Siya Ke Ram 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi introducing Devi Gargi to Ram. He says she is known for her knowledge and asking independent questions. Gargi blesses them and asks why did he make Ahilya rid of curse. Ram says it was my duty. She says but she was wrong. Ram says no one can say anyone wrong, it was known Raghuvanshi’s touch will revive her. She says did you not know doing this you are inviting bad fate. He says I don’t believe in fate, but my doings. She asks did you do this to get free of Tadaka’s kill guilt, was it good. Ram says Tadaka was killing Rishis. She says she was Rakshasi and it was her Dharm. He says what I did was my Dharm, I will bear what comes my way. She asks are you not sad to kill a woman. He says no, she was just enemy of peace and society, she was terror, and killing her was


Vishwamitra says I can see your efforts to confuse Ram is failing. Gargi smiles and says I got angry when I heard about Tadaka’s death, she was a woman and being a woman, I felt no one tried to understand Tadaka and killed her, then I heard that same prince has done Mata Ahilya’s uddhar, then my thoughts changed, it was example of such a man, who did not think of Karm and did the right thing, and praises Ram to have many qualities in him. She blesses Ram. Ram smiles and greets her. The ladies ask them to rest, as they maybe tired of their journey. Ram looks at the ashram.

Sita tells Janak about Malyavaan, he has ruined a field and gave gold coins to the woman, the land has become infertile now, he did this to welcome Raavan and land Raavan’s airplane, if he does not respect nature, how will he welcome nature. Shathanand comes there and tells Janak that I knew from Sita that a Raghuvanshi will come and do my Maya’s Uddhar/reviving. He says it got true, my mum has got rid of the curse. They all smile. Shathanand says I met my mum, it happened by prince Ram’s touch. Urmila signs Sita. They smile. Janak says its really good news, congrats.

Janak says Maha Rishi Gautam told me, I remember, when Raghuvanshi touches Ahilya with compassion, she will be rid of curse, it proves Ram has great thoughts. Shathanand says I m lucky to meet him. Janak says now I also wish to meet Dasharath’s son Ram.

A man tells them that Vishwamitra has come in Rishi’s ashram, and Dasharath’s son Ram and Laxman has also come there. Sita smiles. A lady asks Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman to sit to have food. Gargi asks Ram why is he not sitting. Ram takes the food bowl from the lady, and asks the ladies to sit. He says I will serve food to you all, then I will have food. The lady says no Ram, this…. Ram smiles and says I m lucky to be with you all Gurujan, I don’t want to miss this chance of serving you food, come. Gargi gets teary eyes. Ram tells Gurudev that this is Vaidehi, woman and man are same here. He asks the ladies to sit. Rishi nods. The ladies sit. Ram and Laxman serve food to everyone. Mangale bhavan………….plays…………. Gargi looks at Ram and says I have seen society rules changing by protests, but such love and compassion in one moment.. without hurting anyone’s respect and trust, bringing change… just one can do this who is free of greed and ego, who is pure…. She greets Ram. Ram smiles.

Sita recalls Shathanand’s words about Ram. Urmila dances and says Ram has come, you told that if your feelings are true, it will turn the situation, now I m sure, Ram and you will unite. Sita says don’t take other meaning of his coming. Urmila asks why, Janak wants to meet Ram, this is a sign and you should understand this, come with me, we will meet him. Sita says no. Urmila says there is no doubt. Sita says I won’t go, it won’t look good to meet him without a reason. Urmila asks will you go if there is reason. Sita says sure. Sunaina comes and says Gauri Mata has called you in ashram and Gauri temple. Sita says sure. Urmila smiles and says now there is a reason too. Sita smiles.

Sita and her sisters go to ashram and greet Vishwamitra. Sirta sends her sisters with puja plate to Gauri temple. Vishwamitra says I m glad seeing you Sita. Sita says I have no words to thank you, you told Ram to ashram to revive Ahilya. He says I should be thankful to you, you made this possible, I have seen such compassion in you and Ram, its equal in Devi Ahilya’s uddhar, always keep this goodness, go for the puja, everyone is waiting for you in temple. She goes. He says how to say I feel blessed, Lord Narayan and Mata Laxmi made me medium for your union, and thanks the Lord.

Sita does aarti and sings the bhajan Jai jai…….. she feels Ram’s arrival and turns to see. She does not see him, and smiles continuing the aarti. Everyone pray along. Ram walks in the temple. Sita turns to see and gets stunned seeing Ram. Ram and Sita see each other for the first time. Siya Ram………plays……..

Janak says I wish Ram takes part in the Swayamwar. He meets Ram and says I m glad to meet you. Ram says I m lucky. He praises Ram and says your Guru and parents are blessed to get student and son. Ram smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. first and loved it
    atlast they meet

  2. Awsm episode eagerly waiting fo 2mrw cnt wait thnk u fo fast updates 🙂

  3. Happy to be the first and elated after seeing today’ s episode

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Sorry buddy you r third

  4. samaira tanya

    I luvvvvv the episode!!!!

  5. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode .watching siya ke ram always makes happy and feel I m blessed to know more about sita and ram and also it is guiding me to become a better human

  6. And thank you so much Amena for your update

  7. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Jai Sita Ram…… 🙂 What an episode!!! Ram and Sita meet for the first time face to face in the auspicious Gauri Mata temple… 🙂 😀 Soulful chemistry <3

  8. i liked madha gargi she is a wonderful women

  9. Wow love at first sight grt……


  11. Very nice episode. The show us becoming interesting day by day. It has so much of positivity about it.

  12. Good episode. At last they met. Hey amena can’t u give tomorrow update in advance.? Waiting for u.? they have met

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      haha nice demand

  13. superb episode….ashish rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….such a fantablous actor ever…his face full of peace in siya ke ram…anger n smart in rangrasiya……hot hero … he look like real ram…thanks star plus for choosing him as ram….

  14. Really it’s a heart touching show, the chemistry between Sri ram & mata sita omg like heavenly love , what heavenly it’s already a heavenly love story

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      true pini

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