Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying we have to leave now. The lady wishes them a happy journey, and shows the Dakshin direction going through the mountain way. Ram says sure, now allow us to leave. Maryada Purshottam Ram…..plays…………… Ram and Laxman leave. Sita holds the soil and says by touching the soil/earth, I feel like you are walking towards me, I can feel you close to me, my heart and all senses are just waiting for you.

Trijata walks to her. The Asur lady beat the plates and throw colors. Trijata says Sita, you did not agree to me, I told you not to insult Lankesh, but you did not agree, now Lankesh has sent a gift for you, won’t you wish to see, its such gift that will end all your sorrows, then you won’t have any other option than to accept Lankesh, then you will believe

that there can’t be anyone more powerful than Lankesh. She shows her Ram’s cut head. Sita gets shocked. Trijata thinks her idea worked. She says you are the culprit for this disaster, you have rejected Lankesh, there is still time, you agree, else you may have to lose your life.

Sita covers that head and goes back. Trijata gets thinking. She says how is this possible, Sita did not get affected. She says I did not see such heartless woman, your husband died and you don’t care and don’t have any sorrow, for that man who was your life and love, you are sitting here as nothing happened. Sita says your magic can break my belief. Trijata asks what magic, you are not believing this truth. Sita says this can’t be true. Trijata says the proof is infront of you. Sita says there is difference in Pramaan/evidence and Aastha/devotion, my heart knows Ram is coming to me, you don’t know, but Ram is born for special motive, which did not fulfill till now, then how is his death possible by Lankesh’s hands, when Raavan’s death is certain by Ram’s hands.

Hanuman sees Ram and Laxman. Ram looks at the Rishi Parbat/mountains and goes ahead. Ram Ram….. plays………….Hanuman sees him and cries, recalling the shadow on the mountain and the vision he has seen…… He says no, why am I getting emotional seeing him….. I should not forget that my first duty is to ensure Sugreev’s safety, I have to find out these two Sanyasis’ truth first, if Bali has sent them, then they won’t tell me their reality seeing me in this real form, I have to change my appearance.

Trijata tells Sita that she is Raavan’s Lanka, everyone comes and goes from here with Lankesh’s wish, your husband can’t reach here. Sita says if you knew Ram, you would have not said this. Trijata asks really, whats special in Ram, that you have such belief. She says Ram is devotion for devotee, trust for love, and Dharm, if Ram is with you, weak becomes strong, handicapped people can walk without legs, he has much knowledge, no magic can fool him, no enemy can kill him. Trijata says its not possible for such man to exist in the world, its your thinking as you love your husband a lot, no one can be like this. Sita says its possible that its my thinking, but you think once if this is reality then….. Trijata says if your Ram is such in reality, I will believe it by seeing him. She leaves. Sita says refusing is first step towards devotion, and by refusing to Ram’s truth, you took first step towards devotion.

Hanuman stops Ram and Laxman. Laxman makes bow ready and asks who has stopped us, come infront. Ram feels something and smiles. Hanuman says I stopped you, and comes there in Rishi’s disguise. Ram Ram…..plays……………….

Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on. Devi Parvati says you are meeting Prabhu Shri Ram in your Rudra avatar of Hanuman. Mahadev says yes, I took this avatar to meet Ram in such sweet form, there was a lot of waiting since many years, but Ram is standing infront of my eyes today. Parvati says you are meeting him after many years, but your Rudra avatar Hanuman had to meet Ram by changing his appearance. Ram and Laxman greet Hanuman.

Laxman says sorry, but why did you stop us. Hanuman says you both don’t look Sanyasis, but warriors to increase prestige of kingdom, you both look mighty people, I feel like sun and moon have come down on earth by their wish, you look Devtas in human form, let me know your identity and the reason to roam in the jungle. Ram says your words are like any knowledgeable Rishi, you are recognizing us well, it feels like you were waiting for us since years. Hanuman looks at him.

Ram asks him to give his entire introduction. Devi Parvati smiles and asks whats this, you both are asking your introduction, whats introduction in Lord and devotee’s meet. He says Ram and my meet in Hanuman’s avatar is a worldly meet, Ram is doing Leela in human form, and trying to make Hanuman understand the reality, he is making Hanuman realize that Hanuman is his devotee, Hanuman is not able to understand that Ram is Narayan, Hanuman will understand it, as this is his motive, which he is finding since long. She smiles.

Hanuman says I m ordinary Tapasvi, I m finding my Prabhu and stay at Rishi Parbat, but whats the reason for your arrival here. Laxman says we came here finding Sugreev, its good we met you, can you tell us where we will get him. Hanuman says Sugreev…. And thinks did Bali send them to kill Sugreev.

