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Siya Ke Ram 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asurs killing the monkeys. Hanuman, Sugreev and Angad kill many of the Asurs and fight. Meghnadh says vanars are scared of fire. Ram comes to that area and gets shocked seeing the monkeys killed. Meghnadh shoots the Agni arrow. Sita sees the Agni arrow and says its going in the direction where Ram and vanar sena is present, did Asurs cheat and attack on them, Trijata did not come till now with any news. Ram shoots the arrow and that nullifies the agni arrow. Hanuman sees Meghnadh and flies to him. He calls Meghnadh Adharmi, as he is Raavan’s son. He hits Meghnadh. Ram and Laxman shoot arrows on Asurs and kill them. Many more come running. Ram shoots them down. Meghnadh and Hanuman have a fight. Sugreev, Angad and Hanuman together beat Meghnadh. Hanuman steps on Meghnadh and

is about to hit him. Ram stops Hanuman.

Vibhishan comes there and gets shocked seeing Meghnadh. Hanuman says Prabhu, this is Raavan’s son Meghnadh, he attacked on our vanar sena by cheat, his death will be right punishment for him. Laxman says yes, he has no right to live. Ram says killing him will be like giving Mukti to him, he will witness this Dharm yudh, Hanuman capture him. Meghnadh flies and laughs. They all look for Meghnadh. Hanuman sees an arrow approaching Ram and hits the arrow. Ram says he is magical, he can become invisible and attack on us. Vibhishan says you are saying true, he can see you being a Mayavi, but you can’t see him. Meghnadh shoots the many in one arrow. Ram senses the sound of the attack, and shoots an arrow to fail Meghnadh.

Meghnadh shoots a fire arrow. Ram shoots at it, and fails him again. Everyone get alert. Meghnadh shoots another Agni arrow and burns a tent. They all get worried as Meghnadh is not visible to them. Meghnadh shoots more fire arrows. Ram neutralizes the fire arrow effect by defending on time. Meghnadh gets angry.

Trijata comes to Sita, and says Asurs cheated, Meghnadh and his army attacked on vanar sena at night. Sita cries. Laxman shouts Meghnadh, if you have power, come and battle with me. Meghnadh says I was waiting for this moment. Ram says Laxman, Meghnadh is Mayavi, we have to be careful. Meghnadh prays and shoots arrow, which strike both Ram and Laxman. Hanuman shouts Prabbhu and holds Ram. Sita senses something bad happened and cries. Jamvanth holds Laxman. Hanuman cries and asks Ram to wake up. Meghnadh laughs. Ram and Laxman turn blue by the poison effect. Angad runs to call Ved. Meghnadh says no need of any Ved, there is no cure of this poison, these two Sanyasis death is definite now. Sugreev cries and shouts Adharmi coward, if you have courage, come here and fight.

Sita prays to Lord to protect Ram and entire vanar sena. Vaid Raj checks Ram and Laxman. Hanuman asks him what happened to them, will they get fine. Vaid Raj says sorry, they are hurt by incurable poison, there is no way to cure this poison, Ram and Laxman’s lives are in danger, no one in the world can save their lives. They all get shocked and cry. Hanuman says don’t say this Vaid Raj, nothing can happen to Prabhu Ram and Laxman, nothing will happen to Ram till I m alive. He asks Vaid Raj not to be hesitant and tell me if there is cure for this poison in three loks, I will find it, just tell me where will I get the medicine. Hanuman asks Ram to get up, he has to free Mata Sita and punish Raavan, you have to end Adharm in Lanka, and place Dharm on this land, open your eyes. He shouts Prabhu…..

Raavan says congratulations and drinks with all his Sabha. Kaikesi says finally both the Sanyasis got killed. Raavan says this one is for my brave and mighty son, they have come to free Sita and got free from this world, the war just started, I thought to have fun with those sanyasis in the air, but they turned out to be very weak, they came to make me lose in my Lanka. They all laugh. Meghnadh smiles.

