The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 9

RECAP: Ram, Sita and Lakshman set out for exile.

In exile, Ram and Sita live a peaceful life in Chitrakoot. They are blessed with the presence of Lakshman, who proves invaluable to them in the forest. Lakshman considers Sita his mother and Ram his father, and serves them wholeheartedly.

Raja Dashrath dies of grief, and the whole land is grief- stricken. The family decides to meet Ram. They give the sad news to Ram, who hides his tears in front of them with Sitas strength. He is consoled by Sita who finds him in tears later. He tearfully immerses Dashraths ashes and performs the final rites. He is begged by Bharat to return to Ayodhya, which he refuses to do.

Its our dear Lakshmans birthday today. As usual he is guarding his beloved Ram bhaiya and Sita bhabi. he hears some noise, but its only a rabbit. he turns back to see Ram and Sita gone!
Lakshman hunts for them, shouting Bhaiya! Bhabi!… Then he stumbles upon a figure covered with a cloth. He gets curious to see what it is and pulls off the cloth….

There he sees himself, his Mila, his bhaiya, his bhabi, his brothers, his mothers and his fathers idols…. his eyes well up with tears at seeing Milas statue…. he goes close and caresses the smooth face of his Mila…. He speaks to the idol and begs her forgiveness for not taking care of her.. he hugs the idol tightly… then suddenly Ram and Sita emerge from behind the idol and wish him many happy returns of the day.

Lakshman eyes are full of tears of gratitude, and he falls at Ram and Sitas feet. Ram lifts him and hugs him… Sita pulls out a parcel from behind her back, its a parcel of yummy food for Lakshman made by his Bhabhi for him. He thanks her and starts attacking it, while Ram and Sita watch happily.

The weather in Chitrakoot suddenly turned very hot, and on one such sweltering day, Sita was cooking food by the fire. She gets up to get something, and feels faint. She calls Raghunandan! and falls…..
Ram swoops in and catch her in his arms…. he sits down and she is unconscious in his arms. He calls Lakshman and asks him to get water quickly. Lakshman brings the water and Ram revives Sita. She is too tired to walk. So Ram lifts her, and they share a eye lock…. Sita says Raghunandan… He merely smiles at her and carries her to the shade. They sit down and Sita leans against him softly, and goes to sleep. Ram keeps her head in his lap and caresses her hair as she sleeps peacefully….
In the night, Ram and Sita perform a puja for Lord Shiva. Lakshman is guarding them when Goddess Nidradevi appears before him. She tells him to go to sleep, he is behaving opposite to natures laws. Lakshman tells her to give him a solution. She says is there someone who will sleep for you. He says yes, my Mila, she will sleep for me, there is no one more suitable for this than my dearest Mila. She says so be it.
Goddess Nidradevi visits Urmila. She tells her of her husbands predicament, and the solution. Urmila accepts it gladly, and falls into an eternal sleep, only to be woken when her husband returned.

Ram and Sita decide to travel to Panchavati to move far from Ayodhya else the Praja will keep coming to see them. There are many dangers and hurdles in the journey. Sita hurts her foot badly and is suffering from extreme pain. Ram carries her, does his best to help her, and put her mind at rest. Lakshman helps her by plucking herbs to heal her foot. Suddenly, Sita hears the cry of a small boy from the hillside.

PRECAP: Ram Sita get a new companion.

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