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Siya Ke Ram 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Laxman waiting alongwith everyone and looking at Lanka’s door. Sugreev says why is Lanka’s door not opening today. Angad says I think Lankesh got scared. Vibhishan says Raavan won’t get scared, he would be making some war plan. Meghnadh throws the things in his Kaksh angrily. He screams and cries recalling Raavan’s words. Sulochana holds him. She says tears don’t suit in a great and mighty warrior’s eyes. He says no, I m not a great mighty warrior, I could not win my dad’s trust. She says I told you, relation does not matter to Raavan till his greed is not fulfilled, Lankesh always have greed motives to get satisfied by all his relations. He says no, I broke his trust by my incapability.

She says you are blaming yourself for all wrong seasons. He

says I will do Aradhna of Devi Nikumbala, I will please her by doing her Upaasna and Akhand yagya, she will give me an invincible chariot, I can kill anyone then, even Devtas. She says such yagya is dangerous, if it gets hindered before getting completed, then the one doing the yagya dies, do you remember this. He says yes, but I can give up my life to fulfill my dad’s expectations. She says there will be some way to win Raavan’s trust back. She cries seeing the black horse outside her Kaksh.

Sugreev asks Ram to permit them to initiate war, if no one comes from Lanka in war, we will break the door and enter Lanka, we will not leave any Asur alive. Ram says no customs and Dharm permit us for this, this can be Raavan’s plan, but we can prohibited to do this, we will wait in war ground till sunset, if anyone does not come from Lanka, then its fine.

Sulochana tells Mandodari about her bad dream, which she has seen at dawn. She cries and says I have seen a black horse running after Meghnadh. Mayasura says according to dream interpretation, black horse means Kaal, the bad dream is sign of something wrong going to hapapen. Sulochana tells Mandodari that you can protect your son, he is going to pray to Devi Nikumbala, that yagya can be fatal for him. Mandodari cries and says Sulochana try to understand, I lost as a mother infront of Meghnadh, he does not listen to anyone except his father, just you can protect him and save him from this disaster. They cry.

Sita tells Trijata that most powerful thing in the world is love, protective shield is love, Lanka has everything, but there is no love here. Trijata says love’s absence is unlucky. Sita says where there is love, there is life and Dharm, there is no life and Dharm where there is no love, Lanka has become land of sin and Adharm by love’s absence, there is no love and trust between relations, its just greed here, that’s why one day, this greed will wipe out Lanka’s existence some day.

Sulochana goes and stops Meghnadh. She says I did not interfere in your work, but today, don’t go for the yagya, that’s not right, if anything happens to you, think what will happen of me. He says Raavan does not trust me, do you also not trust me that I will succeed in my Aradhna. She says its not like that. He holds her face. They hold hands. He goes away. She cries.

Vibhishan tells Ram that he got news from Lanka, that Meghnadh is going to do Devi Nikumbala’s Upaasna and yagya, this yagya is specially done to please her, by this yagya, he will increase his powers, he will get invincible chariot and get unbeatable, he can kill anyone while sitting in that chariot, no one can harm him, we have to stop Meghnadh from completing this yagya, else if Meghnadh comes in battle ground by getting those powers, it will be impossible for us to win over him. Ram looks at everyone. They all chant Jai Shri Ram and leave.

Meghnadh goes to some cave. He greets the Devi idol, and sits to do the yagya. Laxman and vanar sena come there and kill the Asur guards. Sugreev says Laxman, just punish this sinner Meghnadh. Laxman says no, its important to disturb him and divert his attention first, he is in Dhyaan and its not according to Dharm to kill someone doing Dhyaan, we have to follow Dharm rules in this war. He asks them to go ad break Meghnadh’s Dhyaan. The vanar sena break the things around, and try to move Meghnadh from his place. Meghnadh sits chanting. Laxman says Meghnadh’s Dhyaan will be ruined when he is lifted from his place. Sugreev angrily goes to lift Meghnadh. He could not move Meghnadh from his place. Hanuman looks on and smiles. Hanuman puts water in the havan kund. Meghnadh opens his eyes angrily. He gets up and looks at Laxman.

Meghnadh shouts vanvasi, you did Adharm by creating hurdle in my yagya. Laxman says Adharm, where did your Dharm go when you cheated and attacked Ram. Meghnadh says I did mistake, I left by making your and Ram’s death definite, I should have killed these vanars too, I will rectify my mistake and kill everyone today, come, fight with me. Laxman stops the vanar sena and says Meghnadh, you took Adharm’s support, but I will fight with you by following Dharm, I will fight alone, no one will interfere in this fight. He asks Meghnadh to come and lift his weapons.

