Siya Ke Ram 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram giving the eatables to Sita and putting that in her dupatta. She roasts the vegetables in fire and gives to the boy. She smiles seeing the boy eating it. She then gives food to Ram. Laxman guards them. Sita calls Laxman and gives him food. They all have food. Sita makes the boy sleep. Ram sits near the fire and adds wood. Sita goes to him, and asks what are you seeing like this. He says my good luck, which got evident to me in your avatar, in such tough situation, you behave calmly and with maturity, I get surprised seeing this.

Sita gets hurt and he rushes to her in concern. She smiles. He lifts her. Ram Ram…..plays………….. He makes her sit and holds her hand. He cares for her hand. Sita rests on his shoulder. He holds her. They sleep.

Its morning,

Sita wakes up and sunrays fall over her face. She keeps her hadn. Ram sees this and blocks sunlight for her comfort. She sees him and smiles. The boy runs to her and says look what Laxman got for me. He eats something. Sita sees Ram’s cloth around her, and looks at her. Ram goes to her and asks her to give his vastra/cloth. Laxman comes there and brings fruits. He tells Sita that he arranged food, no need to bear trouble. She asks why does your eyes look watery and tired. Laxman turns away. The boy says Laxman has been awake all night, that’s why his eyes look so tired. Laxman nods no. Ram looks at him. Laxman does not presents his efforts.

Urmila is doing some arrangements, and asks Daasi to hurry up. Sumitra comes to her and sends all the Daasis out. She asks Urmila why are you not sleeping, I m seeing since many days, you are working a lot, and not sleeping in night and day, take care, if you get unwell, what will I answer Laxman. Urmila says Mata, don’t worry, I m such, I sleep very less. Sumitra says Laxman used to sleep a lot, and see he has sacrificed his sleep and serving Ram and Sita day and night. Urmila says I also want to do such. Sumitra says it does not mean you also sacrifice your sleep. She sends Urmila to rest.

Bharat digs the soil. Shatrughan looks on and walks to him. He asks Bharat whats happening. Bharat says this is my resting place, I will stay live. Shatrughan says you are joking right. Bharat says no, its related to Ram. Shatrughan asks how does this shallow pit related to Ram. Bharat says Ram is on vanvaas, he is staying on earth there, its not right for me to stay on earth/ground, I can’t be equal to him, Ram is always my inspiration, how can I be equal to him, so I made my resting place by digging a big shallow pit under the ground, this is to lower level than me.

Shatrughan cries and goes away. Bharat goes to him and asks what happened. Shatrughan says forgive me, I could not see your sacrifice, everyone get mad seeing comforts in this world, but you are one, who got everything and had courage and selflessness to sacrifice it all, you are great, you three brothers will be remembered in Raghukul, your virtues will be always known, I regret that I could not contribute in this sacrifice. Bharat says I did not do anything by sacrificing things, you are doing the great thing by taking the duty on your shoulders, you protected Raghukul’s prestige, I feel glad and proud seeing you, you are Ram’s rightful heir in future, I m sure you will take Raghukul’s respect and prestige higher.

Shatrughan says I don’t know I m deserving and suitable heir or not, but I will regard the Rajya work as my duty, I came to inform you that Rajya work is starting again, its time to bring out Praja from sorrowful state. Bharat says you are saying right. Shatrughan says I will give you timely updates about Rajya work. Bharat says no need, I don’t want any updates, if you find any problem in taking any decision and you need my advice, you are always welcome, Ayodhya Rajya is in safe hands now, you manage it well, this is my wish. They hug. Shatrughan says now allow me to leave. He leaves.

Sita does some work and sings a tune. Ram hears her and smiles. She washes clothes in lake water. The boy runs to her and asks shall I help you. She says sure, come. She asks him to hold the cloth and drains the water. They dry the cloth. Sita smiles and then folds the cloth. She goes to Ram and sees him making sharp arrows. She gives him the cloth. He says I will wear it. She says if you permit, shall I make you wear this. He smiles. She folds the cloth and puts over his shoulder and wraps his back by it. He calls her efforts true. They smile.

Sita puts some liquid in Laxman’s eyes and asks him to keep eyes shut for some time. The hawk says its time to attack now. The hawk picks the boy and flies away. Sita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Sanjana

      Excuse me. Mind ur language
      Understand the purity of the epic and refrain from using such words
      We can’t degrade someone like that
      Learn to appreciate talents
      If u knew acting so much why didn’t u audition for siya ke ram

      • Hello sister seeing u back after a few days in did update website! And down! I know dat her view was wrong but pls be calm! Can u tell me how the time,month and year was measured and calculated during ramayana period!

