Siya Ke Ram 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking Surpanakha not to have such thoughts. She says since I have seen you, I m restless, I have dreamt about you, don’t know how many times did I take your name Ram….. my life’s completeness is by you, we are made for each other, there is no one brave and powerful like you, and there is no one beautiful like me, then why do we have this distance. He says Devi, you are a woman, be in your limits, what you are wishing is impossible.

She says battle or love, its right and possible. She gets garlands and says put this garland on my neck and marry me, then we will unite, then no power of the world can separate us. He asks her not to cross her limits. She asks what limits, who sets the limits, I set my limits myself, what is that love which does not cross limits and

break shyness. She walks to Ram with garlands. He steps back. She says I understand your hesitance, you want me to make you wear garland first, fine…. She takes a garland in hand and he gets shocked.

Sita does puja and pours milk on the shivling. She does the aarti. She prays to Mahadev and says we all women will keep the fast for husband’s long life and strong love, the same way how Mata Parvati has kept the fast for getting his love. The lady asks Sita about the story of Mata Sati. Sita tells them about Sati’s love for Mahadev, Sati has to take rebirth as Mata Parvati, Parvati has done much tapasya and kept fasts to get Mahadev, then all the women of the world keep this fast to get their husband’s love. The lady says my heart got happy hearing this story by you. Sita prays that Ram and her love does not get any hurdle, no bad sight can harm their love.

Surpanakha walks to Ram with garlands. He throws that water and asks her is she not in her senses, I told you I can’t marry you, I m already married. She gets shocked and angry. She asks do you think I will believe you, no Ram, you are not married, if you were married, I would have not seen wish in your eyes, to get me. He says you are mistaken, I m really married, I can’t marry you, and I don’t want to marry you, after knowing truth and my wish….. She says you can’t be someone else’s, you are just mine, tell me whatever you said is false. She stops him and says I did all this adornment for you, you want to insult my emotions and leave. He says sorry, you are getting yourself humiliated, I m still giving you respect by making you realize truth. He leaves. She shouts no, and fumes……

A man informs Raavan that Virat died while fighting with those Sanyasis. Raavan says I did mistake to underestimate those Sanyasis. Meghnadh says allow me to go there and kill them. Raavan says no, we still have others to do our work. He asks Malyavaan to send more two Asurs to Panchwati and kill those two Sanyasis, if they fail to do this, then they can choose their punishment here.

Soemone comes there and shouts Raavan….. Raavan gets angry seeing him. Malyavaan says Rishi Vishravas…. Vishravas says you left Ved and Gyaan mark, on which path are you walking Lankesh….. how can you forget the values given by your father, answer my question Lankesh….. Raavan welcomes his father in Lanka. He tells Malyavaan to do arrangements for his father’s stay. He goes. Vishravas looks on.

Surpanakha is back at her place. She gets angry on the Daasi and slaps her. She asks did you do this adornment, did I call you for this, that Sanyasi did not get attracted to me even for a second, he has insulted my beauty, you all will be punished for my insult, none of you will be alive. Her long nails appear. Daasis beg for lives. Surpanakha says you don’t beg for your lives, you won’t be spared today. Daasia says Sanyasi is not an ordinary man, you have to do complete dedication. Surpanakha calms down and says I can do anything to get you Ram.

Chatayu flies to Ram and greets him. Ram asks him to come and have food. Chatayu says I did not come to have food, but inform you, you asked me to keep an eye on Panchwati, I saw you saving a woman, I doubted on her, I got to know she loves you, she is Raavan’s younger sister Surpanakha. Ram gets shocked. Vishravas asks Raavan to do Mahadev’s puja today. Raavan wipes the shivling and does puja.

Vishravas says I made you Gyaani of all Ved, because I thought you will take your knowledge forward, but I think you have got away from the right path, don’t you realize you are born in Vishravas’ family, you have left Dharm path, you should realize that nothing can be obtained by Adharm. Raavan says puja is over and starts leaving. Vishravas says Mahadev has linked us till now, there is still time, pray to Mahadev, he will bless you. Raavan asks who called you here. Vishravas says father does not need any invitation or anyone’s permission to come to son’s house. Raavan says you would be called by someone, you know no one can come here without my permission, who felt everything will be fine after you come here. Vishravas says the one who love you the most, the one who gives imp to entire Lanka and Asur lok. Raavan gets angry.