Mandodari and Sulochana come there. Raavan welcomes Mandodari in her son’s victory celebrations. He says your worry ended today that a woman is going to become reason of my death. Sanyasi Ram and Laxman got killed before the war started, I did not kill them, your brave son Meghnadh killed them, they could not bear Meghnadh’s one arrow. Raavan laughs and says Vanvasi Ram, Sita’s love and belief, by which my life was falling in danger, Ram’s life has ended. Everyone leave. Mandodari and Sulochana leave. Raavan says listen to me Maharani, it seems she did not get happy with my victory, but Sita will surely get glad by this good news.

Sita worries and says there is silence in all four directions, it looks like war ended, don’t know what will be the result of the war. Raavan comes there and says Sita. He laughs and asks did you get good news of the war, how will you get the news, you are tied in ashok vatika, where air also asks me and enters, its fine, come with me, I will show you something, and seeing that you will believe me more than Ram, do you want to see your Ram. He asks Trijata to take Sita with him. Sita gets shocked.

Raavan takes Sita to the mountain, and asks her to see Ram, I told you his death is definite, I have done that, your Ram and his brother died. Sita gets shocked seeing Ram and Laxman. Raavan asks Sita to see the war result, this time there is no magic or cheat, you called Ram as Gurukul’s pride and Raghukul’s brave warrior, but he could not bear my first attack. Sita says no, this can’t happen, anything can happen but my belief can’t break. Raavan asks Trijata to inform him when Sita accepts this. He leaves. Sita shouts to Lord asking how can you do this, and cries.

Sita asks Mahadev what is this justice, you should have helped Ram in this war, was I alive in Lanka to see Ram’s death here, Mata Gauri did you bless me for my husband’s long life for this day, was your blessings not effective. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woweww going nice…. Don’t cry sita ma….. Raghunandan will b alright ?

    1. Am I the first one to comment?????

    2. Yup ! True 🙂

  2. Enjoy your last days ravan ??? your death is approaching you ??

  3. Ameena di you’re fabulous ???????

  4. Ameena di you’re fabulous ??????? jus like 4G…. The show is going like bullets….. And they’re fired from star plus gun……….. Action filled super power packed epi ??

  5. Ritzz

    Mind blowing epi!! Loved it…. today it was in good pace… not so fast….!!! Hated meghnad and ravan today!! Foolish ppls!!! Sad 4 hanuman and sita!!??

  6. Padmaja

    Wow the war was superb and don’t worry mata ram and lakshman will be alright and they will punish dis adharmi ravan and his whole sena….waiting for next epi…

  7. My main reason for commenting today is to create goodness :-

    @URMILLA :- Pls whomsoever you are I never care but for at least krishna’s sake stop creating ff’s making ram and sita waste ! You should feel putty saying even one word from your mouth. If u are one such case who wants to catch popularity pls stop this !! Though if u say this is point of view I should go and hit on the wall because this is discrimination between gods !! Insane !! Unfair !! Idiotic !! Ridiculous !! Innumerable !! Inhumane !! Sorry for saying these things but u have forced me saying so !! If u really wanna continue this make a ff and submit it as an article !! Don’t waste your energy !! Bcoz of your single discriminating ff you are creating hell negativity and fight !! We take u as a sister but pls don’t do these things ! Though u won’t do this ,forget ram and what u know abt panchali, Krishna and arjun we’ll be happy reading it !! But underestimate Ramayana and their vital and divine characters !! _/\_

    1. Don’t underestimate *****

  8. guys I’m unable to post ✉ any of articles written by me I’m trying since noon…. But always error ☹☹☹☹????

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      Hey vanshu….. How is your health now dear?? Take care…..

  9. interesting

    We all know about the great epic Mahabharata. It’s about the kuru lineage. In other words it’s an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. It’s author is maharishi vyasa and the epic has always been in controversies whether its just an imaginary fiction story or real history.
    It has been written in the epic from time to time that Mahabharat is a “itihas” which exclusively means “thus occured”. The words “Puraan” and “Itihas” were specifically coined by the ancient people to categorize the “ancient” and “recent” events. Both the words denote history that has occurred at different times. If the intentions of the writer were to write a poem or a work of fiction, he would have stated it to be a “mahakavya” or “katha”. It’s also said nowadays that the epic is a story, but in reality the writer (vyasa) has stated it to be history.