Raavan says I forgot war and woman are won by power, if I got Sita here by power, then I can make her my wife too.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. vanshika arora

    Frm where they got 2 know about sugreev??? And how is it possible dat shiv cn see what his avatar is doing.dn why vishnu cn’t see what his avatar is doing?

    • Vrinda108

      Probably because Hanuman is an Avatar of a Rudra who is different from Lord Shiva himself.
      Lord Shiva is the source from which the rudra’s originate, but his full form is probably the one who is able to see their activities.
      And who said that Vishnu can’t see his avatars? The show is just not showing it. And number three, if Parvati Devi is Lord Shiva’s wife, why would she look at Hanuman with motherly love? This shows that the Rudras originate from shiva but are his Avataras, and Hanuman is an avatar of a Rudra.

    • vaidehi

      is it tamil dear sriranjani di and r u new here ???? if so then wlcm to our sweet skr family. and if u r an old member then wlcm back

  2. Aman Singh

    They didnot not show kabandh track.And yes today I read on fbthat sita has given a boon to her sister urmila that she could do 3 works at the same time so during exile,she slept,kept painting,serving mothers .

  3. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    sitas trust towards ram cannot break by any magical powers…hena???guys did kumbhakarnan know tat siya was lakshmi.. den y did raavan didn’t know her??

    • Pradeep

      Hi, It’s my thinking only…. But looking to the story of Ravan & Kumbhkarans original form (i.e. Jaya n Vijaya, The Gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu’s Vaikunth), if you refer then you will know that one of these guys were agree to be a divotee of Lord Vishnu in his other births & other guy wants the enemy of Lord Vishnu), however Lord Vishnu has granted for 3 births of them as an Enemy of Lord Vishnu. Because of this only, Kumbhkaran can able to see Devi Lakshmi power in Sita Mata. Ravan is very intelligent & knowledgeable person & he also knows that Ram & Sita are the form of Lord Vishnu & Devi Laxmi, but if he has to die from the hand of Lord Vishnu then he have to create the situation for Lord Vishnu to kill him..

  4. vaidehi

    hi all. i asked whether u all hate me coz i was getting mad a data time. that’s y talked in dat way. sorry dearies.

    • vanshika arora

      Obviously not!!!!she’s only cn u expect a modern educated girl will marry nowadays at such a age!!!??? I think u r saying ds cz of d SBB segment. Bt they were talking about sitaram marriage… Many mistook it as her marriage. Madirakshi has cleared about it in her fb account.

    • vaidehi

      hi maithali…………… wlcm dear…………… madirakshi isn’t married…………..can u pls intoduce urself ???

  5. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    A very nice epi and happy to see ram – hanuman meet….. And no can break the faith of siya which she kept in her ram…….
    Jai siya ram

    • vaidehi

      hi dear palchin………………wlcm dear…………..can u pls introduce urself ??? myself from west bengal and in 8th standard…

  6. Nalini Persad

    Does not Amena or whoever wrote the episode summary know the name of the old lady that Ram and Laxman met in today’s episode? Because of this Amena’s account is incomplete. With this type of episode the viewer does not get the story properly.

    The name of the elderly woman that Rama and Laxman is “Shabhari,” a Bhil woman who according to the Ramayana was a long time of devotee of Rama without even seeing him once before this episode. For more information, please follow this link: It will be advisable that before writing the episode summary, whoever writes these summaries take a look at the main source and verify what they say is fully correct. Thanks.

  7. Rahul Mishra

    Why /Why .. Why .. this serial maker always trying to modify stories. Trijta…. She was daughter of Vidhisan and Sita accepted her as Mother during her captivity in Lanka.. Because Trijta was one who always gave courage and strengthen to Sita, whenever she felt sad.
    Neither Valmiki or Tulsidas ji worte something bad about Trijta. She has a great faith in Sri Ram.

    Just before Sita haran, what was happened to Sita haran.. why she was so panic to send Laxman into forest if she has great faith on Ram..Because it was a plan a divine plan to destroy Ravan through illusion (MAYA).. which was sita at that time.

  8. pujith

    I am back again after many days..
    @Vaidehi sister please you don’t quit the page and please do not use like these words again … and sister can I also know how to set the DP.

  9. Rani

    It is true that SKR team is changing the Ramayan as per their wish. They have shown lots of non-existing stroies about Lanka& Ravan family that was not mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayan. They have exaggerated the Lanka & Ravan stories . That was not acceptable.
    During her Haran-/kidnap- Sita crossed all limits- she blamed Lakshman and accused him of his character . That was really bad and biggest mistake of Sita’s life. But great people do that. I feel Sita was innocent and pure at heart , didn’t know about demon and their nature . She was rajkumar/princessi , raised in a secured and peaceful environment so could not guess what demon could do. But Ram and Lakshman were aware but Sita was adamant about the golden deer. Here , SKR team twisted the story showing that she knew archery and claimed that she could protect herself. She didn’t have that skill but she was pure at heart and as a woman worried about her husband’s welfare so wanted to send Lakshman to find out Ram . That’s what all women do . Well being of their husband is the main concern. That was Treta yug it was even more , unlike Kali yuga . See Mandodari got Amrit kalash for Ravan-was it justified for a womaniser like Ravan?

