Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram telling Sita that some relations are made before meeting, like ours, you said about our relation which you felt before we met, I don’t know where I m really like you expected me, but I also felt the same, when I have known you by seeing the cloth you tied to ashwa’s wound. She says I know you have kept that safe, I saw that tied to the horse’s neck in Vishwamitra’s ashram, the moment I knew its you, I did not feel such eagerness and wish to meet anyone, don’t know why, I felt like I m getting something I had lost. Ram walks to her and says even my feelings were not different. She says when we sisters were commanded to leave from the ashram, I was waiting to see you, I had belief that I would get a glimpse of you before I leave. He says I came there. She asks why

did you not meet. He says when I came there, you all left, I got late. She asks why did you not say. He says because of Maryada/code of conduct. She asks why today. He holds her and smiles.

Kaikeyi angrily slaps Mantra. Mantra says none can stop Mantra today, decision will be taken today, you can behave anyway with me, you regard me a Daasi, but I regard you my daughter, you have to listen to me, I will leave from here, but after this plotting, I can’t see your bad state. Kaikeyi asks why do you feel Ram’s Raj tilak is plotting. Mantra says hear it now, Dasharath has promised your father that your son will become his heir. Kaikeyi recalls Dasharath’s words.

Mantra says Dasharath gave promise and did not try to fulfill it, he could not see Bharat wearing crown even in child play. Kaikeyi recalls in FB that she crowned Bharat as king. Dasharath asks her not to make kids dream that can’t be fulfilled, even in play. Kaikeyi removes crown and apologizes to Dasharath, saying this mistake won’t happen again. Mantra says Dasharath plotted to make Ram loved by Praja, you love Ram and did not see any plan, forget this for one moment, answer me, why is Ram’s Raj tilak happening in Bharat’s absence, what is the hurry that Dasharath decided to crown Ram as king in one night, if his heart did not have any cheat in heart, why did he not send invitation to Kaikeya, he did not wish Bharat to come back, he has send Bharat there, I know message can’t reach Kaikeya in one night, why did he not inform you, why did he hide this from you, awaken Kaikeyi, your sacrifice of all these years, love and everything will get waste, you will become Daasi and your Bharat will become vanvaasi.

Ram says because I don’t want to get late this time, Sita a new adhyay is going to begin, and we will not get a chance to talk leisurely, its true that after Rajya abhishek, Rajya Dharm will be most important for me, that’s why, before becoming Ayodhya naresh, I want to tell you that I have infinite love and respect for you in my hear. He holds her hand and says this can’t change in any situation. Ram ram….plays………. He says you would remember, you asked me before swayamvar whether I would do many marriages, I told you no. She holds his hand and says you remember that moment. He says I remember all the moments with you, its very memorable, that day Ayodhya’s prince has told to Mithila’s princess, but today a husband is telling his wife, I will have just one wife Sita. They smile. He hugs her.

Kaikeyi asks Mantra to stop this. Mantra says even if you don’t like to hear this, I have to tell this, I m not saying this because I hate Ram, no Kaikeyi, I m saying this as I love Bharat and you, I have rights on you both, I can’t be quiet, if you don’t break your silence, then get ready for your downfall and Bharat’s dreadful future. Kaikeyi cries and leaves.

Kaikeyi works inside palace and recalls Mantra’s words. Mandvi tells her that she did the arrangements. She sees Kaikeyi lost. Kaikeyi cries and walks ahead. Mandvi gets clueless and wonders what happened to Kaikeyi.

Raavan prays and shoots Agni arrow at Kavach’s palace. The palace catches fire and starts bu8rning. Kavach apologizes to Raavan and offers Raavan to get forgive him, and instead Kavach will give him all his magical powers. Raavan smiles and shoots another arrow. It rains and fires gets blown off. Kavach gets glad.

Raavan says I have spared you to get the magical powers which you have. Kavach says its not ordinary, its magical powers and obtaining it is not easy. He says we have to do anushtaan/rituals, if you succeed in this, then none can be as powerful as you. Raavan agrees and sits to do that Anushtaan…. Malyavaan looks on. Kavach does some rituals. Raavan sits in between the fire ring. Some magical fire type powers get inside Raavan’s body. Malyavaan smiles. Raavan opens his eyes and smiles….. he says now there is none in the world, who can face my magical powers. He tells Malyavaan to come with him to Indra, now he will see where Indra hides, he will make Indra a servant and keep in Lanka. Malyavaan says you said true, Indra humiliated us, he has to bear punishment.