    Also, It is mentioned in Aadiparva, Adhyaya 62 that the records of the Bharat-Dynasty are recorded in the Mahabharata. A number of dynasties with their long lineage of kings (more than 50 from Manu) have been presented in the work. If it were just fiction, 4-5 kings would have sufficed to build the story on. Won’t it be??

    Read the description of Kaliyuga as mentioned in Mahabharata. Whatever Krishna said tallies with creepy, mysterious accurateness with modern life as it exists today. And remember – this was written thousands of years ago! Fiction? Unlikely because there are way too many corroborations and tallying circumstances for it to be fiction. And so many things described in the epic which exists even today ‼

    Marine archaeology has also been utilized in India off the coast of the ancient port city of Dwaraka in Gujarat, uncovering further evidence in support of statements in the Vedic scriptures. An entire submerged city at dwarka, the ancient port city of Lord Krishna with its massive fort walls, piers, warfs and jetty has been found in the ocean as described in the Mahabharata and other Vedic literatures. Many different objects have been found at that place that proves that the city of dwarka existed once and so the epic is found to be true.

    A sanskrit verse from the Mausala Parva 7 verse 40 of the Mahabharata, describes the disappearance of the city of Dvaraka into the sea. “After all the people had set out, the ocean flooded Dvaraka, which still teemed with wealth of every kind. Whatever portion of land was passed over, the ocean immediately flooded over with its waters.”

    Even More than thirty-five sites in North India have yielded archaeological evidence and have been identified as ancient cities described in the Mahabharatha. Copper utensils, iron, seals, gold & silver ornaments, terracotta discs and painted grey ware pottery have all been found in these sites. Scientific dating of these artifacts corresponds to the non-aryan-invasion model of Indian antiquity. And so all these objects belonged to the kuru lineage, the Mahabharata ‼ so many proofs can’t state it imaginative stories, right ❔ and
    The Greek historian Megasthenes has stated that Chandragupta Maurya was the 138 King in the lineage of Shri Krishna. This means that Shri Krishna did exist in the bygone era and that Mahabharat did really occur.
    All places mentioned in Mahabharata are real places, all are identified as real places. For instance, Hastinapur is in UP. Indraprastha is the present day Delhi. Dwarka is located in Gujarat coast. Moreover, Mahabharata cities are not limited to present day India because Mahabharata referred Indian subcontinent as Bharata. For example, Gandhar could be present day Kandhar.

    The Udyoga Parva of Mahabharata narrates that, just before the War, Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur in the month of Kartika on the day when moon was at the asterism Revati. On His way to Hastinapur, Krishna took rest for a day at a place called Brikasthala, and on that day the moon was at the asterism Bharani. The day on which Duryodhana turned down all the efforts of Krishna and made the war inevitable, the moon was resting at the asterism Pushya. Such details have been added in Mahabharata, so these can’t be mere stories and the epic isn’t a mere fiction ‼

    Krishna left Hastinapura with Karna, on the day when the moon was yet to reach Uttara Phalguni. Karna accompanied Him to some distance to see Him off and he then described to the Lord the positions of planets in the sky and expressed his apprehension that such a planetary configuration stood for very bad omen: such as large scale loss of life and drenching of blood. Vyasa narrated all these planetary positions in as many as sixteen verses as if someone was describing it after visualizing them in the sky. So these can’t be ignored by anyone.