  10. Sara

    Thanks to SKR team for bringing back Ram & Lakshman , Also Hanuman. Great Relief . But why not showing full story ? Ram & Lakshman did last rite for bird Jatayu and also Lakshman was s pillar of strength for his br Ram when Ram broke down after they found out that Sita was kidnapped . Ram told Lakshman to go back to Ayodha alone as he would not go without Sita. Lakshman replied that they would find Babhi Sita & Ram being the purushottam -must not loose hope. To have such a brother is indeed a gift .
    Secondly they walked not ran .. They were attacked by demons but they moved on. They met Kambandh- he was cursed . He told Ram & lakshman about Sugreev. Hope they shall show it .
    Also where is Ram’s Jata on the head ? he was Jatashari for 14 years -that was the condition of Kayeki But here, he is given different look.
    My sincere request to SRK team -please don’t change the Ramayan . Even school going kids like mine know the Ramayan . Ramayan is included in Hindi Text book. So if you mess with Ramayan -you are caught . And don’t give importance to Lanka side . Show whatever is written in Valmiki Ramayan because Devdutta story is not real -all imaginative .
    Variations are not liked , moreover when they are beyond acceptance especially Ravan’s sister -supuranakha role etc .

  11. riya

    I dn’t hv much knowledge about mythology… Bt i hv a ques..we always say that laxmi-narayan i hv read in net dat saraswati is also vishnu’s wife. Dn why dn’t we say saraswati-narayan jodi? Why always only laxmi is shown with Vishnu???!!!

  12. joy

    #Sara……agreed with you…but remember ome thing….the show’s name is Siya Ka Ram not Ramayan… they might be some change….they show every feeling of siya ram………the creators of this show also said this……if they named it Ramayan than they could not able show every moment of Ram-siya……they shows every feeling of sita when she kidnapped by ravan…and showen Ram also………………any cmmnt or your opinion…….

  13. joy

    hey vaidehi see the link…….(((siya ka ram offscreen pic)))) ….. there are many many offscren pic…….

  14. joy

    hey vaidehi are you see the link??? …….(((siya ka ram offscreen pic)))) ….. there are many many offscren pic…….

  15. pujith

    Padmaja sister I have registered but I can’t understand how to set DP. Can you please explain me..

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Hi pujju dear …. If u registered u go to notifications and there will be a setting like button if u click it , it shows ur account and u can able to set ur dp there…. Sorry dear i didn’t know how to explain it clearly…

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      You have one unique design pattern displayed at the top centre of ur name and account isnt it?? Just click dat design….and you will get options to upload photo…click dat option and get it to ur gallery/photo files….then u can select ur favorite picture and set it as dp….

  16. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Dears thnx for the beautiful links,,, nice ones vaidehi dear .. And your polls were awesome cute .. Puji dear how r u?? After a long time na.. ?.. A hearty welcome to all new comers ? enjoy siya ke ram

  17. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Nice n twisting epi… Hi ? dears I’m back!!! Missed u alot cuties.. By your wishes n lords grace my competition was also super awesome…
    I wish to share my results with my dears..
    Dance.. I was in top 12 (11th position, one more could hv done in top ten)
    Singing.. ? I was in top ten (8)
    Painting art and craft my fav.. Luckily in top 3 (3).. Theme was sooooo easy.. Mythology!!!
    Quiz.. Very bad one top 15..(14)
    Out of 50 participants that were selected…I enjoyed but missed all of u alot.. N also missed watching skr?
    The episodes between are awesome.. Read all the updates.. Nyc parvati Mata’s concern for Devi sita.. Awesome na..
    Guys my schools r gonna open ? soon.. So after then I’ll comment kya less than usual ok ?.. I’ll miss you ? n my ff and analysis won’t be regular updates ????.. I hope you will understand.. So I’m really sorry about that..i know no sry sry sry allowed bt I’m feelin bad ?.. That’s why!
    I have written a new fanfic on samudra manthan.. Would you like to read it??.. I’ll post al the next parts of my ff tomorrow.. N vaidehi dear wen will u post ur ff?? Ur school open on Thursday na ??

