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Siya Ke Ram 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath and his three wives coming to Guru Vashisht and Ram. Dasharath seeks Guru’s blessings. Sumitra smiles seeing Ram and recalls seeing his Lord avatar. Dasharath asks Guru how did he come suddenly, he did not give chance to welcome. Guru says he has a good student and came to meet him. Dasharath says think how I have been without Ram, when he was at ashram. Guru says there is difference of Prem and Moh, balance is necessary in life. Dasharath says I try my best, but I m human, you guide me right always, will we not get a chance to welcome you. Kaushalya says yes, if you go, Laxman will be upset that he did not seek your blessings. Guru says I will come and sees Kaikeyi. He says I have to talk to Dasharath first in private. They all greet Guru and leave.


man tells Janak that BrahmaRishi Vishwamitra is coming here. Janak says its lucky thing for us, welcome him Sunaina, tell our daughters to take his blessings. Janak and everyone welcome Vishwamitra. Janak greets him well. Sunaina does the aarti and tilak. Janak washes his feet and wipes clean. Vishwamitra blessings him. He says everyone call me RajRishi, but its not possible to be a Raja and live as a Rishi, you did this, its big success. Janak says I feel my life is complete, what can I do for you. Vishwamitri says make me meet your daughters, I did not see them. Janak introduces the girls. Vishwamitra says Kushadwaj is brave and blesses Mandvi and Shruthkirti. Janak says she is my younger daughter Urmila, and this my elder daughter Sita. Vishwamitri stands seeing Sita’s Goddess avatar. Sita takes his blessings. He blesses her. He asks her do you meaning of my name. Sita nods and says friend of the world. He says great. Janak says Sita is getting educated in Maharishi Yagya’s gurukul. Vishwamitri says he is glad. Janak asks the girls to go to their Kaksh. The girls leave. Janak asks Vishwamitri to command him. Vishwamitri says I have come to alert you of upcoming danger. Janak asks what. Vishwamitri says some incidents have happened.

Guru asks Dasharath about the idols. Dasharath says its for showing ancestor’s greatness. Guru says its insult for them to break traditions, I told you Raghukul is known by the promise keeping ritual, if that’s broken then… Dasharath says that situation was different, how can I snatch my son’s right. Guru says don’t make your love for son as your shield, you did not have right to give promise if you can’t keep, Harishchandra gave promise in his dream and kept his promise, you are from that Vansh, you are not even realizing your mistake. Dasharath says I will give away everything if anyone asks, but this is of Ram. Guru says son has to bear father’s mistake. Dasharath recalls the old man’s curse and says don’t say this, guide me, I can’t bear if Ram is hurt because of me. Guru says Ram is a lot apart from this Rajya, he won’t be limited to Ayodhya, he is much greater than our thinking, where he steps, the land will get pure, he will be preached, trust him, he has sense to fulfill the expectations of his Kul, you can’t keep him with yourself, else everything will be ruined.

Vishwamitri tells Janak about the fights happening in Aryavar, and attacks are increasing. There will be a brave warrior who will free Aryavar from this problem in future, but…. Janak asks what. Vishwamitri says but till then this will become big problem. Ram recalls Kaikeyi’s words. Mantra serves Kaikeyi. Ram comes to her Kaksh. Kaikeyi gets glad and says Ram… Mantra stops her and says don’t go. Kaikeyi says I can’t make Ram wait. Kaikeyi stops recalling Dasharath’s words. Ram says Maa…. Kaikeyi gets thinking. She asks Ram, is there anything important, I m busy. Ram says nothing important, I came to say your son loves you a lot Maa. Kaikeyi cries. Ram leaves. Mantra says I felt you will open door, its easy you did not. Kaikeyi says its first time this happened that Ram called me and I avoided him, why did Dasharath do this to make a line between me and Ram, which I can never cross.

Dasharath says its Ram’s birthday today. Ram walks to them. They all smile seeing grown up Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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