    The country is named Bhaarat after the king Bharat (son of Dushyant & Shakuntala). What country would be named after the hero of a novel! I don’t think any… So this describes the truth of the existence of the extraordinary epic ‼‼‼‼
    It is ridiculous to say that these texts are fiction, because of its poetic nature. It was a custom to write everything (even Mathematical formulae) in poetic form during the ancient times… And in kurukshetra in Haryana , wen the field was dug many weapons and of course, the highlight, the mud was red all over, highlighting that a great destructive war took place ‼…. These so many proofs can’t be false ‼ that means my favourite epic story is true and has really took place… There’re uncountable proofs to prove this ‼‼ want more ❓❔ then comment… Pls do comment and post ur opinions about this article…
    Credit to: Vanshika

    1. Jay dii I had sent a copy of this as mail to you…. If you get it pls post it here as article sooo everyone can read it….. Okay… ???

      1. Vanshika its awesome. U done a great job.and thanks for sharing with us.

    2. Nice….. Know it before…….. There are so many proof….. But thanks for sharing…… Many one did not know it….. Share more…… ???✅

    3. Nita D

      Hey Vanshu….the article is awesome…..

  11. waitingto see garun dev coming

    1. Me too…. But garud dev should have been shown in the Precap at least ☹☹☹

  12. Dear urmilla I have got lots to tell u but I hope it gives a new perspective if not fine read through the it and pls be kind in replying.
    For ram the means was as important as end for krishna the end was important. On a deeper research u would understand ram just like krishna but for that u need to be broad minded. It is a weekday today so I can’t go on about Raghuram greatness as it would take long will try to post weekend anyway u can check out a few analysis of mine and infact skr written updates to understand what a Raghunandan is all about and why he is worthy of worship in all respects especially the updates from showing grown up ram till ram meets Sita. That would provide a basic character sketch if u want to understand why we worship ram as krishna. If knowledge is ur thirst we are there to help u. Ram and krishna a contrast yet similar an analysis of mine in tu this is title just search in Google u would get it. U see ram banishing his wife but u don’t see his self imposed chastity which makes him worthy of worship and lot more and u should check out this
    Pls check this out on why Sita is never a victim
    And people want woman to be independent and all that but when it comes to their home it is conservative woman they want if this is the mindset u can just never understand Sita the women she is.
    Vanvas for her welfare indeed don’t u people think before making such statements. She is adilakshmi herself. She shows that woman need to stand up for themselves self respect. She is the compassionate Lakshmi who doesn’t go inside the earth when she is pregnant. Gender equality is what matters not empowering on gender that’s precisely why a Kali doesn’t face Ravan instead a ram does. Her life is a message on why woman should never be questioned. She never shouts for vengeance for she is the kind goddess who gives chance for repentance. And pls do read this it’s all about Sita

    A request to thanmathi di when u asked the question Bcoz few people in ur society were telling Sita as victim Vrinda do from us had given a beautiful repls if u remember date or the content pls tell urmilla

    And dear I had reported ur comment to telly updates for hurting religious sentiments and made them remove it. Where does the constitution come in here the mods are there to review comments.
    Don’t take everything in literal meaning even krishna many marriages and Gopi Leela everything has a metomorphic meaning and it takes knowledge to understand it if u understand Leela Purushottam it wouldn’t take long to understand maryad Purushottam
    And also this if u respect draupdai then understand Sita through draupdi
    Pls do review this
    And I may not able to change ur PoV neither u mine but it my duty to provide with right knowledge and hope that God blesses u and may u be forgiven for thinking wrong without even realising it.
    God bless u
    Jai Shri ram
    Jai Shri krishna
    Jai Mata Sita
    And what u said too satyameva jayathe let truth triumph so should right knowledge not baseless assumption
    I have not yet read others reply check that out it would be better for Sara di are all elder to me and know more and I just said what I know.
    And I don’t have much knowledge about Gita but I guess it says it all so read it.

    1. Ritzz

      I agree u sanju di…. gr8 explanation ??

