The Sitayana- Siya Ke Ram- Episode 7


RECAP: Ram breaks the Shiva Dhanush, and Sita garlands him. The whole hall is shocked at seeing Lord Parashuram in the hall.

‘Where is that sinful soul who broke my guru Lord Shivas bow today!’ shouts Lord Parashuram. He threatens to kill everyone present and turn Mithila into a burial ground if everyone keeps silent. Ram breaks the silence and accepts that he broke the bow, and is ready to accept the consequences. Sita looks on in horror.Lord Parashuram challenges Ram to a fight, but Ram humbly refuses as it is against his Dharm to raise weapons against him. Lord Parashuram says, ‘Here is the divine bow of Lord Vishnu. If you dare, take the bow and the arrow I will give you and try to shoot the arrow.’ Ram agrees.

Ram accepts the bow, revealing his divinity to Lord Parashurams eyes. He understands Rams true form, and also that Ram is blissfully unaware of it. He silently prays to Lord Vishnu, and realises the reason for Rams divine birth on Mother Earth. He blesses Ram and Sita.

The next day, Sita goes to worship Mata Gauri and thank her for fulfilling her wish. She sees Ram at the temple. Ram says, ‘Sita, I have to ask you an important question. I trust that you will answer from your heart.’ Sita asks him to ask whats in his mind. He asks her whether she truly wants to marry him or she simply went along with the events in the swayamvar.

She says I took this decision with many reasons, since long I harboured a desire to meet you in my heart.. Ram gets shocked. She says I have always felt an attraction towards you, I feel these things since I heard about the great deeds performed by you. You ended the evil Taraka and freed Mata Ahilya from the curse, I have always seen my fathers qualities in you, Therefore I have wished many times that you attend my swayamvar. Ram is astonished, shocked that she feels like this about him. He feels happy to have won her liking. Sita looks at him blushing.

Raja Dashrath, Rams father approaches Raja Janak and asks for the hand of Sitas sisters for Rams brothers. Thus the marriage of Siya-Ram, Urmila-Lakshman, Mandavi-Bharat, and Shrutakirti-Shatrughan is finalised.

The wedding takes place in a grand manner, with all the rituals performed, such as Var Puja, Kanyadan, Gathbandan, and Sindoordan. Queen Sunaina is sad at the thought go giving Sita away, but reluctantly performs the rituals. The couples make promises to each other, and vow to support each other. Raja Janak gets tearful at the thought of Sitas bidaai. It is decided that the bidaai will take place the next day.

Its Sita bidaai today. Sita dressed in beautiful jewellery stand with her mother shedding tears as Raja Dasrath and Ram bid Raja Janak and family goodbye. Ram looks at Sita, who hurriedly hides her tears. Ram steps close to her and wipes her tears. They share an eyelock…. She leans on him, weeping as he takes her slowly towards the palanquin. She gets inside and peeks out at her family, as the palanquin moves away.

PRECAP: The brides enter Ayodhya after meeting Shanta, Rams elder sister. Dashrath falls ill.

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow really a awesome epi dear… I loved it and interesting precap…

    1. Anushya

      thank u ka…. love ur ff and dp too

      1. Padmaja

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 love ur dp toooo..

  2. nice episode anushya dearie . as always the way u describe the scenes is very good .

    1. Anushya

      thanks di

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