Ram says Raavan’s younger sister, why did she hide her identity, Surpanakha proposed love to me, don’t tell this to anyone, world will laugh on her knowing I rejected her, even if she is Asur king Raavan’s sister, but she is a woman, its not right that anyone make fun of her. Chatayu says you are a diamond, you are a great Raghuvanshi, you regard every woman same, be it anyone, but be careful, that woman is clever and can cheat, she does not think right and wrong, she can do anything, just like Raavan.

Raavan argues with Vishravas. Surpanakha looks at Sita and Ram. She thinks I will wait for right moment, Sita has to get away from Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Very nice episode. I thought surpnakha will stop trying for ram but she’s really stubborn. When laxman will get that the lady loving ram is raavan’s sister he will get more angry. Raavan did not respect even his father. Ram … What to say respects even that lady who behaved so badly. Jai shree ram….. Now surpnakha’s target will be sita?. And when laxman will punish her he will get scolded by sita. I think laxman was the only person in Ramayan who was scolded so much by sita .

  2. Nice episode !! Surpankha should understand !! Dumb woman !!

    Btw…..hi everyone !! I hav gone to 12 now so hav a lot of study pressure thts u I wasnt able to comment regularly !! I m sry….I will try to be regular Frm now….ww….who is krishnai ?? N how ws ur result ?? Hope u did well

  3. Nabanita

    am I first today? By the nice episode as usual.let see surpankha do what!!!!!! ??????????

  4. Sarayu(honey)

    Nice episode, but this surpanakha, I hate her, I wish I she wasn’t there in this epic.

  5. Meghana

    Hi, me first!woww ok F9 today’s epi was really nice.I truely loved ram’s respect towards women.vishravas entered finally and he looks somewhat good right (I mean than ravan).sita scene fulfilled with devotion.overall epi was good

  6. Meghana

    PLS tell me r anyone watching Jana na dil she door if so pls tell me amena di is also writing jndsd serial written update

  7. Ranaji

    guys i will send best poll at 8.00pm slot tmr and they will post on pls only seeing hanuman show becoz i need to add something about that show..

  8. Anil

    This episode proves that Ram’s respect towards women…loved the epi…
    Waiting for laxman and surpanaka scene…

  9. riya

    I’m writing here for d 1st time.i always used 2 read d aftr watching today’s episode i couldn’t resist myself from writing comment.only u guys can help me.i was surprised 2 see ram’s concern fr women’s respect.he was afraid dat if d world gets 2 know about surpanakha’s rejection they’ll mock at her.then why he didn’t think about sita’s respect aftr d war when he rejected her before so many people? Didn’t he think for once that people will mock at sita too as he was rejected by her husband. Just like now he is a yuvraj, also aftr d war he was a yuvraj.he didn’t become a king then.only aftr returning ayodhya he became king.he rejected her not only once bt thrice time.then why did he differentiate between sita and other women? I’m not against ramji.i’m just trying 2 know more about mythology aftr watching skr.bcz i haven’t much knowledge about mythology.

    • Anil

      Welcome riya with good question….this question is in everyone’s mind….
      Ram always thinks people’s point of view only….and another thing was sita respect ram’s decision every time….

    • Meghana

      Welcome Riya di to our sweet skr family even I hv same doubt let’s wait and see skr may clear our doubt

      • riya

        Even i’m waiting fr that part what skr that time there will be my i dnno whether i’ll be able 2 see i want ds ravan part 2 be finished i think they’ll continue it till October & my exam will be that month. So mayb i’ll hv 2 be satisfied only with written update.

    • Nabanita

      Rita that’s a very gd question.but I think after sita’s agnipariksha when they back ayodhya ram can not imagine that praja will want the agnipariksha from their loving queen once again.but they do ram did not able to tell sita that praja is suspicious about her and want agnipariksha. so he told lakshman to keep sita in van.I think that time ram had not anything to do.

      • riya

        No it’s many days sita was d queen of ayodhya?ds is not mentioned anywhere clearly.didn’t ayodhya people ever demand fr queen? I mean how a kingdom can be ruled without a queen?every king must hv had a queen and king’s heir.

    • Hi riya first of all welcome to our family and ram didn’t reject her sita took the decision of leaving ayodhya for his respect.. If he had rejected her he won’t be upset by thinking about her while she went to canvas he missed sita alot if he avoided her while doing ashwametha yagya he won’t make sita idol instead of marrying anybody else!!!

