Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yudhjeet coming to Mithila. He greets Dasharath. Dasharath blesses him and says I m glad you came to attend the marriages, your four nephews are going to get married. Yudhjeet asks four, it means even Bharat, the invitation was for Ram’s marriage. Dasharath says yes. Yudhjeet asks does Kaikeyi know this. Dasharath says yes, Ram was getting married, but I have decided to get my other sons married to Janak and Kushadwaj’s daughters.

The four princes come out and everyone shower flowers on them. Ram smiles seeing Mahadev, Vishwakarma, Brahmadev and Narad there and greets them. Dasharath blesses his sons. They all greet Yudhjeet, Guru Vashisht. Dasharath says its time now, come. The princes get on the carts and proceed. Dhol nagade baaje………plays……. Sita and

her sisters smile as a lady tells about varyatra, there are no words to describe. Chandrabhaga comes and says its Divya varyatra, it seems like Devlok is attending this marriage, four grooms look so handsome, whoever sees them, they just say one word, amazing. She tells Sita that Ram’s Divyata, it seems like Swami is three loks have come himself. Sita smiles. Chandrabhaga says he is extraordinary, there can be no one yogyavar for you except him. Janak and Sunaina, along with Shathanand, Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga welcome the baraat/varyatra. Ayodhya ki chali hai baraat……….plays……………. Everyone smile happily.

Sunaina says I did not know they will get so many people in baraat from Ayodhya. Janak says not just from Ayodhya, Mithila’s close and far Rajya’s people have come too. She asks how to arrange for them. He says Sita is Mithila’s daughter, and everyone/Praja has opened the door of their house for the guests, don’t worry, guests will be taken good care of. Dasharath and his sons get down the carts and come forward, along others. Janak hugs Dasharath and takes Guru Vashisht, Vishwamitra and Rishi Yagyavalkya’s blessings. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga do tilak and aarti to the Ram and Bharat. Ram Ram…….plays……… Sunaina and Chandrabhaga then do tilak and aarti to Laxman and Shatrughan. Janak welcomes them.

The grooms and brides walk towards the mandap. Ram Siya….. plays………. Ram and Sita see each other. Everyone greet Guru Vashisht, Vishwamitra and Rishi Yagyavalkya. Guru Vashisht and Vishwamitra nod. Vishwamitra tells about Vivaah Sanskaar. He says marriage is union of two souls, by this medium, person fulfills family and societal duties, this is important part of a family life, person gives prosperity to society and also gets new generation, I m lucky to be get a chance to play an important role in Sita and Ram’s marriage, I will accept this as sign of my life’s completeness. Everyone greet him. Guru Vashisht says start all the shubh marriage rituals now. Ram looks at Sita. Sita smiles. Ram Siya Ram…..plays…………..

Ram and Sita go towards the mandap. Mahadev and Devi Parvati smile. Ram and Sita exchange garlands. Janak and everyone smile. Siya Ram…plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I get to learn so much by just reading the comments here 😮 thank u so much to all of u. U guys r spreading so much knowledge 🙂

  2. Sandu

    It is great to see a srilankan bringing in a different perspective on Ramayan.
    Raavan does pique my curiosity too specially when his portrayals vary so much across cultures that reside so close geographically. Here is my take – i think he may have been a polarizing personality , as in people either loved him or hated him. Hitler is known more for the dark holocaust but he also gave the world several engineering wonders (volkswagen,autobahn..)
    So it is possible that both texts that portray him as good and evil can be true.

  3. Thank you riya ji for wonderful info… today epi was awesome…..

  4. SIYA KE RAM TRP-2.6

  5. iI M a big fan of SKR but from swayamvar saptah, I Feel they are just stretching every scene unnecessarily .i want this show like MB in which all thing were point to point and meaningfull

  6. i jst loved u all its gr8 that u r sharing lot information regarding ramayan

  7. Awesome
    episode waiting for marriage

  8. hey poorna… u r fan of mb,Krishna,Arjuna, panchali… bt not of siya,ram…????.
    this shows that u hv very less knowledge abt these two epics…
    Don’t make ur thoughts according to these shows dear.. the show MB was so much compressed.. all views were not shown… bt still it was so much much much awesome…
    Ram and Krishna were avatar of Lord Narayna..
    you said that there is nothing inspirational in SKR bt…facts are
    1 Ramayana happened in Satyug.. MB happened in dwaparyug..
    2 everything,everyone from Ramayana was ideal.. evan villain Ravana was ideal bt in MB everything, everyone was in its/his/her original emotions such as kaam krodh prem matsar revenge bhakti yukti shakti etc…
    so there was/is/will no comparison bt these 2 gr8 epics..
    its a humble request don’t do negative comments..


    1. Ramayan happened in tretayug, not satyug dear 🙂

  9. and if still u can’t understand just show ur heart’s gr8ness and stop giving negative comments… it really upsets us…

  10. ohhh ya… I forgot that… thanx

  11. Awesome episode I forgot to comment yesterday cuz I wuz in a rush

  12. Yes and poorna di I indeed understand u like mb over siya ke ram well I like both mb and ramayan they’re to gr8 epics and u should respect okay that u don’t like the show but do not hurt other ppl who like these shows and I got really upset with ur hurtful comments
    But u know what ram and Sita came before mb they even say that in mb btw

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