Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan saying it will be my big success to marry such a Sati woman, the happiness I did not get by winning over all the loks, I will get that happiness by marrying Sita. Kaikesi says how will this happen, she has refused to you, I thought all my doubts will get clear if she marries you, but now I m worried that Mandodari’s words can get true, Sita can become a reason of Lanka’s ruining. Raavan shouts no Mata, this won’t happen. She asks whats the way to make this happen. He says there is Sita’s one belief, that’s Ram.

Ram shouts Sita and runs through the jungle, along with Laxman. Raavan says by taking Ram’s name, she has changed all her sorrows into happiness, if Ram is her belief, then her belief has to break for sure, when her belief breaks, she will be

in Raavan’s feet. He laughs. Trijata asks but how will her belief break. He gets angry and cuts a statue’s head.

Laxman asks Ram to take rest for some time. Ram does not rest and goes ahead. Some monkeys look on. Ram asks Laxman to run in that direction. They proceed. The monkey says they are going towards the Rishi’s mountain, we should inform Sugreev. Sugreev talks to Jamvanth and says I know Bali can’t come here, but he can send someone else here to kill me. Hanuman asks Sugreev not to worry, we are ready to face anyone who comes. The monkeys come and tell Sugreev that two warriors are coming in this way, and describe them. Sugreev says I was worried for this, what will happen now Hanuman. Jamvanth says Sugreev, don’t worry, we will get all info first, we are not sure that the two warriors are sent by Bali. The monkey says yes. Sugreev says but why will any warrior come here. Hanuman says I will go and find out who are they and why did they come here. Sugreev says if they are sent by Bali, give me a sign. Hanuman says if they are sent by Bali, they can’t reach here.

Ram and Laxman are in the jungle. Laxman says I think we have lost the way. Ram sees a hut there and asks Laxman to look there, it seems an ashram, there will be someone who can show us the way. Laxman says I will go and see. Laxman goes to see and asks if there is anyone who can help them. An old lady comes there and smiles. Laxman says Mata, we have to go towards Dakshin/south direction, show us the way. She says surely I will tell you, have some rest, it seems you are coming from far. Laxman says we are in hurry….. Ram comes there. The lady sees Ram and smiles. Ram…..plays……….. She asks who is this. Laxman says he is my elder brother, Dasharath’s son Ram, I m his brother Laxman.

The lady gets teary eyed and runs to Ram. Ram greets her. She says you came till the hut, will you not come inside. He says we will feel lucky, but we have to go in Dakshin direction soon, if we get such chance to come here again, we will surely accept your invitation. She says I was waiting for you since long, my life’s Sadhna got completed today, you called me Mata, then give me chance to do a mother’s duty, let me feed food to you, you are travelling and would be hungry, but I feel you are in some big pain and don’t care for yourself. She says I m a Bheel, so no one comes in my ashram, but you came come here, if you accept my invitation, then my life will be blessed. Laxman says I think she is saying right, you are travelling since 15 says without any food and water, have some food and take rest, Mata will feel good. Ram says every moment is important for us, remember that Laxman. He says sorry Mata, we can’t stay today, come Laxman.

She says you did Devi Ahilya’s uddhar, you respected Tadaka by doing her last rites, I have heard a lot about you and prayed to meet you once, I m sure that you will accept my invitation and complete my life’s motive, I forgot I m a Bheelni. She cries. Ram holds her and says Maa…… She gets glad. Ram Ram…..plays……….. Ram wipes her tears and says forgive me Maa, I did not see your great love, compassion and devotion because of my personal sorrows, I m very hungry. She asks will you have food at my place, and gets super happy. She welcomes him.

The lady tastes the berries and finds the berries sour. Ram and Laxman look on. The lady finds a berry sweet and gives to Ram. She tells Ram that I have nothing to give you anything except these berries, I can’t give you sour berries, so I tasted them and kept sweet bers for you, but I have tasted them, will you have it now. Laxman looks on. Ram says Mata, this bers are not spoiled, it has your love, respect and devotion, its our good luck to have this. Ram eats the berries. The lady asks Laxman to have it too. Laxman gets hesitant and eats the berries. Ram thinks of Sita.

