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Siya Ke Ram 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trijata coming to Ram. He says Mata, you here. She cries and greets him. She says I got Sita’s message, she got to know about Laxman, there is Sushen Vaid, he is very gyaani Vaid, he has cure for all of Meghnadh’s negative powers, just he can give solution for Laxman’s cure. Ram asks where will we get him. Trijata says I don’t know this, I just came with Sita’s message, now I have to leave. Ram says I will be thankful to you all life for this message. Sabha beech me Trijata aai…..plays……… She leaves. Vibhishan says Sushen Vaid is not in Lanka since one year, but Meghnadh always used to meet him, Trijata is saying right, he has much knowledge, he knows all the herbs of the world. Hanuman asks how will we know of him, where does he stay. Vibhishan says he used

to stay in some hut, maybe we can get any clue. Hanuman asks Ram to allow him to go, he will find Sushen Vaid. Ram says its right. Hanuman flies off.

He looks for Sushen, and says Vibhishan said Sushen used to stay in Dakshin/south direction, I should proceed that way. He sees some hut and says maybe this is his house. He calls out Vaid Raj Sushen. He enters the hut and says there is nothing else than darkness, Vibhishan is right, VaidRaj is not in Lanka since much time. He heats some sound and goes back to see. He breaks a door and finds the Vaid. Vaid gets tense and says don’t kill me. Hanuman says no, I did not come to harm you, you are VaidRaj Sushen right. Vaid says yes. Hanuman says such a gyaani vaid and this state, why did you hide here. Vaid says I did not hide, Meghnadh has confined me here, he warned me, if I go out or if anyone sees me, he will not leave me alive.

Hanuman says just Meghnadh has do this cheap thing, he would do this so that you can’t cure the affect of his powers, I m Hanuman, you don’t need to be afraid, Meghnadh has attacked Laxman with his power weapon, he needs you, come with me, just you can save Laxman. Vaid says no, Meghnadh is very cruel, I can’t come. Hanuman says you have to go, any way. He lifts Vaid and takes him. Hanuman comes back to everyone, and gets Vaidraj with him. Ram greets him and says my brother’s life is in danger, we got to know just you can cure him, save his life. Vaid says I stay in Lankesh’s Rajya, you are his enemy, my duty is to think of my king’s betterment, if I help you, Lankesh and Meghnadh will kill me.

Hanuman says any Vaid’s duty is to cure an ill man, you cure Laxman, no need to be scared of Raavan and Meghnadh, till you are in Ram’s place, no one can harm you. Ram requests Vaidraj. Vaidraj checks Laxman. He tells Ram that Laxman is struck by Meghnadh’s powers, there is just one way, that’s Sanjeevani plant. Ram asks Sanjeevani plant? Vaidraj says yes, just that can get life in Laxman’s body, if he does not get that plant till tomorrow sunrise, Laxman will die. Ram and everyone get shocked. Hanuman asks where will I get that, its my duty to get it.

VaidRaj says you will get it at Himalaya mountain in Uttar/north direction, but its impossible to go to Himalaya and come back in so less time. Hanuman says no work is impossible, if my life is not of Ram’s use, its totally waste, but Vaidraj, there will be many plants, how will I identify Sanjeevani plant. Vaidraj says the one which will shine and have light, that will be Sanjeevani plant. Ram tells Hanuman that just you can save Laxman’s life now, come back soon. Hanuman cries and touches Ram’s feet. Hanuman leaves. Ram Ram….plays…….

Asur tells Meghnadh that Vaidraj Sushen is not in his hut, I got news that a vanar has gone to get Sanjeevani plant from Himalaya. Meghnadh says its impossible and gets angry. Hanuman is on the way. Ram holds Laxman’s hand. Sita prays. Meghnadh gets his magical bow and arrow. He shoots at the sky. A snake demon appears on Meghnadh’s call. Hanuman flies over the ocean. He says in which direction is Himalaya, I m not able to find it. He hears some hermit chanting Jai Siya Ram. The hermit opens eyes and sees Hanuman coming. Hanuman says who is taking Ram’s name in this deep jungle, I m sure he will show me right direction to go to Himalaya. He goes to that hermit and greets him. The hermit smiles.