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Epi ws excellent… Aftr mch difficulty I sw d epi.. I managed to finish my syllabus fr d exm n dn I wtchd.. Bt missed siya part ????
      Bt Surpankha ws only looking lyk a fool… As alwys.. I ht hr n mantra also .. Dese two r d mst foolish chrctrs…

      Priya di evn I was irritated by Surpankha.. Foolish lady.. I thought she’ll kill dasi bt she didn’t..

      Riya di I also fd up wen Lakshman is scolded.. Bt sita Mata does rite she doesn’t want hm to do wrong….
      Welcome in our skr family di. I’m Vanshika in 8th class

      Stuti di to post an ff
      N follow d instructions…

      Ws surprized seeing ram’s respect for an enemy n lakshman … He would hv gone angry.. N he did

      Cn sm1 tell me hw mny dys ram ruled ayodhya n hw many days sita ruled…

  10. athira

    Nice episode
    The surpankha is really stubborn.
    Guys now just watching a movie… In theatre night show at 9:30pm. Lucky to watch the serial

  11. Savi

    Awesome episode show this new series.
    Sita and Ram such stunning and cute couple on screen. But why is this series dragging very slow? I watch it everyday love the new unseen epi from Sita side.

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yup savi di it’s dragging coz Dey want to show ravan vadh on dusshera I guess.. So is gonna drag more… Bt let it b… I ht sita Haran..

  12. Meghana

    I m happy tht most of our skr family is back srinidhi, Zara di, mithili sinha di,Richa di,ranaji bro,athirà and all other. Anyone know where’s thanmathi di.She is nt commenting fr three to four days PLS tell if any one know

  13. riya

    I feel very bad whenever sita scolds laxman bcz laxman is d only person who supported sita in all phase of life in spite of social prejudice. He did n’t care about society, he only wanted to support d right person.that’s why he protested many times against ram’s decisions.he didn’t have any grudge against sita who spoke many ill words to him aftr during d golden deer situation, he used to see sita as only his mother.such respect fr sister-in-law is very rare now.sita and laxman is my fav characters frm Ramayana even urmilla.

    • Meghana

      S Riya di I agree with u but,u only said know that lakshman will nt care society , sita is a woman who always thinks what society thinks if v do such thing(I mean in new promo surpanakha nose cut scene)
      But I agree wth u wholeheartedly lakshman is the only person who cares a lot fr mata

  14. Hi guys as jay di is not available she asked me to update DINAM ORU KURAL so I l update it in her behalf….


    Haiiiiii Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again with 4th Kural…..Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports

    Here we go with 4th couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    வேண்டுதல்வேண் டாமை இலானடி சேர்ந்தார்க்கு யாண்டும் இடும்பை இல

    Transliteration in English :

    Ventudhal Ventaamai Ilaanati Serndhaarkku Yaantum Itumpai Ila

    மு.வ உரை: 
    விருப்பு வெறுப்பு இல்லாத கடவுளின் திருவடிகளை பொருந்தி நினைக்கின்றவர்க்கு எப்போதும் எவ்விடத்திலும் துன்பம் இல்லை

    In Normal Words:
    விருப்பு வெறுப்பற்றுத் தன்னலமின்றித் திகழ்கின்றவரைப் பின்பற்றி நடப்பவர்களுக்கு எப்போதுமே துன்பம் ஏற்படுவதில்லை

    Couplet in English:

    His foot, ‘Whom want affects not, irks not grief,’ who gain Shall not, through every time, of any woes complain

    To those who meditate the feet of Him who is void of desire or aversion, evil shall never come

    Hope you understand the explanation …. Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

    CREDIT TO: Jay di

  15. Guys i m extremely sry (i know no sry but still..) Actually i m busy with my cousins and the next thing is i m not getting crct network that is taking more time so that I can’t cmnt regular so that I m regularly cmntng in hangouts bcoz that’s easily opening but not telly page ….sry for that guys …..once I came back to chennai I l be regular till my school reopen!!!

    Miss u all a lot dears!! L be back regularly soon!!!!

  16. Meghana

    Sry VANSHIKA di forgot welcome back to ur sweet Family.myself Meghana studying 9th I m from AP

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      No sorry dear di bt I m NT ur di I m in 8th standard… So u r di. N thnx fr wlcm… Nw plz pry fr my result on 14 May.. N I’ll post nxt part of my ff on Sunday. Thnx for reading it

  17. stuti

    Vanshu (vanshika if u don’t mind I call u vanshu) tnx fr the link tnx to priya di too fr sharing such a wonderful kural ..