Ram and Sita greet the Praja and walk through. Siya ram….plays………… Kaikeyi breaks and throws her jewelry angrily and dresses in a black dress.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Nidhi

      Yes true WW it was awesome 🙂
      And I replied you own mail please check.. 🙂 and reply whenever you’re free…
      Sorry if Its irritating ??

    • craze about skr

      hi d……………..enna en kita pesave matingra ippo la?……………..y? na un friend thane……………………………….

    • Nidhi

      Sorry sorry I meant to tell superfast…really sorry?
      And everyone I replied to you all in yesterday’s page please check 🙂
      And amena di I have one more request di…I hope you don’t mind…please attach pictures of the episode also di…due to exams we are all unable to watch the episode…if you attach few pictures of the episode the next day also we have no problem di…please do try it once di please… 🙂
      This way even the written update will be more expressive as everyone here wanted it to be that way 🙂
      I hope you will approve my request di 🙂
      I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings di…really didn’t mean to do so?

      And one more thing…I hate this evil manthara?? zara lets workout our plan???
      But I guess we won’t be able to change it unfortunately? but it’s ok…at least we will tell everyone that we are all the proud members of MISSION MANTHARA???? …lol…???

      • Hahahah even though zara told the plan of killing manthara, I introduced “operation or mission manthara ???????and God this episode….???can’t see kaikeyi change like this!!! ??????

    • amulya

      How was ur exam, nidhi?? Missed u a lot!! When do ur exams get over?
      And if u haven’t watched the episode due to exams, do watch the SiRa scene whenever u r free in hotstar
      Tellyupdates, please please post this comment

    • Tanu............:-)

      Hi nidhi di hw r ur exams going on

      Good epi especially Ram-Sita scenes

      Hi to all my dear di’s

    • Nidhi

      Yes sanjana true amena di always makes sure we are all updated as soon as possible 🙂
      All thanks to her? right??

  1. Jebin

    Hey guys i am a silent reader of this serial.I belong to a muslim family & i respect all religion.But my one best friend does not like that i read this update.Plz someone tell me how can i convence her????????

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      1st n for most welcome to siya ke ram fan club………

      about ur frnd s she a muslim?

      n i think ur a very good person. bcoz u respect ur frnd’s feelings…… glad to talk with u………

    • jebin say her that in every religion it is said that respect other religion and with every methelogy serial we learn so ok much thing.
      you know what I hate this type of people whom thinking is so stupid
      welcome dear where are you from?
      and in which class?

    • Sanjana

      Skr fan thanks for the links and
      Jebin i am glad that you respect all religions
      Though God is in so many forms he is one try to make her understand with a calm approach
      Try to make her read the update once or twice I am sure she will fall in love with skr
      though the world has created enemity between Hindus and Muslims by their silly fights for gods which is not actually devotion you try to change her opinion
      Allah and Shri ram are same
      They both were very good and showed the way for the world
      Of course and what harm is reading updates going to do
      I pray to God that you may able to change her opinion
      Pls pls pls tellyupdates post this comment this is an humble request
      Sorry if I have hurt your feelings in any way Jebin I didn’t meant to

    • Nidhi

      Jebin even I do respect all the religions every one in this world never knew in which religion’s family are they going to step in before birth right…it’s all due to God and I believe that there is one all mighty in this world..who protects all of us 🙂 though we human beings ourselves discovered many others not to offend anyone’s feelings but that’s my opinion. 🙂
      Well I can’t suggest how to convince your best friend because each and every person’s perspective is different..and you know your best friend well try to express it in such a way your friend will get convinced. 🙂

    • Hi jebin. ….I’m also MUSLIM dear????…….i respect other religion ……we can’t change any one opinion dear………u have to talk to ur best friend and tell good things about other religious …..and similarities between our religion and other religion. ……….and not to differentiate between religion. ……because we all r human being and humanity is a first religion. ………and we r Indian. ………so firstly we r Indian. ………sorry if I hurt anyone

    • Hiii Jebin..
      Iam so glad that u r watching siya ke ram.
      I think you should say your friend that watching a Hindu mythological serial cannot change someone to Hindu.Its just about getting knowledge about some nice valuable stories.