He blesses Hanuman. Hanuman says Munivar, you look a big Gyaani, how did you know my name when I did not meet you before. The hermit says I know whats happening where and when, Ram is sorrowful for his brother Laxman, you are going to Himalaya to get plant. Hanuman says you know everything sitting here. The hermit asks how can I help you. Hanuman says I lost the route, tell me right direction to go to Himalaya. Hermit says sure, Himalaya is in North, you should go this way, you will see Himalaya. Hanuman greets him. The hermit blesses him and turns into a snake. He catches Hanuman and laughs. Hanuman gets shocked.

Vaidraj says Ram, Laxman’s body has very less life now, if Sanjeevani plant is not found in time, then a disaster is definitely going to occur. Ram cries.

Ram says Meghnadh used Tantrik powers and tried to kill Laxman, now Laxman will kill him for sure. Laxman says once Meghnadh comes infront of me, his death is definite. Meghnadh runs away and a horse jumps over him. Meghnadh falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow trijata great job . I always love this trijata’s character . she is very good

  2. Vanshika

    OMG!! According to spoiler Hanuman will bring sanjeevni on Monday, that’s a long wait???

    1. Omg really . So we should wait till Monday ???

  3. think skr hasnot done just by not showing or willnot show bharat and urmila

  4. Wow first to comment!

  5. Since Monday seen sad scenes in ram’s camp but tmrw will see happy faces in ram’s camp and sad scenes in ravan’s camp …. yaay!

    1. Padmaja

      Ya u r crct now it is going to be opposite ravan will be sad and ram will be happy ☺☺

  6. Maybe tmrw meghnad will die ….. or latest by Friday…. waiting fr tmrw’s epi …

  7. Nice episode……. Be ready for it ??
    Ravan vadh coming…… Can’t wait for it…… You must watch this ???
    But its will be watch after next week in SKR…. So let’s watch this faster and enjoy………

  8. wow first to comment

  9. Anushya

    Does anyone know about this snake story… I have never heard about it.. anyways thanks to sita, trijata and hanuman lakshman life was saved….so nice

    1. Padmaja

      No i also have never heard dis story

  10. Padmaja

    Wow a wonderful epi… and laxman is going to get cured soon…. and trijata has done a gud job… and they should show bharat hanuman mian and urmila…. waiting for it… and the munivar will tell hanuman to go to nearby lake to take bath and one crocodile will harm him and hanuman gives mukthi to dat crocodile… but it is not shown like dat..

  11. sad episodes r

  12. Padmaja

    @ anushya ya dear i watch seethaiyin Raman daily dear…

  13. Trijita is a good character. I wish Ayodhya will be shown.
    Ramayan khatam hone wali hai.

  14. Padmaja

    @priya u will perform well dear.. Don’t worry about it…. Best of luck dear ☺☺??…. Give ur best and hope for best….

  15. Padmaja

    Suchi dear ur dp is awesome ???

  16. Padmaja

    Wow yesterday page reached 90 cmnts… We have to continue like dis.. And i think after so many days the cmnts reached 90… Feeling happy ☺☺

    1. Yes di after so many days comments reached 90 . We should continue like this

  17. Anushya

    As I asked on yesterday’s page, does anyone watch seethayin Raman? Plus I have a small doubt – once I set my dp in tellyupdates, how do I change it?
    And also where is well-wisher Di?

    1. Go to ur account and on the side u will find a settings symbol . There u can change ur dp

    2. Thanmathi

      I watch sedhayin Raman dear and well wisher is busy with her studies she said she’ll visit this page on last day of the show. Welcome to the sweet skr family dear hope you have lots and lots of fun here

    3. Padmaja

      Hi dear i watch seethaiyin raman daily dear… And she is busy in her studies….

  18. wow todays episode is a fantastic episode I am curiously waiting for next episode.

    Trijata comes like an angl to show the way to save Lakshmans life by telling the name of the Sushene

  19. Padmaja

    Missing ayodhya and mithila very much ??