Meghnadh and Laxman’s fight initiates. They have a swordfight. Everyone look on. Laxman pushes Meghnadh. He asks Meghnadh to lift his weapon. He says I don’t attack on weaponless person. Meghnadh angrily gets a trishul and runs to attack Laxman. Laxman jumps over and beheads him. Meghnadh falls down. Everyone smile.

Raavan goes to see Meghnadh’s body. Sulochana hugs Meghnadh’s dead body and cries. She shouts on Raavn and asks him not to touch her husband, he is not related to him. Raavan asks how, he is my son, I will go in war. Sulochana cries and says you won’t go anywhere, I will go in battle ground now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think so there are more and more overactions in this family…..I did not observe any where ….and in this group as I have saw each and every member do more and more overactions……and doing silly things like leaving the group ,not feeling well etc….. this is tooo much….are this real or any fake……this is the worst of the worst……..just behave in a proper manner………..AND A IMPORTANT NOTICE I WANT TO SAY IS WHO IS WRITING THIS NOTICE IS A MEMBER IN THIS FAMILY AND YOU ALL KNOW ME VERY WELL……….SHE IS A MEMBER IN THIS FAMILY …..I DON’T WANNA REVEAL MY NAME……so writing like this and even can’t see the overactions doing here…………

    1. Priya15

      The first thing I couldn’t believe that we had a family member who say the things fake etc…. And overactions… I seriously don’t know who u r as I never saw anybody cmntng in name of karishma.. But one thing is sure u can’t be our family member.. If u were then u would have known that our sisterly love towards each other never been fake.. If u r our family member then there is no need for u to cmnt in other name rather than saying ur pov in ur real name…I m sry to say I can’t believe that u r a member in our family… Sry if my words hurted u but it really hurted alot when u said fake and even said u belong to this family…..

      1. @ Priya 15 I am not your family …..okay just lied

    2. Hey you are just lying and you want to creat misunderstanding between us by telling us that you are a family member.
      Please think once before you comment…

    3. yes we r crazy karishma . we r crazy for our skr and our friendship , we care about others . this is not over reacting . u r over reacting . if u don’t want to see our bonding don’t comment on this page . seeing this comment itself I knew u r not a member of this family and can never become because this skr family is full of love and affection and all r well wishers dear not bashers. if u don’t like our bonding don’t ever open this skr page and dont ever see our comments . and stop saying vanshika and priya di rubbish because u have never read vanshika’s fanfic and u have no right to speak about that

  2. Priya15

    Happy independence to u all frnds.. Actually I want to say something abt one upcoming show…

    P. S.. Sry if this cmnt hurt anybody I mean sry for speaking abt some other series in this page. But I want to say it to my SISTERS… Pls no bashing..

    The upcoming show NAMKARAN.. I think many of us would have saw the promo am I ryt?? The first thing is what u people felt after seeing it??? PLS I WANT ANS FROM ALL OF U…

    So here goes my ans:

    I truly loved the concept when I watch that promo for the very first time. . PEHLE PAPA KA NAAM PHIR PATI KA NAAM.. USKA KHUD KA NAAM KAB AYEGA?? First of all even I have the same qn.. Bcoz even in TN initial means a lot . in fact more than ur name.. I don’t say that keeping ur father’s name and changing to ur husband’s Name is wrong.. But I m just saying for eg. Calling a girl Mrs. Rathod rather than saying her name is hurting kyunki ladkiyon ko bhi ek penchan hai use kyun ham sab surname Pe chupakar rak dete hai. . Nam bulate vakth kyun pita aur Pati uska pehchan ban raha hai.. Y so??? I m having this qn in my mind from my 7th std.. So I think this serial NAMKARAN is worth watching…. When one girl become independent at that time we should say we r independent.. Jab ek ladki ko uski pehchan milti hai… That day we can say as our independence day.. In my view independence is the thing which u celebrate when u stand in ur own legs.. Don’t u people feel that this show is unique?? Which shows the answer for every girl qn??

    So now say ur pov.. M waiting to know ur pov frns.. Hope u people l say..

    Once again sry for taking this concept here.. Hope u people l don’t mind..

    1. Vanshika

      Hi di.. Yup I’ve seen the promo.. I also want to know the answer to this qn.. Interesting concept. Bt m NT waiting fr the show (even though m waiting fr the answer to the qn) I’m NT waiting fr this show cos its gonna replace skr, I mean wen skr will end then it’ll come,,, n I don’t want skr to end ??….. Still I agree with all the things u hv said.. Love u n happy independence day..