The lady asks Ram why did he stop, have it. Ram eats some more and says its enough now, we can’t forget the love and respect got from you, it was just an excuse to lose way, the motive was to meet you, we are blessed. She says I m blessed, you have accepted my invitation and blessed me. Ram says no Maa, they are Gyaani who understand you, you have stayed a life as a Rishi, your life will present a good example for entire humanity. She gets glad.

Hanuman sees Ram and Laxman, and thinks if I go and meet them, they won’t tell me their true identity. He thinks to meet them in disguise. Trijata tells Sita that Raavan has sent a special gift for her, and shows Ram’s cut head to Sita. Sita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shiny

    Shruti di..wer r u ??…I seriously miss ur soul of siya ke ram…plz write asap…waiting for it

  2. Aman Singh

    They missed kabandh track and as far I knew Lakshman didn’t atr shabari bers as she tasted and as result hitten by shakti

  3. Aman Singh

    If anyone saw Br chopra ramayan can you tell what were traits of mithila sisters,I wanted to know

  4. Sanjana


    |Registered Member

    Guys u should register

    Lovely episode
    Ram the one who ate even the soiled berries of shabari but his pain is heartbreaking
    Siya has understood maya she won’t fall for it again

    Jai siya ram
    An epitome of compassion

    His conscience didn’t break neither his trust in humanity even after sitaharan and that makes raghunandar God

    They say be kind for everyone u meet is fighting a hard battle but here he doesn’t even express it
    Jai siya ram

  5. Malvi

    Finally and finally ram lakhan is back !! Waiting for their entry. Shabari’s acting was too good and it would be better if Ram comes back to his normal pony hairstyle ( kudumi ). It suited him the best. Looking forward to see more good episodes.. 😀 🙂

  6. Sanjana

    shruthi di I noticed u stopped after siya ram separation and mostly ur soul of ramayan and based on their scenes

    I don’t want to pressurize write when u want to will always be waiting for it

    I hope ur job is going well may u succeed in all ur endevours

    And one more point ram says they are gyaani who have understand u
    People were so narrow minded and it was bugging me like ram is spending a lot of time in search when will destruction of evil began and today episode gave the answer
    Journey is important

  7. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    aftr a long time skr show ram nd laxman…he also din eat fr 15 day ah….so sad!!he miss his siya hena?bt same time sita also miss her ragunandhan so much..hw ram know his true self(Vishnu)

  8. Seemapatel8

    It would be nice if Star Plus does a leap so Ram and Sita are reunited as soon as possible. 🙂

  9. Sanju

    Once upon a time in Treta Yuga, Shiva went to Rishi Agastya along with Sati. The sage narrated the story of Rama to the divine couple. Shiva wanted to see Rama, but Sati was in the dark that Rama was a manifestation of God.[3] Shiva got a glimpse of Ram and was overwhelmed with love. Sati saw Shiva thrilled with love and became doubtful as to why Shiva was enchanted by a mere human prince.[4][5] Although Sati did not say anything, Shiva being omniscient came to know of everything. Shiva said “If you are doubtful then why don’t you verify?”.[6] To test Rama, Sati assumed the form of Rama’s wife Sita and approached Ram.[7] However, Rama recognised the trick of Sati. He first introduced himself and then asked with a smile “Where is Shiva? Why are you roaming in the forest alone?”[8][9] After listening to Rama’s words, Sati hesitated a lot and returned to Shiva in fear. She became sad and regretted doubting Shiva. When Rama realised that Sati was sad, he revealed some of his power to divert her mind. On the way Sati saw Rama along with his brother Lakshmana and Sita walking in front of her. She then turned and found them at the back. Wherever she looked, she found Rama and various deities and all creation in him.[10] In awe, she closed her eyes and when she again opened her eyes, everything vanished.[11] She then returned to Shiva.

    Will skr show this

  10. Vaidehi

    guys coildn’t cmnt on friday & saturday. on friday i was getting ready for dance programme and yesterday (saturday) i had my dance programme. missed u all a lot. watched d repeat telecast.epi was tremendously awesome. and 1 thing my dance programme was excellent. all of the teachers as well as audiences enjoyed it. i also didn’t feel a moment’s fear before dancing or on stage. this happened coz of all ur love, blessings, prays & good wishes.

    enjoyed the epi as well as my dance programme.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Vaidehi

    can any1 pls tell y should we register ??? can unregistered ones not cmnt ?????
    really confused

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      @vaidehi: its not like dat…anyone can comment….if u register,, it wil be more easier for you to login wit the same name and it has many advantages….its your choice?