    • Sanjana(Sara)

      Hi jebin bro or sis i am also a muslim and i respect all religion. Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) has told us to respect all religion. We should respect all religion. Tell your friend this. I hope she will understand..?

  2. Sanjana

    Sita and ram scenes were just awesome wonderful outstanding super etc etc etc
    the wordings were aptly used
    The holding hands scene was just so cute and the hug was so adorable
    Loved the episode loves Sita and ram
    One of my favourite episode
    And that I will have just one wife scene I wish to watch it again and again
    Today’s episode showed Rams immense love for sita
    Sita and ram acting was excellent especially Sita superb acting

    • Nidhi

      So true sanjana!?? their hug was toooooooo adorable OH MY GOD❤️❤️❤️
      Yes this is surely and certainly one of my favourite episodes too!???❤️

  3. Sanjana

    Manthara just misinterprets all the situations to kaikeyi
    Today I am determined to begin mission mantra Zara di

  4. SKR fan

    The episode was just mind blowing and I don’t have words to express the SiyaRam scenes. It was the first time that Shri Ram expressed his feelings about Sita so elaborately.

  5. twinkle

    OMG! today episode was mind blowing especially siam scenes ! although i didn’t watch the episode but i can say it was mind blowing.(hope they show other couples scenes also 🙂 )

  6. Sanjana

    Today they showed mandvi yippee and that she was happy and was speaking like how she used to speak in mithila
    Pre cap Sita and ram were looking good
    Looking forward for tomorrow
    How many will Sita and ram greet Praja but it is nice

  7. SKR fan

    Ashish Sharma showed the Ramoji Rao film city to its the viewers on Aaj tak.
    They visited many gardens and showed many beautiful locations. He also showed Ayodhya set and told that it is often being converted to something else. He told that they are having three sets – ayodhya, Mithila which is now wrapped and one for outer scenes where they use computer graphics so that the sets look bigger. He also told that he get an off once or twice in a month and could go back home to Mumbai but his wife visits the sets frequently. He also showed the photo of his three dogs. He told that smallest of the three, Toofan is much close to him and Ashish has to play with him whole day whenever he get back home and it cries the most when Ashish has to get back to work.
    Now I don’t have the link to the video. I will post the link as soon as I get it.

    • amulya

      Thank u sooooo much skr fan!!!? and please post the link as soon as u get it! Eagerly waiting for ashish’s video!?

    • vaishnavi

      Yup wat he said is exactly r8 ramoji film city is very beautiful place….it is very large large area they r many diff diff sets they r many gardens der is also buterfly garden which is awesome. ……if possible na once visit ramoji film city u will enjoy enjoy enjoy with this beautiful atmosphere

  8. sharanya(shanu)

    nice suberb fabulous fantastic lovely awesome brilliant the best….. shortage of words….. in punjabi it is called
    ATT, SIRA, KAIM, GHAINTH, KARARA, …..So sweet couple i luv ram scenes enjoyed them ignoring manthra and kaikeyi… ????

    • Nidhi

      Hello shanu di..welcome to soya ke ram fanclub??
      I hope I can call you like that? because even chiku di is like my sister only 🙂
      And may we all know in which class are you studying di?
      And I read your comment on yesterday’s page di 🙂
      Yes even I loved their hug? it was so adorable!

      • sharanya(shanu)

        yes zara i am her cousin. and guys i am 2nd year student. wht about you guys. chiki told me that all here are very sweet loving and caring. and so you are i am happy to join a
        you all. thanks sanjana, nidhi, zara. for welcoming me

  9. Richa

    Finally evil manthra succeeded in brainwashing kaikaye..I don’t want the vanvas track plz…

  10. pooja

    omg!!!!!!!!!! ram sita are awsm…..
    their hug aww…………..
    ashish u make me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sharanya(shanu)

    hii everyone i am new here A huge fan of siya ke ram actually chiki sorry akanksha i hope u all know her she refered me this fan club i hope i am at right place chiki u refered this one na if i am not wrong.
    are you here or i visited wrong page. kithe hai yar tu? das yar ok let it be guys hllo to all of you i am from chandigarh (punjab) if you all know akanksha i am her cousin

  12. amulya

    Sita and ram scenes were so good! And the hug was do divine??
    Awesome epi except for ravan scenes

  13. dia

    Pagal kahinki…..koi kaam nhi h iss chudail kutiya manthara ko….dusro k phatte n anvey hu taang daal ri h……bhajuvindi jvans

  14. Omg …..what an supber episode. ……..romantic scene between siam just love it…….an evil manthraaaaaaaaa ??????

    I’m coming 2 kill u with many gang…………kaikeya is change….nooooo???