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Stuti di no thnx…. My pleasure ? happy to help you ? tell after u post ff…. N I don’t mind… My friends n cousins all call me vanshu or Vanshi… So no problem di…

  18. Meghana

    Vanshu I m reading instructions dear first they asked to remember fields right wat does that mean dear

  19. Siya

    Yes guys yesterday episode was good….ravan sis is very much stubborn…but it has to happen that’s why only Ramayana happened….

  20. sathi

    stupid sita and ram….Ram didn’t accept sita after ravan kidnap her.who can suspect on his wife’s can he be a lord?stupid hinduism thinking…they just make stories and think anyone lord

    • Ishita

      Yes…….u r crct……but please give some respect to them…….coz they both lords…………ofcourse ram did mistake but we should nt blame them as stupid……i hope u understand…
      Sry if i had hurted u in anyway……

    • jay

      Dear Ram didnt suspect his wife’s purity in any manner .He just want to show the world which was talking & thinking (Questioning) about sita’s purity after abduction…. …U may not have belief that ram is lord But other do Pls give respect while speaking …Dont ever try to hurt others belief its my kind request…………..Sorry if I hurt ur feeling……… Just try to respect others belief………..

    • Meghana

      Know the truth and then speak my dear sathi don’t simply blame and u don’t hv any right to scold Hinduism r u nt a Hindu have some sense dear

    • Ishita

      Sathi mam i respect u thats why writing message calmly
      Mam they are not stupid
      Everything happens due to a reason maybe u would have understood by priya’s message
      Ur name is so beautiful
      And do u know its a name for godess only ???
      May god give u brain to write such things
      I respect ur words every1 can have their own feeling but dont speak ill in front of the people who respect and believe in god
      Thanku for reading my message respected mam ???

  21. dear sati sorry to say ram never suspected sita I don’t know which situation u r speaking about but i l say about both the situations….

    1. when sita came from Lanka ram asked her to do agni pariksha bcoz some of the people spoke ill about her without knowing about her purity……. he don’t want to hear anything about his sita so that to prove her purity he asked her to do agnipariksha…. when sita did agnipariksha ram felt more pain than her!!!!!

    2. the second thing ram never sent sita to van instead she went i think u didn’t refer my reply to Riya….. some people especially dhobi speak ill about siya to take revenge for his daughters vanvas when sita came to know that she only took the decision of going to van!!!!she doesn’t want her ram to be at guilt bcoz of her!!!! pls see my rply to Riya as I couldn’t type briefly about that situation as I don’t have network!!!

    and one more thing don’t use the words like stupid over here!!!! I don’t know u r Hindu r Muslim r christian even we people don’t want to know about that but I m saying ram is one of the famous god of us ….and whom u r representing with that ill word he is the one whom we have a lot of hope!!!so pls don’t use that word!!!! and the people who saw ram as God didn’t choose that easily they saw good deeds!!? and they doesn’t have stupid thinking ok????so pls don’t speak I’ll about others feelings and belief!!! the people are not fools to make any wrong person as god!!! so that is the great proof that ram was a great human being!!! if u want u can visit may 3or2 telly page there we have given a brief explanation about this!!!!

    after this also u l think ill about ram then pls don’t use those words here!!!! and ya keep it in ur mind don’t hurt others belief and all!!!!

    sry if I had hurt you but I don’t mean it…

      • sathi

        but hindu people do puja of shiv linga…it is so disgusting… krishna had relationship with radha but he didn’t marry her…krishna had many wife..draupadi had married five man at a can a women do such a cheap relationship

  22. I think u r not a Hindu if u r then u won’t speak like this… and I think u have not read mahabharat first read it and then address draupadi…. understand!!! and ya how could u say that she is cheap u know y she married five people to save one family from being separated and we all believe her as goddess u know what kind of pain she has gone threw without knowing those things how come u say she is cheap…

    pls mind ur language first….

    and ur name is sati and u r asking us that y we worship shivlinga…. we believe that our god are always with us and we don’t look that like a stone we believe it as Shiva himself…

    without knowing anything about our Purana’s u can’t raise ur hand against our belief…nor u can’t use the words like disgusting cheap and all ….and don’t u dare speak draupadi without knowing her life history….

    I never thought I l be rude like this with some body in my life but u r making me to use those words…. sry if I had hurt u ..but pls don’t speak Ill about anybody without knowing the correct reason its a request …we r worshipping as goddess so pls give respect to god…..plsssss use those words anywhere else not in our page… bcoz in our family we respect all….so pls … sry once again but I can’t control myself If anybody speak bad about our religion r our god as I respect all god…

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