Siya Ke Ram 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady saying Sita’s fate has vanvaas. Sunaina asks what, its her marriage tomorrow, you are saying this today. The lady says I m not saying, its written in her grahs kundli. Sunaina cries and says why is this written in Sita’s fate, that too after marriage, she has stayed in this Rajmahal since childhood, how will she stay in jungle, such big problem, this can’t happen. Sita says I don’t know prediction, but I just know whatever she said is just a sign, it will happen if its in fate, why to worry now. Whether its bhavan or vann, Ram will be with me, happiness or sorrow in situation depends on person’s mindset, when Ram is with me, why sorrow, trust me and your teachings. The lady says your daughter said right, whatever I said is just a sign, if there is such situation,

your daughter is able to face it. Sunaina cries and says this calmness and knowledge shocks me, Janak decided right to educate daughters, it gave you self confidence.

Narad, Brahmadev and Vishwakarma go to make the Divya mandaps. Vishwakarma creates four beautiful mandaps by using a heavenly pot. Narad says great, it was impossible for me to imagine such beautiful mandap. BrahmaDev says our work is complete, we should return to Kailash now. Its morning. Janak likes the mandaps and says very beautiful. Kushadwaj says its impossible to make such mandaps in one day, ordinary men can’t do this. Janak says we should thank them. Shathanand greets them and says when I came here, its miracle, I looked for the three men, but they were not here. Janak recalls they said they came from Kailash, and tells them that we will accept this as Mahadev’s blessings.

Mahadev says Brahmadev and Vishwakarma made such mandaps that Ram and Sita will get glad, I m thankful from all Devs, its time to attend marriages now. Narad says we needed your permission. Mahadev says but we can’t attend it in our true form. Parvati says no one should know who are we, we will take such avatar that no one can identify us. Mahadev says that moment has come when leave for world’s greatest marriage.

Ram and his brothers get ready. Sumanta comes there and greets them. He says Brahmandev, Mukutdhavan wants to come. Ram says sure… Mahadev comes there. Ram sees Shiv ji true avatar and smiles. They all greet Mahadev. Mahadev asks may I? Ram nods. They all sit. Mahadev makes the grooms (starting with Shatrughan, then Bharat, Laxman and finally Ram) wear the mukuts and spiritual thread to their wrists. Sansaar saaram……..plays………….

Mahadev says to complete wedding rituals without any hurdle, groom and bride wear this, this will protect you and not let any thought come in heart. Ram and his brothers greet Mahadev. Mahadev blesses them and leaves.

Sita and her sisters get ready. Shruthkirti asks Sita’s help. Sita helps her and then goes on Mandvi’s call to make her wear bangles. Urmila calls Sita and asks is her makeup looking good. Sita compliments her and helps her sisters. Devi Parvati and another Devi comes there. Chandrabhaga asks are you all ready. The girls say we are ready. Chandrabhaga sees Sita not ready and asks her why did she not get ready till now. Sita says I will get ready. Chandrabhaga says you were always like that in every festival and occasion, you used to make them ready first. A Daasi says varyatra will start soon. Everyone smile. Chandrabhaga asks Devis to make Sita ready. She leaves. Sita smiles.

Devis make Sita ready. Bhoomija………plays………Devi’s avatar is shown. Sita is made ready. Everyine smile seeing her. Sita ties the beaded thread to her sisters’ hands. Urmils ties it to Sita’s hand. They all think to see the varyatra from terrace and smile. Siya Ram………. Plays……….

Chandrabhaga tells Sita that all four princes look very handsome, Ram looks like some Dev, he is really deserving and yogya var for you. Sita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Saranya

    First am really felt tat no one replace the role ram by gurmeet in ramayan. But now am become mad for siya ke ram. Am waiting to watch this in tamil. Jai sri ram


      ya even i thought the same and now changed…………

      agree with u completely…….

      • Zenith

        You people forgetting Arun Govil, who played Ram in the first Ramayan serial directed by late Ramanand Sagar. It was an epic. My parents say that no one used to come out when the serial was telecasted.. Such was the craze. Nevertheless this one is also doing good. Atleast young generation are learning good things.


        Actually i m only in class 10 so from the time i remember i have only watched 2008 Ramayana and now Siya ke ram………… so i dont know much………….

