms of doubt neither are we blind followers but mind ur language
    Hinduism I can only say read a few books then have ur say and u must check out a few analysis on Skr we made
    But u are not against Ramji it seems u are against Hindu gods
    Jai siya ram

    Tu moderators I request u to edit comments which insult Sita ram and Ramayan
    Like stupid is a bad word and pls take a note of my complaint and I hope such mistakes is not repeated
    Thank u

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Agreed.. Sathi di mind ur language plz ??????????

  5. Dear sathi half knowledge is dangerous so without knowing fully atleast listen to us
    But u seem to be on a questioning spree

    And Riya yes laxman Sita relation is beautiful and he did not hold grudge for Sita bcoz he understood her love for Ram Sita does scold but even our mothers do but laxman was much better son than all of us na
    Welcome dear Riya to Skr family

  6. And if the old members were there they would have answered better dear sathi hangout sisters if u see this pls tell ur opinions for u were the charmers of this family
    Miss u all only in tu

  7. Can I ask u guys something
    Can we discuss sati sacrifice
    Can u tell me what was satis ultimate sacrifice I know but is it giving up her life due to insult by her father and what was the significance pls tell significance of this incident
    And the love she had for shiva and the penance she did for that

  8. Sathi di plz read the comments, ramayan mahabharat books b4 asking sumthin and I also advise u to think b4 u act ….. sry if I hurt u but ur comments nd questions r hurting us

  9. nice priya.
    dear sathi , please don’t underestimate our epics and believes.
    it was Draupadi’s stuation to marry the Pandavas and krishna the fate seperated radha and krishna. Even today the world takes the name RADHAKRISHNA just like SIYA KE RAM.
    So sorry to say, but your post really hurts…

  10. pls dear,
    don’t hurt our feelings and believes.Draupadi is a pure soul and please don’t call her a cheap one.she is the one who suffered everything that a women would suffer in her lifetime.Krisha considered his devotees to be his wife . for a women protection from her husband is most imp.
    the devotees considered krishna as their husband they will be protected by him.How can you say that the pooja of SHIVLING is disgusting?
    so sorry but it really hurts..
    After a long days I am posting comment , but when i see this i was so sad
    if it hurts you i am sorry………..

  11. Hii sathi u will not understand any of this so many have given u ans… Leave it u can do Google…. Pls don’t ask this kind of question…. Because our believe in God is much… So pls…

  12. Especially to ”Sathi”
    If you cannot believe on other’s belief just respect in it. Don’t you forget your limits and our dedication and selfless love towards our gods or any god. Draupadi is purer than purity itself. Have u ever thought about the situations and struggles faced by her. And you have no ryt to tell what others have to do or not.
    Everything happened was writtened in her fate and it has to be happened
    Both Lord Krishna and Rama were the avataars of Lord Vishnu determine and working according to the situations.
    I’m requesting tellyupdates not to post the comments like ”Sathi” did as we will not let anyone to play with our feelings and devotion towards God.

  13. Sacrifices and pain is important in our mythology and we won’t have u insulting that
    Pls refer this sati
    I posted here but since it’s too long Tu refused to post it
    Pls guys u also refer it’s informative and
    Think before u speak dear sathi

  14. please don’t reply she is fake

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      No need to rply to hr .. Her comments won’t ever chng our faith

      1. thejashri aka brindha

        Yes dear I am not going to reply her again. And her cmnts will never change our faith on God n Goddess.
        I end up cmnt to her cmnts. Today is the first time I hv never seen such a person who is insulting other religion.

  15. Hi guys much negativity is hear uhhh. …..just ignore the negative comments and enjoy the positivity…….and sathi ur most welcome hear……keep commenting because of u our friends r back and comments also started increasing. …….be careful u have many enemies but I’m not because it’s public we all have rights to comment hear by all see u all on 16 …PRAY FOR MY RESULT PLEASE ….????

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yup di v r praying fr results.. May u b d topper. V know u ll rck it.. N hw cn u say thnx to sathi di.. Didn’t u c hw she ill mouthed our gods?

  16. Hey sathi
    All skr and mb fans are angry on u
    Please respect their feelings and do read my comment on yesterday’s page
    And mam every1 has freedom to express ur thoughts
    U r most welcome but dont use such harsh words that may hurt any1
    I think u must have understood now
    Thanku for reading my comment

    1. Hi skr family
      Missed u all ❤
      There are many newcomers here
      Welcome ?
      And every1 srry
      I know its not allowed
      I hereby invite u all to join us on hangouts
      And ur unity is awesome??????

  17. sorry for hurting u.but what is right can not be denied….your religion only teach to make relationship before marriage…How can a women make relationship without marrying him…is it right!

    1. Whom religion? ??

    2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      It’s gud u said sry.. Bt y r u seeing it frm wrong angle di.? Our religion nt told us dat v also mk relationship b4 marriage n vice versa.. ok ? n thnx for saying sorry.. It’s okay but only if u don’t abuse any mythological characters hereafter.