  15. Soujanya kundu

    Love ram siya scene…

    If manthara doesn’t tell anything to kaikeyee she doesn’t send ram to vanvass …..
    This all are because of manthara

  16. Richa

    Thnx abhi…and yes sanjana..i wish ur di best of luck for her exams also.. sweetest sis all the best for ur maths exam..I know u will rock it..may b I won’t be able to comment for 4 days bcoz I have a test in coaching.. So see u all soon after my test. Miss u all my sis and bros..

  17. Bhoomi

    Abhi i used to watch krishnadasi & Yhm…. But due to exam my tv is off… Also i have not much time to read updates so now a days i only read SKR……. 🙁

  18. Sanjana

    Nidhi Di why are you always sorry it’s a rule isn’t it ?
    Nidhi Di you’ll do your maths exam well until then will miss you
    God bless you my lovely sister

  19. Guys surpanaka in her last birth she was a daughter of a rishi. one raja sent his son for his studies and the prince stayed at the rishi’s aashram and learn the lessons from him and obeyed as a good student. when surpanaka(last birth sequence guys) was watching him day by day she fell love with him and one day when her father rishi is out she tell the truth to the prince that she loves him soo much.
    but the prince ignored and says that he declared as his sister in his life but not as his would be wife. hearing surpanaka cries and goes and thinks she will not leave him to anyone and one time when rishi came to the hut he see his daughter wore torn dress and ask her about it. she lies to him that she raped by that prince and rishi felt cheated n angry towards the prince. he st. goes to the prince father n ask for justice. the raja felt shocked but due to rishi’s justice he gives the order to his servants to cut the legs and one hand of the prince. the order is fulfilled but the prince cries in the mandir and prays what crime did he did in his last birth that he has to be take the punishment that he haven’t done.
    at that time Vishnu’s snake bed(lakshman)appears and says to that prince that he(prince) will get justice in the next birth and he will be born to a rakshas family n named as vibhishana but he will be good n devotee of rama and that girl(surpanaka) will be born as ur sister surpanaka. and one day he will cut the nose of surpanaka to get justice to u(prince). he said.
    as lashman said n fate said surpanaka will flirt with these brothers(sorry ramji n lakshman ji) and lakshman will end this by cutting the nose of surpanaka.
    Sorry guys I forgot the last birth character names. but it is an very nice n intresting story.
    note these points to ur life book that when u hurt someone it will return to in any way.(if anyone grow the weeds he should only cut the weeds by himself n no one will help him)-thought for the day.

  20. natasha malhotra

    what an amazing episode especially siya ram screen .
    so MANTRA finally successful in her evil plan.

  21. Soumi

    unfortunately i missed 2day’s episode but thnk u sooo much skr fan fr tht lovely collage…thnk u thnk u sooo much..nywys I am a great fan of skr.. but younger thn all of u.m giving icse exams.. 🙂

  22. anjali

    Welcome Lakshmi and also welcome natasha . Diya di can you help me get your dp, it ‘s beautiful . And yes next weekend the vanvas will start. I will miss Lakshmila. And I want to suggest something – why don’t the CVs replace Ravan scenes with Lakshmila scenes that would be better for them and the viewers.