    • Sanjana

      And may I know if u don’t like them why do u watch it??? just want to know
      Pls provide info

    • nupur

      Sanchita y r u saying like dis….if u don’t like the show don’t watch it,no one is forcing you but don’t disrespect the hard work of the whole skr team…plz it’s a request….

    • twinkle

      if you don’t want to watch then don’t watch but please care for others feeling who love this show

    • Sanchita shetty

      I apologise for commenting like this
      Actually it was a typo error
      Believe me but anyways I don’t want ur sympathy and all that
      Pls don’t think that I am joining this club

    • My humble request to u please don’t degrade the actors in siya me ram! Actually its very difficult to act in a epic based subject story! But all the sita and ram characters are fondly remembered by the people right from sagars Ramayana! These actors are also awesome! Not only sita and ram characters but all characters are suited to correct people in siya me ram! And also for siya me ram actors in star parivar awards

    • Ishita

      Hey sanchita if the serial looks bakwaas then why u are watching or even seeing telly updates
      Respect other’s feeling no one is forcing u to see this program
      Please mind ur language
      I m a delhi girl and if required i can abuse u to such extent that u will shame by seeing ur face too ????
      Don’t mess up with us

    • Ardian(Arjuna draupadi)

      I agree with ji sanchita. But skr is not bakwaas. I love MB and I am mad of it. I don’t like skr, but still as a Hindu, I don’t want to abuse Ramayana, I like ramayanana, because people say Rama is avatar of Lord Krishna my favourite god. Madrakshishi and ashish may not act like ur favourite actors or mine ji, I hate them. U could ridicule actors, really ashish is not a suit for Rama. Band madi s eyes don’t have patience of sita, but the story is nice( Ramayana). It is heritage of india

    • Ardian(Arjunadraupadi)

      I agree with ji sanchita. But skr is not bakwaas. I love MB and I am mad of it. I don’t like skr, but still as a Hindu, I don’t want to abuse Ramayana, I like ramayanana, because people say Rama is avatar of Lord Krishna my favourite god. Madrakshishi and ashish may not act like ur favourite actors or mine ji, I hate them. U could ridicule actors, really ashish is not a suit for Rama. Band madi s eyes don’t have patience of sita, but the story is nice( Ramayana). It is heritage of india

    • Anisha

      Yes it’s absolutely your wish whether you want to join the SKR fan club or not. But nobody has given you the right to bad mouth about our Siya and Ram and our AshMaddy. Please don’t visit the updates page if you are so disnterested. And if you still think that you have the complete right of insulting SKR then you have no idea of what SKR fans can do. We can go to any extent to prove our love. So please, I request you to refrain from visiting this page…

    • see miss sanchita u have no authority to speak like this on such a pious page because of your comment many siya ke ram lovers are hurted. and i don’t want u to hurt any of my family members
      so if u don’t like it u can say it but not here. u have full rights to display your views
      but please don’t express it here
      and we even do not want u to join our family because we don’t want any sister that hurts our family


      TOO BAD OF U GUYS……. NEVER EXPECTED U ALL TO REACT FOR SANCHITA’S COMMENT…… ………….. THIS IS A PUBLIC WEBSITE…….. WHEN WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO WATCH, READ AND GIVE COMMENTS ABOUT SKR WHY NOT SHE? is it just bcoz her comment was NEGATIVE?????? I SAW HER COMMENT AND THOUGHT NONE OF WILL REACT FOR IT but my trust wasnt true………. it might sound funny for u even but i had so much of trust on u all that u wont LOSS UR PATIENCE FOR SUCH NEGATIVE COMMENTS……….. WE ALL TALK ABOUT SITA’S EXILE BUT DID ANYONE LEARN ANYTHING FROM IT?????? she faced so much taunts but never reacted the way u reacted……. after all this is nothing when compared to her taunts………. COMMON GUYS WE ARE LIVING IN THE 20TH CENTURY………… AND INDIA ALL HAD THE RIGHT EXPRESS HIS/ HER VIEWS………. SO JUST CHILL……..


      janani akka true we e crazy fans of skr but that doesnt mean that we will encourage all the flaws of skr……… even we give negative comment but it matter hw its expressed….




        and guys i m not telling never to get angry but react when necessary…. when they comment about us…… that to when having our personal chat…



    • Ardian

      Shivani don’t criticize shaheer. He has more than million likes in fb
      Ashish is not even equal to atom of shaheer in acting or beauty

    • Ardian

      I buttoned my hands. Because of I had learnt patience from Krishna and Arjuna. But I can’t be without fighting for each and every shaheerians. Ashish is just a clay in front of shaheer.
      Sorry if it hurts u

    • Ardiansss

      Shivani u can never call a epic crap. Mind your words a lot. Don’t never ever cross ur limit. Just because of being Hindu I respect skr. . .
      But is very worst to call MB as crap. I can say urs is a collapse in front of our mb

  1. Very nice episode!they are also focussing on laxman and urmila! Very nice to see each sacrificing their sleep.sita and ram scenes are also nice! They lived peacefully for 13 yrs.the problem will start in 14th year due to shurpanaka!

