Siya Ke Ram 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the snake demon laughing and saying I m Kaalnemi, you won’t get saved now, you won’t get Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman smiles and hits the snake. The snake dies. Hanuman says Ram’s enemy will face this consequences, I m sure he has told me wrong direction, it means north is that way. He flies.

Ram says if I knew this would happen with you in war, I would have not let you go, I obeyed Pita ji and came on vanvaas, if I knew I will lose you, I would have never allowed you to come with me. He cries. Sugreev says don’t worry, Hanuman will come with Sanjeevani plant. Ram says what will I answer Matas, what face will I show to Urmila, who is waiting for his return since 14 years, everyone will say I lost you for my selfish motive, I should not protect my brother.


flies to North. Ram cries. Ram Ram….plays…………. Hanuman reaches Himalayas and sees the glowing leaves of Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman could not understand which plant to take. He says which one is Sanjeevani in this, all look similar to me. He smiles and says now I understood what I should do. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets into his huge form. He lifts the entire mountain on his one shoulder. He flies.

Sugreev says don’t know where is Hanuman, when will he come. Hanuman flies back to Ram. Ram cries seeing Laxman. Angad sees Hanuman getting the mountain and gets surprised. He says Mahavir Hanuman has come. Everyone see Hanuman getting the huge mountain along.

Hanuman lands and keeps the mountain down. Vaid ji goes to the mountain. Hanuman gets back to his true form. Vaid ji says you got the entire mountain. Hanuman says yes, I got confused seeing all the plants, all of them were glowing and any knowledgeable person can identify it, so I got the mountain. Vaid ji gets the Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman goes to touch Ram’s feet. Ram stops him and hugs him. Ram Ram…..plays…………..

Vaid ji crushes the leaves and feeds its juice to Laxman. Laxman coughs and comes to life. Everyone happily cry. Ram holds Laxman. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram asks Laxman to open his eyes. Laxman opens eyes and sees Ram. He says Bhaiya. Ram hugs him.

Sita tells Trijata that there can’t be anything good for her than knowing Laxman is fine, like Laxman came to van with us, I will take him back safe, if anything happened to Laxman, we would have no answer to give Urmila, we can’t life without Laxman.

Ram asks Laxman why did he go to fight with Meghnadh without asking him, don’t I have right to protect you or know anything about you. Laxman cries and apologizes to him. Laxman says when I got news that Meghnadh is coming in war, I got angry and left without taking your permission, like you always forgive me, you forgive me even this time, I did big mistake. He falls in Ram’s feet and cries. Ram holds him and wipes his tears.

Ram asks Laxman to recall what Gurudev Vishwamitra taught them, anger is cause of sin and destruction, anger is like enemy for a warrior, anger destroys sense, if you have to win, you have to control your anger, I have no doubt on your bravery and might, you are better and capable warrior than Meghnadh, even then he succeeded to overcome you, how, because you were into your anger. Laxman says you are saying right, I promise you, I will never lose my senses by anger. Ram hugs him.

Ram says Meghnadh has used tantric powers to make a fatal attack on Laxman, just Laxman will kill him now. Laxman says Meghnadh is away from death, till I m away from him, when he comes infront of me, his end is definite.

Meghnadh runs and a horse jumps over him. Sulochana wakes up from this dream and shouts no. Meghnadh asks what happened. She says bad dream, your life is in danger. He says your worry is sign of your love for me, remember I m Ajay/ invincible, even Kaal is afraid to touch me, don’t worry and sleep. A horse opens the door of her Kaksh. Sulochana sees the horse(same as seen in her dream), and gets shocked.

Raavan takes bath by the blood. He recalls killing Rishi munis. Meghnadh looks on. Raavan asks Meghnadh does he know whose blood is this, those Rishi munis, who were devotees of Vishnu, I killed them because I did not want anyone to have such qualities, I wanted to become supreme, I thought you are a great warrior among all my sons, but I was wrong, you went in battle ground twice to kill those sanyasis, but they both are still alive. Meghnadh says I m sorry, I could to stand up to your expectations, give me one chance to go to war ground and kill those vanvasis, I want to see trust and respect for me in your eyes. Raavan says go and do tapasya first, get capable to fight first, I will go in war ground alone now. Meghnadh asks for a final chance. Raavan signs no and goes. Meghnadh gets angry and screams.

Meghnadh tells Sulochana that Raavan does not trust me, don’t you trust me. Sulochana cries and says its nothing like that, I trust you. Laxman breaks Meghnadh’s tapasya. Meghnadh says you all created hurdle in my yagya, you all will get punished. Laxman challenges Meghnadh to lift his weapons. Meghnadh goes to attack on Laxman.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    emotional episode . loved the way ram was scolding lakshman because there was full of love and concern when ram was talking to lakshman . no words , really really nice episode .

