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Siya Ke Ram 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram, Sita and Laxman going ahead with the boy. The hawks come there and take the injured/shot hawk. Ram and everyone look on as hawks fly away. Kaushalya says Bharat, I understand your mental state, you have worn this vankan and proved to be Ram’s ideal brother, if I had another son born by my womb, it would be you Bharat. They all cry. Kaushalya says we will not force you to stay in Ayodhya’s Raj mahal, never, but son you promise me one thing, that you will not go away from Ayodhya and your mothers….. She cries and says we will never create hurdle in your work and we will not force you to do any work for your Rajya and Dharm, but we should have assurance that you are infront of us, not away from us. She requests him to give this promise.

Bharat says no Maa……

I assure you that I will stay in Ayodhya. Kaushalya cries and hugs him. Bharat says Shatrughan I know you always supported me, but today you have to support me by staying in this Raj bhavan, this Rajya is of Ram, I can’t manage this duty alone. He holds Shatrughan and says I want you to help me to fulfill the promise I gave to Ram. Shatrughan asks how. Guru Vashisht says Shatrughan…. Bharat is saying right, its your Dharm to help Bharat at this time, Laxman is with Ram in van to fulfill Dasharath’s promise, you should help Bharat here in Raj bhavan, its Raghuvansh’s ideals, customs and traditions will always guide you son. Bharat says Gurudev also advised this, now accept my request. Shatrughan cries and says I have always stayed with you like your shadow, I will always support you in any situation. The brothers hug and cry.

The Rakshaks hawks are shown. The hawks fly to some place and turn into human form. They tell the leader that a human has killed a hawk, and describe Ram and Sita by praising them. The hawk says when a hawk attacked the woman, she has faced the hawk with patience and did not harm it, and the man has shot this hawk, he looked like a complete warrior, but they are in Rishi clothes, we don’t know they are sanyaasi or warriors in van clothes, they are very alert. The leader asks them to find out who are those people who are capable to fight with them, they can’t be alive by attacking us, attack them on right time, if I get upset, your lives will be in danger. The hawks fly away.

Mandvi comes to Kaikeyi and cries. Kaikeyi asks what happened. Mandvi says Bharat has worn vankan like Ram and decided of not staying in Raj bhavan. Kaikeyi gets shocked and cries. She says who else will bear the punishment of my mistakes. Mandvi consoles her and says its not your mistake, it was written in our fate and we can’t change it. Kaikeyi says why was this written in my fate, that I become reason of all this worst things, my son did not even come to meet me. Mandvi says every human does mistakes.

Kaikeyi says mistake and crime have big difference, I have done a big crime, I did a sin, you know I was most dearest wife of Maharaj Dashaarth, he used to fulfill all of my wishes with love, what did I do, I have killed him, and Ram…. He loved me the most among all mothers, I felt he is born by my womb, such selfless and pure love, I have sent such son to van, and Bharat was born by my womb, he did not refused to anything I said, he is leaving from Raj bhavan today without telling or meeting me, Mantra was just my Daasi, I should have not listened to her, I made plan according to her words and did what she said, because this sin had to happen by my hands, Raghukul got ruined my hand. Mandvi says enough..

Kaikeyi asks Mandvi to be away, as I have snatched your husband and made him away from you, don’t forgive me ever. They both cry. Mandvi asks her to listen. Kaikeyi says this time I should console you and I m in in sorrow. Mandvi asks her to listen, and says no need to apologize to me, if you apologize, I will get annoyed, I should apologize to you, I m not going with your son wearing vankan, like Sita supported her husband, I can’t go, I decided to stay here and serve you. Kaikeyi says I finished everything. Mandvi hugs her and cries.

Ram, Sita and Laxman proceed with the boy in the stormy weather. Laxman says we should rest here till weather gets fine. They rest under a tree. Sita asks the boy is he hungry. Laxman says what will we get at this time. Sita asks them to sit, she will just come. He says no, what will you get here. She says nature always has something, I m sure I will get some food to calm this boy’s hunger. Laxman says it won’t be safe for you to go, I will go. Ram says Laxman, Sita knows more about nature than us, it will be good if she goes, I will go with her, till then you be here and take care of the boy. Laxman says sure. Ram and Sita leave.

Sita smiles seeing the lightning bugs and says its unique and beautiful creation of Lord. Ram agrees. She says nature gets more beautiful at night. He says true, we did not see its beauty by staying at some place till now, jungle is for peace, beauty and purity, the jungle, air, mountains, rivers are everything are so pleasing to eyes and beautiful, don’t you think this is mysterious world. She says yes, everything here has their own role. She spots some plant and asks Ram to dig the soil. Ram smiles and gets some food from the roots.

