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Siya Ke Ram 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita sitting under the tree and praying to Devi Parvati to show her some way. Devi Parvati cries and says Swami, I can’t wait now. Devi Parvati goes to Lanka. All the Rakshasi fall down. Trijata looks on puzzled. Devi Parvati says there is nothing to worry, no one has come, I did not come, everything is fine here, sleep. Trijata repeats her words and goes to sleep.

Parvati smiles and goes to Sita. Sita sees a bright light and Devi Parvati walking to her. Parvati and Sita greet each other. Sita asks who are you. Parvati says I m Uma, I will help you in the questioning raising in your heart, I came to give peace to your heart, today is Poornima, its good time to understand your inner self and reality. Mahadev looks on. Parvati sits talking to Sita. Parvati says if woman

is with a man, she is Gauri, she is Kaali when she is alone, it depends on her what she has to choose. Sita asks why are you telling me, I was kidnapped and brought here without my wish, do you think I chose this. Parvati says who knows you wished this for some motive. Sita says you mean Ram has also chosen this fate. Parvati says sure, but I was not telling about him. Sita says sorry, but I m unable to understand, I m getting happiness and peace by your presence, but not the answers to my questions.

Parvati holds her forehead with her thumb and shows the past history of Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi. She says Raavan and Kumbhkaran were the guards of Lord Vishnu, their names were Jay and Vijay. Sita finds herself in that very moment of the past and looks on shocked. Raavan and Kumbhkaran ask the men why did they come here. The men say we came to meet Lord, let us go. Raavan says forgive us, Lord is resting. The man says we are Brahmadev’s four sons and tells their names. Raavan/Jay says we are lucky to meet you, forgive us, we could not identify you, Lord will be happy meeting you, but its his resting time, its our duty not to disturb him, I m requesting you, I won’t stop you after his rest is over.

The man scolds Jay and Vijay, and calls them egoistic. The man says you both can’t deserve to be the guards. Another man curses Raavan that his Divyaatma will be ruined, you will know how they have to do Tapasya to meet Lord. Raavan says no, don’t do this, don’t punish us like this, don’t make us away from serving Lord. The men turn to leave. The door opens. The men stop and see Lord Vishnu. Sita gets shocked seeing Ram as Lord Vishnu.

Raavan/Jay apologizes to Lord Vishnu and says we did not wish to disturb you in your resting time. Lord says the guards were obeying their duty. The man says Narayan, we could not control our anger and cursed them, but we can’t take the curse back now. Sita looks on. Jay asks what will happen now. Lord Vishnu says I can’t take the curse back. Vijay asks Lord to pity on them. Lord Vishnu says there are two options, first one is, Jay will take seven births as my devotee, and second option is you will take three births as my enemy. You have to choose between devotion or enmity. Vijay says I can’t imagine my life without devotion for you. Lord Vishnu asks Jay is your decision same. Jay says no, I want to take three births as your enemy. They all get shocked. Vijay asks Jay what are you saying, how can we be Lord’s enemy.

Raavan/Jay says seven births as your devotee, will make me away from you for seven births, we can’t be away from you for such long time, three births as enemy would mean we will meet you in every birth for sure, when you will come to end us, this way we will get death by your hands in every birth and we will have good luck to come back to you soon. Lord Vishnu says its right, I know your devotion, I will fulfill your wish for sure. Sita looks on shocked. Lord Vishnu tells Raavan his births and how he will kill him. He says you will be born as Hirṇayakṣa and Hiraṇyakaśipu, in first birth, I will be born in Narsimha’s avatar and give you Mukti, Then you both will be born as Raavan and Kumbhkaran in second birth, I will come as Ram and give you Mukti, two of you will take birth as Shishupal and Dantavakra in your third birth, and I will come as Krishna and give you Mukti, you can go and get your first birth now. Jay and Vijay greet Lord Vishnu, and leave. Jay says we got your blessings, we want to take Mata’s blessings. Devi Laxmi appears. Sita gets shocked seeing her Devi avatar.

Devi Laxmi blesses everyone. Sita looks on shocked. Jay and Vijay leave, along with the four men. Devi Laxmi tells Lord Vishnu that she can see the pain in his eyes to get separated from his devotees. He says I will have more pain to get separated with you. She asks with me. He says when Jay and Vijay take birth as Raavan and Kumbhkaran, we will get separated by them and our separation will become a medium for their Mukti. Sita gets shocked. Devi Parvati removes her thumb from Sita’s forehead.