  18. Sara

    Hello riya – Devi Saraswati is unmarried -Goddess of Knowledge. So never a possibility of associating her with Narayan.
    Thanks Joy -for reminding me about the title of the serial . It is indeed Siye ke Ram. I have no problem for SKR team showing the sentiments of Sita but why torture us with Ravan’s family members especially that Ravan’s sister Suparnakha ? And original author -Valmiki didn’t give any importance to her . Why then make imaginative stories about her? Even Tulasida didn’t mention much about her . She was only a link but in reality it was Ravan’s ego and lust that destroyed him .
    And yes, Sulochana was good -but from where are the stories about her cropping up ? Kindly mention.
    But I have a question to SKR team- please tell me what happened to Ram’s jata /hair? Why is it loose? Background music goes on 11 June episode and tells about His jata – still it is missing ???? Even Hanuman’s vision shows the Jata/tied hair of Ram in SKR but then why is it loose? It is a precondition of Kayeki and being Mariyada Purushottam -Ram followed every conditions . And Ashish Sharma (Ram) looks quite good in tied hair /jata. Then what is the problem?

  19. Veena

    Good to see Ram is back . Even my kids were excited seeing Ram & Lakshman after a long gap. Thanks God – at last they have come back. Without Ram cum Sita show is incomplete and also imp Character like Lakshman , Hanuman makes it lively and nice .
    I agree with sara -SKR should not show or give importance to this Ravan and company. And please show Ram’s full story as it goes and that’s helps to learn good values rather than showing Ravan drinking wine, Suparnakha drinking wine etc And we never read such stories . So how come SRK team change the Ramayan ?

  20. Revathi Anandh

    what an acting. I bow my head for all of you… so many day i too cried by seeing some special seen. like yesterday hanuman’s acting ….. while he see Ram that expression… hats off to you dear….

  21. Sara

    And yes, Trijata was appointed by Ravan, She was asked to show future to Sita . When Trijata came to know that , she understood everything
    She took good care of Devi Sita during Sita’s captivity why to show her being bad ? She was good aged demon . She was loyal to Sita and her companion in Ashok Vatika She always brought good news for Sita. When Indrajit made Ram & Lakshman unconscious , rumour spread that the brothers were dead it was Trijata who brought the news of their well-being to Sita . Otherwise She wanted to take agnisamadhi.
    Please show the correct version of Ramayan. Showing non-existing stories of Sulochana , Suparnakha rather show the correct story good old demon Trijata

  22. Veena

    I completely agree with Sara . Making false stories -why ? and highlighting whom??
    So much Variations ?? Trijata was very caring old demon , Other demons harassed Sita but Trijata always protected Sita . After the war, Ram & Sita , rewarded her .
    We have all read Ramayan . So we know .

    • Prads


      |Registered Member

      Dear Sara & Veena, Just calm down…. We didn’t know why Trijata (being a demon), how she becomes loyal to Sita….. Because as per the show telecast about Trijata trying to show the future to Sita was totally against her wish… It doesn’t means that she knows about Sita real form of Goddess Laxmi. May be in the future telecast, SKR will definitely show the real reason about her changes in activities. Till then, it would be better to just wait for that particular moment. In the same way, just we came to know about Kumbhkaran knowing the real form of Sita mata. Just chill…….

  23. vaidehi

    Identify the characters from Mahabharata…………

    1. ? + do

    2. ?

    3. ✌ +yo+dhan

    4. ?

    5. Doubt+❌

    6. Who+?

    7.❌ +?

  24. vaidehi

    hey guys y r they telling dat madi is married ??? and one thing is ashish elder then madi???

    • Vitharv fan

      Hey vaidehi ash is married wth archana taide and mad is just 22 yrs old she born in 1995

    • Meghana

      Hey vaidehi ash is married wth archana taide and mad is just 22 yrs old she born in 1995

      • Meghana

        Sry guys its me meghana only my sis typed like that wth other name and i ll rarely cmnt here hope u guys wont forget me

  25. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Vrindha di welcome back di happy to see u again

    Videhi my sweetie v love you a lot dear how did your dance performance go

    Priya ya it’s me only

    Meghna I’ve replied to u in hangouts dear

    Sanjana hope UR exams went well


  26. Meghana

    And yaa ssry vanshu fr late wishes congrats dear u rocked in ur all singing and dancing competitions

  27. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Tqs for whoever cmntd….congo u dear…..

    Vaidehi tqs for keeping the page active….

    Tanu see my cmnt..n pls chat on my wall with me….megs u too…for quick chat i mean…

  28. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Guys cmng to that madirakshi mrg…i cant say anything abt it..bcoz in sbs they said she is married and has a small family…..i dont know if it is rumour r some thing else

  29. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Y not videhi dear u should create a WordPress account and then go to sign in with UR account u can keep DP go to websites in the right side menu copy paste ti URL that’s it OK

    Priya I don’t know how to chat here so please can you explain me

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