Shatrughan talks to Bharat. Bharat says Ram lives on earth/ground level and I can’t be equal to him, that’s why I have dug this place to make a place for me to stay in the second level. Shatrughan looks on. Ram asks Sita to rest for some time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nippy Di I guess today ur exams were over and I hope u did well
    I am also TN state board and just stepped into 10th so if u don’t mind can u pls share ur email id in siya ke ram fan site which WW Di created
    Pls a humble request as I want ask few
    things hope u understand
    It would be a great help pls

    1. Can somebody pls explain the precap elaborately???????

      1. Shatrughn is an unsung hero
        Hats off
        The youngest son yet he who holds the rajya together at the time of crisis

    2. Bhart thinks that he can not be equal to ram.., ram lives & sleeps on ground as he have no bed in van to sleep hence bharat make dug ground means make a hole in ground to sleep …..

  2. Hii friends do yll remember me???well after a long time actually my exams were gng on tomorrow last exam

    1. Welcome back nikki…how r u n congo as ur xams got over

    2. Haii Nikki….. How R U ? Welcome back dear ….Hope to see u often

  3. Very good episode. Will Bharat not take the responsibility of Ayodhya? And who were those vultures? Siyaram love scenes were fabulous. I want that raavan’s entry should come after at least three weeks so that we will get to see more love scenes.

    1. Veronica crouze

      what do u mean by ravan’s entry?do u mean sita’s kidnapping?

  4. Now ram will fight with hawks & kill them….. so inresting ….. love SKR ….
    Ram & sita scences was best……
    Love ashish& madirakshi….
    Lakshman & Bharat r ideal brother…….

    1. Guys i opened my fb account today…. pls tell me your fb name & what is profile pic…. it will be easy for me to find u all…..

      1. Akanksha sharma

        My fb name is advika sharma and profile pic is of baby face

      2. Akanksha where r u girl…nowadays u not coming here at all…btw how r u n r u busy…miss u n do reply?

    2. Hai Bhoomi………. How R U dear? Loved Siyaram scences ………….They look good together…

      1. I m fine di …… hw r u ?????? Di r u on facebook ???

      2. S Bhoomi …………. My self as jeya suriya dp of mine

    3. Sanjana(Sara)

      Hi di, my fb id is Sanjana Munim Sara and dp is of a girl and have a magazine in hand.

  5. Today’s episode was great. Interesting …. How can sita find fruits from the soil Bharat and shatrugan scene was nice. Pity to see Kaikeyi. Waiting to see tom episode.

  6. Hai everyone! Nice episode!sad for kaikeyi and mandvi! Sita and ram’s discussion about the nature and forest was nice! Those days even theGod has liked to live in the forest! But now we face the problem of inhabitation and hence deforestation is done!

  7. Nice episod.Bharat and kasalya act was vry good.

  8. Nice episod.Bharat and kaushalya act was vry good.

  9. Guys please describe the Raita(ram+Sita) PRECAP properly. Sita gets hurt and ram carries her??

  10. Hello every1.. i read Shradha Sharma’s (sorry if i spelled d name wrong) comment on 9th april update just now..
    So m posting on 2days update..
    Yes c was ryt..
    I hav read ramayan book.. n its written dat Bharat stayed at a hut as a sanyashi n as laxman has accompanied Ram, d same way Satrughan has also accompanied Bharat..
    N all d 4 brothers had spend 14 yrs as sanyashi..
    We call sita as sati n grt becoz c was seeing all d males of d world as her son except Ram.. n being with her hubby, c was spending a brahmachari.. n these 2 things r nt possible for a normal woman..
    N abt Mandvi, Urmila n Shukurti.. dey all r also example of dose women who sacrifices a lot..
    Think abt them, dey all were away from dere husbands, n were spending life of sanyasini inside Rajmahal also..
    Atleast sita has company of her husband..
    So dose 3 ladies were grt..
    Sita n her 3 sisters were all grt in dere own way..
    1 was with her husband still sanyasi n rest 3 were inside rajmahal still away frm husbands n sanyasi..

    1. S Sush I agree the four sister were great ……. They sacrifices a lot ………..

  11. Nice episode…. Conversation between RAM and sita about nature is good…

    1. Thnx 4 d links bro…

    2. Tnks ………..for the links

  12. ‘Siya Ke Ram’ moves from Hyderabad to Virar
    Soaring temperatures and lack of forests in the Andhra Pradesh have forced the makers of ‘Siya Ke Ram’ to shift base to Virar.
    Producer Nikhil Sinha says, “For our vanwaas sequence, we felt the forests in Virar were perfect. The extreme heat and lack of trees in the Andhra region where we were shooting, prompted us to come here.”

  13. Log on and vote for:-
    Sita as favourite patni
    Ram as favourite pati
    Sita – Ram as favourite Jodi.

    1. I voted…thx for letting us know bro

    2. Tnks Bro for the Link……I voted

  14. Kaushalya Bharat scene were emotional and overall nice episode siam’s humanity was awesome even if it is a made up storyline it helps us understand ram better my 10th exams are over and will be coming regularly

    1. Hai Thanmanthi……Happy to know your exam got over………… hope to see u daily……….
      s dear the episode was little bit emotional except ram & Sita scenes…..

