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Siya Ke Ram 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi crying in her Kaksh. She recalls Bharat’s departure. Maharishi welcomes Devi Gargi. Sita asks him can Gargi teach here in this gurukul, its her request. Maharishi asks Gargi what is her opinion. Gargi says a lady can’t be welcomed as teacher in this men dominating place. Maharishi asks Sita who is Devi of knowledge. Sita says Mata Saraswati. He says then if a man thinks woman can’t teach, then his knowledge is not complete. Sita asks does this mean Gargi can teach us. Maharishi says sure, I will be glad. Gargi says but I will not change my thinking. He says that will be injustice if you change, this world is big and different thinking can walk together, this is the beauty of the world. I welcome you in this Gurukul as a teacher. Gargi thanks him and says after

meeting you, I also feel my knowledge is not complete, and it will be completed here in this gurukul. Maharishi asks the kids to greet their teacher. The kids greet Gargi. Sita hugs Gargi. They smile.

Dasharath talks to his minister. Kaikeyi walks there in his Kaksh. He asks her why did she come now, what will she blame him, that I have hurt you a lot, your sons have gone away, you can’t know my sorrow right now, you just have ego, nothing else. She cries and hugs him, apologizing to him. She asks him not to get annoyed with her, she felt he has cheated her. She falls in his feet. He says no, don’t say this and holds her. She hugs him and thinks he killed the trust between them and also their love, when she was sacrificing everything, now her aim will be only one thing to make Bharat his heir, to make Bharat sit on the throne. She smiles thinking she will do anything for it.

Gargi tells the students about Lord Shiv who was upset with his first wife Sati, then Parvati decided to please him by her Tapasya and get him as her husband, this was imp to have balance and bring him out of his sorrow, she has faced many hurdles and then please Lord Shiv, this way their love has become ideal for the world, Shiv and Gauri are incomplete without each other. Sita asks them why is Mata Gauri not preached then. Maharishi says we will make an idol for Mata Gauri. Sita smiles.

Ram concentrates and recalls Kaikeyi and Bharat’s words. Guru Vashisht comes there. He says one of the tradition of their Kul broke today, when you returned from Gurukul, I told you about the four traditions of Raghukul. FB shows Guru telling Ram about his bad dream, which is possible when one of the tradition breaks, but offers him help. FB ends. Guru tells him that he has to manage this now, as he has the capability to manage any situation, he has to stop this ruin, by starting Ram Rajya. Ram gets shocked.

Ram takes his blessings. Guru says you have place in his heart, you are such student who makes Guru Dhanya, Guru’s life aim gets complete, the teachings I gave you, you have to convert it into actions, I will guide you. Ram asks his blessings. Guru says this way will be tough. Ram says I hope to get courage to face problems, not to get easy way, I learnt from you. Guru smiles.

Janak, Sunaina and Sita pray. Janak says I will get a new temple built soon. Sunaina says I m thankful to Sita that she asked this question. Sita smiles and asks how much will it take, when can I preach Mata Gauri. Janak says soon, you have already got Mata Gauri in your heart. Sita hugs him.

Dasharath thinks why did Guru call him, is it anything related to problems. Sumitra recalls Dasharath and Kaikeyi’s words. She cries and says losing trust is the worst thing, disbelief grows in heart, this family had love and sacrifice, today there is fight for sons and rights. She talks to Lord and says she is not blaming anyone, and prays that this Raghuvansh comes out of the danger, and also assure her that he is listening her prayers. She sees a light near the idol, and Lord’s avatar in it. She sees Ram as the Lord avatar and smiles.

Sunaina makes Sita meet a Rishi. Guru tells Dasharath about Lord Ram.

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