    2. Hi sanju Di !! How are you?? Hope u r rocking !! I agree wid u but don’t report it Di give her a chance but anyway what u told was all along true… I support u di

  13. Beautiful episode posting separate analysis soon
    Vanshika dear lovely articles pls continue really informative

    1. Ritzz

      Pics r awsum vanshika…. gr8

    2. Great links .. ✌?

  14. Ritzz

    @malvi do I completely agree u…. @urmilla u r elder 2 us still u don’t have a common sense that u can’t force ur ideas and opinions on others…. it granddaughter does not like the serial that means u want all of us to hate It?? ? Has lord krishna said that u should insult ones opinion and beliefs in order to impart urs??? According to MY KNOWLEDGE I don’t think so…pardon me but we don’t ur awareness…. plz it’s a sincere req. Not to spread negativity…

    1. Thanks !! And u r correct !!

  15. Sita ma calm down….. Raghunandan ko kuch nahi Ho sakta…. Apka vishwas kabhi toot nahi sakta …. Toh prasannn Ho jao maate,… Ap Lanka me ravan Ki mrityu dekhne hi aayi Ho ???

  16. Tanu dii aur suchi sis kahan gayaab Ho Gaye????? ☹

    1. Thanmathi


  17. Padmaja

    Sry guys couldn’t able to cmbt today as I had very high fever …. And good ans to urmila…. I agree with u all

    1. Nita D

      Get well soon dear….take care….

  18. Episode was emotional. Eagarly waiting for next.

  19. Anil

    Superb episode……
    Nothing vl happen to RAM and lakshman there is our Hanuman…. Meghnad enjoy ur last days…your death is soon…

  20. Urmila mam.. M sry if my words hurt u but mam i agree that you are a phd holder n i ve deep respect fr u.. M too young to explain anything to u but mam wats the use of that degree when u dont even know how to respect others feelings… Whats the use of getting that degree when u dont know That god is one.. What’s the use of getting that degree and that knowledge that you are not able to understand that devotion n dedication to any other diety can not be forced on anyone…

    Mam u said that u don’t want future generations to be spoiled.. But mam how can we be spoiled by taking the name of maryada purushottam himself.. Mam by being his devotee we are trying to be like him im every aspect.. whether true or false but that toh written already na k he was obedient n calm…so we are being like him..if beimg calm n respecting our parents n motherland is spoiling ourselves than i am ready to be spoiled..

    Mam u said u ve done research n found he waa not devine..but mam there are still other scholars too who have done more research n found about his divinity.. What will u say about them…

    Mam lord ram is our faith..our life..if krishna is morning then ram is sun..if krishna is rain then ram is cloud..if krishna is heart ram is heartbeat.. If krishna is love then ram is divinity.. If krishna is god then ram is salvation..
    Ram n krishna are the two faces of same coin.. Neither is complete without other..

    Moreover being an ardent devotee of sainath i know each n every religion n god is same.. So my respected mam.. Plz try to understand this thing.. N still if you are not ready to believe whatever i said then plz silently leave the page.. We here are devotees of lord rama… Constitution has given u right to speak but not has given right to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments.. M sry if i hurt u but your words can’t change the truth.. If worshipping lord ram n following his virtues is spoiling my life then i will spoil my life without even a sigh..

    Sry my friends if ve hurt anybody.. Actually m new here n really an ardent devotee of lord rama.. So can’t tolerate any baseless bashing.. M really sry if i ve hurt even a slightest feeling of any of bro n sis..

    1. Ritzz

      No Soumya no need 2 feel sry…. u r ryt…. and ur explanation is awsum…. even I m a gr8 devotee of Sainath…. and believe that God is one… ram and Krishna are same…. and I respect both… @ urmilla i hope u have now got ur answers…

    PART 5
    The epi starts with siya asking lakshman what’s the matter..