    1. Anushya

      yes me too Padmaja di i have a doubt did king janak and queen sunaina know that sita was abducted by ravana? also does the ayodhya family know this?

      1. Padmaja

        when hanuman met Bharath , he will tell the whole story to bahrath and by dis ayodhya and mithila come to know ..

    2. me too di , missing ayodhya and mithila very much . eagerly waiting for the episode where all will be back

  20. Very emotional episode loved it 🙂

  21. Guts pls clear my doubt

    When trijata asked sita that who is she in reality then what answer did sita give her????

    Pls reply

  22. Guys u all did not like to carry out my idea …. Right????

    1. Anushya

      I’m not clear on what idea you mean vaidehi Di… please don’t be angry on us

      1. Padmaja

        The idea is to cmnt how much is skr mean to u and at the end u have to tell someones name and tell dem to continue it… By dis we can increase the cmnts also and we can know the different opinions also..

    2. Padmaja

      Yeah no dear we like dat idea dear… But the stress of studies didn’t help us to carry the idea… And we can start it now… Agree???

  23. Hello guys I am vaidehi’s sis….. Camnting here for the first time….. Bcoz vaidehi thought to leave the tu pg forever. Pls tell her not to leave it as this is the only place where she gets to share her feelings……

    1. Padmaja

      Welcome first…. And is it true dear???? Why she thought like dat??? ??

  24. very emotional SKR is good at melodrama.
    But as usual little off the track. It was Vibishan who told about VAID RAJ Shushen and not Trijata .
    Anyway, SKR have cut short the real Yudha Kand and made it Lanka kand with lots and lots of unreal stuff.
    Eargely waiting for Landa kand to get over and RAM-SIYA milan.

    1. Anushya

      yes even i m waiting for ram-siya milan but then there may be the agnipariksha scenes which is sad…

      1. U r dp is vry cute

  25. yesterday’s episode was very touchy , even day before was emotional. all actors are superb.
    But Monday Lakshman-Meghnad fight was a huge disappointment.
    Hopefully they will show some sensible last fight between Lakshman vs Meghnad. Both were great archer -so why not show archery ? Real Valimiki version . With modern tech- they could make it awesome.

    SKR is totally off the track as per yudha kanda is concerned . Rather they had focus more Ravan’s side unimaginative stories .
    I am too waiting for Lanka kanda to finish off – can’t take it anymore and Ram-Sita getting united and all of them-Ram-Sita and Lakshman , Hanuman etc going back to Ayodha ,

  26. I watch Seethaiyin Raman the Tamil version but I also watch this even though I don’t understand Hindi. Luckily there is English translation

    1. Are u new here ??? Coz I have nvr heard of u from bonu ( I mean suchetana )

  27. Swastika

    Hy everyone … Really episode was superb love the way hanuman took ram’s permission and eager to see that dushta meghnath …love u all hope u all don’t forget me and such I do how are u

    1. Padmaja

      Hi dear ya it was a superb epi… And how will we forget u dear….

    2. Hi swastika dear!!!;! U r too cute

  28. Raj Rishi Saikia

    Trijata’s role in Ramayan is very remarkablke, But this character was unheard in other versions of ramayana. Also the incident of Meghnadh calling the snake giant, tarini killed by rama, all these are different from the Ramayana I have read

  29. Padmaja dear I don’t know why she thought that…….. She did not tell me bt she only told me dat bcoz she is busy……. I only know this much

  30. Dearies pls tell vaidehi not to leave the pg…….. Bcoz she herself is crying a lot bcoz of her own decision…. Mad right ???? ? hahahaha…. Bt pls do tell her…….. She told me dat she will cmnt today for the last time…….. But pls don’t tell her dat o have told u this or else she will be angry wid me for making u sad…… Bye guys ?

  31. Waiting fr today’s epi

  32. Guys I’m not able to register in telly updates there is some problem ….. pls tell me wat to do?

    1. where do u have problem stuti.
      see here is a article on steps to register . hope this will help u . this has all the steps . here is the link :

  33. I want mithila and ayodhya scenes .

  34. very nice episode …………………………..

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