    3. Thank u for saying sry dear…. I m happy that u said sry…….

    4. It’s ok to ask questions, but I just want to request you to be respectful when you do so…and I have answered your questions as a reply to your first comment on May 12th’s page. Sorry if I have hurt you in any way…

  18. OK dear zara.Hope you will make good result by the grace of Almighty.

  19. OH really shivani will u tell me who is fake!who are fake call other fake..mind ur language….

    1. U don’t say that first u mind it!!!!! And u r making me to loose my patience u couldn’t realise that u r wrong but u r insulting our family member….

      Sry if I had hurt u …but I won’t be quite if u speak against our family member….

    2. thejashri aka brindha

      First u started insulting other religion and now u r insulting our family member. Pls mind ur language…. Sry but it really hurts…..

    3. Shame on u to talk abt draupadi sita ram n all gods…
      Its not owr fault it’s ur own mentality..3rd class…

    4. Hey hey sathi don’t u dare to talk abt shivani ok. Look at urself 1st..
      N if ur saying tht those who say othrs r bad r themselves bad..
      Then ur insulting our gods bt u urself r u kno shivani???who r u to tlk abt her..
      N yea shame on u to insult our gods..u dnt evn know wht is meaning of god n wht hv they done..
      People like u r everywhere. shame on u forinsulting gods..

    5. Sathi I’m glad that you asked sry but dear pls mind ur language dear u hve right to comment on a public website but it doesn’t mean you can talk rudely to others 1st 2 priya and now 2 shivani we can’t here v share a bond which makes us a family u can’t allow ur family member 2 get insulted right same feeling here 2 thanks for commenting coz many of our old members commented here coz of u even though u hurt us u did good 2 us in some way there’s an option submit ur article in this page plz post all ur questions as a separate article so that we can answer them

  20. Guys I know I was really rude to sati…. But I don’t know how to make her realize that she s wrong….. And I wanted to ignore her but she refered my name there so that I cmntd….

    I m sry guys if anybody felt I was wrong…….

    I m sry sati if I had hurted u but ur all cmnts hurtes us a lot….

    I m sry once again guys!!!!!!!!!

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      No need to say sorry di.. D one who must say sorry for insulting is and our mythology must say sorry.. Not u.. Sathi di u deserve it.. N if u wanna ask qn, no one would hv been angry ?.. But u insulted god.. So v r ngry. N I dnt think v r rong to scold sathi di.. I ll kip on scolding u if u didn’t control.. N yes sorry if hurt any other family member

  21. Guys no fighting here and sathi plz don’t talk about this anymore if u don’t believe in gods at least don’t insult them think about the ppl who respect and worship them dear ….. I’m not telling that u don’t hv rights to say so but ur comments really hurt and create problems sry if I hurt u.

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Sati di I m losing my patience n if u didn’t stop den all mmbrs will lose their patience.. I am mega angry wid u fr insulting lord Vishnu n Krishna, ram , Draupadi, Shiva etc..

  22. Dear sisters plz don’t forget that sathi is also our sis nd its our duty to correct her so sathi ur questions are right but plz ask them in a right way ….. not by insulting the gods and mythology stories …… I apologize to u and admit that I was rude to u ……

  23. I lost my patience and wrote ill about u …. really sry u r free 2 ask ques but ask in right way nd plz don’t insult our gods dear u inturn will get insulted understand ……

  24. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Guys I thnk I’ll not read d comments any more nw n not comment coz I can’t tolerate ask this insult now.. If sathi di didn’t stop it. I’ll stop commenting,. N don’t think sati that I’m skidding to stop u.. Okay.. N if u brk ur limits we’ll tell wat is real.. I hv nvr been so rude to anyone in my life.. But u hv forced me to.. Stop this nonsense.. Ur comments are like an arrow ? piercing our hearts.. Unbearable.. Hw cn u b so rude.? Sita ram, Radha Krishna, rukmini Krishna, Draupadi Arjun pandavas.. U r just too much.. ???????

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      I say sorry if I hurt u bcoz v feel bd n r nt hppy in hurting a prsn.. We follow religion and r proud of it.. I wuld lyk tho know frm where dese thoughts against ram sita Krishna Radha Arjun pandava panchali prevailed in ur mind…

    2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Okay now its enough fighting for today i think.. Even if fate seperated Radha Krishna n siya ram, v pray ? to Dem together n so dey r together forever..

    3. Oh y r u saying that u l leave this page bcoz of her…..don’t do that we should not separate our family bcoz of that cmnt….

  25. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Guys u hv 2 options.. I m planning to write n ff on Bhavi or shushra.. U tell which one u want first.. Bharat Mandvi or shatrughan sutkirti? Plz tell me.. N nxt in siya k ram will continue ? as my holidays hv started so I’ll write two ff..

  26. Hi all, what happened to u all ? I never thought u all will fight for that comment of sati . I know she disrespected gods but whatever she said she will get punishment from God . One thing there is only God who is worshipped by different names and religions. Every time someone gives bad comment . I hope u all don’t take it serious my dear sisters . One request please don’t reply to the person who gives bad comment

    1. Sorry if I have hurted u all

    2. *There is only 1 God

    3. Exactly gandhi ji said if u get a slap from someone then forward ur cheeks to him to give u one more slap
      We should not loose patience
      U show great unity but every1 has a freedom to express their thoughts

      1. It is said by Christ.

  27. Hey shivu no need to explain such people..they only like to fight..n want,some subjct..dear dnt talk to tht girl..

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