Siya Ke Ram 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad coming to Raavan’s Rajsabha. Raavan and everyone stare at Angad. Angad says Jai Shri Ram, I m Bali’s son Angad, I got peace message for you Lankesh, Ram said he does not want to fight, he said he is giving you one more chance, accept your crime and return Sita with respect, beg for your life. Raavan says Angad, if you were not my friend Bali’s son, your head would have got separated from your body. Angad asks did your ego not end, I have come as Ram’s messenger, not Bali’s son. Raavan asks are you not ashamed to come as your father’s murderer’s messenger. Angad says Ram has killed Adharmi, he will kill you too if you don’t return Sita. Raavan asks is Ram so weak that he came to fight war with monkey army. Everyone laugh. He asks Angad to tell Ram to come

and beg for his life, I will forgive him.

Angad shouts Lankesh, pride of power and courage is not good, every powerful man has to die some day, you all are proud of your power, but leave about failing Ram, if any powerful man present here could move my leg/foot from the place, I promise Ram will accept defeat and leave from Lanka. Raavan laughs. Angad says Jai Shri Ram and keeps his foot. The entire Sabha place shakes. They all get shocked and look at Angad. Angad says Lankesh, you call your Trilokpati, but why is there no one brave to move my foot, is your bravery stories all fake, do you have all cowards here, can’t you accept an ordinary monkey’s challenge…. Another Asur goes and tries his power. Raavan smiles thinking he would win. The asur fails and falls away. Raavan, Meghnadh and Akampana look on shocked.

An asur comes there and tries to move his foot. Angad smiles. The Asur could not move his leg, and everyone get shocked. Other Asurs try, and put all their power. Angad says Lankesh, I m ordinary monkey, all power is by Prabhu Shri Ram, who is present here to move Ram’s messenger’s foot. Meghnadh gets angry and goes. Angad says you have made Indra lose, think again before holding my leg, if you lose to me, what will happen of your victory story, will you be able to bear this insult. Meghnadh holds his leg. Raavan smiles being sure Meghnadh will win. Meghnadh tries hard. Angad stands calm and smiling. Raavan and Akampana get shocked.

Meghnadh fumes and tries again. He looks at Raavan. Angad asks Raavan are you mad to challenge Ram for battle based on these cowards. Raavan says you don’t know me, when I walk, earth shakes and Indra’s throne gets shaken up too. He walks to Angad. Angad asks Raavan to try once, if you could not lift my leg, what face will you show to your warriors, how will you win battle with Ram, who has many warriors like me. Raavan is about to hit Angad’s leg, and Angad moves his leg. He asks Raavan not to fall in his feet, if you want to get forgiveness, fall in Ram’s feet and apologize to him, Ram will give you life. Raavan says you want to scare me with your words, go and tell Ram, that Raavan wants to fight, this war will decide who is brave and who is coward, I declare the battle with Ram in this Sabha, now no one can save that Ram and monkey army from Raavan. Angad leaves. Raavan fumes.

Sulochana asks Mandodari can’t we stop this war. Mandodari says whoever wins in war, but women always fail, we are helpless, we can’t do anything than to wait for our loved ones to leave. Sita talks to Trijata. She says what’s the mistake of those widow women, whose husbands die in the battle, what’s the mistake of those children who lose their father.

Ram looks at the vanar sena. He says peace is important than battle, but evil sinner Raavan has rejected our peace proposal, that’s why according to Dharm, we have to punish evil king, that’s first most duty of a brave warrior, I declare battle against that Adharmi Raavan to protect Dharm. Everyone and the monkey army chant Jai Shri Ram.

Raavan and Meghnadh look on. Raavan says all these monkeys have come here to die along with Ram, I heard this foolish Ram obeys one wife Dharm, so he has come here after Sita. Ram says we will start our battle with tomorrow’s sunrise. Raavan asks Meghnadh to give him news of all the monkeys’ death, go with the best warriors, wherever you find any monkey or bear, kill them. Meghnadh obeys him and says I will end this battle before sunrise. He leaves. Raavan smiles.

Sita is restless. Trijata asks what happened, why do you look so worried. Sita says don’t know why, I feel worried, as if something bad is going to happen. The Asur army cheers for Indrajit Meghnadh. Meghnadh signs them to stop. He says there is nothing like Dharm and Adharm, right and wrong, just victory matters, you have to kill enemy, we have just to kill them and win in the war, no monkey should go alive from Lanka’s land today. They all chant Jai Lankesh. Meghnadh asks them to leave for attack. Sita says my heart is worried thinking of this battle, I m worried for Ram and vanar sena, give me info about Ram. Trijata says don’t worry, I will find out. She goes. Sita cries.