  15. Good epi….
    Commenting after so many r u all? I hope u all r fine n enjoying.does anyone remember me???…….i think many members of skr family r now busy chatting on d fan page or in twitter,thts y so less comments…myself also guilty being stuck with my entrance xams with no time to read the written updates but frm i ll comment at least once in dis page….missing d good old days when d page was full of ananlysis n sweet quotes frm all d family members….pls everyone come back soon n tkcr…..

    Also a HEARTY & WARM WELCOME to all d newcomers….hope u enjoy being a part of dis huge family…..???

    1. Haiii nupur……… too miss the old days…. dear……….anyway welcome back

  16. Hi everyone ,how r u all and nippy di welcome back. Missed u a lot and happy that u finished ur exams. today’s episode was nice and now a days all episodes become emotional. Gud night and sweet dreams everyone .

  17. “True love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own”

    This thought aptly applies to d two strong forgotten characters of the epic Ramayana….Urmila and Mandvi… Urmila had made a determined and selfless promise of never coming in her husband’s path to serve Ram…She sacrificed her happiness and allowed Laxman to go to vanvaas while she knew that she herself would also be living a life of not less than a sanyasini…yet she accepted this with a smile and continued her duties towards her family….she didn’t know that she again had to sacrifice when it came in the form of her sleeping for 14 years so that Laxman can serve Ram and Sita in a better manner…Without a second thought she accepted this cruel turn of her fate as her good luck bcoz she foresaw the fact that she was going to be a part of something great,which later will become the crux of the story of how Meghnath was defeated…She happily endured all the hardships thrown at her with her sacrificing and selfless nature…

    The same can be said of Mandvi too…When her husband who was broken from inside & cursed himself for all the sorrows & pain suffered by his loved ones,she stood as a pillar of strength for him and made earnest efforts to bring him out of his sorrows..Not only that she even supported Kaikeyi who was solely responsible for the current mental distress of Bharat along with the hardships faced by Ram,Sita and Laxman.By doing this she set a perfect example of the duties of a good daughter in law….Also when Bharat decided to reside in a small hut and lead his life as a sanyasi like his beloved brother Ram,she respected his decision and took it upon herself to now look after the family drowned in the sad sea of remorse and make the situation back to normal,no matter what a Herculean task it was…She bore everything silently and was determined to set everything right in her Sita didi’s absence inorder to fulfill the promise she had given to her beloved sister.

    Truly these two unsung powerful women need to be respected as they were perfect in their own way….and set the actual meaning of true love and devotion……
    Jai Ho Urmila
    Jai Ho Mandvi

    (I hope I didn’t bore you all to death…this thought just came into my mind and I decided to share it with all my skr family members…Its the first time I hav written something like this, so plz forgive me if dere is any mistake in my article and do drop in ur comments or suggestions regarding this ananlysis…Spread positivity and keep smiling?

    1. I agree with you nupur di… Nice analysis?
      We should all salute Urmila and Mandvi

    2. good analysis nupur………..

  18. I love the Sita and Ram romantic moments. Very nice 🙂

  19. Loved Sita & Ram scences……….Bharat & Kaushalya scences were emotional….
    Mandvi just looked like shadow of sita in speech ………

    Haiii How R U All ????
    How R Niddhi & Zara ???
    Missed U all …….Love U

  20. The Promo of Shri . Hanuman entry is suprr…………… The background music really nice too good …Loved the promo How many of you guys are exited for Hanuman entry ????????????

    1. Me too di…m excited 4 hanuman’s entry but haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of d new promo…hope to see it soon…

      How r u di? I think u r also in fan page and twitter ri8…but my bad luck tht till now m not in both of them but i think i might join fan page in may…and do share wid me who all r in fan page till now

  21. The show has completed omitted the entire Sita – Anusuya episode. Even in Valimiki Ramayan, this chapter is beautifully written with Discourse of Naari dharma by Anusuya to Sita. Even the vocal and board sita of Valmiki listened and accepted the teaching of Anusuya with due respect and full of heart. But show does not want to show that rebellious Sita also respect Rama as lord. (Feminists will be much pleased on this distortion of epic)

    1. I am sure they will show Sita anausuya convo . They just started vanvas for ur kind info
      And coming to the point Sita respects ram she doesn’t need to be told and what u need to understand is ram respects Sita as much for that is what the institution of marriage is

      Sita is the independent goddess who made ram the dependable God

      Call me a feminist but pls do understand women empowerment in no way means men de empowerment
      PS We respect the epic and not whatever in the epic which suits us
      This is my opinion and I guess we are free to express our opinion



    1. Hi ww after a long time dear….. r u on fb??? I already voted …. thanks 4 the link…

      1. WELLWISHER (WW)

        yes i m in fb… u can fing me in hari, sara, ishita, jay di, reshma di’s friend list…..

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