  23. Sanjana

    Mahe do you’ll surely do well
    Thanks sriranjini do for the info
    I welcome u sharayna di wholeheartedly to skr family I replied to u in yesterday’s page
    Welcome Lakshmi we are all big fans of the show too
    May I know where u are from

  24. students wellwisher

    My boring advice to all students keep on commenting here. Guys u have our exams. But u people commtng continuously.And plz don’t say like for relaxation. Clearly it shows Dat u r getting adictd to it.. First few students r like DAT. But now I wonder so many students r here.Guys dis s not good. And pls for relaxation so many good thngs r der. Plz don’t spoil our studies. I know I will get so many opposition for dis single comment. But I m comnentd because u r al like my sisters. After exam u can comment. But now its over. Because many students may take dis as a wrong model. Dis s public site. So many reading dis. Sorry if I hurt u all

  25. Richa di…All the best for your test…Do it well.i know that you will.?
    Bhoomi di…i also use to watch krishnadasi..its interestng.
    Nidhi di..all the best for your maths exam..I missed you a lot..

  26. Nice episode but can’t see kaikeyi changing!!! ??????????? and friends hows my new dp??? Is anyone in Facebook??? If yes let me know and sorry if it’s personal!! ??

  27. Jebin

    Hi mahe i’m from Bangladesh.But plz don’t think wrong about the people of our country.They also respect all religion.I read in 12………

  28. sumi19

    I want to thank u bhoomi,zara akansha,mahe,sanjana,well wisher siya ke ram fan or helping me by providing me my new profile pic

  29. craze about skr

    oh no guys…………….my previous comment didnt posted…………

    todays epi sup……………..loveeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd siyaram the moooossssstttttttttt……….

  30. Soumi

    can i also be a part ? i know m giving board exams but i like it vry much n dnt think it’s an addiction.. 🙁
    m really a great fan of skr

  31. sumi19

    I want to share with u all that I have never seen such a big unity among the viewers . I have seen in other sites where in comments section lot of rubbish use of words are there . But over here it is completely opposite what I have ever seen before. All the viewers have become one family named SKR . This is one great thing I have seen on this site.

  32. Sanjana(Sara)

    Hi everyone how are you all??
    Nidhi di , ww di and everyone having their exams all the best for your remaining exams.
    Everyone have awesome dp.
    I am really sorry i could not welcome all the new comers. Welcome everyone.
    Sumi di may i know where are you from. My best friends name is sumi.
    Zara di can you please include me in mission manthara??
    SKR fan can i call you bhai please??

    I am really sorry for asking you all at once because of telly updates problem.sorry.

  33. Santa

    Wowwwww what a conversation between sita nd ram lovely
    Simply superb
    I have no word to express lovely yar
    But I missed episode waiting for Hotstar upload
    Nd hi to all loving sisters nd gud nite nice sleep nd SKR dreams

    • Hi kiru. …..or kiru di (if u r elder than me )…….Welcome to siya-ke-ram fan club. ……may I know u In which class u r. …………from where you are …..sorry if it’s personal. ..

  34. Sanjana

    Welcome to skr family soumi Di I am sure you will do well in ur board exams skr will be a motivation for u not a distraction
    Hi sumi we are all one big family blessed to have you in skr family
    Sruti Di your dp awesome but I am not there in fb

  35. Sumi

    Zara di ,bhoomi, akansha ,mahe, Richa ,SKr well wisher fan ,I want u all to be my friends. Will u all accept this. I will be very glad.

    • sumi19

      Thank u dear soumi and we have almost similar names too. U r new ove here naa. can I know which class do u study ???

  36. Tanu............:-)

    HI nidhi di, sanajana, Anjali di, akanksha di, sumi19 I am sry if I forgot anyone’s name……
    How r ur exams going on
    We miss all the members who r right nw preparing fr there exams
    Nidhi di how was ur social paper
    Wlcom to all the newcomers to SKR fan club that is Lakshmi , Jebin, Natasha sry if I forgot any newcomers name

    Sumi19 can I call u di if u don’t mind thank q fr ur comment on SKR fan club nw even u r a member in that

    Sry if I hurt anyone’s feelings

    • Sanjana

      Maithili di all the best I am sure you’ll do well god bless u
      Sumi thks for the links and I am in class 9 from Pondicherry
      Missing you to Tanu and thanks
      Sumi dp awesome
      Vrinda di your suggestion is good but I guess WW di and nidhi di have a surprise which will be unveiled on March 28
      Ww di had said in one comment Tellyupdates skr fans won’t request u after March 28
      I guess we better wait vrinda di