Asur army goes hiding and kill some of the monkeys. Other monkeys start running. A monkey goes to Sugreev and says Asur sena attacked on us at night by cheat. Sugreev, Hanuman and Angad look on. Meghnadh shoots numerous arrow and laughs seeing the monkeys dead. He says every monkey will die tonight and laughs.

Laxman shouts Meghnadh, if you are really brave, come infront of me and fight with me. Meghnadh prays and shoots magical arrow at Ram. Ram falls down and faints. Everyone shout Prabhu. Sita gets shocked and cries, shouting to Lord how can you do this, Siya can’t be alive without Ram, nothing can happen to Ram. Everyone try to make Ram conscious and worry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shaheerica

    Here anyone knows the meaning of adi paavigala????if anyone knows pls translate it in English or Hindi language…..

  2. Aman

    nagastra is so earlier,never heard like this and where are shuk saran spy of ravan,anyways good

  3. Malvi

    Its like they didn’t show the perfection of Ram Sethu !! The reason is skr ending in September and instead of it something else coming !! I think they will never show urmila waking up bcoz the situation is like this !! They are just dismissing skr and putting up some stuffs in star plus ! :@ but waiting fr tomorrow and what happened to lakshman?? Anyway we want skr to be continued 🙁

    • Vanshika

      Yes malvi di I’m really shocked… They’re missing so many details ☹☹☹☹ extremely disappointed ?…… And yes u r ryt the star plus ppl put unnecessary shows,.. N end good ones sooo soon… Really sad ?

      • Malvi

        Sorry but one such show is mere angne mein, suhaani si ek ladki and saath nibhana saathiya

  4. Vanshika

    Whoops…. Faster then light……… Rapid then 4G……. The story is moving like typhoon……… Ravan’s face worth seeing…… But really really speedy……. War started……. OMG OMG IM REALLY VERY SHOCKED…… Lets see what my sisters have to say…… But whatever……. I think they should slow down ….. Uffflllll….. Y do they make lovely siya cry ‼‼‼ but whatever be it, she’s right…..

  5. Vanshika

    Guys, I’m really sry I’ll post analysis Mahabharata ka astitva tmrw. I’ve written, I’ll post tmrw okay… Hope it does suit u ??

  6. SKR fan

    Awesome episode. Wow angad. Oh my god! Even meghnad couldn’t lift angad’s foot. He forced even Raavan to get up from his throne. Only akampana is able to guess the result of the war.
    One big and very important question. If anyone will answer this he or she will be the most intelligent person for me. Just joking but its very important.
    Meghnad will now kill thousands of vanars.
    Raavan is telling shri ram foolish because he is one woman man but his own son meghnad is also one woman man.
    What they showed in the precap did it actually happened? Was shri ram was also hit by meghnad?

    • Ritzz

      I think the person playing malyavan must be busy somewhere else….so he is not there… and yes I have read somewhere meghnad had also hitted ram…

    • shwetha murthy

      Yes Ravan’s son Meghnad is also one woman man. I also didn’t understood why Ravan is mentioning and making fun of Ram when his own son Meghnad has loved and married only one women that is Sulochana.

  7. SKR fan

    Prithvi hatte aka Mandvi and bhargavi chirmuley aka maharani Sunaina on the occasion of mehndi.
    When ramji and neel workout together.
    Ashish and Karan craziness during the rehearsal for ram and raavan yudh.
    The god of all superheroes.

  8. SKR fan

    Onscreen Hanuman burns his tail while shooting

    Wrestler-turned-actor Danish Akhtar, who is seen playing the role of Lord Hanuman in TV show “Siya Ke Ram,” met with an unfortunate accident on the sets recently.

    Danish is a pyrophobe (fear of fire), but to shoot the sequence when Hanuman is burning Lanka, the actor had to be free of any worry.

    Being a professional, he agreed to do the scene, but unfortunately, his faux tail caught fire while shooting for the Star Plus show, read a statement.

    Talking about it, he said: “It is absolutely true that I fear fire. But when it comes to acting, I do try my best to do full justice. So, I agreed to leave my fears behind and went ahead.