      • Zenith

        Ohh you are so young…I won’t suggest you to waste time on watching old serials, but if later you happen to get time, watch the old and first Ramayan. I am sure you will like that also. Though the sets were not grand but all the characters were into their respective roles. And Ramanand Sagar was a real devotee of Lord Ram, he had done a thorough research before making the serial and do you know, he had made the entire crew vegetarian during the entire shoot. That was an epic serial, though the young generation might not like since sets were not that grand.

  2. Sara

    This is fast time that I give any comment. Today’s episode is awesomeeeeeeeeeee.
    Now a days it’s the best for me and you??

  3. sudhir

    just imagining wat will be the reaction of Queens of ayodhya after seeing four gorgeous putra badhus…. kakeyi can’t stop smiling….. Ramayan never been so beautiful and so detailed ever…. n so as characters… the best….

  4. Ishita

    It was a grt show today i luv dis so much that i never miss an episode sita was looking great in bride’s side and laxman was looking a beau in groom’s side really luved dis episode

  5. harsha

    Today I liked the way sita caring her sisters need and her love towards them…..siya ram siya ram thank U CVs for giving us such a beautiful sequences…

  6. I liked everyone in this beautiful look but urmila and shrutkirti looked better than the mandvi and sits .I me just waiting when these grooms see their beautiful bride in that heavenly look.

    • Anjali

      Yea very true Urmila was splendid .but somehow I feel make up is too heavy and those crowns are too big for them .sita in promo and today’s episode was so much diff .
      Sorry if any one felt bad .

  7. Zenith

    Ram and Vishawamita had appeared earlier as Chandragupta morya and Chanakya. Now again in Guru Sishya relationship 🙂
    And if I am not wrong, the man playing the role of Guru Vasistha was Arjun is Shree Krishna by Ramanand Sagar.


      Oh wow thats really great………

      Thanks buddy for sharing with us this information……………

  8. goldie

    superb epi all 4 couples look beautiful but my pick is tam n sita they just look divine…. as thy shd be

  9. Ritika

    Zenith u r right 🙂 even my mother said today that after the arun govil wala ramayan, this 1 is really nice & interesting as it’s from Sita’s point of view and what all extra happened except the main big events

    today loved sita’s jewellery. Urmila lookd nice too. Others also lookd cute smiling wholeheartedly. What a lovely epi.

  10. ragin

    Just my thought… gurmeet s best for ram character… His smile acting…… Best for ram character…. And debina best for sita character…. Today urmila looks beautiful than other three…

  11. shaya

    I know I love both mahabarat and ramayan you can’t hate both yes there like both if u r eyes oh yeah I’m new 2 I used 2 read the updates but never comment

  12. well if I compare ramayan and siya a ke ram then I will like more skr because in ramayan it doesn’t show sister’s love and ram and sita first meet in gauri temple and brothers start liking sita sister. sita love with animals.

  13. Dhara

    I think vanvaas is not more tough than separation with husband which will happen with urmila,so the lady should also talk about urmila’s fate

    • Anjali

      Yea those fourteen years Sita had ram but Urmila was away from her sister and also Laxman whom she loved immensely both of them ,but after vaanvas Sita yet again was sent into jungle Valmiki ashram but ur Kia n Laxman stayed back together ,so both sisters did go through separation from husbands ,


        u have to add Madavi also in the list because Bharata after coming to know about his dad’s death then about his mom sending Ram to Vanavasam he will fume and he will rush to meet Ram………… then blah…blah……………….. He will guard the throne and lived like a vanavasi and Mandavi lived alone like Urmila………..

  14. priyanka batra

    Fabulous episode luv it…..a good example in front of New generation……luv this serial sooooooo much

  15. tanisha jalan

    So at wat time skr get telecasted on television….
    I hope not 8:30 pm because at that time I see suryaputra karn

  16. Bhakti

    The epsodes are too interesting. I’m loving it. Its fun to see siya ke ram. But this love stories of the 4 couples has been stretched a lot. Hope the grand marriage starts soon.

  17. shaya

    Im new but I love mahabharat and ramayan their like my two eyes so I hope u guys like me and I like u wellwisher u look like a nice person

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