  12. Silpa k sivadasan

    HI everyone
    I m so glad that the mountain sabari met ram lakhan is in kerala
    & is named after her as SABARIMALA
    (Mala – mountain)

    Sabarimala is very important to south india
    Son of vishnu & siva lord ayyappa resides there

  13. Vaidehi

    polls from skr (the actors and actresses)

    1. best actor in positive role

    ashish sharma (ram)
    karan suchak (lakshman)
    sujay reu (bharat)
    kunwar pratham (shatrughna)
    dalip tahil (dashrath)
    bijay anand (janak)

    2. best actress in positive role

    madirakshi mundle (sita)
    yukti kapoor (urmila)
    prithvi hatte (mandvi)
    tanvi madhyan (shrutkirti)
    grusha kapoor (kaikei)
    sampada vaze (sumitra)
    bhargavi chirmule (sunaina)
    snigdha alolkar (kaushalya)
    zalak desai (shanta)
    piyali munsi (mandodri)
    vividha kriti (sulochna)

    3. best actor in negative role

    karhik jayaram (ravan)
    meghnad (sorry don’t know the real name)
    marich (sorry don’t know the real name)
    subahu (sorry don’t know the real name)

    4. best actress in negative role

    manthra (don’t know real name)
    surpankha (don’t know real name)
    tadka (don’t know real name)

    pls vote. one thing u can also vote some other actors or actresses which may not be included in the options provided


  14. Vaidehi

    raghukul riti sada chali ayi hain

    pran jaaye, par vachaan na jaaaaye

    ram ram…………………….ram ram

    love it

  15. Vaidehi

    bhoomija janaki janak
    suta sitaaaaaa

    bhoomija janaki janak
    suta sitaaaaaa


    shitija bhoomi avani cha
    sunaina suta sitaaaaaaa


    love this too

  16. Vaidehi

    siyaram ram jai jai ram ram

    siyaram ram jai jai ram

    siyaram ram jai jai ram ram

    siyarm ram jai jai ram


    siyaraaaam siyaraaaam

    jai jai ram

    jai siyaram

  17. Vaidehi


  18. fan of ishita

    missing – vanshu, priya di, nabanita di, ww di, zara di, nidhi di, puju, skr bro, riya di & all who r not cmnting

  19. vaidehi

    guys one doubt pls

    if bhargavi’s father cursed vishnu during bhargavi and vishnu’s marriage, then how did vishnu come to know dat they’ll be separated for ravan’s death and unite after ravan’s death ??????

    pls help na. couldn’t make out d answer.


    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      I think he didn’t know that he is avatar of Vishnu at last only he come to know that….. this is my ans….sorry if it is wrong…

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      I didn’t watch skr in TV because star plus won’t come in my TV and I watch skr in hotstar only and I didn’t watch any serials except skr or any other epic in Tamil and hindi…. I didn’t even knows any serial names too…

  20. joy

    # not see any serial of drama….but skr regularly…..previos mahabharat star plus……sometimes sury putra karna………and you?????? vaidehi and others……

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      Hi priya go to account and click view profile… or in ur phone there will be a bell like button that is notification and if u click it there Will be setting there and u can view ur account there….. sorry cannot able to explain clearly dear…

  21. Priya...


    |Registered Member

    Sorry guys..busy with my school..

    i watch yhm and [email protected].sorry l not watch skr daily my situation..

    is there anybody who watch edkv here????

  22. thejashri

    Hi guys. How are you all?
    @ vaidehi don’t say like this dear…. Pls don’t quit this page…. U keep the page so active…. Gd make the page active… I watch only skr but not daily some days i don’t watch it….. @ silpa welcome back di…. Where were you these days di….
    Where are all the others? Page is so empty
    without all the others….

  23. Sanjana(Sara)

    Finally hanuman will meet ram and lakshman.who was that lady??

    Vaidehi di i watch yhm,yrkkh,dehleez,tamanna. I watch sns and ssel sometimes, i dont watch skr daily.

    Vaidehi di please dont quit this page. We all love u very much.


    Videhi y vl v hate u dear I don’t understand why you are saying so and once again if you say this I won’t reply to u

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