    “When my tail caught fire, at first I panicked… My heart beat was racing fast and eventually I started feeling dizzy. But the production team was very generous… They immediately got me out of the mess and provided me with the best facilities to get over the incident and re-shoot the entire scene.”

  9. Nabanita

    Missing episodes on weekend ??. It seems that there is lot of hurry to end the show.???

    • Nabanita

      Di are you our old nabanitadi of this page?
      You just comment some days but then you are I right di?

  10. Vanshika

    Guys you understand na my fanfics will be delayed coz of sooo much school work. ? ? sorry ☹☹

  11. Mary janani

    Hi guys I’m janani and I’m from Sri Lanka. I am a big fan of ark.can I join u guys!!!!!

    • Ritzz

      May b u r ryt…… but meghnad did not attack ram and lakshman so soon… he only attacked when all his brothers and kumbhkarna were killed… they are missing details….

  12. Ritzz

    Yeah… they r showing things hurriedly… this is due the interference of star plus…otherwise skr would have never show things in hurry…. all the good shows are ending…and some other serials which have the worst trps than skr is continuing…i wont watch any mytho in future in star plus…??? they always do this…

  13. Swastika aka siaurmi

    Hy guys padma di had told me to write something about….skr…. For me siya ke ram is not just a show….. It is a part of my life which i will never forget….. Among the star cast my most favourite are As Mm Yukku….. So for skr i can just say ome thing… It is the world’s best mythological show.. Love skr ?????

  14. sumi19

    But I am diely waiting for the scene when meghnath will attack lakshman by shakti and lakshman will fall unconscious ,meghnath will try to lift him but he will fail and hanuman will save lakshman life . This is my most favourite track which I wait in every ramayan to get telecasted !!! 🙂

  15. sumi19

    Tomrrow Ram Lakshman will be tied in naag paash . :'(
    Its Sad but can’t wait . :'( 😉
    Now , hanuman will pray to garud dev to save Ram and lakshman , love danish loads !!! 🙂

  16. Urmilla

    Tu where is my comments ??
    I have the right to critisize this serial and it characters
    But u r against the Constitution to remove my comments ….
    I am not against gods..
    I support Lord…
    But not that Rama who had done anything great and is not fit to be called God or that sita..who is just a mad women who know only to cry

    I worship Krishna who had descended to the earth just to live for people, reestablish the soceity and cleanse the world
    His divine smile and provoking thoughts are more than enough to melt the giant rocks…
    In women I support draupadi…
    Who had raised voice to get dignity for women and work strivelessly for their uplifment and attained great respect..i am feminist
    And Arjuna though he was not considered as God he is worth to be worshipped…he is a best student who excels in all skilla nd don’t have ego like ram
    He is a son who always wipes mother tears and
    A husband who apologies to wife when he was wrong.. don’t show inferiority to woman
    A brother who speaks up his opinion to his eldest and alwaysrotect him care him respect him and love him
    Not like the pretending care of lakshman
    A father who sacrifice his own llife for his son
    Not like ram who don’t who his own son such a careless steel hearted father

    • soumya

      Hey urmila.. You ve many misconception regarding shree ram.. See u ve right to criticise but only after he full information.. shree ram was an ideal human being.. Mata sita was an ideal woman.. Shree lakshman was an ideal brother.. U worship lord krishna but don’t u forget both are the avtars of same god..

      By saying such things you are just hurting others feelings..
      1 you said shree ram has not done anything great then why even lord krishna said that ramrajya was the greatest..
      2 you said sita ji as… Plz.. If she didn’t know anything except crying then why even ravan was afraid to touch her without her permission
      3 u said lakshman pretended to care for his bro..ohh… Ya its a mere pretending na k he went to vanvas leaving his wife his mothers just for the sake of ram..

      See urmila.. U ve right to criticise but do not have even a single right to criticise without knowing what’s true n what’s not…

      Even jambwant was able to see lord ram in lord krishna when he saw him during syamatak mani fight

      Lord hanuman was able to see ram in krishna..

      See being god is not associated with performing miracles.. God means the one who gives meaning to life… N both lord ram n lord krishna have done the same…

      Now hope so ur doubt has been cleared… N if not then plz consult bhagwad geeta for the refrense… Once you will read that your heart will be enlightened.. Ram n krishna are the name of two different forms of same lord…

    • Malvi

      Soumya Di don’t give such big comments to ppl who have nothing in their brains..

