Siya Ke Ram 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and Sita doing rituals. Ram says you are smiling. She says its happy moment as your Raj tilak is doing to happen. He tells her that maybe they have to face tough time all their lives.. She says she understood him a bit and realizes his love is strong enough to… the kalash slips and they together hold it. he asks her to complete her words. She requests him that whatever way he chooses, not to make her away, she can cross any hurdles when he is with her. They do the rituals and greet Ayodhya’s pure land.

Guru Vashisht tells Ram about Sankalp Vidhi place. He says this is important place, Sankalp is not limited to your Praja and generations, this is also for your soul and inner heart, the future king has to promise to safeguard ancestor’s pride, you have to swear

that your actions will never hurt Ayodhya Rajya and Praja. He says Sita, you are future queen of Ayodhya, you have more duties than Ram, as you have to fulfill Dharm of being wife and queen together. He asks Ram to hold the water in his hands and make Sankalp… Ram takes the water in his hands, and Sita keeps her hands beneath his hands. Kaikeyi, Kaushalya, Sumitra, and everyone smile seeing Ram saying the Sankalp lines. Ram says I make this Sankalp to protect my Raghukul’s prestige, I will always be there to protect my Rajya and Praja as Ayodhya’s king, I will bring prosperity, peace, stability, Dharm, happiness in my Praja, I will try my best to solve all the problems if at all any arise in my Praja. Siya ram….plays……. Guru Vashisht asks them to drop the water here. They do such and pray.

Guru Vashisht says infront of your parents, ancestors, rishi and your Praja, the Sankalp ritual is now complete. You both have to spend the night on floral carpets, and then in morning, your Rajya Abhishek will happen Ram, now greet your Kuldev. Ram and Sita fold hands and pray. Everyone pray. Ram ram…..plays……………

Mantra gets Kaikeyi somewhere and shows her future…. Kaikeyi looks at the thundering sky and Ayodhya palace. Kaikeyi asks what to do you mean to say. Mantra says you are unlucky and blind too, that’s why you are seen more happy than Kaushalya for Ram’s Raj tilak. Kaikeyi says why not, Ram is more of my son than Kaushalya’s, so I m very happy, why are you complaining. Mantra asks then what shall I do, I m seeing your respect getting snatched, you can be blind, but I m not, you just see once Ram’s Raj tilak happens, you will be thrown out, you are selfless and love Kaushalya a lot, but did you think why Kaushalya acts to love you, I will tell you, Kaushalya acts to love you so that you don’t become hurdle in Ram’s Raj tilak, I have seen hatred for you in her eyes when Maharaj got you here as his second wife, Kaushalya wants to kick you out, that moment has come, Kaushalya will become Raj mata and you will be outside bhavan.

She says once flower syrup is extracted, flower has no use, same way, Kaushalya will not keep you and throw you out. Kaikeyi asks her to limit her words. Mantra says truth is always bitter, what did you get doing all this, truth has your good, I will tell truth, this is my right and duty, you believe your husband so much, he cheated you and proved you have no place in his life, you, your son and the promise given to your dad do not matter to him, else Raghuvanshis keep promise given to birds as well. Kaikeyi shouts Mantra… Mantra says I m saying truth….

Raavan shouts and asks Kavach to come out to face him. Malyavaan looks on. Few Asurs aim at Raavan. Kavach says Raavan you will kill me? Your death got you here, see your death is standing infront of you. Raavan gets his magical sword and fights. He hits Kavach. Kavach changes his place and laughs. Raavan gets a bow and shoots the arrow at him. Kavach does not get hit again and laughs. Raavan tries again and the arrow passes through Kavach’s body. Kavach laughs and says Raavan, you can’t harm me. He disappears. He turns into smoke and hits Raavan. Malyavaan says just Agni is the power which can melt hardest metal and make air heated; everyone has to bend infront of Agni. He signs Raavan.

Mantra says Dasharath’s words are sweet, but his thoughts are worst, husband is a friend, but Dasharath is your biggest enemy. Kaikeyi reminds Mantra that she is a Daasi. Mantra says yes, but I don’t want you to have a Daasi’s life, you loved Ram more than Bharat, but you see Ram will make Kaushalya as Rajmata, not his step mother Kaikeyi. Ram and Sita come to the Kaksh and sit on the carpets. They smile seeing each other. Music plays…………. Ram asks her is this carpet uncomfortable for her. She says husband is the one who gives happiness and comforts to a wife, he is important for her, not anything else. She says I will have satisfaction and happiness with you even if I stay in a hut, when I m with you, I feel I m very lucky to get your support. Ram forwards his hand. She holds his hand and they smile.

Mantra tells Kaikeyi that Ram will become king, Kaushalya will bring Rajmata, you will become Daasi, you don’t know Kaikeyi, you raised a snake in Ram’s avatar. Kaikeyi gets angry and slaps Mantra.