Devi Parvati says Devi, what I m you, you are also the same. She shows her seven avatars to Sita. She says you are Devi Brahmacharani, who gives Moksh, you are the one who give Samriddhi, Devi Chandragaanta, you are light of Vasudha, Devi Kuśamāṇḍā. Sita sees her various avatars appearing there. Devi Parvati says you are Devi Skandamata, the one who is very brave….. then the one who blesses people and fulfill wishes, Devi Kātyāyanī…. Devi Kaali who ruins everything for justice, the one who forgives people and end all evils, Devi MahaGauri. You are the Swamini Devi Siddhidatri. Sita looks on shocked.

Sita folds hands and says I feel like a new life started, a new power has developed in me, now my heart is calm. Parvati smiles. Sita greets her and bows down. She sees Parvati and all the Devi avatars disappeared. She smiles.

Ram and Laxman run in the jungle. The monkeys see them, and inform Hanuman about the two warriors. Hanuman says I will find who are they. A lady meets Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really superb episode and waiting for tmrw’s epi…

    1. Yes and bro or was a good episode

  2. Really fantastic episode. I was completely unaware of this story. Thanks siya ke ram team for this. Raavan and kumbhkaran were looking nice. Sita came to know about ram’s and her reality. Now I want to see her reaction towards raavan and others. Madirakshi had to change so many times just for one shot for the nine forms of Devi durga.
    Precap was also superb. Ram-hanuman Milan coming soon.

    1. Yes bro or was really an awesome episode and even i didn’t know good story

  3. Pic during shooting. Mandodari.
    Madirakshi and kartik fun on the sets. Madirakshi’s comments are funny.
    Raavan, mandodari, meghnad and sulochana offscreen onset but offscreen. Selfie time.
    Meghnad and sulochana offscreen. Relax mood.
    Vibhishan and sulochana in gym. How this tattoo came on his hand. Its not in the show.
    Vibhishan, sita and sulochana selfie.
    Vividhakirti aka sulochana and piyali munsi aka mandodari offscreen bonding. Offscreen pics collage.
    Hanuman and sugreev pic together siya ke ram banner.
    Kekasi and sita bonding. Kisses.

    1. Thank u so much for the links….

    2. Thanks alot for the links bro

  4. Know Your Star” section brings to you more information about the beautiful and very talented “Madirakshi”.

    Full Name: Madirakshi.

    Birthday: 1st July

    Birthplace: Bhopal

    One word to describe yourself: Classy.

    Nickname by Fans (If any): Sitaji

    Hobbies: Cooking

    Favorite Holiday destination: Kerala

    Most expensive buy: My Car

    Favorite perfume: Channel

    Chocolates or Ice Creams: Both

    Favorite Cuisine: Indian

    Favorite Food: Food made by my mother

    Favorite Color: White

    Favorite T.V Show: – Hum Paanch

    Are you brand conscious? No.

    Favorite Bollywood Actor: Salman Khan

    Favorite TV Actress: Smriti Irani

    Recent favorite movie? : Queen

    Recent favorite song? : Dehleez pe mere dil k jo rakhke hai tune Kadam

    Life is incomplete without? : Family

    Message for your fans: Thank you for all your love and affection 🙂 I love you all

    1. My fav is also white????nyc…bhai

    2. Thanks alot for the information bro

  5. My bad poem :- ? for the precap

    Ram lakhan aagaye
    Sita ko bachane
    Hanuman ke sahare
    Raavan ko maare
    Ayodhya lotgaye
    Raja bangaye ?

    I know you all will be finding some book to hit me !! 😉

    I can’t simply wait for tomorrow at least got to see ram lakhan after so much of days. I didn’t know that jay and Vijay was ravan-kumbhkaran.

    And the Vijay and jay are like dwapalak for lord vishnu. There are totally 108 vaishnava Vishnu temples in which I visited 18 of them. In every Divya desams ( vaishnava temple ) this Vijay and jay will be the dwarpalak ( bodyguard or like watchman in simple English )

    Suddenly striked and I’m sharing wid u all !!