  2. Joshna

    Thx amena di. The episode was awesome .Sanchita u don’t have any right to speak abt ashish and madirakshi that to in skr club. They are best .if u type comments like this pls do not come here. And as far as the episode is concerned it was a really good episode and Bharat and shatrugan scene was awesome . precap was scary . but waiting to see tom episode

  3. nupur

    Very nice episode….loved it?
    M very happy tht the show is focussing on the eternal love between laxman and urmila!!!
    Waitin 4 2moro’s epi…

    • Yeah their love was beautiful actually dandaka forest was really a dangerous forest in terms of place and situation there but they three people were the brave people to face all hurdles there!

      • nupur

        Hi gokul…how r u dear? May i know frm which state u r and what r u studying? Actually i wasn’t commenting on the page for a long time so wanted to know but if it’s personal m sorry….

      • nupur

        Hi iqura…how r u dear? Xams over na? Now u in 7th std ri8? Sorry if m wrong…enjoy ur holidays?

  4. Ishita

    Hey i m back after a long time
    Wishing u all happy navratras ?
    Sanjana missing u
    Nidhi missing u too ??
    Please make an id on Twitter or fb we have formed a group on both

  5. Bhoomi

    Guys pls send me a friend request on fb…. pls search sanaya dixit … i hv no friends …… my school friends r not on fb….. pls .. my profile pic is of a cat…

  6. Sanjana(Sara)

    Great episode.
    I am really happy that they are focusing on lakshman and urmila.
    Sumitra looks so beautiful.
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    Hey everyone how r u all?
    Did sumi di post her OS ??

    Sanchita Shetty di u don’t have any right to say that they are worst actors. They are the best. If u dont like them please dont say anything ill about them. Care about others please. If you dont like them then why do u watch it.
    Sorry if i hurt u.


      no sara…… sanchita has rights to comment about the actors….. common its a public website……. she has all RIGHTS TO TALK ABOUT IT………… NOT ONLY SHE BUT ALL……….. WE ARE SUPPOSE TO WELCOME BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE COMMENTS………. other wise skr will really become worst bcoz its always its praised and not criticized……….. we should fight ONLY when they criticize is about US AND WHEN THEY CRITICIZES IS NOT REASONED PROPERLY………… SORRY IF I HAD HURT U DA……… BUT ITS INDIA…… ALL HAVE THEIR RIGHTS TO EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS…….. IT MIGHT HURT OTHERS BUT ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS HIS/HER FEELINGS……….

  7. Bhoomi

    Guys pls send me friend request on fb … i hv no friends … only u all r my griends pls guys …… pls search Sanaya dixit

  8. Sanjana

    Actually I have a request to all the di’s
    My father wants me to change from state board after my 10th
    Either cbse or icse
    Actually for that I have to shift base from pondy to chennai and also I know both cbse and icse are difficult compared to state board as till now I have a lot of free time
    Like it’s perfectly fine if I don’t study my daily lessons and there is no proper foundation ,practical application
    And English is all kind of there is nothing basically there is no foundation which I expect will be difficult for both competitive exams and managing in college
    I am ready to work hard but do u think it would work out
    As 12th marks are also imp to get a seat in merit
    And Di’s let me be clear I want to enter the management line
    So now my main question would cbse be better or icse
    Can u give me pros and cons of both pls

    And I know many tamilian are here so any good school reccomendations in chennai also would be welcome and accepted wholeheartedly

    PS pls pls pls pls do reply dear di’s I request u to share valuable info pls pls

      • nupur

        Hi sanju….actually both streams r good in dere own way and it isnt very hard to score good marks in both of them…myself studied in ICSE till 10th and in CBSE for 11 & 12…
        But as u said u want to pursue management studies in future,so its better if u opt for cbse bcos it is less burden….but after 12th u need a degree b4 u study mba so 4 tht u if u hav interest in engineering u can take coaching classes side by side n get into any nit or iit….but if u don’t want that then u cn opt for economics or any other subject for +3 in a good college(in my opinion opt 4 economics as it ll help u in future)…..
        And about english well if u study in icse it ll help as they giv more importance to it but no worries, while preparing 4 mba entrance xams take up some english coaching classes were dey ll teach u how to be confident n fluent in english during interviews,group discussions etc….
        So dont take tension n choose d stream which ll help u to achieve ur goal in future and I know u ll definitely shine in it…..I hope u get ur doubts cleared n if u need anymore info then let me know….KEEP SMILING AND BE POSITIVE:):):)TKCR!!!