    When ordered in this way by Sita, the forlorn Lakshmana looked down and, with a voice choked up with tears, said: “O daughter of King Janaka, hearing in the midst of His courtiers the horrible criticism being leveled against You in the capital and countryside, Rama summoned Me to His palace with an anguished heart. My lady I cannot repeat those criticisms in Your presence which the king has allowed to lodge in His heart out of sorrow. I reject that criticism. Although You were proven faultless in My presence, the king has rejected You out of fear of the people’s criticism. My lady, You have no other choice but to accept. By the order of the king and with a heavy heart You are to be left by Me on the edge of the hermitage. Here is the holy and charming forest on the bank of the Ganges where the brahmana sages practice austerities. Do not despair. Here lives the exalted and glorious sage and topmost brahmana Valmiki, who is a friend of My father, King Dasharatha. Bhabhi, approaching the soothing shade of the lotus feet of that great soul.. Ram.. You’ll have to stay here… He cries ?..
    Sita- don’t joke…..
    Lakshman -I’m not ????..
    Upon hearing Lakshmana’s harsh words, Sita experienced extreme despair and fell unconscious on the ground. She was unconscious for almost an hour, with Her eyes welling with tears. When She regained consciousness, She spoke the following sorrowful words to Lakshmana:

    “O Lakshmana, the creator obviously made this body of Mine for suffering, which is why I now appear to be the personification of suffering. What sin did I commit in a previous life or what women did I abandon that I, who am pure in behavior and chaste, am abandoned by My husband? O Lakshmana, previously I was subjected to miserable circumstances living in a hermitage while serving the feet of Rama. But how possibly shall I live in a hermitage all by Myself? And when I am suffering, who will I be able to talk with to share My sadness?

    “O Lord, what shall I say to the sages when they ask Me what offence I committed that the great soul Rama rejected Me? I should give up My life this very day in the waters of the Ganges, but then My husband’s family would be ridiculed. O Lakshmana, do as You were instructed. Abandon My unfortunate self. Be firm in carrying out the king’s orders and listen to these words of Mine.

    “With joined palms I especially bow My head to the feet of My mothers-in-law. Tell the king that I inquire about His well-being. O Lakshmana, with a bowed head greet all the women of the palace on My behalf and convey this message to the king, who is always alert to His duties:

    “‘ Raghunandan, You know that Sita is truly pure. She has the highest devotion to You and is always engaged in Your welfare. O hero, I have been abandoned by You because of Your fear of infamy resulting from the people’s gossip. Because of the scandal that has arisen, You, who are my only shelter, have abandoned Me. O king, You are always dutifully attentive to deal with the citizens as You do with Your brothers. This is in fact Your greatest duty by which You will achieve ultimate glory. O king, that can be achieved by dutifulness in relation to the citizens. Furthermore, I am not in anxiety about Myself, O best of men. O delight of the Raghu Dynasty, do what You must to protect Yourself from malicious criticism by the citizens. For a married woman, her husband is her worshipable deity, her friend and her preceptor. As such, she should especially use her life to achieve her husband’s goals.’

    “Please tell Rama everything that I have said. After looking upon Me, who am pregnant, You may go”

    While Sita was speaking in this way, Lakshmana’s mind became overwhelmed with sorrow. Hanging his head down toward the ground, He was unable to speak. Wailing loudly, He circumambulated Her. After reflecting for a while, He said to Her: “What do You say to Me, O lovely woman?” Previously I was never able to see Your complete form. I only saw Your feet, O sinless one. How is it that I now see it in the forest without the presence of Rama?”

    After saying this, He offered Her respects and again boarded the boat.. Crushed worth sorrow, he looked at sita who was crying ? bitterly… Lakshman reached the other side of the river wondering what to do, how to do…

    1. Nita D

      Its awesome …..sita’s dialouges r so touching….

      1. Nita D

        Or rather Sita’s words not dialogue

    2. Ritzz

      Ohh so good vanshika… vry emotional…??

    3. Padmaja

      Wow vanshu its awesome and it is heart touching….. the dialogues was just faboulous dear…. and sry vanshu for late cmnt… I loved it❤

  22. Seeing Sita crying there, the sons of sages ran to where the revered hermit Valmiki was. Bowing to the feet of the sage, the boys informed him about Sita’s crying:

    “O venerable one, there is some great person’s wife whom we have never seen before and who resembles the goddess of fortune. Out of despondency, She is crying with a distorted face. O holy one, please go and see Her, who is like a goddess fallen from the sky. That distraught lady is on the bank of the Ganges River. We have seen Her crying intensely and sunken in sorrow. She does not deserve suffering and sorrow. She is alone, forlorn and abandoned. We think She is not a human woman. You should greet Her and offer Her hospitality. Because She is not far from this hermitage, She has obviously come to take shelter of you. The chaste lady is looking for protection. O holy one, please protect Her!”