  37. sumi19

    I love SiRa scenes. But I am tired of Ravan and manthra scenes. Did you think that Ravan character should get only importance in vanvaas track. Also no lakshmila now a days. Last time we got a scene with hug , but we want more lakshmila and SiRa scenes instead of manthra and ravan scenes

  38. sumi19

    Siya Ke Ram ™ retweeted
    Karan Suchak
    8h8 hours ago
    Karan Suchak [email protected]
    14 years of exile for Rama and the unconditional love of Lakshmana followed him. Vanvaas will begin soon #siyakeram @StarPlus — tweet by our lakshman

  39. Nita

    Hey Vrinda we had already discussed about it sometime ago…. And we thought of making a fb group or something like that after everyone finishes their exams. And I guess Wellwisher is already working on it. (Nidhi n Wellwisher can tell u more about it.)
    But I have a gmail account so if u r creating a group plz let me know.

  40. Sanjana

    Gud morning everyone
    And sumi even though we don’t like they will show ravan and mantra scenes
    As this is a triumph of Gud over evil

  41. Sanjana

    My dear sisters and bros like skr fan I won’t be able to comment as I have my biology exam tomorrow
    Will miss u all
    God bless u all?

    • Akanksha sharma

      all the best dear maithli….. even i am having maths exam… but day after tomorrow…. u r in 11th na…. may i know which topic in maths u find most easy and diff. i feel AP, GP, HP. most diff. andstraight line is also difficult.. and mathematical reasoning so easy

      • Akanksha sharma

        ohhh sry di i am. mistaken… very sry di i thought u r in 11th …. bte all the very best… fr ur exams do well di

  42. Hy Gud Morning Everyone………… I missed all of u Soooo much……….I have some work that’s why I can’t able to comment yesterday……….. How R all of U ???? Have a nice day to all. ……

  43. Sumi

    Friends, did you like ram new look which I posted yesterday .
    and which is your favourite characters from ramayan.
    My most favourite are lakshman and hanuman. Friends also share your views.

  44. Sanjana

    Reshma Di awesome dp missed you a lot
    I am fine Di How are u Di and have a nice day
    Thanks Zara Di your wishes will help me do well

  45. Sanjana

    Reshma di awesome dp missed u a lot
    I am fine Di how are u Di and have a nice day
    Thanks Zara Di your wishes will help me do well

  46. Bhoomi

    Lakshmi, soumi welcome to Skr fan club dear…. 🙂

    Sumi dear nice dp…. Love laksmila a lot …,,,

    Thanks 4 the linls every one ….??

    Maithili di all the best 4 your maths exam …?????

  47. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Wellwisher our friend janani posted her ff in Madhubala pls check and leave a comment we both only read regularly so pls do comment


      after a long time some one has visited this page………. hey kan where did u go?…… my 1st frnd in skr page………… missed u a lot…….. and ya wonderful epi……….


    Hi everyone……

    Some links which I want to share with u all…………^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet — SCROLL DOWN — YESTERDAY EPI’S COLLAGE

    Nidhi and Nippy slap yourself tightly……….. nidhi how will ever I think that u r irritating me? R u mad? Stupid……… next time when u tell like this then I will curse that u will get a love slap from someone from side…….. N nippy lose ya d nee? I replied to u twice yesterday but TELLY UPDATES in the name of moderation deleted……. I asked tamil 1st paper? Nalla pannu…….. dp superb…….. But they didn’t post……. N of course u r my friend………….. Next time if u n nidhi speak like this I will kill u both……….. r wont talk with u both……….

    Bhoomi sorry I thought u r elder than me…… skr s a big family so got confused………..

    Sruthi I m from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, in class 10 ICSE Board……. Currently giving my board exam……………… name sorry I cant tell it in a public website………. And what about u?

    Abhi I m writing Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) and Ek Mutthi Aasmaan [EMA] (A fistful of Sky)………… and what about u?

    Twinkle actually I LIKE WHEN PEOPLE CALL ME AS WELLWO……. Sucheta used to call me like that……… missing her a lot…………………. But calling me as di s upto bcoz I don’t see these formalities and all…………….



    And virinda di actually I have already created a fan club site but since my exams r going I didn’t give the link………. So pls wait………… on march 30 I will tell about it in detail…………..