  2. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    meghnad is stupid , sulochana is so concerned for him , but he does not understand her words and he is saying that her dream will not come true . understand meghnad , ur wife is so concerned for u but u r still pround and over confident , that is why u will die . feeling bad for sulochana

  3. SKR fan

    Today’s episode is simply mind blowing.
    Pawanputra hanuman Ki jai!
    That’s why he is known as sankatmochan. He has saved shri ram, lakshman and complete vanar sena so many times.
    Going to Himalaya from Lanka and coming back with one complete mountain in one hand in just one night. This impossible task can be done only by hanuman.
    They did not show an asur taking a rishi’s form and sending hanuman in a pond of crocodile.
    And they also didn’t show Bharat shooting arrow at hanuman when he was returning with sanjeevni booti and then lord hanuman described everything.
    After so many days sulochana scene.
    Today they showed continuously for twenty minutes then ad break then one minute then ad break then three minutes.
    Raavan’s so cruel he is taking bath in the blood of rishis. Show makers should not have shown this.
    Tomorrow meghnad will be dead.

  4. SKR fan

    Wars are tiring. Ashish having a power nap on the chariot in between shots.
    Cute girl on siya ke ram sets with madirakshi, Ashish and Karan.
    Nal, neel and mandodari workout together.
    Vineet aka Neel with vibhishan.
    Nal, Neel, kekasi and mandodari.
    Maharani kaushalya, maharaj dashrath, shatrughn and Shrutkirti at bongos bite.
    Ram Ki sena in fun mood. Boysgang fun.
    Karan, vibhishan and vanar sena in bus. Fun offscreen.
    Karan, vibhishan and vanar sena at dominos.
    Angad and Neel madness in gym.
    Raavan, kekasi and sulochana in one frame.
    Meghnad, sulochana, trijata and Sita pic together.
    What a selfie! Karan aka lakshman and Ankur aka meghnad selfie during duel battle in the mud.
    Friends forever. Kartik, Ankur, vividha and madirakshi.

  5. gowthami

    nice episode. i have no words to describe hanuman . laya sanjeevan lakhana jiyaye sri raghuveera harashi vura laye. jai shree ram.

  6. Anushya


    |Registered Member

    Oh no…. now skr is going at the speed of light…. thanks skr fan for the pics…. I agree with belle Di that meghnad is soooooooo stupid… poor sulochana…. I heard she commits Sati after he dies… ram lakshman scenes were good…

  7. Nabanita

    But where the sun’s case?
    And who is the horse?
    Today kalnemi badh was also very episode disappointed……

  8. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow a awesome epi… I am very happy to see laxman getting conscious ☺☺☺☺.. And hanuman, cant explain his seva in words… Hatts off to him…. and nooo Bharath hanuman milan was shown 😢😢… I waited for dat…. But it is a superb epi..

  9. Thanmathi


    |Registered Member

    Videhi please listen to me please don’t leave this pg if u r having any problems please tell us and please please don’t cry dear please listen to me just for once Please

  10. Nita D

    Nita D

    |Registered Member

    Very nice episode…..although they missed some important points…..loved to see Ram’s concern for Lakshman….So nice to see Sulochna back….i missed her….but i guess she is there only for an episode or two….i really love Megh-Na’s pair. I hope the makers don’t skip the sati part….

    N Thx for replying dear Padmaja, Nabanita, Priya, Vanshika n Tanu😘😘….its nice to know u all still remember me….for one whole day i didn’t get reply so i had to comment back. N NOW i m not angry with u all….one cannot remain angry with loved once for long right?
    I agree NABNITA. I have one reason that maybe in starting everyone was excited n it was vacation time also. Now everyone’s school/college must have started in full form…n many of them r in 10th or 12th. Maybe that’s the reason.
    I m good PRIYA. U say. N i completely understand. U should concentrate on studies. R u liking commerce stream??
    N sorry for replying late. Actually i have to leave for classes at 7:45 n when i come back its almost 8 in the evening. My schedule is so hectic that many times i have to skip lunch as well. N yesterday i was too tired so i didnt open this page only. I hope u all will understand….
    Love u all lots….

  11. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Suchi dear don’t leave dis page dear… And y r u saying like dis…… Pls tell us… Any probs for u ah??? And pls don’t cry…. Pls if u have any prob tell us…. And reply me dear…

  12. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Vaidehi dear.. Pls don’t leave this page. . And y did u thought like that mean to leave this page.. Ha.. Say Me
    .. Pls u think me as ur sis na then do say Me wts the prb.. I l surely try to help u.. Pls… But don’t leave this page.. I m always there for u dear.. Love u. Pls don’t disappoint me by leaving this page..

  13. Sara

    Yesterday’s episode was wonderful – i mean -RAM”S SIDE . Ram & Lakshman’s bonding -brotherly love and Hanuman bringing Sanjeevini buti – all actors were superb- I mean all vanar , Ram , Lakshman , Vibishan -all !!! Very emotional .
    Bonding & love between Ram & Lakshman is really precious , as if they are one .