      Look Urmila better change your name to mahabaratha’s any character BCoz it never suits u. And catch it that ram & Krishna are same not a big difference. The reason why ram went to forest bcoz he didn’t want to go against his mother….. I hope being a woman sita can only cry being helpless sitting in Ashok vatika.. Idiot try to catch it. And if u are doing these things to get popularity then learn even ur Krishna won’t be happy fr these things ….

  17. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Guys i am reall sry i cannot able to cmnt because of severe fever and even veesing problem also so pls forgive me

  18. Sara

    Angad episode was nice. So the fight starts now.Great
    As per the story goes -The Garuda will save Ram & Lakshman ( in original version of Ramayan – both brother fell unconscious ).
    Meghnad was used to deceit and win . He always did so even when he hit Lakshman , he was behind the clouds. He was better cheater than his father Ravaan .
    By the way, Urmila- Lord Rama is the 7th Avatar and he himself came as 8th Avatar-Krishna . So both are same . Arjun was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and always obeyed him.

    Same way Lakshman was a brother and great devotee of Lord Ram and always obeyed him. A brother who sacrifices 14 years of his life and accompanied his brother in vanbas and later gave his life to save Ram and Ayodha from Sage Durbasha’s curse- can’t be pretentious in nature .It is his unconditional love for his brother Ram. That’s why he is worshiped till date

    About Ram – you have to understand how He himself uphold the four pillars of Ragukul -bachan palan, Swadharma, Rajdharma and Sacrifice . He showed the world how a king should be and sacrificed everything . Have you heard of Ram Rajya- 5000 years have passed since then -still it is appreciated . Because of Ram -we know Ragukul/surya dynasty.
    Ram came to uphold Dharma in Treta Yuga and again in came as Krishna in the end of Dwapar yuga – HE shall again come when time requires – He himself said in the GITA ” yeda yeda ye Dharmasa ……………”””

  19. Veena

    Looking forward for tonight’s episode . The Garuda shall come and help the Ram & Lakshman.
    Indrajit is too bad know to win through foul means. He used to fight from behind clouds or create illusions . I am waiting for the day Lakshman and Indrajit/Meghnad will fight the last battle -final clash between the both.
    And yes, some people like Urmila never read either Ramayan or Mahabharat and just comment.
    If she had an inch respect for Lord Krishna then she would have respected the Ram.
    Avatar comes to protect Dharma and Lord Ram came and again as Krishna came to protect Dharma. They were the same but different incarnations.
    About Lakshman- he is indeed a great figure. Apart from an excellent warrior , he is pillar of strength for his brother . He stayed with brother through thick and thin . His sacrifice is considered to be one of the highest by sages . He is a perfect brother . He took 14 years of exile on his own , he gave up yuvraj post to Bharat and he gave up his for Ayodha – supreme sacrifice .
    About Sita – Sita showed the world how to have unconditional love . Please read the article of Swami Vivekananda on Sita
    Sita and Ram sacrificed so their progeny could rule otherwise question of Sita’schastity would have caused a disater in Luv and Kush’s life whereas Raja Dasaratha ( Ram’s father) did mistakes , Kayeki was greedy & selfish but who suffered -their children -all four of them including daughter in laws .
    About Ram- He came to show the world to follow the path of Dharma and He showed through his life -he sacrificed . He suffered for his father’s irrational act of giving promise . He made sure his praja get the best of the world even though they were cruel and had doubt about Sita

  20. Ritzz

    No need explain to this stupid girl @urmilla such a foolish and dumb girl. Not knowing that not only she is insulting ram but also our religious sentiments…..u should change it name from urmilla to manthara….??

    • Shivani


      |Registered Member

      dear relax these people want to grab attention bcoz they do not have any knowledge of neither krishna nor ram .

  21. Bhagyashri

    @ suamya,Sara,veena ur explanation about ramayan and Mahabharata is very correct. Too good friend. We r proud of u.can I add some more information. Bhagvan Vishnu takes 10 avtars that’s called dashavtar.ram and Krishna r both Vishnu’s avtar.and in ramayan laxman and in Mahabharata balram this both avtars r taken by shesh nag.u all know shesh nag. Absolutely right ram is the good example of how the king should do for his praja and his responsibility towards them.seeta in cluded in seven woman’s who r pavitra character. Also drupadi and mandodari also therein.ram do work for good family,good society to good rajya.Krishna carry ramjis work for making the world vasudev kutumabkam.ram is very silent,very honest,and very lovely person.and Krishna is very strict, straight forward and also good politician.both had do same for development of dharma but their types of working r different. Urmila plz u should read whole ramayan u need this.plz dont say like this for our lord ram.this is not a good manner.