    1. NYC poem sweetie…

    2. Ram is looking so good many time after.LOL????

    3. Malvi di its a really good poem

  6. vanshika arora

    I didn’t understand sita’s any1 plzz explain me?is devi lakshmi &parvati same?& anther ques what does kalpa mean?2day i saw d bhargavi episode in hotstar.there they used d word ‘kalpa’ many times. What does it mean?


      kalp means janm

  7. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    wow super epi..siya as mata Lakshmi.. waiting fr tomorrow’s epi..nw siya know tat she s lakshmi…did ram know tat he was narayan?? pls any1 ans me!??

    1. krishnai aka ww

      Yes he knows it dear….

      1. vanshika arora

        When ram gets 2 know his real form?

  8. krishnai aka ww

    Hi all… hw r u all??? Vijay bhaiya, and any other new comers welcome to pur sweet skr family n fan club ……

    Hope u all remember me…..

    To new comers i m wellwisher (ww) aka krishnai from Tamil nadu in class 11…..

    Vanshu, vaidehi thanks a lot for keeping the page active…..

    After a week or so i m commenting….. sry for that….. busy with11 classes…..

    Can visit online only during weekends ……

    Shilpa di today only saw ur comment…. i m f9…. hw about u????

    Okay about epi i dont even peep into tv now a days bcoz i have tests everyday so i didnt see any of the epis…..

    So could anyone pls explain the avatar looks properly???? Ameena di had dobe her best but still i dont get it…..

    Otherwise it looks gud…..


    Skr fan u keep the page always active thanks…..

    U r the only old member from the time i m here in tu still in page…… bcoz most of them who are keeping the page active joined only after april….. so thanks for it……

    Okay bye trmw school….. guys i can reply only sunday ro u all….. so sry about it…..

    1. Dear…I didn’t watch the epi…so don’t know abt it….I won’t say sry as u l punch me???

    2. Sure! I am one of the new comer to this family…i am from chennai…and i am doing my mba second year…i am sooo glad to have got such beaufiful loving family of sisters and brothers here who very much love Ramayana and Mahabharatha…i am happy to know dat times have changed and people especially youngsters are becoming too good to love such an awesome epic and follow it in their lives☺☺☺….and again it was a superb episode yesterday wer mata parvati made devi sita realise her own self…thru this series we came to know the purpose of incarnations of Lord vishnu,, the reason for lord vishnu’s and devi lakshmi’s separation in their avatars,, the real identity of raavan and kumbhkarnan and a lot more to come….mata parvati’s eight avatars are not only inclined to her but to all the three devis-lakshmi,, saraswathi and parvati as they are the only forms of the only eternal Goddess devi Adi parashakthi???

      1. Welcome to our skr family nadini di myself meghana i m frm ap studying 9th

      2. Hi Meghana dear! Nice meeting you here??

      3. hi di…. Welcome to our sweet Siya ke Ram family and fan club……. ncy to met you…… thanks for the intro and clarification…….

    3. Hi ww di messenger u a lot really

      1. hi da…. happy to see you here back…… okay how many of skr members are a member in tellyupdates???? i mean registered members?????

      2. di till mow i don’t know
        but can u please tell me how to get registered

  9. even I search on web and find that laxmi,saraswati,parvati are 1,saw their image in 1 face so may these devis are 1,even in show once shiv said that brahma,vishnu,shiv are insepetatable,who prays any 1 can get blessing of3,episode was telecasted infeb.For Ravan story,I knew.

    1. Yes aman bhai it is shown thanks laxmi saraswati and parvati ji are same and are also called as trishakti

  10. Valmiki potrays Ram-Sita as normal humans only

  11. missed today episode also……can’t wait for tommorrow…….Ram is coming………….. …….
    Siya ka ram did not get one award in gold award………..all award goes to ekta kappor serial…………this is fake award show……..why this award show arrange…..???

    1. Joy da do you know who get the awards? (I mean particularly)
      And it always happens.mythological serials rarely get award.and I also belief that the voting is also fake.even I don’t understand if they all decide to give only the award to balaji so why they arrange awardshow.disgusting……………….???