      • Vanshika


        |Registered Member

        Yes.. Ramlak r jus rare species lol 😁.. Priya dii my sis where’s my pov?? Oopie you must b busy, right?? N alll the bestie for your sports day 🎾 🏂 🏈 🎿 you’ll rock it, ha… 🏀🏆⚽⚾🎮🏃🏄

  14. Veena

    Yes Lakshman got cured . WOW . Nice to see brotherly love of Ram & Lakshman . very good acting And Hanuman carrying Sanjeevini Buti- very nice .
    But disliked Ravan’s side of blood bath – May God save me . Ravan’s side is getting on my nerve. I hate that side melodrama. Mostly unreal .

  15. Anil

    Nice episode… Lakshman and RAM conversation was good (full of brotherly love)….Hanuman was great as usual…

    Hai all…How r u??

  16. stuti

    Loved yesterday’s epi ….. lakshman cured …. felt very sad seeing ram cry fr lakshman and lakshman crying when ram was scolding him ….. ram lakshman scenes were full of brotherly love …. and hanuman was awesome bringing the whole mountain …..

  17. Swastika


    |Registered Member

    Really a very heart touching episode hanuman lifting hill was really superb …. Ram scolding laxman was awesome… Loved everything… Waiting eagerly for today’s episode… And suchi di plz tellyupdates chchedrona plz ei request ta rakho plz and yes where is vanshu di

  18. Swastika


    |Registered Member

    A poem of skr did u all remember this poem of Siya ke ram…
    Dharti se janmi hoon main
    Janak ki dulaari
    Prakriti ki saheli hoon
    Mithila ki rajkumari
    Hai sanskar mera Srinagar or
    Gyaan mera upahaar
    Prashna poochchna swabhaw hai mera
    Swatantra mere wichaar
    Parantu jab poochchti hoon swayam se
    Bhala kaun hair year pyaar
    Tab ubharta she hriday she ek hi naam
    Ram..Mere Ram
    Sita ki preet ka parinam hai Shri Ram
    An kahelayenge Siya Ke Ram

  19. Swastika


    |Registered Member

    Sorry ,Bhala kaun hai tera pyaar
    Tab ubharta hai hriday se ek hi naam
    Ab kahelayenge Siya Ke Ram
    (The corrections of typo errors )
    Read and enjoy

  20. stuti

    But actually when hanuman goes with the mountain on the way bharat shoots him and hanuman becomes unconscious ….. then when he comes back he tells bharat everything and goes off to Lanka …… this scene they didn’t show …. didn’t expect this from skr ….

  21. Vanshika

    Hey suchi sis is that true!!!??? OMG 😭😭😭😭.. U needn’t leave this page dearie here every single sweetie pie is important dear.. Any one member will go missing, then the page looks colourless 😢 u cant do dis to us!! Suchi’s sis if you see my comment pls inform suchi. Suchi you keep the page So active and lovely how can you go like this?? Totally unfair 😢 dear if you have any problem pls tell us naa don’t hide it from us we’ll solve the prblm. If you’ll leave the page I’m gonna leave the page toooooo and never return☹☹☹☹ I wish this is jus a prank and you return back dear.. Love you.
    Your sissie- Vanshika

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      whattttt???vanshu..all r saying the same thing,,i m cmntng like this after a long time..but u all r saying this…its not fair yar…whats the prb?????????i thought that seeing me cmntng like this u people l be happy but u all r saying that u l leave the page???

  22. Swastika aka siaurmi

    Even i love this poem very much thanx everyone….and padma di ur dp is,also😘😍

  23. siya ke ram

    She doesn’t want to cmnt bcoz whatever mythological questions u guys ask here, she couldn’t answer them. So she feels dat she should be cmnting here………. I think she has already left the page…… But plz tell her not to do this……. I hope she listens to u………

  24. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    M really thankful to you.. @siya_ke_ ram.. Hope suchi doesn’t leave tu 😢😢 she should tell her prob to us .. Her sisters will help her.. Pakka 👍👍 Suchi you’re my brave girl na.. How’ll you accept defeat so easily???

  25. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    M really thankful to you.. @siya_ke_ ram.. Hope suchi doesn’t leave tu 😢😢 she should tell her prob to us .. Her sisters will help her.. Pakka 👍👍 Suchi you’re my brave girl na.. How’ll you accept defeat so easily??? Pls return sissie missin you 😭😭

  26. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    What!!!! Suchi thinks lyk that.. Jus dis thing 😲😲😲 auchi who told you that you’ve to b a mytho expert to comment here??? OMG I m really shocked 😲😲 hey dear call down sweetie pls don’t goo 😐😐😐😐 we never said anything lyk that 2 u still you’re thinking lyk this 😔 😔 I feel there’s something else ☹☹

  27. siya ke ram

    Ya vanshu she also thinks that many times her cmnts and queries especially have been left unanswered or unseen……..

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