    Student’s Wellwisher di I obey words……… true before I came only for relaxation but slowly getting addict……… in fact I have promised nearly 4 times that I wont visit the page but I kept visiting……….. I m glad that u r here to have control over me…….. if u don’t mind will pls check…….. like whenever visit ask me whether I completed the positions? Ready for the exams something like that. Though I do have self control it will be better someone like checks over………. N no offence to my dear sisters n frnds……….. I know u all equally care for me but yet this one is another type of care…………. So today for the 5th time (hope I keep up my promise) I promise that I wont comment here till my exams gets over…………

    And coming to today’s epi I loved SIAM scenes……… too good………. But this mantra……. Zara 1st we should invent a time mission so that we go to the past n then implement mission mantra…….. lol………..

    And I m extremely sorry for replying all at once……… I know no sorry but still……….




      ALL DPS SUPERB. …………

      and skr fan n sanjana n whoever shared info about ramayana n skr thank u so much……..

      and i welcome all new comers to skr fan club n family……….. if u dont pls introduce urself after my exams gets over i will reply u all………. n hi i m wellwisher from madurai, TN, in class 10 ICSE board n currently giving my exams……………

      tellyupdats pls post all my comments………..

    • Vrinda

      Even If you won’t see my comment now, It was an idea..and since you are already working on that it is great.. Sorry I don’t live in India, so i forgot that it is exam time for you all.

  50. Sanjana

    Wellwisher Di ungula romba romba miss pannuvom
    And unga exams a Nalla pannitu Vanga and siya ke ram will always be a motivation for u not a distraction
    All the very best for ur exams my wishes and prayers are always with u
    eventhough no thanks
    Thank you very much for creating a fan site it will strengthen the relation of skr family
    We will surely wait till March 30 till ur exams are over until then will be excited and will miss u
    Ww Di neenga reply pana vana en commentiku I don’t want my sister to break a promise

  51. Sanjana

    Ww Di it me Sanjana only I don’t know why dp didn’t get posted in my previous comment for u

  52. Akanksha sharma

    sorry doston for late comment as….. i was gone…. for mata rani ka jagrata….. and ya all of u have superb dps….. luv u all..

    or haan zara yr apna idea to hit ho gya nhi.. to bta janab aage ka kya plan hai… i think i wont be able to comment fr two days due to exams bt plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzzz_zzzzzzzzz….. plzzzz??????????????dont forget me plzzz i will come back soon..

  53. Sanjana

    Of course and surely we won’t forget u akanksha di
    All the best for ur exams
    Thanks bhoomi di

    • Akanksha sharma

      its not a big deal dear anjali… as i have already downloaded… many many pics of skr.. therefr it just take 2 mins to change dp dear

  54. Hi guys…….

    Anyone know how to make.. time machine.???????………..because for our mission. ……..

    Joking ????????????

    • Akanksha sharma

      hahahahhaha…. for this we should have doremon… or his pocket…. i luv doremon…. or we should consult…. to NASA scientists…. l?l.. koi baat nhi zara aap order kro time machine bhi aa jayegi…. bas irada mazboot hona chahiye…. as there is saying where there is will there is way

  55. Bhoomi

    Maithili di go on this link

    Then click on sign up

    A window will come then fill details asked
    Click on sign up

    They wii send u a mail on your mail id
    Open that mail & click on the link given in mail

    Your account will be created
    They wii ask u to upload image
    Select the image which u want frm your phone
    Click on next
    Then crop your image ( they wii show u preview)
    Click ok
    Rate your account & click on ok
    Your dp will be set

    Hope this is ok 4 u … If need any more help pls ask……

  56. Akanksha sharma

    and all the new ones welcome to skr family… may i have ur plzzzz… i have no time to ask individualy sry due to exams bt plzzz dear ones give ur intro plzzzz.. btw i akanksha frm jalandhar( punjab).. in class 11th…

  57. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Last week trp of syr is 1.8 it is decreased but this week or cam back to 2.2 be happy and pls watch it

  58. Sumi

    Good evening bhoomi dear . Thanks for your appreciation . Can I know bhoomi which class do u study

  59. Sumi

    Hello zara di . Good evening di . I am from Lucknow di. How were your exams di?? From when your new class is starting that is 11 . And if u dont mind will u tell me which subjects u have opted for Class11 . Sorry di if its personal .

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.