  12. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    welcome to our family nandhini di…I’m shrinithi frm Coimbatore..I’m studying 9

    1. Hi everyone…. A very nice epi and happy to see sits ma a avatars as devi lakshmi….. Will ram know he is narayan….. And i think in jaya tv ramayan they showed jay VIJAYAN story i think….. And priya dear happy to see u again after some days…. And krishnai happy to see u again for after one week…. And waiting foe tmorows epi…..

    2. Thank you Shrinithi and nice knowing you here dear??

  13. Hatts off to Director of Siya ke Ram and viewers of serials who are continuously appreciating it on the name of creativity. I know that serial has disclaimer about source and religious beliefs. But this is not the way to show any thing what ever is in your mind. Every imagination also have some source. I just want to know, from where Siya ke Ram has taken all these BULL SHIT stories which is not mentioned in any kind of INDIAN version of Ramayana ( I have not read Thai, indonesian, Buddisthis and Jain Ramayana).

    Please enjoy commenting and criticising me.

    1. No Bro don’t want to criticise you anymore.but I have headed the story that Jay and Vijay born as hiranyakashyap and hiranyksh but don’t know if they were ravan-kubhKarn and shisupal-bacradanta or not.even I have some question.
      1.if kumbhakakrn born as a vishnubhakt so why he fought against ram in Ramayana?
      2.navadurga is the rup of maa durga but skr shows that it is maa lakshmi.if they are same?
      Please answer ????????????????????

      1. Sorry it’s ‘heared’

      2. The answer for second question is- yes they are same….Devi Lakshmi is one of the forms of Devi Adi shakthi (which is mata parvati)…as Devi Adi shakthi took the human avatars of devi sati and devi parvati to marry Lord shiva,, to destroy the evil forces (like mahishashura,, rakthabeej,,shumbh nishumbh,,etc) and to imply dharm to the universe…so the nava durga roops even applies to Devi lakshmi and Devi saraswathi too…they are the two pure Goddess incarnations of Devi Adi shakthi…Mata parvati is the human incarnation of Adi Shakthi…(referrence in Devi Bhagwata purana)…. and i am sorry i mentioned wrongly at first as eight avatars…its actually nine avatars of devi Adi shakthi(nava durga)…1.Siddhidhatri,, 2.Kushmanda,, 3.Brahmacharini,,4.Shailputri,, 5.Mahagowri,, 6.Chandraganta,,7.Skandamata,,8.Katyayini,,9.Kaalraatri….Mata parvati showed these nine avatars to mata lakshmi to discover and know her inner powers and potential to stand courageously and fight against the adharm being done to her in lanka….

      3. The ans for first qn is yes kumbhkarn knows that ram is avatar of Vishnu and sita is the avatar of lakshmi and he tells rasam to free sita but ravan did not accept it and tells kumbhkarn that if u don’t fight with ram I will kill u… so he think that getting mukth in ram’s hand is better than getting murdered by ravan so he will fight against ram in battle field…..

    2. Supreetha (Soups)

      There is no need for criticism! But the Jaya Vijaya stories are true…..the nava durga thing I suppose it is applicable to all goddess…every female form belongs to Goddess Shakti…..

    3. Even I think the same thing. And there is no enjoyment of critising you. And if u r thinking that its waste to comment abt skr don’t forget that you are also going the same thing. As we know Ramayana we shouldn’t be blaming the other Ramayana with some other way. Ever Ramayana whether Thai, Arab blah…blahh….. Whatever they show at last says that dharma is the key of reaching god. That’s it.. Dot.

      And don’t think I’m criticising you I just gave a reply of yours.

  14. hllo guys .awesome episode

  15. Epi was really superb happy to c ramji again as Vishnu and ramji hairstyle also changed….skr u ll lose fans if u drag it more pls pls show ram and stop all xtra Lanka scenes

  16. Superb skr.

  17. Superb skr very much.

  18. Hi everyone I’m back. Really nice epi got to know why the curse came on jayvijay. Waiting for today’s epi ram s coming after a long time

  19. really nice episode….

    my name also Vijay….

    I HV doubt does ravan captured 9 planets with suriya dev…????

    who won the battle against lord indra
    ravan or meghnad ????

    frnds add me in ur hangout GRP
    [email protected]

    1. Meghnath defeated ideas good in better thanks is why he is called as indrajit

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