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Siya Ke Ram 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina telling Janak about Raavan. She says Raavan is Lankeshwar, and has great qualities, but still I m worried. He asks her to trust Sita, she is capable to judge person’s good and bad qualities. She says if Raavan lifts Shiv dhanush, will we get her married to Raavan. He asks her to trust that Sita’s life partner will come for sure.

Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman are on the way to Mithila. Laxman gets angry. Ram asks why is he restless. Laxman says we can go to Shiv temple, why to go so far to see Shiv Dhanush, we will go Ayodhya first and get our mothers along, I don’t think this is sole motive, I heard about Swayamvar in Mithila, maybe Gurudev is taking us for protection. Ram says if Gurudev wishes this, why can’t we go, we will return Ayodhya soon, we will

be glad that we kept prestige of our Kul. Laxman says sure. They smile. Vishwamitra, Ram and Laxman take water in their hands and pray. Ram chants some mantras. Ram Ram………..plays…………

Vishwamitra says Mata Ganga did Uddhar of many. Ram says of our ancestors too. Vishwamitra says true, like you and your ancestors are linked with Ganga Mata and Shiv, its nice. Ram says we want to hear about Mata Ganga’s birth from you. Vishwamitra says Ganga Mata’s life is of sacrifice, and tells the story of Devi Uma and Devi Ganga, who were wives of some Dev. He says Devi Ganga was independent and did not like any limits. Ganga dances and spreads water around. There was a Asur at that time, he had Vardaan that none can fail him, so he attacked on Swarglok, when he ruined the powers of all Devtas, then Devs went to Kailash to Lord Shiv to protect themselves. Lord Shiv says when Ekasur has vardaan that none can fail him in battle, no need to fight with him, there is a solution, that Asur will leave to get a place in Swarg, the solution is to end the evil in his heart and make him rid of Asur powers, just Devi Ganga can make his heart pure.

All Devs go to Parbat Raj and asks for ParbatRaj’s daughter Ganga. Laxman says but Gurudev, how can they give their daughter like this. Vishwamitra says it was her fate, Ganga was given for this solution, and Mata Ganga went to fulfill the aim of her life. She spreads water from her feet and stands infront of Ekasur. He looks on stunned as the water reaches him. The water purifies Ekasur completely. He drops his weapon and greets her. Ganga Mata did his Uddhar and cleaned his sins, then Devtas had problem thinking where will Mata Ganga stay, they wanted a pure place for her, where no sin took place, her nature was such that she was not sill anywhere, then Brahmadev made her stay in Swarglok, and then she was sent to earth. Ram says but gurudev, I heard Mata Ganga did not wish to come on earth. Vishwamitra says yes, Lord Shiv sent her on earth and saved earth from ruining. Lord Shiv did a lot and I felt you should visit Shiv Dhanush. Laxman says now I understood why you are taking us to Mithila. Vishwamitra says come, we should leave now.

Kaushalya tells Dasharath that Ram did a big thing and increased our kul prestige by reviving Ahilya, he killed Tadaka, changed Mareecha and then killed Subahu. Sumitra says his touch has filled life in a stone, when will he come back. Kaikeyi asks Dasharath is he not happy. Dasharath asks will there be any bad affect on Ram. Guru Vashisht says why will there be any bad effect if he has done good with him, don’t worry, its not possible to understand his life journey, its his fate, Ram will do Uddhar wherever he goes.

Sunaina cries. Janak asks her am I not worried for Sita, its worrying for me to think will Sita be happy after marriage, will she be so happy that she forgets her parents.

Vishwamitra tells Ram and Laxman about Guru Vashisht’s story, who went to complete Dev Indra’s yagya, when Vashisht came back, he has seen Gautam Rishi doing the yagya, then he cursed Raja Nimi to get invisible, but all Rishis did a manthan, Raj Nimi got a son, he was called Mithi, he was named Janak then, that’s why this place is called Mithila, now Raja Janak is the 21st generation of Raja Nimi.

Sita is with the villagers. Ram and Sita walk past each pther and feel each other’s presence. Sita turns to see and turns her face away. Ram turns to see, and misses to see her. Siya Ram………….plays………. People see Ram and say he seems to Dasharath’s son Ram, if Sita married such Divya purush, we will be lucky.

Janak’s Rishi welcomes Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra blesses him and says I have got Dasharath’s son Ram and Laxman to visit Shiv Dhanush. Ram and Laxman take Guru’s blessings. Vishwamitra says they killed Tadaka and saved many Rishis. Ram says we did this by Vishwamitra’s teachings. Vishwamitra says Ram made Ahilya free of curse. Devi Gargi comes and asks but why Ram do this, can I know it?

Shathanand tells Janak that Ahilya is free of curse. Janak says I want to meet such great man. Sita smiles. Urmila tells Sita that Ram has come to Mithila.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode was goodand very nice vishual treat

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      ya buddy…………
      its TRP will never go down because it s a known story so when sita and ram get separated we will not scold the directors……….

  2. Very nice episode…

  3. I know d full story..
    Read it.. heard it frm my parents..
    Still i love to watch dis.
    Dese 30 mins i feel lyk m in a different world..
    So much to learn..
    N each time i hear it or watch it or read it, it seems more n more intrstng

  4. I love ❤ this prgram a lot and most interesting is sita part in it. I know whole story but reading or watching siya ke ram makes me feel very good as if I am in that time when alll the events happened. Thank u ameena ji . My t.v. Is not working properly and that’s why I read this and like a lot .

  5. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    Siya Re Ram: (SPOILERS)

    Princess Sita’s sisters get Sita ready as she is gearing up for her Swayanwar. Ravan arrives in Mithila for Sita’s Swayamvar. Lankeshwar Raavan is confident about his victory in Swayamwar. Ram and Sita come face t-face in the Gauri temple. Raavan loses to string the Shiv Dhanush. Ram strings the Dhanush with ease and amazes everyone. Ram and Sita admire each other. Shri Ram will get impressed by Sita’s qualities, and vice versa. Sita and Ram get married. Sita is happy getting her Yogyavar and she would be heading to Ayodhya. While leaving, Sita gets sad to depart from Mithila and get away from her father Janak. She gets teary eyes. Sita’s bidaai gets emotional.

  6. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    Superb episode………..
    loved it sita ram scenes and siya ram song also……….
    but when will the remaining three pairs get married???????
    it s not mentioned in the spoilers…………………….sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo sad

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