    • Samyuktha shrinivas

      Hi sanjana, I m a tamilian and silent fan of Skr. I m doing my first year of college now. I studied in CBSE for 7 years. CBSE 11 and 12 is not actually hard. U can score good marks in that. Only, you will find a change in way of writing the answers and asking questions. If u want to study management, then its comparatively easy to adopt to the syllabus. U ll gain more knowledge.
      CBSE students have advantages while making ranks in nit, iit. I don’t no about iim. I thinkbu can’t enter directly after 12 the. U need to complete a degree . I m sorry if I m wrong, please verify. I think its like this. Anyways all the best. Coming to school, I did my schooling in Coimbatore as a boarder. So, I don’t know any schools in Chennai. I can assure u one thing , u can really get good marks, its not that u can’t get in CBSE.

  9. Silpa k sivadasan

    My dear frndz
    I hav reqst 2 u all
    Plz pray 4 those 111 lives lost in temple firework explosion in kerala and 4 those families who lost their beloved without even getting a chance to say gudbye

    And 4 those 200+ persons suffrng frm the pain caused by burns

    Plz pray 4 their families who hav to c their beloved writhng in pain each moment

    I dont know wat to say who to blame but know this
    V should b careful to not repeat this mistake again

    I m beggng u guyz plz plz pray 4 thm


      sure anjali….. u have really good heart…. we will for sure pray……..after all they are also our family….. all are human beings……

  10. Krishna

    Iam excited to see such true fans of SKR.even iam one.happy to read comments when someone spoke wrong about AshMaB-):-*

  11. Seetha

    This is a great show.They are focusing on each and every single line very beautifully.And actors are doing a great job.Its not so easy as saying bakwaas because it is an epic and there will be very high expectations and they have big responsibility.Pl don’t repeat it Sanchita Shetty.U have no right to speak as such.

  12. malvika

    Guys chill…. evryone have different taste.. if she dint like acting of respective actors its her pov… is not that she spoke wron about holy epic or something…. u guys also give negative reviews about other serial actors just cz its skr n not sns, yrkkh types doesn’t mean nobody cam express their views … so chill out

  13. maithili

    the episode was as usual awesome…all the actors and actress are doing nice…can anyone give me the link to our skr fan club on Facebook…plzzz!!!

  14. Bhoomi

    Ishita, reshma di , akanksha di, sara (sanjana), i sent u friend request on fb….
    Pls accept it …
    My fb name is sanaya dixit…

  15. anjali

    You are right Malvika . Guys pls cool down .Are you all on the verge on turning this commenting section into a quarreling one? Yes I know you all are hurt but still forgive them those who are criticizing SKR I don’t understand , if you claim to love this Serial so much then do learn the good values that are shown in these characters and in this serial.That will show your real love towards SKR. So guys have patience and forgiveness attitude among yourselves. By the way the episode was nice. Thankfully now they are focusing on Lakshmila. I missed them so badly. And Sanchita and Ardian sorry from my side from the whole SKR family . And don’t pls write like this anymore ,can you see there reaction????? I hope you don’t want to be criticised. And pls don’t misunderstand me anyone here ,I didn,t mean to hurt anyone here Hope you all have understand my point. Waiting to see #RamBhakt Hanuman too .

  16. Thanmathi

    Guys please cool down skr is a happy family and come on let’s create some happy movements here forget all about those who are criticising skr and be a happy family once again hope you understand

  17. Bhoomi

    Guys who is rithushree ?? Ww what is your fb name ?? Ww If u dont want to u cn tell on fan club site ….

  18. Bhoomi

    Hey nippy … gravatar sends u email when u sign in for first time …… r u signing in for first time ????

    • craze about skr

      no………………..actually even u can see my dp right???????//////////………………..i was already in gravatar………………but dont know whats hap???????????????????

  19. Joshna

    Hello guys I have been observing. By the wayjanani di I did not say anything wrong morover y are u pin pointing me . where everyone was also equally angrier than me . there is nothing wrong she did not have any rights to say abt the serial in skr club itself she could kept the views to her self instead of typing it public . by the way Her apologies was also really rude. So it is not considered as an apology.
    Thanks .

  20. TV Time

    It’s a public website not a forum. Just because you people are too typing comments here doesn’t make it a members only fan club. And you can’t say someone has no RIGHT to comment. The website gives them the right to comment. You’re behaving like a bunch of intolerant bhakts!

      • TV Time

        U mean the right to comment here applies to mahabharat fans too? Yes it does sweety! That’s why you can’t tell them not to comment! And you are just intolerant people who couldn’t ignore a comment.

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