Kaikeyi shouts and says I will not become Daasi, I will do anything to stop Ram’s Raj tilak and get justice for Bharat. She asks Mantra to just tell her the way. Mantra tells about some bhavan.

Update Credit to: Amena


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  1. WOw Superb Epi..
    Hate this mantra very much but she is one who take the blessings of krishna in next janam. and becomes his one of his fav. bakth.. note d point guys.

    • Akanksha sharma

      okk zara i am with u in this…. plan of killing manthra….. btao kya kab kaise krna hai… aap bas hukum kro janab….. lol….

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  2. SKR fan

    Madirakshi mundle on sabras radio with RJ Raj baddhan on 08/03/16.
    I am giving you a summary of it.
    He asked her many questions like
    How was her journey in the show till now?

    Madirakshi told that triangle film company has approached her for different serial but she wanted to shoot in Hyderabad that’s why she took this role.

    Whom she miss the most of Mithila ?
    Madirakshi answered that she miss everyone but raja janak the most.

    What was her favourite scene?
    She told that all the scenes are her favourite but the first meeting with ram at gauri temple is much closer to her heart.

    He asked how’s it going with Ashish?
    She told that he is a very good person and an experienced actor and tells us how to do and what to do and our bonding is also nice and its a great thing to work with such experienced actor.

    Raj also asked that many fans are asking for her selfie with Ashish so when they will get it???
    Madirakshi first laughed and then said that she will ask him for selfie and even force him for the selfie soon.

    He asked that how much time it takes to get her ready?
    Madirakshi said that when sita was not married then it took 1hour to get her ready but now it takes two hours and further added that she thinks it won’t take even half an hour to get ready for vanvaas sequence.

    When it was asked to tell a dialogue from today’s shoot i.e on 8th march then she told that she had an off today after a month. She told a dialogue from yesterday shoot in which she had a dialogue that it’s her decision to go to vanvaas with ram and it means soon bye bye to ayodhya.

    When it was asked how she feels about the upcoming vanvaas sequence then she told that she is sad that everything is going so fast and she will miss her co actors and she will also miss her jewellery and make up.

    And at last one most important question was when is her birthday.
    Madirakshi answered that her birthday is on 1st July.
    There were many questions but I remember only these as it was a 21 minutes long conversation.
    I am providing this link. When you will click the link then one more link will appear starting from sabrasradio. When you will click it then two options appear open and save don’t click save as it is not downloaded click open and listen and enjoy. And one more thing since raj baddhan is in London so he talked to madirakshi on phone so her voice is a little bit unclear but you can understand. And the whole conversation is in English wilh little bit Hindi . So if anyone does not know Hindi then he or she can also understand.

    • Akanksha sharma

      thanxxx thanxxx thanxxxx a lot…… really yaar these…. pics r just fab….. and so r u…. u r really very sweet to provide us such links all the days… awesome yaar…. may i know ur class dear… and ur city….. only if its not.. personal…..

    • Nidhi

      Thanks for all the links and you effort SKR fan! You always make sure that all of us are updated. Thanks once again. 🙂

  3. Sneha

    Today’s episode was good. I asked my mother about manthara’s evilness and Kaikeyi’s sudden change in behaviour (though I mentioned it was destined but still so suddenly) she said it was all lord’s leela. everything was destined before hand only. my grandmother told me ravan also knew about his death by Lord Ram’s hands before hand only as he was also a very big scholar even though being an asura. he kidnapped sita for the betterment of people (as he will die by the hands of ram and his terror will end)

    • Akanksha sharma

      yaaa ur mon and granny r very r8..actually elders r alwyas r8…raavan did everything intentionaly… fr his uddhar…. he knew it before hand… that ram. is lord vishnu’s incarnation… as he estimated that the one who killed her chachi /aunt tadka.. all alone.. who killed her powerful bros.. khar dushan… and their whole army in just one stroke.. cant be an ordinary person…. so he thought… in heart… :

    • Nidhi

      Thank you for the valuable information sneha!? yes elders are always right because they experienced and have gone through everything we are going through right now, though it’s a modern world now the issues and all the others are one and the same from different perspectives. 🙂

  4. SKR fan

    I saw it in news that Raavan killed Shurpnakha’s husband. After that shurpnakha will intentionally go to ram because she knew only ram could kill raavan and then laxman will cut her nose and raavan will kidnap sita.

    • Nidhi

      Yes di!? vanvaas track has started after watching the precap will miss urmila and others a lot though I’ll get to see lakshman?
      But the love between each other is no more there until ravan gets killed.

  5. it was a superb and awesome episode. The scene where ram holds sita’s hand was awesome
    and see as i told kaikeyi will give mantra a nice slap she deserves more than this slap seriously i hate mantra

    • Akanksha sharma

      ya dear iqura…. lovely epi…. siam. scene was really awesome….. too gud.. ya the slappy scene was also wonderful. seeing it i also feel like slapping manthra…. she should recieve even more hard than this one… bt its ok..