    After hearing what they said, the sage verified with his own intelligence that it was true, for he had acquired farseeing intuition by dint of his austerities. Then he hurried to where Sita was. When the
    Valmiki’s disciples saw him going, they followed him. After walking for some time, they reached the charming bank of the Ganges and took some of its water for ceremonial use. There Valmiki saw Rama’s beloved Sita abandoned. That foremost of sages, Valmiki, whose effulgence was pleasing, spoke the following sweet words to Sita, who was crushed by the weight of sorrow:

    “O janaknandini, You are Rama’s dear queen. O Sita dedicated to Your husband, I welcome You. I learned about Your arrival through my meditative trance. I also saw in my mind the reason for all this. O blessed lady, I know everything in detail regarding You. Everything in the three worlds is known to me. By my intuition I know that You are faultless, O Sita..
    Be free from anxiety. Now You are with me. Not far is my hermitage where women are engaged in the practice of austerities. Accept this water for washing the hands and do not despair. You are as good as in Your own home, so You should not grieve.”

    Hearing the wonderful statement uttered by the sage, Sita joined Her palms, bowed Her head to his feet and said: “So be it! I’m bhoomija, natures queen..I’m not sad ? living here…” As the sage walked away, Sita followed behind him with joined palms. When the wives of the sages saw Valmiki coming with Sita, they approached him joyfully and said: “O best of sages, we welcome you. After a long time you have come. We all offer you our respects. Tell us what we should do.”

    After hearing what they said, Valmiki introduced about sita to them.. She must be given all comforts.. Siya recalls all her past moments with ram… He didn’t even meet me…. One last time ???? ? ?…
    Lakshman sees her entering the hermitage from the other side and says to Sumanta..
    “O charioteer, see Rama’s sorrow sprung from Sita’s anguish. What greater sorrow could Rama have than rejecting His wife Sita, whose behavior is pure? O charioteer, I think that destiny is the cause of Sita’s permanent separation from Rama, for destiny cannot be avoided. The angry Rama worships destiny in order to annihilate the gods, gandharvas, asuras and rakshasas. In the past, because of His father’s command, he lived in exhile in the desolate Dandaka Forest for fourteen years. Then He suffered even greater anguish by separation from Sita. But after hearing the gossip of the citizens, He has committed what seems to Me a very merciless action. O charioteer, what self-righteous person would perpetrate an action so defamatory to Sita on the useless gossip of the citizens?”

    After hearing the many things said by Lakshmana, the wise Sumantra faithfully said the following words: “O son of Sumitra, You should not be anxious on account of Sita. O Lakshmana, this was foreseen in the presence of Your father by learned brahmanas. It was said that Rama would certainly experience great sorrow, that He would be divested of happiness and be separated from the people whom He loves. It was said that after a very long time had passed, Raghunandan will abandon you, maharani sita, princes Bharat and shatrughan. Lakshman is shocked ???? .. But you don’t mention this to your brothers, and anyone else.. Lakshman stands startled ?.

    1. Padmaja

      Wow this is heart touching and i loved the line ” iam natures queen” which was said by sita… pls update the next epi asap dear…

  23. 12th July episode story is wrong. Lakshman is the only one who is going to affect by that poisonous arrow. Ram shouldnt get affected by it

    1. Ritzz

      No that is different where hanuman brings sanjeevani…. meghnad has also hit both ram and lakshman… and garuda vahan of Vishnu saves them u can search it on net…dont unnecessary say wrong without knowing the story…

      1. @Ritzz…
        Nice link…. Thanks for sharing ???

    2. Ritzz

      Thnk u joy for appreciating…

  24. vaidehi aka lakshmila

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