  22. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    people like urmils who even don’t know that sita is daughter of janak not dasrath called himself as a devotee of krishna

    • Ritzz

      Haha haha….. joke of the century…sita is daughter of dashrath!! Such a dumbo…. does not even know the basics of mytho…. and writing about characters of ram and Krishna.. . I can’t stop laughing!!!??

  23. Vanshika

    I know Urmila has hurt your feelings and she deserves this scolding she had d right to criticize ?

  24. Vanshika

    Miss Urmila isn’t any exception.. Many people, abt 5 to 10 percent of people who worshipped lord Vishnu only worship Krishna ji and don’t worship sita ram( I know they’re wrong)

    • Vanshika

      Bt Urmila di y you say this about sita she’s not crying always, and sad ppl will only cry ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? her life is soo sad how can she stay happy ⁉⁉⁉⁉

    • Vanshika

      U love Krishna ji, right?? Now how he’ll feel you’re praying one incarnation and insulting other??? I also am Vishnu bhakt but pray all incarnations.. If I pray Krishna ji I’ll never insult ramji coz he’s maryada purushottam

      • Vanshika

        And you say like this about sita Mata so in the way toh Panchali ma’s life was also sooo sad ? she was also crying like this always and you insult them like this ? ? ?

      • Vanshika

        Ram Krishna are d same di….
        Ram doesn’t hv ego ‼‼ OMG ‼‼ hey bhagwan‼‼ Sri Krishna give some buddhi to Urmila di if I’m and she’s ur true devotee then enlighten her with Some knowledge…… OMG I forgot one imp thing ‼‼ di I think if you’re Krishna bhakt u should have read srimad Bhagavad Gita na❓❓❓❓❓⁉⁉ u read it again…. Your all doubts will b cleared ???

    • Vanshika

      Even if draupadi has fought fr justice I salute her I salute sita and draupadi ma both.. Sita was a silent pillar of suffering and draupadi fought…. Don’t u think its so difficult fr her???

  25. siaurmi

    Urmila did plz don’t tell like this….. See our skr members had told u a lot of things about Ramayana & Mahabharata…. So it’s a request that if u are a devotee of lord Krishna.. Then OK but plz don’t say such words for Shree Ram and Maa Sita…..

  26. siaurmi

    Hi vanshu did how are u….. Episode was speechless…. Loved the style of yudha udghoshna of Shree Ram…. Angad did a gr8 job…… But feeling sad for tomorrow’s episode…. Ram and laxman.. will get faint…. @joy da can u plz inform that is skr getting over till October…. Vanshu do when will u post or ff ?????

  27. Ritzz


    |Registered Member

    @ siaurmi go to upper left corner.. a menu will come and select login… then enter login details

  28. Urmilla

    Yes dears I have read many thing about mytho and came here as per my and most of the philosopher analysis, Krishna is real God .
    Ram and Krishna are not similar it is only meant in Purana’s which r wrong
    Only the epic give is correct info
    Krishna is the supreme soul
    Draupadi is a feminist
    Arjun is an ideal human

    Guys u have less knowledge. I had got 4 PhD in history, Ramayana , philosophy and Mahabharata ( including gita) I am of 50 yrs
    It was my granddaughter who says me much dislike t the serial in star plus and I want to Create awareness among the future pillars of the soceity
    And the character b not well choosen. I had believed star Bharat will not be like be chopra but it was nice .. there were although flaws

    Sry for the mistake that I had typed janak as dasrath
    Through the best analysis u can get into the deep connection with Lord

  29. Sara

    Urmila- you might have read many books but didn’t understand. It is Ramayan-Ram himself says to Vali he would come again and in next incarnation -Vali as Jara would be the cause his death.
    Secondly – You may have read many books-but do you know Sanskrit ? I doubt . Translated versions are wrong . Try to read in Sanskrit version or at least good translation-please avoid people who knows only English and NON-Indian.
    Thirdly -this yuga will change soon-we are at the dawn of New Yuga/era -eventually everything will be clear or in your next life time.
    You doubt nest birth ?- at least Read Dr Brian Wess.
    Hindus believes that we have many lives , many incarnations and we must learn our lessons to go further-It is from our ancient knowledge.

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