  6. natasha malhotra

    what an amazing episode. siya ram u both are fabulous. thank Ameena di for written update so fast.

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

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      n i m from madurai, tn, in class 10 in ICSE Board……..

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      yaaa di specially first scene was… really aweaome…. cute couple…. ya true di precap was horrible….. so sadddyyy… ?????????

  8. craze about skr

    superb wonderful awesome fantabulus adorable romantic rocking …………………………….list goes on to say about siyaram today……………………enjoyed veryyyyyyyy muchhh…………

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      yaaa really nippy dear….. siam romantic moves were adorable…. i really luv them… an happy fr u that u r well now dear… stay blessed and stay healthy…

  9. ann

    hi all. am a Nigerian bt an ardent follower of Siya ke ram. nice story, I pray kalkeyi doesn’t take any evil step.

    • No Ann. ..she will take an evil step…….she will ram lakshman and sita f or 14 year vanvas…..hi I think u r new here..?????.

      Welcome to siya-ke-ram fan club

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      ann if u r new then welcome 2 skr family…. may i know at present… place where u live… if u r in india.. nw a days… and may i know ur class.. only if its nt personal di..

  10. Vrinda

    Nice episode..though many would be sad, I am actually waiting for them to go to the forest.. And according to Valmiki Ramayan, Manthara was actually an Apsara sent by Indra to quicken Lord Rama and Ravans war, so that the demigods would be free from Ravanas atrocities..
    Another fact from Ramayan is that Lord Rama and Sita devi got married at a very young age..because when Maharaj Dasharath sends Ram and Lakshman with sage Vishvamitra he says ” My sons are hardly 16″ (he first refused like this). That means, Sita was only in her early teens because she had to be younger…and they spent a few years after marriage for their love to blossom.. So, Rama & Sita’s vanvaas happened after a while, when they were adults..Sita had Luv and Kush only after thee vanvaas.. Just some info for you guys..I am glad the show is showing details from d Ramayana..but Its nice to know more.

    • Akanksha sharma

      thanxx fr sharing the info di….. di dp is superb….. if i am r8 then they r lord jaganath, lord balbhadra, and devi subhdra…… jai jaganath… di may i know ur class and place where u live… only if its nt personal…

      • Vrinda

        Thank You, but both of you need not call me di, just my name will suffice. And Akanksha, yes.. the picture is of Lord Jagannath, Baladev, and Subhadra, the deities are at my house. I live in USA.. born in US too.. but I am from Tamil Nadu.

  11. shivani

    manthra deserves a slap from was decided by lord otherwise they would be unable to kill ravan

    • Akanksha sharma

      ya it was the fate….. and decided befrehand… to end the.. game of cruel king lankapati.. raaaaavaaaann

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    Richa Di in your dp laxmila noh Jhok awesome
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      so sweet of u my little sis… thank u so much for ur care n love……… n yes i do remember all ur tips………..

  20. Sanjana

    Guys for your info
    Manthra appears only once in the Ramayana after Rama’s banishment. Having been rewarded by Kaikeyi with costly clothing and jewels, she is walking in the palace gardens when Bharat and his half-brother Shatrughna come upon her. Seeing her, Shatrughna flies into a violent rage over Rama’s banishment and assaults her murderously. Kaikeyi begs Bharata to save her, which he does, telling Shatrughna that it is a sin to kill a woman and that Rama would be furious with them both if he does such a thing. He relents and the brothers leave, while Kaikeyi attempts to comfort Manthara.

    May I know if anybody knows to chant Vishnu sahasranama byheart I just learnt the pronounciation two months back and chant it if possible weekly

    • I heard that. …….they locked manthra in one dark room. ……when ram, Lakshman and sita returned from vanvas…..ram went to meet manthra. ……and manthra apologised to ram. ……….I read this some where

      Hope I’m right

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    And whoever who wished me for my exams thank you sooo much???
    Sorry for not mentioning names but seriously yaar all of you have AWESOME dp’s??❤️???? I’m going mad looking at your dp’s half of the time instead of reading your comment? trust me everyone’s dp?? its a huge family and MOST of us have dp’s here so sorry for not mentioning names?
    And those who complimented regarding my dp THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️


    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      myself but i have stopped till my exams gets over……… not only me many over here write. i know only few. ranaji, sholka, SNEHA, twinki………… sorry if missed out anyone……… what about u abhi? n u r n which class…………..

      tellyupdates pls post my comment……………

  32. Ruby_Ryan

    .if anyone know about stabbing someone in selfdefence is prefered as crime or not, in dubai? I need the info for my story. .please help me 🙁

  33. Sanjana

    Welcome sharanya Di may I know in which class you are and akanksha Di is our very own sister
    Welcome to skr family

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.