      1. Priya15

        Hey sweetie so think wt l be my plan still I got all of u people’s ans…

    2. But you asked to say the comment to everyone….so I spoke …just if it is not that I don’t enter in this matter and i don’t poke in others matter just like you…
      I don’t have habits like you….just doing more and extra actions….

      Chi chi chi chi very rubbish

      1. Priya15

        O hello first of all I m not rubbish in fact u r rubbish to talk like this In wanted matters.. I never came to u and beg that read my cmnt n reply.. I said it to my FAMILY MEMBERS.. Hope u got it clear… I even said no bashing.. Don’t u know English…. And ur behaviour is Chi Chi Chi.. To speak with others and hurt other feeling.. And ya even I can speak like u.. Par tumhe javab Dene ke liye Mei utni nahi girungi…. So just keep shut..

    3. u r right di , the show’s concept is unique and beautiful . this show is a must for the society . really a good show . what we’ll plan di ?

  3. Priya15

    If u people feel the same then we l plan one thing.. But I l say it after seeing ur replies only.. Hope it’s OK??

    1. Please tell…

      1. Priya15

        Di say ur view regarding that promo… Then I l say it.. Pakka

      2. Priya15

        At the top of this cmnt..

    2. You follow it but I can’t follow all ur stupid and rubbish ideas…..

      1. Priya15

        One sec.. I never said u to follow.. I said it to my SISTERS.. U r not my sister so there is no need for u to poke ur nose into our matter.. Hope u understand this..

      2. Karishma Please keep your own ideas .don’t want to spoil this page.we don’t want to hear a single word against our sisters.

  4. Hey today this comment page is on the way 200+ many days after….
    Keep commenting dear

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    A very very happy independence day to all my friends ?? be free to comment anything..

    1. No need of your orders…..there is no need at all…..Its our wish….we will comment freely itself ….who are you to say to us….no need of ur suggestions …..don’t act toooo smart


  6. Hey a small question to all of you?
    Who is your favourite freedom fighter and why?(you may write in short notes)

    1. Mine is netaji shubhash Chandra Bose coz of his personality and struggle…… Moreover all freedom fighters are equal to all of us

  7. how is my dp guys

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    Belle di happy birthday ? may your life b filled with unlimited happiness may Lakshmi Narayan bless you always and enjoy d day ? ? ? ????????????? love you

    1. Thank u so much vanshu dear .luv u ❤ too

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    1. Mahabharat is a very nice and excellent story …..pls its my request from bottom of my heart pls don’t spoil the mahabharat story by your stupid and rubbish fanfic…..

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        Excuse me mam.. Mind ur language.. Don’t u dare to speak to my sis in this way…. Now u proved that u r not our family member rather than u came here to spoil our unity..

      2. Karishma dear think a number of times before cmnting such things

      3. Vanshika

        M sry di bt my fanfic doesn’t hv any imaginary stories or rubbish. I too like the story from begin is my heart so I’m NT making stupid stories I’m only writing what the true story is NT changed anything bt still if u feel its rubbish then don’t read it simply..

      4. IN YOUR WORDS

  14. I think so you people did not read my comment read it….

    1. Priya15

      We know what we should do. .. No need to give orders to us….

  15. Priya15

    Guys who is KARISHMA??? Is anybody named like that belong here???

    1. No ……I am not a member in this family just told a lie

      1. Priya15

        Liar. I know it u can’t be our family member.. Bcoz we people know to love and encourage each other not like spreading hatred and discouraging others like u.. So u came here to break our unity.. So now I can be free talking to u without thinking that I l hurt u.. Pls mind ur own business I won’t bare anybody speaking like this with vanshu.. Hope u got it..

      2. Karishma Only fake people can call others fake and I think dat u r fake and dat’s y u call our sisterly love fake……… Shame of u ……….. If u don’t like this pg then y r cmnting here????? No need of increasing our cmnts by such words dear

    2. No dear priya di and she herself has surrendered it to us

  16. Priya15

    Tu page pls post my cmnts.. U people r posting that unwanted cmnts but u can’t post my cmnt…. Wts this yr??.. Pls post it fast tu page..

    1. You read my each and every comment and there is a important comment to you in the top of the page….u mustb read it

    2. Pujith209

      di who is she karishma really she is talking too much…….its very bad pls don’t criticize others ……here we all are like a family…and you don’t say like that

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      2. Priya15

        Puju where did u say?? What u said??

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